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Summary of State Laws Protecting Political Dissidents against Discrimination

If you are a political dissident and have experienced employment-based adverse treatment (including threats) because of your beliefs, the Free Expression Foundation may be able to provide you with important legal information to help you fight back. One source of your legal rights may be your employment contract, if you have one. This includes collective […]

The January 6 Capitol Protester Prosecutions: Punishing Thought Crimes and Eroding Freedom of Assembly

Freedom-loving Americans have myriad reasons to be alarmed by the Department of Justice’s ongoing dragnet prosecutions of the Jan 6 Capitol protestors. Foremost among them, perhaps, is why many of these defendants are being prosecuted at all.  Copious first-hand testimony and abundant videos available to the public — and the government has many more videos […]

The Free Expression Foundation Denounces UCLA’s Decision to Bar Michael Miselis from Completing his Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering

“TO REACH OUT TO VICTIMS OF THE THOUGHT POLICE AND TO LISTEN TO THEM AND THEIR STORIES WITH CARE AND RESPECT.” Editor’s note: The Free Expression Foundation is an important asset in the battle for free speech for people on the dissident right. We are now inundated daily with examples showing a double standard for […]