What Was the Trump Presidency Actually All About?

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” George Orwell, Preface to Animal Farm (1946)

“By understanding the world, I mean being equal to the world. It is the hard reality of living that is the essential, not the concept of life, that the philosophy of idealism propounds. Those who refuse to be bluffed by enunciations will not regard this as pessimism.”  Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West

I liked President Trump.  He has many admirable qualities, perhaps most especially in his impatience for “Beltway” politics, and his private sector experience in contracts and general business orientation that he brought to bear on trade deals.  His patriotism seemed genuine, and his energy was extraordinary.  He had a generally smart, if self-serving team around him, and the majority of the electorate backed him.  His ratings were competitive, and his policies were pro-business and pro-family.  His posture on constitutional rights including free speech, was aggressive.  He made the American public more aware of government waste, and rightly attacked the bias if not active treachery of the major media in its fabrication of narratives, and its extreme ideological prejudice for what amounts to a cult of Marxist-socialist agendas across numerous public policies including education, health care provisioning, wealth redistribution, and class division.

But there is also something not quite right with his overall presidency: if the Left wanted a perfect antagonist; if you wanted someone to be the red flag that is waved in front of the Liberal bull, Donald Trump fit that role perfectly.  I want to be wrong, and maybe I am.  But something doesn’t look right after all the dust has settled.  With his tough language on immigration, his sprayed blond hair, facial make-up and signature long red tie, he was almost custom-designed to produce antagonism combined with invidious caricature, even among his traditional allies in Conservatism, Inc., while serving as a convenient poster boy of “White Supremacy”—along with the laughably contrived horned and helmeted bare-chested “Viking” who has been continuously broadcast as the symbol of “White Insurrection” at the Capital.  If the Left needed an exaggerated enemy in order to create a rallying symbol (and swing the swing voters and RINOs), then Trump was perfectly designed, almost out of a PSYOPS manual.







White terrorist at the Capital; White Supremacist at the White House: Hollywood Picture-Perfect?

More than this, however, is the constellation of special interest actions that were sponsored under his administration, or carried out directly by it.  For example, pro-Israel interests were always front and center in his bombast and priorities.  Indeed, his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner and his Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin (son of Goldman Sachs partner, Robert Mnuchin) appeared to spend more time in Israel on the re-location of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and on military aid and investments, than on strictly American domestic financial priorities.  Israeli PM Netanyahu was nearly a regular guest at the White House while the notorious Anthony Fauci somehow avoided Trump’s wrath of “you’re fired,” a fate that he surely otherwise deserved.

Trump and Sheldon Adelson

And then there’s Trump’s eager digestion of the entire Covid program, hook, line, and sinker, including his “emergency” evacuation from the White House on board Marine One with the First Lady, and his encampment at Walter Reed Hospital. This was followed by his intensified commitment to his “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine production and distribution program carried out by his pharmaceutical executive friends, surrounded by military Generals on the White House lawn in an unprecedented act of medical authoritarianism. All this points to a president completely under the influence and direction of the same actors currently running Biden in the Covid program.

Trump and Netanyahu: One and the same?

Since when do military generals run pharma programs?

Moreover, it was under Donald Trump, in the last period of his presidency, that, like all administrations before him, executed a “raid” on the U.S. Treasury: this one of a magnitude that would even make the Bush II “mortgage crisis” raid look like small potatoes and his team blush with envy: $4 Trillion dollars suddenly gone, with no financial accounting, no formal distribution records made public, and the Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin, quietly disappearing back into the life of the rich and famous.

Was Trump merely in it like another casino project, with this one at the White House, with near sure odds of a windfall?  Was the American public played by a dealer with weighted dice?  I think that conclusion may look increasingly unavoidable.

Miller and Kushner

The 2020 election looked almost too easy a win for the DNC.  The Trump White House, with the full intelligence apparatus at its disposal, including a systematic network of influential organizations, was fully aware of, extensively briefed on, and regularly warned from numerous quarters about what the DNC was doing at the state level with election law fraud, managed by the “Political Law” department of the Perkins Coie law firm. And how many of his team were Never Trumpers at heart or of the other party? Perhaps more obvious was the immediate post-election roll-out of a very “B-Team,” ad-hoc assemblage of lawyers, such as Rudy Giuliani, surrounded by fresh-faced young lawyers, declaring on the streets of New York, in front of a makeshift banner and post-election TV set, that voting “irregularities” occurred. Where was the “A-Team” of senior, suit-and-tie, Yale, Harvard and Chicago lawyers such as Jay Sekulow who represented the President at the “impeachment” trial?  Suddenly, the Big Guns and Establishment law firms were nowhere to be found; completely silent and “missing-in-action.”

There are a number of possibilities as to why this was so.  In my estimation they range from the routine, such as possible conflicts of interest with other clients (state government, or private entities, or even the courts themselves). However, it seems more likely that it stemmed from a reluctance to advocate for voter fraud when evidence standards would have to be fully met by extensive investigation; this, combined with the risk of criminal allegations against themselves, may not have been their “cup of tea.”  Such advocacy takes a particular kind of aggressive lawyering and a willingness to accept reputational risk and even threats of sanction against their professional licensing.  Of course, lawyers are notorious for risk aversion (that is largely how they are taught in law schools, and how they are controlled under the ABA.  For example, new ABA rules under Section 8.1 that address admission and sanction, now include language that guides purported racial discrimination language.  The election voter fraud was framed not only by the covid pretext, but also as a “protection” for minorities under the 14th Amendment—minorities were deemed less capable of participating under conventional vote rules (such as going to a voting booth). The corporate law firms otherwise representing Trump in an impeachment hearing may have perceived risk of triggering sanction under that rule.  Ultimately however I believe it was a combination of self-protection, influence, intimidation, and protecting their law firm practice in the larger Beltway. There certainly was pressure on these firms to pull out, including public protests against law firms and a campaign by the well-funded Lincoln Project (composed of anti-Trump Republicans) to pressure the law firms), but their pulling out could have been partly because they felt there wasn’t enough evidence.

Combined with what many feel was also a betrayal at the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C. (“go home”) and the obvious pre-planned riot and Capital raid that could have easily been prevented by National Guard orders from the White House, the final weeks of the Trump administration look like a “pre-packaged” bankruptcy; that is, it had the appearance of a real estate deal where the project is put into a ready-made exit package. The Trump White House looked like it was following a pre-planned exit script, a get-out-of-town routine that was arranged far in advance, with just the right amount of feigned regret and anger.







Trump at his Casino; Secretary Mnuchin and wife at the U.S. Casino?

Either that, or his entire team was so disorganized and undisciplined that it was all due to managerial incompetence.  That I find hard to accept because he was surrounded by “street-smart” advisors and backers who knew how to play the game, and surely were aware of DNC operations to adulterate voting procedures in swing states.  He put up no real fight; he never used his extensive executive authority including his authority as Commander-in-Chief, and instead used his B- and C-team of random lawyers to throw law suits around to entertain the public with false hopes and his enemies with gloating victory. He held random TV interviews, inserted terms like “kraken” into the public consciousness, and even invited the “pillow king” Mike Lindell, to the White House for a very public meeting complete with flashing cameras and  “private notes” that were scribbled with “election theft” and other assurances signaled to the Trump base.







Giuliani at election “press conference”; Sekulow at Senate impeachment trial

But was this all real, or surreal?  Incredible stupidity, or a card trick?   A show was put on; the act played out; the audience entertained and distracted, and then the curtain closed, the actors leaving via the backstage doors to awaiting helicopters and jets, suitcases of cash in hand, the military dutifully protecting its own turf and paychecks, and the new heist team from the Left quickly and quietly sworn in, merely trading places with Trump and his crew, for their turn at the roulette wheel, fully fleecing the American public all over again. Perhaps this is overly cynical, but the patterns of behavior, means and motivations, suggest that the entire game was rigged.







Competition or Continuity?

Was Trump too trusting, or just following instructions?

In January, 1776, Thomas Paine wrote the first direct “insurrection” pamphlet in America, “Common Sense,” calling on the public itself, and bypassing the political elites who tried to have it both ways with change and tradition, to instead rally and organize for their liberties and independence against England, and the King: to finally call England’s bluff and show the King with no clothes.   In many ways we face the same juncture in 2021, with a presumptuous if sociopathic political elite that fancies themselves capable of directing and controlling the entire U.S. economy from Washington, as if by Monarchical decree (what are “Executive Orders,” really?).  The new domestic war on terror has been declared: how much more of an obvious assault will be tolerated before the King is overthrown (who the actual King is, is a topic for further discussion)?

All on the same plantation?  The Washington Two-Step

All in the family

On the anniversary of 9-11, it is also noteworthy that, despite numerous threats to declassify government intelligence, not one word of doubt or one official investigative probe was ever directed at what remains one of America’s greatest “unsolved mysteries.”

Larry Silverstein received nearly $5 Billion from the WTC insurance claim: still no official answers

The U.S. presidency is an office that has long been captured by special interests: the prize is too big, the power too unlimited, the wealth too alluring, and the ability to steer American assets, including its prized military, too irresistible.  In his often-overlooked publication, Considerations on Representative Government, John Stuart Mill outlined a theory of government that at its most fundamental and effective level consists of two primary factors: participation and competence—and stemming from this, how the successful, functional combination of these two pillars of a democratic republic, represent its constitutional ideal.  Mill argued that a theory of government requires constant observation, assessment, and evaluation of successive attempts toward this goal.  How would one evaluate recent U.S. political history in this regard?  On one hand, Trump would seem to embody at least some form of both; on the other hand, many signs indicate a larger implosion of the U.S. government that is perhaps beyond any one man to correct or resist.  In 2021 the government appears to be what the Founders clearly feared, and were at best cautiously optimistic about avoiding: a central, unified, authoritarian federal government that subsumes all genuine individuality, and with it, the disappearance of Jefferson’s vision of state, local, and especially, individual sovereignty.   Part of a solution may reside in a “corporate break-up” of Washington, D.C. into more regional, and more homogenous groupings of interests, culture and capabilities, tied to a much smaller federal government.  This is not a new idea, but it may be one that has become more urgent, as the ability to maintain a divided government with functional checks and balances is corrupted by the same factors that felled Rome: internal disarray and external invasion.

In closing, it is important to point out that what I am advancing in this essay is a scenario.  But it is also a scenario that in my judgment, represents still, only a portion of the totality of the Trump presidency.  It should be apparent that Trump’s team, many of whom were not especially qualified or were “holdovers” from the prior administration, created a difficult environment for the President to function in. And there were the GOP swamp creatures of Conservatism Inc. who were reportedly using certain individuals, including Pence, to “keep an eye” on Trump’s behavior and actions, and were quite possibly acting against his authority.  Indeed, the GOP as an institution appeared to be at best neutral toward Trump’s case of voter fraud; some members even appeared to side directly with the other party (e.g., Lindsey Graham).  Some of that may be blamed on a “deep state” ideological consolidation that works against outsiders who challenge the status quo: Washington is inherently defined by consensus, hierarchy, careerism, and institutional loyalty.

The fight has taken on a new, unprecedented dimension, however, as the DNC and its allies (including “RINOs”) have reversed many if not all Trump policies (except “vaccines”): the open border is not merely a “reversal” of Trump immigration policy, but a direct act of aggression against the security of the United States, and one that clearly is motivated in large part by racial ideology and fanaticism, especially if not exclusively, against White Americans, and to such a degree that their personal safety, security and liberties are being directly threatened under a systematic political strategy.

V.S. Solovyev previously worked in the aerospace and defense sector in McLean, Virginia

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  1. Caryl Johnston
    Caryl Johnston says:

    Incredibly brilliant and incisive article–one I have been long hoping to see. Falsehood and lies accompany every American step downward, and this one seems to be an egregious case of it. We Americans…have lost our love. Mr. Soloyvev , are you descended or related to the illustrious Vladimir Soloyvev, who wrote in his book “The Meaning of Love”–that “it is the justification and deliverance of individuality through the sacrifice of egotism.” In the book in question it was wedded love that he was writing about. But it could be applied to love–of country–today. We have seen no sacrifice of egotism, and we are losing our nation.

  2. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    Trumps role in the Jews’ grand stage play is visibly obvious to the observant. First look at the videos of Nixon during his impeachment proceedings. Then look at Cousin Billy from Arkansas during his impeachment proceedings. Finally look at Trump during his impeachment proceedings.

    Note the difference? Does Trump look worried? Do you see any sweat on his brow? Does he stumble for words? One can easily imagine Trump saying, “Hey guys, why not give me a call when come to your decision about this impeachment thing. You can reach me out here on the links where I’ll be playing a few rounds – FORE!

  3. Thad Noble
    Thad Noble says:

    Trump was a Jewish asset from day one.

    Trump was the only Gentile in his first marriage with his Jewish wife providing him with three ( Right Of Return ) Jewish children. Second wife Maples (Baptist) escaped first chance she got, while Melania (Greek Orthodox) is trapped, miserable with her poor son Baron literally locked away in a Boarding School.

    Trump is balance sheet broke with his assets so encumbered he personally owns nothing free and clear. His three older children now call all the shots they are allowed to. His “Handlers” still shake his lease when he needs to bark on command to rally the totally brainwashed gentile suckers who still think that he is genuine!

    If the Republican Party is to survive they have to totally discredit Trump and repudiate him, then shake off AIPAC and rid this country of this genocide sewage who has infested our country and government.

    Pigs will fly before that happens.

      • Thad Noble
        Thad Noble says:

        I see you totally fell for the media faux spin propaganda.

        Ivanka was married to Kushner without undergoing the required conversion process BECAUSE she is already considered Jewish under Rabbinate laws secondary to her being born to a Jewish mother just like both her brothers are.

        After a sharp eyed whistleblower outed the fact that she had never completed the MANDATORY conversion process PRIOR to the official, sanctioned marriage, because they falsely believing she was actually a Gentile.

        The media tried, unsuccessfully, to try and expose that necessary conversion myth to try and fool the public into believing that she was really a Protestant like Trump.

        That backfired immediately after it was disclosed that Ivana, who is her birth mother, is Jewish so the media story got spiked and disappeared into Davey Jones Locker.

        If the mother is a Jew so are her birthed children under Rabbinical law.

      • Brooklyn Dave
        Brooklyn Dave says:

        Let’s say Ivana was Jewish (full) or partially (maternally), Ivanka may still have had to officially convert because Jared K is part of Chabad Lubovitch (Orthodox) – even though he doesn’t sport a beard or wear a black hat. They still make them convert.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “His “Handlers” still shake his leash when he needs to bark on command to rally the totally brainwashed gentile suckers who still think that he is genuine!”

      Brilliantly put! Tragically, there are many, many Millions of these brainwashed gentile suckers.

  4. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    This afternoon, on the internet, I saw Bog Irish Joe walking along saying: ” I’ve just had my butt wiped”.
    For many years I taught Physics to mainly Iranians, Arabs and the Pashtun (the people who have just defeated the USA and their British Stooges).
    I detest Islam and Judaism which are both helped by these insane wars the insane State Dept, is always starting. The Americans are responble and justifiably hated in many parts of the World. I am glad the Afghans are free of American occupation and hope that one day soon the unwanted Americans will leave Europe. Then Europe will combine with Russia and save the White Man, perhaps.
    If you believe the NY towers were not demolished study some Physics.
    The way to defeat Islam, in my opinion, is to leave them alone,help them when asked and make them leave the West. The Glaubenjuden will will be less of a problem as the USA weakens.
    I hope Bog Irish Joe keeps his job so that, like much of the World, I can continue laughing at Joe, thoroughly modern Millie and the other one who I think must come from down in Louisiana not many miles from Texicana.
    One of my Jew uncles was a servant who used to hear the very abusive things Warburg,
    Baruch, House and other Jews, whose names I forget, used to call President Wilson, the Congress and the American people.
    They are all dead and the family would never tell me what was said. The family had to laugh later when my uncle told them what was said.
    When I am laughing at Joe, Donald and the Congress I often think of them and how they would laugh at today’s America.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      All the Irish, not just the shanty and bog-trotting subsets, have much to be ashamed of, much to atone for*—a fact of which they themselves are, by and large, well aware. They don’t, however, deserve to be centrally associated with the malfeasances of the criminal fool who is now in residence in the White House.
      * Although by no means as much as the Jews from whom you yourself descend, Mr. Harris.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The Glaubenjuden will will be less of a problem as the USA weakens.”

      Wishful thinking .

      The ILLuminati NWO plan is to destroy USA sovereignty whereby the sovereign power unleashed by the destruction will be captured by the globalist Jewish dominated oligarchy .

      The global US dollar is still the ultimate determinant of world affairs where The RCC religion does not yet have a complete global monopoly . The chosenhite jewmasterss , of the City of Satan within London England , are the de facto owners of the global dollar system whereby they have scheduled a new money system soon to be rolled out worldwide .

  5. Titus
    Titus says:

    Dr. William Luther Pierce foretold Trump would be the next republican president after Bush, more than 20 years ago, maybe go read his writings and listen to his podcasts. And then read everything from Revilo P. Oliver too.

  6. El Dragon
    El Dragon says:

    I’d nominate this analysis as an article of the year – among the numerous and thought-provoking, no small feat in my book. Years ago. I stated over and over, not too long into Trump’s presidency: “We are still dying from opioids, we are still getting censure on social media, getting fired from jobs, careers ruined, tenures lost (at the time) immigration is highest in a decade …but we have an embassy in Jerusalem and tax-breaks for the rich…why is Left still mad at Trump?” But Trump went after the black and Hispanic vote, and all but abandoned white working supporters. And the way how he threw under the bus the January 6th protesters was the last straw for me.

  7. anonym
    anonym says:

    Trump was probably honest, but unfortunately he was also an embarrassing loud mouthed, naive, sexually incontinent trust fund baby hairdo – with a giant Jewish blindspot.

    My ideal political candidate in any European country:

    white person between 50 and 70
    IQ above 130
    has had an honest job
    has raised a family
    polite, well spoken and respected

    secured borders
    immigration policy where only whites can be citizens (with a few exceptions – marriage, important skills)
    focus on agriculture and industry instead of usury, money changing and import of cheap goods.
    nationalize the central bank
    strong defence but no wars in foreign lands
    deportation of citizens who express loyalty with a foreign nation
    an adult dispassionate attitude towards meaningless debates about socialism vs. capitalism, hbtqxyz, abortion, christianity, islam and similar issues that Jews use to divide whites (none of it means much if our nations become non white anyway).

    Hit hard on issues that concern Jews (usury, exploitation, immigration, multiculturalism, exploitation of a brown underclass, foreign wars, “anti-rasism” etc etc.) that will expose their hypocracy and sanctimony – but let the Jews name themselves by calling him/her an antisemite for having sound values and opinions.

    I.e. a normal European person, with common sense, honesty, and enough life experience to know what a European state needs.
    How hard can it be find a couple of these?

  8. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    The Trump Presidency was a flailing and failing, political rearguard action against an enemy that Trump could not have identified even if he’d been sitting Shiva for his top donor , Sheldon Adelson.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Just so. Your analysis may be short on grandiosity, but it is long on observation. (Alas, Trump himself has always been long on the former and short on the latter.) If it were a poker hand, I’d play it to win against the house in any of Adelson’s casinos.

      I have said before that Trump’s besetting vice is sloth, in the form and to the extent envisioned by those who have for millennia deemed it one of the seven deadliest sins. To take one example of the literally hundreds available to long-term students of his career, in the fourth year of his presidency, Trump made an unguarded remark that indicated that he still hadn’t learned what the discretionary powers and perqs of his Cabinet department heads and their subordinates were. Yet these men and women were acting with his authority and in his name every day—and more often than not were acting contrary to Trump’s own publicly stated policies and were thus bringing shame and derision upon his name. Although dozens of senior staffers were first hired and later fired by Trump while he was president, the one most deserving of dismissal, Jared Kushner, stands unscathed. Could Trump have failed to note that his Faustian bargain with ((Satan’s children))) did not include a guarantee of a second term?

      Overall, Mr. Solovyev’s analysis provokes thought and, in places, admiration. But his failure to observe and reflect upon the essentials of Trump’s character as closely as he might have done deprives his analysis of memorability.

      • Thad Noble
        Thad Noble says:

        You have struck a match here for sure. Trump WAS expecting a second term and when the Globalists finally made the decision to limit him to one term only he was furious as a temper tantrum 2 year old.

        Kushner and his children had to hose him down with cold water to put out the flames. If you could isolate one time in Trumps life when he truly hated his Handlers it was at this moment. Then being ORDERED to help facilitate Vegetable Biden’s ascension into the Oval Office for the Chosenites probably made him scream until he was horse.

        But please notice, the Global Jewish Masters are still giggling his leash to bark on command to promote their vaccine.

  9. Kris
    Kris says:

    Judging by the comments, this article really struck a cord, and with good reason. Who could shake the feeling that something about it seemed all too contrived? One of those things you just couldn’t put your finger on, but would always feel, in many ways, so very scripted. As an aside, I feel like in more modern times you’ll see them convince a player in this game to seemingly fall on his own sword, to save both sides from rocking the boat too much. When it came to overturning ‘Obamacare’ you had John McCain, and when it comes to overcoming the filibuster you currently have Joe Manchin. Everyone plays their part to keep the whole drama moving along (and never concluding).

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      By the end of January 2017, days into his office, I realized that I had been had again. Obvious opportunities for executive, creative action were stubbornly avoided indicating–clearly–that President Trump was controlled. The vexines were the nails in the coffin for my trust in Donald Trump as they are–and will be–real nails of medical sequelae, in real coffins for many who collaborated with tyranny by their utterly cowardly, ignorant, lazy, stupid and treacherous compliance with the narrative, the restrictions and the genetic mutilation of one’s precious, biological potential for contributing to the great experiment of life.

  10. Bernie Fitz
    Bernie Fitz says:

    FTN did a deep dive on Trump and said he was a jewish asset from the start.
    Jewed by the right, jewed by the left……yeah, what difference does it make?
    I see pundits drone on and on about mass immigration being about “cheap labor,”
    but it’s not even remotely about that. It ‘s about race replacement and white genocide
    to make the jews happy.
    Take a quick look at the filth Trump hired, necons and GS alums, tells you all you need to know.

    • Thad Noble
      Thad Noble says:

      Bernie, do you REALLY think that Trump, personally, hired any of these thugs?

      Trump didn’t even know most of them and was a hired nothingburger himself. He openly omitted time after time, while he was President, that he did’t know one official after another although he was the very person who had allegedly hired them in the first place.

      His continuous outright lies were catching him right and left.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Bernie Fitz

      “I see pundits drone on and on about mass immigration being about “cheap labor,” but it’s not even remotely about that…”

      Put it this way: if it made labor costs far more expensive, they wouldn’t have subverted the ethnic status quo.

      All their agendas and multi-pronged and most involve making a motser. Of course the ultimate aim, not a mere by-product, was racial displacement and this was achieved through the long term application of numerous agendas, not all involving cheapening of labor and other forms of money making.

  11. Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams says:

    Did Trump enter the presidential race in the first place with a determined intention to win, or as a commercial publicity ploy, but was gratifyingly surprised and then encouraged by the popularity of his rhetoric? Were any quid pro quos offered along the route by Sheldon Adelson, Ari Fleischer, Rabbi Rosenberg, & Co? Like Churchill and later Powell in England, Trump in America remains a peculiar symbol of patriotism, but real people of both nations need the cake not the icing.

    • Eldragon
      Eldragon says:

      No, nobody expected him to win (probably Trump himself ), and when he did the establishment I.e. deep state did everything to take him out. I was put off by bringing his family into the Administration regardless of their ideology, and they were nowhere near the Trump’s s populism that helped him win the election.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” deep state did everything to take him out.”

        And they were successful by executing a fraudulent election . However , the truth of that assertion quoted above has not yet been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt ; since as Shakespeare famously observed more than four hundred years ago in his renown play
        [ “As You Like It” ] __

        “All the world’s a stage”

        ( Act II Scene VII ) .

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          I wonder who coined the expression “theater of war.” We know that false flags are staged. Does the same apply to war? Are all wars fake?

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Don’t know of any fake wars . However , there probably is at least some fakery involved in the events/reportage/documentation of most wars going back at least two millenia when a Roman general ( perhaps it was Cicero ) observed that people overwhelmingly tend to believe any war narrative rendered by the victors ; and thus historical propaganda or fake narratives existed at that time .

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Great question! Merriam-Webster online dates the first use of the term in English—i.e., in the sense of a largely independent scene of action that is yet merely a part of an even grander scene of related action—to 1703 but offers no other source-related information. Oxford Dictionaries Online offers no useful information at all.

            My physical copy of the OED (the two-volume edition with miniaturized, eye-buster type and an accompanying magnifying glass), however, is very helpful. The first citation containing the specific phrase “theatre of war” is dated to 1720 and is indicated to be a translation into English of a chapter or section heading from an ancient Roman treatise. (My old eyes, alas, are now too weak to discern the treatise’s name, even with the aid of the magnifier.) A much earlier instance (1615) of a similar term in which “theatre” is used in a related sense also appears here, however. The 1615 citation refers to “the theatres of valour and heroicall actions.”

            Finally, a very sharp-witted explanation of why and how the term came to be considered very useful by people for whom war is the preferred sphere of activity (for better or worse, usually the latter) can be found here. The gentleman who offers the explanation, Bill Clary, clearly knows what he is talking about.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            … when a Roman general (perhaps it was Cicero) observed …

            Cicero was never a general. Indeed, he went out of his way to avoid military people, most of whom he roundly detested. His only military service was as a teenager (15–18), when he served as an aide to a minor official in the so-called Social Wars (ca. 90 BC).

            Indeed, an unusual aspect of Cicero’s political career (what the Romans called cursus honorem) was that he never served as a propraetor (i.e., governor) after his praetorship. Typically, a propraetor would be assigned to an unpacified area of the Roman domains, an area where military success or its absence was likely to make or break the propraetor’s hopes for rising to the consulship. Cicero’s greatness as a statesman and thinker, which was obvious to his contemporaries even when he was a young man, was what prevented his lack of military interest or success from undermining or ending his career.

            On the other hand, Cicero’s younger brother, Quintus Tullius Cicero, was a brilliant soldier. He was one of Caesar’s most trusted generals (i.e., legati) in Gaul and in Britain and is frequently mentioned in “De bello Gallico.” Even though Quintus chose Pompey’s side in the civil wars, the victorious Caesar, who retained great affection for Quintus, pardoned him immediately afterwards.

            Despite his illustrious career as a Roman general, Quintus and his wife and family were proscribed by Mark Antony during the period of the Second Triumvirate after Caesar’s assassination. The death of all the Ciceros, not just Marcus Tullius, was the price demanded of Octavian by Mark Antony in return for the alliance that Octavian needed to defeat his rivals and come to power.

  12. Abel Wolfgang
    Abel Wolfgang says:

    Well Trump at least help open my eyes to many things including the evil so called chosen ones.
    God knows if he was genuine or not and Trump alone will have to answer for it someday. Yes, even the wealthy will face the great day of judgement. God shows no favoritism but to those who believe and have faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
    Anyway, great article. I like the added part about the filthy one who finacially gained by 9-11. There should be more talk about those evil bastards being behind it all.
    Maybe the muslims are right. The day will come when even the rocks will cry out, theres a jew hiding over here.
    Good day all! Talk to as many peoole as you can. Spread the work about the hock noses.

  13. Abel Wolfgang
    Abel Wolfgang says:

    Has anyone else noticed tneres hardly any to no coverage on the charges against attorney Sussman???

    Is he a jew? Why so little talk concerning the arrest?

    Come on guys, is it me or has anyone else noticed too?

        HUGO FUERST says:

        The surname comes from the Yiddish for “sweet man”. There is another Sussman, Robert Wald, author of “The Myth of Race” (2016) which encapsulates conveniently in a single volume almost all the woke fallacies of the dominant bogus “anthropology” and attacks most of the people on “our” side (including TOQ on p.275). Today it is becoming enough just to label a statement or a person as “racist”, “antisemitic” or “homophobic” to secure their informal or formal exclusion from the “community”.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          …”” to label a statement or a person as “racist”, “antisemitic” or “homophobic” “”

          … is usually a spurious accusation that on most-by-far occasions is merely a psychological warfare slur against Whites that unfortunately works very well

          “” to secure their informal or formal exclusion from the “community”. “”

          Whites typically do not yet realize they are in a mostly low intensity existential war and are being slowly , for now , genocided into eventual virtual extinction .

          Whites have not historicly on average been sufficiently politicly astute to warrant being optimistic about their survivability against an insidious existential threat .

          Westernworld ( including also the USA ) Whites can begin to think seriously about prevailing against their insidious genocidal extinction if — not when — they can take an extreme comment similar to this one about ancient satanic Babylonian bloodlines to heart instead of sheepishly dismissing it __

          “” The Globalists are a product of the W*****R/R*****D Cabal. This is the HEAD of the snake. No need to mess around with the tail. Time to CRUSH the HEAD. America made a grave mistake when they did not DRAW AND QUARTER Degenerate king G*****e. We WILL NOT make the same mistake twice. Here is the SOURCE of it all. You b*****ds will catch some LEAD real soon – Q*****e YOUR FOUL STENCH WILL [ be] REMOVED and your ashes will be spread back into the SEWER you crawled out of, along with your degenerate offspring and ALL who serve you. You think technology will save you? You think the demon that possesses you will save you, you “Perfectly possessed” piece of s**t. It can be BOUND, and you rendered BLIND. God no longer BLEEDS. You surely will. Justice will be coming for your MURDERS of the Innocents and Powerless – hot and fast. Then your REAL Sentence begins in PERPETUAL DARKNESS, in a pit from which you shall never be raised. Where your ancestors are now.””

  14. Steven Bushert
    Steven Bushert says:

    Donald was given a television show and he proved he could play to the script. It’s not real hard to figure out.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Steven Bushert
      “Donald was given a television show and he proved he could play to the script.”

      Yes, a dress rehearsal. Is this getting into the realm of crisis acting with Trump in the lead role?

      BTW, around the time of Trump’s inauguration there was published on the net a huge list – many hundreds – of prominent Jewish supporters of Trump. It was as though his anticipated performance would be fully guaranteed to be “good for the Jews”.

      Lol…one has to ask under what circumstances would the gentile type of “strategies” and kind of “unity”, or rather lack of both, come into their own? Maybe something like a nuclear war where the antagonist would run for cover and ‘we’ would be left to clean up and come to the head of our now physically devastated nations once more. As I say lol and God save us.

      • Steven Bushert
        Steven Bushert says:

        Yes, the scene is apparently bleak. It has been bleak for a long time, only more obvious now, while decent people have been preoccupied with doing a civic duty wielding polishing cloths when shovels were necessary. Vote smarter, vote harder is how we got to this place. Spectating a game that effects nothing substantive to life has been very profitable for the ones running the game.

        Handing the children over to government as early as possible, for as long as possible is what we are all paying for. The effective thing for us would have been to deny the brainwashers access. That is a terrible opportunity lost on a massive scale.

        All that is left is for us to be the good people; a population of people who refuse pragmatism because principle is too precious. A nation is who the people are. That is why our enemies have targeted us with systems of corruption.

        It is at once laughable and horrific. Lol, indeed.

          • Steven Bushert
            Steven Bushert says:

            Mr. Barnes, I am not exactly sure how to take that. I wish grace came easily, but I value accuracy and getting a point across too much for that to matter. Here’s the thing: if one becomes unhandled in that position, he does not live long enough to bear any fruit. Surely good people do not end up in that office, and if one tries to be good once in there… well God rest his soul.
            To the extent that you concur with my view on the culture we have been handed, my heart is warmed. I know I am not alone.

  15. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “His “Handlers” still shake his leash when he needs to bark on command to rally the totally brainwashed gentile suckers who still think that he is genuine!”

    Brilliantly put! Tragically, there are many, many Millions of these brainwashed gentile suckers.

  16. guest
    guest says:

    Weeks before either received their party’s 2016 nomination, both Trump and Clinton appeared before AIPAC on consecutive nights and groveled to show their support. I believe it was even televised.

    It was over before Trump even took office.

  17. Doug M.
    Doug M. says:

    It’s not against specifically “white people” alone, it’s generally against any cohesion of any kind. That’s why countries with a firm national identity like Poland, Croatia, Hungary are to be feared. Only Jews are allowed to be cohesive and organized. Only the far east is not being hollowed out from within because there aren’t any jews there.

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