On Jews and Vampires

During the Halloween festivities a few weeks ago it seemed to me a timely opportunity to indulge my interest in the darker, horror-tinged aspects of European folklore concerning Jews. I’ve been intrigued in recent years by a growing literature connecting vampire tales, both early modern and modern, with the history of the European-Jewish interaction.[1] Much of this literature argues that vampires are for the most part proxy figures for European anxieties about Jews, with the vampire figure, and allegories painting Jews as vampires, acting as dehumanizing mechanisms facilitating the alleged oppression of Jewish people. While I tend to agree that vampire allegories have been weaponized against Jews, especially between the years 1880 and 1945, this is hardly interesting in itself. All groups engage in dehumanizing strategies against opposing factions, and these strategies are found as much in the Talmud as they are anywhere else.[2] My interest then, is not in the fact that Europeans may have designed, or tinkered with, the image of the vampire in order to attack the Jews, but what exactly may be said about Jews in the depiction of the vampire, and why.

The Uses of the Mainstream

Despite itself, mainstream scholarship is quite useful in answering such questions. One of the primary features of my work at The Occidental Observer over the last nine years has been an attempt to show that our ideas are not disconnected from mainstream scholarship, and that plenty of truth can be found in mainstream texts. No clearer exposition of Jewish hoaxes and lies connected with the so-called Russian Pogroms, for example, can be found outside of John Doyle Klier’s Oxford-published Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 18811882. Klier argued that contemporary Jewish accounts of the pogroms should be treated with “extreme caution,” with many of the most popular and influential “flatly contradicted by the archival record.”[3] I have also praised the work of medievalist and folklorist Gillian Bennett, who overturned many years of Jewish portrayals of the so-called Blood Libel as a kind of mass European psychosis by arguing for their rational origin in that “where accusations of ritual murder where made in this period … it is more probable that they were cause célèbres around which anti-Jewish feeling could crystallize, rather than the cause of anti-Semitism in the first place.”[4] My theory that Jewish scholars engage in nepotism to exaggerate the importance of their co-ethnics in forming European culture is based on the work of Dutch Spinoza expert Hubertus G. Hubbeling who wrote that “there are some Jewish writers who emphasize very strongly the importance of Spinoza’s contribution to the development of democratic ideas. … According to the opinion of the present writer Spinoza’s importance is exaggerated here.”[5] Also praised in the course of my work is Hannah Johnson, another talented academic who single-handedly demolished the influential but heavily compromised pro-Jewish work of historian Gavin Langmuir and argued that his theories of anti-Semitism offered nothing more than a “one dimensional model of conflict between an intolerant Christian community and its passive Jewish victims.”[6]

I therefore find it extremely amusing when my work is characterized as anti-Semitic or bigoted, given that my four primary positions and discussion points (Jews have lied to themselves and others about significant aspects of their history; anti-Semitism has a rational basis; Jews behave in a nepotistic fashion in academia and other spheres of influence; and, Jewish historiography is little more than a one-sided story of blameless victimhood) are derived not from “neo-Nazi” pamphlets, but from leading scholars from some of the world’s best universities. You could say I was “red-pilled” by the mainstream, which, we should remember, also once included Kevin MacDonald and his trilogy on the Jews until it was decided to ostracize MacDonald and his work in every way imaginable in order to reassert the lachrymose interpretation of Jewish historical karma.

Unfortunately, mainstream scholarship appears mortally terrified of praise from our supposed “fringe,” no matter how intensively we interact with its work, as evidenced in the recent Palgrave/Springer publication of Jews in Medieval England: Teaching Representations of the Other. In the book’s introduction, a pair of editors refer to my essay on Langmuir, remarking with horror that they discovered “the work of Hannah Johnson, a contributor to this volume, quoted approvingly on an anti-Semitic white supremacist blog.”[7] The terror here is surely rooted in the earth-shattering discovery that supposed “fringe” lunatics and bigots are extremely interested in facts, logic, and research, and they often sit at the very elbow of those who thought themselves so distant and superior. Given the intimate relationship between my work and mainstream scholarship, what use are accusations of anti-Semitism when, given my intensive use of large volumes of mainstream source material (and frequent praise of the same), the charge is dangerously likely to come back, like a boomerang, to these same accusers? At the risk of terrifying more academics, then, I will present here some of the more interesting findings and arguments in mainstream scholarship connecting Jews and vampire imagery over the last century or so.

How Anti-Semitic is Dracula?

One of the clearer explorations of alleged anti-Jewish allegories in Bram Stoker’s Dracula can be found in the work of Sara Libby Robinson, especially her brief essay “Blood will tell: Antisemitism and vampires in British popular culture, 1875–1914.” While I don’t agree with all of Robinson’s conclusions, there are some interesting parallels and relationships in imagery, and I find it interesting in any case to explore Jewish paranoia and sensitivities (Robinson is based at Brandeis and almost certainly Jewish) to certain types of image (that of the gold-seeking dwarf being another that Jews are prone to focus on). For Robinson, Dracula is not like older vampire tales from Eastern Europe because it is fundamentally about a dangerous immigrant arriving in the British Isles:

At the time of publication in 1897, Count Dracula was only one in a long line of fictional vampires. However, Dracula differed from his earlier ancestors in some important ways. As described in Gordon Melton’s encyclopedia of vampires in myth, literature, and film, from Polidori’s Lord Ruthven in 1819, to Rymer’s Varney the Vampire in the 1840s, to Le Fanu’s Carmilla in 1872, whatever their menace, vampires had typically belonged to the social circles they preyed upon; no worse than a local, decadent aristocrat. Varney’s origins in particular are explicitly British. Count Dracula, on the other hand, does not belong to the society he threatens. He is an outsider, specifically an immigrant from Eastern Europe just when large numbers of Eastern European Jews were arriving on England’s shores. … The Jewish population [of Britain] more than doubled in the last quarter of the nineteenth century due to immigration from Eastern Europe. … [I]n taking jobs, money, food, and housing away from native Britons, Jews were not only viewed as competitors, but as parasites, metaphorical vampires who lived by draining away economic opportunities rather than blood.

Count Dracula himself is a kind of faux aristocrat—a member of a decaying race that can only survive by leeching on the vitality of new peoples. He is an elite of sorts, and has some of the trappings of wealth, but he remains fundamentally vile and befouls his surroundings wherever he goes, literally leaving a stench. For Robinson, Dracula is an amalgam of late twentieth-century British views of the Jews. On the one hand, Britons were confronted with an older generation of prominent Jewish oligarchs that had gradually intermarried with the British aristocracy. Like Dracula, these oligarchs sought to mimic their surroundings (Dracula is especially keen to mask his foreign accent, for example), but were essentially regarded as parasitic shape-shifters. In 1891, one newspaper, the Labor Leader, referred to the Rothschilds, a quintessential example of this Anglo-Jewish elite, as “leeches [that] have for years hung on with distended suckers to the body politic of Europe.” On the other hand, Britons were also confronted with a new generation of lower-class Jewish immigrants who brought with them the white slave trade,[8] grass-roots financial exploitation and criminality[9], mass-produced pornography[10] and moral degradation, and political terrorism (both Anarchist and Communist),[11] seen by many as literally befouling the areas they came to inhabit. Dracula, both fake aristocrat and stinking subversive, is argued by Robinson to have encapsulated both experiences.

An especially interesting argument advanced by Robinson, and which had escaped my attention when recently re-reading the novel, is Stoker’s portrayal of Dracula as having an obsession, or special relationship, with money. Robinson writes.

Count Dracula is a faithful embodiment of the caricature of Jews as greedy and parasitic, placing money above all else. Despite his supernatural abilities, Dracula is an essentially commercial character. His first action of the book (while still disguised as a coachman) is to mark the sites of buried treasure. His next is to go over deeds of purchase and other business matters with Harker, in Transylvania representing Dracula’s solicitors in Britain. While dining at Castle Dracula, Harker notes that “the table service is of gold,” an ostentatious show of wealth similar to those which Jewish bankers and nouveaux riches were accused. When Harker explores the castle, he finds a room filled with “a great heap of gold … of all kinds, Roman, and British, and Austrian, and Hungarian, and Greek[,] and Turkish.” Like the modern Jewish financier, Dracula does business and reaps profit from all over the world. The most significant scene, however, comes towards the end of the novel. In it, the heroes have cornered Dracula, and Harker lunges at him with a knife. Not stabbed, “The [knife’s] point just cut the cloth of [Dracula’s] coat, making a wide gap whence a bundle of bank-notes and a stream of gold fell out. … The next instant, with a sinuous dive he swept under Harker’s arm … , and, grasping a handful of the money from the floor, dashed across the room.” This demonstration of putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life shows that stereotypes regarding Jews and their money were alive and well in the late nineteenth century, and enacted in the fictional character of Dracula, making them seem truly monstrous.

Also interesting are Stoker’s (alleged) insinuations about Jewish loyalties. Robinson points out that Jews have often been accused of seeking after their own tribal interests rather than the interests of the nation they inhabit. She comments,

This nightmare certainly comes true with Stoker’s representation of Dracula as a symbol for supposed Jewish greed and self-interest. Dracula places his loyalty wherever it suits his convenience; speaking both German and English as easily as his native tongue. Dracula has the skills necessary to join forces with Germany, England’s chief rival, if he so wishes. In fact, when fleeing Britain, Dracula enlists the aid of a German Jew named Hildesheim, “a Hebrew of rather the Adelphi Theater type, with a nose like a sheep” who must naturally be bribed in order to aid Stoker’s heroes. Tellingly, the one overtly Jewish character in the novel is neither British nor on the side of the heroes, reinforcing the anti-Semitic charge that Jews cannot be counted upon to give help solely to aid the national interest, regardless of personal and pecuniary gain.

Like Dracula, Hildesheim’s financial transactions move across Europe, with the money leaving its country of origin, and globalizing capital. Stoker writes that Hildesheim “had been paid for his work by an English pound-note, which had been duly cashed for gold at the Danube International Bank.”

In terms of his physical attributes, Dracula has “a very strong … aquiline [nose], with [a] high bridge and peculiarly arched nostrils.” In Robinson’s view, Dracula’s nose is “labeled constantly throughout the book as hooked or ‘beaky’ [and] is [thus] simultaneously stereotypically Jewish and criminal.” Robinson connects the Count’s “bushy eyebrows, pointed ears, sharp teeth, and ugly fingers” as well as his nose to negative physical attributes commonly ascribed to Jews, as well as to the ideas of the Italian founder of criminal anthropology Cesare Lombroso which posited that the criminal face often bore a nose “like the beak of a bird of prey.”

It’s been pointed out that one of Stoker’s major source materials for Transylvania was Major E.C. Johnson’s travelogue On the Track of the Crescent, with some descriptions and incidents being reproduced so closely as to provoke accusations of plagiarism. Equally interesting, however, are some of Johnson’s descriptions of the physical characteristics of Jews he encountered in his travels, including the following:

Who can mistake them? The oval face; the ‘parroty’ beak, out of all proportion to the other features, the stooping gait and long flowing beard, the furtive glances from under shaggy eyebrows, now cringing, now vindictive. … [A]ll these show unmistakably the Hungarian branch of that race ‘against whom is every man’s hand,’ and who returns the compliment with compound interest.

In Dracula, Bram Stoker appears to have significantly increased the role of Christianity and Christian symbolism as methods of defeating vampires, another cause for Robinson to suspect anti-Semitic subtexts to the novel: “Christian iconography had not been emphasized in vampire fiction earlier in the century. Crucifixes and communion wafers, however, figure prominently in combating Dracula, at a time when a religious community that did not embrace Christianity—the Jews—was on the rise.”

While I find some of these links and allusions quite compelling, or at least entertaining to consider, Robinson stretches too far with her attempt to portray Stoker as a kind of proto-genocidal anti-Semitic eugenicist. The argument goes that Dracula’s opponents are scientifically-minded professionals (two doctors and a lawyer) who are determined to stop Dracula bringing about the degeneration of Britain through the breeding of “a new and ever-widening circle of semi-demons”—in Robinson’s view, a metaphor for miscegenation. From here, in my view, Robinson departs firmly into the deep recesses of Jewish paranoia in which all roads lead to a Spielbergian Auschwitz:

Stoker’s language is very suggestive. His heroes “sterilize” Dracula’s coffins of native soil with communion wafers in order to prevent him from finding refuge during the day. Next, they travel back to Transylvania to destroy Dracula’s castle, the source of the vampire infestation. They do to the Count what Social Darwinists advocated doing to hereditary criminals—sterilization through applied eugenics. All of the evil and danger suggested by fears about alien immigrants, as embodied by Dracula, are chased out of England and destroyed. In the words of one reviewer, Dracula is “exterminated.”

The Breed and The Tribe

Robinson’s theories on vampires as a kind of persecuted pseudo-Jewish population hunted to extinction by Christians or Fascists are echoed in the 2001 movie The Breed, directed by South African Jew Michael Oblowitz. In the film, vampires are a marginalized and persecuted race literally living in former Jewish ghettoes. Jeffrey Weinstock, in The Vampire Film: Undead Cinema, writes:

The film in a variety of ways equates vampires with Jews. The vampires, living in a fascist state that has been working towards a vampire ‘final solution,’ are ghettoised in an encampment ironically named ‘Serenity.’ Subject to anti-vampire sentiments from the bulk of the vampirophobes who know of their existence, they are represented as poor immigrants. … Most tellingly, the innocent vampires are attacked by government troops while attempting to sneak out of the country. The Breed thus enacts a series of generic inversions that clearly correlated vampires with social outsiderdom and then, rather than expelling the other as a threat to social stability, foregrounds the injustice of bigotry.[12]

The approaches of Robinson and Oblowitz, and several other Jewish scholars whose work I’ve read on this matter, are more or less the same since they both involve a kind of empathy with the figure of the vampire. Yes, it’s an uneasy empathy, and Jews are clearly fearful and uncomfortable with the prospect of being linked with the negative traits associated with the myths and fictions involving the creature. And yet it is also a strong affinity, one that accepts certain commonalities and even produces a kind of dual apologetic. This Jewish affinity for the vampire is surely one of the most remarkable and telling sociological quirks of the modern European-Jewish interaction.

Concluding Remarks

How anti-Jewish are vampire tales, and were any of them ever deliberately constructed that way? That’s open for discussion. A more interesting question, perhaps, is why Jews so readily and heavily read themselves and their history into these fictional creatures. And why, also, do they see themselves in Tolkien’s dwarves, in J.K. Rowling’s goblins, and Tim Burton’s Penguin from Batman Returns?

The rich, quasi-aristocratic, stinking, and beak-nosed Penguin

The answer may lie in an acknowledgment, on some level, that anti-Jewish complaints have some basis in fact, and when these complaints (or traits strongly associated with them) are manifested in fiction or other cultural products as sinister characters or plot devices, they are instantly recognized by Jews on a deep level. Because of this recognition, where the character may inspire horror and disgust among the majority of readers, the Jewish response involves a level of sympathy and a sense of shared fate. Such a divergence in perception illustrates, if nothing else, a deep and ongoing gulf in understanding between two peoples, one fearing a deadly nocturnal parasite and the other believing it the victim of mere bigotry.

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[2] See also the Jewish folk creation the ‘Golem,’ which serves oftentimes to fulfil revenge fantasies against Europeans.

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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    For me, a wonderfully engrossing, thought-provoking essay, Dr. Joyce.

    I shall advance the following as an example or illustration to my main point. We receive the occasional, apparently confirmed report that a “Jew” spray-painted a swastika on a local synagogue’s wall in the dead of night. A hate crime! Why are such “hate crimes” so needed, required by the those to control, or who comprise “the Jewish community”?

    So here we may have the very same phenomenon. Is there any evidence for my thesis? I do not know, having only asked the question.

    Your last paragraph, I think, contains and expresses very well at least part of the answer. Because of the well known symbolism and its applications, and due to the inherent power of the symbols as characteristically rendered, they serve well to keep the pot stirred, people disturbed, separated, isolated, weakened, vulnerable. As much against “Jews” as anyone.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      After the Rittenhouse Verdict I was hoping for a mass Media coverage BUT from the White Red Deplorables or so called ALT/Media..but IT never came…Red Maga Media still dont get IT..yes its is a cultural WAR..(Gramcian views)…but ALT right Media dead at the wheels…Kyle Rittenhouse the best yet…the Rebirth of America…almost a case of Poetic justice….and so the gospel said that …from the Red Cornfields of WI and IO a chosen son will be born to a hopeless people in search of a leader…to guide into the promise land of a New America..

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        One one hand I see some justification for saying, as you do, “Kyle Rittenhouse the best yet….the Rebirth of America….”

        On another hand (there are more than two) I can’t think that his heroism and triumph have been unequivocal. After all, our foes’ persecution scared him into saying, in his interview by Tucker Carlson, “I support the BLM cause.” Secondly, his ordeal made him regret ever going to Kenosha that night. A purely victorious outcome would’ve included his publicly declaring that he is proud and glad to have intervened against the devastation of his community, irrespective of the unpleasantness it brought him.

        Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, his triumph proceeded from LUCK as much as from anything else. I allude to his inaccurate shots at the scum who jump-kicked his head–the black career-criminal, Freeland. Had Kyle killed that scum, he wouldn’t have been acquitted. Neo-Marxist-poisoned USA has grudgingly tolerated his acquittal chiefly because the terrorists he shot were Caucasians.

        The case of the McMichaels in Georgia was similar to Kyle’s: that killing also was done in self-defense; and if the slain aggressor had been a Caucasian, the McMichaels and friend would probably have walked. But the aggressor was black. I said the guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion, the trial a show trial; and today I receive the corroborating news as a matter of course.

        See “The Case of Kyle: CW2’s ‘Meteor of the War’?”

  2. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    It might be worth mentioning – as a rival or complementary hypothesis – the work of Irish literary critic Luke Collins, who argued that vampire imagery was part of Britain’s collective bad conscience about the suppression of Catholicism.

  3. Ray Caruso
    Ray Caruso says:

    Another similarity is that both Jews and vampires are enemies of God and exist in defiance of His will. By drinking blood, the latter refuse to undergo the Four Last Things that every man is meant to undergo: death, judgment, and heaven or hell. The former, by rejecting the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, have declared war against God and in essence set themselves as their own god, since they place their will above His. Despite their seeming power, however, both Jews and vampires are fated to eventual doom.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Of course there are also countless stories of the former consuming human (i.e., goyish) blood in their quirky rituals.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      This article prompted me to start thinking about all of the jewish Hollywood produced horror movies that have featured vampires and how, in each of them, the star vampire is always shown as being repulsed at the sight of a Crucifix. Their victims will often grab a Christian Cross and hold it up as a shield to prevent the vampire from sinking its fangs into their necks.

      This got me to wondering – what exactly were the jews who produced these movies trying to accomplish by sending this kind of message to largely White Christian audiences? Most older Christians have at least a vague awareness of the hatred and hostility of jews towards Christianity – so what did the jews have to gain by making vampire horror movies that show vampires shrinking in fright at the sight of a Christian Cross? Were they not concerned that these Christian audiences would connect the dots between vampires and jews and realize that both shared the same hatred of Christ?

      Or, was this some kind of jewish 5-D chess that just flies over my head?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        That’s a good question. Although Holywood has always been Jewish controlled, the reason it has undoubtedly produced real treasures among it’s subversion & garbage, at least in the old days, was because the vast majority of the people were gentiles, writing from gentile stories.
        And although negative depictions of Jews have been banned from the start(mostly), it didn’t really start to get aggressive towards whites till later, and only now morphing into full scale Jewish porno, my phrase for films like Inglorious Bastards, The Hateful Eight and Django unchained.
        As showing a cross in defence to a vampire is so ingrained in people’s imagination, and the Jews are cool, slippery customers, they would know when to making a fuss would backfire.
        That’s my theory for your question.

  4. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    Mutating sprectres. When Ferdy Mayne portrays “Count von Krolock”, Jeff Goldblum “Mister Frost”, Max Grodénchik “Rumpelstiltskin”, or Ron Perlman “Hellboy” (to name just a few), it shows that Jews – consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally – love characters “tailor-made for their phenotypic appearance” https://www.bitchute.com/video/x7Yxjc8PKN3S/

  5. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    Mammon, Golem, Beelzebub (Baal), Leviathan, Asmodeus. “Lucifer” is the rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל‎. Goethe lets his Mephisto say: “(I am) Part of that Power which would // The Evil ever do, and ever does the Good.” (Hölderlin: “But where danger is there the saving powers will grow as well”. ) Jews see anti-Semitic patterns in Faust (which symbolizes the knowledgeable and thorough German people). Professor Yehuda T. Radday: “Mephistopheles in Goethe’s Faust; Mephiboshet and Achitophel in Second Book of Samuel”.

    There are many names for the evil par excellence or the embodiment of the same. Satan, for example, means “accuser” in Hebrew. He enumerates before God the guilt of the people in order to be allowed to take their souls with him into hell. Do we know this hypermoral presumption from somewhere? Is someone constantly profiting from the guilt-tripping of entire peoples and races? The Spanish diabolo comes from the Greek and means “jumble”. Is someone trying to disorder the peoples of the world and the laws of nature?

  6. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    The antonym to alienation is familiarity. Familiarity is the feeling of being among my own kind. Why are Jews in particular pushing the “alien” fairytale and are AI fanatics (Kurzweil)? Could it be that they identify unconsciously with “aliens”? “Fantasy” director Spielberg (“E.T.”) has not only demonized the nature (shark, dinosaurs), in order to profit from it. Didn’t he also popularize the term “holocaust”?

  7. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    “If you do it, do it inconspicuously, and sell it as a benefit!” (Torah) How many millions of white children were not born because the Jews replaced the reason principle with the pleasure principle (invention of the “contraceptive pill” by Djerassi and Pincus)? Jewish “feminism” implemented abortion as “normal case” (Babycaust).

    Jew Julius Fromm made condoms a business. Jew Levi Strauss made sure that women wore pants. Lipstick (Lauder) and nail polish (Revson) are also to their credit (Jewess Sarah Bernhardt popularized them). They made whores out of women. To complete happiness, only Marx’s communism and Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb are missing.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Anyone thinking of reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula can rest assured that it is an easily read everyman book for the general reader. I thought it was fantastic, I read it aged about 20 and I left school at 14, just to illustrate it’s accessibility to anyone.
    I am amazed that no one ever points out the *way* it was written, as a series of letters, diary entries, reports, etc. How original or common this is I’m not well read enough to know, but I’d never seen it before, was blown away by it, and haven’t come across it since. Just this aspect is enough to encourage anyone to pick it up. Nor is it a long read.
    Even before I was J-woke I understood the vampire to be a Jewish characature. Rich, greedy, alien, Eastern European, ferociously anti-Christian and with a dread fear of being found out or named for what he really is. Again, young and J-niave, even then I was baffled and intrigued that you could call a Jew all the slanders under the sun, but the only one that truelly hurt or stuck home was when you specifically called him out *as a Jew*.
    Banning all discussion of the Jewish Question, which Jews themselves were once happy to entertain and interested in, may have turned the masses to sleep on the issue, but anyone with independent thought, a spirit of enquiry, or just an anti-authoritarian rebellious nature, which all males of spirit should have, just makes it more interesting.
    I do wonder if this in the long run will prove an intelligent long-term strategy. They obviously think it does. It’s just that their fear and loathing of us peasants has infected our own elite. If I was Jewish, I would want the Jewish Question openly discussed, not hidden away in secret, just as as a gentile I want the freedom to critique my own elite, average Jews you’d think would want the same thing.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      On the subject on Bram Stoker’s, “Dracula”, it is by happy coinicidence that I just very recently started to read — really read, this time — that very same classic work. So far, I find the book elegantly written and strangely haunting. I am only a couple of chapters in and already find myself scarcely able to bear the sense of rising menace in the situation the young solicitor has allowed himself to be carried into. I tried to read this book when I was younger, but at the time found it archaic and oppressive. Well, it’s actually quite beautiful; and, as with most books I have read of that era, one finds that the reader is also treated to a subtle, if taken for granted, race realism as an added bonus.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Exactly Mrs Bucket . . . er, I mean Bouquet. Is it just me or is EVERYTHING from that era brilliant? I also remember reading that as the vampire is seducing one of the young girls, Stoker managed to put some pretty racy stuff in there for the era.
        I think the old Queen was dead when it was published, or it wouldn’t have made it. It also shows our ancestors were not stereotypical prudes, and could appreciate, heck, even i appreciate a little eroticism in a book, as it’s such a breath of fresh air compared to the smut we’re drenched in these days.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The form used by Bram Stoker in writing “Dracula” is the epistolary novel. To develop and advance its plot, an epistolary novel typically employs several types of documents in addition to correspondence: diary entries, newspaper extracts, transcripts of speeches, extracts of wills, and the like. Stoker even used a ship’s log.

      As it happens, the earliest lengthy prose work in English that was ever called a novel—Samuel Richardson’s “Pamela” (1740)—was an epistolary novel, as were several other novels by Richardson, Fielding, and other eighteenth-century authors. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was epistolary, at least in part, and so was Anne Brontë’s gloomy “Tenant of Wildfell Hall.” (Whether anyone except PhD candidates would still read the last-named novel were it not for its proto-feminist protagonist is a question for another day.) It has long been known that Stoker knew and admired the work of Shelley and the three Brontë sisters.

      The genre has retained a measure of favor down to the present, and it is still used by popular and “literary” authors of today. For example, quite a bit of attention was drawn to the very prominent epistolary presence (viz., Amy’s diary) in Gillian Flynn’s big hit “Gone Girl” when it was published. These elements were retained in the movie made from the novel.

  9. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    As for the film Nosferatu the Vampire, illustrating the main picture, I found this surprisingly a bore and rather stupid. Half the point of Jew. . . . . . er, . . . I mean vampires is that they operate in cryptsis. Nosferatu in that film, no-one could mistake him for a human.
    Rest assured Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a proper vampire.

  10. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    Similarly as with the alienation and the aliens, also an analogy exists between the relativism propagated by Jews and Einstein’s relativity theory. Apart from the fact that Einstein, who was stylized as a ” intellectual giant “, was a typical Jew insofar as he picked up his theory by helping himself from other people, not few scientists consider it possible that everything based on Einstein’s theory is built on sand and corresponds to a colossal error (or a deliberate fraud).

    That “in the end everything is relative” corresponds completely to Jewish dissolution of every category, every border, every distinguishability, whether it is about races, sexuality or moral values. Significantly, it was Einstein’s Jewish contemporary Karl Schwarzschild who “discovered” “black holes”. A black hole is ultimately an energy thief like the vampire. Perhaps the materialistic Jews as counter-race and antipodes of mankind consist of a kind of negatively poled antimatter, they suck material wealth like a black hole.

    • asdfasdf
      asdfasdf says:

      Love this article, great comments. Just to clarify a couple of things about Einstein…

      (1) Einstein’s theory of special relativity (the first one, pertaining to EM radiation and non-accelerating frames) had much to do with standing on the shoulders of Lorentz (so much so that the equations involved are known as the Lorentz transformation). Einstein also claimed to be unaware of the results of the Michaelson-Morley experiment ,that showed non detection of the aether, and that light had the same speed in all directions. Einstein may have in fact been unaware of the result, or he may have been lying, I’m not sure. Einstein was NOT first to derive mass energy equivalency — that was de Pretto in 1903. Nor did Einstein discover the relation E=hf … Max Planck discovered that relation. Einstein was just first to put the pieces together in 1905, and derive the implications of c as a constant for the ticking of clocks, as well as the quantum nature of the photoelectric effect.

      Ten years later, Einstein and Hilbert were in a race to solve general relativity, and though the race ended in 1915, Einstein’s global fame did not come until four years later in 1919. This is when Arthur Eddington had his expedition to experimentally verify general relativity during an eclipse, to see whether starlight was bent by the gravity of the sun. When this was verified, the New York Times and other publications noted the result on the front page, and it was off to the races for Einstein’s arguably overblown fame. Adding to this myth was the idea that only “12 wise men” in the world could understand general relativity. Jewish communities at the time in the US saw this as a great opportunity for positive PR, and took Einstein on a tour of Jewish enclaves in major cities in the U.S., and ensured large crowds showed up to greet him. This became a self fulfilling prophesy and the rest is history.

      (2) Schwartzchild did not actually discover black holes. He died at a young age after fighting against the Russians on the German side in WWI. What he actually discovered was just the first general solution to Einstein’s field equations of general relativity. That is what happens when you have a non rotating point mass in space. The implications of black holes themselves were not superimposed on this solution until much later, when the problem of mathematical singularities were ascribed to physical singularities. So to be fair Schwartzchild just solved an equation. It was the people many years later that interpreted the solution to imply black holes, when it was realized a point mass large enough might have a physical meaning when it bent space time enough that there was an interior/exterior due to the constant velocity of c.

      • Lever dood as Slav
        Lever dood as Slav says:

        In Counter Currents podcast before last, I heard the term homesis for the first time. (I probably knew homeostasis, the natural balancing of our psycho-balance, the healthy state between fear and anger). But it is just a Greek vocabulary to pretend “expertise” for a process we are all more or less aware of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hormesis

        Ultimately, it is about resistance that has to be overcome, be it physical or mental. One can break at resistances – or grow at them, even grow beyond them. Resistances are also known from the laws of electricity. And brain waves are electricity. You also have to do mental pull-ups to keep your spirits up, mood gym so to say, resilience.

        Or as some say: high morals. Whereby I don’t like morals (that goes again in the direction of religious dogmas), motivation is more appropriate. The trained person then has a developed mental muscle tissue that does not let him fall down so fast or even fall into hopelessness, resignation and depression, which are only three synonyms for the same “mindset”.

        Optimism is divided into two qualities: hope (passive), and confidence (active). Everything contains two sides. It’s not enough to enjoy oneself unrestrained and mentally absent in the face of danger like the passengers of the Titanic in order to have an “easy death”. Then one has misunderstood optimism. https://workplacepsychology.net/2014/08/10/in-chinese-crisis-does-not-mean-danger-and-opportunity/

  11. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Where did all the vampires come from? How is it that across the globe, cultures, countries, the response to the Covid Plan/Scamdemic has been uniform, extreme and so much in sync??? This for a virus with a general population mortality of 0.26%. It does seem that a multitude of decisions and actions are at least coordinated and probably coerced. That’s because it in all certainty is. What is the invisible <I<force de frappethat overrides supposedly sovereign and autonomous states?

    An article explains:

    Young Global Leaders: WEF Puppets Destroying Society
    November 18, 2021

    Look at this list of people willing to sell out humanity to advance their own careers.
    Some of the names might surprise you: Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerborg & Gavin Newsom.
    No genuine leaders are allowed to emerge.

    “This largely explains the current wave of medical authoritarianism sweeping the globe. There is nothing coincidental about it. Governments, media, and corporations are all controlled behind the scenes by the same people who want us to “own nothing and be happy” while subsisting on a diet of worms and GMO crops.”

    by CR

    It has become a cliché to say that world leaders are appointed, not selected. However, it appears that not only are they appointed, but in fact trained well in advance for their future roles.

    Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, is also the founder of another organization called Young Global Leaders which selects and trains globalist puppets to be promoted to positions of influence.

    800px-World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2005a.jpgThis largely explains the current wave of medical authoritarianism sweeping the globe. There is nothing coincidental about it. Governments, media, and corporations are all controlled behind the scenes by the same people who want us to “own nothing and be happy” while subsisting on a diet of mealworms and GMO crops.

    Notable members listed on their site include:

    -Chrystia Freeland, Canadian deputy PM and finance minister
    -Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s Marxist NDP
    -Pete Buttigieg, US secretary of transportation responsible for supply chain breakdown
    -Francois-Phillipe Champagne, Canadian minister of innovation, science, and industry – this explains why the gov’t is openly discussing transhumanism and mind control.
    -David de Rothschild – needs no introduction
    -Emmanuel Macron, French president
    -Wyclef Jean, musician and Haitian ambassador to the US
    -Marc Kielburger, Justin Trudeau’s friend who runs crooked charities
    -Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
    -Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation
    -Leana Wen, CNN’s favorite medical fascist
    -Alexander de Croo, Belgian PM
    -Banafsheh Geretzki, head of division at the European Central Bank and former Blackrock CEO
    -Jens Spahn, German health minister who is ready to lock down unvaccinated citizens
    -Leo Varadkar, homosexual Indian former PM of Ireland, now minister of enterprise, trade, and employment
    -Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
    -Ivanka Trump

    -Also numerous executives at Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, two of the world’s largest investment firms,

    On top of that, in this video Klaus Schwab says that Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, Jacinda Ardern, and Sebastian Kurz were all Young Global Leaders.

    globalelite369_01.jpg(Greta Thunberg in august company)

    This article adds Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates to the list, as well as California governor Gavin Newsom, first to mandate covid vaccines for schoolchildren.

    Looking at this in the larger scheme of things, it all makes sense. Corporations, media, and government have been pushing a radical agenda on us from all angles, ranging from the non-stop promotion of mixed-race couples, transsexualism, and homosexuality to climate change and vegetarianism.

    It never made sense that corporations would seek to alienate their customer base with offensive and bizarre advertisement and sell products that people don’t want. Profits have become secondary to this radical social agenda, as the people controlling the corporations control the monetary system itself and are now concerned with gaining power, restructuring society, and micromanaging our lives.

    Governments and politicians have no concern for human rights or even the demands of their voters, as demonstrated by the failing Biden administration and Canada’s false opposition PC party. Even Putin, former hero of the Right, is rolling out vaccine passports in Russia.

    Human society is controlled by people who hate humanity and seek to corrupt, control, and destroy us. Democracy is a puppet show. What appears to be opposition to evil is in most cases another mouth of the same globalist bird.

    This is a feudalist oligarchy. Leaders in business, politics, and media are either members of secret societies such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, and Skull and Bones, or were hand picked and directed by Klaus Schwab. Or both.

    If the media wasn’t fully controlled, the information in this article would be front page news and the “pandemic” would have been over long ago.
    Related – Klaws Swab’s School for Dictators

    [Sorry for the lengthy cut and paste. I didn’t see how to condense this and there was no URL for the article]

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Look at this list of people willing to sell out humanity to advance their own careers.”

      That is a partial list of some of the most prominent persons that are complicit in the despotic NWO tyrannical global conspiracy to strip citizens of any protections against the inevitable abuses of governmental powers . In particular , the 911 USA Patriot Act effectively cancelled nearly all of the world renowned protections against government abuses of power enshrined in the US Bill of Rights.

      Extreme government abuses include legalized ad hoc killings of citizens and legalized expropriation of their properties .

      Marxists/collectivists/communists assume their leadership group has a supreme right , over and above any and all group members , to execute any member and expropriate any property without a formally documented public due process of law . In other words , under a collectivist assumption of supremacy ( “for the greater good” or ironicly “for the common good” ) no one has any individual sovereign rights whatsoever to public due process of law protections against involuntary sacrifices of life and property to the collective leadership group .

      Individualism is anti-collectivist but not anti-organization wherever an organized group upholds crucial individual sovereign rights to due process of law .

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t believe Putin’s name on this list means anything. It’s exactly the sort of thing a nationalist clique of the old KGB would send one of the protégés on. It’s what you do in power that counts, not the slimy creatures you have to mix with to get there.
      As for the rest, yeah, would be good enough evidence for me. Everyone I know on that list is a clone globalist traitor to their people. You can add ‘lack of originality’ to the enormous charge sheets of all these frauds.

  12. Tacitus
    Tacitus says:

    Roman Polanski’s “Dance of the Vampires” is basically a Jewish comedy, with a Jewish actor cast as a stand-in-Dracula, and a Jewish comic character, Shagal, a shtetl Hebrew who lusts after blonde shiksas and is even immune to crucifixes because they “work only on Christian vampires”.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Hello Tacitus: You reminded me of a very funny Mexican TV show where the hero (El gran Jacinto = The great Hyacinth) faces a Jewish vampire, when he realizes that the crucifix is useless he pulls out a swastika and shouts “Heil Hitler”. Unbelievable!!! Luckily I found the clip in YouTube (I can’t believe that (((they))) did not delete it!) Enjoy! LOL


  13. Lever dood as Slav
    Lever dood as Slav says:

    In his book “Das Judentum als landschaftskundlich-ethnologisches Problem” (1929), German geographer Siegfried Passarge spoke of an “emotional curve” (Gefühlskurve) that Judaism goes through every time it enters a new host people. At first there is a steep ascent up to the highest positions, but then a healthy defense mechanism (immunity) is stirred up in the host people (the body sweats out the poison), and at the end there is the expulsion. https://archive.org/details/passarge-siegfried-das-judentum-als-landschaftskundlich-ethnologisches-problem-1/page/24/mode/2up

    The structure of Judaism is illustrated in this figure: At the core is the unchanging Orthodox Judaism, towards its edges it becomes more and more “liberal”, these are the intersections where it mixes with the host people. https://archive.org/details/passarge-siegfried-das-judentum-als-landschaftskundlich-ethnologisches-problem-1/page/22/mode/2up

      • Lever dood as Slav
        Lever dood as Slav says:

        You’re welcome, dear friend. I will translate the most important passages and upload them as a PDF. But it will take a while. I had recently translated Wirsing’s book with a usable translation program and sent it, but did not keep a copy. Several errors in the original had to be corrected (numbers removed etc.), which did not come from the author.

  14. Cat
    Cat says:

    My longstanding wish is for someone to publish “The Andrew Joyce Reader” with a full compilation of all his brilliant essays. I can’t get enough of his work. In fact I run a monthly Andrew Joyce study group. Only an overburdened personal schedule keeps the study group from being weekly.

  15. Casting the runes
    Casting the runes says:

    The similarities between Dracula and Jewish stereotypes are quite stunning. But there is one point, where the equation doesn’t work: It was Stoker himself, who lead Dracula back to Vlad Tepes. And Vlad was a ruthless defender of Christianity against the Ottoman empire.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Is that the ‘impaler’? I thought he was just a specifically sadistic and ruthless defender of his own interests against the Ottamans, but if you say he was ferocious in defending Christianity then that would make more sense. Obviously this part is memory-holed from whatever mainstream/kosher version I learned about the impaler from.

        HUGO FUERST says:

        When I was a kid in London I was taken to the Chamber of Horrors where a waxwork of a Hungarian impaled victim was supposedly hidden behind an Adults Only curtain; I have not forgotten it to this day. Sadism was never a Jewish monopoly.

  16. Bernhard
    Bernhard says:

    When Mitchum was asked about the slaughter of six million Jews, the actor replied, “So the Jews say,” He added. “I don’t know. People dispute that.” After a series of questions and answers, Mitchum was quoted as offering the following statement: “How do you say trust me in Jewish? F— you.” https://thelifeandtimesofhollywood.com/robert-mitchum-peter-falk-believed-mitchum-was-a-racist-and-anti-semite/

    (I’ve always liked Mitchum, but now there’s a valid reason for it.)

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I never thought much of Robert Mitchum as an actor, in fact, I still believe he was a mediocre actor. However, now that you told me this (and I heard that before) the guy has suddenly become a very nice fellow and a great actor (LOL)

      Seriously, I would not be surprised, although he must have kept it well under wraps, otherwise, his career would have been cut short very soon.

    • Bernhard
      Bernhard says:

      Let us dare to make an intelligent comparison: An Aryan has a Jew for a neighbor who, of course, cannot stand him and wants to expel him.

      What does this Jew do?

      He will bring the Aryan by hidden provocations to such an extent that the reaction of the Aryan “becomes an imposition for all inhabitants of the house”.

      • Bernhard
        Bernhard says:

        Incidentally, Jews react to ingratiation attempts by Aryans in the same way that spiteful women react to men having sex: they lie frigidly in bed, chew gum, look at the clock, stare at the ceiling, play in their hair, yawn boredly, and say to themselves, “When will it finally be over? Just let it wash over you!”

        It is absolutely hopeless and self-deprecating to expect “love” from these creatures by hoisting them up on a pedestal and worshipping them! Figurative: How low can the white man sink just to satisfy for minutes a “need” artificially created by the Jews?

      • Bernhard
        Bernhard says:

        How is this possible, after all, you do everything to please them according to all expectations and political conditions!

        Jews instinctively know that they are mean little liars and cheats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heXU36L0mkQ

        And shabby women know that they are whores. A man who gives them just one minute of his precious time automatically loses their respect.

      • Bernhard
        Bernhard says:

        In our compassion, which should actually apply to our fellow species, lies our greatest weakness and moral blackmailability, which everyone else takes advantage of.

        If our child touches the hot stove plate, although we have forbidden it, we will not slap it (although this would be the most lasting danger prevention!).

        If our mother, brainwashed by the media, brings to us the latest “Corona warnings” and berates us as “irresponsible opponents of vaccination”, we will not condemn her.

    • Bernhard
      Bernhard says:

      Women of vicious character deal with the men they want to get rid of in the same way Jews deal with Aryans: “Look at what this monster is doing to me! Are you going to stand by and do nothing?” Those who are called upon in this way know nothing of the terror that this man has endured every day and follow their protective instincts.

    • Bernhard
      Bernhard says:

      So we should spend much more time on the all-important question, “What is the very weakest Achilles’ heel of the Jews?” than bashing each other’s heads in their ham foisted on us and making them the only applauding audience on the balkonies of this theater.

    • Bernhard
      Bernhard says:

      “… of course: it’s their lies – and we will counter them with
      truth!” Sorry stupid bro, they don’t make it that easy for us!

    • Bernhard
      Bernhard says:

      In a world of lies, truth is at most a “minority opinion”. Creative people always say that true creativity consists of self-restraint. One must reduce oneself to the most important points. We see this attitude, for example, in Far Eastern philosophies. Therein could lie a tremendous key to save us.

      Looking at the world, things are less complex than all these “complicators” want to make them. The wheel is thousands of years old. The fire, the elements of nature. At the end of our life we are brought back to this self-limitation, we can at most satisfy our basic needs.

      This simplicity let us survive in Mother Nature, which brought us all forth, it gives us what we need, Jewish “virtuality” is anti-nature. The Jews have cut and blocked access to our sources and roots. We naively trusted them, invited them and made them our rulers, we disempowered ourselves.

  17. Bernhard
    Bernhard says:

    Do you seriously believe that the brightest minds of leading Zionists are not interested in the background of 9/11? They know very well that Jews are involved in it! But they will not answer you if you ask them for an interview! They are silent about it for a good reason!

  18. Bernhard
    Bernhard says:

    Millions of people believe the “Holocaust” to be true. Most of
    them are not able to understand the manual of their phone or TV.

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