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The University of Austin Is Not a Solution to Wokeness: It May Create a New Echo Chamber

Overwhelmed by the procrustean atmosphere of the contemporary university, self-styled contrarians led by Bari Weiss have decided to launch a new university in Texas called the University of Austin. The decision is widely heralded as an antidote to the virulent conformity engendered by major universities. As the mobbing of Kathleen Stock, Dorian Abbott, and Charles […]

Lipton Matthews Interviews Richard Lynn

Richard Lynn is a distinguished academic and prolific researcher whose interests span a fascinating array of topics. Professor Lynn is a pioneer in the field of intelligence research and is well regarded for his numerous books documenting the association between intelligence and social outcomes. 1.Professor Lynn, you have written extensively on the predictive power of […]

Lipton Matthews Interviews Thomas Dalton

 Dr. Thomas Dalton is an American academic known for his extensive commentaries on controversial topics.  Today he joins the Occidental Observer for a stimulating Q&A where we discuss his views on Jews, anti-Semitism, and Jewish power structures. Matthews:  ‘Anti-Semitism’ is frequently employed as a derisive term to shame thinkers like yourself who adopt an unflinching […]