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2030 Vision: Part III—Transhumanism and the Transhumanists of the Great Reset

“Posthumans will be almost entirely augmented — human minds in artificial, eternally upgradable bodies…Human nature is at a crossroads. In the coming decades we will experience a radical upgrading…Genetic engineering, biotechnology, nanorobotics (microscopic robots inside the body) will bit by bit replace the fully biological body.”—Natasha Vita-More, Humanity+ Executive Director “There has been a distinct […]

2030 Vision: Part II—“We Have the Technology”: Brother Klaus and the Real-Life National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments

Go to Part 1. Klaus Schwab’s Network At the conclusion of my last piece, I left off with a quote from Henry Kissinger; fitting, then, that we should begin here with Kissinger confidant and associate Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, spearheading the Great Reset. Schwab has been an […]

2030 Vision: Part I

“Having close to 200 independent states is a hindrance rather than a help.”—Yuval Noah Harari, From Animals into Gods: A Brief History of Humankind The “elites” promise to have turned Earth into an Edenic paradise by the year 2030—the year their Messiah, FM-2030, will be reincarnated. Joking aside, FM-2030 was a real person and the […]

A Look Behind the COVID-19 Vaccine Curtain: Integration with Global Elites

This article explores the deep interconnections of the Covid establishment with governments, elite universities, well-funded NGOs, and private corporations, including entities that are enabling governments dedicated to surveillance of  citizens and enforced conformity in attitudes and behavior. These trends are increasingly apparent throughout the West and are particularly welcomed by the political left. As will […]

The AI Revolution’s Dystopian Future: It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature

The breakneck speed of technological advancement and the fever for automation have resulted in these self-contained decision-makers worming their way into all aspects of life; algorithms aren’t just the property of social media news feeds anymore, they’re also used to predict consumer habits, make investments, and even determine courtroom decisions. China, for example, is in […]