The University of Austin Is Not a Solution to Wokeness: It May Create a New Echo Chamber

Overwhelmed by the procrustean atmosphere of the contemporary university, self-styled contrarians led by Bari Weiss have decided to launch a new university in Texas called the University of Austin. The decision is widely heralded as an antidote to the virulent conformity engendered by major universities. As the mobbing of Kathleen Stock, Dorian Abbott, and Charles Negy demonstrates, universities are becoming inhospitable to free thought.

Due to the fragility of students and administrations, academics can be sacked for mundane declarations. British philosopher Kathleen Stock voluntarily ejected herself from the University of Sussex in response to militant protests orchestrated by students who condemned her for arguing that one’s biological sex is immutable. Currently, Professor Stock is being lionized for uttering an obvious observation by supposedly dissident thinkers and this is exactly why the University of Austin will be unable to combat political correctness.

Bari Weiss is best known as an advertiser of the Intellectual Dark Web and for resigning from the New York Times, at least partly because some at the Times were critical of her emphasis on writing about “the Jews.” For those unfamiliar with the IDW designation, it entails academics unwilling to comply with the tenets of identity politics. However, criticizing wokeness does not make one a renegade intellectual. Sensible people agree that students ought to be judged on merit, so by no account can we consider Dorian Abbott as a radical for rejecting diversity as a measure to evaluate students. Likewise, Charles Negy submitting that the plight of Black Americans is not a consequence of systemic racism should not make him controversial.

The banality of the Intellectual Dark Web is only deemed to be heretical because we are living in an age of hypersensitivity. If students are infuriated by the anodyne assertions of mainstream scholars, then establishing a school to counter this insipid outlook cannot be construed as revolutionary. Bari Weiss and Company are basically the heirs of classical liberalism: they express beliefs that are still palatable in mainstream conservative circles—the sort you’d see on Fox News—but have been eradicated from other universities.

Not even the revered Jordan Peterson should be depicted as a radical. Jordan Peterson was catapulted into the limelight after renouncing a controversial Canadian law promoting gender confusion. Peterson’s narrative abrades the prevailing orthodoxy, but at a time when mainstream culture is intellectually bankrupt and overwhelmingly on the left, his views are more common-sense than insight. Influential outlets flood the internet with criticisms of the Intellectual Dark Web since doing so enables gatekeepers to establish Jordan Peterson and his ilk as deplorable characters thereby diverting attention from truly contentious thinkers like Paul Gottfried, Ricardo Duchesne, Edward Dutton, Jared Taylor, and Kevin Macdonald.

Obviously, I don’t subscribe to all the ideas espoused by these figures, but they are willing to interrogate divisive issues. Gottfried has analyzed the infamous Carl Schmitt at length and a slew of other thinkers seen as unsavory by polite society. Ricardo Duchesne has emerged as the most eloquent and passionate defender of Western civilization, since the demise of Samuel Huntington and David Landes. Moreover, unlike his predecessors, Duchesne has expanded the debate by defending the Whiteness of Western civilization. Similarly, Edward Dutton is a prolific author whose research probes a wide spectrum of issues. Dutton tackles everything from racial differences in ethnocentrism to why Finland is not more innovative, despite its high national IQ.

The infamous Jared Taylor requires no introduction. Taylor is the founder of American Renaissance, an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of White people. Taylor has written on racial differences in the distribution of personality traits and opines that the founding fathers imbued a strong sense of white consciousness. Perhaps the most despised of the group is Kevin Macdonald, a distinguished evolutionary psychologist regarded for his work on monogamy and denigrated for conceptualizing Judaism as an evolutionary strategy aimed at disrupting Western civilization.

Whether one endorses the arguments spouted by these personalities is irrelevant. The point is that an institution truly committed to intellectual diversity would employ them as professors or guest lecturers. Unfortunately, the ideas articulated by this crew are too subversive for polite quarters, and it is unlikely that such thinkers will be courted by the University of Austin. Although the philosophy of Cornel West is distinct from this circle, a serious university would also engage him as a radical man of the left. Employing polar opposites like Edward Dutton and Cornel West would position the University of Austin as a stellar example of intellectual diversity.

Contrary to media stories, the IDW still reflects the spirit of polite society. A case in point is that The Root and Next Shark advocate the interests of Blacks and Asians respectively, but they are never perceived as contemptible publications like Amren and CounterCurrents. Though tribalism is a biological reality, all groups are allowed to express racial pride with the exception of Whites. Like the left, acolytes of the IDW oppose White consciousness. Jordan Peterson, for instance publicly ridiculed Ricardo Duchesne for suggesting that Westerners ought to cherish the uniqueness of Western culture. According to Peterson’s reasoning, the accolades achieved by our intellectual predecessors occurred without our input, so there is no reason for Westerners to extol pride.

Yet, Blacks are encouraged to claim the achievements of African empires like Mali and Songhay as part of a broader cultural legacy. Intriguingly, books like Stolen Legacy (1954) and They Came Before Columbus (1976) inculcate false pride in blacks by cultivating the propaganda that blacks were the true progenitors of Greek philosophy and the Olmec civilization. The double standard is remarkably jarring. Whites are precluded from celebrating concrete achievements, but Afrocentrists can pollute the internet with dubious theories and even acquire positions at prestigious institutions when their qualifications are questionable—people like the late Yosef Ben Jochannan.

The denizens of the University of Austin are braver than some of their peers in academia. But in relation to exploring issues that are actually controversial, they are quite tepid. Without a doubt, the University of Austin will be a safe space for right-leaning, mainstream conservative thinkers and not an oasis for revolutionary thought.

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  1. Briton2066
    Briton2066 says:

    Sounds like controlled opposition to me – particularly with the former mainstream journalist Bari Weiss involved! 🤔

  2. Carl haemers
    Carl haemers says:

    Sounds like engineered opposition. America’s Power Jews need some opposition to expand their divide/conflict/conquer strategy, and without some future right wingers, there’ll be no conflict to manage.

  3. Michael VonHoweerten
    Michael VonHoweerten says:

    Dude you write:

    “Kevin Macdonald, a distinguished evolutionary psychologist… denigrated for conceptualizing Judaism as an evolutionary strategy aimed at disrupting Western civilization.”

    I mean I would disagree on this statement. I guess in many ways you could read into Mr. Kevin McDonalds work that jews as a group evolutionary strategy want to make whites a minority in their countries and in many ways suppress whites. But I don’t think he speculates that judaism as a whole is aimed at disrupting western civilization. I guess one could speculate from his work that judaism is aimed at benefitting the cultural jewish group which is from an ethnic standpoint diverse and with large differences within the cultural group. And that in many ways judaism is aimed at defeating enemies or competition to jews.

    I also read in a comment here in another blog post/article from someone stating to be Mr. Kevin MacDonald: “Jews are “flexible strategizers” able to promote their interests in a new historical contexts and adapt their culture to new situations–without losing their ethnic core.”

    So his current position seems to be that they have an ethnic core they want to benefit. Promoting their interests. Which is very different from your segment, which I do think is untrue. But yes indeed the effect of them promoting what they believe or enough of them believe is their interest.

    Personally I think it is a combination of anti white sentiments in their culture, historic events and the fact that many jews mixed with non whites (arabs and africans of the black kind). Many people who mix with non whites end up being anti white. To what degree those three major contributions to how many of them act how do I know.

    Another interesting factor is how many jews are on the anti white train so to speak. Is it a leadership within their like hundreds of organizations and representatives at their larger gettogethers or the most rich jews or the jews in certain sectors such as advertising and music business? Or is it widely spread among like a majority of them?

    I guess William Pierce in his literature speculated that it was a majority of them and that some people in the state hopes that they can be controlled by a jewish elite and forced to not be anti white.

    Mr. David Lane thought more along the line that it was a jewish monetary and power people who pushed the anti white agenda and that the common man jew had no clue.

    I guess Kevin McDonald is somewhere in-between describing it as a group evolutionary strategy that I guess he thinks a majority of jews are aware of. How he thinks they agree on these strategies is something he doesn’t go into, but it is also venues closed to him due to him not being jewish I suppose.

    There was a jewish woman who wrote here that thought that jewish education and the like is aimed at making jews fear christian whites and painting them as the enemy.

    One goal with such education could be to make jews not marry non jews… And to keep the few white jews in the community so that they are taken out by racial mixture if that is what one thinks is the result of such things…

    • seanettlesoup
      seanettlesoup says:

      “One goal with such education could be to make jews not marry non jews… And to keep the few white jews in the community so that they are taken out by racial mixture if that is what one thinks is the result of such things…”

      Or… we could just send them on a one-way mission to space. #JewsforSpace. They can have Asteroid b33666. Access to Whites is not a right – for any people, anywhere, regardless of how much they’ve mixed with Whites. It’s time Whites everywhere recognized this, as they recognize the absurdity of false status of all those tied to Bolshevist victim narratives which, is basically 90% of the world – which is non-White.

      Seems you’re talking in circles here. The question of whether all Jews are ‘in on it’ or not seems to be, mostly, moot. They have such staunch in-group preference and rabid reflexes to any criticism of the one unifying narrative, their victimhood (epitomized in the 6 million myth) that, again, the question becomes moot. They’re ‘in on it’ simply by existing and being themselves. I can think of exactly two Jews right now, who named the enemy as their own people: Benjamin Freedman and Bobby Fischer. I’m sure a few others exist, but where are they???

      To name the Jew would basically be to cease being a Jew.

  4. Mark Gullick
    Mark Gullick says:

    Great piece. I write for Counter Currents. If we are contemptible, then we are dancing the right dance.

  5. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    People must call out Jewish Power. Otherwise, give it up, I say.

    This new venture will be just another joke because it won’t address the most important issue of our times: JQ.

    Take the hot topic of CRT. It is Jewish use of blackness to wussify whites, all the better for Jews to control white subservience to their ends. It’s like this:
    Jews prize black symbolism but value white ability. Without whites, Jewish Power is finito. While Jews have been successful in many parts of the world(relative to the local goy population), but the ONLY REASON they came to world domination is on the backs of Northern Europeans. Northern European White Stock is the prize horse of Jews. Without it, Jews would not be world hegemons.

    But Jews know of the long history of Anglo racial unity and pride(and even ‘antisemitism’ though it never reached nazi-like levels). And Jews know of how Germans, a very talented people, once shook free of Jewish shackles and waged war on World Jewry(and vice versa). So, what Jews value most is also what they fear most. What if whites seek liberation from Jewish Power and go their own way and serve their own identity/interests? So, Jews must shame and control this white horse.

    And blacks are the whip and spurs in this. That’s what CRT is really about. While blacks lack talent and ability(except in sports and rapping), they are prominent in the most idolatrous arenas of the West as ‘hero’-athletes and pop divas. Whites are most passionate about sports and pop music. Because whites idolize black stardom, they are prone to feeling most guilty about what was done to blacks. And so, Jews use CRT as the cult of black holiness to guilt-bait whites and control them.

    That is what CRT is boils down to. Sure, it took some ideas from ‘cultural marxism’ and ‘multi-culturalism'(and even globo-homo as BLM blacks are often queer), but how did it get off the ground and gain so much traction? The Jewish Hand that controls key industries/institutions. Jews need the black whip against the white horse.

    But as long as no prominent voice calls out this facet of CRT(and BLM), Jewish Power will go on with their bad nasty ways. If Billy brings wild animals to mess up the house and if you blame the animals but never Billy, Billy will go on letting loose more wild animals. Name the Billy… and Name the Jewish Power. Otherwise, give it up f you lack the sense and/or courage to call it like it is.

    • Lucy Lipinska
      Lucy Lipinska says:

      Thank you, dear Andrea, for stating the fact most Whites pretend does not exist!
      The CRT-crap has yet not grown as strong in Sweden. Alas, it is gaining strenght because Swedes, who actually are equipped with greater racial awareness than any other nation in Europe, continue harbouring the delusion of being great enough for their society remaing unaffected by a huge number of racial and cultural strangers. This delusion is, unsurprisingly, heavily supported by the media ;Surprise, Surpise! owned/controlled by the in Sweden officially almost non-existent tribe. The few Swedes who dare voicing their concern over who sets the tone in their homeland bring upon themselves the disgrace of being nazi. The same taboo reigns supreme within the allegedly nationalist party Sweden Democrats/Sverigedemokraterna. A few of its members were recently expelled just for the impertinence of stating that a few families own Swedish media. Yet, those SD-members did not even mention the ethnicity of the media owners…. The so called alternative media are playing the other side of the game, by not missing to report on a single immigrant crime, but not touching the subject of who is behind the mass immigration- just blaming the government. As you have put it, Andrea:
      “If Billy brings wild animals to mess up the house and if you blame the animals but never Billy, Billy will go on letting loose more wild animals.”

    • seanettlesoup
      seanettlesoup says:

      Breaks it up so succinctly for normies. I’m copying your comment and utilizing it for my own ends with your name and this location intact – thank you for sharing your excellent brain. We need more people who are able to break up these ideas into easily disseminated information.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Academia has been taken over by Jews. Forming a new university headed by Ms. Weiss is more of the same. Jewish anti white values will prevail.Ms. Weiss is the product of the ultra Jewish Squirrel Hill district of Pittsburgh and Columbia University (home of the Frankfurt School)

  7. JimB
    JimB says:

    “…but Afrocentrists can pollute the internet with dubious theories and even acquire positions at prestigious institutions when their qualifications are questionable”

    Dubious theories and questionable qualifications… are very generous terms! I’d replace them with ridiculous theories and laughable qualifications.

  8. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    I enjoyed the procrustean reference which I read , inter alia , while abed.

    A present from Nessus, I’d have thought.

  9. JoaoAlfaiate
    JoaoAlfaiate says:

    Bari Weiss is a career apologist for the Israel and its American enablers. In this way she does not differ from 98% of the media, esp. the MSM, in the USA. To suggest that the University of Austin is in anyway a departure from the status quo in the American journalism and academia is absurd.

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