2030 Vision: Part II—“We Have the Technology”: Brother Klaus and the Real-Life National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments

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Klaus Schwab’s Network

At the conclusion of my last piece, I left off with a quote from Henry Kissinger; fitting, then, that we should begin here with Kissinger confidant and associate Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, spearheading the Great Reset. Schwab has been an associate of the Kissinger’s (also a Davos participant) since his time at Harvard in the mid-1960s. Schwab’s work sits at the nexus of much of the transhumanist-globalist Hivemind activity and its future direction, and it is worth looking more deeply at Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the tentacle-like connections that span the globe with the aim of totally enveloping it.

Schwab was from 1993–1995 a member of the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development and from 1996–1998 Vice-Chairman of the UN Committee for Development Planning. He holds honorary professorships with the China Foreign Affairs University and Ben-Gurion University in Israel; in 2004 Schwab was awarded $1 million from the Dan David Prize in Israel as a Present laureate for leadership in “changing our world.” This money was used to launch the Forum of Young Global Leaders. Other Dan David Prize winners include World Economic Forum Board of Trustees members Yo-Yo Ma and Al Gore, as well as individuals such as MIT professor of artificial intelligence Marvin Minsky (b. 1927–d. 2016) and 2012 Future winners for Genome Research J. Craig Venter, Eric Lander (the MIT/Harvard Broad Institute), and David Botstein (taught at MIT, is the Chief Scientific Officer at Google’s “anti-aging” startup Calico).

Venter studied mRNA and the human genome while with the National Institutes of Health[1] and eventually left for Celera Genomics, which was essentially in competition with the Human Genome Project for the complete mapping of the human genome. In 2005, Venter co-founded a firm dedicated to using modified microorganisms to produce “clean fuels” and biochemicals called Synthetic Genomics. In 2010, a team led by Venter inserted artificial genetic material which was chemically printed, synthesized, and assembled into cells that were then able to become colonies. This “synthetic life”

was done by synthesizing a very long DNA molecule containing an entire bacterium genome, and introducing this into another cell, analogous to the accomplishment of Eckard Wimmer’s group, who synthesized and ligated an RNA virus genome and “booted” it in cell lysate. The single-celled organism contains four “watermarks” written into its DNA to identify it as synthetic and to help trace its descendants.[2]

RNA viruses include things like COVID-19; viruses with RNA as their genetic material which also include DNA intermediates in their replication cycle are called retroviruses, of which HIV is the most well-known. Given the over-arching desire among the “elites” to track humanity through mass surveillance, hack humanity through psychology/propaganda (see Edward Bernays for example), and track and hack humanity directly through biology—and among the transhumanists more specifically in attempting to defy aging and frankly nature in its entirety—these connections are quite important. We can also see that the architecture and network of neo-liberal globalism have proven fertile ground for the wide dissemination of the techno- and bio-tyranny we see unfolding before us, often using the language of liberalism to cloak its intent. Indeed, it would appear that the Left appears more willing to sign on through this particular guise, but this instinct is not limited to the Left.

Returning to Schwab and showing his more “conventional” globalist bona fides, he is also a former Steering Committee member for the Bilderberg Group alongside individuals such as Henry Kissinger, Larry Summers, and Jeffrey Epstein associate George J. Mitchell. Epstein’s extensive ties to institutions such as MIT and Summers’s former employer Harvard (in addition to the “special connection” Summers and Epstein shared) are well-documented, as was his central position as a facilitator for the vital connections that form so much of the transhumanist infrastructure, very likely as an intermediary for the Israeli Mossad.

In-Q-Tel and the CIA

A complete picture of the interconnections among this web of players is unknown, but, if we can already highlight significant connections, then surely there are many more behind the scenes. In-Q-Tel bears scrutiny because it is an agency of the U.S. government. Basically In-Q-Tel is the CIA’s venture capital arm. According to former CIA Director George Tenet:

We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999 we chartered … In-Q-Tel. … While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA. CIA identifies pressing problems, and In-Q-Tel provides the technology to address them. The In-Q-Tel alliance has put the Agency back at the leading edge of technology.[3]

Facebook in its nascent stages (summer 2004) received funding from Peter Thiel’s Clarium Capital. Major funding followed to the tune of $12.7 million from Thiel and Accel Partners in May 2005 and $27.5 million from Thiel, Accel, and Greylock Partners in April 2006. What do these funding sources have in common? As Jody Chudley writes:

Just for fun, I searched for each of those investors and In-Q-Tel at the same time. Here is what I found:

Peter Thiel — Took In-Q-Tel funding for his startup firm Palantir somewhere around 2004.

Accel Partners — In 2004, Accel partner James Breyer sat on the board of directors of military defense contractor BBN with In-Q-Tel’s CEO Gilman Louie.

Greylock Partners — Howard Cox, the head of Greylock, served directly on In-Q-Tel’s board of directors.[4]

In 2004, Google acquired Keyhole, which had been contracted by In-Q-Tel and is now known as Google Earth. In 2010, Google and In-Q-Tel made a joint investment in a company called Recorded Future, which provides services related to predictive event planning, cyber security, and other processing and analysis services based on machine learning. In 2019, venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, which has made investments in companies like Twitter and Tumblr (a major vehicle for recruitment of minors for transgender groomers), acquired Recorded Future. Noah Schachtmann described Recorded Future as “a company that strips out from web pages the sort of who, what, when, where, why — sort of who’s involved … where are they going, what kind of events are they going to.” “We can assemble actual real-time dossiers on people,” co-founder Christopher Ahlberg says.

Yes, there is some superficial plausible deniability here, but let’s be real. With CIA funding and people like Tenet and former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence and President and Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates Jami Miscik (who is also a Board member of the Council on Foreign Relations) on the Board of Trustees, how independent is In-Q-Tel really? Regardless of whether it is or is not actually carrying out direct orders from the CIA, the links with both the agency and other major globalist network hubs—especially in context—are plenty damning and do much to illustrate what’s going on here, namely in these instances that technology is not an aid for people or a way to make life easier, but rather a way to track and trace them in real time. Nothing moves without the intermediary, as it were. Further, predictive planning allows for the anticipation of human actions, particularly resistance to this agenda. It is security, sure, but security for the vast bureaucratic apparatus and its shadowy machinations.

Artificial intelligence is in many ways the key to the globalist Panopticon, beyond being a sort of deity in its own right for the transhumanists. So it’s interesting that In-Q-Tel President and CEO Chris Darby is also on the National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence. 2020 investments by In-Q-Tel include Morpheus Space (“disrupting the NewSpace industry by introducing Agile Constellations, a fusion between cutting edge propulsion and AI”), AI.Reverie (“A leading provider of synthetic data to train machine learning algorithms”), and Snorkel AI (based out of Palo Alto). Other major recent investments include all kinds of data storage, sensor network, micro surveillance, and quantum computing start-ups. One of the premier investments on the quantum computing side is D-Wave Systems based out of British Columbia, Canada. Major customers include Google, NASA, the Los Alamos National Lab, Lockheed Martin, and the University of Southern California. We also see investments such as Algorithmic (“Infrastructure for deploying and scaling AI/ML models”) and at least eighteen biotechnology start-ups such as Microchip Biotechnologies and Boreal Genomics (DNA fingerprints).

In-Q-Tel made a major investment in a company called Digital Reasoning in 2010. Digital Reasoning signed a contract with the National Ground Intelligence Center of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command in 2004 for the use of its Synthesys software, which has been used in Afghanistan to track combatants. I wonder if it will be used for the same on the new “domestic terrorists” complaining about Critical Race Theory being taught in schools in the United States? Major investors in the company also include BNP Paribas, Barclays, and Goldman Sachs. Steven A. Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management is one of the major firms that uses the Synthesys software in the private sector, primarily to scan internal e-mails between employees for “unfamiliar patterns” and “unusual behavior.”

You Must Get the Vaccine!

Indeed, Point72 also retained the services of Peter Thiel’s Palantir Technologies in 2014 for “a new tool for compliance and surveillance.” Palantir has not only also received financial backing from In-Q-Tel, but its clients past and present include the CIA directly, the DHS, NSA, CDC, FBI, and the Air Force, as well as the UK’s NHS for COVID-19-related tracking (ostensibly)—the same UK where the minister responsible for the COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout, Nadhim Zahawi, stated that:

Google, Facebook and Twitter should do more to fact-check opposing views of vaccines. Asked by the BBC if there would be an immunity passport, Zahawi said a person’s COVID-19 vaccine status might be included in a phone app that would inform local doctors of a person’s status. “But also I think you’d probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system as they’ve done with the app,” Zahawi told the BBC. [This is already being done in Los Angeles.] “The sort of pressure will come both ways: from service providers — who will say ‘look, demonstrate to us that you have been vaccinated’ — but also we will make the technology as easy and accessible as possible.” Asked if it would become virtually impossible to do anything without the vaccine, Zahawi said: “I think people have to make a decision but I think you’ll probably find many service providers will want to engage in this in the way they did with the app.”[5]

In other words, even if it isn’t mandated de jure, it will be de facto, with existence within the system made impossible for those who decline to be injected with the “vaccine”—or for anyone who runs afoul of the regime or who has a low social credit score for that matter.

Already in early December 2020 companies were publicly considering the idea that employees who refused the vaccine could be terminated; labor and employment attorneys such as Rogge Dunn stated that, “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t, fire them.” While there may be the possibility of temporary exemptions, this will eventually no longer be an option. Indeed, this policy has already been enacted in many jurisdictions.

This naturally begs the question why—why are they so eager to get this shot into people’s arms? Matt Taibbi recently noted that Merck’s new drug molnupiravir was initially greeted with enthusiasm as a new treatment for Covid. However, “it took less than 24 hours for the drug — barely tested, let alone released yet — to be accused of prolonging the pandemic. By the 3rd day, mentions of molnupiravir in news reports nearly all came affixed to stern reminders of its place beneath vaccines in the medical hierarchy.” Treatments be damned. Get vaccinated!

The question of why elites are so intent on everyone getting vaccinated is one that we will continue to consider. Although I do not pretend to have all the answers, I will endeavor to present the evidence and connections that will help illustrate at minimum the global systems all working in concert to some terrible end. We may also make educated suppositions based on the evidence presented and forthcoming, and will continue to do so as this series of articles progresses, but a quick word: the reader will not grasp the totality of the issue let alone its rough outlines if they remain tethered to one “pet issue” or aspect of what we’ll call for shorthand globalism. Very clearly there is, as with the other arms of this agenda from “multi-culturalism” to transgenderism and transhumanism, an outsized Jewish footprint, but there are many non-Jews involved as well—our new technocratic elite. The reasons for this have been explored at great length at TOO, and also incorporate a more metaphysical dimension—a dimension that may well be at the heart of the entire project.

In-Q-Tel and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Now we return to the thickening plot: two more In-Q-Tel investments include Nozomi Networks and Nanosys, a nanotechnology company that designs, develops, and manufactures quantum dot materials. Regarding the former, the following is from a July 14, 2020 Nozomi press release published on their website:

Despite one of the worst economic crises in decades, the company experienced 20% growth in bookings and 66% growth in revenue year-over-year, welcoming In-Q-Tel and Telefónica as strategic investors and adding DeloitteNTTOrange and T-Systems to its growing list of global partners … Nozomi Networks Labs also launched a special initiative to help the security community fight COVID-19-related cyber threats. “COVID-19 has accelerated IT/OT [i.e., information technology and operational technology] convergence, created new customer requirements and increased market demands for our solutions,” said Nozomi Networks CEO Edgard Capdevielle. … “We’re stronger than ever and ready to take OT and IoT [internet of things] security to the next level.”

IoT is the internet of things, a major fixation of Schwab and the World Economic Forum. In short, it is the vast network of physical objects embedded with the requisite technology and software to plug in to the internet and coordinate and exchange data, basically what Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to put in your brain. Essentially, the IoT is any “smart” device/appliance/etc., and will soon be possible to include human beings if the transhumanists have their way. The term ‘internet of things’ owes its origin to Kevin Ashton, co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Center. Returning to the Nozomi press release, it clearly shows their connections to the “U.S. intelligence and security communities,” including the Department of Defense:

New customers around the globe [include] key wins at top pharmaceutical manufacturers, transportation companies, electric and water utilities, oil & gas companies and healthcare organizations. “Nozomi Networks’ use of machine learning enables them to provide advanced device identification, behavioral analysis, and anomaly detection capabilities through passive monitoring of IoT and OT networks. This level of visibility is essential for protecting critical infrastructure devices and networks. Their solution is designed to support distributed network architectures and integration with a broad range of security products, making it well suited for deployment into the challenging and diverse operating environments of the U.S. intelligence and defense communities,” [says] Brinda Jadeja, Senior Partner, Investments, In-Q-TelWe [Nozomi Networks] continue to build our relationship with the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI). Nozomi Networks is engaged in MISI’s Dreamport U.S. Cyber Command mission accelerator, focused on helping over 300,000 Defense Industrial Base contractors meet new certification requirements to ensure better cybersecurity for the DoD supply chain.

As COVID-19 “necessitated” the need to become more interconnected and digitized, now we are warned of the “unprecedented” and ever-rising cyber-threat, especially to the power grid that serves as the lifeline for contemporary society. Cyber Polygon, part of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity Platform, declares that “In 2020 the central theme for the Cyber Polygon live stream was the prevention of a ‘digital pandemic’: how to prevent a crisis and to reinforce cybersecurity on all levels”—more predictive programming from these would-be masters of humans and cyberkind. And who would those organizations involved with Cyber Polygon, in addition to the WEF, be? Basically a Who’s Who of globalist elites: INTERPOL, Visa, Banco Santander, Ericsson, IBM, BI.ZONE, Sberbank, Trend Micro, Mobile Telesystems (MTS), and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Partners for the Centre for Cybersecurity Platform more broadly include elites in the corporate, academic, and NGO world: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, EUROPOL, the University of Oxford, Amazon, Bank of America, BlackRock, the Saudi Arabia National Cybersecurity Authority, PayPal, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Huawei, China Southern Power Grid, China Datang, State Grid Corporation of China, Palantir, and the Israel National Cyber Directorate.

The World Economic Forum: History and Connections

At this juncture, it is worthwhile to take a brief look at the history of the World Economic Forum that has given itself the authority to call for a global Great Reset, which, again, is just a conspiracy theory, and how its existence dovetails with that of the centrally-controlled One Europe bureaucratic state whose people “must learn to be multi-cultural” as per Barbara Lerner Spectre. The WEF’s first iteration was as the European Management Forum, with the first European Management Symposium held in 1971 and attended by numerous Harvard academics and other individuals such as IBM President Jacques Maisonrouge, the Herman Kahn (co-founder of the Hudson Institute, military strategist and systems theorist for the RAND Corporation, a prominent futurist, and considered one of the fathers of scenario planning), and Otto von Habsburg, the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Vice President (and then President) of the International Paneuropean Union, which published Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s manifesto Paneuropa in 1923.

Kalergi—heavily influenced by his marriage to the Jewish actress Ida Roland and a strange worship of Jews—is most known for what is commonly called the Kalergi Plan derived from his 1925 book Practical Idealism, where “Eurasian-Negroids” would replace “the diversity of peoples” with a “diversity of individuals.” An associate of both Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle as well, Kalergi had a massive influence on the shaping of Europe’s (mis-)direction in the twentieth and now twenty-first centuries. The European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi awards a prize every two years to major figures who have proven themselves to be committed to Kalergi’s vision, including Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, and Ronald Reagan. Kalergi was a major supporter of aspects of the visions of American President Woodrow Wilson and the gay Jewish communist Kurt Hiller. In 1921, he joined a Viennese Masonic lodge and the year following, with Otto von Habsburg, founded the International Paneuropean Union. Next:

According to his autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 his friend Baron Louis de Rothschild introduced him to Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next three years by giving him 60,000 gold marks. Warburg remained sincerely interested in the movement for the remainder of his life and served as an intermediate for Coudenhove-Kalergi with influential Americans such as banker Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch.[6]

Baruch, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds are of course all Jewish, and once again we see the role of high finance as an inherently destructive force and obstacle to not just the self-preservation of distinct ethnic groups but as we enter the post-COVID world, that of humanity itself.

Schwab’s second Forum meeting in Davos featured former Nazi and NASA rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and “industrial democracy” thinker and activist Charles Levinson, who joined DuPont in 1978. Levinson’s inclusion is especially notable for it marks the beginning of what we might think of as “corporate activism.” The third European Management Symposium in 1973 featured a speech by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei summarizing The Limits to Growth, a book echoing the concerns of Thomas Malthus and Peccei’s contemporaries such as Paul Ehrlich, that had been commissioned by the Club of Rome, which he co-founded and served as its first president. The Club was founded at David Rockefeller’s estate in Bellaggio, Italy in 1968. This is the same David Rockefeller who founded the Trilateral Commission with Zbigniew Brzezinski (Board member of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1972–1977) in 1973; Rockefeller was also Chairman of the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1970–1985. We will explore the role of the over-population-cum-climate change ideology more fully in a later article, but it, along with these major NGOs like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who have extensively funded it, is yet another key piece of the puzzle.

Along with the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation began pumping significant funding into the Council in the late 1930s; additionally, Paul Warburg was a member of the Board from its establishment until 1932. The Warburgs and other major Jewish Wall Street financiers—as well as other major Jewish bankers such as Olof Aschberg—were the primary bankrollers of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Other former Council on Foreign Relations Board members from the past include: George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Walter Lippmann, Paul Volcker, Allen Dulles, Alan Greenspan, Cyrus Vance, Richard B. “Dick” Cheney, William S. Cohen, Richard C. Holbrooke, Donna Shalala, Robert Zoellick, Madeleine Albright, Tom Brokaw, Colin Powell, Penny Pritzker, and George Soros. Some active members include Lorene Powell Jobs, Larry Fink, and Janet Napolitano. Notable Club of Rome members have included Mikhail Gorbachev, Joe Stiglitz, and Pierre Trudeau.

In addition to the World Economic Forum—whose partners and affiliates include virtually every major player in not just the globalist agenda more broadly but who form the power nucleus of the dominant faction of transhumanists pushing the world in its current awful direction—Klaus Schwab also founded the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a sister organization of the WEF, along with his wife Hilde. Its awardees have included people like Rob Acker of Salesforce, Helmy Abouleish (“driving a number of initiatives that address major challenges like climate change and food security”), Simon Bakker (Kennemer Foods International), Julie Battilana (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Eli Beer (United Hatzalah of Israel), Ann Branch (the European Commission), Sasha Chanoff,[7] Salah Goss (Mastercard), Jamie McAuliffe (Aspen Institute), Cynthia McCaffrey (UNICEF China), Christian Seelos (Stanford University), and Jonathan Wong (UNESCAP).

It is the ideology of the aforementioned transhumanists that we will explore in much greater depth next time.

[1] mRNA and the NIH are both vital in understanding the COVID-19 vaccination agenda—the NIH for its role in gain of function research and beyond, and mRNA as the primary vector of delivery in two of the three major “vaccines”—I use the term in quotes as they’re not technically vaccines despite being marketed as such—on offer in the US.

[2] Wikipedia entry for Craig Venter.

[3] Tenet, George, At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA, Harper Press, 1997. p. 26.

[4] Chudley, Jody, “REVEALED: Facebook’s CIA Connections…” March 29, 2018. St. Paul Research.

[5] Reuters Staff (probably AI which generates a lot of these short articles for outlets like Reuters and the Associated Press), “No COVID-19 vaccine, no normal life, UK minister suggests,” November 30, 2020. Reuters.

[6] Wikipedia entry for Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

[7] Per the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship: “Sasha Chanoff is the Founder and Executive Director of RefugePoint, and the co-author of the book From Crisis to Calling: Finding Your Moral Center in the Toughest Decisions, with a foreword by David Gergen. He is a recipient of the Charles Bronfman Humanitarian Prize, the Harvard Center for Public Leadership Gleitsman International Activist Award, and is a White House Champion of Change. Sasha has appeared on 60 Minutes and in other US media outlets, and has received social entrepreneur fellowships from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Ashoka, and Echoing Green. He is a steering committee member of New England International Donors and a founding advisor to The Good Lie Fund.”

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  1. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    This essay is a difficult read with all of its convoluted details ; otherwise it is interesting and very pertinent to the existential issues that Whites must engage if they are to survive as a race .

    It seems that virtually all USA lawyers have been either neutered , or have capitulated to the NWO ILLuminati globalist agenda , or are lawyers-in-name only .

    Assuming that the U.S. Constitution is still the foundation of USA laws-of-the-land , then the 1776 Declaration of Independence is an integral part of Constitutional law since it is the preamble to the Constitution . The Declaration expresses several profoundly significant principles of law . In particular , it states that citizens ___

    …” are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights , that among these are Life , Liberty , and the Pursuit of Happiness “…

    where “Creator” is either God or the State/Government that bestows citizenship .

    Accordingly , labor and employment attorney Rogge Dunn’s assertion ___

    “ Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t, fire them.”

    is clearly mistaken since :

    1) A coerced vax is against
    your a priori inalienable lawful Right-to-Life
    since it is potentially lethal

    2) A coerced vax is against
    your a priori inalienable lawful Right-to-Liberty
    since it is against your liberty
    to refuse an unwanted medical practice upon your self

    3) A coerced vax is against
    your a priori inalienable lawful Right-to-Pursue-Happiness
    since it is against your pursuit of Happiness in the belief that
    the U. S. Department of Justice will uphold
    your a priori inalienable lawful Rights .

    Are there any real lawyers still here in the so-called USA ?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Mao See Dung

      Thank you, MT for stating the obvious. There are also 4 seasons and sunshine and moonshine are very positive.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Thanks for that Mao quote .

        Now we know who are the primary drivers ( the international communists == jewmasterss ) of the NWO globalist agenda for worldwide cancellation of citizen ownership of guns ; and why they are behind it ( to have totalitarian control over the sheeple herds under their command jurisdiction ) .

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Correct. The logic and transparency of this statement is beyond compelling. Only those governments who desire total control, centralization of all political, social, economic life of its citizens favor prohibiting the possession of the means of self defense. This translates into what is loosely termed “The Left”, aka socialism = communism, or a cult of the personality dictatorship. There really is no difference, implying the uselessness of the descriptors “Left” or “Right”.

          Just as George Orwell predicted, the language is one of the first mediums to be corrupted and changed. Not only are words’ meanings changed, but the vocabulary shrinks as well. This not often mentioned factoid results in fewer words carrying more abstract ideas and meaning. This is deliberate. No one will doubt the vocabulary of Boobus Americanus and Boobus Europeon-us has shrunk drastically. Consequently, some scholar (whose name shall never be mentioned again) noted that the “Whites” in Antifa use only 50% of the vocabulary of 2 generations ago.

          How many criticisms have you heard of someone using a “cliche” or “trite” phrase, lately? Or how many instances have you heard or read of a criticism of a person’s communication as “illogical”?

          Let me part on a jocular note, for laugher is good medicine and feeling superior is wonderful, if it is true. So, ask a millennial mille-animal, or Black or Brown person, “What is the meaning of the word, “logic”.?

  2. bruno
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    A very interesting article. However, I wonder why I always obtain TOO a day later. This work was composed on Oct 8th and I secured it on Oct 9th. Anyways, thank you.

  3. Bobjeanjesus
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    *enjoying your book 🙂 anyway…you haven’t mentioned the social credit score. They probably will use that on us. Say if you buy the wrong books… surely that counts against you. I’d like to see the old slave law brought back…I’ve definitely read 1000 books and should be executed at dawn 🙂 mark of the beast technology is where it will end up.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    The Sars CoV-2 vaccine is the biggest criminal conspiracy that has ever been undertaken against humankind.

    ■ There are two main elements to this criminal conspiracy:
    ■ Experimentation into Transhumanism.

    In its first guise, this vaccine is actually a toxin. A highly dangerous toxin. In this instance, what is being injected into people is a laboratory produced synthetic code that has been created from the data achieved from gain-of-function research. This research involved so-called scientists taking wild viruses, which only infected animals such as bats and birds, and genetically manipulating and splicing them with viruses that infected humans. This was done with the express purpose of creating more virulent and infectious viruses.

    The Sars virus which first appeared in 2002/2003 was probably the first man-made virus to escape or be purposefully released. The Sars virus is a combination of wild viruses that only infected animals being genetically spliced with viruses that infected humans.

    Then a few years ago, Derek Rossi, the founder of Moderna, found a way to modify RNA. He then used this modified RNA to reprogram stem cells to get them to preform specific functions that nature didn’t design them to do.

    It’s this modified RNA and reprogrammed stem cells that are the base of Moderna’s vaccine.

    When the Sars CoV-2 vaccine in its toxic form is injected into a human, the synthetic code it contains makes its way to the blood stream and is then taken up by every cell that lines the blood vessels. These cells read the synthetic mRNA code and immediately start producing a spike protein.

    This toxic spike protein develops quickly in some and slower in others. The reason for this is because of the differing injection methods. When the toxin is injected via an intramuscular injection, the synthetic mRNA takes longer to reach the blood stream and the cells thereafter. When the toxin is given via an intravenous injection, it reaches the cells much quicker.

    Medical protocol dictates that the Sars CoV-2 vaccine be injected intramuscularly. The correct method of injecting it this way is to insert the needle and then draw back on the pusher and check if blood flows backwards into the syringe. If blood is drawn back into the syringe, it means the needle is in a vein. The correct procedure if this happens is to withdraw the needle and bin it. Then get a new needle and make sure the vaccine is being injected into a muscle and not a vein.

    The actualities of how vaccines are being administered is that medical staff dispensing the vaccines have been ordered to NOT withdraw the syringe pusher in order to check for a backflow of blood. This is clear evidence that the authorities prefer that the vaccine is injected straight into the blood stream. This in itself is criminal and illegal, and there are medical staff out there that know this, but they haven’t the guts to step forward.

    There are many reports of previously healthy and fit vaccinated people developing heart problems, suffering a severe loss of energy and frequent headaches and nausea. These symptoms result from the spike protein: the synthetic mRNA is first taken up by the cells that line the blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries. These cells then read the synthetic code and produce the spike proteins which then grow outwards into the veins and capillaries, obstructing blood flow.

    The inner surfaces of blood vessels were designed by nature to be smooth, so as to better facilitate the pumping of blood. When the spike proteins appear on the inner surfaces of veins and capillaries, hundreds of thousands of microscopic blood clots form. Some of the few moral doctors left have found evidence of these microscopic blood clots in patients by doing a D-dimer test – but if they publish this on Google, Facebook or Twitter they are immediately removed and cancelled.

    These spike proteins are produced in veins and capillaries all over the body and along with them come the blood clots and reduced blood flow. Hence, vaccinated people suffer illness, fatigue and other symptoms.

    Another very dangerous effect is that these billions of spike proteins all over the body puts the immune system into overdrive. Vaccinated people when tested after the first shot were shown to have produced massive amounts of antibodies. There are different forms to the human body’s immune system, but the way some antibodies work is they attack and destroy the cells which a virus has hijacked in order to reproduce itself.

    This works very well in a natural setting, where a virus enters the body and hijacks some cells and starts replicating itself. The antibodies detect the cells which have been hijacked and destroys them. And thus, the virus is defeated.

    But with the Sars CoV-2 vaccine’s synthetic spike protein, every cell in the body is infected and the antibodies’ response is to practically destroy every cell in the body. Vaccinated people have been found to have massive bruising; this is the result of antibodies attacking the massive amounts of cells that have started producing the artificial spike protein, with the result that blood vessels are breaking down and the blood leaking out to bruise surrounding tissue.


    Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil (of Google) are eager proponents and pushers of transhumanism. This is where human beings are basically computerized, and turned into a type of cyborg.

    Some batches of the Sars CoV-2 vaccine contain Hydrogel which is a substance that transports a product (((they))) have named Luciferase into the human body. Luciferase when injected into the human body remains eternally and can be read by an app on a smartphone, very much like a bar code. They can use this to check that people have gotten their 1st and 2nd shots, and to also ensure they’ve gotten the following booster shots.

    Luciferase also has an identifier unique to each person, which can be read like a barcode.

    Hydrogel is also used to insert Nanotechnology into the human body. This particular Nanotechnology is basically a series of microscopic robots. These microscopic robots are disassembled when injected, but assemble when in the body.

    If you’ve seen the reports about magnets sticking to the arms of some people where they had had the vaccination: These reports were not made up or fictional, it is the Nanotechnology which attracts the magnets.

    This Nanotechnology is an interface between the human body and computers. It is what 5G and the internet of things are really all about. (((They’ll))) be able to track every aspect of the lives of the people that have this Nanotechnology installed.

    ■ Your blood pressure.
    ■ Your emotional highs and lows.
    ■ Particulars about your diet.
    ■ The type of food you eat.
    ■ If you use drugs and what type.
    ■ How much and how often you drink alcohol.
    ■ When you’ve had sex and with whom.
    ■ What time you get up and go to bed at.
    ■ If and when you masturbate.
    ■ If you beat your kids or husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend.

    All will be constantly uploaded to the cloud for your (((betters))) to view and analyze and keep track of you.

    If this experimental aspect of this criminal Sars CoV-2 vaccine works out, the subjects of the (((elite))) will have zero privacy. Think of the power it will give them:

    ■ The secret homosexual who is married with four children and with a high status in his community: The Nanotechnology will pick up if he’s engaging in sodomy or fellatio with other men, how they’ll blackmail him to bear witness against his neighbours.
    ■ The high-status wife that plays away from home, how they’ll blackmail her to bear false witness against her neighbours.
    ■ Etc.

    If you want to research what type of vile concoctions these vaccines actually are, you could start by looking up Dr. Carrie Madej. When you hear her speak on the subject, you’ll immediately detect that she knows what she is talking about.

    Also bear in mind that over the last decade in the US that over a hundred doctors and scientists have been murdered (the official verdict is suicide, with the victims sometimes being found in rivers with their heads bashed in) for speaking out against vaccines and Big Pharma. So, people like Dr. Carrie Madej know they are risking their lives by speaking out against (((them))).

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      I have no problem with that . However , please be aware that ___


      ” Our Race is Our Religion ”

      where “Our Religion” is the one that corresponds to

      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

      then no other race would have a better chance for indefinite survival beyond

      {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} .

      IF it does not correspond , then “Our Race” will eventually go to extinction in the DOOM of OBLIVION .

  5. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for the very informative, and thought provoking piece Scott. I agree with Moneytalks here; “This essay is a difficult read with all of its convoluted details ; otherwise it is interesting and very pertinent to the existential issues that Whites must engage if they are to survive as a race .”

    Yes, exactly. The essay is difficult to read and convoluted but, that is because the subject matter is, ‘difficult and convoluted! And so, I encourage you to keep writing on this subject Scott so that one day, we can all find a way to present this insanely tangled mess of Jewish Supremacy to our very ‘dumbed down,’ masses in a ‘user friendly’ format. Notice I said, ‘dumbed down,’ not dumb. And who dumbs them down? We go in circles as you see. We’re dancing with the devil here and it is not an easy dance that is for sure.

    Thank you for bringing up the Bolshevik, banking connections. I always feel that understanding and knowing the history of the Jewish takeover of Russian in 1917, and it’s pernicious aftermath is key to understanding where we are headed to in the very near future which as we see, is already upon us.

    You state that the problem is, of a more, “metaphysical dimension.” I agree. And also agree that the Jews are the root of it.

    Very, very insightful for you to write of Kalergi, “a strange worship of Jews.” Man, I’ve lived in the cities on the east coast most of my life and let me tell you, I know more than a few people, whites, who worship the Jews and their insanity. Many for career gains, or to hold on to their careers. Whites who while eating lobster and filet-mignon and drinking the best wine and driving top-of-the line BMW’s, in a mansion at the Hamptons, preach that we must- “destroy the system,” we must, end “white privilege,” because whites are “inherently evil.” And the US, built by ‘evil slave owners’ must “cease to exist as we know it.” I have seen and heard these things and the like, many times over with my own ears and eyes, and let me tell you, it is very painful to the soul and mind. Where does this worship come from? How do the Jews rob the minds of so many with their lies? They pray on some whites pathological altruism, yes. But there’s something even more. Some kind of a ‘group sickness,’ among whites that takes hold I think.

    I myself am working on a book about it and I’m having trouble finishing it and that is because, I’ve realized, that maybe I can’t! The subject just continues to spin in evil circles. How can one capture the devil? Maybe just by the effort to keep exposing him. We all must keep trying.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How do the Jews rob the minds of so many with their lies? ”

      The vast majority of USA nonjeww Whites never knew and still do not know about the “JQ” that was unknown prior to the internet www . In particular , I never knew of it until stumbling over Prof KMac’s “Culture of Critique” about ten years ago . Also as you noted , it is all so baffling even for the intelligentsia ; and beyond baffling to the average high IQ White person .

  6. anonym
    anonym says:

    When these people talk about science, they sound very similar to Wall Street analysts, or even Kabbalists. They claim to know, or soon be about to know, the “secrets of nature” – to be able to find the hidden patterns in Nature – and become it’s Master. They’ve turned it into another Jewish pseudo religion. But it’s not Kabbala in the sense that it’s all nonsense – some of it actually works and can be used in the real world, which makes it all the more scarier.

    They reduce Nature into the sum of it’s parts, claim that any order or intent in Nature is pure chance, and manipulate the parts without considering Nature’s reaction to the manipulation. To them it’s all abstract, and despite not knowing the source of life (or even denying is existence), they go using their manipulation methods blindly, in an effort to realize their psychotic vision of Isaiah’s Utopia. There’s no telling what kind of disasters these people can cause if they’re allowed to continue their manipulation of DNA and molecular biology.

    And considering the level of hate and envy they have towards white people, it’s probably safe to assume they view everything as a potential weapon.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      As Lenin said, “What is to be done?” Are we Into-Europeans up to the challenge, the sacrifice, the commitment, the Will To Power? Let’s talk more about what we have, need, and require-and do no have-to save ourselves. Reports of flooding, breeches in the hull, the level of water in the compartments and machinery spaces keep coming in, but if nothing is done, the ship will sink with volumes of information that did NOT include the capability to counter, rectify, and assuage same. Hence all souls committed to The Deep.

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