Jasenovac: The Latest Holocaust Embarrassment

Funny how it goes with the Holocaust story: time and again, an ugly bit of truth slips out.  When that happens, yet one more piece of the charade comes to light, for all to see.  For a brief moment, one more embarrassing truth catches the public eye, only to quickly be cast into the depths of the memory hole.  Only through diligence, hard work, and a bit of luck do such things come to assume a greater significance.

This time, sharp eyes caught the slip-up.  The issue in question is an obscure World War II concentration camp in present-day Croatia, by the name of Jasenovac.  The camp—which operated for around three and a half years, from mid-1941 until war’s end—is, by any reasonable accounting, all but irrelevant to the Holocaust story.  Even according to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, only some “12,000 to 20,000 Jews” died there, which means that the camp accounts for, at best, 0.33% of the presumed Jewish death toll of 6 million.  Were it not for a recent blunder by the Jerusalem Post, I would likely never have spent a moment on the topic.  In the grand Holocaust narrative, there are much larger fish to fry.  But the latest gaff gives us a chance to shine a light on the on-going fraud that is the Holocaust.  When the Jews themselves put a foot in their collective mouths, we should make the most of it.

The subject at hand is an article that briefly appeared on the Post website, titled “This disgraceful mocking of the Holocaust needs to stop now” (now available here; the original URL has been deleted).  Written by an Australian journalist named David Goldman, the short essay obsesses over a three-year-old Croatian television interview in which historian and Croatian Jew Ivo Goldstein expounds on the “increasingly problematic” camp at Jasenovac.  The interview, from 2018, included this question of Goldstein:  “Many have commented on the lack of forensic evidence from this particular camp.  Can you explain why this is the case?” (meaning, why there is an absence of evidence).  Goldstein then dropped his “bombshell” reply:  “Because in April 1945, Hitler flew in special machines to Jasenovac.  These machines were used to dissolve the bones that were left.”

Several points here:  One, in all of Holocaust historiography, there is no actual or even rumored documentation of any such “bone dissolving machines.”  There were alleged bone crushers, driven by diesel engines; here is one alleged photo.  But these have been shown to be fraudulent.[1]  The Nazis also allegedly used chlorinated lime (quicklime) to try to decompose corpses at Treblinka and Belzec, but this chemical, when used, only reduces the odor; it does nothing to hasten decomposition.  “Dissolving,” especially for bones, implies the use of acid or some other strong chemical process, but again, such claims are completely unknown in the literature.  Hence Goldman rightly refers to these as “hitherto unheard-of machines.”  Perhaps there was some confusion on Goldstein’s part, and he actually meant ‘crushing,’ not ‘dissolving.’  But again, we have no reliable evidence that such crushing machines were ever used by the Germans.

Two, this idea seems to be a pure invention by Goldstein to explain away a troublesome fact, namely, lack of forensic evidence at Jasenovac—meaning any corpses, ash, or other human remains.  And by “pure invention,” I mean an outright lie.  By all accounts, Goldstein lied to cover up a critical and damning fact.  Anyone who has studied the Holocaust story knows that such lies are legion.[2]

Three, the whole premise that the Germans, in the final throes of defeat, would take the trouble to send anything like “bone dissolving machines” to an obscure camp in Croatia is patently absurd, as Goldman points out.  The whole idea is nonsense.

Perhaps most significantly, this little episode brings to mind similar claims about the more important camps like Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Belzec.  Lacking physical evidence, how can we justify claims of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or a million Holocaust victims at these camps?  For the journalist Goldman, however, the lies about Jasenovac only “contaminate” the larger Holocaust story, which he accepts unquestioningly.  As he says, “Why allow the contamination of Holocaust history with a place [Jasenovac] that cannot provide any independent forensic evidence past a few thousand victims, and that has an ever-increasing—including in 2021—victim list that has been repeatedly proven to have been doctored?”  Indeed; and we can ask the same question about virtually all of the conventional Holocaust sites.  The implications are dire for Jews everywhere.

A Short Course on Jasenovac

It is worthwhile taking a moment to review the conventional history of this camp, given the many lessons it offers here.  It is undisputed that Jasenovac was established under the auspices of the Nazi-aligned government of occupied Croatia known as the Ustasa (or Ustase, or Ustashi).  The camp was constructed in August 1941, not long after Hitler began his invasion of the Soviet Union.  It consisted of five separate facilities, two of which were short-lived, but the other three—Ciglana, Kozara, and Stara Gradiska—operated right until the virtual end of the war in April 1945.  The purpose of the camp is disputed; some claim it was strictly a detention and work camp, whereas others declare it to be an extermination center on par with the worst camps of Poland.  By all accounts, several thousand people died there—mostly Serbs, but also Jews, Roma, and scattered numbers of Muslims and Croatian political enemies.

The numbers of victims, and especially the numbers of Jews, are the main points of contention.  Like most Holocaust camps and death sites, the range of estimates is vast.  Individuals sympathetic to the Ustasa regime, like former president Franjo Tudjman, regularly gave figures of just 3,000 to 4,000 total.  Such numbers date back to the first forensic examinations of the camp in 1947.  But by the 1970s and 1980s, the numbers were rising; the 1990 Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (p. 189) claimed, without evidence, that around 300,000 bodies were discovered and exhumed there.

Yet even this number was insufficient for our Holocaust propagandists.  One recent article notes that, over past decades, “historians have estimated that between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people were killed at Jasenovac.”  Serbian publications of the 1990s cited figures as high as 1.2 million.[3]  Of these, around 15% are claimed to have been Jews—meaning, potentially 100,000 to 150,000.  At that upper estimate, this would put Jasenovac well ahead of Majdanek in terms of Jewish death toll, and approaching the status of a Sobibor.  If, on the other hand, Jews were 15% of, say, 3,000 fatalities, it would mean an utterly inconsequential 400 or 500 deaths.  Much is at stake.

Today, though, the more commonly accepted estimates are much closer to the low end than the high.  The current Croatian government seems to accept a figure of 83,000 total deaths.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum claims that “the Ustasa regime murdered between 77,000 and 99,000 people in Jasenovac between 1941 and 1945.”  Of these, some 12,000 to 20,000 are claimed to have been Jews.  Still, the USHMM is not very sanguine about their own estimates:

Determining the number of victims for…Jasenovac is highly problematic, due to the destruction of many relevant documents, the long-term inaccessibility to independent scholars of those documents that survived, and the ideological agendas of postwar partisan scholarship and journalism, which has been and remains influenced by ethnic tension, religious prejudice, and ideological conflict.  The estimates offered here are based on the work of several historians who have used census records as well as whatever documentation was available in German, Croat, and other archives in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere.

As I noted above, even 20,000 Jewish deaths are largely irrelevant to the broader Holocaust narrative.

A Rebuttal

Goldman’s short essay drew a quick and furious response from Dejan Ristic, the acting director of the Serbian Museum of Genocide Victims.  It was published in the Jerusalem Post just two days after Goldman’s original piece.  Serbia, of course, has an incentive to promote high numbers of victims, and especially high numbers of Serbs, because it enhances their victimhood status and promotes their nationalist agenda.  But more important than high numbers is the overall integrity of the camp as a legitimate Holocaust site and not as a whimsical political ragdoll that has victim numbers ranging over nearly three orders of magnitude, and that is entirely lacking in relevant evidence.

Ristic’s rebuttal—“Shame on those who seek to revise history of the Holocaust”—is as poorly argued as it is poorly written.  (Though, oddly, the Post website still displays this rebuttal, whereas the original essay is long gone.)  Ristic expresses “astonishment” at the “pseudo-scientific and revisionist text” by Goldman, which contains, he says, little more than “a series of inaccurate statements and semi-information.”  Ristic is incensed that Goldman dares to cite the ragged history of victim numbers; the Museum clearly accepts a figure in the mainstream range (80,000 to 90,000), though with the opportunity for higher figures in the future.  Ristic writes, “As the research of the experts of the Museum…continues, it is to be expected that the number of Jasenovac victims will be corrected. …  The estimated total number of victims is, unfortunately, far higher than the one that historical science will ever be able to identify with the precise data.”  He is anxious to quell all thoughts of a mere few thousand deaths, and he equally seeks to avoid any suggestion that the figure approaches a million or more; as he well knows, both extremes threaten to undermine all credibility about the camp.

Most amusingly, in his entire lengthy rebuttal, Ristic never once mentions the “bombshell” about the bone-dissolving machines—not once.  This is a tacit admission that the point holds, that no evidence was sought or found, and that the whole basis for Jasenovac as a top-tier death camp rests on little more than rumor and innuendo, if not outright falsehood.

The central problem for both Ristic and Goldman, however, is that their back-and-forth arguments promise to expose the far more consequential problems of the main Holocaust camps.  In fact, Ristic does the nasty work for us.  He writes, “we could ask a question as to whether it is possible to deny, in the same way, the number of 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 killed in Auschwitz since there is no forensic evidence for that claim either?”  Touché, Mr. Ristic!  The irony is that he is entirely correct, of course.  No evidence (or scarcely any) for Auschwitz; none for Treblinka; none for Belzec—the same old story.

Grave Implications

Goldman’s main beef is with the ad hoc lie of the bone-dissolving machines, but this echoes the many, far more grievous lies about Auschwitz, Belzec, Treblinka, and indeed all six of the so-called death camps.[4]  Of these, Goldman of course is silent.  But he does decry the ongoing process of myth-formation surrounding a camp like Jasenovac, “where myths of Serbian and Jewish suffering were interwoven, providing a new series of national myths” (to cite the author David McDonald).  Goldman, though, naturally avoids the similar but far greater myth-formation process about Auschwitz, the other camps, and the broader Holocaust.  It is this very myth-formation process that has led to numbers like 1 million Jews gassed at Auschwitz, when, on the far more plausible revisionist thesis, perhaps 150,000 Jews died there—and none in gas chambers.

Likewise, Goldman ridicules the notion of human remains “yet to be discovered” at Jasenovac, and he rightly jabs a finger at the Yugoslav government, which, “during its 47-year rule of the site, never bothered once to try and locate these mysterious ‘missing’ remains.”  The same, of course, can be said for the current Croatian government and its on-going 30-year rule.  (One strongly suspects that there are simply no remains to be found there.)  But this again raises the same question for the other camps:  Where are the remains of anything approaching 1 million Jewish bodies at Auschwitz?  Or 900,000 Jewish bodies at Treblinka?  Or 600,000 Jewish bodies at Belzec?  Do we have anything?  Bodies, bones, ash—anything?  Do we even have the holes in the ground where the Germans were said to bury the hundreds of thousands of victims, only to later dig them up and burn them “to ash” on open-air fires over wooden logs?  Based on my years of research, the answer to all these questions is ‘no.’

What about the alleged 1 million Jews killed in the various ghettos?  Where are their remains?  What about the alleged 1.6 million Jews killed by shootings, mostly along the Eastern front; where are their remains?  (Such figures are stated or implied by all of our experts, and are absolutely required to get us to the mandatory “6 million” total.)  Not all of their remains, mind you, or even most of them.  We would be satisfied with, say, half, or even a quarter, as long as we had a good explanation for the remainder.  But instead we get stories of “600 bodies found here” and “250 bodies found there” and ashes consistent with perhaps “a few thousand bodies” at most.  These are so far short of the “6 million” that they constitute an effective refutation of that very figure.  Just as the “700,000 to 1 million” at Jasenovac is a farce, so too is the “6 million Jews” for the broader Holocaust.[5]

And yet, our intrepid reporter David Goldman has the gall to write, “Those who have conflated the only [!] wartime concentration camp without any verifiable data, with scientifically proven [!] Holocaust facts, have done immeasurable harm to Jewish history.”  He is either ignorant of the truth or deliberately covering up the reality.  The true “immeasurable harm” has been done by his fellow Jews and their intellectual lackeys who, for decades, have promoted an unsustainable myth of Jewish suffering.

The days of the “6 million” are numbered, and I suspect that Goldman, Goldstein, and friends know it.  When that crumbles, so too collapses what little remains of Jewish credibility.  When the orthodox Holocaust story goes down, the dominoes may well begin to fall.  And when that happens, all bets are off.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism.  His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the books Eternal Strangers (2020), The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019), and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  Most recently he has edited a new edition of Rosenberg’s classic Myth of the 20th Century and a new book of political cartoons, Pan-Judah!.  All these works are available at www.clemensandblair.com.  For all his writings, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com.

[1] All alleged use of Nazi ’bone crushers’ to eliminate bodily evidence has been refuted in recent years.  The machines in the few extant photos are likely conventional gravel ball mills used in road construction in the early 20th century.  See the discussion in The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories (2018, C. Mattogno, Castle Hill Publishers), pp. 481-484.  See also the online article “The bone mill of Lemberg” (2013).

[2] My all-time favorite Holocaust liar is Herman Rosenblat, who fabricated the whole “angel at the fence” story in the 1990s.  His television interview in 2009, in which he openly confesses to the lie, is so audacious, so brazen, and so deluded that it stands as a monument to Jewish mendacity.  The video is so instructive that it can’t be circulated enough.

[3] Benčić, A. (2018). “Koncentracijski logor Jasenovac: konfliktno ratno nasljeđe i osporavani muzejski postav.” Polemos XXI (41): 37–63.

[4] Such lies are vast, both in content and type.  They cover all aspects of the Holocaust, and include overt lies, lies of omission, half-truths, dissembling, gross exaggeration, hyperbole, and many more.  They were promoted by survivors, “eyewitnesses,” coerced and captive Germans, and present-day “experts.”  I can’t begin to elaborate these here; they are the subject of several dedicated books.  For starters, one might refer to Auschwitz Lies (G. Rudolf and C. Mattogno, 2017, Castle Hill), Treblinka (C. Mattogno and J. Graf, 2020, Castle Hill), or Belzec (C. Mattogno, 2016, Castle Hill).  Or for a good overview of these issues, see my own work Debating the Holocaust (2020, Castle Hill).

[5] This is not to deny that many thousands of Jews did die during the National Socialist era.  By most revisionist accounts, perhaps 500,000 in total died, from all causes.  But this is more than a 90% reduction from the claimed 6 million.  And it reduces Jewish deaths to a mere footnote in the larger catastrophe that was World War II.

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  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    “whimsical political ragdoll”. thank you for the humor. Ridicule of the holohaux may be our best response.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      You have a very strong point. So long as it is debated, it can remain confidently in the realm of serious contention. But once it is laughed at it loses all semblance of credibility.

      Oftentimes when the subject comes up, I ask “Which Holocaust? Which six million? Are you referring to the one the Jews accused the Czar of in 1891, or the one the Jews accused the Germans of in 1941?”

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Dr. Dalton,

    You may or rather will be interested in some some very important essays here:


    I’m sure you’ll be especially impressed with this paragraph:

    James Bacque was a famous author in Canada, having published many novels and books, and many newspaper and magazine articles. I wrote earlier about Bacque’s books, “Other Losses” and “Crimes and Mercies” (2) which detailed the millions of Germans killed during the years after the war – in US concentration camps in Germany where they were starved to death – “Eisenhower’s Death Camps”. (3) (4) (5) (6) These books were translated into about 15 languages and very highly regarded in Europe, but the ICG didn’t want this dark secret to be made public. Bacque was vilified in the North American press, bitterly attacked in the media as a “false historian” whose research was “worse than useless”, his reputation badly damaged in Canada and the US.

    I had many conversations with James. He told me he could see that his mail was being opened, he knew his phone calls were intercepted or monitored. His once favorite book publishers no longer replied to his messages and favorite magazine and newspaper editors refused to accept his calls. His entire source of income evaporated almost overnight, he was harassed, his home broken into and searched, he was hounded nearly to bankruptcy and eventually moved to Europe because he was afraid of being imprisoned in Canada. That’s both censorship and gangsterism, and again ask yourself who has the power to do this, and what is its source? How do these people control Canada’s intelligence agencies? https://thesaker.is/propaganda-and-the-media-censorship-or-burning-the-history-books-part-6/

    In the mean time know what CEP stands for sir? No? See here:


    and what needs to start happening here:


    In the mean time:

    For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Luke 12:2

    • Seminole birdie
      Seminole birdie says:

      I have read other losses and found it very credible. Could it be that the vast majority of Germans living in the reich were firebombed/ starved to death and were replaced by Germans displaced from Poland and the east? Bacque’s logic and figures seem solid but it truly is an incredible worldview shattering thing to try and understand. It would make Germans the victims of an actual holocaust.

      I would reccomend to anyone here Other losses and his other works.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Sounds similar to the way the glass windows of every book seller in England due to publish David Irving’s latest were all smashed overnight.

      I just cannot for the life of me work out why a line wasn’t drawn then, the King David Hotel, Lavon Affair, USS Libery, or a thousand other times. Our forefathers MUST have know this gangsterism and bullying would only get worst and more brazen as time went on.
      It defies belief the still strong American WASP establishment allowed Jewish power to ruin Charles Lindberg. Or were they all simply bought off even then?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Charles Lindbergh remained a heroic figure and a deeply admired man right through the end of his life. The mass media had very little but good to say of him, and even his “mistake” in opposing US entry to the European war was not used as a blunt instrument to beat him to an ignominious pulp until several years after his death in 1974.

        Something else that was typically noted about his opposition to the war was the fact that immediately after Pearl Harbor, he contacted FDR and volunteered for service as a pilot or in any other capacity that would aid the American war effort. Since FDR—as immoral, vicious, unforgiving, and spiteful a man as ever lived—hated Lindbergh for publicly exposing and denouncing FDR’s connections with Jewish interests, unscrupulous speculators, and armaments profiteers, he refused to allow Lindbergh to rejoin the Army Air Force. Instead, Lindbergh went to work for Ford as chief aeronautical consultant.

        Although the active belittling of Lindbergh’s character began to make an appearance within a few years of his death, the real turning point in the Establishment’s treatment of him came with the publication in the late nineties of a voluminous biography of Lindbergh by one (((A. Scott Berg))). It was Berg who first tarred Lindbergh with the familiar charge of anti-Semitism and focused in an almost fetishistic way on the use Lindbergh made of the word “race” in many of his speeches, especially those given to supporters of his America First movement.

        In fact, “race” was, before the fifties, a term very widely used with the meaning that people nowadays ascribe to “ethnicity.” Berg knew this, of course, but being a liar and a Jew, his real object was to transform Lindbergh from a hero to a vile racist villain and supporter of the evil, evil Nazis. That Berg succeeded, with the help of all the Usual Suspects, can hardly be doubted.

        Apropos Berg’s book, one thing that troubled me greatly was that virtually everyone on the Establishment right wing and even among the far more tough-minded paleoconservatives and rightist libertarians joined the Establishment Left in praising the book to the skies. I remember that after I read a hundred pages or so of the book and saw where it was going, I sent an email to one of Lew Rockwell’s regular contributors, a guy I had come to know as a professional colleague, and asked him how Lew could possibly praise a book that slandered Lindbergh as a racist and an active collaborator with America’s so-called totalitarian enemies. The reply I got was that Lew seemed just to have skimmed the book and had seen nothing except the comprehensiveness of its coverage. Bill Buckley made much of Berg, too, but in Buckley’s case the sycophancy was no surprise.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Ah, so they didn’t go straight for him after his September 11th speech, because he was still too loved by the people. That makes sense. They wait till a generation or two has passed and then run his name into the ground, giving the impression to those like me of a later age that he was hated and scorned ever since he dared speak a harsh word against those poor, powerless Jews.
          Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to their ways of manipulation, and how they never, ever forgive or forget a slight.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Yes, falsification and transformation via gradualism were at the core of the Jews’ modus operandi here in the States for most of its history. Now, however, that the Jews are the largely unchallenged masters of politics, the academy, the entirety of the mainstream media, and roughly three-quarters of the alternative media, gradualism can go the way of the VCR with hardly any notice being taken of its departure. After all, why bother any longer to advance by small, carefully calculated steps when, for instance, hundreds of millions of people whose obedience can be taken for granted will line up to get one, two, three, or more covid-hoax jabs—inoculations that patently do more harm than good and cannot be shown to serve any recognized medical purpose, at least so long as people continue to think of “medicine” as something that maintains or restores human health rather than as just another category of life wherein unquestioning obedience to the state’s mandates is expected.

            Given the extent to which the Jews’ power has grown, severing the link that still exists in the mind of most people between medicine and health should be no more challenging than it has been to topple statues in thousands of public places from coast to coast and replace them with heroic images of knuckle-dragging savages of color.

  3. Phalanges
    Phalanges says:

    It is refreshing to read this article. Having been an avid devourer of history throughout my life, I vividly remember reading in the late 60’s/early 70’s that the number of deaths in the camps (all nationalities/ethnicities) was around 600,000.
    The “6 million Jews” narrative appeared after this time period, and the references to the original numbers disappeared. There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a rewriting of history. That is not to say that there was appalling loss of life in these camps during the conflict, but I think the number of Germans who died in camps AFTER the war far exceed those reported in camps DURING the war.
    Who was it who said that history is written by the victors?

      HUGO FUERST says:

      The first post-war mention of 6 million appears to be in an affidavit from Wilhelm Hoettl at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945. Leon Poliakov’s “Harvest of Hate”, written in the 1950s first in French and then in English, and published as a “Best Seller” paperback in 1960, was devoted to “the extermination in cold blood of six million Jewish men, women and children” (p13). Several on-line statistical critiques by Germar Rudolf and Robert Faurisson are significant. The term “Holocaust”, although used in this connection as early as 1944, expanded into general use largely after the Six Day war and then the TV series of that title, in the political interest of Israel and its US “Amen Corner”; see especially relevant books by Peter Novick, Norman Finkelstein and Avraham Burg.
      May many Flowers blossom in the Censorship Desert.

  4. Ceri
    Ceri says:

    It always puts a cherry on my day when a Dalton essay is published here!
    “Ristic does the nasty work for us. He writes, “we could ask a question as to whether it is possible to deny, in the same way, the number of 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 killed in Auschwitz since there is no forensic evidence for that claim either?” Touché, Mr. Ristic!” = Jewish gold!

    HUGO FUERST says:

    @ Dr Dalton
    Away for a time from my library, I am unable to check my recollections, but understand that you have extensive knowledge of publications by Hitler and Goebbels.
    Can you therefore refresh, or correct, my memory of statements from Hitler describing the Jew was a “poisonous bacillus” that must be destroyed, and that the Jews should be “sent back to Lucifer”. What could this imagery mean, or entail in practice? There is also his reply Horthy about the fate of Jewish workers in the KZ.
    Secondly, did not Goebbels in his diary refer to an actual on-going “liquidation” of Jews, and state that as the world war had arrived Jewry would be destroyed as Hitler had promised?
    Finally, what was the point in the official movie “Der ewige Jude” of comparing all Jews to verminous rats, and including towards its close Hitler’s promise of their Vernichtung?
    These statements seem implicitly genocidal, quite irrespective of any methods or manner selected. Was Hitler’s “FInal Testament” genuine and, if so, what were these “humane” means?
    Exaggerations, falsehoods and photograph-abuse in wartime and post-war anti-German propaganda, Communist or Zionist, are another matter.

    • Seminole birdie
      Seminole birdie says:

      The author of this piece Thomas Dalton phd has articles here on the Occidental Observer that answer all of your questions. Merely use the search function.

        HUGO FUERST says:

        @ “Seminole birdie” & “Holabunga”
        I have looked through the 4-page TOO Dalton archive but have yet to find answers to these particular questions there.
        I shall in due course look at what else he has said, but I already have books by Mattogno, Rassinier, Butz and others, plus many CODOH & IHR downloads, along with “standard” works. I did see Dalton’s assertion that “most [sic] statements” by Hitler and Goebbels and “nearly all” [sic] leading Nazis (about killing Jews) are “highly ambiguous”; and “Many Jews died in the process of ethnically cleansing the Reich”.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I once read the Nazis during the entire span of the Third Reich(13 years) made a grand total of 3 films that could be generously described as anti-jewish. The infamous Eternal Jew, some other mildly anti-Semitic film, and a film about the Roschilds.
          I’m happy to be corrected if this is wrong.
          Yet how many anti-German films has Jewish Holywood, not to mention it’s little brothers in Western Europe, spawned since 1945? A million, more?
          Who are the real ‘haters’? Who are the real manipulators of the public mind? Who is really motivated with all consuming racial hatred?
          As if we even need to ask.

          As a follow on to a question asked in a previous thread about Jews destroying every aspect of all endeavors they are welcomed into by native, naive Europeans, can anyone mention even *one* single profession or craft they haven’t utterly ruined?
          That one is directed to all you hasbera guys in Tel Aviv that infest these threads.

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    I believe that at this stage in the “Jew” orchestrated New World Order that pointing out evidential flaws in the Holocaust hoax is flogging a dead sheep. In fact, I believe as now we are firmly set out on the road to the Great Reset, the Ashkenazi welcomes such essays as above: Encourage the Goyim to preoccupation in debunking the Holocaust rather than have them exerting their energies and resources on educating their populations to the great Goyim cull the Sars-CoV-2 vaccination scheme actually is.

    The Ashkenazi have plenty of practice in developing and using vaccinations both as profit making enterprises and depopulation tools. How many people know that the 1919 Spanish Flu wasn’t actually a virus? It was bacterial pneumonia that killed 92.7 percent of the 50 million people that perished in this 1919 pandemic.

    This particular bacterial pneumonia first appeared in a United States army base, Fort Riley. It appeared after soldiers at this base were injected with an experimental Meningitis vaccine that had been cultured in horses. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was the organisation behind this vaccine. As today, in 1919 it was very easy to slip an extra ingredient into this so-called Meningitis vaccine.

    This 1919 “vaccine” was a great success for the Ashkenazi. It culled 50 million people (a high percentage of them being white) and the US and European governments paid for the production and distribution of the poison – rather, I should say the US and European taxpayers paid for the manufacture and distribution of the poison that killed them.

    (Very interesting fact: The surname of chap who oversaw the manufacture of this Meningitis “vaccine” for the Rockefellers was “Gates”.)

    The AIDS virus didn’t arise in Africa. It was introduced into Africa from the United States as a means to cull the population – brought there by the Ashkenazi with help from their White Christian minions. This human immunodeficiency virus was first recorded in New York in 1981 and then San Francisco and onwards. In 1979/80 health authorities began offering a “vaccine” to homosexuals in these cities – a “vaccine” which was accepted by many of them.

    In regards the origins of the AIDs virus, I’d advise that the Spanish Flu genocide scheme be considered and the scientific rule of Occam’s razor then used to arrive at a conclusion.

    A big mistake authors of articles such as above make is they keep referring to the clique behind the Holocaust hoax and genocidal “vaccine” schemes as “Jews”. This is wrong and greatly defeats the heartfelt efforts and resources that these authors expend on revealing and uncovering who the perpetrators are.

    In these Satanic times we are in a place where we need to win hearts and minds. Using the term “Jew” either alienates and/or confuses many Christians. In stanch Christian minds Jesus their Saviour was a Jew. Pedantically, they view him as the Son of God, but the fact he was Jewish is always there in their minds nonetheless.

    The Ashkenazi are not Jews. In their original form in their kingdom of Khazar – which was located between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea – there wasn’t a smidgen of Jewish DNA in them. This kingdom was on the route of the Northern Silk Road trade route. For centuries the Ashkenazi made vast amounts of treasure by charging tolls, kidnapping and murdering traders and merchants that used this route.

    The Ashkenazi were also Satan worshippers who sacrificed babies and children. There was a strong (but devilish) pragmatic element to their choice of victims. Distressed, tortured and raped babies and children produce large amount of Adrenochrome which can be harvested from the dead children’s blood. Adrenochrome when ingested by adults gives a hallucinatory experience, but its most sought-after effect is its ability to slow the aging process and keep the users looking young.

    (Pizzagate? This was not a conspiracy theory. The Ashkenazi under the guise of being Jews brought their Satanic practices to the USA and in particular to Hollywood. Notice them 80-year-old Hollywood actors and actresses with a head and face that looks no more than about 50-years-old. In many cases it’s not cosmetic surgery and man-made pharmaceuticals that keep them young looking – no surgeon or artificial drug maker can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The drug that gives these actors and actresses longevity and youthful looks is made in the pineal gland of tortured babies and children.)

    An interesting fact: In 1961 it was estimated by a very qualified person that of all the Jews in the world only 9 percent of them were real Jews. The other 91 percent were Ashkenazi.

    The Ashkenazi have caused much death and destruction to the human race, and they managed all this through fraud. Their first fraud was in pretending to be Jews. This is the first fraud that should be exposed about them.

    All the alienated and confused Christians across the Western World who view Jesus as their Saviour need to be told that at least 95 percent of the people in the world today that present themselves as “Jews” have not one smidgen of Jewish DNA in their bodies or mentalities.

    The more that White Christians realise that these are actually fake Jews and not related in anyway to their Saviour Jesus, the more the wool may be wiped from their eyes and the Ashkenazi exposed to them for the Devil worshipping hellish people they are.

    The words used count, they count a great deal. No stone should be left unturned in the drive to win hearts and minds.

    • Edward Harris
      Edward Harris says:

      Rick, thank you for the post.
      The last part agrees with what the Jewish side of my family told me long ago.
      I was told that the Eastern Rabbis converted to increase the size of the congregation and the size of their pay. It was all about money. The Rabbis in my family attended month long conferences in Jerusalem, every 7 years, where the Jews could plot against humanity. In the Middle Ages the converts took over Jewry due to demographics.
      My ancestors always believed that the mother should be Jewish and not a convert. They no longer went to Jerusalem.
      I loath my maternal Great Grandfather who married an East European descended from Converts.
      We always detested the hatred in Jewry but only became Christian Jews so that each generation could turn their backs on the convert descendents.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” the Ashkenazi […] Devil worshipping hellish people “…

      Superb observation .

      Then we have the bible thumping “Jesus will save us” zealots of politicly naive , politicly gullible , and cowardly Christian sheeple herds that have a historicly proven inability to adequately resist/oppose evil whenever they are not in fact cavorting ( for example , such as when more than 150 years ago the Vatican hired a Rothschild to manage its vast RCC wealth ) with those Devils commonly known as “jews”.

      The contention they are not “jews” is moot
      except for the calumny it brings upon “real jews”
      ( those whom are not a major moral concern of humanity ) .

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Who was the Rothschild, and who was the pope who hired him? Documentary support would be nice, as unlikely as you are to offer it.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The AIDS virus didn’t arise in Africa. It was introduced into Africa from the United States as a means to cull the population – brought there by the Ashkenazi with help from their White Christian minions.

      There is no truth in this claim whatsoever, but it does overflow with noteworthy quantities of gullibility and anti-Christian bigotry. Indeed, it serves primarily to reinforce the AIDS hoax that first made a (((mass media))) superstar of Anthony Fauci, a man who was characterized even back then by Peter Duesberg and Kary Mullis as a fraud, a liar, a profiteer, and a mass murderer. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      Where the Jews made their mark in Africa was not with the introduction of the HIV virus—a harmless passenger virus already present in the innards of at least 50 percent of the human race and in whom it has no determinable ill effects—but with the mass production of AZT, the poisonous compound that was the drug of choice for Robert Gallo and Tony Fauci as the so-called cure for so-called AIDS. Because AZT was, in the words of Duesberg, an extremely efficient DNA-chain terminator, it succeeded in (1) killing almost every patient who took more than half a dozen or so doses of the stuff and (2) oh yes, also curing “AIDS” in the process. (Needless to add, AZT also cured every other illness associated with being alive.)

      Three other things made the so-called AIDS crisis a big moneymaker for the Jews, especially in Africa. (1) The almost complete lack of sexual restraint for which black Africans are famous, particularly when encouragement came from Jewish government officials and freelance “benefactors” to indulge freely in such proclivities as the “unprotected” anal forms of normal and especially homosexual intercourse. As Kary Mullis said once in a deliberately provocative off-the-cuff wisecrack, bareback sex of this sort will, given time and repetition, produce disease roughly 100 percent of the time. (2) The widespread introduction of AZT to “save” African victims of AIDS. Since people given AZT invariably died unless they stopped taking AZT soon enough, the Jews and their associates (e.g., Fauci) made a great deal of money from the “cure” and also got to claim that the catastrophic death rate demonstrated conclusively that their prophecy that AIDS might eventually kill everyone, even strictly monogamous married people who used their rear end solely as nature meant it to be used, would soon come true. Hence the fraud of heterosexual AIDS, which though as scarce as hens’ teeth, is still used to separate people from their excess money forty years down the AIDS-hoax road to wealth beyond dreams of avarice. (3) The almost weekly redefinitions of what constituted AIDS, changes that eerily anticipated the changes of direction coming from Fauci, the CDC, WHO, and the rest of the alphabet-soup agencies here and abroad that are using their covid hoax as an integral part of their Mark 2 version of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. To get back to the AIDS hoax, with an ever-widened definition of what constituted the disease, the prime result was that ever more deaths were laid at its door. Thus, ever more money for the (((AIDS profiteers))).

      Again with regard to AIDS, more than thirty years ago, Peter Duesberg stated plainly that the HIV virus—though there was no hard evidence that it made anyone sick, let alone put him at death’s door—was reflexively being blamed for all the morbidity present in an exponentially growing number of patients in whom the harmless passenger virus was found. As I myself heard Duesberg say dryly on television, “Kaposi’s sarcoma with HIV equals AIDS; without HIV, it’s Kaposi’s sarcoma. Falciparum malaria with HIV equals AIDS; without HIV, it’s falciparum malaria. Dementia with HIV equals AIDS; without HIV, you’re just plain stupid.” In yet another epidemiological parallel (one that only a racist or anti-Semite would be vulgar enough to notice), with African AIDS, just as with covid-19 worldwide, the familiar causes of death—malaria, heart disease, cancer, stroke, poisoning, murder—took an astonishing plunge while AIDS skyrocketed precisely enough to keep the annualized death rates comparable. One would be remiss not to remark on the astonishing ease with which fund-raisers for cancer and heart disease, many of them Jewish, mentally double track while pleading for donations to help find a cure for these terrible scourges while carefully avoiding any mention of the fact that the official US government figures for 2020 suggest that both those ancient enemies have been routed on the field of battle. These, alas, are men and women who have clearly learned the one lesson deducible from the Parable of the Unjust Steward that Christ never meant His auditors to emulate. Leave it to a Jew to work an angle nobody else noticed!

  7. Prawda
    Prawda says:

    Jews always peddle their “6 Million Holocaust” to the naive goyem while Jewish Crimes against Humanity never see the light of day in the Corrupt Main Stream Media. The Slaughter of Poles in Katyn was blamed on the Russians but Germans got hung where Jews actually murdered thousands of Poles.


    Israel’s daily Maariv announced to the world the names of Soviet NKVD officers who participated in the Katyn massacre.

    A Polish Jew, Abraham Vidro (Wydra), who now lives in Tel Aviv, on July 21, 1971 asked the magazine for an interview, because he would like to reveal the secret about Katyn before he dies. He described a meeting with three Jews, NKVD officers, in a Russian military holiday camp. They told him how they participated in the murder of Poles in Katyn.

    They were: Soviet Major Joshua Sorokin, Lieutenant Alexander Suslov, Lieutenant Samyun Tikhonov. Suslov demanded that Vidro assured him that he would not reveal this secret until 30 years after his death, but Vidro, fearing that he would not live for so long, decided to reveal it earlier. Major Sorokin, trusting Vidro, said: “the world will not believe what I witnessed.”

    Vidro told the daily Maariv: The Jewish Major in the Soviet Secret Service (NKVD) and two other security officers confessed to me how cruelly they murdered thousands of Polish officers in the Katyn forest. Suslov says to Vidro:

    “I want to tell you about my life. Only you, because you are a Jew, can we talk about everything? It doesn’t make any difference to us… I was murdering polacks with my own hands! And I shot them myself. “

    Very important information was provided by Mr. Alexander Barkashov in 1994, the leader of the party called Russian National Unity. In a statement for Życie Warszawy on October 4, 1994, he stated:

    “I know what a tragedy the Katyn case is for you, but I declare that the Polish officers were not shot by the Russians. We checked the ethnic affiliation of the NKVD – perpetrators of the sentence. They were all Jews and followed the orders of others who stood higher in the hierarchy of the time. Russians are naturally friendly towards Poland ”.

    The slaughter of 15,000 innocent people is a gruesome task even for the most unrepentant executioner. Stalin (real name in Polish: Józef Dawid Dzugashvili) turned to the head of the secret Soviet police, the Jew Lavrenti Beria. The two discussed mass murder and decided that it should be solely the task of the Jews who held leading positions in the secret apparatus. Their age-old hatred of Catholic Poles was widely known.

    Izraelska gazeta „Maariv” z 21 lipca 1971 r. wyjawia …

        HUGO FUERST says:

        Beria just looked the part.
        Stalin’s real name quite certainly does not mean “son of a Jew” in Georgian.
        Matvei Berman and others of Jewish ancestry were prominent Chekists and gulag bosses, but were themselves purged in the Great Terror.

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          Marx sounds like a Jewish name , but in a customary act of Jewish crypsis , the author of that Semitic compendium of nonsense , Das Kapital , was originally a nuisance yclept Mordechai.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Amen to all you say.

          The only worry with admitting that the monster Beria wasn’t a Jew is that someday, somebody might contend that he was actually a great guy because, in order to distract attention from himself when Stalin’s purges began in earnest, he pointed an accusatory finger at the dozens, if not hundreds, of Jews who worked for him in his various murderous capacities. There’s a difference, of course, between (1) praising a treacherous and unscrupulously self-interested man and (2) remembering that ensuring that dozens of Jewish mass murderers get the comeuppance they deserve is in this instance no more than another demonstration that it’s an ill wind that blows no one good.

      • Box Hill
        Box Hill says:

        According to Thaddeus Wittlin in his Commissar, The Life and Death of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, Angus and Robertson, 1973, p.15, Beria’s mother was a Karaim woman of the Jewish tribe living in the Caucasian mountains.

    • Alieu
      Alieu says:

      Jews always love to hide behind others so they get the blame for the Jews’ own crimes. “Russia” gets blamed for the massacres carried out by the USSR in the 1920s, 30s etc. even though in reality most of the perpetrators were Jews, especially the leaders who organised these crimes. It’s the same with the Gulag system, which was set up and run by six men – all of whom were Jews. Most of the victims were Russian. Today, Jews portray it as if Russians ran the Gulag system and Jews were the victims – the complete opposite of the truth.

      They also hide behind America when it comes to organising all these Zionist wars in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria etc). “America” gets blamed for causing all these wars, but the Jewish role in organising them (neoconservatives) – is never mentioned. That way America gets blamed by the rest of the world and Israel and the Jews don’t suffer any consequences for their actions.

      • Hans Frank
        Hans Frank says:

        Don’t forget slavery. The slave markets were even closed on the Sabbath. I’m starting to think my skin lampshade might be a fake too. Damn grifters.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Reminds me of the time I got a new shower installed, and not hot water but Zyklon B came rushing out. Or when I asked my neighbour to upgrade the kids slide, instead of a safety mat at the bottom to protect their bums, he constructed a fiery pit to incinerate them.
          That’s the last time I employ Germans to carry out basic task’s. Their fanatic Jew-hatred is off-the-hook.
          Had a happy ending though. A third of the street were being evicted by Jewish banks, so I strove to see if anything was worth saving, I could then sell and donate to some needy Jewish charity, like the ADL or AIPAC.
          After what we’ve put them through all these years, it’s the least we can do!

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      Thanks for great info Prawda. You might want to read, “Stalin and His Hangmen,’ by Donald Rayfield. He writes about the Katlyn massacre in that book. Unfathomable insanity.

    • Prawda
      Prawda says:

      To date the Jews in their Corrupt Controlled Mass Stream Media accuse Poles of killing of Jews in the “6 Million Holocaust”. The Jews have a nerve to accuse Poles of killing the them when in fact Jews Murdering thousands of Poles at Katyn as well playing a role in the Murder of the Wartime Polish President of Poland in Gibralter.

      Baron Rothschild helped neutralize enemies of the Soviet Union who came to the British for support. For example, he was involved in the cover-up of the assassination of Polish war leader and British ally Wladyslaw Sikorski, whose plane was blown up in July 1944. Sikorski had become burdensome to Stalin after he discovered the KGB had massacred 16,000 Polish officers in the Katyn Woods and elsewhere in 1940.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Tales of the holohoax is rapidly becoming one of the funniest material out there. Pure absurdity is naturally funny, and we should be encouraging this as no power on earth is strong enough to stand in the face of mockery.
        I could give a thousand examples. But if you are speaking to a normie, ask him why the official death toll, erected in iron on-site at Auswitch, stated 4 million of God’s most precious perished here, with six million murdered by the horrid Nazis overall.
        But they were forced by pressure of revisionists to change this Auswitch figure from 4 to 1 million. Yet 6 million still died overall. There was no apologies for the ‘honest mistake’, obviously.
        See, even simple mathematics is corrupted in their hands.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 I am 82 and wrote a university term paper on Katyn in 62-63, long before it became better known; and then merely among history buffs. I have not lost interest since then and attended the unveiling, in Toronto, on its lake-front, in 1980, of a memorial, which was attended by several tens of thousands of Poles, ranging from NY to Chicago, dozens in their WWII uniform.

        02 One may get the impression, that the personality you mentioned in your first paragraph is different from the one in your second. They are one and the same: Sikorski. Also check and correct yourself here, the date of his assassination.

        03 Sikorski threw a wrench in the works of Churchill, who was interested in kissing Stalin’s ass.
        S , understandably demanded to know from Stalin about his unaccounted for, ca. 20,000 officers and men who had escaped eastwards.

        Sikorski and 16 others, excepting the Czech pilot, was killed in the crash during their takeoff over the Mediterranean of his RAF bomber, returning to the UK, following an inspection of his escaped troops who had reassembled in the Middle East.

        04 One of the now CAMBRIDGE SIX , Kim Philby, was the UK MI6 representative, domiciled in Barcelona, responsible for Spain and Portugal. Later identified as a Communist spy, happily living out his days in Moscow.

        05 ” Coincidentally “, his plane was parked next to Sikorski’s on the tarmac at the identical Gibraltar airfield.

        06 Only Sikorski’s body was recovered and laid to rest in England, and later re-interred in Krakow, very near Auschwitz.

        07 His body was later exhumed and autopsied. Many bones were found to be broken and a splinter of wood found in his brain.

        08 Nothing that could not be ascribed to a plane crash, BUT NOW USED TO SUGGEST S HAVING BEEN CLUBBED TO DEATH BY HIRED KILLERS, removing Churchill and his MI6 from the accepted scenario. And of course from the original Cambridge 5 and now 6.: themselves precursors to the West’s current destruction.

        09 Take your pick !

        10 Katyn was discovered by Wehrmacht communications troops digging post holes for communications wires, and finding recently buried human bones. This discovery was widely duplicated.

        11 Katyn is only 20 kms from Smolensk. Its victims came from three Red-Army occupied Polish area camps. Its memorial correctly mentions, that Russians were murdered there as well, BUT NOT BY WHICH VARIETY OF RUSSIANS.

        12 I had a friend of Albanian birth among my Toronto coffee-circle habitues at the Coffee Mill.
        His father was an MD and called as a member of the German independent, international observers to the extensive, forensic exhumations. Full of lesser-known details, as related to him by his father.

        13 I studied dozens of documents and particularly exhumed photos still in good condition – wives, parents, sweethearts and especially their beautiful children of all ages. Definitely a Polish Elite, which it was essential to annihilate – to decapitate the future, communism opposed general population. Much like their methodology in the West now – so far lacking the blood.

        14 Smolensk was taken unexpectedly premature by the Wehrmacht, leaving ca. 800,000 documents in their NKVD regional HQ building, in tact for the Germans to retrieve and take to the Reich for analyses. 17 Red Army Studebaker or GM army trucks were deployed to salvage them during the battle , but were shot up.

        15 Given, that Katyn is in the Smolensk Oblast, these archives must have had many reference points to the atrocity. Along with un-Russian names of the commanders and personnel.

        16 Remember, that the Soviets unnecessarily languished on the far side of the Vistula, giving the Wehrmacht sufficient time to deal with the Uprising, also freeing the future Red Regime from quarrelsome nationalistic interference. Those Poles who perished there should be added to the Katyn methodology.

        17 Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Germans and several other prospects had better hang together nowadays, rather than separately under the heels of a certifiable politically and historically illiterate American leadership.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … under the heels of a certifiable politically and historically illiterate American leadership.

          May I add, Charles, to your remarkable outline a gloss on your final comment? It is simply that this historical illiteracy is neither an accident nor merely a product of ignorance; rather, it is what (((those who hold the reins of power))) have long willed it to be.

          American leaders are treated as leaders solely because they hold a plurality of the toys of mass destruction and mass murder. Some of the children playing with those toys are dangerous fools, but they are much less dangerous than the children who are (((knaves))).

  8. Jim Bowden
    Jim Bowden says:

    Thank you Dr Dalton, as always a well written article, which reminds me: ……. ” The Jews block history as a dam blocks a river, in order to raise the level “. Leon Bloy (1846 – 1917)

  9. Holabunga
    Holabunga says:

    Non of those quotes constitute evidence of specific action in themselves.
    i.e: If the holocaust happened then we can happily view them as statement of intent. If the holocaust did not happen then they are merely hyperbole.
    The holocaust must be based on hard evidence not hearsay & war propaganda.
    Unfortunately the evidence FOR the holocaust is lacking whereas the evidence against the holocaust is mounting.
    I encourage you to read about it & make your own mind up. Try ‘Breaking the spell’ by Kollerstrom or Daltons own ‘Debating the Holocaust’.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      Depends on the definition of “holocaust”. The Nazis and their allies shot or worked Jews to death, whatever the numbers. The Wannsee documents do not mention gassing which even on the accepted narrative was a development well into the war (cf. Viktor Brack & T4 in the wartime camps, according to Carlo Mattogno), but the separation of the sexes was to be combined with severe labor whose survivors would face “special treatment”; I am aware that the conference minutes have been dismissed as forgery.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Why are you even quibbling? “The Holocaust” doesn’t mean some Jews were worked to death or died in camps. Though why we should care about a small fraction of Jews compared to the enormous suffering and death of everyone else is a separate matter.
        “The Holocaust” means a deliberate policy by the Nazis to kill every jew is Europe(the world?), mainly by gassing them to death. There was a synchronicity between the Nazis killing 6 million and this number being of utmost importance in a weird kabbalistic human sacrifice way to Jewish supremacists. Which was just another of those weird coincidences we are verboten from looking into.
        – Anyone trying to confuse the two is not arguing in good faith.
        Jews died in WWII. Boo-hoo. Every other nation on earth has dealt with it, and none use their people’s suffering as a weapon and shake-down scam.
        The Holocaust TM never happened, as ten seconds of research will prove to anyone.
        And considering no people on earth did more to start and keep WWII going as rich, elite, Zionists, Jews really should, if they had a billionce of an ounce of humility, stfu once and for all about WWII.
        Or don’t, and once all these stupid brain-dead boomers have passed away, we can have a real reckoning and settling of scores over that war.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for the great piece Thomas. I have the latest Edition of ‘Debating the Holocaust,’ hope to get to it soon.

    I’ve never believed in the whole holohaux narrative, so it’s a part of history that has never really interested me all that much. But what you said here about, ‘no remains,’ if it’s that nuts of a lie, it’s worth investigating.

    My favorite way to combat the holohaux narrative is to always ask, ‘why are we never taught about the over 50 million Russian Christians, and the other non-Jewish populace of Russia, that, beginning in 1917, were slaughtered and tortured by the overwhelmingly Jewish run Soviet Union? The whole gulag system was run and managed by Naftaly Frankel, Martvey Berman, and of course Genrich Yagoda. The Holdomodor geneocide and on and on. If there was ever a hell on earth, it was Jewish controlled Russia.

    But yet somehow, it’s a white German guy who embodies the “epitome of evil.”

    There has to be a way to get the truth out to the masses. We must all keep working on that and keep the faith.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Its been noticed by many that evil isn’t denoted by red horns, a forked tail and a trident anymore, as it was for thousands of years, it’s a right hair parting, thin mustache, and Jack boots.
      And people still argue over whether we are ruled by Jews? Heaven, give me strength!

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      All the great human massacres and misery, like those on a like, Biblical scale, were enacted by Jews, either directly, or through their paid prostitutes like Churchill and Roosevelt.
      Other humans simply aren’t capable of such cruelty and lack of mercy.
      I get the feeling I lose readers why I compare the Jews to the agents of Satan, but riddle me this: If they weren’t fulfilling the work of Lucifer to the very letter, what exactly would they do differently?

  11. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    The lie of the “”six million” is the shield the Jew uses to protect himself from any criticism, and behind which he ruins Western nations!

    This is why we must expose the lie!

  12. Swan
    Swan says:

    Thank you for another gem Dr. Dalton. The truth is now out there thanks to people like you. It’s only a matter of time before more respectable and well-known people will be brave enough to shine a light on this dark and dirty lie against the German people.

  13. Guest
    Guest says:

    The principal reason why the so-called ‘holocaust topic’ should be seriously dealt with, rather than attempting with scorn to reject it, is that it has served as the template for every other false issue, from man-made global warming to the covid scam, in that it represents a deliberate attempt to remove all rational, logical, factual debate, critique and analysis from what is presented as a fait accompli to be accepted without demur and with total obedience, by all people. When the topic has surfaced in on-line comments, my response has always been that the Truth can stand on its own but that only lies, obfuscation and propaganda require to be ring-fenced with laws which prevent any expression of free speech. This is what lies at the heart of the problem and unless the ‘holocaust’ is challenged outright, we will be never be free. Who controls the vocabulary, controls the parameters of human thought. What you are not allowed to say, you will eventually no longer be able to think about and that is our enemy’s goal: mindless obedient non-humans.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” the Truth can stand on its own “…

      That may be so . However , many historians have revealed that Truth is often buried alive while standing upright .

    HUGO FUERST says:

    According to David Irving’s “Goebbels”, chh.42-45, batches of innocent civilian German Jews, presumably including children, were deported, shot and buried in pits. If so, one does not have to be a Jew, a One-Drop Jew, a Crypto Jew, an Israeli, a Zionist, a Mischling, a Communist, a Liberal, a Democrat, a Freemason, a Christian, or even one of David Icke’s Lizards (supposedly like Queen Elizabeth), to find such ideology-driven “pesticidal liquidations” as (shall we say) not very nice, and ultimately counter-productive.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Let me answer that for you Mr Fuerst.
      Working class allied pilots left the warm, safe, loving embrace of their wife and children to squeeze into a metal coffin, fly up thousands of feet in ice cold temperatures, get rattled by shrapnel, uffer unspeakable wounds, and terror on a scale we cannot comprehend, with death awaiting you at any moment, simply to drop high explosives onto tightly packed working class German women, children and homes(the men were at the front).
      All it took them to get them to do this insane savegry, was patriotism plus Jewish atrocity propaganda.
      Now imagine your attleweary German soldier at the front. His wife and children are being incinerated alive contra to all known rules of war. There is one group of people that has inflicted this misery on him, not to mention to the holocaust of his nation, the Jews.
      And you are surprised that when these frontline troops, facing death everyday, so utterly desensitised to it, when they come across a group of Jews, take out a little revenge?
      No Nazi did anything worse to anyone, than what the allies did to Germany at wars end, be it the mass rape/murder from the East, or the deliberate starvation of POWS by the Westerners.
      Nay, no Nazi committed any crime remotely comparable to the MK Ultra programmes the Western intelligence services have been running for going on seven decades.
      No Nazis let their own people succome to fentynol. No Nazis destroyed the middle class, and transfered their wealth the billionaires based on a hoax.
      No Nazis oversaw, covered-up and fascillitated Muslim sexual slavery towards little white children ages 9/14.
      Spare us your Nazi=bad, you want to peddle that shit, take it to the suckers who read the MSM.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I meant of course working class gunners, bombardiers and radio operators. The pilots of course weren’t working class. But they if anything had even more to lose, a warmer house to leave, on average, an even more loving, close, and extended family, and a bright future if they survived the war.
        I believe British airmen took the highest casualties of all Brits. And for what? This garbage monstrosity of a nation many sadly lived to see?
        And yet, according to Peter Hitchens, it was all worth it to remove the most popular democratic government in all history.
        Peter Hitchens taught me allot in the years before I found dissident materiel, but by God, he is an absolute scumbag.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          What I mean about that last part is lying for money to the general public, 90% of whom haven’t the god-given ability to figure out reality, is about 1,000,000,000 x worse that selling your body for money.
          Calling these sewer creatures whores is a gross slander to tarts.

  15. Jorge Sabag
    Jorge Sabag says:

    Jorge September 28
    About 20 years ago Richard Kriege I think his name was, an engineer from Canberra Australia, took a ground penetrating laser machine/radar to Treblinka and examined the grounds of the camp where hundreds of thousand of people mostly Jews were allegedly buried and found that the ground below was undisturbed, no previous digging. This machine can scan up to 10 metres deep underground . Once the subsoil is disturbed it can be detected for a very very long time afterward. I found that was a courageous piece revisionist work.

  16. anonym
    anonym says:

    Great article. The Holocaust is more of a religion now, than a historical event. The Jews are worshiping themselves as The Suffering Servant, The Messiah (or the Son of Perdition, for the Sabbataians/Frankists).

    It´s a Holy Sacrifice in Fire, with its “burning geysers of blood” – a “historical ritual event” that had to happen, for the Jewish “sacred history” to be realized, before the “historical sabbath” and “the third temple”. Like everything else Jewish, it´s a pseudo religion, where evidence, logic and reality is non existent.

    Hopefully it will be popped soon, like a balloon – but if Christianity is anything to go by, it might take another 2000 years before most people realizes that it is psychotic fiction.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      The “Holocaust” has become the keystone of the new Western ideology of Wokeism.
      The “Shoah” has replaced the Torah as the doctrine of the new Jewish religion of Zionism.
      Watch the gradual media/public replacement of the Crucifixion of the “Son” begotten by “God” by the “crucifixion” of the “People” chosen by “G’d”, and the resurrection of “Christ by the “restoration” of Israel also in Jerusalem.

  17. eah
    eah says:

    >one alleged photo

    In what can only be described as a tour de force of historical revisionism, the following article completely demolishes the absurd claims about these alleged ‘bone crushing machines’:

    The Bone Mill of Lemberg

    Unfortunately too many people are still willing to suspend disbelief where the ‘Holocaust’ is concerned — as a result they swallow the most ridiculous lies.

  18. Michael Lechner
    Michael Lechner says:

    Former president Franjo Tudjman was a communist general during WWII and once elected president of Croatia he insisted on “national unity”, which implied not investigating the responsibility of his old communist comrades for past crimes. Therefore, the claim that he was “sympathetic to the Ustasa regime” seems problematic to say the least. Since it is obviously the best way to discredit his assessment of Jasenovac, it is not surprising that this claim has been widely propagated.

  19. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    My favourite recent holohoax mix up, was when the Jewish media put out that there were so many Italians dying from covid, like, literally dozens and dozens, that their cremation apparatus was totally overwhelmed.
    Imagine, an entire Western city, with state of the art 2020 crematorium technology, couldn’t keep pace with the hundred or so Italians, dead with Covid.
    A narrative glitch? Their covid hoax was bolloxing up their holohoax hoax.
    Maybe they should have asked the Germans how they managed to cremate millions of bodies with zero fuel, out in the middle of no-where, in the middle of a world war, and with their industrial centres being leveled nightly.
    Though I’m not sure if the Germans ever did mange to solve the problems of the blood geysers shooting up out the ground when too many of God’s chosen people were buried.
    Perhaps that’s why they moved on from that, to putting Jews in a cage with an eagle and a bear, or sent them up trees to cry like roosters till they fell down, dead from exhaustion. And that’s not even getting into the masterbation machines, the electric floors, the walls of eyes, the football matches played in Kiev stadium with 500 jewish babies heads, or when they affixed right hands onto left arms and vice versa, for sport.
    We shouldn’t be too hard on the Jews, if it wasn’t for them telling us the Germans were making light shades out of their skin, we might never have known their was a lamp shade shortage in the Third Reich, a fascinating piece of social history, for which we’re all grateful, quite the equal to the soap shortage the jews enlightened us with, that the germans fixed with dead Jewish body fat(Yeah. You explain to me how that worked exactly)
    It’s a very strange type of death camp with orchestras, theatre nights, hospitals, factories, and medically sanitised brothels. Is this just the famous German humour?
    Maybe the Germans weren’t as efficient as we’ve all been led to believe? And who can forget the different coloured smoke the Jews made when burned, based on the area they came from? If you don’t believe that, you really are an atrocious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.
    This is all funny of course, Jews are nothing if not ridiculous. But at least you can’t mock their imagination, even if it is perverted and sick in a way that would have blown the mind of your average, innocent 1930’s era German.

    But there is one aspect of their utterly shameless lying that I’ve never been able to get over, or laugh off, and that has always shocked me to my very core.
    Old time Jews who claimed they were in the holocaust(amazing how many survived), were filmed by young Jews as propaganda to traumatise the Jewish young into their natural misanthropy, just in case they worried this mental malfunction wasn’t in all of them already.
    Here was their chance, at the very end of their days, to record for all history and countless generations coming up, the truth about imortant history that they themsevles witnessed(presuming they actually witnessed anything, which I doubt).
    Yet instead, at this late date, in the twighlight of their lives, knowing these words would outlive them for perhaps for 200 years and more, as yet, all we got was the exact same dumb lies they’ve been spinning all their lying days.
    To see this, to see human beings(if that is indeed what they are, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, put it that way), brazenly lie in the most obviously stupid way, I realised, that these ‘things’ have absolutely zero fear of what comes next.
    It was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to actual demonic entities in human flesh.

    It also struck me near dumb with the comparison of old time black ex-slaves at the end of ‘their’ days, and under no pressure to lie for their cause, just simply the Christian duty to tell your own truth, as you witnissed it, for future generations to come to their own conclusions about the historical events you partook in.

    What I think about Jews cannot be prejudice or bigotry, I never meet any Jews, it’s hard and fast pure reason and logic, which I’ve came to using what little gifts God gave me, and meant me to use.
    And what I think of them is that the are the sons and daughters of Satan, just as Christ said they were.
    I truly cannot come even close to any other explanation for the way they act.

    Please, please, I WANT some Jewish apologist to explain to me how I’ve got it all wrong. And there are plenty Jews out there, monitoring this site, saving everything we write, in the hope it can be used against us in some kangaroo court if you guys ever succede in your plan to set up another hellish bolshevick regime, why not come in and defend yourselves? I’ve tried arguing the JQ on your controlled MSM, but if you tell the truth there, you just get instantly banned, it’s so tiresome.
    And unless your are mentally imbibing cognitive dissonance, then you Jews must come to the same position as me, that you guys are utter monsters.
    You really are like no other humans on earth, I know you all glory in this, I know your ‘morality’ such as it is, is based on wrecking, ruining, destroying and scamming goyim, but I refuse to believe there isn’t some trace of a human being in at least some of you, and you aren’t secretly ashamed by the horror your tribe inflict on humanity.
    My advice would be to talk this out, be honest, bottling it up only leads your in-built mental weirdness becoming even more problematic than it already is to begin with. Which helps neither of us.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Valid, unceremonious comment

      02 The soap story was already used in WW I . Allegedly, Germans made soap of dead British troops.

      03 The geysers of blood, spouting from below, from killed people still moving beneath the earth, was originated by Menachem Begin, later PM of Israel. Repeated later about Babi Yar, in Kief, Ukraine.

      04 Begin additionally mentioned, that the River Bug was running with red water from the blood seeping in.

      05 Begin’s sister to a journalist asking about 3 and 4 above: ” Ach, that’s Menachem for you – he wasn’t even in the country at that time ! ”

      06 Auschwitz I was a former Polish cavalry barracks, Its alleged gas chamber had been a magazine for artillery shells and gun powder, divided into five chambers by non-bearing masonry walls, whose original footings in .the concrete floor were still quite obvious, though patched over, when I visited there for my first time in 92.

      07 The doors, according to the still visible original layout, were staggered between these chambers, so as to minimize the effects of an explosion in any one chamber.

      08 Said chambers were converted into a one-room morgue by the Germans, without any evidence of a door between it and the adjacent retorts. The entire thing being a reconstruction dating to 1946, according to F. Piper, its Director. Said retorts are not connected to the famous chimney, as already discovered by an early Swedish, frequent [ 63x ] visitor through his thorough, photographed and archived investigations.

      09 This so-called gas chamber was protected on its outside by fill to its flat roof top, to protect it against aerial or artillery bombardment. It has a thick, steel-reinforced concrete ceiling with post-war installed covered rectangular holes with re-bar protruding, through which the granular Zyklon B 12 was was allegedly injected.

      10 A person could easily be raised to escape through windows without bars. Windows to allow light in the magazine and to allow escape of pressure after a possible explosion.

      11 As I well remember, there was an inexplicable toilet flange in the floor with adjacent water and drainage plumbing for an absent hand basin at the end of said chamber.

      12 While pondering the re-installed retorts, an entire German high-school class entered, guided by an
      official Museum-guide. I have absolutely no problems with documented proof of German wrongdoing, but this fellow went so far out of line, that a young girl in the class collapsed on the floor and had to be brought back by a medic warranted from the office.

      Undoubtedly she later voted for never-ending restitutions to the survivors of the survivors and for the next six gifted or heavily subsidized Dolphin Class submarines, built in Kiel, Germany, for Israel.

      13 Additionally, there is the small matter of the Leuchter Report, re-assessed by the German chemist and the relevant Polish Ministry, and found valid.

      14 At the Nuremburg Trials, the French inadvertently wandered in, documents in hand, showing that the greatest fatalities in A occurred during documented epidemics of

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        [ Inexplicable cut off and ability to correct ]

        14 [ cont’d ] ,,, during documented epidemics of typhus : contradicting the ” industrialized, 24/7 murder “, for which the fuel was missing from US Airforce reconnaissance photos. The in any case A number of victims, officially reduced from 4 million +, to 1 million +, required the per hour cremations, to arrive at 4 million +.

        15 In some peoples’ advanced math, 6 minus 3, profitably remains 6 million.!

        16 I witnessed BOTH numbers, chiseled in multilingual granite plates at A. at different times: since my first visit posed more questions than it answered.

  20. Le Hunt
    Le Hunt says:

    The whole holocaust narrative falls apart just on the tattoos. Why would you bother to tattoo someone when you were going to kill them anyway? What’s the point. From what I’ve seen of history, if one bunch wants to kill another bunch, they just do it. They don’t tattoo them, shuttle them around on trains, feed them, clothe them, house them, they just line them up in front of a trench and shoot them.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You mean like the way the Jews murdered 40 million odd Christians? Like, a generation before? Obviously the Nazis had forgotten that method, lost , obviously, in the mists of time.
      Plus, if there is a way to do something, its almost a cliche that the germans will take the most awkward, difficult, time-consuming and just generally Irish way of doing it.
      Again, the fantasies the Jews expect us to swallow, the though does flit through your brain that maybe the Jewish God really did make us as nothing but simple marks to be preyed on by his people.

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