Jones vs. KMac: Spirit or Material? Toward a Synthesis

By now, healthy numbers of informed people are generally aware of the work of our editor Kevin MacDonald and traditional Catholic thinker E. Michael Jones. Much of their influence comes from the fact that both have devoted major portions of their careers to writing about what is absolutely the most pressing issue of our age: The Jewish Question.

What has long fascinated me is the fact that both writers have considered Jews and their collective behavior in quite contrasting ways — yet in my estimation, they are both right. How can that be? Thus, for a decade or so, I’ve attempted in my own mind to reconcile KM and EMJ. Better yet, I’d love to attempt a synthesis of the two approaches to understanding Jews. Given that the present essay marks my 100th contribution to The Occidental Observer, I’d say that a conversation about the attempt to reconcile KM and EMJ is worthy of the occasion.

In my estimation, the contrasting foundations of these two men’s analyses mirror the larger Western conflict we’ve all seen for five hundred-plus years with the struggle between our inherited Christian past, with belief in faith, souls, spirits, and—most of all—God, vs. rationalism, humanism, and materialism—in other words, a strongly scientific worldview. Obviously, Catholic traditionalist E. Michael Jones falls into the former group, while Kevin MacDonald, an academic evolutionary psychologist, falls into the latter. When views from these two competing and conflicting worldviews consider a wide range of topics, they barely ever share common ground, but with KM’s and EMJ’s approaches, they share so much that they are almost complementary in some respects. How can this be? What, then, is the nature of Jews? Why are they so unique among humans? What can they teach us about humanity in general — if not the greater meaning of existence itself?

My consideration of these questions is biographical in that I’ve grappled with these competing worldviews for most of my life and have actually wavered between them over the decades. To my own surprise, I’d now say that Jones’ Christian approach is the more conclusive narrative in that Christianity — as with religion in general — posits a beginning, a middle and an end, which even to many of us post-Christians is a familiar story encompassing “In the beginning,” Adam and Eve, the life of Christ, the struggles between Good and Evil, everlasting souls, heaven and hell, angels, and always an omnipotent, all-loving God.

In an exchange among KM, EMJ and their hostess, Jones explained some aspects of this religious view:

Man is a composite being made up of body and soul (if that word sounds tendentious to the sociobiologists, they can substitute “mind” in its place). He has both a brain and a mind. These two entities are related but distinct. Human beings, unlike angels, can’t have minds unless they have brains, which function according to the laws of chemistry, biology, electricity, etc. and are a direct product of our DNA. Our thoughts, however, are a function of our minds, and, although we can affect our minds by manipulating the chemistry of our brains through alcohol and drugs, the logic of our thoughts is independent of the functioning of our brains.

In contrast, MacDonald grounds his trilogy on Jews in a post-Christian world, one is which God is dead and therefore plays no role in the universe, where scientific laws impartially govern eternity, among which are those laws in evidence with respect to Darwinian evolution. Sadly (for me personally) this modern view of scientific materialism allows for no obvious purpose in existence beyond mere survival. And while survival is nice, it’s still does not provide a convincing reason to struggle and survive. In this sense, The West in general has been demoralized for the past few hundred years, depending on the pace and degree of an acceptance of the atheism — implicitly or explicitly — that has appeared alongside the rise of science.

In short, should you warm to either KM or EMJ, it will likely come down to the worldview you tend to accept already — the general Christian one of historical Europe or the modern scientific view. Personally, I can’t imagine many people changing their worldviews from one to the other simply based on a careful reading of Jones vs. KMac, but that has in fact been happening to me. I’m not back to a belief in God yet, but due to the facts surrounding the Jewish Question, I’m inching my way away from the Existential belief that our presence here on this Earth is meaningless, for it appears indisputable that Jewish existence has some sort of meaning, and, if their existence has meaning, so should ours.

Having just argued tentatively in favor of the religious or supernatural, I will allow that KM likely has the advantage in this debate in that the modern West and its institutions have largely abandoned a spiritual, Christian approach and accepted “science,” which can be as seemingly solid as physics and math or as malleable as the social sciences have been across time. As a rule of thumb, “educated” Westerners have shed Christianity and a belief in God, while “the unintelligent, hicks and charlatans” still embrace them. Witness today’s knee-jerk reaction to the Catholic Church’s repression of Galileo or the respective fates of Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan in the 1925 “Scopes Monkey Trial,” such that Darrow is still respected to this day while Bryan is knowingly mocked.

Without question, the largest institutions of The West such as academia and the media, but also the government that rules over us, are functionally anti-Christian and pro-science. Few would argue otherwise. (Let’s leave out the Covid debate for now.) So it is within these structures of support that MacDonald has advanced his career. His project on Jews in the 1990s admits as much in the opening words of the 1994 book that began the trilogy: “The project attempts to develop an understanding of Judaism based on modern social and biological sciences. … The fundamental paradigm derives from evolutionary biology, but there will also be a major role for the theory and data derived from several areas of psychology, including especially the social psychology of group behavior.” (vii)

Though it’s been many years since I read the trilogy, I still have a strong impression that A People That Shall Dwell Alone (1994) and Separation and Its Discontents (1998) hew more closely to what appears to be MacDonald’s mid-to-late career dedication to impartial scientific inquiry. In contrast, by the time of the more famous Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements, (also 1998; hereafter usually CofC) there is the impression that this scientist-author, as a member of the group being “critiqued” and therefore harmed, has experienced a number of “Aha!” moments and realized that his earlier efforts at impartial research were insufficient when encountering a hostile group that undermines the very power of impartial science in the service of, well, a “group evolutionary strategy.” This does not imply that MacDonald did not think that the theory and data in CofC would not hold up to the same standards of scientific rigor as the other books in the trilogy. However, from 1998 onward, I would say, MacDonald has become a partisan—and for many good reasons. (In fact, here he writes as much: “As a result of reading about various Jewish intellectual and political movements, I came to see Jews as advocating policies that are opposed to the interests of European peoples. It was this cognitive awareness based on a great deal of reading and thinking that led me to my current beliefs.”)

Careful readers of the trilogy will spot this shift, I believe, with the first two books relying more heavily on evolutionary theory straining to be as evidence-based as possible, whereas CofC moves on to “the Boasian school of anthropology, psychoanalysis, leftist political ideology and behavior, the Frankfurt School of Social Research, and the New York intellectuals.” What is critical, KM points out, is that these venues and ideologies were promoted for their “scientific rigor” for decades, when in fact, as MacDonald discovered, they were perversions of real science employed in the course of anti-White ethnic warfare, with Freudian psychoanalysis being a prime case in point.

Perhaps more than any other thinker in the English-speaking world, MacDonald has exposed this form of ethnic warfare and really captured the critical conversations about race, Jews and Whites in the first two decades of the 21st century, despite robust efforts by Jewish-led interests to stifle this knowledge.

To be sure, KMac’s account could be right — and probably is. Over the millennia, Jews have evolved adaptive behavior that ensures their survival and puts them on top. But honestly, it’s really just too … “uncanny,” which is why EMJ’s Christian approach has, against my desire, it seems, pulled me toward belief in a spiritual battle rather than a merely biological and social one. Let’s consider Jones’ account.

I first ran across the writings of Dr. Jones through his journal Culture Wars, and I actually stopped buying it after a number of issues because the editing and format were often so atrocious that I could not take it seriously. I returned to it, however, because Jones’ writing on Jews was so blasphemous — meaning so good, touching always on our current culture in ways that were highly instructive. Only Kevin MacDonald, many of us TOQ/TOO writers and a tiny handful of others were doing something similar. And Lord knows the mainstream press and academia wouldn’t touch an approach like Jones’ (though any number of Jewish academics were in fact writing similar things in books that were rather obscure, in part because far fewer people read books this century).

I’m pretty good about keeping up with these topics and am happy to say that both MacDonald and Jones, despite opposition, have been getting great exposure for some twenty years. No doubt this is due in part to their successful use of non-written forms of discourse, such as YouTube, other podcasts, speeches, interviews, etc. And for some years, all their works were available on Amazon but of course those days are long gone as the regime methodically cracks down on White activists (and Jones).

Punishing Heretics

Not surprisingly, both of these modern heretics have paid a steep price for fearlessly addressing the JQ. For instance, beginning in 2006, this attack began against MacDonald:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has initiated a campaign against me. The controversy started in September, 2006 when someone not connected with CSULB emailed all the full-time people in the Psychology Department — except me — alerting them to a comment about me at the SPLC website.  Heidi Beirich of the SPLC came to Long Beach from November 12–15, 2006 to interview faculty and administrators about me. During the 2006–2007 and 2007–2008 academic years there was also a great deal of discussion and debate about my work and associations on faculty email lists. Eventually several departments issued statements dissociating themselves from my work and, in some cases, condemning my work.

The result was a hostile working environment for the next eight years (until he retired) where “[c]old shoulders, forced smiles and hostile stares became a reality. Going into my office to teach my classes and attend committee meetings became an ordeal.” Fortunately, MacDonald mounted a robust defense, arguing that “The SPLC is paying me attention because it wants to suppress my academic work.” Further, he argued that the two authors of the SPLC created a report that was “a compendium of ethical lapses.” Unlike others, he survived this attack on his career.

It’s been far from smooth sailing since, however. The ADL currently has 88 entries on MacDonald, and one way or another, MacDonald’s family and neighbors have heard nefarious stories about the retired professor, leading to discomfort and ostracism that most people never experience. And, of course, The Occidental Quarterly (an academic journal) and the online Occidental Observer, both of which MacDonald edits, have been de-platformed by PayPal and credit card processors.

E. Michael Jones has also endured his fair share of opprobrium as well, beginning with the almost surreal story of his first teaching appointment:

In the fall of 1980, E. Michael Jones was an assistant professor of American Literature at St. Mary’s College. After receiving his Ph.D. from Temple University in 1979, Jones had moved his wife and two children to South Bend, Indiana to begin what he thought was going to be a career in academic life. But God had other plans. One year into the six years of his tenure track position, Jones got fired because of his position on abortion. Getting fired for being against abortion at what called itself a Catholic college was something his professors at Temple found difficult to understand. Taking his cue from their incomprehension, Jones decided to abandon academe and start a magazine instead. Initially known as Fidelity and now as Culture Wars, that magazine set out to explore the disarray in the Catholic Church that led to his firing.

What Jones eventually found was that America’s kulturkampf, which long had a Protestant-Catholic dimension as well as a glaring racial one, found itself with a rapidly growing Catholic-Jewish battle as well. Increasingly after the year 2000, Jones wrote about this conflict in Culture Wars, culminating in collecting these essays into a truly magisterial book in 2008 titled The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (JRS). No reader of Jones’ writing in that tome can be surprised that Jones has been met with Jewish opposition. Jones, of course, seems entirely right about his arguments and observations, but many Jews don’t necessarily want the world to read such truths about them.

In particular, the SPLC has been aggressive in chasing Dr. Jones. And in 2008 they realized what initially appeared to be one of their greatest successes. As Jones relates:

I was in the middle of a tune when I got the call. On Monday nights I play Irish music at a pub in South Bend. On Monday, February 11, I was planning an early departure on Tuesday morning to speak at the Catholic University School of Architecture, as part of a lecture series on Building Catholic Communities….

Tim Ehlen was now on the phone explaining that the entire lecture series was cancelled by the Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.   The Architecture department was the host for this lecture series.  I was scheduled to speak in less than 48 hours. … Just as Dr. Carlson was beginning his presentation, an email was sent from the Southern Poverty Law Center to Ehlen …

“These are not the Latin Mass traditionalists,” Mr. Potok continued, referring to me and John Sharpe of IHS press. “These are the people who reject Vatican II reforms. They are out of [actor Mel Gibson’s father] Hutton Gibson’s world, in saying that the Jews are destroying the world.”

When confronted with the usual SPLC shtick, Dean Ott panicked and canceled the entire lecture series.  Six months of effort on the part of Ehlen to put this series together were all over.  I would be less than candid if I were to say that cancellations come as a surprise to me. The SPLC, the group which pressured CUA to cancel, employs people whose job it is to find out when I speak and get me canceled.

Another cancellation came some years later when Jones had bags packed for an appearance at a Traditionalist Catholic conference in Gardone, in northern Italy. As before, a telephone call relayed the information that yet another Jones speech would be canceled, “thus aborting an opportunity to discuss the thesis of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit in the Traditionalist circles who had gone out of their way to avoid the issue.”

Of course, Jones understood all along what was happening because of his writing and speaking on Jews: “There were certain opinions which were left better unsaid.” Sage advice, no doubt, but based on literally thousands of instances, when that choice arises, Jones is sure to utter them anyway, which is why I titled a 2018 TOO essay on Jones: “Too Reflexively Ornery”:  E. Michael Jones and Culture Wars. In fact, a decade ago I labeled Jones as a “Catholic iconoclast” and noted how Culture Wars had run cover stories such as “Judaizing: Then and Now,” “Shylock Comes to Notre Dame,” and “Too Many Yarmulkes: Abortion and the Ethnic Double Standard.” This Philadelphia boy knows how to shock.


Next, we come to the issue of how the works of MacDonald and Jones have been accepted, beginning appropriately in academia, since both men earned Ph.D.s and taught at universities. While there have been extensive scholarly reviews of MacDonald’s books, neither MacDonald nor I are aware of any instance of these highly relevant books being used in any classroom in American universities, which speaks volumes about the intellectual poverty of today’s humanities and social sciences, as well as the censorship applied to much dissident thought. (MacDonald keeps a superb website cataloging these reviews and so much more; one can follow the links for weeks on end.)

The same can be said for Jones’ books on Jews, particularly The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. In my own field of American cultural history, Jones’ work far exceeds in explanatory power what has been happening in America for a century and a half over the depressing pablum that now dominates the humanities everywhere. Yet we know of no instance of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit being used in the classroom.

Fear not, however, for both MacDonald and Jones are quite adept at using the Internet to propagate their knowledge and arguments, which is likely why MacDonald emerged as the de facto intellectual leader of the Dissident or Alt-Right and Jones has become increasingly popular among younger White males. I invite readers to consider writing (or creating videos) about the Internet presence of both men.

Fate of Their Books

Some of Jones’ books are still available on Amazon, such as Degenerate Moderns, Libido Dominandi and The Slaughter of the Cities, though not JRS (old or new edition) or Logos Rising. (Oddly, Barren Metal, which appeared between JRS and Logos Rising, is available.)

In MacDonald’s case, the first book in the Jewish trilogy, A People That Shall Dwell Alone, is available at Amazon, as well as an earlier book, but not the second book in the trilogy, Separation and Its Discontents. Of course, CofC and Cultural Insurrections, the two most important books in his oeuvre, are unavailable. In contrast, Barnes and Noble sells both A People That Shall Dwell Alone and Separation and Its Discontents, and most importantly CofC (but not Cultural Insurrections). We find another split in sales where Amazon does sell Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future (2019) (which, as you might expect, takes a social science perspective on the history of the Catholic Church and its influence), but Barnes and Noble does not. Go figure. In any case, searching for each book on both sites can take some extra steps, so, again, just buy them via links on KMAC’s site.

God and Spirit

As indicated above, I’ve found myself involuntarily drifting toward a suspicion that it’s actually Jones and his belief in traditional Catholicism who is setting us further along the track than Kevin MacDonald. I say this with full knowledge of the fact that Jones resolutely disavows a belief in race, the importance of DNA and related matters. Of course, Jones is dead wrong about this, but weighed against the mass of superb scholarship Jones has done over thirty years, I intellectually ding him only about 3% for his odd claims dismissing race. Perhaps this intellectual chasm between the two men is all the more reason to achieve a synthesis of MacDonald and Jones.

Another relevant point is that over the last two decades I’ve found myself accepting a belief in the existence of Satan and Evil, and undeniably, from the perspectives of Whites and other non-Jews, Jews are inextricably associated with Satan, though I’ll leave it to others to argue whether they are, in some sense, actually Satan or more along the lines of being under the spell of that malicious being.

MacDonald can never go that route because science rejects believe in God, spiritualism, the supernatural realm, etc. For his part, Jones accepts the linkage of Jews and Satan but does this properly through the most basic of Christian doctrines—one of the Gospels. St. John writes in the Book of the Revelation (2.9, 3.9) that “those who call themselves Jews” are really liars and members of the “synagogue of Satan” (JRS, 15).

On page 32 Jones again quotes St. John by writing “The Devil is your father, and you prefer to do what your father wants. He was a murderer from the start and was never grounded in the truth; there is no truth in him at all.” I will not begin to try to unpack all of that here, but in the Introduction to JRS and here in Chapter One, titled “The Synagogue of Satan,” Jones makes a case that St. John was revealing that at the foot of the cross, when many Jews rejected Christ as the Messiah, a transformation in the term “Jew” was introduced, and no longer has “a clear racial meaning.” Further, “When the Jews rejected Christ, they rejected Logos, and when they rejected Logos … they became revolutionaries” (p. 15). The following thousand-plus pages is a story of their revolutionary actions, which can be seen as “the history of the Jews and the attacks on the Universal Christian Church by heretics linked to Jews or heavily influenced by Jews” (p. 20). On that count, Jones succeeds hands down in making his case.

(It is interesting to note that on the following page Jones approvingly cites Kevin MacDonald’s observation that movements are led by the few — which Jones indeed shows in his discussion of The Enlightenment, the birth of modern England, the Russian Revolution, the Civil Rights movement and the rise of the American Empire. That neither Jones’s insights nor those of MacDonald are recognized at all in education in the entire Anglo-sphere is, then, an unspeakable crime and we can thank both scholars for doing their best to right this wrong.)

I know I have given far more attention to the writing of Jones than to MacDonald, but that is because I am de facto in MacDonald’s camp, writing as I do for The Occidental Quarterly and The Occidental Observer, where I explicitly support MacDonald’s work and implicitly follow it at all times as well. With Jones, however, it takes a bit more effort. MacDonald writes with unbroken clarity in a social science style, so his own prose speaks for itself. In contrast, Jones is more of a storyteller whose constant goal is to reveal “the unwritten grammar” of events both old and new. The only other scholar I’ve seen succeed in this so successfully in the cultural sphere is the late Jewish professor Stephen Whitfield (American Space, Jewish Time, 1988), though Whitfield covers only a fraction of the story Jones does. The style is fun but can take a little getting used to.

Jones uses other metaphors for exposing “the unwritten grammar” of reality. For instance, in Chapter 71 of Barren Metal, “Andrew Jackson and the Monster Bank,” Jones argues that “Jackson’s repeated use of the word ‘monster’ is the key which unlocks the door to understanding.” This passage highlights both the beauty and the utility of Jones’ writing, in this instance in a critique of usury:

What [author] Meyer failed to mention is that usury is, as Ezra Pound would have put it, contra naturam, and, by its very nature monstrous. Far from being a mysterious lapse into incoherence, Jackson’s repeated use of the word ‘monster’ is the key which unlocks the door to understanding his stake in this fight. A monster is something unnatural. Usury is monstrous because it is contra naturam. The bank war of the 1830s arose because neither Andrew Jackson nor his opponent Nicholas Biddle could articulate the real issue which had plagued the American System from its inception in the mind of Alexander Hamilton, namely, usury.

I suspect our editor Kevin MacDonald will not be overly persuaded by my foray into religion, but these unhappy, desperate times push me to desperate thoughts. By all rational, material measurements, the White race has been defeated by Jewry. Point to even one area in which Whites hold a credible counter to Jewish power. There are none. Except — and this is where desperation comes in — a turn to the possible existence of God, and the Christian God at that. Remember, if I can be convinced that Satan is alive and well, I can well consider that Satan’s opponent, God, also exists. It’s a start.

And I’m not the only one thinking this way. Much to my utter surprise, none other than enfant terrible Andrew Anglin has headed in much the same direction, to the extent that he, too, is turning to E. Michael Jones. In a blog on September 24, 2021, he posted this lecture by Jones:

Commenting on this video, Anglin wrote:

When I read about the way homosexuals have infiltrated the Catholic Church, my resolve in the belief that there is only one true faith is strengthened, as it makes perfect sense to me that in this time of ultimate, total, global satanic Jewish evil, that the Catholic Church would be under such aggressive assault by the Devil….

I will admit, however, that a big part of this is the fact that I really believe that E. Michael Jones is the only relevant living Christian intellectual. However, if that is the case, then why? Surely, God will offer us a guide in this time of darkness? I’m only seeing one guide, who actually seems like an adult.

I am personally cursed to see clearly what is happening in the material world. But I am not any clearer than you on what is happening in the spiritual world. So I am left in as much of a conundrum in trying to figure out what the true nature of religion is as anyone else.

Like Jones, Anglin believes that the Catholic Church “is a top target of Satan.” And any regular reader of The Daily Stormer knows that Anglin sees Jews at the center of all of this. Anglin and Jones are strange bedfellows indeed, but if Jesus could forgive a former prostitute and welcome her among his most intimate followers, Jones and the rest of us might also accept Anglin in a similar way.

Isn’t there an inescapable feeling that we are at a crossroads of history? MacDonald emphasizes that if Whites cannot adopt a counter strategy to the current Jewish group evolutionary one, our prospects are doubtful. Anglin, too, has admitted that The West has lost to the Jews and now is the time merely to survive. Jones, however, offers hope. In the closing of JRS, he writes:

The final collapse of Jewish resistance to Logos will take place when they have reached the pinnacle of worldly power. At no time in the past 2000 years have Jews had more power than now. …

The conversion of the Jews did not seem imminent. The Jews had never been more powerful; the Church, the antagonist of the synagogue of Satan for 2000 years, had never been weaker. But appearances can deceive. Benedict XVI, the author of Dominus Iesus, had said, even before becoming pope, that he looked forward to the conversion of the Jews. Reversal was in the air. (1073–77)

Perhaps we can only pray that this is so.


As stated above, both MacDonald and Jones, based  particularly on their books CofC and JRS, appear to be right with respect to the JQ. One cannot, for instance, read the writings of MacDonald and conclude, “No, he is wrong.” On scientific terms, he has nailed it. With Jones’ writing on Jews, it is not as easy to declare outright that “This is true” because it revolves around religion, and belief is a chief characteristic of religion. It is simply not susceptible to scientific proof. Still, when a reader gets to the end of JRS, the overwhelming response has to be, “Dr. Jones has made his case about the revolutionary (and destructive) nature of Jews.”

This is such an important point to grasp. Take, for instance, last year’s George Floyd incident, BLM violence, and what has since flowed from them. Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s it was pretty much common knowledge that Jews were using Blacks as a battering ram against White society, yet by my estimation, about 90% of the writing on Blacks and American society since last year either states or implies that it is Black agency and power themselves that are responsible for this. Of course, that is preposterous. Blacks don’t have any power. Jews are responsible, and KM and EMJ have written brilliantly on this in an historical context. KM did so in his essay “Jews, Blacks, and Race,” which appeared in Cultural Insurrections, while Jones did so extensively in JRS (specifically chapters 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 26 and 29). This should be common knowledge still but is not.

Again, I must stress how critical it is to openly talk about Jews and the JQ, precisely as KM and EMJ have done. As Jones wrote in Culture Wars in the December 2020 issue, Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu told us, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” That is why Jones ceaselessly names the enemy: “If you want to succeed in the culture wars, you must identify the enemy.”

Elsewhere (Part 1 & Part 2; also here) I’ve cited TOO writer Andrew Joyce on both naming the Jew and describing their destructive (and often revolutionary) behavior. Just recently he contributed a new TOO essay in which he reviewed a new Arktos book by New Zealander Kerry Bolton, a book which gets to the heart of both MacDonald’s and Jones’s cases. Not mincing words, Joyce writes that “a very Jewish cast of characters were responsible for developing, spreading, and implementing many of the most destructive ideas of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. At the heart of these ideas is the desire to fracture the host society/mass culture.” Joyce quotes Bolton for a specific argument:

The focus of this Neo-Freudianism is on the individual detached from society. It is therefore a means of deconstructing and fracturing the social organism, which is why the Marxian theorists who created the Frankfurt Institute in 1923 found Freudianism to be such a useful ingredient in creating a new revolutionary synthesis. The organic bonds of family, state, faith, and ethos, disparaged as ‘primary ties’ in need of cutting, were portrayed as injurious to the individual well-being and as repressing the individual’s path to self-actualisation.

Bolton, Joyce notes, shows that “The primary weapon employed by all factions is the Freudo-Marxism Synthesis, which touted social engineering as a ‘therapy’ but possessed social control as its aim. This synthesis and its early promotion were of course Jewish in origin, and Bolton makes sure to hammer this point home.” Fortunately for us, Bolton is as tenacious as Joyce and “repeatedly stresses that many of these figures are Jews, and that the Frankfurt School, its funders, and many other peripheral associations involved in early Cultural Marxism were ‘largely Jewish.’” This corresponds completely with the scope of the writing of MacDonald and Jones, both of whom are referenced in Joyce’s essay. I’m completely astonished at this late date that so many otherwise intelligent people either fail to see this or opt not to mention it.

In any case, for years, a tiny minority of us Whites have labored mightily to inform fellow Whites (and fellow Christians) of the threats posed by our enemy. We have done what we can but it appears not to suffice. Perhaps, then, E. Michael Jones has it right in the video above when he says to change the question from “What can we do?” to “What can God do?” Maybe so. In our desperate hour, maybe that’s all we can do. I’m running out of other ideas.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    E. Michael Jones opened my eyes to the problem with Chosenites. I found Jones compelling because his analysis of history and current events made great sense to me as a traditional, practicing Catholic. Years later, I encountered Kevin MacDonald’s word in my studies of human ethology and sociobiology. As a biologist, I know that race matters. I also learned along the way that the regnant orthodoxy of the academy is not old fashioned enlightenment liberalism, wherein all points of view are studied and debated, but atavistic tribalism informing a particularly small but powerful racial group.
    I have reconciled the different approaches to the Chosenite problem in my mind. Years ago, I heard the cultural anthropologist F.M. Alshey-Montagu interviewed on radio station WFMT in Chicago. Ashley-Montagu was born Israel Ehrenberg. The name change deserves an essay by itself. Nevertheless, Studs Terkel (a Chosenite and commie) interviewed the anthropologist about a popular author of that time, Robert Ardrey. Ardrey gained fame and respect as a Hollywood screenwriter. In college, however, he studied anthropology. He wrote books on this subject from a Darwinian point of view, a view that offended the elites running higher education. Ashley-Montagu complained that Ardrey’s books on the sex differences, on aggression and territoriality among humans “resurrected the concept of Original Sin.” Wow! Who would have thought? In other words, Catholic doctrine on original sin avers that humans are born flawed, they fight, have wars, engage in all kinds of destructive behavior treat and men and women differently, because they are born that way, in biological terms, because of DNA, biochemistry and physiology. Being of the Franz Boaz (another Chosenite) school of anthropology, Ashley-Montagu denied all that. Yes, humans evolved from lower forms of life but, we are supposed to believe, evolution stopped and social processes took over. While Jones may dismiss DNA and race as unimportant, that is his personal interpretation. Biological factors do affect behavior in the sense that they create temptations (in Catholic terms, “concupiscence”) that must be overcome to live a virtuous life.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    In response to the author’s last paragraph, and especially last sentence of this fine article, I for one believe in a Higher Power, and that this Power prefers order over chaos, beauty over ugliness, truth over lies, and wholesome morality over degeneracy.

    Accordingly, I believe this Power has good intentions as well as a special dispensation for our people. But, this Power also expects us to join the fight with Him/Her, however we are directed to do so.

    I remain grateful for TOO, especially as its writers and commenters have the courage to name the problem, unlike cowardly conservatives who blame all our ills on the communists. Truly, they are reliving the story of the emperor who wore no clothes.

  3. Marcion
    Marcion says:

    It is fairly clear that Jews worry more about anti-Judaism than anti-semitism. If Judaism is destroyed the Jewish people have nothing to hold themselves together. They become bare survivals. They have worried about this for centuries. Also, anti-Judaism is difficult to ban, particularly if you do it in an academic way. If you ask what Judaism is, open it up to academic scrutiny, you see that it is little more than a racial ideology that is quite vulgar when compared to the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and even Islamic traditions. These non-Jewish traditions have a soteriological component whereas Judaism is always demarcated by material, racial politics.

    I think you will find that Jews are less afraid of Mein Kampf than they are of supersessionism, Marcionism, or even Walter Frank and the theologians of the Third Reich. They know how to deal with the anti-semite because this makes you just a bully and brute, but they don’t want Gentiles to investigate their racial soul. Also, “race,” even though it is a reality, has no moral currency and provides no basis for a cultural counterevolution. This is why EMJ has a more practicable and “relatable” approach than KM, even though KM is correct.

  4. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Thank you, Dr. Connelly, for this obviously heart-felt essay! Your well crafted presentation inspires my response. I fully agree that “Spirit” and “Material” have nearly come to a head (singularity?) for resolution and synthesis, especially within the subset of Man colorized as “White”, adorned with other descriptors more or less pejorative, a few wittingly provocative. A life’s worth of experience (75th year) brought me to a receptivity to TOO and Dr. MacDonald’s work, though not yet that of E. Michael Jones. Your essay impels me to read Jones’ “truly magisterial” work!

    Since late adolescence — which, in my case, lasted until I reached my 28th birthday while earning the Ph.D. (Pharmacology) — I have enjoyed entanglement in the so-called “Mind-Body Problem”. A decade prior, I had “lapsed” from the oxymoronically labeled “Roman Catholic Church”. Yet I have never ceased to strive to integrate in mind that which I experience as “spiritual” with what I learn as “material science”. A “great unifier” (!) so to write, my long-standing focus on “psychoactive drugs” — expressed professionally in research reports and opinions of an expert witness in civil and criminal litigation — met its match with the work of Yogi Bhajan, especially a series of lectures compiled as “The Mind”.

    Long story short, I would draw the prime (inter)relationship as a triangle, for instance, “Body – Mind – Soul”, with GOD implied if not explicitly named as [the NAMELESS ONE], symbolized as a dimensionless dot with or without accompanying circle, square, or more elaborate geometrics (e.g., “Star of David”). Esoterically, some teach openly a “Universal Law [of Creation]” whereby One becomes Two through Three. Those “tribes” that gain ascendance surely know and privately teach this tool well within the grasp and use of humankind! Those in ascendance have every reason under the Sun to deny these teachings to lessers. Conceptually, cognitively, intellectually, our immediate task is to “reverse engineer” dialectics to their forceful creation and, beyond, to the source of their apparent power and efficacy.

    Thus, venturing well outside my domain of scientific expertise, based on training in spiritual disciplines as well as on less formal, nonacademic readings and research, I conclude that ancient teachings — whether religious or scientific — only partially and imperfectly capture the essence of Truth in what we accept as our personal “reality”. Importantly, historians, revisionist or not, have yet to fathom the extent of falsification of records upon which we have to rely for judgment both rational and logical.

    We find ourselves looking into a mirror without the aid of silvered glass. WITHIN, we be advised, answers reside. Getting clear about good, productive distinctions among body, mind, and soul — with Spirit acknowledged possible if not admitted definite, experienced if not scientifically sanctioned — is a first step toward meeting the challenges we face. I think you advanced the ball on this field of play. Thank you again!

    I submit, somewhat trepidatiously (here as elsewhere), that “Jew” serves only as a mask, one appellation among many others employed, deployed by The Power$ That Be opposed to humanity in general. In my opinion, the War Against Humanity (my preferred phrase) will not be won by identifying the “enemy” as “Jew”, considered collectively or individually, especially if “Jew” refers to incarnate souls self-identifying as an amorphous mix of race, creed, and color extending to genetic make-up! We do battle “powers and principalities”, whatever one’s view of Saul|Paul and his spiritual progeny.

    Attributed to Paramahansa Yogananda:
    “Spirit and Nature dancing together:
    Victory to Spirit! Victory to Nature!”

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “” In my opinion, the War Against Humanity (my preferred phrase) will not be won by identifying the “enemy” as “Jew”,””…

      Your opinion about it would probably not be taken very seriously among those whom engage real enemies in real wars in contradistinction to “wars” fought in the realm of abstract thinking ; or fought from any other kind of remote position of capability . Most people familiar with the JQ know that “the Jews” does not usually refer to “real jews” whomever they may be . Furthermore , most intelligent people know that [ ignorance ] is not , properly speaking , an enemy . It is an attribute ascribed by the enemy of an enemy ( that is , both sides of a conflict ascribe it ) .

      The authenticity of [ The Protocols ] is still seriously debated by scholars . However , the prescience and relevance of them is not much disputed .

      Secret ILLUMINATI Protocol No. 5 / paragraph 5 /
      “” FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE [[ White races ]] OF ALL THE WORLD : but from this danger we [[ jewmasterss ]] are secured by
      [[ our psyops induced amnesia about our sabotage of their christian cultures ; and by ]]
      the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up .
      We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the
      [[ nonjews ; especially the so-called Whites ]] ,
      religious and race hatreds , which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries.
      This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself .
      We are too strong — there is no evading our power .

      ( verbatim quote ,
      except for clarity and pertinent elaboration updates in double brackets ,
      taken from the 1905 Marsden Full Text translation of
      “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
      for which I have no direct link to offer since this is from my Pc copy )

  5. Dan F.
    Dan F. says:

    I mean the first testament is clearly against racial mixture between whites and arabs and blacks.

    See the killing of the jew and his arab wife with the sword and the making of the hro who did it into the highest priest of some kind.

    So called jews did mix with arabs and blacks. Most of them probably over 80 % are now mixed with these groups.

    So these jews went against GOD already there.

    And did so again when not accepting or helping at a large degree Jesus. Which may be because the leadership at that time were already mixed and satanists.

    So has many jews become in effect satanists doing satans work of trying to genocide the hight of god’s creation evolution and also the fine mixture of different elitist groups that became what whites are today (western & eastern hunter gatherers, indo europeans, …).

    What is the role of satan. To sharpen the mind of GOD’s chosen people, White people.

    Without this would we deliver to the highest degree.

    Regardless now that we face possible extinction, holocaust by the hand of jews things must change.

    Regarding Mr. Kevin MacDonald and religion, there has been quite a few articles here on TOO regarding religion.

    Yes his work is based on science and evolution, psychology and the like. But does this mean that he is in no way religious. I have no clue.

    But to me there is no contradiction between science and religion. Evolution for example may be GOD’s work, I certainly KNOW this to be the case.

    But indeed Mr. Kevin MacDonald does not seem to look at cultural factors which may affect how many in the jewish group act and their religion is certainly a factor here (their religion has been studied by other writers) and other cultural matters as well as history and specific historic events.

    But Mr. Kevin MacDonald has indeed also mentioned such historic factors such as the crusades, pogroms and wwII in his writing here on TOO.

    And there has been jewish or half jewish authors published here on TOO that has touched upon their culture and how it is maintained and the like.

    As for this other writer mentioned here I think I may have watched one of his videos once but did he ever get to the point, like he kinda did but not sharp enough or adding any new dimensions or ideas that I could not have reached myself through for example reading the bible.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      “MacDonald does not seem to look at cultural factors which may affect how many in the jewish group act and their religion is certainly a factor here (their religion has been studied by other writers) and other cultural matters as well as history and specific historic events.”
      My first book–and really all of them–are about Jewish culture. Jews are “flexible strategizers” able to promote their interests in a new historical contexts and adapt their culture to new situations–without losing their ethnic core.

      • Dan F.
        Dan F. says:

        My most heartfelt apologies to you Mr. Kevin MacDonald. My comment was ritten in a hurry and many times when this is the case ones thoughts are developed when writing in a way.

        And I did not read your first two books on the JQ, but started with the third.

        But when I mean jewish culture I mean partly the effects of historic events which I think you have written excellently on, also here on TOO.

        But I also mean the total disaster of a “religion” that they have. One may argue that many jews are secular and so on. But it seems to me that their religiuos community along with jewish schools and the like is what has probably to a large degree shaped their culture.

        But then one may argue that many of the jews that in effect attacked our nations foundations were quite often ateist and communists.

        Just like not everyone on the western world is not Christian but our culture is still shaped by this heritage even to a degree of the different versions of Christianity.

        And as for lately your work has to a degree focused on the effects of certain christian groups and their effect on American culture and politics.

        It’s just that I do think many jews turned to satanism due to factors mentioned and also feeling they were abandoned by GOD in many ways probably. But the Bible tell them they would loose Israel and have disasters if not following GOD’s orders. And look what happened.

        If we look at those White Christian authors that read the talmud and did a bit more writing on it some interesting factors were revealed.

        Jews call christian or goyim women “shiksha” meaning whore. Jews seem to justify it because it keeps them from marrying non jews.

        Jews call non jews goyim, which apparently mean cattle.

        The talmud teaches they should rule the world, the two snakes that connect and so on.

        It also teaches that others peoples are going in effect to be their slaves or similar.

        Their religion states they can lie to non jews or the “goyim”.

        Many jews live in effect as a nation however small it may be within a nation. A globally connected sect loosely based on or largely, depending on perspective some kind of common ethnic origin although this seems a bit weird to me now that it seems that jews have become more mixed and that some of them are less mixed or not at all with groups that most of them are mixed with.

        I do think there has been a struggle between white and whiter jews and those who are to a larger degree mixed. And like with most populations get mixed to a large degree, there is not much the white or whiter part of the population can do when they become a majority. But this is a bit of a racial perspective I am not sure myself to what degree it is applicable or the best explanation. It may be a factor, that certainly is a possibility.

        But many jews go to the jewish childcare center, jewish school and the like. Probably quite often they do business with other jews, although this is not always the case of course.

        And their history and the way they are tought about it is constructed to make them soldiers for the “jewish cause” and these objectives do change over time.

        But as I did mention I do think this perspective has been covered to a degree here.

        And a group that is to a degree what one may call racially mixed, a clear majority of them, why should they care about others staying to a large degree not mixed with say arabs or africans.

        Instead it seems to me that their objective and this is probably in effect a clear war strategy is to make everyone racially mixed to a large degree.

        This seems to also be the objective of antifa (according to what seems to be leaked documents of theirs) and who sponsors this group and leads it…

        Also some person I worked with did mention that he read that a large portion of jews (maybe 20 to 25 %) started to follow some kind of sect version of the “jewish faith” that turned everything in the bible around. I.e. satan is good, satan is light as the freemasons seems to think from what I read in a book that is said to have been written by a prominent freemason on that societies beliefs. The freemason rituals are I would say a mixture of religions that existed before Christianity and the jewish faith and by that I mean the first testament, and it seems satanism. Also many people think that organized jews control this society.

        So there is a connection in turning the bible around here.

        But I also read the freemasons think that humans are a mixture by a pre-human group (neanderthals) and aliens from outer space.

        Also a clear discussion regarding the origin of jews, when and how many jews mixed with other ethnical groups although it being forbidden and how the mixture has effected their behaviour has not been clearly discussed I think.

        One perspective may be that when they mixed to a degree with arabs and africans, did these changes in effect hijack them.

        What I mean how would someone with even a small african heritage (with the average jew this seems to be around 4%) feel about africans being segregated and things such as the one drop rule. I assume it would make them terrified and scared and also wanting to combat racism and the like. In a way fighting for themselves or in effect a quite small part of them self. So in effect did this mixture that goes against their own religion make them side with the others so to speak, i.e. being hijacked by these other groups. And in effect running the other groups agendas for them so to speak.

        But this seems to be a lot less of an issue with say Italians from Sicily that emigrated to the USA. But then again they are Christian.

        I seem to remember that you hoped that the jews would adopt, like the Italians have done in the USA (again I don’t live in the USA so I don’t know much about these matters). Have you changed your view here? Do you think it is possible for them to adapt still at may I say this late hour? And if not what would you say are some of the major obsticles laying in the way of such adaptation?

        I tend to be quite sharp in my thoughts and maybe I should restrain myself here. In Israel to be honest it seems that jews really don’t want any africans around and try to get rid of them so…

        But the cultural factors that I did mention here that may not have been a major focus of your fantastic work, have been pretty well discussed and researched by others so there would be no reason to repeat it would there.

        And again it was quite some years ago I did read the third book you wrote on the JQ, so my memories of what exactly was focused on may not be all correct and if so I do apologize again.

        Another interesting factor is their etno centrism and how this makes the group prosper. Sure their on the average high IQ does contribute I am sure but they way they self promote other jews.

        Like how many romcoms (romantic comedies) have jewish movie studies put out where it’s the jew dating the hot christian white woman (often blonde). I mean it’s almost a concept or a standard.

        This was indeed covered to a degree here on TOO.

        Or the way many of their news channels and IT companies promote quite often exclusively jewish businesses. Like I watched CNN and there was a special on American companies that were over 100 years old. Just that all the companies they promoted or should we say presented were founded by jews.

        Their social media try to push for whites getting non white friends (and partners, boyfriend/girlfriend) through algorithms it seems to me. And their search engines are highly political and also anti made in the west products it is my impression. They seem to go for the made in Chine wanting probably many of them to get rid of our industry.

        Another aspect that has been not fully researched here at TOO from what I have seen is the effect of jewish media ownership and how this is used to shape opinion, self promote their group and their interests and yes to control information and do anti white propaganda. I mean for example groups like the kkk and also William Pierce spoke about this.

        David Lane spoke about how whites are fed like 1000 pictures a day promoting racial mixture with groups such as africans. To analyze this one would have to analyze commercials, hollywood movies and newspapers as well as social media and search engines to get a full perspective.

        Do I think David Lane was right here, I certainly do regardless of what you think about some of his ideas and so on.

        But for example it is now common in Hollywood movies to encourage white males to date quite mixed latina women. Now from a film science perspective this is often obvious. Like I watched part of an adventure movie where a you white male was falling in love with a latina women here very mixed father was also around. And they kissed and in another scene her boobs although with clothes on were in large focus with his head just behind (like come suck on these tittes). It was just so obvious. Or a instruction leaflet for teens on sex given to them in schools in California where the parents were angry it teached fisting and “anal sex” as a way of not having children from sex (condoms could be an alternative). It’s just all the teens drawn having sex or the like were mixed. Surprise surprise african teen man or boy with white girl (and saw the woman who was responsible for having it made in some video, yes she looked jewish). I also watched a disney TV show for kids. This was about some children’s party (like they may have been like 11 years old) and ALL the small girls were going crazy about this latin boy at the party, falling or being in love with him. Again clearly propaganda, directed at kids. And what do we see now, increased intermarriage between whites and latinos. Which would have probably happened to a degree anyway. But it seems clear to me this is hastened by their propaganda.

        But then again, your are not an professor in media science or film science or an IT expert. We all have our fields of expertise. I certainly think the amount of ground covered or the issues addressed in your work and also here on TOO is beyond impressive.

        Another interesting thing is how desegregation was pushed as well as bussing of africans to formerly white schools. And the connection here to the UN laws or whatever they are called on racism (i.e. the combat exclusion based on race and in all ways work for inclusion). And how were those UN things used when pushing for desegregation and bussing? I mean some writer here on TOO mentioned that it was jews that did the work for the UN on racism and that they were students of Boas. And you certainly did cover that movement thoroughly.

        In my country the media is often called the third state power after the military and police.

        Martin Luther King said something like: That the people who owns the media in effect controls the world.

        Was he wrong? I’m certainly no fan of him in any way but he does make a point.

        And many journalists will write what their employer want’s them too. And even journalists working at a non jewish newspaper for example will most of the time make sure not to go against their agenda, because maybe their newspaper will be bought by jews or they loose their job or the political climate change. So a major ownership by a group hostile towards Christian Whites has a huge effect on the direction our civilization takes in my opinion.

      • Dan F.
        Dan F. says:

        I would be very much interested on your analysis of how Freudian psychoanalysis have been anti white or anti gentile or anti goyim.

        If you have covered this already I would be thankful for a direction on where to read more about it.

        And I have read that he seems not have identified as a European and how he said to his colleague “we bring the plague” when going to the USA.

        But I am very much interested in your thoughts and analysis, you being a professor of Psychology, regarding how his ideas about the subconscious, analysis of dreams and wrong sayings and the process of psychoanalysis may be harmful or wrong to Whites so to speak.

        Or the thing about his ideas about the oidipus complex and the like.

        What in his work do you think is most wrong and or dangerous?

        Any comment on this is greatly appreciated.

      • Bobby fisher lover
        Bobby fisher lover says:

        This is a critique of article and “flexible strategizer”. Cleander, the Roman counsel to emperor? who misappropriated grain to make profits and Benedict Arnold who misappropriated supplies for continental army for profit are treated identically in academia ,press etc.. One person is solely responsible and don’t think otherwise, but one person could not perpetrate these complex schemes alone. There is nothing flexible about the constantly repeated schemes. There is no reason to be deceived by them again either. The jews will not convert. The only way to stop them is force.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Dan F.
      Apart from the riders covered by Professor MacDonald’s reply to you, I have agreement with much of what you say. I was raised as a Methodist a long time ago and from the first time I understood Dr MacDonald, I saw him as a model Christian, a view I am pretty sure our Jewish brethren share, hence the unlimited angst. He has all the elements that I always aspired to. I spun off from Methodism, Protestantism, tangentially, logically, as a patriotic far leftist with primary focus on my nation that I loved, as the former disintegrated, probably due to its inability to “cope” ideologically in the context of the layer upon layer of ideological challenges/subversions.

      As to Catholicism, though it resisted (and at times collaborated in) the worst of the implications of the scientific/technological revolution, it also resisted the truths it revealed. Later on, much later on, this left the honest, searching hearts of the MacDonalds of this world “no choice”, but to go it alone.

      Sadly, his counterparts who remained within Roman Catholicism, were mis-educated in a scornful disregard in something that – as I see it – true Christianity had nothing at all to fear…the relentless search for the truth – including in the sphere of Humanity. Are those truths the revealing of “Logos”, or something else…I think it’s Logos. On the latter, and the decisive events of the Crucifixion, Dr Jones has given us all greater clarity than we were ever taught at Church. For that he is also a hero.

      This needs to be rounded off, but I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    With Jones’ writing on Jews, it is not as easy to declare outright that “This is true” because it revolves around religion, and belief is a chief characteristic of religion. It is simply not susceptible to scientific proof.

    Alas faith is not blind. Faith exists because for the most part God will never explain the why and how of everything. As I wrote in my book:

    “The Bible doesn’t go into providing any kind of scientific knowledge or explanations about the mysteries of life or the makeup of the universe. In fact, not even Christ Jesus, if He had arrived today, which would have resulted in scientists the world over scrambling to have an audience with Him, could be convinced to give them any knowledge regarding the genetics of life, the makeup of blood, the secrets of the universe, the Higgs boson, etc. If asked about these things, Jesus would probably have just looked at the person and said something to the effect of, “What’s that to you? You must follow me” (John 21:22, paraphrase).

    Consider what would happen if a high moral being like Almighty God were to knowingly give a lawless, sinful race of people knowledge of how things work in relation to scientific matters. They would have long ago destroyed themselves and all of planet earth. That is principally why we have in the Bible the story of the Tower of Babel:

    If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. (Genesis 11:6–7)

    Given their long-life spans and unity of mind and purpose, they could have discovered and unraveled the mysteries of science unlike any other generation. That tower of bricks would have evolved into a platform for the blasting off rockets and space shuttles long before our own day and age. Nothing would have prevented them from penetrating the knowledge of everything from chemistry to physics, astronomy, and biology—even the very heavens, especially if they were motivated by military reasons as we have been.

    An example of this can be seen in the work of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), the scientist who after collaborating with his team of scientists learned what atomic power was capable of. After the first nuclear detonation, he realized the scope of what they had done, moving him to utter these famous words from the Bhagavad Gita:

    If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky, that would be like the splendour of the might One and I am become Death the shatterer of worlds.

    In San Diego, I talked with Captain Eddy. He had been with the expedition in the Marshall Islands on November 1, 1952, when America exploded her first hydrogen bomb. In a sober voice, Captain Eddy said, “No one could visualize the awfulness of that sight unless he were there in person.” Two hundred miles above the Pacific, the mighty hydrogen bomb was detonated. The blast lighted up thousands of miles of Pacific sky. At Auckland, New Zealand, 3,800 miles away from the scene of the blast, New Zealanders said the ocean showed a reflection that was blood red. “The scientists present at the scene were dreadfully shaken,” said Eddy. “They thought they had set the heavens aflame with a chain reaction of exploding atoms that would surely go around the world.” On returning from his mission, Captain Eddy asked to be transferred to another department of service, and was given a position in the field of seismology, studying earthquakes back in the South Pacific.

    Do you see or understand the horror of it? This knowledge of good and evil which our first parents bestowed on us connected with scientific knowledge to create a very dangerous mix, a mix that as things continue to progress will quite literally place mankind in the position of playing god (Genesis 3:22). Who can be able to deal with the moral and ethical implications of that? To be sure, no one will be able to, although of course many will try. That is the nature of mankind.

    This only have I found: God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes. (Ecclesiastes 7:29)

    The more we learn, the more trouble we get ourselves into. end quote from book Climate Change the Work of God.

    “Whats that to you.” Jesus

    And we built an amusement park in orbit around the earth? For those of us who know and understand biblical themes and scriptures that space station and others in the process of being built is or will be for nothing! Absolutely nothing! An amusement park that’s all it really is?

  7. KosChertified?
    KosChertified? says:

    Our staff sent out a cordial invitation to 1200 leaders and clergy of the Christian church, offering a generous donation to their organization in exchange for an essay addressing The Kosher Question from the Christian perspective, i.e. did Jesus or the church and its writings abrogate the laws of Kashrus for his followers. And if so, how should those of Christian faith deal with this matter, one that encroaches much of their livelihood, usually unwittingly.

    After numerous pleadings for even an anonymous writer, there have been no replies. Perhaps Dr. E. Michael Jones will take up this debate. But in the meantime, we applaud Dr. MacDonald for increasingly publishing articles that enlighten our readers on ubiquitous kosher certification, helping increase kosher awareness for us all…a topic that at least 1200 are fearful to write on.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:


      St. Paul in 1 Timothy says this:

      They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5 because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer. 1 Timothy 4:3-4

      I’d say that sums it up very well yes? However, working as a cook for a great part of my life I look with suspicion at food. I could never eat many of the things on offer and here I can share a peculiar story of a Mennonite missionary family who worked for a time in Japan. They had a deep desire for the people there but anyway to make a long story short I having lived in their basement for a time caught the lady of the house without her wig. It was of course embarrassing and shocking to see her like this. She was balding and she was in her early forties? That took me back to a video on food safety and a short talk about sushi and how raw seafood can be very dangerous to human health. What caught my attention though was some seafood forget which exactly now but they harbor microscopic worms which if ingested can lead to hair loss. They migrate into the scalp and hair follicles of their victims. I then thought about their time in Japan and immediately my suspicions start up. I have never eaten sushi and never will!

      Another story was from some missionaries returning from India and a crusade there. After the meetings they were invited by a restaurateur to his establishment for dinner. they arrived and had dinner but unbeknownst to them the owner had walked back from the meetings and when he arrived and saw what they had eaten he apologized to them and said he would have given them eggs and such. The missionaries then heard the owner screaming at the cooks in the kitchen with pops and pans flying around causing quite the ruckus. The missionaries were embarrassed asking what all the fuss was about. They learned later they were given for dinner dog! Nice eh?

      It is stories like these that cause me some trepidation when I look at food not prepared by me and as for St. Paul’s admonishment if i were overseas I wouldn’t be so trusting and just being thankful rather I’d be crying in prayer for God to make sure the food wasn’t going to make me either sick or dead really.

      And next to this i can add a Romanian fellow here in Canada laughed at me when i told him about his Romania under Ceascu and what I told him was terrifying. He just looked at me and said listen, what if I told you I saw a man’s stomach moving by itself. I didn’t understand and he replied moving by itself meaning a grown man being eaten alive by worms!

      I don’t know if kosher certified makes food any safer really but reading you has blown me away as i hope my testimony blows you away!

      and lastly, go here and read about why today we are all dying from degenerative diseases and not infectious type as there has been a complete reversal from over a 100 hundred years ago. Why is that? You’ll find what the scientists have to say is quite enlightening.

      Cheers and thanks for your work

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        Of interest this to may be for you. I have a friend of Russian extraction and Jewish to and he and his daughter had dinner together at a restaurant. Vladimir refused noticing the cook was an Asian lady whereas his daughter ate everything? It wasn’t more than a few days later that his daughter ended up in hospital with covid and now has damaged lungs. Vladimir is guess what? Healthy but terribly upset and well ….grrrrrrr?

  8. Mary Gold
    Mary Gold says:

    I like EMJ, but his race denial seems rather insane to me. And I saw the effect of EMJ on Owen Benjamin, who was telling his followers to stop calling themselves “white” because that’s the label the jews came up with to demonize our people. To me, this is very loony stuff.
    I just don’t see how this line of thinking has any benefit. However, I do like EMj and I watch all of his clips without fail….I just have to disregard his race denial lunacy.
    And while I do think that faith on God is a good thing, and I guess on some level I DO believe that God and goodness will win in the end…..I think there is going to be hell to pay in the meantime.
    As the author observes, organized Jewry has almost complete control, and if they impose their digital currency scheme, there will be NO freedom left on this entire planet.
    Overall, I think KMAC makes more sense to me, even if he is a non-believer.
    And there is a danger that people of faith simply give up the fight against organized Jewry because they believe that it’s God’s job and He is going to deal with the Jews one day.
    No doubt the millions of Orthodox Christians in Russia had faith in God, yet they were slaughtered. by the Jewish led Bolsheviks.
    Fatalism is the last thing we need at this point.

    • White Man
      White Man says:

      Owen Benjamin is a mischling jew clown with a non-White wife. What do you expect.

      Benjamin likes to go on about the ones who “bite the foreskins”, idiot that he is, but of course, jew mohels don’t bite foreskins, they literally suck the blood from freshly mutilated infant genitals. This is why ‘tolerance’ dogma, is perpetrated against White people as a virtue.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Mary Gold
      “No doubt the millions of Orthodox Christians in Russia had faith in God, yet they were slaughtered. by the Jewish led Bolsheviks.
      Fatalism is the last thing we need at this point.”

      You speak the truth.

  9. jimmie moglia
    jimmie moglia says:

    Interesting analysis. Here I will refer to the ‘dilemma’ (if that is the appropriate term) of choosing an ‘atheistic’ or a ‘Catholic’ approach to the very important problem at hand. A dilemma, I believe, that affects not only the Jewish question but life at large, at least for most of us.
    I equally believe, however, that there is a third way, namely Kant’s, through his ‘Categorical Imperative,’ and the influence that aesthetics can have on the approach to life and its challenges.
    I am not an academic and could be easily dismissed as a “rude mechanical who earns his bread upon the Athenian walls” – though I have a PhD in Engineering (electronics). And behind me, a career as a manager for a large corporation, then as an entrepreneur, – having founded a computer company with 450.00 $ and a bank loan of $3,000.00 – having grown the company to 4m$ keeping it profitable, and then ‘retiring’ to become a writer and a producer of instructional videos.
    Kant lived at the onset of the Enlightenment, when belief in Christianity was waning (including his own). However and at the same time, Kant was alarmed by the decline. Being a pessimist about the human character he believed that we are by nature intensely prone to corruption. It was this awareness that led him to formulate a means to replace religious authority with the authority of reason.
    In one of his works he argued that, although historical religion had been wrong in the content of its beliefs, it understood the great need to promote ethical behavior, a need that never disappears for obvious reasons.
    It was in this context that Kant proposed the idea of the “Categorical Imperative,” which first appears in his book “Metaphysics of Morals.” Shrunk to its core, the categorical imperative states: “Act only according to that maxim by which you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.”
    Said it differently, the categorical imperative is designed to shift our perspective, to get us to see our own behavior in less immediately personal terms, and thereby recognize some of its limitations.
    Furthermore, as we know, Kant also demonstrated the role of art in all this. He thought that life involved a constant struggle between our better selves and our passions, between duty and pleasure. Beauty delights us in a special and important way, because our love of beauty is disinterested. In this sense, the beauty of nature is a continual, quiet and insistent reminder of our universe of being.
    And behind the ‘universe of being’ there is what no scientist will ever touch or discover. Some use the word God, I prefer the term Transcendent, as it avoids the semantic inconsistency of ‘atheism’ and the association of the unknown – the ‘undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns’ – with the pretty overall abysmal record of Churches, as least today.
    Incidentally and on reflection, I instinctively proved the validity of Kant’s assertions, during my ‘salad days, when I was green in judgment.’ It happened when, at the age of 12, I faced learning Greek and found the task overwhelming, considering also the stern and un-gratifying nature of the professor. So as to find some pleasure in what I found highly unpleasurable, I began sticking Greek stamps showing works of Greek art and mosaics to my Greek exercise notebook. It gave me a pleasurable ‘Kantian’ reason to do what otherwise I wouldn’t have done. To alter the lyrics of a country song, “I was Kant when Kant wasn’t cool” – at least for me who completely ignored his existence.
    Finally, if we posit an ‘allegorical’ nature or function of Christianity, EMJ’s and KMc’s works, in my view, are both equally consistent and compatible.

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      But if we posit a ‘real’, historical nature and function of Christianity, EMJ’s and KMc’s works cease to be equally consistent and compatible and consign Kant (and his intellectual spawn) to the garbage can of history.

  10. Bernard Watts
    Bernard Watts says:

    Race denial is one of the primary components in the Jewish arsenal used against white people.
    So, for EMJ to echo race denial borders on treason.
    If EMJ thinks that the solution is to get non-whites to be Christians/Catholics, I have news for EMJ!
    Non-white believers put their RACE ahead of the faith in God. I’ve SEEN it.
    My white idiot pastor had a seminar on race, and it was a total disaster……he spent the entire time apologizing to
    angry mean spirited non-white “Christians.” It was excruciating to witness such a debacle.
    Sure, maybe on the very LAST DAY, God will sort it all out. But right NOW, whites are in some deep
    shit and they need to fight back as if their lives depended on it, because their lives DO depend on it.

  11. TJ
    TJ says:

    Sanity requires a normal brain, which jews do not possess. Bobby Fischer said “jews don’t want to work.” I submit that they are incapable of working- inventing, innovating, putting parts together. I submit that their images of existence are severely diverging from objective reality, and that jews are actually incapable of comprehending existence. Surely a humongous blind spot.

    Chaim Witz [group KISS] hinted at this blind spot on a video- a car in a parking lot had its hood open, and he pointed to the engine and said “that’s for them.” Meaning mechanical stuff is OURS, not THEIRS. If they cannot make a Cadillac they print up fake money to steal it. An “alternate means of survival” as Nathaniel Branden [Nathan Blumenthal] put it. All from low visuospatial abilities. I submit [Islam means I submit] that mental health requires strong ability to visualize, and that zero visuospatial skill equals severe or possibly total psychosis. The lower these skills, the more communist they are. “Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen Samuel Weiss, New York City, 1935.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      A little out there but you’re in the ballpark TJ.
      I believe that Bobby Fischer was half Jewish. Here’s another one of his quotes that is quite relevant to Edmunds great piece;

      “My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world, the God-damned Jews have to be stopped. They’re a menace to the whole world.” ~ Bobby Fischer

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        Could be TJ. I have lived around Jews my whole life and believe me, many are pathological narcissists, it is very strange that so many of them have this malady.

  12. Kris
    Kris says:

    A very good, very deep article. Like many readers, I am an academic/intellectual layman, so it might not mean much, but I would like to state my disagreement with only one aspect of anything said — that Whites are essentially defeated and all hope is lost (or nearly so). We are in some tumultuous times for sure, but Whites have been through worse, and when we rise from the ashes of this moment, those who endure will be far more capable than those before. The White race has always been strengthened through pitiless adversity, and has always come out greater. I think we have a much brighter future than we can currently imagine, but I certainly can respect wiser men for taking nothing for granted and maintaining a pessimistic realism. I will keep optimistic myself, and my wife and I will strive for yet one more child (as an average White guy, this is probably the best contribution I can provide in the long run). I certainly hope all those mentioned in the above article, as well as its author, have many more productive years ahead of them (thank you).

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “The White race has always been strengthened through pitiless adversity, and has always come out greater.”

      Don’t want to be a downer, but we haven’t come out very well from the carnage of two world wars, have we? Quite the opposite, they seem to have been so destructive, so sickingly violent, and perhaps the worst of all, so totally pointless. They seem to have broken us.

      Or they broke 4 generations of our leaders, and made an embarrassing, useless mess of 90% of our people.
      But all great endeavors start from small beginnings, I feel the fightback is finally coming into vision, if only due to the hubris of the enemy. He’s become very degenerate, in all ways. That’s what total power does to you, doesn’t it?
      When we finally slay this dragon, for good, don’t be surprised to find it made of paper.

      • Kris
        Kris says:

        I certainly can respect your position (it is a popular one, with good reason) but I disagree. Our people have suffered many wars over history, lost many involved, and we have always pressed on with no less capability. I think modern wars have had less affect on our than fitness than contraception/abortion in the long run. Consider the Chinese as well. How much devastation have they suffered throughout history, particularly the last couple centuries? Yet few would accuse them of a decrepit weakness as a result. Humans inherently thrive on adversity — the more capable races particularly — and we ultimately are left all the stronger. Our race has certainly enjoyed a great bounty in the years following the great wars, and one can certainly contend that there are currently many ‘useless eaters’, but all our potential is still there, it is now more than ever a matter of how to unlock it. Our rivals would love nothing more than for us to give up in anguish, but I for one refuse! I hope you do to, whatever your kind. The Jewry has certainly never given up, and look where it has presently led them. There is so much strength left in our people!

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Optimism/Hope is not a strategy for White
          ( progeny of : EuroMan/Aryan/European/Indo-European/Caucasian )
          racial survival
          that is now under a very real
          existential worldwide genocidal threat .

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Indeed it is not. But there is significant difference between a strategy and one’s general sentiments, attitude, and/or disposition. I may well be what some might term as ‘optimistic’, but I do not let that lead me to complacency (nor should it do so for anyone else). Indeed, your comment serves as an important reminder. Thank you for that.

  13. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Thank you Dr. Connelly for this essay which illuminates some very relevant context of our engagement with the JQ .

    …” Western conflict we’ve all seen for five hundred-plus years with the struggle between our inherited Christian past, with belief in faith, souls, spirits, and—most of all—God, vs. rationalism, humanism, and materialism—in other words, a strongly scientific worldview. ”

    There is no spiritual conflict or at least should be none since religion and science are opposite sides of the same spiritual coin that offers two different ways-of-life ; one based mostly on faith and the other way based mostly on facts . The worldly conflict arises from competition for life-sustaining resources needed for both ways-of-life where people are also included as a life-sustaining resource . A life absent of facts is unsubstantiated ; whereas a life absent of faith is likely more chaotic .

  14. bruno
    bruno says:

    First of all congratulations to the author for his hundredth contribution. Hats off to him.

    Years ago I had a friend who often spoke with me over the phone. His nom de plume was Willmont Robertson. He wrote, amongst others, The Dispossessed Majority and another book called something like the Ethno State. Back then, my plate was full. It was a time the US political “reps” were inducing busing, unofficial official City States were multiplying, I had a sick spouse and was acting as a translator to two politicians seeking votes from those in Slavic-American cultural clubs. I was going to school and labouring nights. Sometimes I wondered if I even spelled my name right, or how I survived.

    Anyways that giant of a man couldn’t get his labour distributed. Thus, I diplomatically mentioned his work in articles and (2) put a piece in I think it was the Detroit Free Press and his books sales scored. I loved his soul to such an extent that I give copies of his books to parliamentarians in a Baltic country, Warsaw and other satellite countries. My dream was that he would become known to future scholars and perhaps even a few monuments and other items would be constructed to honor his name.

    Unfortunately, things exacerbated in Amdom. I refused to send my kids to questionable schools and simply moved to Europe. While there, I read many books that had been hidden during the era of Eurocide II and the Workers’ Paradise. I recall Prof. Koneczny’s Cywiizacja Zydowska (J Civilization). The verba “Zyd” in Slavic vernacular implies J. Anyways, Koneczny’s extensive work on the ZydQ was full of fascination for those studying ethnicity. One simple item can be cited. It went something like, “they multiplied enormously during the reign of Augustus and represented about 7% of the Roman Empire. He goes on to mention that it would have disastrous effects. Prior to that the Egyptians had found them repulsive. They would not even eat bread with them. Most of his scholarship centered on Zys within his contemporary times.

    Over the years I’ve consumed a ton of research from those centering research on economics, loans, networking and parasitical professions. I’m now consuming Eugenius Muller’s Zydzi w Krakowie z XIV, NO. 35 (Js in Krakow in the XIV era). It was published in 1907. Muller’s name indicated Polonization. Millions of Germans moved from the hundreds of tiny Germanic states during their religions wars. Also, in the 5th century a sea of Polonian-type Slavic nations were absorbed as German occupied what was once East Germany. In fact, in brief, all these regions obtained an ocean of migrants from Scandinavia. The entire region is a neighborhood of near brotherhood.

    In the West KMac was noticed at a time when one had turmoil due to a family member having carcinoma. Soon he became like those mentioned; mainly, highly respected. His books were (also) bestowed upon European parliamentarians, writers/ authors and scholars. There, like here, folks were filled with trepidation at the thought of becoming involved with his labour. Nevertheless, perhaps due to my initial vast distribution of his efforts, some if KMac’s scholarship became books in Polish and Russian. In brief, he became well known amongst scholars.

    I use to think that in a just world giants like Wilmot and KMac should have statutes in their honor. Now, as one sees symbols of Euroman being eradicated, one ponders if Western Civilization will survive. If present trends continue China will own the future. If it does it’ll be becuz of folks like Doc C., of this article and (2) other greats of open communique.

    As for Doc Connelly Sto Lat (may he live a 100 yrs.).

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The name is Wilmot Robertson. You knew Robertson yet did not know the spelling of his first name? Mistakes like this occur too often here- is the the home for space cadets?

  15. bruno
    bruno says:

    Obviously, the ending should read, “If it does, it won’t be becuz of folks like Dr Connelly… I’m on my way to breakfast in a distant restaurant and contributing comment is a side track. Thanks for any understanding.

  16. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Science does not deny God. It hasn’t found any way to prove the existence of God. I think the Jews have always controlled the Catholic Church and it was the church that saved them from the Christian people during the 11th and 12th centuries. They control the church for the same reasons they control the government and media and it has nothing to do with God. The church can be seen in the same way that we view the government and we know that the Jew could not do to us what they are doing if not for the cowards, traitors and blackmailed white people who help them and betray us. The Jew cannot possibly control individual Christian people.

    Good and evil are subjective. We are the evil villains who destroyed the Indians and their way of life and who show them no compassion today as they live unhappy sad lives unable to succeed or fit into the world we created. This is what Jews are doing to us. We subjectively see them as evil. They see themselves as superior to us the same way we see white people as superior to the Indians. The Jew plans to create trans-humanism which they see as better. Machines have no morals, no pain, no regret.

    Whenever I hear Christians talk about the love of God and how great God is I know they have no serious problems in their lives. They never question what it feels like to be homeless living under a bridge. If they were in that situation without hope what would they think about God? I’ve heard Christians give their testimonies and one time a woman told of how God saved her and other family members from sharks after their boat sank even though her child was killed.

    Can anyone explain why God would expect people to simply have faith that he exists? Humans could only know about a creator if that creator chose to be revealed. Christians are a minority on this Earth. Christianity comes from the pagan religion of the Jews while we consider Zeus and Apollo to be myth and Druids to be pagans. Jesus went up to the Heavens the same way that Zeus lived on a mountain.

    I was raised a Southern Baptist and was saved when I was eleven years old. I’ve lived or at least tried to live a Christian life. I think that most people want to be good people and do the right thing. But we are not that different from animals when we consider all the universes and all the things that we don’t know. Ultimately we can only be what God made us to be and struggle to live in the world that He created the best way we can. I cannot believe that God would hold certain backward people in this world accountable even though they are cannibals and live like animals. We are more like those people than we are like any creator.

    It is a sign of hopelessness, not Godliness, that people believe that Jehovah God will save us from the Jew. The ones who will save us are the ones who will fight and who will be willing to do what is necessary to solve this problem and Holy God would tell you that would be a sin. Choose you this day. For me I choose to do what must be done.

  17. Jared Macdonald
    Jared Macdonald says:

    Little known fact…..KMAC says that the Christian religion was our only cohesive group strategy.
    So I take it that he believes that religion has been an overall positive force for white people, at least for 1900 years
    of history prior to the Scofield Bible scam.

  18. TJ
    TJ says:

    What can hold society together? Common belief. Can society work without one? Trying to make this common belief rational will lead to never-ending bickering, at a minimum. Consensus must be a-rational in order to avoid suicidal schisms and infighting.

    Religion should be seen for what it truly is- less about doctrine and more about GROUP PSYCHOLOGY. I despise the idea of agreement for the sake of agreement- yet, [White] society must act a unit. Is it possible to use reason alone to achieve the needed consensus?

  19. Susan
    Susan says:

    I appreciate both writers though I favor McDonald’s evolutionary work. To explain the Jewish problem to average people, though, I almost wish that scientists would discover that Jews have alien, extra-terrestrial blood in their veins. That would much more easily explain their cold, conniving, merciless, endlessly greedy, exclusive, lawbreaking, frightening behavior. People who have seen Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, Dracula, and other similar movies could easily grasp what was going on, see the emergency, and start to work together. Maybe some creative artists could use this as a meme (perhaps relate to the vaccine?) and start a campaign this Halloween. After all, Jews and their gentile assistants have turned life into a horror show. My drawing skills peaked in the 5th grade or I would.

  20. anonym
    anonym says:

    Fascinating article, even though I disagree with the entire premise of “spiritual vs. material”. To me it belongs with all the other Jewish pseudo intellectual (or “spiritual”) dichotomies.

    “In contrast, MacDonald grounds his trilogy on Jews in a post-Christian world, one is which God is dead and therefore plays no role in the universe, where scientific laws impartially govern eternity, among which are those laws in evidence with respect to Darwinian evolution. Sadly (for me personally) this modern view of scientific materialism allows for no obvious purpose in existence beyond mere survival. And while survival is nice, it’s still does not provide a convincing reason to struggle and survive. In this sense, The West in general has been demoralized for the past few hundred years, depending on the pace and degree of an acceptance of the atheism — implicitly or explicitly — that has appeared alongside the rise of science.”

    Science and art comes out of the Indo-European mystery tradition. Music, physics, astronomy, medicine, theater, art… it all used to be intimately connected to the pre-Christian mystery religions. Pythagoras studies of music was not just mathematical, it was a way to study astronomy, the intervals in the changes of the cosmos – which is what the pre-Christian religion celebrated. The four cardinal points, winter/summer solstices, and the spring/autumn equinoxes, used to be celebrated as the life cycle of the dying/resurrected Son of God.

    The Jews plagiarized this, created Christianity and managed to spread it among the poor illiterate masses and the most corrupted kings. Like the “pagan” Greeks and the Romans claimed already 2000 years ago: it’s Christianity that is atheistic. The Jews mimicked the mystery rites, without understanding its spiritual content, and instead of worshiping the source of life – the Spirit, God – the Christians was duped into worshiping a fictitious Jewish UFO and it’s supernatural Jewish son.

    Christianity put an end to European spirituality for a 1000 years, until the Renaissance (and the Enlightenment). Christianity not only destroyed Rome, it destroyed, or at least warped, European spirituality into paranoid Jewish superstition and a belief in a miraculous Jewish savior.

    That “God is dead” only means that Jehova and Jesus is dead to us, which is good. It means that the alienated, paranoid mindset of the Jew is waning, at least “spiritually”. Now we can resume the true European spiritual path, towards a deeper understanding of Nature and a closer relationship with the true God. A God we can sense in the order and intent in DNA, in the laws of gravity, the reawakening of Nature every spring, the sense of home and purpose in a no longer alienated world, and in love and friendship. And perhaps, in mind altering psychedelics, which was common in the pre Christian mystery tradition.

    The dichotomy of Jewish “spiritualism” and Jewish atheistic pseudo science (the belief in the Holy Lord of Chance) is as false as the dichotomy between socialism and capitalism. It’s all Jewish garbage. We don’t have to choose between an NKVD basement with psychopathic Jewish overlords, and a Las Vegas Casino Whorehouse, with psychopathic Jewish overlords – we can have a normal European society, with market economy and a public sector.

    Instead of Jewish superstition, we can have real spirituality, where we study the source of life and the design of Nature, and in so coming closer to God. We can trace the beauty of Nature in art, music and theatre, and find trust and comfort in shared experiences and understanding.

    And secondly:

    “By all rational, material measurements, the White race has been defeated by Jewry. Point to even one area in which Whites hold a credible counter to Jewish power. There are none.”

    The Jewish “victory” is empty. They create nothing. Jewish “wealth” is our wealth. Jewish parasites are only as wealthy as their host is. The Jews in the Pale of Settlement was dirt poor, even though they owned all the banks and the farms and the industries, because their non-Jews were unable to create wealth (possibly because of the Jewish stronghold). Same for the Jews in Yemen.
    Without us, they would still be small time merchants and caravan robbers in Arabia, plagued by insane superstitions and angry neighbors. Jewish “power” is based on lies and manipulation. Real power is based on real things, chiefly the ability to physically defeat the enemy, which one might think the Jews ought to have understood by now.

    I appreciate Jones’ books on usury, music and the mafia, but not his beliefs in the Jewish hocus pocus about Christ and his anti-racial views.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” And while survival is nice, it’s still does not provide a convincing reason to struggle and survive.”

      The ultimate purpose of human life is to have FUN

      ; which is understood by the vast majority ,
      of normal people of the world , to mean

      [ happiness/pleasures/satisfactions/enjoyments/thrills ] .

      In other words , humanity struggles to survive in order to have more FUN ( as defined ) at some time in the future .

      Science — not religion — has veritably established the purpose of human life .

      Be assured that survival is a pre-requisite to have FUN .

      @ mod :

      I have submitted this comment twice before and it still is not posted .

      Clearly , the asserted purpose of human life is not a trivial statement and neither is it a statement that anyone ( no preacher , no president , no politician , no pope ) has ever before publicly proclaimed here on the worldwide internet or any other public forum . That USA classic hit song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is about what girls want and the song does not assert this statement about the ultimate purpose of human life .

      I have enough familiarity with psychological science to be very confident that Prof KMac would have to agree with the statement on an established psychological basis alone . However , the abundance of empirical evidence to support the statement is beyond the scope of this comment . Suffice it to say that solid evidence can be found in a broad spectrum of domains of knowledge and thus is vastly more abundant than what psychological science alone has established . To be sure , I am fully prepared to defend that statement in future bit-by-bit comments if it is seriously challenged .

      Obviously , that statement unequivocally implies the ultimate purpose of the White races — a nontrivial matter .

      Is this statement on the ultimate purpose of humanity too bold or controversial to post here on the T.O.O. website ?

  21. Robert J. Block
    Robert J. Block says:

    This site has value but it also has tremendous volatility in yield. MacDonald is consistently cogent. With other writers you roll the dice.

    Anglin is much more enfant than terrible. He takes the position that women are not fully human. For the Jones: be insanely Catholic position that does open up Mariology issues. And he’s not “doctor” Jones, that honorific is for MDs and especially praiseworthy dentists.

    I was an adult in 1980. Jones is painfully obviously lying about being fired from a Catholic college for being anti-abortion. There were clearly other pathologies at work. These are manifest in his published ravings.

    A year or two ago an author on this site argued that it was bestiality to marry a Jew. My God, Stephen Fry has even been criticized. Here we are told that Jews are the children of satan.

    Look, Jews are tough competitors with sharp elbows underneath the basket, which is essentially what Dr. MacDonald (yes, honourable exception, grandfathering) argued in his trilogy with a dash of the ethnocentricity of the people of Krikkit thrown in. Satan doesn’t come into it. Satan doesn’t come into anything.

    Disciplined collectivist ethnic groups with a cognitive edge can be troublesome now and then. Germans. Japanese. Chinese. Jews. We need to be alert and intelligently assertive of our interests. But reviving the inquisition is a bad idea, especially as it would not fly without Jewish conversos like Torquemada.

    Cheers, fellow frustrated white men.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      I agree with you. MacDonald, Joyce and Sanderson are consistently excellent (maybe others I’m now forgetting; Karl Nemmersdorf or a name like that is always informative). But otherwise, the site’s quality is, like this post, a mishmash of perceptive, hateful and weird.

      Who takes Anglin seriously? He’s just a classic vulgar and jejune antisemite. The whole reason some of us paid a lot of money for the original KMac hardback trilogy back in the 90s was because here, at last!, was a sober-minded, factual, non-celebratory, non-Nazi examination of collective Jewish behavior written at the highest social scientific level. I recall how excited I was when a friend of Jared Taylor’s called me to tell me about the first volume, a book I might never otherwise have heard of (despite being an early subscriber to American Renaissance). It’s about time, I thought (although I didn’t become a KMac fan until after the publication of the other volumes a few years later).

      The Satan stuff is silly (and I’m a Christian!). Jews are not Satan’s children, nor are they uniquely evil. They are exactly as you and KMac have described them. The harder reality for simpletons to accept is that Jews are the human moral norm, only much more lethally effective at “cultural insurrection/subversion” due to high IQ and extreme, ethnoreligious-based clannishness and group nepotism. It is whites, especially Nordics, who are the world’s moral (and thus behavioral) outliers, albeit in a good way (good for others, but not ourselves, at least insofar as our universal ethicality and general virtuousness have been weaponized against us).

      I strongly disagree with you, however, in your implicit dig against allying Christian theocracy with white nationalism (perhaps you are Jewish, if your name is accurate). I strongly argue that any future white ethnostate must have an ecumenical, non-denominationally-specific Christianity as the established state religion. This will help to keep Jews out longer term (the ethnostate will get softer after a few generations), as well as to bind whites in loyalty to the new regime. A long period of traditionalist Christian primacy (assuming that the secular state insists on a much needed reformulation of Christian moral theology so as to thoroughly de-woke the internal church) will also have a positive effect on white natality, something globally good in itself, as well as perhaps necessary in the evolutionary bottleneck that whites will be passing through across the whole of this century.

  22. Hairy Iranian Guy
    Hairy Iranian Guy says:

    I’m an atheist, but I don’t hate religion nor am I antagonist towards it. That said, Western Christianity is spent. The Catholic Church is a den of pederasts and the Protestant Church(es) are a hodge-podge of rocknroll-loving, “come as you are” morons and idiots. Both sects work actively to undermine the historic West and its racial progenitors.

    Orthodox Christianity is surviving in secular countries, but it isn’t some sort of militant movement. Any woman can get an abortion in Moscow, right?

    The ONLY living and breathing religion that has shown its mettle, that is still in full functioning health and vigor, that is not corrupted, but a hard-core driving force is Islam; Shia Islam, to be exact.

    Shia Islam is the ONLY traditional religion that is successfully fighting Jewish machinations and decadence; think of Iran, Hezbollah, the PMO of Iraq, etc.

    I find it funny that many attack Islam as a foreign “desert” religion whilst defending Christianity as Western. Let’s not forget how Christianity wrecked home-grown Nordic religions and replaced it with a foreign religion. Why would one more foreign religion make a difference? Besides, over time, Islam can be made Western.

    As long as Shia Islam becomes racial, you’re good to go. The West, what’s left of it, can change and manipulate it accordingly just like it converted Christianity to better suit its race-soul.

    I’m not saying this is going to happen, and I know people will start screaming, but Islam has a LOT going for it; to name a couple, knowing how to deal with women (all Islam isn’t ISIS, as all Christianity isn’t snake-handling and Dave Koresh) and promoting polygyny (you need more Nordics and FAST).

    Hell, didn’t even Hitler have good things to say about Islam? C’mon, you know you’re impressed by how militant Muslims get the job done by self-sacrifice.

    I can just envision it now: the Imam Adolf Hitler International Martyr Brigades, led by their zealot leader, Mufti Mohammed Peterson, strike another blow against ZOG and its devilry to further attenuate the White Race! Sub-Commander Ahmad Jackson, Jr. martyrs himself on the battlefield of Laramie, Wyoming, as he defends the line of his fellow martyrs against the jungle hordes of Satan’s helpers whilst bringing great honor to God and his own personal division, the Fanatical Sons of The Reborn KKK Caliphate.

    Until you are ready for martyrdom, like the Muslims, ain’t nothing gonna change, gents.

  23. Andrew Fraser
    Andrew Fraser says:

    Marcion suggests that “Jews are less afraid of Mein Kampf than they are of supersessionism.” The most potent version
    of supersessionism is what is called “preterism” or “covenant eschatology” which holds that the biblical prophesies relating
    to the Last Days of Old Covenant Israel and the Parousia (or Second Coming) of Jesus Christ were fulfilled with the destruction
    of the Jerusalem Temple in AD 70. I discussed the theological significance of that event a decade or so ago on this website in
    an article entitled “The Synagogue of Satan” ( In other articles here, I have tried to show that the only people
    more afraid of supersessionism than the Jews are mainstream Christian theologians, both Catholic and Protestant.

  24. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    …” it appears indisputable that Jewish existence has some sort of meaning,”…

    The meaning of Jewish existence is moot and not really significant .
    The [ purposes ] , of the contemporary so-called “Jews” whom coincidentally own/control virtually all of the Westernworld , are important ; and the Jews most salient purpose appears to have been originally established by this ancient ( circa 2500 years old ) holy Torah verse ___

    And the Lord God said :

    …”” let them have dominion over … the cattle ,
    and over all the earth ,
    and over every creeping thing
    that creepeth upon the earth .””

    ( verbatim quote from :
    The Jewish Holy Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis / 1 : 26 )

    where :

    “them” = “the jews” de facto
 and mankind hypotheticly
    “dominion” = ownership/control

    “earth” = planetary matter , flora . fauna , worldly man-made things

    “creeping thing” = animals , insects , worms , birds , et al , and humanity .

  25. Swan
    Swan says:

    On religion, I don’t think that the catholic church can ever be a source of pro white advocacy. It has embraced at least two of the major weapons the jews have successfully unleashed: 1.) Race Denial and 2.) The the standard holocaust story.

  26. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for the very clear, and concise piece on what is a very large to say-the-least topic Edmund.

    I have learned a great deal from both E.Mike, and Kmac. We all owe them a lot of thanks and gratitude for providing these great platforms that not only serve to learn, but also serve to express ourselves in a world where we don’t have too many places to do that and that, desperately needs to change.

    White people: “2+2=4. Thank you God for giving us your beautiful and sublime science to work with. We put our faith in you, we accept your reality, and we work hard to improve our lives and others lives here, in this fascinating and beautiful realm that you created.”

    Jews: “2+2=5, or, whatever I want it to equal, whenever I want it to equal whatever I want it to equal. Thank you Satan, I will rule the world with you as my King and I will follow you and we will create chaos, sin, destruction, and death for all accept ourselves. We will be the kings of power, material riches, vengeance, and enslavement of mind, body, and souls.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” this fascinating and beautiful realm “…

      called planet earth has apparently been appointed an expiration date called

      {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      whereby Humanity here on this planet will perish into the


      if enough of the right people around the world do not take enough time out from any of their
      religious self-programming activities
      to create , to develop , and to employ
      the sciences , the technologies , and the arts
      for Humanity to be able to thrive-n-survive beyond
      that Godly guaranteed expiration date
      for life on this planet earth
      informed and forewarned by the countdown TikTok clock .

  27. Blaine
    Blaine says:

    EMJ was being somewhat over reactionary in the debate with MacDonald. In the past he has talked about deracination when he felt the need to be more diplomatic.
    The big question we are dealing with is one of identity. In the U.S. we are conditioned to think about race as an identity and it’s been debilitating. Race is a genetic destination, identity exist in the human conscious. (Most conflicts in the world are between people who share close genetic relations, but they have different identities; histories, religions, languages etc.)
    Ironically, in the U.S. and even the West to a certain degree, people are divided by genetics, as genetics will often translate into class. This puts us in a most terrible situation. To wit, genetics informs ethnicity, but does not make an ethnicity.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” genetics informs ethnicity, but does not make an ethnicity.”

      Prof KMac has asserted correctly , in my opinion , that a racial/genetic collective is the overwhelming determinant , if not in fact the sole determinant , of an extant culture/ethnicity ; and that different collectives would create different cultures if given the exact same resource environment .

      • Blaine
        Blaine says:

        There’s nothing to be asserted. For example, the Serbs, Croatians, and Albanians are genetically the same, but they have different religions, language, histories, in a word, identity.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Presuming they are geneticly identical , then identity differences are attributable to non-identical resource environments where [ almost the same ] does not mean identical .

  28. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Genetics makes an ethnicity for Jews.

    It certainly made an ethnicity for brave irredentist Serbs who were bombed by the US Govt so that a Muslim state, Kosovo , ( look at us , we are American multicultis fixing Europe ) could be created out of traditional Serb lands occupied by the Turks , historically, and later by the Turks’ religious dupes .

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Yes, it became painfully clear in the nineties that the Clinton administration’s policy—a policy maintained faithfully by its successors—was that ragheads in Israel’s claimed territories or dreamed-of acquisitions remained forever capital-b Bad, whereas ragheads in Europe were henceforward always to be regarded as capital-g Good.

  29. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    The real problem behind all the ‘debate’ is: who is the chosen people? As Hitler put it: ‘There cannot be two chosen peoples. WE are God’s people. Does not that fully answer the question?”
    It answers it only in the ‘materialist/evolutionist’ perspective. God chose the Jews, but he can annul the choice (which he did in the ‘spiritualist’ perspective. But the materialist/evolutionist has a character of inescapable fatality.

  30. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Being once again able to get online after a disastrous computer crash, I am grateful that comments haven’t yet been closed for this article, as I feared they might already be. To the remarks of others I wish only to add that the article is without doubt one of the ten best published here in the past decade and perhaps Ed Connelly’s finest ever for TOO. It was a privilege to read it.

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