“No, the Unvaccinated Aren’t Selfish or Ignorant. Here’s Why I’m not Vaxxed”

There are some signs that vaccine hesitancy is becoming more respectable. The following appeared in the mainstream media (Newsweek):

A colleague of my parents reportedly died from complications of the Moderna vaccine, a friend suffered from deep vein thrombosis, and a teenage nephew of another friend now has chronic cardiac issues. These are three examples from my immediate network of family and friends, and I know many others with their own stories. And while it’s true that these are anecdotes and do not represent the majority, they are powerful nonetheless.

Now, we know that age, weight, and other comorbidities play a role in how COVID-19 impacts the individual, and for someone at serious risk from COVID-19, these rare risks are probably worth it. But what about for someone who is not at risk from COVID-19? The risk/benefit analysis for otherwise healthy, young individuals may be a different calculus.

Public health messaging has consistently portrayed the vaccines are safe and effective, and therefore everyone eligible should get vaccinated. But companies like Moderna and Pfizer are protected from lawsuits related to their COVID-19 vaccines until 2024.

It’s just one of the many facets of the inconsistent public health messaging and moving of goalposts when it comes to the vaccine and herd immunity, which makes it hard to trust such guidance. A cocktail of mixed messages on who is at risk from COVID-19 and dubious masking guidance coupled with a lack of clear messaging on what exactly is the goal and rationale of these measures and policies adds to the skepticism many of us feel. The focus has now shifted from deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 to a new hyper-focus on breakthrough cases, though the majority of them are benign.

But even while the experts push the vaccine, they have undermined it by arguing that vaccinated individuals spread the virus as effectively as unvaccinated individuals. It begs the question: If everyone now has to wear a mask because everyone is now back to being suspected asymptomatic carriers, why get the vaccine at all?

The personal risk/benefit analysis still plays a role and preventing serious illness is definitely important, but getting the vaccine to protect others (and calling unvaccinated adults selfish) no longer seems to be relevant if the vaccinated can spread it, too. In fact, some experts have advised only individuals at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19 to get vaccinated, in order to prevent the evolution of even more vaccine resistant variants.

Along with the mixed messages is the obvious role that politics has played in COVID-19 policy. There was Kamala Harris saying she wouldn’t trust a vaccine produced by President Trump—then doing an about face. There was the way that Democratic politicians and even the CDC itself justifying Black Lives Matter protests during lockdown while criticizing Trump rallies as “super spreader” events. Most recently former President Obama hosted a huge, maskless birthday party in the midst of renewed mask mandates and concern over the spread of infection.

The inconsistent policies and public responses, the repeated “do as I say, not as I do” from those pushing restrictions, has led many like me to skepticism of any government issued guidance. And adding bribes, mandates, and censorship to the mix has only served to heighten that sense of mistrust. Perhaps most unnerving has been seeing experts who question and warn about adverse reactions to the vaccine being censored or blacklisted.

Why censor the adverse effects? Why not publicize them so we can make informed decisions?

And it’s interesting that there is a U-shaped curve for vaccine hesitancy, with PhD.s and the relatively uneducated being most hesitant and Masters degree people the least hesitant.

The researchers canvassed no fewer than 5 million Americans who responded to surveys on whether they were “probably” or “definitely not planning on getting a COVID vaccine.

The results will shock many.

“More surprising is the breakdown in vaccine hesitancy by level of education,” reports UnHerd. “It finds that the association between hesitancy and education level follows a U-shaped curve with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated. People a master’s degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest hesitancy was among those holding a PhD.”

In addition, while the lowest educated saw the largest drop in vaccine hesitancy for the first five months of 2021, those with PhD’s were the most likely to not change their minds.


The study also reveals that the most common concern for those who are hesitant to take the vaccine is potential side-effects, with a lack of trust in government close behind in second.

The results of the investigation completely debunk the notion, amplified by media narratives, that only “dumb” people are vaccine hesitant.

It also demolishes NYT White House correspondent Annie Karni’s characterization of elitists who attended Obama’s 60th birthday party by as “sophisticated, vaccinated.”

How many of them haven’t taken the vaccine?

Meanwhile, the meme has been proven correct…


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  1. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Thank you for this article. The overwhelming shunning and shaming of the unvaxxed going on is really beyond obnoxious. I received a message from Kaiser Permanente this morning stating they are now requiring proof of vax for all visitors to their facilities. Not clear if this means they are going to deny basic care like getting outpatient blood draws, or just ban the unvaxxed from visiting patients.

    An exceptional interview on the topic worth the time investment (one hour 45 minutes) is John Leake’s interview of Dr. Kevin McCullough which is now only available on Odessy (banned on all social media and YouTube). A calm, concise explanation of the facts by a well credentialed Westman.

  2. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    I don’t know. When Newsweek prints this sort of article, something is going on. No way in hell is the vaccinate-everyone-at-all-costs project going to go away. Call me paranoid if you like.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      You aren’t paranoid. It makes sense to be afraid. The velvet glove is already halfway off the mailed fist, and (((those who mean to poison us))) have no compunctions about removing it entirely.

  3. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    You believe the unvaccinated aren’t “doing their part” to prevent the spread of COVID-19? The evolutionary medicine implications of this article indicates just the opposite may be the case:

    The vaccinated are, at best, impeding the evolution of benign strains and the unvaccinated are, at a risk to their health and well-being, evolving strains that serve as natural vaccines for the entire population.

    However, the vaccinated are, by lowering their _own_ risks of being hospitalized, at least, lowering the peak of the wave that is now crashing into hospitals.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The above comment implicitly assumes that the covid vaccines do what vaccines are supposed to do: immunize the vaccinated. Any such assumption is without foundation. Given these vaccines’ demonstrable impact on the immune system of those who receive one of them, it is far more reasonable to suppose that the vaccines render the vaccinated certainly no less prone to getting ill enough to require hospitalization and probably more prone to getting that ill and finding themselves rather more poorly equipped to fight the virus off, thanks to their permanently impaired immune system.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” the peak of the wave that is now crashing into hospitals.”

      There are at least two world-class lawsuits that have been filed that say the global C-19 hysteria is a hoax based on : a multitude of systematicly suppressed genuine science against the global oligarchy establishment NWO C-19 hysteria , the reality of an Orwellian world , global politics , Georgia Guidestone elite agendas , sheeple masses pathological submission to authoritarian nonsense , and based on governmental propaganda operations .

      Are we now supposed to believe the global oligarchy owned/controlled MSM has suddenly become trustworthy and we can now take seriously the news on their asserted new wave of supposed C-19 infections requiring hospitalizations ?

    • Roberto Gallo
      Roberto Gallo says:

      It’s a simple well known behaviour of the Rna viruses to change continuously for surviving. It is no proven that the vaccine shields the vaccinated people (90%? Less? A mild hospitalization in the case?) but if it were the virus would become different to survive as usual: that model of life is called “variant”. Therefore the variants are surely the common behaviour of the viruses but, perhaps, the ongoing variants are produced by the vaccinated. Delta variant (UK) is more aggressive and contagious and particularly present in the nose of the vaccinated.(https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7031e2.htm?s_cid=mm7031e2_w)

    • anti-technocracy
      anti-technocracy says:

      I would suggest reading and listening to Geert Vanden Bossche, who has been working in vaccine industries his whole life. He even worked for Bill Gates foundation and Gavi. He has been censored of course. But he explains in an interview with Chris Martensen (the investor and economy expert) that mass vaccination is the wrong way to go because they did this DURING the “pandemic” but also other scientific reasons.
      you can find his interviews and also his statement on this on his site. He has also openly begged the W.H.O. to stop what they are doing. He is not the only one.

  4. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    One of the problems with basing survey results like this on education level, and drawing inferences about the IQ levels of respondents based upon education level generally, is that while many brilliant people attend college and careers in academia (some of whom write for this blog), not everyone who does not is not potentially brilliant. I feel that many of the less-intelligent people who end up in college or at university because “college makes you smart” are people who are there by default, because of family and social pressure, because of “gibs”, etc. Those people, consequently, end up in the middle of these bell-curve distribution survey results.

    My anecdotal evidence for this assertion about the brilliance of the common man was a man I knew who built airboats in his backyard who I contracted to fix my kayak; he built a wind turbine out of the motor from a washing machine and plastic barrels, and when that proved inadequate to meet the energy generation requirements of his workshop, he built a photovoltaic cell based on a Youtube video he saw, and it worked. Over the couple years I knew him, he was never without a Miller Light in his hand; a redneck engineer who built his own solar panel out of junk.

    • Margaret Bartley
      Margaret Bartley says:

      Plus, too many really smart people gave up on college/university. They had better things to do with their time.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Your concern is misplaced. Hardly anyone is unaware of the extent to which higher education has been gutted of content, so much so that the reading proficiency of even a graduate of an elite US institution is unlikely to equal that of a public high school graduate from 1961.

      Look, for example, at the extent to which white-collar employers now actively seek young men and women with a master’s degree for admin assistant positions. This apparently absurd demand for what seem like vastly overqualified candidates is in fact based on the sound observation that someone with a bachelor’s degree of post-1990 vintage is, as often as not, utterly ignorant and incompetent.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’d go further, I’d say there is a type of off the charts wisdom among the common people, certainly when compared to the ‘higher functioning’ people’, the type of people who have nice safe lives, drive lovely cars, live in large houses in the suburbs, miles & miles away from the ‘ordinary masses’.
      Often these types of people have never had an original thought in their lives, probably don’t even know what an original thought is. They’ve spent their entire lives obeying the system, parents-school-society-university-career, and are rewarded by it with affluent lifestyles, no wonder they believe in it! Of course they believe the BBC, of course they trust the government over their own common sense!
      Whereas 99% of peasants have had a different experience with this system, one or more of the parent-school-society-university-career axis has either failed them or sabotaged them, forcing them to fall back on the only thing they have left, their own born wit.
      I’ll leave it to other’s to describe the PHD classes’ motivations, I know where my little competency begins and ends, but they ain’t hard to fathom.

      • David Schmitt
        David Schmitt says:

        Emicho and Chet Nixon, I sympathize with your critiques of certain, often public (often too public, as a matter of fact) figures that have an arrogance and pomposity to themselves. These are not really the best examples of intellectuals. I caution us not to carelessly conflate the “PhD” classes with those who typically enjoy ease and wealth and popular noteriety as being “influencers.” (There are pain-in-the-rear, university dim lights, to be certain, and they are for sure a major problem today.) But following my caution, indeed, that “U” curve rather tells the story, doesn’t it? The TV journalists, the hack government officials the people who are thriving in this sick socioeconomic system, both before and after COVID, including your average medical-mill doctor, are probably in the low point of the of vaccine hesitancy curve. I think it is these people who are most frequently offending you by their attitudes and the policies that they force on you and me. These are not the super-high IQ types—at least they failed to develop thier intellects if they had high potential. These are the people getting the jab and wanting you to do the same. And, of course likewise, there are plenty of junk PhDs out there. But lots of authentic “PhDs,” or we might better refer to them as scholars or intellectuals (degreed or not), live very modest lives because they do not care about fancy boats and fame—or even simple, redneck-contraption boats (I have friends, too, who design this stuff—and I am proud of their friendship and their initiative). Put simply, the “PhD class”–as one of you called them–love their work. They may like some sensory pleasures, sure–even boating, but they generally like reading, working in the laboratory, pounding keys on the computer or just thinking. They are our natural allies and I am glad that they being shown to be so by this “vexxine” nonsense.

        Regarding natural wisdom, I could not agree with you more. Highly intelligent people are not people who are inherently gifted at being “right” about facts. True, to be a professional something-or-other in this era does require a hefty set of factual knowledge of what has been done already. But that is not the core of what it means to be a good scientist, academic physician, engineer, etc. Good intellects are not at all interested in games of trivia. Being “smart” is not about memorizing silly and useless stuff. But what I have observed about the people who are smarter than me is that they are naturally able to see situations in higher resolution. My chessboard has 64 alternatingly-colored blocks. Their board has 6400 blocks, or orders of magnitude above that. They have better memories than mine. They can see patterns and reason better and faster than I can. But–and here is where I completely agree with you–they are not guaranteed to draw the vectors through those blocks to point at the correct moral, or holistic answers any better than you or I can. Resolution can help greatly in pattern detection or problem solving especially in the reductionistic direction, but it does mean that they cannot come to draw bad conclusions. They are often apt to miss the patterns in the holistic direction. In a similar vain, and as Jared Taylor likes to say, “some ideas are so dumb it takes a highly-intelligent person to believe them.” On the other hand, with my 64-block checker board I like to think I am able to draw a vector towards the right goal, end or target–albeit with a bit more variance and a little less accuracy than might otherwise be possible due to the restrictions of resolution. But at the cost of accuracy, I hope I can make up for it with more precision over many trials and with time. If the high-IQ braniac makes fundamental flaw, their high-resolution decision-making system can not only lead them far astray, but that resolution can come to fix them in their error. It is a tragic stuation for them—and for us. We all suffer the consequences.

        This is why a society is best made up, democratically, filtering common wisdom into the final deliberations—as well as expert knowledge from the particularly gifted. Really, this is what the bicameral system of legislature is supposed to more or less achieve. Nothing more than the example of Hillary Clinton need be offered to demonstrate that the idea of a senatorial aristocracy can be severely corrupted.

    • anti-technocracy
      anti-technocracy says:

      There’s a lot of people without the formal higher educational background that are very smart.

      A lot of the so-called “conspiracy theories” that come out of the “less educated” turn out to be correct. Haven’t they been telling us for years that our nation would become a totalitarian nation? They also have been warning for decades about the “Chip”. Well, maybe some people have not heard, but M.I.T., one of the most prestigious Technology institutes in the world, has already developed an Under-skin Tattoo that will hold vaccine and other data for the individual, which can then simply be scanned..

      That is Not conspiracy theory, but fact. Bill Gates and other prominent technocrats have been funding this tattoo. The information is available for anyone.

      Also, we all heard how Gates wanted to block the sun by spraying something up into certain layers of the atmosphere. Luckily that one got bagged and he wasn’t able to do it. But it shows that the “little man” could be very well correct about Chem trails, especially now that Gates let the cat out of bag that this is already available.

      Almost anyone can get a Masters in this day and age. The colleges require conformity these days.

      People underestimate the uneducated. Many of them have loads of common sense.

  5. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    Call me an agnostic but if the actual SARS CoVi-2 virus has yet to actually be isolated and purified, why are we talking about an alleged disease, let alone a “vaxxine.”
    I’m perplexed.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Yes, there are viruses associated with clusters of symptoms of all varieties (“infectious diseases”). But they don’t cause anything, they are the result. They are Nature’s clean-up, rebalancing crew. How come no one has any faith in the works of the Creator anymore? Why would he/it/whatever just dump little invisible entities onto us and make us sick for no reason?

      O ye of little faith. 🙂

  6. Khalid Bouvier
    Khalid Bouvier says:

    The author should point out that the study upon which his article is based has not been peer-reviewed. Consequently, any weaknesses in the assumptions, methods, and conclusions of the study have not been subjected to scrutiny by the editors.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Peer review guarantees neither consistency of reasoning nor accuracy of research. It merely gives assurance of conformity with “respectable” opinion.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        About time someone said that. Peer review could mean that everyone around you is as [redacted slurs] as you are.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          What the hey with the redaction! I wasn’t saying that Pierre was “blind or stupid”. “You” meant the researchers, who just kiss each other’s bums in their little echo chamber in the name of “peer reviewed”.

          Oy yoy yoy (that’s my mother tongue for “woe is me”.) I am so ashamed; I need to express myself better.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I wouldn’t have misunderstood your meaning, dear B. Besides, whatever else I may be, I know I’m not blind … yet.

            That said, a tip of the hat to the Mod for his concern.

  7. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    I second the recommendation for Dr. McCoullough’s simple approach, five key messages and promotion of early treatment and treatment with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermection as a foundation, also here:


    I absolutely loved the data on the relationship of measurements of IQ. This makes perfect sense. By the way, one’s average physician is generally not the best source of information on COVID and vaccines. Doctors have received frighteningly little formal treatment in immunology and vaccines. Education in medical school is simple too constrained by time for these people to be trained in depth on anything.

    I have devoted most of my podcast sight, so far, to COVID topics—including what I expected to be the problems with the pseudovaccines. As a guest scientist, I worked on a project that had as its ultimate, blue-sky goal, the introduction of replacement proteins to treat receptoropathies in the brain. I have thought a little bit about the technologies behind the nucleic-acid protein platforms presently presented as vaccines built around the spike proteins.

    This summer, prompted to look into this odd claim of a connection between magnetic properties of injection sites and the possible introduction of magnetic materials with the anti-COVID jabs, Idiscovered an intyeresting phenomnon. A particular class of muscle tissue possesses magnetic properties.

    So, no, the COVID jabs are not likely introducing magnetic particles or robots. Many of my muscles attract magnets and I haven’t been vaccinated in a dozen or so years. My finding, however, may have investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic potential. I have submitted an abstract for a scientific, medical conference for review. Ironiclly, it may also be a means for tracking the deleterious consequences of the vax longterm (microthrombosis).


    and, similarly,


    As for 5G. Yes, curious. Given my background in magnetobiology, electrophysiology and a bit of materials science, I and open to the possibilities–as well as the threats–of technological interfacing with the nervous system.

    • londonstone
      londonstone says:

      “…COVID jabs are not likely introducing magnetic particles or robots…”

      Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in C-19 Vaxx – more on graphene oxide in vaxx…. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/deadly-shots-former-pfizer-employee-confirms-poison-in-c-19-vaxx_KRzQED8lhKWRY3y.html

      … a brilliant conductor of electricity and can hold a magnetic field….toxic to humans….

      Interested to hear your thoughts on this possibly histrionic interview.

      David Martin in his interview at planetlockdownfilm.com reproduced here
      comes across as a master of detail while correctly identifying the deep currents of the agenda.

      The current injectables are not vaccines and it might assist clear discussion to recognise they have probably been so called (instead of “experimental gene therapy shots temporarily authorised for emergency use in animal (human) trials) in order deceptively to make them appear familiar and to assist “divide et impera” by dividing society up into opposing groups, viz. ‘anti-vaxxers’ -vs- “the responsible majority”.

      So what type of NLP is this incantation of “safe and effective”? It echoes for instance the former UK Conservative Party leader’s claim of “strong and stable” being the hallmarks of the then government. Is it the metre; the inclusio unius exclusio alterius: the framing in good excluding the possibility of negativity; some mesmeric alpha-wave inducing rhythm; something else…?

      I don’t know if anyone has to hand plausible sources for the view that in the earlier stages of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, White Russians were discreetly disposed of by the mad medics; and that once the upper hand had been got, more obvious (industrial) methods were then safe to apply in greater numbers. If you do, posting them could make for interesting reading.

      And last, history (((echoes))). In recent times not just 2009 and 2003, but for the mid 1970s swine flu scamdemic and emergency vaxx-madness see the useful discussion in
      (honours to Ms Honorof not denied).

      Protocol 10:
      “. . . it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the GOYIM see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. . .”

      • David Schmitt
        David Schmitt says:

        Londonstone, You had a number of links in your comment. Perhaps you could formulate some specific questions for me. May I ask, have you listened to my podcasts that definitively shows no necessary link between magnets sticking to arms and these nucleic-acid experimental products?

        Here is some redacted comments and information that I emailed to a radio host where cremarks have been made concerning this debunked, so-called magnet-vaccine connection:

        and here:

        I am not a proponent of the vaccines. Though I do not object to traditional vaccines, I have been an early critic of all use of the nucleic-acid based vaccines for both biological and moral reasons. The moral reasons involve prohibitions against self-mutiliation and harm to the integrity of the body without therapeutic justification. I hegan podcasting on December 11, 2020 in order to get the word out:


        I try to avoid sensationalism. I have been conjoled to not tell this story because it does not help the Anti-vaxx efforts. As a scientist, I find that reprehensible. I am happy to let the truth tell the story–the whole story–in the end. That is the most convincing approach anyway.

        I have heard Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Ruby, Dr. Wodarg, Ms. Kingston and you all referring to “the magnetic effects,” presumably of the vaccination. To continue to do so without referring to the specific counter evidence that I raise, would be unacceptable.

        Note, my simple–but definitive–experiments do not rule out all possibilities of these pseudovaccines being used for ill intent. I suspect that there is a good chance that they are—it is just that magnets are not sticking to arms because of it. I trust that you can appreciate that logical distinction.

        I can also easily demonstrate to you that graphene oxides are not involved in this magnet-sticking phenomenon. I have also submitted an abstract for an upcoming scientific conference regading my findings. It turns out that my identifying what seems to be a new physiological phenomenon as it related to the molecule myoglobin has potential use for investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

        Ironincally, my debunking of this phenomenon of magnets and vaccines may actually have usefulness for long-term tracking of the apparently deleterious effects of the microthrombic effects of the vaccine.

        I am a neurophysiologist and I did my doctoral work on a topic of magnetobioogy.

        There is a serious problem with the vaccines. The information encoded, and that can be encoded in the vaccines genetically, is a serious enough problem without introducing conjectures. Obviouly, given my background in magnetobiology and neural networks, I am keenly interested in what threats might be posed through remote actuationof neural activity. But I am careful and cautious in how I approach this.

        See: Schmitt, DE; Hill, R and Grillner, S. (2004) The Spinal GABAergic System Is a Strong Modulator of Burst Frequency in the Lamprey Locomotor Network. https://journals.physiology.org/doi/pdf/10.1152/jn.00233.2004
        Schmitt, D.E. & Esch, H.E. (1993) Magnetic orientation of honeybees in the laboratory. Naturwissenschaften 80, 41–43.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Your contributions to this thread are of great value, David. Thank you for speaking so plainly and authoritatively.

          Your citation of the study you and Doctor Esch published in Naturwissenschaften caused me to recollect a comment made late last year by Pierre Kory about broad-based European and Australian studies of ivermectin’s effectiveness in treatment of covid patients, studies that, like yours, were published in various foreign journals. Doctor Kory noted, with barely concealed vexation, that the refusal of the CDC and the NIH to grant these studies any evidentiary status in the USA brazenly suggested that the medical and scientific credentials of at least certain foreigners were inadequate to meet the ever so much grander American standards. I don’t doubt that Fauci the Fraud would dismiss your work with equal readiness.

          • David Schmitt
            David Schmitt says:

            Thank you Pierre, you have always been more kind than I deserve. The evidence is clear that the largest crime in all of history–so far at least–was put on display in 2020. It had a long history of preparation, probing and planning. The grossly-biased blocking of witnesses and evidence (which is what the challenging of scientific hypotheses is about), is classically what is done in corrupt judicial and political systems. More ominously, these perverted systems of science and law, as well as of bureaucracy, journalism, communications, the arts and the churches, are civilizational regressions back toward primitive modes of tribal brutality a mobbing. This regression does not possess even the virtues that our co-commentor here, James Bowery, considers in his very interesting work attempting to re-envision a more elemental and natural form of human social relationships—relationships stripped of overwrought, frail and maladaptive social, bureaucratic and legal rules.
            Working in government and attempting to be an integrity worker, as well as eventually a whistleblower, enabled me to become deeply aware of the broad application of the principles of mobbing.
            Curiously, the other graduate student in the laboratory of Harald Esch where I trained, an Austrian named Franz Göller, did nice work on bird song and–was quite knowledgeable about the occurance of mobbing in biology and, specifically in birds. (Briefly, mobbing is what happens when small, weaker animals gang up on a more powerful individual–usually of another species–to expell it from within their midst.) In the human case, and what distinguished mobbing from bullying, is that the tools are somewhat subtle, it involves multiple levels of institutional hierarchy, it is managed, and it employs corrupted bureaucratic power. My lab mate designed teaching laboratories for the undergraduates on the topic of mobbng in birds. And our mentor, Harald, having had interactions with Konrad Lorenz, the early describer of mobbing using ethological rigor, had an interest in the topic as well.
            Leave it to dummy Dave to not even recognize the phenomenon of mobbing when it was happening to me in an institutional, regulatory role in which I had found myself. Though there is a growing awareness of ‘workplace mobbing’, I prefer to generalize the term and call it ‘organizational mobbing’.
            A friend called me several months ago to apologize. He explained to me that he had dismissed my point of view for years as I battled a troubled government agency. Then, as he reflected upon what was occurring to President Trump from before the time he assumed office (ignore you opinion of him for a moment if it is a negative one), my friend suddenly had an epiphany. My friend told me that it dawned on him that what happened to Trump was what was happening to me—only on a grander scale: organizational mobbing.
            And this is the point. The Great Reset is a culmination of what I believe has been an enormous mobbing operation perpetrated again the world by a small (and therefore wildly outnumbered and weak) ruling oligarchy. I saw, but did not fully appreciate, the sinister centralization of totaliarian power that was being executed. There were signs, especially with the assumption of power by Barack Obama of a complee cooptation of every bit of governmental, corporate and non-governmental power.
            As in an office or agency, collaborators are bribed and threatened in order to cajole them into participating in falsely accusing, isolating or mistreating the target of mobbing. In our present situation, one class that was captured by the tyrants was that of scientists and physicians. This was critical for creating the PCR fraud and the foisting of the vexxines upon us. And who says that you cannot get that many people to play along with a scheme, or–if need be–keep a secret, especially if one owns the global media so that any story can be written overtop of whatever whited out truth has been exposed.
            The tactics of perpetrators, predators and mobbers are simple and vary very little.
            The capture and manipulation of a few key scientific journals is all that is needed—especially in a world where the granting agencies in Washington and a few other major cities can bring the feudal system of bureaucratic science into lockstep. It would be nice if foreign journals could provide even more outside critique of the playground that the oligarchs have come to rule in the United States. It there is anything that an oligarch knows how to do, it is how to leverage power by first seizing control of key pinnacles of power.
            The good news is that scientists, physicians and all Citizens can simply inform themselves–as everyone here is essentially doing–by utilizing alternative sources of news, information and opinion. The other end of the stick of tyranny is the Citizen who hands power over to the tyrant. Just say “No.” It will extract a price, but you will be a man or woman of sunstance. You will possess yourself. What else could be better?

        • londonstone
          londonstone says:

          For graphene oxide in the injectables I suggest you watch “Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in C-19 Vaxx – more on graphene oxide in vaxx” if you have not done so – the material parts are only about 15-20m. She claims the non-listing of graphene oxide in the shots is due to trade secret – presumably disclosed to the patent examiner/s but not placed on the record. Or so her story goes.

          If you have specifically addressed the graphene oxide contention can you give us the time code/s in your various podcast editions listed above? Ars longa, vita brevis.

          Regardless, the conjecture regarding graphen oxide presence presumably could be easily confirmed or denied by an independent lab analysis of the mRNA vaccines. For all I know, maybe Mike Yeadon and/or the others of Doctors for COVID Ethics are lining up just that.

          • David Schmitt
            David Schmitt says:

            Specifically, the suggestion that the presence of graphene oxide, via its behavior in a magnetic field, can be detected with a simple “bar” magnet is completely without merit. Unmoving permanent magnets create a constant magnetic field. You could not detect graphene oxide in this manner. Besides, my podcasts–listen to them please before you write me again–conclusively rule out the necessity of any other explanation regarding the attraction of magnets to certain muscles—not all.

            All substances possess three interrelated properties: dimensional (length and volume), thermal and electrical (including behavior in magnetic fields). Just because a solid or a molecule (in the case of a liquid or gas or a substance suspended in a liquid matrix) can be found or demonstrated to interact with an imposed magnetic field does not make it a prime candidate for “tuning in” radio transmissions. Obviously, ferromagnetic materials can, and are, used in radios for just such a purpose.

            Graphene oxide does have properties that are ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, superparamagnetic and paramagnetic. These properties seem to derive from defects in the lattices that are formed and are not yet well understood.

            It will indeed be interesting to see if this or other technology is being used to interact with, say, the nervous system or the immune system. We know by his own statements and investments that Elon Musk is keenly motivated by this goal.

            I did happen to view the video that you mentioned. Stew Peters has had some guests present unreliable material. He has yet to answer my emails.
            I am concerned about getting distracted. I saw, for instance, an osteopathic physician named Dr. Sherry Tenpenny testify in a committee meeting of the Ohio legislature (I believe I am describing that body correctly) and she suggested a connection of magnets and even “scissors” sticking to the sites of injection for these dubious COVID vaccines. I do not believe that she did the cause seeking to understand and expose potentially harmful effects of the mass-vaccination, “Warp Speed,” nucleic-acid protein-making platforms any good by her comments. Yet, I am having a very difficult time getting the results of my study made known. I have even been told that it is not interesting because we need to fight propaganda (lies) with our own propaganda (lies) and that this message of no necessary link between magnets and vaccine site is counterproductive. I reject that notion. The temptation to falsification, fudging, propaganda and lying only backfires. If I were the oligarchs pushing the “vexxines,” that is precisely the foolish path towards confusion and discrediting that I would want the vaccine skeptics to be drawn into.

            At this point, the “devil in the details” comprises (1) the potential for introducing deleterious nucleic-acid sequences into our genome and the genomes of generations to come, thus misdirecting and thwarting human evolutionary or Natural Law mechanisms; (2) the establishment of a vaccination and surveillance state; (3) the harmful effects per individual as we are now seeing with ADE and the stupidity of vaccinating in the middle of a minor epidemic; and (4) the possibility that vaccines for depopulation are being firmly established as bioweapons.

            Again, from the material that you mention, ask me a specific question. As you say, ‘Ars longa, vita brevis’.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @David Schmitt. Maybe this is like 911 Truth movement being made to look stupid by the introduction of the No Plane Theory by their detractors (at least as far as the twin towers portion of the calamity is concerned).

          • David Schmitt
            David Schmitt says:

            Re-reading my recent response to you of August 14, 2021, 3:09 p.m., I found it to be a bit snippy. Sorry about that—I was bombarded with three things at once while I was composing that comment. But really, oneoof those magnet podcasts is 20-minutes long. You ask me questions that require me to do additional study and writing. I am happy to do so, but people have to reciprocate as well.

            As for graphene oxide, I am not at all convinced that this is part of the Big Four nucleic-acid based, protein-factory platforms that we are dealing with. I do not have, or do not yet have, the laboratory capabilities for analyzing the questions myself.

            I can guarantee this, carbon molecules and nanoparticles are going to be a part of our future in engineering and in biology and medicine. We had better get ahead of this phenomenon in order to guide this technological development and to regulate and protect against misanthropicuses and narrowly-served ends.

            One thing is that we are going to have to strengthen democratically sovereign enforcement of protections against corporally-invasive procedures and all associated mandates that restrict human freedoms, dignity and time-honored spheres of personal authority.

            I am not dismissing the existence of haphazard, careless or even malicious threats from energies and signals, chemicals, pollutants, toxicants, endocrine disruptors, bioweapons, biomanipulations, genetic tampering contrary to natural processes of selection and violations of Natural Law. In fact, one of my areas of innovation is what I believe will be a means of monitoring for chemicals with biological activity in drinking, waste and natural waters that competes with the currently-approved EPA methods.

            But I always want to urge us to be rational and prioritizing in our concerns. Thus, could EMF from your flat screens be a problem? Possibly, but the major threat is informational and semantic, nor material and energetic. If we get our heads straight about the former we will once again be empowered.

            The major weapon that the oligarchs have over us is that we have allowed ourselves to have become stupefied. We have not retained possession of our culture and our institutions. In my early podcasts I talk about a concept parallel to the Central Dogma of Biology. Not requiring too much creativity on my part, I refer to this as the Central Dogma of Civilization. The former concept, described by Crick and Watson in different forms starting in 1957, involves the flow of information from DNA into protein expression. Of course, there are feedback mechanisms and reverse transcriptive mechanisms that had to be recognized—but I am merely concerned with the gross features for the purpose of my analogy.

            Civilization, according to the latter concept, also involves a flow of information form central repositories. And more than just the flow of information, there is a flow of knowledge and wisdom as well.

            This is also partitioned in ethnically important compartments that I have written and spoken about in many places, what I call the neuroculture. This concept takes into account the confluence of ever-modified and interactive processes as information and meaning is continually cycled through the sensory-cognitive-motor-environmental/cultural circuit. Again, the environmental and cultural realm is specific to a biogeographic region and it is also specific to a perticular ethnic and racial people. Though change is inevitable and genetic fluxes necessary, massive tampering with these processes are so deleterious as to represent acts that are criminal as well being acts of war—with all of the justified consequences thereof according to Augustinian and Thomistic principles.

            So, energies and materials are parts of the informational world in which we live. there are threats there, for sure. Let’s focus major, prioritized efforts where the informational and the semantic war is most keen: in the war of ideas.

        • londonstone
          londonstone says:

          @David Schmitt thanks very much for the additional info.
          Suffice to say I share your concern over the risk of contaminating (an orderly, researched) message especially by unexamined, purposed disinfo. (The magnets’ alleged fondess for vaxxed arms at the outset seemed to me too graphic to pass even an intuitive smell test – “they” (bad actors) always seem to enlarge and pictorialise – consider the bombed bus on 7/7 in London’s Tavistock Square with its curious advertising banner – perhaps also a way of signalling “their” vainglorious mockery of the credulous).
          I will be studying your content but I close with this: a minute’s worth of… deep fake? Unfounded speculation?
          Purely rhetorical questions this time!

          “..Pierre Gilbert 1995”

          • David Edward Schmitt
            David Edward Schmitt says:

            All true. And the way that we counter the material and energetic manipulations is by upping our game for the ilive of intellectual citizenship. W have to see science, well executed, as the protector against techologies used for malicious ends instead of broadly useful and moral ends.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The minute you call me Typhoid Mary for not getting vaccinated, you can rest assured that I will NEVER take your vaccine. Period. End of. If the people who hate my guts want me to take their vaccine, that’s all the reason I need to not take their vaccine.

  9. Redpill Boomer
    Redpill Boomer says:

    The globalists have overplayed their hand. If they weren’t desperately afraid of the population they loathe, they could back off on the Covid tyranny, the invasive immigration, and the LGBT indoctrination of children. Once reassuring the masses, they would bring back the pressure later on. That’s the way it’s worked as long as I’ve been alive – which is a while! The fact that they won’t back down means they’re actually on the ropes.

  10. DELFI
    DELFI says:

    Some crucial questions regarding mandatory vaccination:

    – To what extent do you trust the government? (see totalitarian regimes)
    – To what extent do you trust science and experts? (tobacco science)
    – To what extent do you trust big pharma? (Sackler, to name just one)
    – To what extent do you trust big pharma and big gov when there is an outrageous amount of money involved?
    – To what extent do you trust an experimental vaccine whose manufacturers have legally covered themselves very well against (deadly) side effects? Apart from the very short development time of these vaccines?

    And finally, is ridiculing and demonizing critical minds as low IQ conspiracy thinkers, intellectually so honest?

  11. Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas says:

    I am hanging on til the UK government offers the remaining unvaccinated £5,000 each to be double and probably triple jabbed. They can inject me with anything they like as soon as that £5,000 hits my account.

  12. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    At the very start of the vaccine introduction, no one in my circles were going weak-at-the-knees with excited anticipation of getting their shot(probably because they all knew my views on this hoax, but most just weren’t the type), but I did read about these strange middle class people(British ‘middle class’ I mean, not the American version, we call them the respectable working class).
    It didn’t hit home until I received an accidental email from an American woman, who mistook me for her own friend. She was blathering on about her life, I suppose the everyday normal troubles of this class: what was she going to do with her Steiner grand piano? They were up and moving from Texas to DC, and our condo in Florida is too small to accommodate it, do you know anyone who will take it off our hands? Say $30,000?
    This was obviously her typical patter, obviously a very comfortably off, high functioning person. Yet she was also boasting and celebrating getting her Moderna shot in the next outburst.
    These are not my people, I can only observe them from the outside. But I would guess what is going on here relates to the phrase ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.
    These ‘system people’ aren’t really ‘educated’, they think they are, but really the more accurate word is ‘trained’, but more as in you train a dog, as opposed to training an electrician or a plumber. You train a dog for your benefit, not the dogs’, just as these obedient system people are trained for the system’s benefit.
    They get rewarded, as trained dogs do, but it is so obvious who really gets the rewarded.
    Until now of course. The very same slavish dedication to the elites, the outsourcing of all their thinking to the MSM, their many loyal years of simping for the elite, of being a buffer for them against the growing wrath of us peasants, their reward for this is the destruction of their health with these insane gene alterations.
    Lot’s of people think the vax(not a vaccine) is safe because they’ve took it and they are ok, for now they may be, but it’s just as likely lots of people didn’t get the deadly vax, but got a placebo instead. A British minister blurted out in the House of Commons that people were getting placebos. Nadhim Zahawi it was, you can look this up if you don’t believe me.
    Of course they wouldn’t give EVERYONE the deadly concoction at first, that is just not how they operate.

  13. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Vaccine “HESITANCY”–LOL!!! What a corrupt phrase, right out of the Leftist liars’ (redundancy) playbook. I ain’t hesitant. I fiercely and categorically REJECT being made a guinea pig–being inoculated with an experimental substance ostensibly to save me from a piddling plague with a HUGE recovery rate, one which is lethal only to the sick and greatly aged and against which maintaining overall health is the one safe response….

    And the billionaire oligarchs can stick their imbecilic Great Reset–what covidiocy-1984 is mostly about–you-know-where.

  14. chandelle
    chandelle says:

    If vaccines are ineffectual, how can the hordes of deaths that happened before the marked flattening of the curve post-vaccinations be explained?

    • David Edward Schmitt
      David Edward Schmitt says:

      It is a question of degree of resolution—as I stated earlier. Or, try it this way, Chandelle. It also can be restated as a matter of subtlety, with which we address the problem. We always start out the low resolution hypotheses—this is necessary in order not to overlook obvious errors and faulty, initial assumptions. Rule out the basic interpretations early on. As my dissertaion director, who was very clever at computer hardware and software put it: “The first question is, is the computer or device connected?”Then, if we are still left with unanswered questions, then we need to go further. We were indeed left–immediately–with many unanswered question regarding COVID. Now we start to have to ask more subtle questions. This, by the way, essentially never happens on television. Television is not about presenting you with things that they have programmed. Television ans Media-designed news is about programming YOU and ME [emphasis added in lieu of italics]—if we let it.

      This is where the etymology of the word really helps. The origin of ‘subtle’ is sub + tile. So imagine a mosaic-style artwork on one of those Medieval Arabic buildings. You will likely find somewhere patterns of tiles within tiles, each with its own pattern at the level of resolution that you able to view it. You can change the level of viewing simply by selecting different distances at which you look at the art and architecture. What might be a true perception or conclusion at one level of resolution might be altered when the picture as one views the scene at a more or less fine-grained levels, greater or lesser distances.

      There is nothing wrong with an initial hypothesis and the conclusion that can be drawn from the data that presents itself in the detectable pattern visible when seeing the image at a great distance if it provides a repeatably adequate answer.

      As we look at patterns made up of tinier tiles within larger we can see new interpretations of the relationships of what is inside of each tile and–this is what gets even more intersting–that new interpretation may be influenced by new and more subtile information from outside each tile and , in turn, may give new meaning to what is outside the artistically-designed tile.

      Lt. Columbo was always interested in those loose ends that would make one look for more subtle interpretations. In criminal law, geopolitics (viz., pretty much unregulated criminality) and history, these loose ends are frequently scoffed at by people who want to convince you not to look for loose ends. Oops, there is the first “tell.” You should ask, “Why do you not want me to look behind the yellow crime-scene tape?”

      One of the great sadnesses today for thinking people is the degree to which the general pulic willfully chooses to view the tiled pattern only at a great distance. At some point, we need to get close. A lot depends on our getting this correct—a lot.

      I hope you enjoy the questions and the search for the more subtle explanations. And to make sure that somethng was not lost, the search for information from the contexts can also involve periodiically taking in the view from the greater distance (the 35,000-foot view). All of this has to be integrated. But the frauds and mind manipulators only want you to have access to a medium-range view, a view that they can manipulate effectively. This is an epistemological realm with their desired balance of manageable elements internal to the “tiles” with not too many anti-corroborating potential from the surrounding contexts and overall patterns.

      This is why people with Apocalyptic filters (which tend to be quite reliable, actually), so-called “conspiracy theorists,” the academic classes and “glasses” (prior to the purges, of course), the investigative journalists, the whistleblowers and the Constitutionalists are the first to be targetted, smeared, and rounded up when the real enemies of the people seize power by illegitimate means. These people are systematically purged, oppressed and–make no mistake about it–killed precisely because they can smell when something does not smell right. They have adequate filters. They are the vigilant birds who serve the flock as the latter happily focuses on pecking for food. These vigilant ones are, by their make up, driven to always be scanning for threats at a given level of resolution or subtlety, but to attempt to integrate a true narrative that that involves multiple levels of description. That is where we go from a hypothesis to a theory and that is where we will end this discussion.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      “Hordes of deaths”? Even the CDC, Birx herself, eventually admitted that only 6% of the till then recorded deaths imputed to covid-1984 were from that disease alone. The overwhelmingly bulk of said deaths occurred in cases of severe CO-MORBIDITY, wherein the deceased had two or more serious chronic afflictions. AND the vast bulk of those deaths were of people of extreme advanced age.

      If you’re young and even if you’re not in the best of shape, covid-1984 is NO deadly disease. It doesn’t warrant destroying the economy and middle class, nor the tyranny that the orwellians are imposing on our lives, nor the terrorizing of little kids and depriving them of optimal oxygen intake by blocking their respiratory orifices with masks.

      Covidiocy is POLITICAL, a pretext for CONTROL; and I can’t doubt that it wasn’t used to steal the last general election.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” how can the hordes of deaths … be explained?”

      Short answer : NWO globalist oligarchy propaganda .

  15. AWoLsco
    AWoLsco says:

    Very easy to explain, Chandelle. The whole affair has been one gigantic fiddle, from finish to start.
    You’ve been conned , Chandelle. You’re a numpty, a complete and utter numpty, and hopeless dupe.
    Imagine anyone believing the mass media. You’ve got to be off your tiny little rocker to do that.

  16. David Edward Schmitt
    David Edward Schmitt says:

    Oh, and I forgot Chandelle, one really has to do one’s homework to keep up with these old dogs—I can barely manage it nd have received well-deserved scoldings on other sites. But this is a good state of affairs. It keeps us at our best. There is plenty of data, information, knowledge and wisdom out there that will lead you to detect the “loose ends” of the COVID scam and that of the “vexxine” hustle as I like to call it. James Corbett, Catherine Austin Fitts, Whitney Webb, lots of articles at Unz Review (though not that of Ron Unz, in my opinion), Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Yeadon, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Geert van den Bosche, Dr. Bhaldt, signers of the Great Barrington Declaration and many more. Do not expect them to agreed on every point of detail. Dig in. Homework is due—before it is too late.

  17. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    What is emerging in the need for a Common Memory.

    We need an easy way to remind ourselves what happened, to quickly direct others to the history and to the recognized summaries of the divergent interpretations.

    We also need to re-establish rules of discussion. “Cynical forgetting” and “maliciously returning to square one” are tactics that–if identified as other than simple ignorance of the “state of the argument”–should cause one to lose a position at the table of discussion.

    In the past, the technology of communications was such that books and newspapers could serve this purpose. The guardians of our shared-psyche of reality (as best as it could be determined and as was standard prior to the pernicious effects of postmodernism) were journalists, historians, encyclopedists, clergy, professors and teachers.

    Wikipedia showed great promise in tis structure. In non-politicized areas it is quite reliable, but it has shown itself to be a tool of the globalist takeover. Wikipedia or an adequate, parallel replacement have the potential for rehabilitation or starting afresh, respectively.

    We need places for the “arguments of record” and “depositories of accepted items in evidence.”

    This can be rebuilt.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Wikipedia … [has] the potential for rehabilitation or starting afresh, respectively.”

      Ain’t gonna happen . As you astutely noted in your above comment __

      … ” [Wiki] has shown itself to be a tool of the globalist takeover.”

      Moreover , Wiki was established , by the chosenite jewmasterss , to facilitate the NWO ascension to global despotism . No more governmental rule by a voter elligible public majority .

      Here is a link to the “INOCULATION OF DISEASES” in

      Protocol No. 10 / Item 19 ( as documented a century ago ) __


      • David Schmitt
        David Schmitt says:

        Quite correct, Moneytalks. I was too sloppy. I should have emphasized that it is the MODEL of Wikipedia being potentially reformable, not necessarily the instantiated organization itself.

  18. Blaine
    Blaine says:

    It’s been repeated often that “most people dying in hospitals are unvaxed”. Is that qualified? Certainly no-one in the last year of one’s life would take a vaccine.

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