Jews and Vulture Capitalism: A Reprise, Part 2

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Jews, Oligarchs, and Russia

Of course white collar crime is one of the standard stereotypes about Jews and money, a description that seems to follow them wherever they go. Apologists for Jews claim that such crime occurs among non-Jews as well. The difference, however, is not only in their greater likelihood among Jews (see here for an academic treatment that addresses the issue — How do I find such obscure sources!), but, more importantly, that Jewish white collar criminals do not face censure within their own communities. Quite the contrary, it seems.

The following story regarding Russia is essential unknown in the Western world. I believe the first I ever heard of it was in a long 2006 blog by Steve Sailer where he wrote about the connection between Jewish networks, Jewish oligarchs, and the massive defrauding of the Russian people. This involved none other than the former president of Harvard, Lawrence Summers. It’s a long story, but Harvard paid $26.5 million to settle a suit stemming from various improprieties associated with Harvard professors. As Sailer illustrates, however, it is the Jewish aspect of the entire scandal that stands out. The principals of this scandal were Jews, and they were allegedly protected by fellow Jew, Harvard President Larry Summers. The upshot of the scandal was that the “reform” of the Russian economy “turned out to be one of the great larceny sprees in all history, and the Harvard boys weren’t all merely naive theoreticians.” Indeed, they ended up wealthy and managed to go on to other lucrative and important positions.

And guess what: The New York Times, Washington Post and Financial Times decided that this was not a worthy story. Gosh, why not? In the article, Sailer surmises that it was because of Jewish power, a not unreasonable assumption.

Sailer claims that he had not known about the Jewish identity of the “oligarchs” until he read Yale law professor Amy Chua’s book World on Fire. (When Chua correctly noted that six out of the seven of Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs were Jews, her Jewish husband quipped to her, “Just six? So who’s the seventh guy?”) These oligarchs had “paid for Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 re-election in return for the privilege of buying ex-Soviet properties at absurdly low prices (e.g., Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky was put in charge of auctioning off Yukos Oil, which owns about 2% of the world’s oil reserves — he sold it for $159 million to … himself).” Meanwhile, Jews in Russia represented about one percent of the population.

Sailer’s further observations only cast more light on the extent and value of these ethnic connections:

As I’ve said before in the context of exploring how Scooter Libby could serve as a mob lawyer for international gangster Marc Rich on and off for 15 years and then move immediately into the job of chief of staff to the Vice President of the United States, the problem is not that Jews are inherently worse behaved (or better behaved) than any other human group, but that they have achieved for themselves in America in recent years a collective immunity from anything resembling criticism [emphasis added].

Sailer goes on to discuss a number of Jewish reactions to Summers’ removal as Harvard president, ostensibly because of his views on sex differences, that square with what MacDonald has written on Jewish deception and self-deception, including the ability to frame all criticism, no matter how valid, in terms of an anti-Semitic animus. Thus, Harvard professors Alan Dershowitz and Ruth Wisse defended Summers, with Wisse asking, “Was anti-Semitism the driving engine of the coup [against Summers]?” Former lecturer Martin Peretz joined them in the suspicion that Summers’s strong support for Israel played a role in the attack.

Michael Jones adds to the narrative by introducing yet another (((Harvard Professor))), one Jeffrey Sachs, who was tasked with helping nations in economic trouble transition to a modern capitalist economy. In this instance, according to Jones, it unfolded this way:

After orchestrating a coup d’état which deposed Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin dissolved the Soviet Union and invited Sachs to work his Friedmanite magic in Russia. Sachs was put in charge of Yeltsin’s band of Chicago Boys and together they orchestrated a looting expedition the likes of which the world had not seen since the Reformation. By the time it was over, 225,000 state owned companies would be auctioned off at pennies on the dollar of their real value. After Yeltsin opened the Russian economy to their predations, Chicago Boys like Stanley Fisher [it is actually Fischer], who was managing director at the IMF at the time, and Lawrence Summers … rushed in and sank their teeth deeply into the carcass of rich state owned companies…. The oligarchs then teamed up with the Chicago Boys and “stripped the economy of nearly everything of value, moving enormous profits offshore at a rate of $2 billion a month.”

Connecting the obvious dots, Jones concludes that “the looting of Russia was a Jewish operation from start to finish.”

This Russia story blends into an American story because of the Jewish nexus, and one of the best accounts of Jewish financial power — and its relationship to other forms of Jewish power — comes in the writing of  retired professor James Petras. He has penned a series of books starkly exposing “the Zionist Power Configuration” that includes Jewish dominance in Western finance. In particular, his book, Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants, focuses on this, but he also addresses it in The Power of Israel in the United States, Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power, and Global Depression and Regional Wars: The United States, Latin America and the Middle East.

Here are some of the observations Petras makes: “Jewish families are among the wealthiest families in the United States” and nearly a third of millionaires and billionaires are Jewish. He also points to similar wealth in Canada, where “over 30 percent of the Canadian Stock Market” is in Jewish hands. Alan Greenspan’s tenure as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is also linked to Zionist power, since Greenspan was “a long-time crony of Wall Street financial interests and promoter of major pro-Israeli investment houses.” (Greenspan was succeeded by coreligionist Ben Shalom Bernanke.)

Debunking the “high school textbook version of American politics,” Petras argues that “the people in key positions in financial, corporate and other business institutions establish the parameters within which the politicians, parties and media discuss ideas. These people constitute a ruling class.” Of the two groups cited by Petras — those in control of financial capital and Zioncons — both are so heavily Jewish as to constitute a single “cabal,” a word Petras uses liberally throughout his books.

Also, Wall Street supplies many of the “tried and experienced top leaders” who rotate in and out of Washington. At the top of the hierarchy, Petras finds the big private equity banks and hedge funds. Thus, political leadership descends from Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, the Carlyle Group and others. Goldman Sachs is a historically Jewish firm, Stephen A. Schwarzman is co-founder and current head of the Blackstone Group, while David Rubenstein is co-founder of the Carlyle Group and served in the Carter administration as a domestic policy adviser.

To get just a minor sense of the interconnectedness of Wall Street and Washington Petras is discussing — and to see its heavily Jewish ethnic nexus — note that during the second Clinton Administration, Robert Rubin served as Secretary of the Treasury and was succeeded by a familiar player — Larry Summers. Rubin worked his way to Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs prior to becoming the Secretary of the Treasury, and later became the Chairman of Citigroup and co-chairman of the board of directors on the Council on Foreign Relations.

With respect to the Russia angle, Petras also claims that former President Clinton and his economic advisers backed the regimes that allowed the plunder of Russian wealth. Though relegated to an endnote, he names Andrei Shleifer and Jeffrey Sachs as those involved. What is relevant here is the ethnic connections going to the top of American society that validate Petras’s emphasis on the combined power of Zionism, media and financial control.

The next link to this story was entirely fortuitous. I was working on a project entirely unrelated to Jewish influence, but lo and behold, there it was again. For reasons too boring to describe, I was doing research on trade expert Clyde Prestowitz, who came to the world’s attention with his 1988 book Trading Places: How We Allowed Japan to Take the Lead. This was followed by other big books such as Rogue Nation: American Unilateralism and the Failure of Good Intentions (2003), Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East (2005), and The Betrayal of American Prosperity: Free Market Delusions, America’s Decline, and How We Must Compete in the Post-Dollar Era (2010). In particular, the three books written after 2000 concern us.

Prestowitz describes himself as “The product of a middle class, conservative, rock-ribbed Republican, superpatriotic, born again Christian family,” so I’ll take his word for it that he’s not Jewish. A former high-level businessman turned trade official in the Reagan Administration, Prestowitz succeeded in carving out a niche for himself as one of the most insightful commentators on America business and trade. In 1989 he established a think tank, the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI), so I have to assume he’s worldly enough to understand the strictures surrounding talk about Jews, especially when it’s negative.

In one of his books, Prestowitz writes of America that “the vast bulk of working people (who, of course, are also consumers) lost ground. Between 1980 and 2005, U.S. productivity rose 71 percent. Yet real compensation (including benefits of nonsupervisory workers (80 percent of all workers) rose only 4 percent. In the tradable manufacturing sector, productivity rose 131 percent while compensation climbed only 7 percent. This was in stark contrast to the period from 1950 to 1975 when worker compensation rose 88 percent while productivity doubled.”

He locates the reason for this in the fact that the one industry America has promoted over the past thirty years is finance. “It is so striking that I fear we must call it for what it has been — a clear industrial policy to target development of the financial services industry.” He then cites figures for why. In the ten years ending in 2008, “the finance industry spent $1.78 billion on political campaign contributions and another $3.4 billion on lobbying.”

Here Prestowitz, perhaps unwittingly, enters into controversial territory when he begins to construct the outlines of a theory that sound suspiciously like the old “anti-Semitic canards” that blame Jews for the ills laid onto “real” Americans (or Germans or whatever). As he writes, “We need to understand that the interests of Wall Street, and therefore much of Washington, have not been and will not be those of Main Street.” (Cue now Tucker Carlson’s recent segment called “Hedge Funds Are Destroying Rural America.”)

The bulk of this argument is made in chapter four of Three Billion New Capitalists, “Goldilocks and Bubbles: The Faith of Efficient Markets.” A staunch critic of free-trade theory as [allegedly] practiced by modern America, Prestowitz lays the blame for America’s loss of prosperity at the feet of “The Three Apostles: Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers.” He notes how in 1989 and 1993, financial instruments that would play a major role in the meltdown of 2008–09 were exempted from government oversight. Greenspan in particular was passionate about getting the government out of the way. “In fact, Greenspan largely halted the Fed’s active oversight of the banking industry.” Joined by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and subsequent Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, “the three mounted an aggressive campaign to halt any efforts to regulate trading of new derivative instruments.”

Further crises erupted, all of which involved “The Three Apostles.” Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), a hedge fund, faced the prospect of losing a staggering $1 trillion dollars that it had borrowed from the largest American banks. “It threatened to freeze world money markets and precipitate a 1929-style crash and perhaps another depression.” Awkwardly, Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers “were in the process of halting a measure that would have put some constraints on the very kind of risky derivatives trading that was bringing LTCM to its knees.” Meanwhile, they continued to discourage the oversight of Brooksley Born, Chairwoman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Summers had even phoned her and sharply criticized her actions. This was followed by Greenspan, Rubin and Arthur Levitt of the Securities and Exchange Commission pressuring Congress to straightjacket Born.

More Reason to Trust the Media

This persisted into 2000, as Greenspan continued to insist that Wall Street should be trusted and left to its own devices. “With those assurances, Congress went ahed and stripped the CFTC of responsibility for derivatives, and President Clinton signed the bill into law in December 2000.” Meanwhile, Ms. Born quietly left government service.

A more explicit account of the pressure brought to bear on Born can be found in Kevin MacDonald’s blog Self-Deception and Guruism among Jews, where he writes how psychoanalysis was

perhaps the greatest intellectual fraud of the 20th century — a set of beliefs that explained everything but had only the most tenuous connection to reality and an ideology that empirical research was for bean counters. The same thought crossed my mind while reading Thirteen Bankers, by Simon Johnson and James Kwak. Near the heart of the financial meltdown was the towering self-confidence of Larry Summers, Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan in opposing any regulation on the derivatives market. Summers seems to be pivotal. When Brooksley Born, head of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, proposed that some thought should be given to regulation,  Summers reportedly said “I have thirteen bankers in my office, and they say if you go forward with this you will cause the worst financial crisis since World War II.” As Johnson and Kwak note (p. 9), we don’t actually know if there were any bankers in Summers’ office; “more likely he came to his own conclusion.” The point is that Summers had an unshakable faith that what he was saying was correct — a faith that was ominously unrelated to empirical reality. Nevertheless, Ms. Born was successfully pushed aside and ultimately a law was enacted  preventing any regulation of the derivatives market.

Prestowitz shows how both Rubin and Summers, upon leaving the government, continued to push reckless paradigms. As vice chairman of CitiGroup, Rubin “emphasized to the bank’s leaders that if they wanted to make more money, they needed to take on more risk by dealing more heavily in derivatives.” For his part, Summers worked for the D. E. Shaw hedge fund, while also teaching at Harvard. More broadly, Prestowitz finds The Three Apostles were joined by others in making what he views as alarmingly poor decisions. One such was the decision to bring China into the World Trade Organization and granting China “permanent most favored nation status in the U.S. market. This will surely come to rank as one of America’s dumbest deals.” For this, he blames President Clinton, but also trade representatives Mickey Kantor and Charlene Barshefsky (both Jewish).

Despite Prestowitz’s disclaimers to the contrary, I’m suspicious when he writes in the space of a few paragraphs about a group of people making what he feels are bad decisions. In the one paragraph that contains Barshefsky’s name, Prestowitz writes of the following other Jews, in this order: Mickey Kantor, Barshefsky, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, NSC China expert Ken Lieberthal, finishing up with Rubin and Summers (Betrayal p.141). A coincidence?

In reading Prestowitz, you’ll see that he writes nothing explicit about ethnicity or undue intrigue when it comes to these Jews. Indeed, he finishes the chapter I just mentioned by writing of the above individuals, “I know all these people. . . I don’t think any of them would do or say something they did not believe was in the best interests of the United States. But they all recommended and made a bad deal that has reduced American influence and power and constrained its future wealth-creating ability.” Could Prestowitz simply be naive? I simply can’t answer that.


Where does this leave us in the winter of 2020? Thus far, we seem to have emerged intact from the chaos of the 2008 mortgage meltdown, though we live in a bizarre world where credit is created through computer key strokes, interest rates can be negative, and old certainties have evaporated.

One thing that is certain, however, is that the men [and a few women] at the top of the American economic pyramid are heavily Jewish. An erudite American citizen writing under the nom de guerre Andrew Hamilton showed us four years ago what real hedge fund managers were doing and who they were:

More often than not the privileged Jews turn around and use the vast wealth they’ve skimmed from the productive sector of the economy to advance anti-White, pro-Jewish, and Left-wing causes, thereby harming America and the world in two ways — economically through callous and shortsighted market operations, and politically through their “philanthropy” and lavish political donations.

Hamilton specifically notes the shocking wealth concentrated in such hands, referring to Forbes Magazine’s recent ranking of the richest hedge fund managers in the United States by estimated personal net worth: “Twenty-four of the 32 names on the list (75%) are Jewish. Of the 10 wealthiest, 8 (80%) are Jewish.” He further adds that “Despite their social and economic power and privilege the names of hedge fund managers are virtually unknown even to educated and informed people, never mind the general public.” To some degree, we can thank Hollywood for this ignorance.

In its archives, TOO has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to detailed stories documenting Jewish financial power and misbehavior. See, for instance

John Q. Publius, Hedging their Bets (Who Really Decides Elections)

Andrew Joyce, Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism, Part 1: The Wider Context of Jewish White Collar Crime  and Part 2

James Wald, Putting Shylock to Shame: The Moneylender Portrayed as Hero and Lenin’s Willing Industrialist: The Saga of Armand Hammer Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5

John Graham and Kevin MacDonald, Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?

Yes, there is an embarrassment of riches on this topic, so there is no excuse for so few gentile Westerners to know the score. It’s not a pretty story, but burying one’s head in the sand (and watching nothing but sportsball all year long) is inexcusable. This is a war, so we must know our adversary and his tactics. As Bain Dewitt wrote in Counter-Currents, “Jews … have been openly making memewar on Whites since before the birth of Christ and so have a good understanding of what is going on.” Time for us to catch up, lads.

Wrapping things up here, I refuse to attempt to make any predictions about what economic turns we may see in the short or the long term, for even insiders have repeatedly embarrassed themselves in this pursuit. I would just say that we should continue to focus on what Jewish players in the arenas discussed in this and other TOO articles are doing; keep your eyes on the ball. After all, in his great work on money, E. Michael Jones concludes that “Banking is magic that works,” and, as we have seen, Jews continue to be highly active in the upper echelons of banking and money management.

“Banking is magic that works.” I think that’s a fascinating insight phrased in a sublime way. It really speaks to where we are today in the world.

Thinking about the future is daunting, so I’ll defer to a Jewish writer I’ve long admired — James Howard Kunstler. In my experience, he has long played the fascinating role of revealing what some of his fellow Jews are up to but he will never name them as Jews. No worries, since we Jew-wise gentiles can easily read between his lines.

Every New Year, Kunstler pontificates on the state of the world, and for 2017 he referenced much of what I just wrote about above. Here’s what he gave us in “Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off.” Going back to the late 70s, he asserts that Fed was guilty of manipulating the money supply, which has “proven to be fatally mischievous.” Fed officials had become “magicians using occult mathematical models and formulas — to cast spells capable of controlling the macro economy the way wizards are thought to control external reality.”

Around the year 2000

the system wobbled again and the viziers of the Fed ramped up their magical operations, led by the Grand Vizier (or “Maestro”) Alan Greenspan, who worked the control rods of interest rates as though the financial system were a great nuclear powered pipe organ that could be revved up and tamped down by a wondrous Fed control panel. This period of Fed spell-casting was characterized by ever more systemically complex finance, growing systemic fragility, pervasive institutionalized accounting fraud, and ever-greater bubbles and busts. Deregulation, especially the 1998 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932, sealed America’s financial fate.

Debt was the meat-and-potatoes of the Fed’s wizardry, but the “secret sauce” of Fed magic was fraud [my emphasis], in the form of market interventions, manipulations, regulatory negligence, and just plain systematic lying about the numbers that defined the economy. It amounted to nationalized financial racketeering. Under the consecutive Grand Vizierships of Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, control fraud (using official authority to cover up misconduct) was perfected by banking executives, eventuating in the mortgage securities fiasco of 2008, which took down the housing market and the economy. … The regulators looked the other way, on orders from their bosses. Unlike the earlier Savings and Loan bank crisis of the late 1980s, none of the leading bank officer perps went to jail. The damage of the 2008 crash was epic and never repaired, only papered over with more debt, more deceit, and more racketeering.

The supposed remedy, the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, was a cover for continued pervasive fraud and the institutional “capture” of government by the banking industry and its handmaidens, really a fascist melding of banking and government, a swindle machine in which anything goes and nothing matters. The frauds have only been rechanneled since 2008 into college loans, car loans, corporate stock buyback monkey business, currency arbitrage shenanigans, private equity asset-stripping, and the gigantic black box of derivatives trading.

Am I the only one fascinated by Kunstler’s choice of words here: “a fascist melding of banking and government, a swindle machine in which anything goes and nothing matters”? Fascist? Really?

At every point, isn’t Kunstler really talking about his fellow Jews, particularly his E. Michael Jones-esque conclusion that “the secret sauce” of Fed magic was fraud?” That’s quite a claim, but is there a better description of what the Fed has been doing for the last dozen years and more? If he is right, where does that leave us — and the world? I have no idea, but I’ve got a pretty good idea how the tunes goes — and the lyrics have much to tell us about Jewish behavior. How soon again will we all be humming that tune?

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  1. kikz
    kikz says:

    oh, editor…..? it is just me or does the article contain a huge repeat of exact text? the repeat text (from para #2) begins following the magazine image. “And guess what: The New York Times, Washington Post and Financial Times decided that this was not a worthy story. Gosh, why not? In the article, Sailer surmises that it was because of Jewish power, a not unreasonable assumption.”

    • kikz
      kikz says:

      editor…it would seem i’ve not achieved optimum caffeine intake.. the entire article repeats following the magazine image. sorry.

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      Thank you very much, Mr. Hudson. If you get a chance, you might like to go back to the original articles I wrote for each film because there I had far more background material.

      Incidentally, if you are interested in Hollywood film reviews, I’ve done many, and readers might be surprised to hear that perhaps my favorite is the one of did of Danny Aiello, Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss in “Once Around.” Here’s the review:

      Aiello died just a few months ago, so I’d like to get this review reposted somewhere because I think I’ve cracked the story in a way no one else has. Also, I just now noticed that Aiello was married to one Sandy Cohen, which could well explain Aiello’s character’s relationship to his Jewish son-in-law. I thought the film was an excellent “Esau & Jacob” representation of the so-far unsuccessful experiences Jews and Gentiles have had together.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        In your review, you mention that film critic Roger Ebert didn’t “get” that Richard Dreyfus was playing a Jewish character.

        I find Ebert’s “not getting it” to be more than surprising. I think it is part of the deception of Jewish crypsis.

        Ebert probably knew what was going on, and didn’t want “out” the Jews because he was (I believe) a Jew himself.

  2. lucius vanini
    lucius vanini says:

    Last night I saw the Mel Brooks (unfunny) comedy LIFE STINKS, wherein ruthless plutocrats all have recognizably non-Jewish-European surnames…. Did you include that one in your piece concerning Hebrewwood mind-conditioning of the Unchosen vis-à-vis financial skullduggeries?

    We’ve emerged unscathed from the 2008 financial panic? Speak for thyself. I was more or less ruined by it, and shall eventually die from it, much as WWI veterans died from effects of poison gas years after the war.

    P.S. So, since Prestowitz says he comes from a Christian family you take his word that he’s not Jewish and is therefore–a White man? See? If the Ashkenazim and Sephardim were actually of another race, and not just ethnicities among Caucasians like say Greeks are, you wouldn’t have to take his word. What if Morgan Freeman or Wesley Snipes said “I come from a White family,” could you accept that he’s White? —-My “Carthago delenda est”: White Nationalism needs a new, rational anthropology.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      witz is a typically Jewish part of a name — like berg, stein, wein, wien, rubin, ruben, roth, ross, rose, rosen, blum, bloom, cohen, kohn, kuhn, fried, sing, lots of names starting with k or sh or sch, cohn, weis, levi, levy, levine, etc.

      • lucius vanini
        lucius vanini says:

        I’m thinking that ERIC is my friend from the precious Green Isle (hey–how’d you like that defeat of Varadkar?–no more Asian Queen of Erin, eh?). You forgot WALD, BLATT, SOHN and NER–all rather common suffixes to names typically borne by Ashkenazi Jews.

        Actually I was assuming that Connelly had seen Prestowitz and, since the latter proclaimed his Christian background, viewed him as being what born-again, conservative, “superpatriotic” Republicans almost invariably are–non-Jewish Caucasian.

        In the orthodox WN mindset, the assumption or suspicion that a person is Jewish–non-White according to orthodox WN anthropology–can be dispelled by learning that the person in question is a Christian! In which case the person is White! LOL!!!!

        What we do now is, say, come across a completely Caucasian girl like Amelia Dimoldenberg and, seeing her leftist leanings and her name which ends with BERG, wonder whether she’s White or Jewish lol, and so look in Wikipedia to see whether she’s got Jewish background, and if she hasn’t, she’s White! WHAT KIND OF BASIS FOR RACIAL CLASSIFICATION IS THAT???

        When I saw an actress named Whoopi Goldberg I knew instantly she wasn’t White, but was sure she’s black, a negroid person, because there was an unmistakable racial difference.

        In that Hebrewwood film LIFE STINKS which I saw the other night, there’s Lesley Ann Warren–quite lovely in those days. Somebody had said she’s Brit-Isles-descended; but I know that Brooks worked with lots of fellow Jews, so I looked her up. Yep. An Ashkenaz with a name change, but I’d have readily believed she was non-Jewish-White if I read something else.

        For Pantheos sake, there certainly are often ETHNIC asymmetries between non-Jewish Europeans and the Ash and Seph–but RACIAL difference? Aren’t there ethnic differences among Poles and Portuguese, whom we nevertheless classify as Whites? If you put ten Jews and ten Germans in a room, you may be able to say who’s what, at least in many instances; but wouldn’t that be true if you put Greeks in there instead of Jews? Despite asymmetries between Germans and Greeks we regard both nations as White BECAUSE THEY CLUSTER PHENOTYPICALLY AND GENETICALLY–are similar enough to be conceived as being of one family (and indeed are closely related), resemble each other much more than they resemble other branches of the human tree.

        Ditto West Eurasian, Caucasoid Jews.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          I’m glad to hear that the creepy pajeet Varadkar was defeated. Not Irish myself. I’m a mix of British Isles (including Ireland) and Scandinavian according to my DNA profile. Family (both sides) has lived in North America since the early 1600s.

          I also should have mentioned frank and franken as typically Jewish names or parts of names.

          “Jews aren’t white” mostly comes from the Jews themselves. Given that they hate white people who are not Jewish, I favor calling them non-white. They think of themselves as a distinct race even though almost all of them are a mixture (in varying proportions) of white, Asian and black.

          Shepardic Jews lived in Palestine, which was a crossroads for Africa, Asia and Europe. Ashkenazi Jews originated as a Turkic Mongol mix. Both groups blended with European whites.

          I don’t see the point of making a sharp racial distinction between Ashkenazi and Shepardic Jews. Why? Because Jews have tended to only marry other Jews. They all constitute a distinctive genetic profile that is not shared by non-Jewish white people.

          The movie “Der Ewige Jude” (the eternal Jew) demonstrates visually the way that Jews function as chameleons. They’re non-Jewish white when they want to be, and non-white Jewish when they so choose.

          Spotting the Jew is an art. Take, for example, the American Jewish “comedian” Bill Maher. He has blond hair and superficially appears to be a Swede. A very blond Swede. But then you notice the shape of his mouth and jaw. It is basically the mouth of a camel. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has the same sort of mouth. It forms a perpetual smile (or smirk) and protrudes ever so slightly.

          Of course, the Jews are not a race. Before it became falsified by Jews, anthropology recognized three distinct races: Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid. Jews are a mixture of all three, as are Palestinians, Arabs and Persians.

          The Negroid element is slight, but present. It is significant enough to make Jews look different from other white-Asian mixtures.

          Within each racial group, you have different ethnicities. Pre-Jewish anthropology divided whites into three basic groups: Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean. Then you had subgroups: Slavs, Celts, Angles, Saxons, Goths, Franks, Visigoths, and so on.

          I believe Basques have a lot of ancient Celtic blood in them. Is there a connection between them and the so-called “black Irish”? I’m not sure.

          Mediterranean whites, due to their geographic location closer to Africa and (by sea) the Middle East, are darker than Nordic and Alpine whites. They have mixed more with Africans, Arabs and Jews. The same is true of people in southeastern Europe (the Balkans, Hungary, etc.) — but the mixing has been with Turks, not Africans.

          Jewish anthropology has gotten people to believe that race is only a matter of skin color. But it is much more than that. The shape of the skull (narrow for Nordic whites when viewed from above, more round for Alpine whites), intelligence, temperament, susceptibility to different diseases and food allergies — all of these must be factored into the equation.

          • Ed Connelly
            Ed Connelly says:

            Eric, like your other comments, these thoughts are very well informed. Thank you for sharing them.

            Further, you have somehow exactly captured the substance of the next article I am working on. You wrote:

            “‘Jews aren’t white’ mostly comes from the Jews themselves. Given that they hate white people who are not Jewish, I favor calling them non-white. They think of themselves as a distinct race even though almost all of them are a mixture (in varying proportions) of white, Asian and black.”

            Stay tuned for that article.

            And like you, I also identified Bill Maher as Jewish long before he “discovered” his identity, and the biggest physical hint was, like you said, his mouth and jaw. Of course just to listen to his anti-White monologues was enough to tip us off.

          • lucius vanini
            lucius vanini says:

            ERIC: Ah, so then you aren’t the Eric who posts in Reconquista Europa, another WN site? He characterizes himself as simply Irish.

            BOTH sides of the family since the 1600s! That must be quite rare. 1607 and 1620–such cardinal dates in the establishment of Euro-America in what would become the USA….

            Whether or not Jews regard themselves as White has nothing to do with the case. Self-identification is valueless in determining ethnic/genetic character, which is based on objective anthropological attributes quite beyond the arbitrary control of the possessor. West Eurasian Jews (as distinguished from say black or Chinese Jews) meet all the criteria of Caucasianness–cranio-facial morphology, hair, complexion, dentition, bone structure, DNA–which again is why, when we see a person whose name may be Jewish, we have to speculate, conjecture and rush off to Wikipedia to see if we must consider him a Jew OR a Caucasian–a ridiculous exercise, since if the person were really not Caucasian, but say a black or Chinese, THERE’D BE NO NEED FOR CONJECTURE, SPECULATION OR WIKIPEDIA.

            You say that Jews have been “chameleons,” able to POSE lol as Whites. The very fact that they’ve been able to do that says they aren’t non-Whites. Could blacks do it? Could Mongoloid East Asians do it? Could Amerindians (I mean real Amerindians, not the jokers who say they’re Indians but are 1/16 Cherokee)? Could Pacific Islanders like the Samoans, or Australian aborigines?

            In point of fact Jews are identifying as White in great numbers and increasingly, but that doesn’t make them a jot more Caucasian than they were when they had to accept a valuation-based categorization of racial otherness, appropriate to “Christ killers.” Society at large is also perceiving them as White more and more (one of the FEW instances in which I agree with the public at large), though implicitly society at large has long recognized their racial reality in that marriage of Jews with non-Jews (now EPIDEMIC in the eyes of alarmed Jewish supremacists, with six of ten American Jews marrying goyim, almost always Caucasian ones) has been neither officially classed nor publicly seen as interracial, nor the progeny of such unions seen as “mixed-race.”

            Nor does whether Jews hate us have anything to do with their racial nature. There are plenty of self-hating indigenous Europeans these days: hating Whiteness doesn’t make the vile traitors less White themselves. Besides, I’ve known French who hated Germans, Irish who hated English, etc.; and their hatred didn’t make them any less Caucasian than they’d have been had they been infatuated with Germans and English.

            “Spotting the Jew” is an “art”? Yeah, I guess like spotting the Irishman in a room full of Germans would be an art. Spotting the negro in that room ain’t, though.

            Sure, Ash and Seph Jews aren’t identical to any particular White ethnicity, but neither is any particular White ethnicity (to any other). There is variation within the race, now better described as a mega-cluster: Greeks aren’t identical to Swedes; Italians aren’t identical to Poles; but they CLUSTER anthropologically; they resemble each other enough to warrant a common general classification. Caucasoid persons of Christian background aren’t excluded because of marginal differences; why should Caucasoid Jews be?

            I assure you that my anthropology isn’t “Jewish anthropology.” My beacons include no Jews but the likes of Brace and Cavalli-Sforza; and actually this “new” anthropology is FAR more the doing of non-Jewish whites like Watson (so healthily politically INcorrect), who is credited with the greatest breakthrough of modern anthropology–genetics. No surprise, since most of the great advances of science have come from NON-Jewish Caucasians, almost NONE from Jews.

            I do see some enduring validity in the old racial divisions of Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid, though not as monolithic islands of humanity but more in terms of CLUSTERS, based on comparatively short anthropological distance; and I can’t imagine assigning West Eurasian Jews to any of the three except the Caucasoid. As for the genetics specifically, you’ll find that research hasn’t buttressed any claim that those Jews have meaningfully more Negroid and Mongoloid than non-Jewish Europeans have–any more than Jewish phenotypes have buttressed it. Fact is, they genetically cluster quite closely with us, bearing haplogroups shared by millions of Europeans; and the Ashkenazim, the vast majority of Jews, have been found to be overwhelmingly indigenous-European on the matrilineal side. Moreover the Khazar hypothesis has been debunked–and indeed never made any sense in the first place.

            Listen, my friend: questions of race and ethnicity are quite complicated, and I feel I have much more to say; but I’ve run afoul of the moderator here before for the length of my posts; and so I’d rather suggest that you take a look at “Jews’ ‘Racial’ Nature” in The European Family Blog.

            All I’ll say in parting is that my acknowledging Jews’ Whiteness is WITHOUT political motivation and does not whiteWASH them. I just want to see the WN Movement step up its intellectual game and be abler to win the respect of skeptical persons whose good opinion it needs. Jews are doing everything that so-called anti-Semites accuse them of doing.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            lucius vanini: I have to disagree with you on several grounds. First, the DNA cluster maps I’ve seen (courtesy of Dr. Jean-Francois Gariepy) show Jews as a distinct group that does not overlap with non-Jewish whites. If you have your own DNA profile done, you will find that they can now tell you whether or not you are partly Jewish. The great majority of non-Jewish white people have no Jewish DNA.

            “Modern (academic) anthropology” has not yet purged itself of the pernicious nonsense of Boasianism. It is still “politically correct.”So I have no reason to trust it.

            Instead, I trust the earlier and/or suppressed writings (and summaries) of Carleton Coons (“The Origin of Races,” “The Races of Europe”), H.G. Wells (“The Outline of History, vols. 1 and 2”), Madison Grant (“The Passing of the Great Race;” “Conquest of a Continent”), Wilmot Robertson (“The Dispossessed Majority”), Arthur Kemp (“March of the Titans”), T. Lothrop Stoddard (“The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy”), Carleton Putnam (“Race and Reason,” “Race and Reality”), Jared Taylor (“White Identity”), E.O. Wilson (“Sociobiology”), J. Philippe Rushton (“Race, Evolution and Behavior”), Pierre L. van den Berghe (“The Ethnic Phenomenon”), and Dr. Edward Dutton (“Race Differences in Ethnocentrism”).

            If you look at Alan Dershowitz, Bill Maher, Chuck Schumer, and many more Jews, you will not see the same cranio-facial morphology that you see in non-Jewish whites. These (and other) differences are the result of Jews being a mixture of white, black and Asian.

            White would be the strongest component, but Jews are still of mixed race. So, to some extent, are Spaniards, southern Italians, Greeks, and some Frenchmen.

            We do not, however, say that these latter Europeans are in any sense non-white. Why not? Because they don’t say it. Jews, on the other hand, sharply distinguish themselves from non-Jewish white people. Even to the point of demanding DNA tests to prove that you are Jewish (or so I understand).

            It’s ironic that you bring up Watson, who I believe was stripped of his Nobel Prize and his academic position simply because he said something that was mildly politically incorrect about race.

            Do you really think that he — or anyone else in academia, or who is otherwise taken seriously as an anthropologist today — is going to tell you the truth about race? I don’t think so.

            The WN movement would not be “stepping up its game” by becoming “academically respectable.” It would be doing the very opposite.

          • lucius vanini
            lucius vanini says:

            ERIC: I’m shocked you’re not aware that DNA testers now profess to be able to ascertain the very nations from which people have descended. They’ll tell you, as they recently told my best friend, “British, Austrian, Norwegian, Norman French.” Now, you don’t think Greeks’ DNA tests would form patterns likelier in a Greek than in a Swede, such that test results might indicate a Greek rather than a Swede and vice-versa?

            That chart you talk of is wrong. OF COURSE there’s genetic overlap between Jewish and non-Jewish West Eurasians. The great treasury of genetics, Cavalli-Sforza et al. 1994’s THE HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY OF HUMAN GENES states that “the shortest genetic distance is between European and extra-European Caucasoids” and says the latter are chiefly in West Asia–where Hebrews spent most of their ancient times. Henn et al, 2012 talks of a “Europeans/Near Easterners Ancestral Cluster.” Studies which attest to genetic nearness and overlapping between Jewish and non-Jewish Whites include:
            Atzmon et al, 2010
            Ostrer et al, 2010
            Nebel et al, 2001
            Bray et al, 2010
            Zoosman-Diskin, 2010
            Carmi et al, 2014
            Xue et al, 2017

            The fifth there assigns a “dominant Southern-European influence in East European Jews.” The first says that Greeks and Italians are among the peoples “most closely related” to Ashkenazi Jews. And the others talk of indigenous European heritage in Jews of up to 60%–and of course the West Asian element is the ‘extra-European Caucasoid” element of which Cavalli-Sforza speaks.

            Richards et al, 2013 finds that the maternal lineages of Ashkenazis are overwhelmingly (81%) drawn from indigenous prehistoric European women. On the paternal side, THESE are major Y-DNA haplogroups associated with Jews–J2, E1b1b, R1b, shared by hundreds of millions of non-Jewish European men….including Hitler (E1b1b).

            And, AGAIN, the phenotypes cluster with those of non-Jewish European, such that, AGAIN, you like everyone else will very often not be able to distinguish a Jew from non-Jewish Caucasians. All that a foe of WN would need to do to make you look foolish is present a large set of photo-portraits and challenge to “spot the Jew.” You’ll get some, just as you’d be able to distinguish Portuguese among a room full of Norwegians, but you’ll miss others. To mention Jews whom most people know, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish Scarlet Johansson as a Jew if you weren’t informed she was, nor Winona Ryder, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Lesley Ann Warren, Jill St. John, etc. This argues only ETHNIC distance, NOT RACIAL distance. The latter is reasonably assignable to blacks, East Asians, etc.

            Remember, you yourself admitted (a fatal admission) that Jews have been able to pose as Whites lol–something which persons of another race can’t do.

            And speaking of Lauren Bacall, why was her marriage to Humphrey Bogart in the days (1940s) of healthy opposition to miscegenation not perceived as interracial instead of as an ideal love? Why wasn’t Irving Thalberg’s marriage (1930s) to Norma Shearer not deemed so? Why do we see that De Niro’s marriages to blacks are interracial, but not Mel Brooks’ marriage to Anne Bancroft? Why aren’t the children of Jews and White non-Jews perceived as mixed-race? Because even the stupidity of the public at large has its limits.

            Again, self-identification and, on the other hand, self-REPUDIATION are worthless in determining ethnic/genetic character. I can say that I’m an Australian aborigine but science will know otherwise, and people won’t recognize me as one. On the other hand, I can repudiate my Europeanness, say that I’m positively NOT!! a person of Caucasian, European heritage, but I won’t stop being one. Analysis will contradict me, big-time.

            But in any case you’re wrong even in saying Jews don’t identify as White. There may be a few dullards, thinking they are politically correct, who repudiate their race; yet the Pew Research Center’s 2013 “Portrait of American Jews” states that 94% of Jews surveyed identify as “non-Hispanic white.” Only 2% identified as other, while others identified as Hispanic or black (Jewishness also being a religion). And there’s no reason for them to lie, as American Jews are already the most privileged group on the planet; and as for evading the blame of Whiteness, they can always protest “We are Jewish too,” which obviously in their minds doesn’t mean non-White.

            “IRONIC” that I should mention one of my heroes, James Watson?! I’ve suspected you aren’t carefully reading me, and now I’m almost sure. I said in that same sentence that Watson is HEALTHILY politically INcorrect. Read it again, why doncha.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            “DNA testers can tell you what countries your ancestors lived in.” Not exactly. They can tell you what regions of the world your ancestors are from. I don’t think I have to tell you that borders of nations have shifted, nations have disappeared, etc. If they mention actual nationalities, they’re just being sloppy.

            This might sound nitpicky, but I think it’s an important distinction to make. My own ancestry DNA profile showed circles drawn around the British Isles and Scandinavia. It didn’t specify that I was such and such percent English, or such and such percent Swedish or Norwegian.

            “…there’s genetic overlap between Jews and West Eurasians [or southern Europeans].”

            I never said otherwise. Jews are a mix of white, black and Asian. But Jews have DNA that the other groups don’t have.

            Jews can pose as whites because they are largely white — but not entirely.

            You call the distinction between Jews and whites “ethnic distance.” No, it is racial distance.

            Many Italians are, like the Jews, of mixed race. But they are so without being in any sense Jewish. They don’t have any Jewish DNA.

            Jews have unique characteristics shared only with each other because they have tended to intermarry with each other for thousands of years.

            I can’t help it if Americans in the 1940s chose not to consider marriages between whites and Jews “inter-racial.” The fact remains that to be Jewish is to be a mix of races whereas to be white, in most cases, is not.

            Of course, there will be Jews whose forebears have so heavily intermarried with whites that the Jewish racial element has all but disappeared. We might call this the “Elizabeth Warren” phenomenon.

            Warren, who is 1,024th Native American, has called herself a Native American. Native Americans won’t accept that.

            But because “being a Jew” depends entirely on the maternal line of descent, it can eventually become a matter of “you are one if you say you’re one.” Israel is full of eastern Europeans and Russians who don’t look Jewish. But if you want to immigrate to Israel, you better have some Jewish DNA to back up your claim — or otherwise be rich, famous, or useful to the Jews for some other reason.

            Ivanka Trump has been accepted as a Jew. Does she have Jewish DNA? Not that I know of. But her husband does. So her children do. And if her daughter (assuming she has one) has a baby, that baby will be considered a full Jew. And so on down the line.

            Then it is up to Ivanka’s grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc., to decide whether or not they are Jewish — however little Jewish DNA they might end up having because they chose to marry non-Jews.

            You talk about Jews identifying as white. Well, in the census, there has been no category “Jew.” Why not? Because the Jews have insisted that there not be such a category. They have wanted to keep a low profile.

            But that doesn’t mean that they don’t regard themselves as racially Jewish. After all, when they talk about someone being “born a Jew,” what else can they be talking about other than race? They can’t be talking about religion, because you can be accepted as a Jew even though you’re an atheist, a Buddhist, or a Hindu. Perhaps even a Muslim.

            The only definite no-no is being a Christian.

            Now, you might say this isn’t about race, but rather about ethnicity. But ethnicity is associated with geography. Judaism has not been so associated. Not even now — because in addition to Israel, you still have the diaspora.

            To sum up: Are Jews white? Definitely not, as a general rule. Are they mixed race? Definitely yes as a general rule.

            Are they chameleons? Yes: “White” when they want to be, “not white” when they want to be.

            When do they generally want to be “white”? When addressing “my fellow whites” about how naughty we whites have been.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            “Watson is healthily politically incorrect.” Watson has been all but destroyed for saying the most mildly politically incorrect thing in a momentary slip.

            That’s not the same thing as being an open race realist. You only find race realism in the WN movement. Our movement.

          • lucius vanini
            lucius vanini says:

            ERIC: In my reply to you of March 14, the seventh paragraph’s sentence regarding Thalberg and Shearer should read:

            “Why wasn’t Irving Thalberg’s marriage (1930s) to Norma Shearer deemed so [i.e., interracial]?”

            Y;know, I strongly prefer to communicate clearly and well; and when I discover an error I’ve made in writing I can’t edit, it upsets me….

            Now, as regards Shearer, you may see at the bottom of her Wiki bio that she’s categorized as a “Jewish-American actress”; but the divinely beautiful (at least in my eyes) Canadian was of Scottish, Irish and English lineage. She converted to Judaism when she married Thalberg.

            In any case, there have been a trainload of well-publicized Jew/White-non-Jew marriages for a long time, and they’ve not been viewed in race-conscious America as interracial; nor have the spouses’ progeny been seen as mixed-race. And this extends back into the white-supremacist Confederacy wherein Jews like Myers, Levy and Benjamin married Southern White Christians.

            And I think it’s for a reason. An objective, physical one.

            Speaking of being upset, yesterday and today I wasted hours on two lengthy replies on another site, neither of which got through–one of them the victim of censorship, the other of inadequate wifi connection. I’m so bothered by this, which has happened a lot of times in the past, that I’m giving up making substantial posts in other people’s blogs. So if you reply and I don’t, sir, my silence won’t be due to impoliteness. Should you wish to say anything to me, there’s my The European Family Blog and my Facebook page, “Lucius Vanini.”

            I wish you all the best; and may Europe and Euro-America and all Caucasians worldwide be preserved and prosper!

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Lucius vanini: Thanks for the interesting conversation.

            Yes, it is frustrating not to be able to edit our comments. I triple-check them now to make sure they’re okay before posting them.

            As for the censorship and bad connections, I’ve had that problem as well. We all have.

            Take care.

  3. Thorgrun
    Thorgrun says:

    Excellent essay! “Unlike the earlier Savings and Loan bank crisis of the late 1980’s none of the leading bank officer perps went to jail.” I just want to add my recollections of that time, you see, the S&L crisis destroyed the housing industry and the Tradesmen that could make a decent living that supported a family with just one breadwinner. For ten years the home building industry was in a Depression, many Tradesmen left and sought other careers, building contractors disappeared, economically and in some cases literally. When the recovery came there was a lack of skilled Tradesmen and I suspect that is one of the reasons for the porous Border from Mexico. This in turn depressed wages for those that were trying to recover. A real, “Two Fer”, as Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, has been reported state.

  4. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The Jew side of my family had been friends of the Bronsteins for 5 generations.
    Trosky (my family called him a nasty litle shit who turned into a nasty big shit) was present as an observer at the meeting that carved up the USSR.
    14 Jews sat around a table to carve up the USSR.
    The meeting was in the 1920’s and Stalin was not present.
    Each person agreed to take a share of the land and was given 10%
    of what it produced.
    Each jew lived in a palace on his vast estate which was declared to be a Military District to keep out the public. It was guarded by the NKVD/KGB.
    It was at this meeting that starvation of Christians in Ukraine was decided upon. The starvation had nothing to do with collectivisation (or Stalin).
    The palaces were filled with paintings and statutes stolen from Europe in the World Wars.
    The best friend the USSR ever had was the USA.
    When you add this to the Jew rackets mentioned in the article some of the crooks must have incredible fortunes.
    When I say Jews I do not mean the descendents of the (awful) Children of Israel, but the descendents of the East Europeans who converted to Judaism and were detested by my famly before my destestable Maternal Great Grandfather married an Eastern Jewess and destroyed our blood forever.
    The family is now descended from a long line of Polish Pig Farmers.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      The jews the greeks, romans, persians, spanish, etc. detested and kicked out weren’t ashkenazi. Stop deluding yourself.

  5. Surtr
    Surtr says:

    My whole life I lived in a working class bubble. I was a horse with blinders on. The problem with being working class is that often times especially if you are doing real physical work, you come home from a long day and are so tired that all you want is a beer and to sit in front of the television. You can’t even imagine this other narrative existing parallel to your own, so you never even think to look for something such as this. Now my life is mostly spent. Too late to make up for all the lost time, and yet I am so grateful for this new understanding. It motivates me to turn my life in the correct direction for all the right reasons.

  6. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    James Howard Kuntsler “has long played the fascinating role of revealing what some of his fellow Jews are up to but he will never name them as Jews. No worries, since we Jew-wise gentiles can easily read between his lines.”

    I object to the “no worries” strategy. There are so few “Jew-wise gentiles” amongst what would/should be our allies. That has become my mission — to show savvy activists and thinkers the “jewish supremacy door.”

    There are many doors activists open and focus their attention on — Middle East politics, 5G and geoengineering, Big Pharma, mass surveillance, identity politics, foreign wars, etc. etc. Very few open the jewish supremacy door (a/k/a the jewish power door) either because they don’t know or they suspect and are quite cognizant of the repercussions to do so.

    Ironically the jewish supremacy door lies next to the anti-zionist door, but one can be an anti-zionist activist for decades (like me) and be oblivious to the jewish supremacy door. Once the latter door is opened, it ratchets up one’s praxis by orders of magnitude.

    And the thing is, the jewish supremacy door influences and impacts in diverse and usually detrimental ways all the other doors.

    I cheer Andrew Joyce for examining and analyzing untrod terrain through a jewish supremacy perspective — from Buddhism to music (Gustav Mahler) to philosophy (Spinoza). When will someone publish the Andrew Joyce Reader so we may have a body of this man’s enlightening work in one setting?

    BTW, I have begun using the term jewish supremacy instead of jewish power because it underscores the complete absence of this concept in all media while catapaulting the term white supremacy to almost cartoonish heights, despite the former carrying far greater threat and real tangible damage to American society — including damage to american Jews, although they do get more trickle down benefits with their “beaks wide open” to borrow Joyce’s vulture capitalism metaphor.

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      “There are so few “Jew-wise gentiles” amongst what would/should be our allies. That has become my mission — to show savvy activists and thinkers the ‘jewish supremacy door.’”

      I applaud your mission, comrade. And I hope you find better keys to this door than some of us have, as far too few of our fellow tribesmen have woken to the JQ. (My own experience is that the vast majority of them immediately defend Jews upon hearing the first bit of argument about vile Jewish behavior.)

      Related to all this, I’m considering writing an article where I ask whether we “rational counter-Semites” such as you read at this site have been as successful in educating our tribe when compared to the younger crowd of Mike Enoch and Andrew Anglin. Since Pew and other polls hardly amass honest data on this topic, how can we measure the impact any of us are having? I’d really love to know what people think about this.

      Incidentally, your use of the term “jewish supremacy” brings to mind the term coined by retired professor James Petras, the “Zionist Power Configuration” (ZPC). Either in these articles or before, I provided links to many of his works, which are well worth reading, including because we rarely find a major scholar who is this honest and blunt about Jewish power.

  7. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    An additional ladle of gravy.

    01 Solchenitzyn abundantly informed us of the horrific circumstances, post 1917, under which, and driven by whom, the Russian people accumulated their nationally owned assets. He also gave a commencement speech at Harvard, for those that don’t read.

    02 Washington, through USAID, contracted with Harvard to privatize the Russian economy. As previously with Poland, the shock treatment was chosen: all at once over a gradualism. These unmitigated, but of course misunderstood swine kicked in the door of the candy store, stealing the candies from these novice children; new on the block. Summers wielded the burglar’s sledgehammer, ably assisted by co-ethnic Russian citizen and fellow Haavaad professor Shleifer. [ Schleifer, in German means grinder. A quicker method than imperceptibly shaving slivers off gold coins: how apt ! ]

    03 The US taxpayer, through a grant to H financed this undertaking, which required a great number of Russian employees in Moscow. Under the supervision of their US supervisors, these locals helped themselves to US funds for entirely private and group activities: including junkets. As included in Washington’s successful Claim v H.

    04 As a direct result of this preferred shock treatment, the required new pertinent legislation always helpfully lagged behind, essentially affording a free for all. Precursor to Wall Street 2008 and ff.

    05 Not only did these criminals fund venal drunkard Yeltsin’s re-election, they imported experts from New York for that purpose.

    06 Khodorkovsky was one of the biggest swine, stealing several hundreds of billions in natural resources assets. One town, entirely serving the employees of one of his stolen plants, went bankrupt because his plant paid no municipal taxes. Its mayor, en route to complain to the Governor was shot dead.

    07 K sold his products abroad ” at a loss ” to one of his Caribbean shell companies and claimed said loss as a tax credit. These offshore shells then resold it at world prices, paying a few dollars in taxes to some typical, co-opted local government, while depositing his enormous profits in their offshore banks.

    08 Little wonder Putin kicked this swine out and had him sued in a EU court, winning an absurdly low award. Enter Rothschild, who, at the very last minute, by agreement, had K’s very last assets transferred to himself, leaving Putin to wallpaper his bathroom with his award. [ Rothschild owns a quarter of THE ECONOMIST, but 100% of its editorial policy. Salivating editors changed the narrative.]

    09 One such ” Senior ” Editor, [ in truth one of many ] featured prominently in our co-opted CBC’s program The Fifth Estate, in its feature titled Putin’s Long Shadow. January 9, 2015. K was cast in the role of the average, if ambitious, but clean and wrongfully maligned nice fellow. Filmed in his austere villa in the Alps; white, bare walls – no opulence. An unsurprising clean CBC bill of health, since its HQ are in Montreal: still the stronghold of the Bronfmans, whose senior Edgar took his billions to New York, to assume the mantle of President of the World Jewish Congress, without paying his 800 million in assessed taxes. [ As corroborated by the Financial Times ].

    10 Perhaps Browder should have been included in this essay. He convinced the late man-child McCain to altruistically push through the Magnitsky Act; of course symbiotically and dutifully copied by our own willfully blind MPs in Ottawa; under said influence. [ Nekrasov’s expose on that swine is no longer available on the net ]

    11 The son of that Czech cattle dealer, Robert Maxwell [ Binjamin Hoch ] was also sorely missed here. He stole tens of millions from his 400 firms’ employees’ pension funds, and fell off his yacht Ghislaine, near Madeira, drowning. But not before he visited Yad Vashem and broke down in tears after a speech. All 400 pounds. His defrauded pensioners, transferred to the dole of the Government, demonstrated with placards demanding ” Ve vont our money back ! ” His two involved, greasy sons are also shown in relevant videos on the net. I don’t know, whether he stole from Russia as well, but he is shown visiting Moscow on several occasions. His daughter Ghislaine of course was Epstein’s mistress and procuress for underaged girls; and likely Mossad. Her father, also a rumored Mossad asset lies buried in Jerusalem.

    12 Goldman Sachs’s Rubin manipulated M’s corporate pension funds, converting them into personal payments to M. For this the GB Serious Fraud Office charged GS with a 200 million fine, which they paid, freeing Rubin to become Clinton’s Treasury Secretary.

    13 M, among a number of US dailies, etc. also acquired Macmillan Publishing, which literally took Dr. Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope off the shelves and destroyed its printing plates.

    14 Bronfman’s daughter Clara was also involved in a Montreal-centered occult, pyramid, financially profitable, international sex ring; rounding out the usual attributes of our elite leadership and some royalty.

    Of course all of the above is uncorroborated, unmitigated anti-Semitism, soon to earn a life term.

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      Fascinating information. I would suggest writing a book . . . but who reads these days? Maybe something on the Internet? Oh, it would be buried. What a familiar boat we are all in.

      Let me just close with this response to your excellent message. This is from something I wrote on Steve Sailer:

      “You have to admit that it’s pretty gutsy of Sailer to swim in such dangerous waters. One writer who did so didn’t feel so good after publishing a book on the subject was Robert I. Friedman. His expose, ‘Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America,’ came out in 2000; it wasn’t long before Friedman “died of a tropical blood disease.” Sad. (See M. Rafael Johnson’s account here. Nope, that link is now gone, I see.)

  8. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    “Banking is magic that works,”

    And, as we all know, magic is deception by sleight of hand.

  9. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “I would just say that we should continue to focus on what Jewish players in the arenas discussed in this and other TOO articles are doing; keep your eyes on the ball”

    All well and good to keep our eyes on the ball but what does that actually achieve?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      We can’t achieve anything for as long as whites refuse to wake up to what is going on.

      All we can do is try to educate them.

      They’re being pressed to the wall, so I think we’ll be getting allies sooner rather than later.

  10. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    Excellent article. The Jew swindle is everywhere. They used much the same tactics to loot the US. Jew bankers lent money to other Jews to buy up all the productive assets with bank created money(hostile takeovers). These they placed into perilous debt, broke up, stole the pension money, and then outsourced all the production to China.

    The FED is and has been one big swindle from the beginning. In order to have ANY money in the US and most of the west you have to give the central bankers a bond for the money plus interest. Of course over time the interest part grows as you can only pay interest with, more borrowed money. The system is so unstable and predatory it’s nothing but a crime. I suspect that the reason that all the central bankers have to keep interest rates at zero is the interest payments have grown to such an extent that the slightest amount of interest and you can’t afford any money at all, through the system anyways. They frequently say the FED is paying back the profits but they never say all the profits. I also suspect they have to limit their take or the whole thing will come crashing down. They are planning on a new rip off the Special Drawing Rights SDR which will be more of the same except we will lose all control of our money supply to some NWO types in Switzerland.

    The Chinese and Japanese are much smarter they personally own their central banks. If they wish, and they have at times, they can just cancel any debt they please inside the country. There was massive scuttle about Japans debt but the Japanese quietly just got the central bank to write a lot of it off.

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