Lipton Matthews Interviews Richard Lynn

Richard Lynn is a distinguished academic and prolific researcher whose interests span a fascinating array of topics. Professor Lynn is a pioneer in the field of intelligence research and is well regarded for his numerous books documenting the association between intelligence and social outcomes.
1.Professor Lynn, you have written extensively on the predictive power of IQ, so could you explain why intelligence is such an important predictor of success?
Intelligent people learn faster and more effectively, and can solve problems that unintelligent people are unable to solve.
2. Contemporary economists infrequently examine the role of IQ in explaining disparities across countries, but you denounce this stance. Can you explain the mechanisms by which intelligence affects development?
Intelligent people are able to create more efficient institutions including government and industry.
3. Disparities in development between Northern and Southern Italy are usually ascribed to environmental factors, but should we assign a role to IQ?
There is about a 10-point IQ difference between North and South Italy which cannot be explained by environmental factors. The issue is examined in my paper “IQs in Italy are higher in the North: A reply to Felice and Giugliano.” These critics have contended that school quality could be responsible for the North-South differences. The first problem with this is that it does not account for the effect of intelligence in creating better schools. Secondly, the lower IQs in the south are attributable to the admixture of North African and Middle Eastern ancestry shown by the frequency of the haplogroup E1b1b.
4. James Flynn observed that throughout the twentieth century, IQ scores increased, but is the Flynn effect measuring g or specific cognitive skills that are environmentally determined?
Flynn attributed the secular increase in intelligence to a number of factors including improved nutrition, better schooling and a more stimulating environment. But many contend that these are a consequence of adaptations to changes in the cultural environment. Michael Woodley of Menie has shown that the Flynn effect is weakly related to g.
5. Researchers are documenting a reversal of the Flynn Effect. What is the cause of this occurrence?
My own research has shown that the decline in genotypic intelligence is caused by the negative association between intelligence and fertility, since highly intelligent people have fewer children. This subject is covered in my 2004 paper “New evidence of dysgenic fertility for intelligence in the United States.” In a more recent study “The Negative Flynn Effect: A Systematic Review,” co-written with Edward Dutton and Dimitri Van der Linder we list immigration and dysgenic fertility as explanations for the reversal.
Ole Rogeburd and his co-authors argue: “Our results remain consistent with a number of proposed hypotheses of IQ decline: changes in educational exposure or quality, changing media exposure, worsening nutrition, and social spillovers from increased immigration.” For this assertion to be sound the authors must provide evidence that schooling and nutrition are getting worse.
6. Sex differences in intelligence are observable and you argue that they become demonstrable during adolescence. Why is this the case?
In the evolutionary past men were responsible for hunting and warfare and this would have selected for greater intelligence and spatial abilities. In addition, intelligent men would have been more successful in competing for women. The sex difference in intelligence appears at the age of 16 years because the development of girls ceases at this age, whereas it continues for boys. Becker and Rindermann (2017) have confirmed that sex differences in intelligence appear during later adolescence.
7. Intelligence is unequally distributed across societies; therefore, could you provide an evolutionary account for the unequal distribution of intelligence.
The intelligence of societies increases in colder environments as an adaptation to the greater cognitive demands. I have called this the Cold Winters Theory. Peoples in cold environments needed a greater variety of complex tools than peoples in tropical and sub-tropical environments. Torrance (1983) has documented a link between latitude and the number and complexity of tools used by contemporary hunter-gatherers. He has shown that hunter-gatherers in tropical and subtropical latitudes like the Amazon Basin and New Guinea typically have been 10 and 20 different tools, while those in the colder northern latitudes of Siberia, Alaska and Greenland have been 25 and 60 different tools. The studies of Donald Templer, Satoshi Kanazawa, Bryan Pesta and Joseph Ryan have confirmed the link between cold climates and intelligence.
8. Some invoke the average intelligence of people living in the Arctic as a refutation of the Cold Winters Theory. Are they misinterpreting the theory?
This is explained in my book Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis (2015). The explanation lies in the small numbers of the Arctic Peoples whose population at the end of the twentieth century was only approximately 56,000 as compared with approximately 1.4 billion North East Asians. While it is impossible to make precise estimates of population sizes during the main Würm glaciation, there can be no doubt that the North East Asians were many times more numerous than the Arctic Peoples. The effect of the difference in population size will have been that mutations for higher intelligence occurred and spread in the North East Asians that never appeared in the Arctic Peoples. The North East Asians consisting of the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese would have formed a single extended breeding population of demes in which mutant alleles for high intelligence would have spread but would not have been transmitted to the Arctic peoples isolated by high mountain ranges and long distance. The Arctic peoples did, however, evolve a large brain size, approximately the same as that of the North East Asians, so it is curious that they do not have the same intelligence. A possible explanation for this is that the Arctic peoples have evolved a strong visual memory that would have been needed when they went out on long hunting expeditions and needed to remember landmarks in order to get home in largely featureless environments of snow and ice. An increase of this ability would have required an increase in brain size but is not measured in intelligence tests. A further possibility is that one or more new mutant alleles for more efficient neurophysiological processes underlying intelligence may have appeared in the North East Asians but not in the Arctic Peoples.
9. Although it is one of the most replicated findings in psychological research, many still doubt the validity of the Black-White IQ gap. Could you shed light on its genetic component?
Based on numerous sources which I discuss in Race Differences in Intelligence, Blacks consistently obtain lower IQs than Whites. This gap is present even when compared to Whites of a similar socio-economic status and in all countries. Furthermore, the study by Sandra Scarr [see S. Scarr, R. Weinberg, 1976; R. Weinberg, S. Scarr & I. D. Waldman, 1992; summarized by Lynn, 1994], showed that Black infants adopted by middle class whites do not gain an IQ advantage, showing that genetics must be responsible for the lower black IQ.
10. Exploring racial differences in personality traits like psychopathy and self-control is the next frontier in psychological research. How do you suggest researchers articulate their findings to a mainstream audience?
By publishing their findings. These will no doubt be ignored by mainstream media but eventually, the facts will be accepted.
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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Race, IQ and the IQ and race deniers. There’s an old saying “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. This is an adage that’s certainly found its proof in the modern Sars-CoV-2 world.

    The above deniers, though, have seemingly taken this adage and put their own peculiar spin on it. They’ve obviously rewritten it to include “Believe none of what you experience” – with the caveat that only experiences they find racist or belittling to themselves or those whom they view as their pets are not to be believed.

    The Negro mean IQ isn’t just below that of Whites and Asians, their differing bodily physiology, if the same criteria which is used to distinguish between different species of birds were used, places the Negros as a sub-species of European and Asians.

    Sub-Saharan Africans have a different cranium physiology to Whites and Asians. The Negros have a post-orbital constriction, which is a pinching and narrowing of the front part of the skull just behind the eye sockets.

    This pinching is to allow for the larger chewing muscles which accompanies the Negro’s prognathic jaw – a degenerate evolutionally feature on a par with gorillas and chimps; which is needed for a diet of tough vegetation and tearing apart uncooked meat.

    The prognathic jaw, with its accompanying narrowed forebrain, was selected because it was a survival asset in the jungle. In a First World city, though, it is an evolutionally handicap – not just to the Negros, but also to those they live amidst.

    Because of this constriction at the front of their skulls (hence the term slope-heads) there is less room for the Negro’s forebrain to develop.

    Thus, the Negro’s forebrain is physiologically different and much smaller than that of Asians and Whites. The forebrain is where the centre for planning and abstract thought are located in Whites and Asians.

    The Negros don’t have this centre because their hunter gatherer life styles with a year-round supply of vegetation and prey meant they never had a need to select for planning ahead or abstract thought.

    As well as this, the Negro’s bone structure and, in particular, the cranium is also denser and heavier than the skeletons of Asians and Whites – the Negro’s physiology is on the evolutionary side of the fence with chimps and gorillas, whilst White’s and Asian’s are on the other side with orangutans.

    Therefore, not only is the Negro forebrain smaller and missing parts that Whites and Asians have, the rest of the brain is also of smaller construct and a very much less corrugated surface – meaning it has less surface area than the brain of a White or Asian.

    This is why negro musical lyrics are simple doggerel and why they can’t plan for the future, or be aware or worry about the future consequences of their actions. The Negros simply has not got the brain capacity or mental processing power to be anything other than the predatory beasts they mostly display as.

    Because of their incapability for abstract thought Negros don’t have any internal sense of the difference between one thousand items and one million items. They’d need to see these items laid out in their respective lots before they’d get any sense of the numerical difference.

    But worse than this, Negros can’t tell the difference between kindness and weakness. This is why every time Whites and Asians advance opportunities and advantages to the Negros; the response is an uptick in violence and crime.

    One early explorer to sub-Saharan Africa commented: “They’ve spent thousands of years watching pieces of wood float on water and seeing leaves blow across lakes, but they never conceived of tying logs together to make a raft or of using the wind to power a boat.

    Proof of this was found on islands around Africa’s coast. Many large islands just off the coast of Africa were not visited or settled by sub-Saharan Africans. The Canary Islands are just 67 miles off the west coast of Africa. The highest mountain on these islands is visible from Morocco, but they lay unsettled through thousands of years of sub-Saharan evolution, until eventually being colonised by Arabic Berbers.

    Zanzibar is only 20 miles off Africa’s eastern coast and was visited by Egyptians in about 2500 BC, and Phoenicians circa 600 BC. The sub-Saharan Africans didn’t reach it until 100 AD – and this was most likely due to getting boats from Arab slave traders.

    One of the largest islands in the world, Madagascar, lies just 229 miles off the east coast of Africa, with yet smaller islands lying in between, yet all these islands were first settled by Indonesians, not sub-Saharan Africans.

    Stone tools and artefacts found in Asia clearly indicate that rafts and boats were being built and used on this continent as early as 900,000 years ago.

    The IQ and race deniers tells us that modern man migrated out of Africa 65,000 years ago, after having spent the previous millennia evolving alongside his sub-Saharan Negro brethren. Yet up to 2000 years ago modern man’s sub-Sharan brethren had not the intelligence to build a raft and reach islands overflowing with fruit and game just a few miles off Africa’s coast.

    Domesticating animals, taming and keeping them in a limited area so they can be located, controlled, fed, watered and protected and slaughtered for food. Selectively breeding the good ones and eating the weak requires abstract thought and an ability to plan for the future.

    There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that animals were domesticated in sub-Saharan Africa. A culture that domesticate animals would leave an abundance of easily discerned evidence.

    Three African tribes were found by White explorers to herd cattle, but those tribes had had interactions with Arab slave traders. Arabs did have domesticated cattle and it was probably these that introduced cattle herding to the Negro’s whilst settled there in their slave trading bases.

    The best modern example of the effects of the Negro post-orbital constriction is Charles McRay Blow, a “op-ed columnist” for the New York Times. In 2017 Blow wrote: “I prefer the boot of truth to slam down to earth like thunder, no matter the shock of hearing its clap”. Then this year Blow wrote: “The death dealing of COVID amounts to the Appalachians of ignorance”.

    Yeah, the post-orbital constriction is strong in this one.

    Eddie Scarry in the Federalist does a wonderful takedown of the pathologically narcissistic Blow:

    But Blow is simply acting in the way that the alpha predator does in a pack of hunting animals. The underlings don’t respect the alpha predator because he runs down more prey than the others. They respect him because he CAN run down more prey than them. His underlings respect the alpha because he’ll be able, if given reason, to also run them down and savage them.

    Charles McRay Blow’s post-orbital constriction has him doing exactly as an alpha male chimpanzee does to keep his troop subdued and inline and the females in awe of him. He has to constantly be on show, preen and continually boast about how wonderful he is.

    Blow’s in-your-face and childish narcissism can be nauseating, but his actions are driven by an animalistic insecurity.

    The alpha chimpanzee doesn’t stand-down and retire and then become a respected village elder. The chimp’s inability for abstract thought and planning ahead means he’ll cling on until a younger fitter contender tears him asunder and banishes him from the troop. Charles McRay Blow’s behavioural alleles codes for similar type behaviour.

  2. Swan
    Swan says:

    The falsehood of equal distribution of intelligence between races foisted upon us by Boaz, Gould, Lewontin, et al is generally believed by the gullible masses as is the myth of the holocaust. The Jewish subversion and control of western civilization is truly a staggering thing once you understand it. Trying to wake up the normie seems a daunting if not impossible task. Somehow, those of us in know must pull together and separate from this madness and start our own nation.

        • Tim Folke
          Tim Folke says:

          Geographically and demographically there are obstacles to overcome everywhere. But, I think the Pacific Northwest is best. Lots of farm land, still overwhelmingly White, and many of those Whites – more than any other place – are ethnocentric.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            I second the motion to establish a WN ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest of the USA starting in Idaho . Just do it Whiteys . Forget about consuming huge amounts of fertile farmlands or precious wilderness areas just for everyone to have the luxury of living in a rural private home . Think about building up small cities with high quality noise insulated Whiteman standard housing/condos with very low crime populations and profitable business economies . In other words , build decent moderately sized urban cultures of the kind that only high IQ Whites with high value intelligence can create . Be sure to include robust defenses against cultural predators and parasites .

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    Two issues here. The first ponders the inquiry about entanglement with the Third World. The next is EuroMan’s infighting. I hope this will wet the appetite of some of our family.

    We’ll touch the topic of EuroMan’s infighting first. Poland was about a million square miles, stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea. She lost more territory than Germany at her greatest height. She was often in conflict with Islam and ethno Turkish elements. You can see that in perhaps as many as 10% of the Polish faces. GB was in a somewhat similar category; mainly, she encountered non-Euros. It was inevitable that there would be mixture. Look at France today, or Sweden, or even pockets of West Germany.

    In addition to the noted regional mixture, politico adherence to greed enters this scenario. Kinda like Biden, numerous US elite and the Chinese. Becuz of altruism and profit the Englishman allowed Afros special privileges. As we all know they flooded into once-GB and (2) W females mated with them on an unprecedented scale. We’ll now touch EuroMan’s infighting.

    Centuries ago Poland, northern Germany and especially Russia were flooded with Scandinavians. During the religious wars over a million Germans fled the hundreds of little German states for freedom in Poland. Fact: About 95% became Polonized. Prior to that, in the 5th century most of what became East Germany was Slavic. Those natives became fully Germanized. Before the AH became bossman of the Third Reich most of the regional names were Slavic. Many still are and mean nothing in German. At the end of Eurocide I there was even an attempt to make a small predominant Slavic religion within Germany proper a country. I read the book entitled something like The Smallest Slavic Nation. In fact, I read material in the Lusation language (it’s close to Polish and Czech). As for linguistic factors there are several words in Polish emanated from Germany. The same applies on the opposite side.

    What I found to be extremely fascinating what was the primitivism of the Russian soldier who was not from the metropolitan or large city regions of Russia, during Eurocide II. He was in decades behind and cognition disability compared to the common soldier of the Wehrmacht. Those of the German armed forces were the product of immense close intercity competition.

    Because of political ideologies millions of Europeans I’ve sacrificed themselves and their brothers and their neighbors homes. At the end of both Eurocide I and II the futility of continued conflict resulted in and ocean of deaths on both sides. It was completely unnecessary. One last thing. It’s about the Czech factor. For centuries those two people got along splendidly. The cities were essentially German speaking. It was only during the cohersed Germanization what antagonisms exacerbated. Many Czechs told me that had that not occurred they would have never been the animosities that occurred after Eurocide I. A good friend of mine was a German who was allowed to keep his home after the last horrendous brother war. This was because his family had always supported brotherhood. He attends, as due I, festivities in both German-American and Slavic-American clubs.

    Lastly, more Czech and Polish-Ams intermarry with those of German heritage than any other group other than the Irish (the Catholic factor). More Polonians understand German than any other group. Both Poles and Germans are high up on the scale of ratings in math. Perhaps the last remaining W regions on planet earth will be Byelorussia, East Germany, Poland and parts of Russia. If we adjudicate by present trends, the Chinese will own much of today’s Asian Russia and they will be a large part of the Australian, Canadian and US landscape.

  4. blake121666
    blake121666 says:

    Lynn’s hand-waving inclusion of evolution in his speculation about IQ discrepancies by sex seems superfluous to me.

    He says: “The sex difference in intelligence appears at the age of 16 years because the development of girls ceases at this age, whereas it continues for boys”.

    If he believes this to be the case, there is no need for his evolution speculation. Theoretically, the egg of a high-IQ woman could pass on that intelligence to a son born from a low-IQ sperm and the further “development” of the boy would give the higher IQ than if the zygote were female.

    A priori, I see no reason to believe the intelligence of the father plays a role in the son’s intelligence – other than passing on the genes resulting in a male (such a the Y-chromosome, for instance).

    His statement about further “development” seems to be enough of an explanation to me. Why throw in anything about “evolution” in his conception?

    • Hyacinth
      Hyacinth says:

      Re why “evolution” — Perhaps because he is not hindered by religious dictates, or fear of committing a heresy? By the wsy, even some sincerely “religious” people agree with the obvious truth of evolution.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        The “truth” of macroevolution is far from obvious—and far from likely. Microevolution alone enjoys something like consensus.

  5. Max
    Max says:

    Regarding Southern Italy, while certainly MENA admixture is a factor, I wonder if emigration has been even more dysgenic. It’s been 150 years of brain drain and it continues today, whether to Northern cities like Milan or further afield . Those immigrants usually never return and in any case, aren’t as likely to meet and marry another Southern Italian, leading to a negative feedback loop where those left behind have, well, dumber kids on average.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I believe both factors to be causative, though in what relative proportion would be, I think, difficult to quantify. Italian waves of immigration at the turn of the 20th century were overwhelmingly Southern Italian. This group might have been the most displaced and needy (nothing to lose, similar to my grandparents from Greece), or enterprising and more highly educated and cosmopolitan to a lesser degree.

      Tchewish immigration in this era. Well off and educated Jews from Germany and Central Europe arrived earlier, following by the “underclasses” from the Pale of Settlement and shtetls. The aftermath of World Genocide 1 supercharged emigration from the European Continent.

  6. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” Intelligent people learn faster and more effectively, and can solve problems that unintelligent people are unable to solve.”

    Conflating [ IQ ] with [ intelligence ] creates a huge problem of confusions that remains mostly unrealized in the Westernworld if not in all the world . The conflation makes it impossible to see the confusions . Even a Wikipedia article on IQ and intelligence asserts/insinuates the typical disingenuous excuse that [ “intelligence” has no established definition ] .

    All major Westernworld intel agencies define “intelligence” as [ information and knowledge ] ; and “IQ” per se is not a measure of “intelligence”. “IQ” is basicly a measure of the power to process info ; it is an info processing power metric — nothing more nor less .

    Virtually ALL essays about “IQ” invariably conflate it with the word “intelligence”. The unrealized confusions and subsequent unrealized pertinent and inveterate problems in understanding human difficulties/issues will persist as long as the conflation persists . The confusion problems resulting from the conflations are likely most prevalent in the powerful collective subconscious realm where again it is impossible for the unrealized conflations to be properly related to any pertinent confusions .

    And the Lord God said ___

    “” Go to , let us go down ,
    and there confound their language ,
    that they may not understand one another’s speech .””

    ( verbatim quote from :
    The Jewish Holy Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis / 11 : 7 ) .

  7. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Some years ago , Prof Lynn , was quoted as saying ” I have read the wartime memoirs of Churchill , De Gaulle and Roosevelt , and I was astonished to be furnished with no information or reference whatsoever to a Holocaust .”

    Fake quote or not ?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I regret that I can’t help you with confirmation (or otherwise) of the sourcing to Lynn, but I distinctly recall seeing this very statement or a near duplicate of it in the mid- or late nineties either at CODOH or at Bradley Smith’s personal site (“blog” was then not yet a term in common use). It was the eye-opener that made me see that the so-called Holocaust couldn’t possibly be anything but a hoax.

      In other words, whoever the original speaker might have been, the statement is, at a minimum, almost thirty years old.

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