“Thieves of Virtue”: A Confucian View of White Social Justice Moralism

“Your good, careful people of the villages are the thieves of virtue.
Confucius, The Analects, 17.

“They agree with the current customs. They consent with an impure age. Their principles only appear to be right-heartedness and truth. Their conduct only appears to be disinterestedness and purity. All men are pleased with them, and they deem themselves to be right. But one cannot proceed with them to the principles of [the moral exemplars]. For this reason they are called “The thieves of virtue.”
D.C. Lau, Mencius (1970)[1]

One of the surest hallmarks of a cultural death spiral is omnipresent anomie and the universal deadening of the capacity to experience shock. Everything in culture becomes repetitive and suffocatingly numb. I was reminded of this back in June when a friend sent me a video from Wi Spa, a Korean spa in Los Angeles that played host to a controversy when a Black female customer complained without success that customers, including children, were being exposed to the penis of a naked transsexual in a female changing area. While some left-wing sources are now claiming that the Black woman was a Christian conservative who fabricated the complaint, the truth of the matter remains unclear. In any case, the footage was, to me, not remarkable for the allegations (now becoming all too real and predictable regardless of what really happened at Wi Spa), nor the attitude of the Black woman, or even the robotic and dismissive attitude of the staff, but rather for the intervention of a White Beta male who played the role of the quintessential Social Justice Warrior. This man insisted to the Black complainant that females could have a penis, showed total disregard for the children involved in the complaint, and did his utmost to rhetorically strut and preen in the manner of some kind of moralistic human peacock; maintaining one eye on the Black female while employing the other to scan the watching crowd for admiring gazes. The spectacle, sickening for so very many reasons, was all the more perverse for this sideshow.

The Woke ‘Hero’ of Wi Spa

The reasons behind behavior like this are not mysterious. There is a strong element of self-interest and a flow of social incentives for ‘woke’ behavior. A lot of people engage in ‘social justice’ interventions, both online and “in the real world,” because they hope for social, financial, and professional rewards. In the same way that very many people in the age of the smartphone now fear being recorded and made viral as a new racist “Karen,” there are a great many people who want to go viral as an anti-racist social hero.

While punishment for racism is permanent and perpetual, however, the rewards of anti-racism are merely fleeting and superfluous. The System expects everyone to be anti-racist and open to sexual deviance, and so the greatest reward it bestows is not to share its riches or status, reserved only for the elites and a handful of celebrity anti-racists, but instead to offer the common compliant man only the quiet relief of not being seen as antithetical to the hegemonic values of multiculturalism. In this sense, we deal not so much with the carrot and the stick, as the idea that the “carrot” is nothing more than a temporary and conditional avoidance of the stick.

To put it another way, one is anti-racist and woke purely and simply in order to avoid being categorized by the System as racist and bigoted. Among yet others (the “vicar’s daughters-types” once described so vividly by Jonathan Bowden), there is an element of pathological altruism. In these cases, we confront the dim-witted and naive, the prototypes of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot, but without that novel’s protagonist’s charm and redeeming qualities. Combined, these various types of White social justice moralist (the career climber, the fashion follower, the socially anxious, and the painfully naive) are fatal to all right-thinking, and are a major accelerator of decline.

So much, then, for explaining why people behave this way. But what are the moral mechanics at work, and how does this behavior impact matters on a wider social level? During some recent reading of Eastern philosophy, I encountered an interesting concept that might deserve at least some attention — the Confucian idea of the “thieves of virtue” or fake moralists. Confucius (551–479 BC) is an interesting figure for the consideration of White moral social justice trends because he was a traditionalist of his era and because he had a particular interest in the search for moral values in a rapidly changing social context. As such, he made a valuable contribution to developing a distinction between what could be seen as merely popularly moral and what was genuinely moral and sincere.

Confucius and Social Virtue

It’s worth briefly explaining who this ancient Chinese philosopher was, before suggesting why he might have some ideas even remotely applicable to contemporary Whites. Confucius was known in his lifetime as Kong Fuzi, or Master Kong. He was a court scholar who occupied, through a relatively novel meritocratic process, a position not unlike modern civil servants. Confucius sought to integrate the new meritocratic developments of ancient China into old ideals and traditions, and this effort to synthesize the old and the new led to his quest to develop a new moral philosophy with direct social implications. Despite the introduction of meritocracy and the partial replacement of aristocracy, Confucius was opposed to egalitarianism and upheld a strong belief in hierarchy and an innate inequality between men. Deep nobility (junzi) and virtue (de) could, however, be found throughout the hierarchy. If a lowly peasant understood and fully embraced his role within it, for example, he was no less virtuous and valuable than the man at top of the social pyramid. Everyone in the folk community had an important role to play. In this sense, his philosophy is a kind of national socialism, which stressed the ultimate importance of the community over social class. The social pyramid itself was made cohesive and coherent through the Five Constant Relationships: Sovereign-Subject; Parent-Child; Husband-Wife; Elder Sibling-Younger Sibling; and Friend-Friend. It should be pointed out, if it isn’t already obvious, that there is no room for the stranger or the foreigner in this scheme of social obligation and ritual.

Social obligation was itself made manifest through demonstrations of Li, which could be roughly translated as ‘justice,’ but could be more accurately described as ritual propriety. One encountered Li in ancestor worship, at weddings, at funerals, when giving or receiving gifts, and in everyday gestures of politeness such as bowing and using the correct mode of dress. These outwards signs were intended to reflected inner virtue, but only truly did so when performed with sincerity. It was sincerity, along with faithfulness and self-reflection, that really pointed to the genuinely moral and virtuous man.

Thieves of Virtue

The opinions of Confucius on those who merely perform Li without possessing inner virtue are found in the Analects, a collection of fragments of his writings and sayings compiled by his disciples. The Analects together comprise a predominantly political treatise, but the collection is also made up of aphorisms and anecdotes. In section 17 of the Analects, Confucius refers to “village worthies (xiang yuan 鄉愿)” and compares their empty moralism to “assuming a severe expression while being weak inside” and breaking into a home and committing burglary. The “worthy” exterior of the village moralists is thus stolen or unmerited. They are in fact hypocrites who, while critiquing all that is “bad,” are themselves utterly devoid of virtue.

If Confucius’s critique of these “village worthies” was solely limited to their hypocrisy then there would be limited value in applying his critique to contemporary White social justice moralists. We know full well that the majority of White self-styled anti-racists and woke activists are hypocrites. We know that most wealthy White multiculturalists do their very best to have their children educated in predominantly White schools, and to raise their families in predominantly White neighborhoods. The vast majority of people outwardly saying they’re fine with gay marriage and the widespread acceptance of transsexualism secretly hope their children don’t turn out that way. In an era in which pro-diversity propaganda is peaking—with no mainstream dissent, the fact remains that Whites are continuing to quietly self-segregate as much as their resources will allow. We live in an age where everyone proclaims the benefits of diversity while doing their very best to avoid it. Hypocrisy is endemic, and it is obvious.

But Confucius goes deeper than hypocrisy in his criticism of the village worthies, the ‘woke’ types of his era, stressing their role in the development of a kind of moral-social cancer that is catastrophic to national culture. In fact, Confucius’s most pointed critique isn’t that the village worthies wear masks, but that there is nothing to mask. They lack all sense of identity, possess no ideology, and are nothing more than chameleons who take on whatever face is considered attractive or laudable by the elites they want to appeal to.[2] In this sense, when considering our contemporary White social justice moralists (the career climber, the fashion follower, the socially anxious, and the painfully naive), all can be subsumed under the title of “village worthies” who are “thieves of virtue.” All of them are fundamentally empty persons without authentic identity. A similar contemporary pop culture reference point would be the NPC (Non-Playable Character) meme developed by gamers to describe those who, like the background figures in video games, possess no agency or capacity for independent thought. Winnie Sung, commenting on this element of the Analects, writes:

The appearance-only hypocrite, such as Confucius’ village worthies, puts us in a special predicament. For someone who does not wear a mask cannot be unmasked. … There is nothing that we can expose when it comes to the village worthies because there is nothing underneath.[3]

This is particularly egregious for Confucius because identity is a foundation of integrity. The person of integrity is someone who preserves a sense of what identifies the person as essentially the person they are. Or, to put it another way, you need to understand yourself and who you are before you can claim that “you” stand for anything, let alone something as lofty as moral values. Someone who denies their own heritage, ethnic origins, and identity cannot sincerely proclaim any moral values because these values are not rooted in their own identity and are therefore both artificial and adopted. Sung writes:

Assuming that having identifications is necessary for having an identity, since the village worthies do not have their own identifications, we cannot say what kind of person they really are. They do not have anything that they actually identify with, and hence do not have what is truly theirs. We cannot in their case say that there is any break between their practices and their true identity. The village worthies lack integrity not in the sense where one’s identity is corrupted or concealed but because they do not even have their own identifications.[4]

Popular Moralism as Social Cancer

Accompanying instinctive self-segregation, there is an almost contradictory rise in culturally deracinated Whites keen to outwardly disavow the White past and condemn the White present. While the animosities of non-White ethnic groups can be easily understood in the context of inter-ethnic competition and their construction of past suffering at the hands of Whites (e.g., the lachrymose view of Jewish history common among Jews), White complicity in this process remains one of the strongest barriers to mounting a successful challenge against multiculturalism and multiracialism in the West. For Confucius, one of the most galling aspects of this behavior would be the tendency among some Whites to proclaim their status as a “White anti-racist” dedicated to spreading their ideology among other Whites. Confucius would object to such a self-designation, pointing out that such people are already devoid of any sense of White identity or what it means to be White, and that their interventions are thus inherently lacking in integrity and are essentially meaningless. There is thus no real “White anti-racism” but instead a phenomenon wherein empty persons mimic foreign ideas.

Because it is unnatural to loathe one’s own group and identity, when Whites adopt anti-White or anti-racist positions, they are simply reflecting the values of others, particularly oppositional elites. Unfortunately, such behavior can become endemic because “village worthies,” “thieves of virtue,” or NPCs have an endless capacity to mimic fashion. Sung comments:

At a larger scale, Confucius thinks that the presence of people who have no identity of their own, and merely reflect others’ values, is a threat to the moral system. Mencius quotes Confucius as saying: ‘Confucius said, “I detest what is specious. I detest the foxtail for fear it should pass for seedlings. I detest flattery for fear it should pass for what is right. I detest glibness for fear it should pass for the truthful. … I detest purple for fear it should pass for vermilion. I detest the village worthy for fear he should pass for the virtuous.” Just like the color purple (which closely resembles vermillion) easily confuses people and misleads people in their choice, the village worthies, who look just like the virtuous people according to our current conceptions and appear attractive to the audience, easily confuse their audience and mislead the audience to think that they have the more attractive character than the genuinely virtuous people. The village worthies will pretend to have moral qualities that appeal to their audience, and will not pretend to have moral qualities that do not appeal to their audience. Hence, the village worthies will never fail a moral test from the perspective of their audience. Although a small group of genuinely virtuous people might be able to detect the village worthies’ hypocrisy, they will not be able to convince the village worthies’ audience that these seemingly gracious and attractive people are not what they appear.

Social Justice versus Authentic Justice

A formidable obstacle to forming a challenge to the multicultural status quo is the idea that such a challenge is inherently immoral. This is an idea that began with ethnically alien intellectuals and activists who have an obvious self-interest in promoting it. Then, gradually, and with increasing frequency following World War II, the idea was seeded among leading White “village worthies” (politicians, academics, cultural figures) until it reached critical cultural saturation. Accompanying ideas were then also inserted into social fashion, including the notion that any defense of White ethnic interests is immoral. The result has been exactly as Confucius predicted — a wholesale threat to the true moral order. Today, only a dwindling number of representatives of junzi remain in the West, the “small group of genuinely virtuous people” capable of detecting the hypocrisy and false moralism of the age. This is the group which roots its integrity in its identity, and doesn’t feel the need to conceal the fact that its values are based in ethnic self-interest. Like the junzi of Confucius’s time, this small core of authentically moral people are unable to convince the masses that the village worthies—these “seemingly gracious and attractive people” with their allegedly impeccable morals—are not what they appear.

And yet our morality is evidently both genuine and of an especially high type. One of the most important aspects of Li is a sense of what we in the West call “equity.” This is the idea that we should not necessarily follow the letter of the law, but the spirit of it. We don’t automatically reach for the punishment for theft, but try at least to take into consideration why the theft took place when considering the sentence. Inherent in equity is a sense of the dualism of man — the idea the Man is never entirely good, nor entirely bad. A good judge, aware of his own failings as a human, will seek the most humane punishment or resolution to a legal case. In the Western tradition, equity begins in antiquity with the writings of Aristotle (epieikeia) and with Roman law (aequitas), and it is also a strong element (if not the strongest) in Christianity, which critiques Man as a sinner but rejects the rule of Mosaic law (despite the baffling claim of Matthew 5:17) and proclaims the possibility of Man’s capacity for Good and his ultimate redemption. Equity is also strongly evident in the ancient writings of the Chinese, and in the dualist religions of the Indian sub-Continent and the Far East, especially Buddhism. All such instances contrast with the Judaic/Islamic worldview, which lacks equity and sees law (Torah-Shariah) as an end in itself. It should be noted that the Judaic worldview, which makes categorical moral demands, is especially conducive to the development of “village worthies” and “thieves of virtue.”

White social justice moralists lack equity and deny their own dual natures. One would think, given their many lofty proclamations, that one is dealing with saints. And yet it is commonplace to discover that this or that anti-racist politician or activist is corrupt, a pervert, a child abuser, a slanderer, or some other form of human pond scum. These people, riddled with all kinds of neuroses and obsessions, cling to anti-racism like a life raft, finding in it at least one meagre chance of passing themselves off as “good people.”

Anti-racism, it might be said, is the moral band-aid of our age, covering a multitude of sins. Confucius, on the other hand, would see “racism,” or the seeking of one’s own ethnic interests, as moral to the extent that it proceeds from tradition, from identity, and from the integrity bestowed by both. For Confucius, a war of conquest contains an honesty that a professed moral crusade does not. He would have little patience for contemporary hand-wringing about past European conquests or enslaving Africans. How can one proclaim selflessness when proclaiming selflessness brings one social rewards that benefit the self? Confucius compared this delusion of morality to banging a drum in search of a fugitive—those most loudly bleating about moral matters will always find that true morality eludes them. The man who seeks after his community’s material interests, on the other hand, will be sated by securing them and will not entertain self-delusion. His desires are universal, predicable, and capable of satisfaction. The posturing moralist, or “thief of virtue,” on the other hand, is a true annihilator, since he will not rest until his fashionable worldview, in all its banality, is universally imposed. In this view, Genghis Khan is the moral superior to Moses, and infinitely less dangerous to social order.


Confucius’s perspective on community morality offers a nuanced and interesting perspective on some of the troubling issues confronting Western societies today, especially the total dominance of multiculturalism and Leftism in moral discourse. One of the major problems confronting movements for the defense of White interests is the culturally ubiquitous idea that such a defense is intrinsically immoral, and this idea has advanced to such a degree that several forms of defending White interests have been criminalized. Confucius’s concept of the “thieves of virtue” undermines the claims of this mass false morality and points out that fashion and conformity can smother authentic virtue and morals. We live in an age when most Whites lack identity, and thus integrity, and we have witnessed a kind of mass chameleon effect where the goals of foreign elites are mimicked and parroted for short-term personal relief or reward. This is a threat to the authentic moral system—a system which derives its morality from tradition and identity. It is moral and a demonstration of virtue and nobility to defend and expand upon one’s ethnic interests. The man who claims instead to be a world citizen, or to love everyone, is a liar. Such a man is a thief of virtue.

[1] Lau, D.C. trans. 2003 [1970]. Mencius. London: Penguin Books.

[2] Sung, W. (2020). Confucius’s village worthies : hypocrites as thieves of virtue. Alston, C., Carpenter, A. & Wiseman. Rachael (Eds.), Portraits of Integrity: 26 Case Studies from History, Literature and Philosophy Bloomsbury Academic.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Ibid.

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  1. LGH
    LGH says:

    A very good article.
    I think there is a critical element in how one can best deal with the Village Worthies, be a moral person, and have unshakeable faith that one is upholding the truly moral position when going at them hard.
    When they see a moral man standing strong, doubt creeps in at the edge – is the wind changing, are they exposed?
    Somewhere it ticks over I think, that they have borrow their arguments, when they are bubbling from within their opponents. 1 can stand against 10, when that 1 is certain. But we need to get the numbers up.

    Something I had written just this morning, it needs refinement but I think chimes with the article nicely..

    Whites that are anti-racist, marxist, anti-White and/or philo-semitic, an/or covid hysterical, are not actually physically or spiritually present.

    The “code” that connects their mind to their “being” has been re-written with semitic propaganda such that “who they really are”, can no longer pull the strings of or direct their being.

    They have become a destructive automaton, unable to hear or take in information that runs counter to their new coding. Unable to *be* who they were genetically and spiritually created to be > a loyal member of their tribe, acting in line with their tribe’s & civilisation’s needs.

  2. JimB
    JimB says:

    “…this small core of authentically moral people are unable to convince the masses that the village worthies—these “seemingly gracious and attractive people” with their allegedly impeccable morals—are not what they appear.”

    This seems to be the critical dilemma, this need to ‘convince the masses’ of something. It appears that our enemies, instead of bothering with convincing the majority of Whites that up is down and day is night, have decided that the most expedient move is to simply overwhelm and replace the masses with alien, anti-White masses.

    We need to find our own shortcut, our own cheat.

    I believe (strongly) that there exists a very large mass of White people… likely the majority… who don’t need convincing from us, who actually do see the true nature of these “thieves of virtue”, and, more importantly, know that up is up and day is day. This would be “The Silent Majority”. They are silent… as folks like we “racists” and “Nazis” are banned, deplatformed and led away in cuffs. Silent out of fear.

    Our shortcut, our cheat, then, lies somewhere in the vicinity of finding a way to dispel said fear. The silent majority fear losing their jobs and their freedoms (such as they are now). How can we racists and Nazis dispel these fears?

    Perhaps by accelerating a collapse of the Jewish-dominated SYSTEM that keeps the paychecks coming. Or maybe by forming self-sustaining communities of our own, places that members of the silent majority can come to when they stop being silent.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      Thank you Andrew for another wonderful piece.

      Yes Jim, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We somehow need to make our message, and all of the facts and knowledge here on TOO, ‘user friendly,’ for the masses. Jewish supremacy needs to be exposed on a national scale.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Jewish supremacy needs to be exposed on a national scale.”

        Wishful thinking .
        The Supreme Jews (have not) / (do not) / (will not)
        allow any such exposure for the benefit of
        “The Whites”
        ( Euroman / Aryans / Europeans / Indo-Europeans / Caucasians ) .

  3. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Dr. Joyce, I very much enjoyed reading your essay. Your riff on Confucius is, I think, profound. While in college, majoring in Chemistry and dismissive of both “soft” sciences and old religions, I’d say “Con-fuse-us”. Having reading your essay, I shall pronounce “Confucius” more properly and with far greater respect. I have a greater maturity and a more informed intelligence compared to 50 years ago!

    A more substantive comment follows, which I think worth making here. “Village worthies” as defined and described in your essay certainly comprise an unhelpful subset of the White population, “empty I would concern myself more with those “elites”, those on top layer (at the apex) of today’s social structures (pyramid) who do have identity and integrity — and every intent to obliterate “Christianity”, destroy current cultures, and make even greater strides in their War Against Humanity. They employ “village worthies” as necessary, of course. It may turn out they have “created” more village worthies than “village UNworthies”! If so, rather than “kick against the pricks” (John Irving, “Hotel New Hampshire”), then I and you and other like-minded souls might best do our greatest work ever right now while taking some of the time we have remaining to spend it with and on each other!

  4. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    This is such an insightful article that I’ve chosen to share it with my Normie relatives. Thank you, Dr. Joyce.

  5. anonym
    anonym says:

    The woke culture, to me, feels like just another abrahamic pseudo religion. They sound like parrots, repeating the same phrases, to some degree motivated by social vanity, but mostly social fear. Like fundamentalist abrahamics, they´re impossible to discuss with, since everyone who disagree with them is considered evil.

    They´re driven by primal urges, which they try to rationalize with mind numbing pseudo intellectualism. But they lack identity and a soul. Between the primal urges and the semi-autistic cerebral rationalizing, there’s nothing. Hence their literal interpretation of “equity”. Like all other abrahamics (including communists and neo-liberals) they interpret everything literally and are dead to the spirit of laws, ideas and concepts.

    Wokeism is the same old juvenile/insane Jewish fantasy about a perfect utopia, in an new dress. Fundamentally a Jewish plagiarism of greek/roman philosophy, but devoid of a soul, common sense, and the ability to love and care for real people.

  6. James Jonas
    James Jonas says:

    Six of the Taliban Top Commanders had been under USA incarceration and let go..!!!. Two weeks before the Kabul collapse China met with the Taliban with the full consent of the USA. The Taliban entered Kabul without any opposition and established a new govt. IT seems this is a globalist operation; The USA Neocons had concluded that America is too racist, under White supremacists rule and this America is exhausted and must move over to let a new HEGEMONT to run the world..CHINA. This American (perfect) fiasco is the turning point to let CHINA move to the top of the New World Order…America will become a Chinese “colony”…

  7. Morley
    Morley says:

    Another excellent piece, Dr. Joyce. I recently heard that you may be doing an interview with Mike Peinovich and Eric Striker at some point; can we expect to hear that soon?

  8. Frank Menendez
    Frank Menendez says:

    The new WOKE culture (synthetic) is saying that America is irredeemable because of WHITENESS, hence the only hope is to end whiteness which is only possible by ending white people (genocide?). I wonder only white people are capable of Racism? other NON whites can not be racists towards whites/ even other NON whites (japanese vrs Koreans?).. A white new born is automatically racist? HE since the moment of birth, is responsible for slavery, colonialism, climate change, capitalism (only the bad). What about Black, Asians, Jewish new borns ..are they also responsible for the “crimes” of their ancestors??? palestinian genocide? Hatred of blacks is racism…hatred of whites is not??? only whites must feel guilty and accept their intricsic innate “evil” and accept MULTiculturalism…other races are intricsically GOOD and do not have to accept multiculturalism…other races may live in their own “racial” ghettos, schools, etc. BUT whites must be forced to live with NON whites..gentrification vrs white flight..can they win?? ALL races must pull together for their group? interests (assuming they have common interests)…except whites..why?. Do whites have a legitimate right(s) to survive (human rights)…or are they doomed??????

  9. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    [Oops, sorry, WordPress informed me I had to pick another email address in order to comment.]

    As usual, a powerfully insightful, fresh perspective, Dr. Joyce.

    If rewarding “village worthies” is the carrot, then organizationally mobbing the occasional target representing junzi and de (if I am using those terms correctly) is the stick. The managers of mobbing cannot restrain their lust to increase the efficiency of their stick and their restrictions.

    As the operant conditioning advances, the mere threat, the mere ringing of the bell by the Media, suffices to bring about the narrowing of compliant behavior. Bureaucratic power (impetus and stick from behind) and Media power (false goals and rewards ahead) go hand in hand. Nonetheless, the latter progresses to the fore as more “village worthies” taxically and tropically orient to, and move towards, false telos, yielding their identity and agency as they go.
    This delights the managers of mobbing turned totalitarianism. The ratio of mobbers to targets decreases, allowing the progression towards mass control.

    Enforcement, of course, remains as the option for occasions when–as is inevitabe–the Media insufficiently copes with everpresent and ever-emerging divergence in the form of the rare, non-compliant individual.
    But hard enforcement is messy and there is a point of diminishing returns. The terror factor yields to rebellion.

    The COVID Event 201 is the pretext whereby leaders of the “village worthies” are opening up their goodie box of sticks in an effort to enhance their hard enforcement. Fortunately for us, their desperate maneuvers will backfire.

    What Richard Feynman said of physics is true of all of reality: whenever you encounter a hard problem in some advanced area, you will suddenly realize that it all goes back to the double-slit experiment. Thus, the oligarchs are at the mercy of the limitations of the particle-wave duality and the Heisenberg Principle, as revealed by the double-slit experiment. They fundamentally cannot achieve what they want to achieve either physically or semantically.

    The oligarchs are going to fail. The light can and will penetrate even the smallest of openings, every one of those openings, because the light is not localized in a single photon—much less a single individual. This is not mere literary metaphor. The light and true semantics will spread even farther the more it is compressed and oppressed and suppressed, and it will spread simultaneously in all places.

    The true picture becomes evermore clearlythat hich the liars deny; the truth of things defies their increasing attempts at negation and misrepresentation.

    BOOLEAN JOKE (but not really): “Postmodernism is not true.”

    Though there is an inevitability to the eventual triumph of true virtue over the “village worthies,” there will be no room for passivity or a winning strtegy of keeping one’s head low. There is an inevitability to the agency and the active participation of the truly virtuous—they form an integral, seemless reality with the clarified picture that emerges. There are no bench sitters. And I like to imagine that Werner will smile at the part of that triumph that he was permitted to play.

  10. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    I’m sorry but I think that explanation its pretty artificial and “academic”. What I really do not agree with, that the current situation is kind of naturally occurred event.

    The real cause of current situation is carefully managed social engineering when one kind of behavior encouraged and another punished.

    Actually there is very good explanation of that kind of social engendering. One need not dive into so far back in time as ancient China. I talking about Isaac Asimov series “Foundation” and his famous new science “Psychohistory.

    There ate 2 axioms in Psychohistory

    1 that the population whose behavior was modeled should be sufficiently large

    2 that the population should remain in ignorance of the results of the application of psychohistorical analyses because if it is aware, the group changes its behavior.

    Second axiom is most important. When people saying about “wokeness” , “virtue signing” etc they actually help “psyhohistory engineers” keep second axiom true

    Also that current obsession with “Big Data” could be explained by fact that the more data you collect on population the more correct “psyhohiostory models” could be created.

    So one way to fight psyhostory is to make general population aware of existing social engineering.

    Second way is to provide as little personal data to the system as possible.

    Also to understand who are specifically behind such a nefarious activities it would be useful to read at least briefly book “Culture of Critique”

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      The real cause of Western decline was Ancient Rome’s insouciant importation of the Jews’ proletarian movement , Christianity.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Totally right. And the categorical, compartmented, reference of construct taxonomy which is projected upon Reality in arbitrary and abstract fashion, closed end logic circular reasoning, and meaningless intellectual reasoning. Almost the entire range of German philosophy is useless and hermetic.

        What could have, and can, save The West is the incorporation of Eastern Religions, analogous and parallel thinking and reasoning, and more specifically, the teachings of The Buddha.

        Western Man is spiritually hollow, a bereft being gasping for life affirming meaning and stability.


        “From a Buddhist perspective happiness and joy do not depend on outer conditions, which change constantly, but on the experiencer of all phenomena — mind itself.”
        -Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddha and Love

        “Lasting values in an impermanent world

        If we really pay attention, we can see that everything in the outside world is changing. Quickly like a candle flame or slowly like a mountain, even the most “solid” things change. They have no truly permanent essence.

        Our inner world of thoughts and feelings is in the same state of constant change. The more we realize how everything is impermanent and dependent on many conditions, the healthier a perspective we can keep on our lives, our relationships, possessions, and values — focusing on what truly matters.

        If everything comes and goes, is there anything that stays? According to Buddhism, the only thing that is always present is the awareness in which all these experiences and phenomena appear. This awareness is not only timeless but also inherently joyful.

        To recognize this timeless awareness here and now means to become enlightened, and it is the ultimate goal of Buddhism.”

        “Karma: What goes around, comes around

        Buddhism inspires us to take responsibility for our own lives, without moralizing, by understanding cause and effect (karma). Just like gravity, the law of karma functions, everywhere and all the time.

        Buddha explained in great detail how we shape our future through our thoughts, words and actions. What we do now accumulates good or bad impressions in our mind. Knowing this gives us great freedom and puts us back in control of our lives. Karma is not fate. We can choose not to do harmful actions, and thus avoid creating the causes of future suffering. To sow the the seeds for good results, we engage in positive actions.”

        By and from Buddhism, Shintoism, and other phiiosophical and religious traditions and practices, can Western Man penetrate the veils of deception and self induced illusion. Inclusive with this path of redemption and salvation is the practice of Falun Gong and the thoughts and ideas of Carl Gustav Jung.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:


          With over 540 million followers, it is the only “religion” that is growing, besides Islam. Christianity is four flat tires. Self imploding, fatally flawed and deficient. Even a capsule and summary view would leave an interstellar observer, when queried, to rate it as useless, toxic, weak, and shabby-a moth eaten, wormed out hologram.

          We will never be able to see things as they are until our Inner Consciousness is aligned and functioning properly.

          The Eight-Fold Path is the fourth of the Four Noble Truths – the first of the Buddha’s teachings. All the teachings flow from this foundation.

          The Four Noble Truths are

          1. The Noble Truth of the reality of Dukkha as part of conditioned existence. Dukkha is a multi-faceted word. Its literal meaning is “that which is difficult to bear”. It can mean suffering, stress, pain, anguish, affliction or unsatisfactoriness. Each of the English words is either too strong or too weak in their meaning to be a universally successful translation. Dukkha can be gross or very subtle. From extreme physical and mental pain and torment to subtle inner conflicts and existential malaise.

          2. The Noble Truth that Dukkha has a causal arising. This cause is defined as grasping and clinging or aversion. On one hand it is trying to control anything and everything by grabbing onto or trying to pin them down, On the other hand it is control by pushing away or pushing down and running away or flinching away from things. It is the process of identification through which we try to make internal and external things and experiences into “me and mine” or wholly ‘”other” than Me. This flies in the face of the three signs of existence – Anicca, Dukkha. Anatta – Impermanence. Stress or Suffering and No-Self. Because all conditioned existence is impermanent it gives rise to Dukkha, and this means that in conditioned existence there is no unchanging and permanent Self. There is nothing to grasp onto and also in reality, nothing or no ‘one’ to do the grasping! We grab onto or try to push away ever changing dynamic processes. These attempts to control, limit us to little definitions of who we are.

          3. The Noble Truth of the end of Dukkha, which is Nirvana or Nibbana. Beyond grasping and control and conditional existence is Nirvana. “The mind like fire unbound.” The realisation of Nirvana is supreme Bodhi or Awakening. It is waking up to the true nature of reality. It is waking up to our true nature. Buddha Nature. The Pali Canon of Theravada, the foundational Buddhist teachings, says little about Nirvana, using terms like the Unconditioned the Deathless, and the Unborn. Mahayana teachings speak more about the qualities of Nirvana and use terms like, True Nature, Original Mind, Infinite light and Infinite life. Beyond space and time. Nirvana defies definition.

          Nirvana literally means “unbound’ as in “Mind like fire unbound”. This beautiful image is of a flame burning by itself. Just the flame, not something burning and giving off a flame. Picture a flame burning on a wick or stick, it seems to hover around or just above the thing burning. The flame seems to be independent of the thing burning but it clings to the stick and is bound to it. This sense of the flame being unbound has often been misunderstood to mean the flame is extinguished or blown out. This is completely opposite to the meaning of the symbol. The flame “burns” and gives light but is no longer bound to any combustible material. The flame is not blown out – the clinging and the clung to is extinguished. The flame of our true nature, which is awakening, burns independently. Ultimately Nirvana is beyond conception and intellectual understanding. Full understanding only comes through direct experience of this “state’ which is beyond the limitations and definitions of space and time.

          4. The Noble Truth of the Path that leads to Awakening. The path is a paradox. It is a conditioned thing that is said to help you to the unconditioned. Awakening is not “made” by anything: it is not a product of anything including the Buddha’s teachings. Awakening, your true nature is already always present. We are just not awake to this reality. Clinging to limitation, and attempts to control the ceaseless flow of phenomena and process obscures our true nature.

          The path is a process to help you remove or move beyond the conditioned responses that obscure your true nature. In this sense the Path is ultimately about unlearning rather than learning – another paradox. We learn so we can unlearn and uncover. The Buddha called his teaching a Raft. To cross a turbulent river we may need to build a raft. When built, we single-mindedly and with great energy make our way across. Once across we don’t need to cart the raft around with us. In other words don’t cling to anything including the teachings. However, make sure you use them before you let them go. It’s no use knowing everything about the raft and not getting on. The teachings are tools not dogma. The teachings are Upaya, which means skillful means or expedient method. It is fingers pointing at the moon – don’t confuse the finger for the moon.

          The Path

          1. * Samma-Ditthi — Complete or Perfect Vision, also translated as right view or understanding. Vision of the nature of reality and the path of transformation.

          2. Samma-Sankappa — Perfected Emotion or Aspiration, also translated as right thought or attitude. Liberating emotional intelligence in your life and acting from love and compassion. An informed heart and feeling mind that are free to practice letting go.

          3. Samma-Vaca — Perfected or whole Speech. Also called right speech. Clear, truthful, uplifting and non-harmful communication.

          4. Samma-Kammanta — Integral Action. Also called right action. An ethical foundation for life based on the principle of non-exploitation of oneself and others. The five precepts.

          5. Samma-Ajiva — Proper Livelihood. Also called right livelihood. This is a livelihood based on correct action the ethical principal of non-exploitation. The basis of an Ideal society.

          6. Samma-Vayama — Complete or Full Effort, Energy or Vitality. Also called right effort or diligence. Consciously directing our life energy to the transformative path of creative and healing action that fosters wholeness. Conscious evolution.

          7. Samma-Sati — Complete or Thorough Awareness. Also called “right mindfulness”. Developing awareness, “if you hold yourself dear watch yourself well”. Levels of Awareness and mindfulness – of things, oneself, feelings, thought, people and Reality.

          8. Samma-Samadhi — Full, Integral or Holistic Samadhi. This is often translated as concentration, meditation, absorption or one-pointedness of mind. None of these translations is adequate. Samadhi literally means to be fixed, absorbed in or established at one point, thus the first level of meaning is concentration when the mind is fixed on a single object. The second level of meaning goes further and represents the establishment, not just of the mind, but also of the whole being in various levels or modes of consciousness and awareness. This is Samadhi in the sense of enlightenment or Buddhahood.

          * The word Samma means ‘proper’, ‘whole’, ‘thorough’, ‘integral’, ‘complete’, and ‘perfect’ – related to English ‘summit’ – It does not necessarily mean ‘right’, as opposed to ‘wrong’. However it is often translated as “right” which can send a less than accurate message. For instance the opposite of ‘Right Awareness’ is not necessarily ‘Wrong Awareness’. It may simply be incomplete. Use of the word ‘right’ may make for a neat or consistent list of qualities in translations. The down side is that it can give the impression that the Path is a narrow and moralistic approach to the spiritual life. I use variant interpretations so you consider the depth of meanings. What do these things mean in your life right now?

          Sounds interesting, yes? Well, be assured that the Hasbarah, Jewish and Israeli misconduct, et al. can not and would not have occurred against the Indo-European within the practice of Buddhism. It is impervious. Reason and reverse analyze this for yourselves.

          • David Schmitt
            David Schmitt says:

            Dear Poupon M., There is undoubtedly wisdom that can be extracted from your account of Buddhism. (I suspect that you may contradict my selection of the word “extract.”) Indeed, usurious outsiders–so far at least–might have a more difficult time of conquering a people so devoted, really devoted, to Buddhism. Nonetheless, I will make my claim, as I implicitly do elsewhere in this comment section, that the fullness of Christianity–which includes its contemplative ends–is more than adequate in embodying and transmitting the very same wisdom, and more. It is true that the linearity and the logical framework of Christianity makes it vulnerable to certain types of temporary capture—as we have witnessed with growing clarity. Obviously from my optimistic statements, I believes its capture is temporary, and that the attempted conquest by others will fail, and that its triumph is assured. Too little attention has been paid within Christendom to its own contemplative and mystical ends. Part of the confusion results from the wrong and popular prejudice that beginnings and ends are unimportant, like the first and the last day of an academic class. These are events and things to be skipped, as the thinking of the unserious person goes. In contrast, when the well-formed Christian talks of “ends,” it should be understood that this is end is a a vivfying, contemplative reality which is–in fact–a source and a beginning–if you will permit me to engage in some apparently-paradoxical expression that should not be unfamiliar to the Buddhist. The “end” is the ‘final cause’.

            As a case in point, Thomas Merton sought a basis of communication between Oriental and Occidental modes of contemplation—and may have suffered/enjoyed the ultimate price for this at the hands of the CIA. So, you see, nothing is more the culmination and perfection of of ‘act’ than contemplation. Perhaps the most worldy-active organization (in a dubious way) recognized this, and in their mode of frenzied, busy-ness version of action, quite possibly put Merton to an end (their version of an ‘end’). At least this was the thesis of the book by Hugh Turley & David Martin, ‘The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton’.

            Thus, real contemplation is real power—and worldly actors recognize what the merely tepid mind misses, much as the Gerasene demoniac recognized Jesus—and hates and fears what it recognizes. In the case of contemplation, the world will dismiss it, then ridicule it, and then they will attempt to kill those who appreciate it. Sometimes they succeed.

            Properly appreciated, contemplation will serve as a mighty wall around the “city” of our people; properly practiced will be as fearome to the enemies as any Teutonic sword.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Insouciance? Doubtless to some, then, the chronicling of only ten great persecutions of Christians over the course of 260 years marks the Roman ruling class out as a collection of layabouts and shirkers.

        What a comfort it must be to have Blaming the Cross as a fallback for all seasons!

  11. bruno
    bruno says:

    Thank you Dr. Joyce,

    This was a great way to start off the day. I’ll share it with some of my relatives and friends. You deserve credit and I hold you in high esteem.

  12. 9593
    9593 says:

    But of course, you refer to “virtue signalling”, “holier than thou”. Useful in politics to put into the non-incumbent candidate’s platform some twaddle about eliminating racism in the district – to lay down an inference that the present administration is racist. Then the present administration has to solemnly declare that it too is opposed to racism – which sounds defensive. So then the campaign is “off to the races”, with innuendos to appear in the opinion section of the local shopping news.

  13. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” This is a threat to the authentic moral system—a system which derives its morality from tradition and identity.”

    The Western Christian world has expended too much time , effort , and other valuable resources on “morality” concerns and not enough on the goal/purpose of a moral system/code .

    The Christian presumption is that moral perfection ( ie. perfect human behavior ) is the only virtual guarantee of immortality , if it is granted by God on The Judgement Day , after you have been dead for at least a few days .

    Amazingly , no religion other than the new one of

    {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

    has ever indiscriminately and overtly addressed the question of

    ” Why would you want to live forever ? ”

    The answer obviously , for those whom are knowledgeable about the will to survive and true/sincere/actual/real human motivations , is

    to have FUN — forever

    which is defined by most normal people , of this world , to mean
    enjoyments/pleasures/happiness/satisfactions/thrills .

    Clearly , any moral code/system that is not designed for achieving the ultimate goal of human life — FUN — is not worth it ; unless the morality is relevant to a less than ultimate prior goal pertaining to the ultimate one . In particular , employment that supports the improvement or maintenance of a high standard of living , for self and others , would be a salient example of a worthy and relevant prior goal for achieving the ultimate Human purpose of life — to have FUN .

    Obviously , competing against other groups of people for resources needed to have FUN is often a very hazardous activity that Westernworld White Christians are not currently very successful at doing in view of the huge transfers , by the despotic global oligarchy , of their wealth/resources to China .

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Hi Moneytalks. You raise a very important issue about ultimate ends. Yours is basically the 72-Virgin model of heaven held by the Islamicists. One must give them credit for the worldly shrewdness promising the view that would appeal to lots of struggling, downtrodden men worldwide—including Westerners. The more crass, gaudy version in American secular society is the Pink-Cadillac/FUN vision of Paradise—like a perpetual Caribbean cruise or trip to Las Vegas with unlimited gambling tokens, on-the-house food, flashing lights and other delights.

      Near the very end of a recent podcast that I hosted with guests, E. Michael Jones, Brian McCall and Tim Kelly, here:


      I raise the concept of this-life contemplation as a curative for our present social ills.
      The benefit of a widespread re-appreciation of contemplation in the here-and-now will not only redound in enormous benefits for our social order, but it will also provide a foretaste of the mystical union–viz., the beatific vision–as is the inferable joy that characterizes heaven. At least so argued St. Toma Aquinas. No pink Cadillac necessary, even with 72 virgins in the back seat. The nice thing about temporal contemplation is that it is a bit of the Eschaton that can be taken part in by man on earth, all men if they desire it, and not only by cloistered monks. It is not a crude, hasty, SJW-mode of immanentizing the Eschaton, but rather a patient way in collaboration with divine providence.

      It is these competing views of the ends towards which we can potentially direct our lives that makes for a core struggle of the kingdom of this world versus that of the divine kingdom. St. Augustine wrote about it. This is the historical conflict between, as he called it, the city of man and the city of God. Having “FUN” as an end, even it it is in the afterlife, produces a different effect on the spirit, intellect, soul and manifested actions than if one were to aim for the type of elevated love–first of God and second of neighbor–that flows from a life directed toward contemplation this side of eternity. There is no dopamine kick in the beatific vision or in the placid joy that derives from contemplation—no, the joy is much greater.

      I know of the variations of the Gibbons-Nietzsche-Atwill-neopagan critique that Christianity is an imported/invasive Trojan Horse that destroyed Europe, and more specifically that it destroyed our sense of identity and will for self-preservation.

      If that is the case, then I do not know what happened in my case. But before I proceed with my last thought, I just want to say that even if Christianity inserted by happenstance, or was even design, a type of lethal toxin into European man—it appears that Europe and the Church had long periods in the evolutionarily-coevolved condition whereby they rejected undermining of their identity. This is a counterfactual point to the criticism of the “corrupted European culture.” But okay, let’s accept the diagnosis or the charge for the moment and for the sake of the argument. Even more, there is some merit to the critique in that Europeans were softened up in some ways where they left themselve vulnerable to subversion.

      Returning to my intended main point, in my case, I did not let my sense of the offering of universal salvation–nor the notion of a universal respect for human dignity–dismantle my well-hardened, conceptual fortress of nested castle walls of prioritized loyalties and responsibilities of Europeans for their own family, kin, neighbor and nation in those progressions—all wrpped up in functional, dynamic and communicative borders to protect the laws and the neuroculture typical of an ethnic people. In some manner, the system of Christian state serves the identity and preservation of the ethnos, they do not dissolve it. To the degree that this is a true view, it would be true and advisable for any state wishing to be Christian, or simply wishing to find the most excellent and enduring way. There is no inherent competition here, but rather the potential for organic intermutual cooperativity between states—if they are left unmolested by outside subversives.

      The intrusion of false ideologies into European secular society, and simultaneously the Church, are the poisons that divorced European identity from the political, social and cultural life of Europeans. It was done to us as much as we let it happen.

      The Church launched many a campaign of European self-defense. These active responses were the outflowing (of course, in the messy and sometimes contradictory ways that mature students of history understand and forgive) of a religious identity that had at its core, contemplation—even if not a few of the Crusaders had a few glimmerings of “pink Cadillacs (sort of)” in mind as a far-off vision.

      And some how, even if a salutary reinvigoration of contemplation were to permeate even active Christian, European life and a re-ordered and revivified European culture, I am quite convinced that there will be found many opportunities to go cruising up and down main streets in pink Cadillacs for those so inclined.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        I get the impression that you are not very familiar with the fundamental essence of

        {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} .

        Regardless , you broach a multitude of issues in your reply above . I will only at this time comment on the chronologicly first issue .

        You noted , in the first paragraph of your reply above , the Islamic FUN , of 72 heavenly virgins , that awaits Muslim warriors after they are killed/die in combat at the behest of Allah the Islamic God .

        The FUN alluded to in my above comment is broadly defined therein by that given list of synonyms


        which , to be clear about this issue , is not exhaustive and can be all at the same time , any one , or any combination of those synonyms just to give you the gist of the meaning ; and it refers to goals/purposes of normal Humanity in this world and in this life ; and emphaticly is not about empirically unverifiable experiences in any afterlife that may be presumed to exist .

        • David Schmitt
          David Schmitt says:

          @Moneytalks, it is not at all clear to me how you draw the conclusion that you do here:
          “I get the impression that you are not very familiar with the fundamental essence of
          {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}.”

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            It was only a comment on a cursory impression and not a logical analysis . However , it was most likely instigated by your comment that __

            ” Yours is basically the 72-Virgin model of heaven held by the Islamicists.”

            How did you arrive at that “conclusion” ?

  14. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    Confucius and Western man leave out of the moral question a major factor that makes it all but impossible to overcome the present attack on our civilization.

    That factor is woman.

    The virtue of woman is to be a good mother and wife. All else is not only superfluous, but lethal.

    Show a photo of a small child lying dead on the beach:
    Men’s reaction, “Where’s that kids father? He needs to be horse whipped for allowing his son to be killed.”
    Women’s reaction, “Oh that’s terrible. We need to allow all refuges into our country.”

  15. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    For the white beta male of the Wi Spa notoriety who is quoted saying ‘ females could have a penis’, I say this to you, and be true to your statement: “Remove your penis and now assert the following Males can have vaginas”.
    The gallery player hasn’t got the cojones to remove his ‘manhood’!

  16. Mulder/Spraguer/Droevig/Haas/Imas
    Mulder/Spraguer/Droevig/Haas/Imas says:

    This is really Joyce at his absolute best.
    Some of his articles grate on me, but this piece is simply top-notch.
    You could peruse the internet for a decade and not come across an article as thoroughly engrossing, thoughtful, and well-written as this one. It is just unbelievably well rounded.
    I read Confucius’s Analects in my teens, and I enjoyed the read.
    This article is a brilliant exposition of Confucian thought, and an even more brilliant application of Confucian thought to contemporary Western maladies, indeed the chief contemporary Western malady: anti-racism.
    As this article makes plain, so-called “anti-racism” is not only not high morality, it is an unmistakable symbol of virtuelessness.
    The most depraved parasites amongst us are anti-racism’s most zealous adherents and promoters.

  17. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    The real cause of Western decline was Ancient Rome’s insouciant importation of the Jews’ proletarian movement , Christianity.

    This is equally manifestly true and painful for many people to accept. The fallacy lies in the axiom that Christianity is inseparable from Western Civilization-going forward.

    We are a prison of our Western Heritage’s intellectual conceptual framework and structure. It provides depth but lacks sufficient breadth, as found in the Eastern religions, most notably Buddhism.

    ““From a Buddhist perspective happiness and joy do not depend on outer conditions, which change constantly, but on the experiencer of all phenomena — mind itself.”
    Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddha and Love”

    I would like to see more discussion regarding Christianity’s limitations and shortcomings, from a practical point of view. And a general contrast with Eastern Religions. Western Man fails himself and will continue to do so from the paucity of spiritual, conceptual, and cognitive tools that are his inheritance.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Chuck christianity for another creed that hates life? WHY?

      I don’t believe in Samsara, the cycle of birth and death; but I believe that anyone who’d trade life for Nirvana, no qualities and therefore no existence, is a weakling unequal to finding this Existence miraculous and beautiful, as our Pagan ancestors tended to do.

      THEY presumably would’ve welcomed an endless series of births….

      Christianity and Buddhism–BOTH are natural psychological refuges for losers.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” happiness and joy do not depend on outer conditions “…

      If your assertion is true , then
      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}
      is at loggerheads with Buddhism since genuine scientific empiricism overwhelmingly [ proves ] that ” happiness and joy ” is unequivocally affected by “outer conditions”. In particular , only an insane person would be happy about being nailed to a crucifix for three days until dead ; where crucifixion is clearly an outer condition .

  18. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    If it is whites without identity who are most susceptible to becoming white anti-racists/thieves of virtue, then the Jewish tactic of destroying a sense of ethnic identity among whites is doubly effective and our task of awakening/instilling a sense of ethnic identity among our people is even more imperative. I begin to see why Ezra Pound was such an admirer of Confucius.

  19. TJ
    TJ says:

    The world has but one problem- fake money. The final battle will be fought over this matter.

    There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. ― John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      [ Fiat money ] / ( “fake money” ) is not humanity’s one problem per se .

      The problem is the money monopolist ( ie. the chosenhite jewmasterss whom are also globalist banksters ) failure to properly regulate the fiat money system ( yes it is possible ) for the net ultimate benefit of humanity instead of just their exclusive ultimate synagogue of satan monopolistic self-interests .

      There of course is the prior problem of net Christian inability to comprehend the fundamental dysfunction of allowing their chosenhite jewmasterss to monopolize the public money system .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Money is of the market, not government. Aristotle erred here.

        It’s possible to regulate fiat? So far all fiats have disappeared. . .that attempt would be simply more of the statism that wrecked the last century, up to now.

        >>>Defenders of fiat currency schemes claim that they promote stable prices and moderate economic volatility. In fact, the opposite is true. Fiat currencies not only destabilize economies but undermine the moral basis of society. Without exception, in every historical case when a currency has been de-coupled from the objective world, i.e., from commodity money, the result has been disaster. Fiat currency schemes guarantee unending monetary and resulting economic, social and political chaos marked by brief periods of calm between inevitable abuses, bubbles and collapses.<<<


        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Please note as a preliminary remark , for whatever it may be worth , that my decades of casual research in the domains of money/finance/economics revealed those subjects to be the most confused/conflated/conflicted/camouflaged/obfuscated/misinformed/disinformed/malinformed/deceptive/controversial and typically more unintelligible than any subject domains other than ones pertaining to religious matters , political affairs , internal military affairs , or covert intel agency operations .

          The following are just two brief comments on issues out of innumerably many controversies about money/finance/economics .

          You noted in your comment above __

          ” Fiat currency schemes guarantee unending monetary and resulting economic, social and political chaos marked by brief periods of calm between inevitable abuses, bubbles and collapses.”

          Superb observation . However , let us be clear about the deception that __

          ” Fiat currency schemes guarantee “…

          no such thing .

          It is the executors/creators/owners , of the fiat schemes , whom guarantee the dastardly results as noted in your comment .

          From your linked essay __

          ” Without exception, in every historical case when a currency has been de-coupled from the objective world, i.e., from commodity money, the result has been disaster. ”

          Another superb observation . However , again let us be clear about this . Fiat money systems do not need to be de-coupled from economic reality .

          Ruling globalist bankers are in possession of both the technologies and the knowledge to sustain economicly healthy fiat systems as long as they desire to do so . Those bankers either lack the intelligence needed to properly apply the existing technologies and knowledge to avoid cruel economic results or they simply refuse to constrain their selfish/greedy interests in order to avoid cruel economic results for the herd .

          If there ever was a self-fulfilling prophecy it would be this one __

          “” For the love of money is the root of all evil :””

          ( verbatim quote from :
          The Christian NT / KJV / I Timothy / 6 : 10 ) .

          Thanks for the link .

  20. Old School Counselor
    Old School Counselor says:

    What we believe:

    Traditional understandings of human functioning that are based on natural laws, science, and common sense have endured centuries because they are true. Adhering to natural laws and traditional understandings are good for people. Being in alignment with true things tends to make people healthy and happy. Thus, psychotherapists should base their diagnoses and their interventions on what is true and real, not on the faddish wish lists of cultural anarchists who are hell-bent on deconstructing everything normal about traditional societies in order to create their anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-male utopias.

    In brief, we are caring and thoughtful talk therapists who love all people, AND
    We do not believe “whiteness” is an illness. We like it.
    While we recognize the existence of racism, we believe differential social outcomes are largely the result of human bio-diversity, not discrimination.
    We resist and treat white guilt neurosis.
    We believe ethnic pride for all peoples is a normal attitude.
    We do not believe masculinity is toxic.
    We laud the accomplishments of all people, including excellent white men.
    We believe the research. White, working class men and women are struggling because they are the real victims of systematic oppression.
    We help everyone thrive, but we have a special focus on the white working class.
    We believe men and women are biologically different.
    We believe men and woman have different types of power.
    We promote healthy femininity and healthy masculinity.
    We promote heterosexism as the normal ideal for human beings.
    We promote heterosexual marriage as the healthy ideal in western countries.
    We do not believe all family forms are healthy. Some are dysfunctional.
    We believe people can adopt cosmetic or surgically altered gender expressions, but sex identification is a binary/biological permanent reality.
    We believe there are miniscule numbers of intersex or sex-discordant people in the natural world. Most people recover from transient Gender Dysphoria.
    We believe human sexuality is complicated and deserves thoughtful treatment that is unencumbered by socio-political contamination.
    We believe sexual orientation is fluid for some people.
    We do not practice conversion therapy.
    We practice watchful waiting, compassionate companioning, family therapy, and treatment of comorbidities for gender orientation/questioning/dysphoric individuals. We believe other medical or psychological treatments may be harmful.
    We do not believe all sexual expressions and sexual behaviors are healthy.
    We promote sexual behaviors that lead to healthy communities.
    We believe in justice, not social justice.
    We believe good psychotherapy builds rather than destroys civilizations.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We believe good psychotherapy builds rather than destroys civilizations.”

      Wonderful . However , please note the only civilization worth building is one that is fundamentally based on

      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

      for Humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond any

      guaranteed and specified future

      {{ TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      since any other kind of human civilization is

      Guaranteed DOOMED to ultimately/eventually become extinct ;
      unless you believe there is a sufficiently powerful diety whom has predetermined that humanity will survive forever no matter what any single person or group of people does or does not do ( In that case , the wisdom of the renown Carl Sagan would apply — fantastic claims require fantastic evidence … except for pious people which are abundant in this world ) .

  21. E.
    E. says:

    Dr. Joyce, congratulations on this most excellent identitarian essay. Only identitarians have integrity. The normie “thieves of virtue” are ignorantly mimicking the programme scripts set down by the hostile elites. If the billionairs, oligarchs, and elites took a 180 and tomorrow said immigration is a bad idea, then tomorrow the woke Europeans would say that, “uum, ah, …. immigration is a bad idea, because….”

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