“What If?” Thinking: Imagining Alternative Histories as a Way to Know

I’ve found it useful to engage in a “What if?” thought exercise. The idea is to imagine what it would be like now if what happened in the past had happened in some other way, to envision an alternative history and see what it implies.  I find it heuristic to do: it makes what has gone on in the past, and what’s going on now, and what could and should go on in the future, clearer; it puts things in better perspective.  In this context, I’m dealing with public, or collective, history, the kinds of events and ideas and people that historians and other social scientists write about, but this thought technique can also be employed with private, personal matters.  For example, I have been reflecting on what my life might have been like if at age thirteen I had chucked my all-consuming organized sport interest—playing on the teams and attending to the exploits of college and pro athletes—and focused instead on developing my mind.

Philip Roth

I’ll use a 2004 novel by the highly honored Philip Roth (1933–2018), The Plot Against America, to illustrate what I’m referring to by public What if? thinking.1 Roth imagined what it would have been like for Jews in the U.S., including his own family—the book is written from fictional character Philip Roth’s perspective—if aviator hero Charles Lindbergh had been elected president in 1940 defeating Franklin Roosevelt.

In the novel, as he did in real life, Lindbergh speaks out against U.S. intervention in the war then raging in Europe and criticizes the “Jewish race” for promoting it to serve its interest in destroying Germany.  Lindbergh wins in a landslide as the Republican candidate with the slogan “Vote for Lindbergh or vote for war.”

Once in office, Lindbergh signs a treaty with Germany agreeing not to interfere with that country’s expansion in Europe and a similar treaty with Japan with reference to its expansion in Asia.  Lindbergh’s heretofore concealed anti-Semitism comes out in the open.  A new government program, the Office of American Absorption (OAA), sends Jews, including Philip’s older brother, to live with families in the Midwest and South to “Americanize” them.  The brother comes to view his family contemptuously as “ghetto Jews.”  In time, entire Jewish families are uprooted and relocated.  Prominent Jewish radio personality Walter Winchell criticizes the Lindbergh administration’s actions and is fired by his sponsors and then murdered.2

When returning to Washington after delivering a speech, Lindbergh’s plane goes missing and German State Radio provides evidence that it is part of a Jewish plot to take control of the U.S. government.  Jewish public figures including Henry Morgenthau Jr. and Herbert Lehman are arrested.

These events unleash anti-Semitic hatred throughout America and wide-spread anti-Semitic rioting ensues.  Close to home, the mother of a Roth family friend is robbed and beaten by Ku Klux Klan members who then kill her by setting fire to her car with her in it.  And so on; you get the idea.

The New York Times review of The Plot Against America called it “a terrific political novel” and “creepily plausible.”  It won the Society of American Historians’ James Fennimore Cooper Prize for Best Historical Fiction and the Sidewise Award for Alternative History.

Roth’s novel and the idea of alternative history came to mind for me while reading a biography of Madison Grant (1865–1937), Defending the Master Race: Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant by Jonathan Peter Spiro.3 The book is Spiro’s doctoral dissertation and is as even-handed as can reasonably be expected if one expects to get a Ph.D in today’s highly politicized-to-the-left university.  Spiro obviously was highly diligent researching his topic, and he thinks and writes clearly.   He could have been more disciplined about what to leave out of the book—the term “too much information” came to mind—and I would have liked more story-telling flair; I felt as if I were reading, well, a doctoral dissertation.  But the book was worth my time, and it prompted this writing.  Take this as a qualified recommendation to check it out, probably at a university library.  It’s expensive at Amazon.

Madison Grant was a Yale-educated, independently wealthy, American patrician.  He had a law degree, but he never practiced law or pursued any conventional career.  The best label I can think of for him is republican (with a small “r”) citizen, rather like the Founders were; Washington and Jefferson didn’t see themselves as career politicians like, say, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, but rather as citizens of the republic.

Madison Grant as a young man.

Madison was tirelessly active in conservation efforts and a proponent of what was called scientific racism.  Reading along in the Spiro book, I couldn’t keep up with all the organizations he started or participated in to promote his causes, which was particularly admirable because, though he didn’t announce it, he was crippled with arthritis.  He is best known for founding the Bronx Zoo; his conservation work, including saving the redwoods in California; and, in 1916, authoring the book The Passing of the Great Race.4   The great race referred to is the White race, or more particularly northern European-heritage Whites Grant called Nordics.

Grant was based in New York City and hobnobbed with everybody who was anybody, most notably Teddy Roosevelt.  As I got into the Spiro book, I became intrigued about Grant’s personal life —who he was, what he was like, how he lived —but I got next to nothing about that.  Spiro noted that the usual personal sources historians rely on—letters, diaries, recollections, etc.—were very sparse with Grant.  While he was well known in his time, he was guarded about his personal life and tended to stay behind the scenes.  Grant never married and by his pictures looked to be a bit of a dandy.  I wondered if was gay and wanted to keep that quiet.  I flashed on Bayard Rustin, the gay black civil rights activist from the ‘60s, who also was well known but at the same time unknown, both prominent and hidden.  Just a thought for what it’s worth

What I’ll do for the rest of this writing is use Grant to represent a perspective on who Whites are and what they ought to be, and on what America is and ought to be.  To that, I’ll add an account of a failed Civil War-era proposal by Abraham Lincoln to repatriate freed slaves to Africa or Central America.  Then some rhetorical What if? questions that come to my mind.  All of this is to set up some What if? reflection for you to do that I hope will be of worth to you.

*   *   *

Drawing on The Passing of the Great Race and Spiro’s biography, I see three main ideas capturing the essence of Madison Grant’s outlook:  a focus on race with the contention that Whites are the most admirable one; Nordics as an endangered species; and the affirmation that the U.S. is a Nordic nation and should stay that way.

 Focus on race, Whites the most admirable.   Grant offered that to make sense of human history it is best to look at things through a racial lens.  It’s race that makes the whole thing go, as it were.  He wasn’t an egalitarian; he viewed races as hierarchically ordered.  In today’s parlance, Grant would be labeled a White supremacist, or more particularly. a Nordic supremacist.   He deemed Nordics to be the best of the best: explorers, adventurers, aristocrats, artists, poets, philosophers, original thinkers, creators, organizers, civilization builders.  His big qualifier: Nordics are all that if they aren’t duped and maneuvered into being less than they are.

From the Spiro book:

Whereas other historians have looked at the past and seen everything from nations clashing to genders attaining consciousness, Grant’s gaze penetrates beneath those surface irruptions to perceive that the history of mankind is actually a tale of the evolution, migration, and confrontation of races.   Thus, for example, he explains that the empire of Alexander crumbled when the pure Macedonian blood mixed with Asiatic blood; he shows that the division of Roman society into patricians and plebeians was actually a manifestation of the racial conflict between Nordics and Mediterraneans; he demonstrates that the long decline of the empire of Spain was caused by the progressive dilution of the germ plasm of the Gothic race; and so forth.  Indeed, the more Grant contemplates the longue durée, the clearer he sees that the lesson is always the same, namely, that race is everything. . . . The evolutionary explanation for [Nordic’s] splendor is [the harsh] climatic conditions that produced a strong, virile, and self-contained race. Grant invests his masterful Nordics with overwhelming masculine attributes.  Other traits that are peculiarly Nordic are loyalty, chivalry, and veracity, as well as a love of efficiency.  The Nordics are inherently individualistic, self-reliant, and jealous of their personal freedom.  Nordics excel in literature and in scientific research.  “In fact,” declares Grant, “the amount of Nordic blood in each nation is a fair measure of its standing in civilization.”5

Nordics are an endangered species.  Grant was trained as a lawyer, but at heart he was a zoologist.  To him, human beings were animals in a habitat.  While he saw the physical make-up of races as the prime determining factor in what the human animal is like, he didn’t discount the impact of environmental conditions.  The human environment—habitat—includes social and cultural as well as economic and political conditions.  Grant saw Nordics as a species in danger that needed to be protected just as do elks and caribou.  In his time, he saw them being overrun and outbred and submerged by immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe.  He saw Nordics adopting what he viewed as base desires, passions, and behaviors and becoming less dignified and honorable.

Grant worried about the economic reality and urbanization in his time.  Spiro:

In North America, the habitat to which they are well acclimated, the Nordics are passing from the scene.  In colonial times, the environment that confronted the settlers was an untamed continent, and survival entailed clearing the forests and fighting the Indians—tasks for which Nordics were eminently suited.  But the United States has changed from an agricultural to manufacturing society, and the type of man that flourished in the fields is not the type that thrives in the factory.  The truth is that dark, little immigrants can operate a machine and navigate a sweatshop and prevail in a ghetto better than the Nordic blond, who needs exercise and air.  Grant is forced to admit that from the point of view of race, the environment of his homeland is leading to the survival of the unfit.6

Politically, Grant feared Nordics losing their freedom and being dominated and exploited within a corrupt and authoritarian system controlled by a ruling class hostile to them and their interests.

It wasn’t so much that Grant contemplated the literal extinction of Nordics.  More, it was akin to the majestic wolf becoming a tamed, domesticated house pet, rolling over on command and wagging its tail in hopes of being petted and tossed a table scrap.  Metaphorically, that is what will mark the passing of the great race.

 America is a Nordic nation and should stay one.  According to The Passing of the Great Race, the Founding Fathers of the United States were Nordic.  They created a political system—a constitutional republic—suited to Nordic people, who flourished under an arrangement rooted in the values, and virtues, of personal freedom and responsibility.   America offered the opportunity and challenge to make something worthwhile out of one’s life free from government dictates.  While this political arrangement served early America, it wasn’t to be equated with America.  America was a racial stock of people, Nordics.

That changed.  Spiro:

[According to Grant,] Nordic blood was kept pure in the New World because the settlers had a strongly developed sense of race consciousness.  And then, in a fit of humanitarian madness, the old stock threw it all away.   The Civil War put a severe, perhaps fatal, check to the development and expansion of this splendid type.  The reasons were threefold.  First, the rise of sentimentalism during the antislavery agitation proved inimical to Nordic racial consciousness and weakened taboos against miscegenation.  Second, the war itself, like all wars, was dysgenic; it destroyed great numbers of the best breeding stock on both sides [625,000 deaths, one out of four young Southern men].  And third, the prosperity that followed the war attracted hordes of immigrants of inferior racial value. . . .  Grant understands that factory owners have a vested interest in encouraging the New Immigration, but is dumbfounded by the naïve sentimentalists who actually welcome the influx of social discards and provide them all manner of charitable assistance.7

America, contends Grant, is becoming someone else’s place, not Nordics’ place; accommodative to others’ ways and needs, not Nordics’ ways and needs.  America is no longer us.  That has to end.

*   *   *

This writing is about perspectives not specific proposals, but briefly, a couple of examples from the 1920s that reflect a Grantian outlook.

Immigration control.  The Immigration Act of 1924 established immigration quotas based on the composition of the U.S. population in 1890 and had the effect of greatly reducing immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe, which especially affected the entry of Italians, Greeks, Poles, Slavs, and Jews.  President Calvin Coolidge was quoted as saying, “I am convinced that our present economic and social conditions warrant a limit on those to be admitted.” In an article entitled “Whose Country is This?” Coolidge reflected the White racial consciousness of the time:

There are racial considerations too grave to be brushed aside for any sentimental reasons.  Biological laws tell us that certain people will not mix or blend.  The Nordics propagate themselves successfully.  With other races, the outcome shows deterioration on both sides.  Quality of mind and body suggest that observance of ethnic law is as great a necessity to a nation as immigration law.8

The Eugenics movement.  Sir Francis Galton (1822–1911) coined the term “eugenics” to describe improving the human race through controlled breeding. The eugenics movement was very prominent in ’20s America and involving prominent establishment figures in addition to Grant, such as Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Harvey Kellogg.


Eugenics harmonized with Grant’s concurrent development of wildlife management.  There was no duality in his life, no conflict between this espousal of conservation restriction and his preaching on behalf of eugenics and immigration restriction.9

Grant was instrumental in forming the Eugenics Committee of the United States.  Its advisory committee declared its mission to be “protecting America against indiscriminate immigration, criminal degenerates, and race suicide.”  Among its activities were promoting miscegenation laws, the sterilization of defectives, and birth control.

*   *   *

Needless to say, if Madison Grant were alive today, he wouldn’t be getting any presidential medals of the sort bestowed on Philip Roth or giving any commencement day speeches.  His outlook and activities are alien, if not downright scary, to modern sensibilities.  He was influential for a time, but his ideas didn‘t win the day. He’s been dropped down the memory hole of history.  A lot of things account for that, including Adolf Hitler declaring that The Passing of the Great Race was his favorite book; that was an endorsement Grant didn’t need.   But the story of Grant’s ultimate disfavor can’t be told without reference to the number one “anti-Grant” of them all, Franz Boas.

Franz Boas

Franz Boas (1858–1942) was a German-born professor at Columbia University for forty years.  He has been called the father of American anthropology.   His many graduate students became faculty members in universities throughout the U.S. and spread his gospel to untold numbers of students, and they controlled the discourse in scholarly journals and dominated the professional association in that field.  Arguably, Boas was the most influential academic in the social sciences ever.


Boas was the antithesis of Madison Grant.  Whereas Grant was the scion of an aristocratic American family and displayed all the attitudes and privileges implied in that heritage, Boas was the product of an upper middle-class German household in which, as he put it, “the ideals of the revolution of 1848 were a living force.”  His progressive Jewish parents raised him with a firm belief in the dignity of the individual and the equipotentiality of all humans.  Boas rejected Grant’s division of mankind into biologically distinct and hierarchical subspecies.  He challenged not only the superiority but the very existence of the Nordic race.  He denied that there was any correlation between the physical characteristics of a population and its mental and moral traits.  The latter, he asserted, were created by the culture in which an individual was raised, not his germ plasm.  On a theoretical level the debate between the Grantians and the Boasians pitted the defenders of heredity against the proponents of environment.  But for all that, it was difficult not to notice that at heart it was a confrontation between the ethos of native Protestants and the zeitgeist of immigrant Jews. 10     

Long story short, Boas won the battle.

*    *    *

As I was reading the Spiro book, I free-associated to something I remember reading years ago writing a review of a book on Abraham Lincoln.  It was to the effect that Lincoln favored repatriation of the freed slaves.  I took a break from reading about Grant to checking it out online.

An article I found said that there is evidence that Lincoln hoped freed slaves would return to Africa or emigrate to Central America.11 In 1862, he met with a delegation of freedmen to lay out his plan.  While at the time, Liberia was the destination for many freed Blacks, Lincoln thought that going south made more practical sense.  He suggested that, with the help of government funds, freed slaves relocate and colonize Central America, noting that its climate was closer to their “native lands.”  He told the delegates:

Your race is suffering in my judgment the greatest wrong inflicted on any people. But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. You are cut off from many of the advantages which the other race enjoys. The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this broad continent, not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.   Go where you are treated the best.

You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence.   In a word, we suffer on each side.  If this is admitted, it affords a reason why we should be separated.

The article I read said the members of the delegation didn’t take to Lincoln’s proposal.

*    *    *

 Now to What if?    Let’s assume an alternative history.  The U.S. is a racially conscious White country with Madison Grant’s mindset, not Franz Boas’s.  Blacks bought Lincoln’s idea and colonized Central America; almost none are in the U.S. now.  What would things have been like in this country and what would they be like now?  What would Americans have been like and what would they be like now, including you and me?   And where does this speculation lead —what do we do collectively, what do you and I do individually?

I planned on doing some heavy duty pondering about all this to put in this section, but that didn’t happen.  Three questions came up, and I really didn’t work with them much at all.

The three:

Would 425,000 have died?  425,000 young Americans died in World War II.   It wasn’t pleasant to do, but I tried to imagine 425, 000 bodies in a huge pile.  I bet Grant wouldn’t have been big on crossing the Atlantic and slaughtering Germans and blowing things up.  What if we had stayed out of it, let Germany and the Soviets fight it out in Europe, and left Japan alone with their oil and everything?

Would I have written that article on Kyle Rittenhouse?   The past couple of weeks, I wrote about the trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  And before that, I wrote about the killing of a black teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri and the trial of Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd.

Would Charlie would have felt forced to move?  I grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota and went to grade school and high school with my close friend Charlie in the West End part of the city.  I left the area after grad school and have stayed in touch with Charlie over the years.  He and his wife had a nice home there, which I visited when I came back to town to visit my brother.  The demographics of Saint Paul have changed drastically, and as it’s turned out, diversity has had its downsides for the West End—gangs, crime, clutter, violent protests, and racial animosity toward Whites like Charlie (“Racist!”). Carjackings have gotten especially prevalent recently and Charlie has been looking around every time he got in his car.  It came to the point where Saint Paul wasn’t Charlie’s place anymore and this year he and his wife sold their home and moved to Stillwater, Minnesota, a small town 25 miles away.   Charlie reports that the move has worked out well.  He sent this picture he took during one of his daily walks and it looked good to me.  The thought came to me that maybe for Whites who can manage it, it’d be good to do what Charlie did—pack up and leave.  Apart from getting away from the fussing and fighting, harking back to Grant, perhaps rural and small-town life best suits Whites’ nature.

What did I do about any of that?   I wrote this up, but mostly I responded to my reflections such as they were with “I’m tired of this stuff.”  I suppose that’s why I cut the thinking off short. The most notable things I’ve done recently are stream a documentary on the late Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman and watch a movie he directed back in 1963.12

*    *    *

Back to you.  So: The U.S.  is a racially conscious White country that looks at things like Grant did rather than Boas.  Blacks aren’t around.   What are the implications of that in both the public realm and in your private life?   What do we do?   What do you do?


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  1. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    What about, in preparation for a separate republic, we start with a blank slate, and focus on not being an automatic derivative society, enabling and continuing ideas, ideals, and the inheritances of dubious value or sub-ceded by superior if novel and unfamiliar (to the Great Middle)? Put everything under a magnifying lens and evaluate thoroughly.

    Let’s analogize and imagine we are building an engine with a clean sheet. Some concepts and designs will be useful as is, amended, or upgraded. Some will be not, because there is something different in material composition and/or design. Sentiment is for slobs.

    Concepts, constructions, and descriptors such as White Race, Nordics, are not useful because they are imprecise, are laden with silly notions and airs that are feather weight; we need solid metal, concrete things, empirical proof, and seriousness. Pain will be attendant.

    If we had a third party comment service, I could reference the thousands of words I have written on this and related subjects.

    • Billybob Mctavish Jimmy jam III
      Billybob Mctavish Jimmy jam III says:

      >Put everything under a magnifying lens and evaluate thoroughly.
      I agree whole heatedly.
      Lets start with the unexamined assumptions & assertions in your post.

      You assume that societies (as opposed to governments) are built instead of being an emergent phenomena arising from the people that form it. You go on to assume that society is a thing to be molded in accordance with a set of ideas, tabula rasa ideas in your case.
      That said, if we do wish to engineer society you are correct in rejecting that which doesn’t work. Which raises some searching questions for marxists like you appear to be since marxism has never worked, ever. You seem to want to engineer society to fit your tabula rasa cult & object when reality & people wont comply.
      You go on to claim that various racial category terms are ‘not useful because they are imprecise, are laden with silly notions and airs that are feather weight’. But the fact is that ANY category is useful if it allows consistent predictions to be made about the things that comprise it. Particularly when the category is so readily identifiable as is the case with sub-species aka Race. You yourself are capable of identifying a persons race in a split second merely by looking at them in almost every instance, even to include identifying the presence & type of any mixed parentage. At every level from a simple glance all the way through to the genetic level race is clear & unambiguous.
      In addition there is a large body of data such as adoption studies & IQ tests that show that biology including race has a meaningful impact on life outcomes. Yet you claim for some reason that ‘we need solid metal, concrete things, empirical proof, and seriousness.’ when this already exists.
      Is it because it contradicts your tabula rasa cult that you reject it or is there some real reason?
      We are not blank slates because genetics is real & meaningfully effects life outcomes.

      Example 1: ‘Naggers’ Racial group. I.Q clusters at 75-85, low impulse control, lack of forward planning, high aggression.
      Q: How would you predict their life outcomes overall in a technological society? Give examples.

      Example 2: ‘Jooz’ Racial group. I.Q reports vary but could be as high as 110-120 on average depending on the subgroup. Diaspora people. Strong in group preference & high nepotism. High instance on mental illness & genetic disorders. Lacking in martial prowess but excellent at networking with a high social intelligence. Long history of partially justified paranoia & exploitation of host nations.
      Q: How does this group resemble HIV & what characteristics would a host population display when cultural, national & philosophical AIDS is induced by these ‘Jooz’? Give examples.

      Example 3: ‘Maxes’. Cult masquerading as a political movement. Attracts retards. Noted for its hysteria, dishonesty & inability to feed itself. Members of this group base all their notions on a blank slate that they paradoxically deny when challenged. Bizarrely present themselves as the victims fighting for humanity & the working class when they are almost exclusively bourgeois trust fund kiddies & trannies. When presented with evidence of their utter & repeated failure & tendency to commit mass murder they reply with their characteristic assertion that ‘tru maxism haz nevar beeen traidd!’ before retreating to the nearest safe space. Maxes display a characteristic strategy in debate where they will attempt to ‘deconstruct’ anything they don’t like in the hopes that it will go away before silencing the opposition with pilpul & name calling followed by crying.
      Q: In what way does the maxes stunning capacity for cognitive dissonance & rejection of reality intersect with their high prevalence of metal illness including but not limited too: Sexual deviancy, identity confusion & emotional incontinence? Bonus points for explaining why their literature is so excruciating.

      >Lewontin’s fallacy!
      What’s an allele?
      >But I.Q tests are racist!
      Really? Everywhere? Including the 105 average I.Q of many orientals?
      Bit odd.
      >If a category lacks precise edges its not real!!!
      Congratulations, you just rationalized away reality. You know what else doesn’t have a precise delineation?
      Food & feces . . .
      You attempt to Pilpul & deconstruct something you don’t like to make it go away…

      Cope & seethe.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        My, my, I have not read a more presumptuous, windy, and silly glob of offal for some time!

        You assume that societies (as opposed to governments) are built instead of being an emergent phenomena arising from the people that form it. You go on to assume that society is a thing to be molded in accordance with a set of ideas, tabula rasa ideas in your case.
        That said, if we do wish to engineer society you are correct in rejecting that which doesn’t work. Which raises some searching questions for marxists like you appear to be since marxism has never worked, ever. You seem to want to engineer society to fit your tabula rasa cult & object when reality & people wont comply.

        Societies are indeed transformed into that which bears a great difference than previously. Witness the acceptance of Christianity in the Roman Empire, Islam over a Christianized Middle East, the widespread adoption of Buddhism throughout Asia. And these new religions and ideas/ideas/norms’ effects. “Marxists like you”….inane and deservedly derided as palaver and piffle. Saint Patrick of Ireland must have been a Marxist. The rest of the paragraph above is downhill and right into the sewer drain. This implies the author is immature and unlearned.

        The rest of your jammerings are very typical from a college undergrad who took some 101 classes, which are surveys and broadly generalist. “Education is the answer”, and other cliches emit from the sphincters or our educational indoctrination centers. Here and other venues I have reference large bodies on meta-data research of ancient DNA, having mentioned the Eastern migrations into Europe (which constitutes the great majority of its population DNA) long before it became a topic of Dr. MacDonald and other writers. I am sorry, but I cannot waster my time on the other low level, low octane questions you blurb out.

        I have explained exhaustively that “White” and “Nordic” are not scientifically specific enough for meaningful discussion. Rather Into-European is backed and relates to the DNA and language families from Northern India to the far reaches of Western Europe.
        We live in the present and the future is contingent and emerging. As a “race”, we have failed massively, and stand on the precipice of extinction.

        If some, out of sentimentality, ungrounded hubris, confusion, and retrogressive cringing, want to live in the past, relive those “glories days of yesteryear (The Lone Ranger Rides Again)”, then do so, but tell me why and how this will aid in salvation and resurrection of an impotent race that has GIVEN AWAY everything to God’s Chosen.

        There is a “warm thrill” to confusion, as it provides a cushy insulator from harsh reality and adult perception. It’s a virtual pill. It is also a disease, a terminal one for the Info-European that is stuck in WWI trench thinking, like a mono-channel music and information stream. The World will always be the same muck and dirt walls of that trench.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” You assume that societies (as opposed to governments) are built instead of being an emergent phenomena arising from the people that form it.”

          Traditional original societies are emergent natural phenomena .

          Contemporary synthetic societies , especially particular social organizations , have been supposedly engineered to be fit for purpose .

        • Billybob Mctavish Jimmy jam III
          Billybob Mctavish Jimmy jam III says:

          Questions you did not answer in your reply:

          1. You want to start again & question everything yet get salty when i point out that Marxism has failed utterly. What gives?

          2. You ignore the fact that any category is useful if it allows consistent predictions.

          3. You ignore the fact that racial & sub racial groups (Nordic for instance) are readily identifiable as groups with little difficulty even at a glance.

          4. You ignore the evidence of race & IQ & adoption studies that provide better predictions of life outcomes with fewer assumptions & aren’t suffering from a replication crisis.

          5. You ignore ALL THREE of my lovely example questions. I cant even.

          In addition, you present further assumptions & odd assertions:

          1. You assume that ideas fundamentally change people.
          While ideas are important & can be influential the assumption that they can fundamentally change people & thus society is dubious. For instance: West African Christians are still west African in character & results over all, they just had a new totem. Its a two way street, pretty obviously to anyone who isn’t a tabula rasa cultist.

          2. ‘I have explained exhaustively that “White” and “Nordic” are not scientifically specific enough for meaningful discussion.’
          Where? On your blog?

          3. Indo-european is a linguistic group. The correct name for the racial group that spread those languages & culture is Aryan. You use the linguistic group because it fits with your tabula rasa cult & avoids the icky mess of biology that keeps fouling up your playpen.

          ‘If some, out of sentimentality, ungrounded hubris, confusion, and retrogressive cringing, want to live in the past, relive those “glories days of yesteryear (The Lone Ranger Rides Again)”, then do so, but tell me why and how this will aid in salvation and resurrection of an impotent race that has GIVEN AWAY everything to God’s Chosen.’
          Well said. You should stop doing it.
          Oddly, your ‘solution’ to ‘ aid in salvation and resurrection of an impotent race that has GIVEN AWAY everything to God’s Chosen’ is to deny our existence then lump us in with pajeets & kebabs.
          You will never be white.

          ‘There is a “warm thrill” to confusion, as it provides a cushy insulator from harsh reality and adult perception. It’s a virtual pill.’
          Also well said. You should stop doing that as well. Pain will be attendant but sentiment is for slobs you know?

          Overall your reply was a presumptuous, windy & silly glob of offal. 4/10, cannot be arsed.

          • POUPON MARX
            POUPON MARX says:

            Stop already with the matzo balls flecks falling down your chin, and the Maneschevitz staining your shirt. A cranial MRI is my recommendation for you.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Where did the idea come from- the idea that reality is bendable?

        That is a major component of Pragmatism- the most shit-eating philosophy of all time [after marxism]

        Both pragmatism and marxism are based on German Idealism- or German Nonsense. Non-sense based on the UNPROVED notion that the senses are not a valid window to reality. See Immanuel Kant and George Berkeley.

        Pragmatism was sold to Americans as hard-hitting realism. The sellers lied, big time.

        Modern ideas that anything goes, thought need not tie into facts, there are no [knowable] facts anyway, laws of nature do not exist, eyes are lyin’ et cetera- see Kant [Critique of Pure Reason, 1776] and Berkeley [https://www.amazon.com/Principles-Knowledge-Dialogues-Philonous-Classics/dp/0140432930/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=books+by+george+berkeley&qid=1639090406&sr=8-1]

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Where did the idea come from- the idea that reality is bendable? ”

          It probably was instigated by Hume ( an otherwise brilliant eighteenth century Scottish philosopher ) when he claimed that science statements , such as [ F = ma ] , cannot be “proven” because he failed to understand the mathematical principle of induction can be validly employed to prove science statements where applicable .

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You shld answer Billybob. Debate is much more efficient for getting to th heart of th matter than long, boring phylisophical treatises. If u can’t sum up your ideas in simple paragraphs, then u don’t actually understand them.
      Though I’m sure u do. R u really a Marxist? I thought th name was ironic. If u r i’m glad Ur here, th reason this place is such a mutual appreciation society is because anyone interested in th JQ gets instantly banned from everywhere else.
      We get th odd Jew who sometimes tries to put up a defence, but they never last long.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        If you cannot see the excremental aspect of my moniker to Marx, then I suggest you concentrate more when you read-assuming Engrish is your second language. You use of sub-literate letters for words belongs on Emails For Idiots. I will not bother to read a comment that contains them.+

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          This might come as a surprise to u Mr Marx, but normal people don’t go around thinking abouts other folk’s use of “excremental aspect(s)”.
          Your toilet humour is obviously far too intellectually high falluting for us normal punters.
          We do apologise, it must be such a strain for u to have to wade around here among all us plebeians.
          I suppose it’s also tough for a woman like you with such an elevated opinion of yourself to just have been trashed in an argument by someone called Billybob McTavish, that must have hurt.
          May I suggest next time you lose one of these things, you just bow out gracefully, instead of finishing the thing with a bitch remark? So much more dignified!
          Oh dear, is this the second time uv had to sully that great mind of yours by reading tx speak? I thought u pompously said u ignored such things?
          Not doing 2 well here are u?

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” R u really a Marxist? ”

        Dear [ Poupon Marx ] ,

        Please let us know ,
        without being disingenuous about it ,
        if you are a marxist .

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          I’ve always taken the obvious pseudonym POUPON MARX to mean “Poop on Marx” and to indicate that the bearer is ideologically hostile to the notorious Jewish plagiarist…. Can’t understand how anyone surmised otherwise. But maybe I’m naive, not seeing the name is a feint followed by a big Bolshevik right uppercut?

          Probably not: he seems to be into Buddhism, at least conceptually; and I don’t see how Marx and Mahayana can be reconciled.

          Poupon Marx says that DNA brought by eastern migrations into Europe constitutes the great majority of its population[‘s] DNA. I hope he’s alluding to migrations from the Indo-European urheimat on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe. But in any case the migrations were INTRA-continental, rather than INTO, if they did originate in the Steppe, since Europe extends to the Urals.

          Billybob seems a bit unreasonable in thinking PM is denying the reality of our great and once-glorious ethnic/genetic mega-cluster (the phrase I prefer to RACE) by preferring INDO-EUROPEAN to WHITE or NORDIC. I-E relates not just to a language family but to the ancestral cluster of peoples who’ve spoken the languages: in my thinking and experience with the term as used by others, it’s been invariably linked with race or ethnicity. No one to my knowledge has considered American and Haitian blacks to be Indo-Europeans because, respectively, they speak English and French.

          ARYAN is an ancient INDIAN (Sanskrit, I believe) name that has also been applied to the I-E language family; and as far as I can make out, it’s pretty much synonymous with I-E and no more expressive of ethnic/genetic heritage. And I-E might be better if NORDIC is meant to denote a set of phenotypic traits, such as blue eyes and blond hair. If it is, can it mean the same as ARYAN? Were even the early I-E invaders of India and Iran blue-eyed and blond, any more than the later and recent Aryans of those countries?

          Uh, d’ya see why I prefer the concept of clusters to that of race?

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            From what PM said to me, I think you’re correct, it does mean ‘poop on Marx’.
            That’s a quite unbelievably infantile moniker for someone who takes himself so incredibly seriously, it borders on the schizophrenic.
            I also don’t think introducing one’s self with scatology is quite healthy either, whereas those who didn’t instantly get the ‘joke’, shld be glad of it.
            I’d suggest a better name for our friend wld be The Schitzo-scato-man.
            At least then we’d have a better idea where he’s coming from. Presuming he is a man, which is also in doubt.
            See? My idea wld clear everything up!

  2. Bold Inq.
    Bold Inq. says:

    Dr. Griffin,
    I am about 75% finished with your book on William Pierce and this has been one of my favorite reads of 2020. There is a tinge of dark humor throughout the book that makes it such an engaging read.
    And I have bookmarked your article above for a colder night here in Chicago, and after I’ve purchased a higher quality brandy than I have presently.
    Thanks for your work.

    • Mary Robinson
      Mary Robinson says:

      “The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds” is one of my favorite books, right up there with The CofC.

  3. TJ
    TJ says:

    Home » About MALDEF [mexican american legal defense and education fund


    Board of Directors
    Executive Committee
    Charlene Aguilar
    Charlene Aguilar
    College Counseling, University Prep
    (Seattle, WA)

    Charlene L. Aguilar currently serves as the Board Chair for MALDEF. She observes, “I know firsthand how deeply rooted the values of access, equity and excellence are to the board’s work in supporting education, employment, immigration, and voting rights.” Confident that the communities MALDEF serves are the nation’s future, Ms. Aguilar envisions a Board resolved to remain in possession of the nation’s highest traditional values.

    Cesar Chavez said, “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” Inspired by the vision of Chavez, and the values of her family, Aguilar began her career by connecting students to educational opportunities in her work with first generation students at her undergraduate alma mater. With the growth in the Latino community, Aguilar has devoted her professional life to education as crucial to the success of future generations. Therefore she moved from Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission at Stanford to Director of Undergraduate Admission at Santa Clara University. With a strong personal commitment of service to the Mexican American community of which she is a part, she also worked at the Stanford Center for Chicano Research and at the University of Washington, where she served as Director for Undergraduate Education Initiatives and Special Assistant to the Executive Vice-Provost.

    Ms. Aguilar, a native of San Francisco, is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She is married to Luis R. Fraga. They have three children: Bernard, Isabel and Tomás.

    1st Vice Chair
    Peter Villegas
    Vice President, Senior Manager
    Office of Corporate Responsibility
    JPMorgan Chase
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    2nd Vice Chair
    Lydia Camarillo
    Vice President
    Southwest Voter Registration Education Project
    (San Antonio, TX)

    3rd Vice Chair
    Maria Estela de Rios
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    ORION International Technologies, Inc.
    (Albuquerque, NM)

    Secretary / Treasurer & Fiscal & Fundraising Committee Chair
    Hector J. Cuellar
    RSM Gassó Capital Markets
    (Newport Coast, CA)

    Investment Committee Chair
    Zachary Guevara
    Retired Executive VP
    Capital Group Companies
    (San Marino, CA)

    Program & Planning Committee Chair
    Manuel Martinez
    Bryan Cave
    (Denver, CO)

    Community Education & Leadership Development Committee Chair
    Theresa Fay-Bustillos
    Principal and Co-Founder
    IdealPhilanthropy, LLC
    (San Francisco, CA)

    Personnel & Nominations Committee Chair
    Jose Sanchez
    Sidley Austin
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    MALDEF Property Management Corporation Chair
    Frank Herrera
    The Law Offices of Frank Herrera
    (San Antonio, TX)

    Audit Committee Chair
    Regina Montoya
    SVP, External Relaitons & General Counsel
    Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
    (Dallas, TX)

    President & General Counsel
    Thomas A. Saenz
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    General Members
    Marcus Allen
    Englander, Knabe, & Allen
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    Maria Antonietta Berriozabal
    Community Activist
    (San Antonio, TX)

    John Buckley
    Managing Director
    The Harbour Group
    (Washington, DC)

    William Candelaria
    Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP
    (New York, NY)

    Norma Cantú
    Professor of Law and Education
    University of Texas at Austin School of Law
    (Austin, TX)

    Gloria Castillo
    President & CEO
    Chicago United
    (Chicago, IL)

    Martin J. Chavez, Esq.
    Ibarra Strategy Group
    Former Mayor, Albuquerque, NM
    (Washington, DC)

    Margarita Flores
    VP of Community Affairs
    Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
    (St. Louis, MO)

    Jan Jones
    Former Mayor of Las Vegas
    Senior VP of Communications &
    Government Relations
    Harrah’s Entertainment
    (Las Vegas, NV)

    Raul Lomeli-Azoubel
    Executive Chariman & Co-Founder
    (San Antonio, TX)

    Eva Longoria
    UnbeliEVAble Productions
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    Lillian Rodriguez Lopez
    Director of Latin Affairs
    Coca-Cola Company
    (Atlanta, GA)

    Lidia Martinez
    Manager of Corporate Community Affairs & Grassroots
    Southwest Airlines
    (San Diego, CA)

    James Mejia
    Mejia Associates
    (Denver, CO)

    Gloria Molina
    County of Los Angeles
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    Martín Montes
    Assistant General Counsel
    Manager, Client Services
    Exelon Corporation
    (Chicago, IL)

    Carlos X. Montoya
    Chairman & CEO
    AztecAmerica Bank
    (Chicago, IL)

    Fabian Nuñez
    Mercury LLC.
    (Sacramento, CA)

    Michael A. Olivas
    William B. Bates
    Distinguished Chair in Law
    Director to the Institute for Higher Education Law & Governance
    University of Houston Law Center
    (Houston, TX)

    Aracely Muñoz Petrich
    Vice-President of Strategic Development
    Minority Corporate Counsel Association
    (Washington, DC)

    José R. Rodriguez
    State of Texas
    (Austin, TX)

    Miguel Santana
    City Administrative Officer
    City of Los Angeles
    (Los Angeles, CA)

    P. Alex Vasquez
    Associate General Counsel – Class Action Division
    Wal-Mart Legal Department
    (Bentonville, AR)

    Mary Rose Wilcox
    Maricopa County
    (Phoenix, AZ)

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “” “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… “” ( said Cesar Chavez ) .

      Yes we can .

      But first “we” would have to start paying for ALL of government with the [ one and only ] “fair tax” called a

      Flat Rate Income Tax ( same rate for every taxpayer )

      then let government use your tax payment to fulfill its obligation to support communal progress and prosperity .

      Obviously , the current political system is too crooked and corrupt to permit paying for ALL ( except tolls and other fees that are not properly taxes ) of government with a completely rational
      [ Flat Rate Income Tax ] system of taxation .

  4. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Griffin is not the only writer to refer to the Nordic race. It was essentially Nordics who founded Greece, Rome, Persia and many other admirable civilizations.I’m willing to accept this term Nordics to describe if not define this race of primarily blue eyed blonds from NW Europe, essentially Scandinavia, who traveled extensively and founded the greatest societies in human history, at least in the post-cataclysm times.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      See my comment above. Your fixation and Naive Realism (attempting to identify a real world phenomenon by giving it a name) is useless, delusional, and should apply to physical attributes of dogs, cats, horses, and other domesticated species.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      @ Karl Haemers. Southward migration of blue-eye blonds to found many civilizations is open to some criticism. The biotype of the ancient Sumerians as pure Nordics is not supported even by e.g. Waddell (despite his authority on – e.g. Tibet).

  5. Bloke
    Bloke says:

    Tl;dr effort post because bored, thnx.

    What if…
    It would have been wonderful for a while but then it would have collapsed far worse than now.
    This is because we had not yet learned the hard lessons we are only now being taught by Natural Law via the medium of our racial enemies.

    There are three conditions of life in relation to Natural Law:

    1. Logos. Natural Law & logos in accord.
    A fox chases a rabbit. There is no conflict in the fox, it simply is. Motivated by instinct arising from its logos it does not consider its existence, the rabbit or the greater world around it. Foxes may exist in this state of peaceful ignorance for eternity.

    2. Sentience. Natural law & logos in conflict with awareness.
    Through awareness the fox begins to understand the greater world around it rather than just its own solipsistic part of it. It understands why the rabbit runs & sees in the rabbit the same desire to live that it has. Through this the fox inevitably develops empathy & compassion. Empathy & compassion without any context degenerates into sentiment. The fox begins to question its own existence & actions. Its life becomes no more valuable than the rabbits. Crippled by the truth that its awareness has brought the fox ceases to function. If the fox remains in this state of honest awareness, sentiment & paralysis for long enough it will cease to exist.

    3. Sapience. Natural law, Logos & awareness in accord.
    Searching for answers, the fox finds a greater truth than just empathy & compassion. The answer was there all the time, all the fox needed was the strength to grasp it. Reality & truth are the same thing, its structure is Natural Law & its living manifestation is nature. Living in accordance with that as a conscious act is morality. Morality grounded in Natural Law is sapience. Understanding this the rabbit becomes a part of the universe that has become aware of itself & an embodiment of Natural Law.
    It no longer lives in ignorance or paralysis. The truths of empathy & compassion are cleansed of the sickness of sentiment by the greater truth of Natural Law. It no longer turns away from the hard things or longs for a softer world. The universe is the truth & it lives & dies by it.
    The fox once again chases the rabbit.

    Wtf does this have to do with the article?
    White men were then & are now mostly a mixture of stage 1 & 2. Even in antiquity we had this sickness & were never as consistently ruthless as Natural Law requires. But in the absence of a hard life of struggle our sentiment has metastasized far out of control & may well kill us. This is why we have become so disgustingly weak. The jew & other problems are no more than a symptom of this sick mixture of arrogance, hubris & sentiment. But paradoxically, through the actions of our racial enemies some of us are starting to see the greater truth & reach stage 3, not out of hate or ignorance but out of truth.
    For example:
    Sentience requires sapience
    Racism is taking your own side in Darwinian struggle.
    Fitness is measured in surviving children.
    Most of the species that have ever existed are extinct.

    The great men of the past & most of our people today have not yet learned these hard lessons. This is why they would have eventually failed just like the ancient Aryan failed when they invaded India & vanished. Why were the native Americans permitted to live if not for reasons of sentiment? Why did the British empire dismantle itself? Why wasn’t there a holocaust? How can a well armed populace of whiter men numbering in the millions permit the actions of the current year?
    You know why.
    But Natural Law abhors weakness & will not tolerate it for long.

    ‘In the last hour, in the hour of the great dying, Germany rose the warning voice. The call has indeed penetrated to the ear of the folks of the White race threatened with ruination, but an echo did not come back. Only scorn was audible.’ Kurt Eggers, SS Warrior Poet.

    Remember lads…

    • Fred McCarmichael
      Fred McCarmichael says:

      Indeed you have a point. Would we have found our true self if not confronted with the others.

      Possible for sure. It’s not as if Dostojevsky needed a buncha hateful subsaharian africans (wanna use the n-word here but it aint allowed due to fears of dehosting or similar) to write great books did he.

      And reading books by RACISTS such as Mr. David Lane & William Pierce has helped me in development where I might have gotten there anyways but I do feel they have written great litterature although I certaibly don’t agree with many of the solutions they propose I do FULLY UNDERSTAND THE REASIN FOR THESE IDEAS AND ACTIONS.

      So white man and white woman the other races and the racially mixed have destroyed democracy in the USA and made whites a minority (the obvious fact that these voting machines could be hacked and were made by latino commies and a company bought by the chinese commies and so on and africans cheating when counting votes and racenixed socalled jew-media covering it up).

      Now they have started ww3 with the vaxxxing.

      It’s war get it what you gonna do? Blow up all companies that make the gene change mindcontroll drug vaxxines? why not? Kill the ceo’s and main scientists at these companies, depends on who you think are responsible.

      So fellow white people you gonna sit and watch while they kill (gene change is genocide) off the entire population of Austria with the forced mandatory vaxxings? They gonna brng on germany next you gonna take that.

      You weak, you lost the will to live with all the anti white racemixed socalled jew propaganda?


    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s a brilliant comment, we don’t get many like that, and fo’sho i couldn’t write it.
      But I do feel I can critique parts of it.
      1. Natives. We didn’t wipe them out because we aren’t monsters. Any native warrior wi spirit, seeing th way the wind was blowing, wild have went out in a blaze of glory, rather than live as kept, gelded pets to his conquerers. Plus most native tribes were peaceful and many helped the early settlers.
      2. The British Empire. We lost that by bankrupting ourselves fighting a pointless war with Germany, a nation that is biologically closer to England than even Scotland, Ireland or Wales.
      3. Going on genocidal sprees on defeated people in general. This isn’t good for the people enacting such things nor the population at large. It wild have all sorts of negative phycological effects. Nor is it Christian.
      4. Then Christianity is the problem? I doubt this because it is closer to truth, and so reality, than the paganism whites followed before. Yes Greece & Rome were pagan, & didn’t seem to hold them back, but it never even attempted to hold whites together, because it wld have been impossible.
      5. Holohoax. There was no need to kill all th Jews, just removing them from our territories wild suffice, which was exactly what th Germans were in th process of doing. Perhaps a inquisition on th Spanish model wild be nessesarry too, with modern science and records enabling it to root out th cryptos more successfully than th Don’s did.
      6. The Ayrians in India. Most nations go through rise, peak, weakness then fall. Say th Ayrians did decide to go on a genocidal spree of the entire sub continent. When this took them all out, how sure cld they be sure some Asiatic hoards wld appear over th mountains and do th same to them?
      Shld th fox wipe out all th rabbits? No, because this wld depive him of food. Similarly, whites needed other races to trade, needed their skills.
      Living in harmony with nature isn’t wasting everything in your power to destroy, it’s finding your place in th balance.
      Whites are a good people, probably th best there have ever been, th masses wouldn’t accept wiping out inferiors.
      Tho u right about th Jews. They are a symptom not th cause of our problems. We have outshone them in every way imaginable for thousands of years(why they hate us), when they were no more than a pest. It’s only our total self inflicted collapse thats brought them to where they are.
      Excellent comment anyway, maybe u r right, maybe I’ll come to your position in time, but that’s the way I see it at present.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” why

      [ Nordics/EuroMan/Aryans/Europeans/Indo-Europeans/Caucasians/Whites/( and probably also a few unspecified others ) ]

      we have become so disgustingly weak.”

      The two major factors are their predominant religion of Christian sheeplism and their prior to ww2 predominant nonpolitical way-of-life in mostly rural cultures . Prof KMac would likely agree that both factors constitute a significant cumulative environmental influence on DNA gene selections that in turn would render Nordics/Whites/etc. inherently deficient in adequate political agency ( not mostly a physical attribute ) to successfully defend against the aggressive conquests of the chosenhite jewmasterss .

  6. Deb
    Deb says:

    For those interested: Defending the Master Race: Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant by Jonathan Peter Spiro is available at archive.org and can be downloaded for free in a variety of formats.

  7. bruno
    bruno says:

    This was very entertaining. Thank you. As you know, all States/Empires disappear. The native Prussians disappeared and did the state that took their name. Ameryka as it is, cannot stand the test of time much longer… Thank you for your time.

    Wishing you good health and a happy spirit.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Prussia comes from Po-Russia, or near to Russia, as you must know. And they are doing well, overall; despite, among others, the US neocons.

  8. Ronald Yarborough
    Ronald Yarborough says:

    I mean I’m from Europe so…

    If very arab or racially mixed anti white jews did not own the media in my country my country would in effect be a more or less white etno state which is was close to when I grew up.

    There would still be problematic things such as part gypsies and similar groups that en large live on stealing from whites (their base is often a mix of gypsies and gypsy-like groups mixed with whites and then later mixed with jews).

    There would be apartments for white people to live in. In the 80’s in my country in large cities it took a few weeks to get an apartment in a suburb that had low crime rates. Rents overall would be lower and there would not be insane competition for jobs by immigration from all over the world.

    Also I would be able to walk to the subway and take the subway without being attacked by lowlife low IQ subsaharian africans who hate white people especially racially conscious ones because deep down THEY KNOW they are truly a different creature to us.

    Also there would be no shootings which there is a lot of now.

    I also think there would be less alienation with whites and also less propaganda for race-mixing and alienation due to the cultural domanance from subsaharians and race-mixed socalled “jews” and the lies in hidden propaganda for the multiracial society these groups spew out would not be as dominant hence people would not be fed a lie on daily basis being programmed by people who wanna take out their race quite obviously.

    So the author here thinks smal town life is best for whites. I say BS, shakespeare and Dostojewsky lived urban life to the fullest for long periods. So did many of the theat american writers. The same with musicians and so on.

    Lare cities are fun, you meet more people the educational system is often superb and the infrastructure for anything likewise.

    That being said I don’t think small town life is bad for those who like it.

    Other races such as africans are just a daily huhe problem for whites and I see no reason whatsoever to have them around. That being said I don’t mind a few asians NOT TOO MANY though.

    Would we still have the attack with the covid vaccines, which I am sure is ww3. Probably not it is largely due to the conflict of racially mixed individuals that hate whites due to history and a feeling of inferiority due to lack of skills andyes, genetics that whites have hence they hate our unique racial superiority in fields and wanna take it out by killing unique genes that only white people have and controll whites due to the fact that more and more white people vote for anti immigration parties and turn their back on the “multiculturalism”, I would say “musltiracialism” these groups have been agressively pushing. I suppose these people fear tey will be thrown out of western countries and they wanna live here and they do not hesitate one second to kill off the white race by this war on us with the vaccine. Sure white people will be around, but gene changed to their liking with booster shot after booster shot after booster shot, controlled veggies.

    It is also a way for these racemixed persons to get rid of competition…

  9. Ronald Yarborough
    Ronald Yarborough says:

    Also another thing, white kids would be able to travel more easly and do things without being attacked by pedophiles or kids of other races and the monstruos rape pandemic they bring because these daus most pedophile atacjs are by immigrants and they try to start having sex with white children allready as children also arabs and the like call white girl children whores often to break them down mentally.

    So the society I grew up in is totally destroyed by anti white hordes.

    And around 70 % of rapes are by non whites also rapes are going up a lot.

    Non whites through their hateful aggression take over area after area scarring away first the working class then the middle class which they benefit from because they can take the jobs that become vacant when whites flee the area.

    BTW, it is the same in the states, in NYC 90 % of crime is by non whites.

  10. James Fullerton
    James Fullerton says:

    I wouldn’ see 1/3 rd of white women in my region being raped by in my view “animal like” creatures from the third world.

    There would be less drugusage due to less alienation and people living in something that is less a total race mixed [deleted] fraud attack on whites including white jews. And less drugs due to less criminals.

    Also the economy of my country would be in a lot better shape due to the costs of massimmigration.

  11. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” Indeed, the more Grant contemplates the longue durée, the clearer he sees that the lesson is always the same, namely, that race is everything. . . .”

    Race is perhaps almost everything .

    Personal survival probably would trump racial fidelity in most cases
    when fidelity would not “save” you . The historic and priceless Nordic/White cultural tradition of individualism holds that inalienable sovereign rights of an individual are supreme and not subordinate to a racial or any other collective assertion of contrary rights .

    The severe lack of political agency or power ( not military power ) of Nordics both before and after ww1
    ( aka Whites/EuroMan/Aryans/Europeans/Indo-Europeans/Caucasians/
    [ and probably a few other unspecified groups ] )
    has rendered them extremely vulnerable to genocidal elimination . Both Christianity , as their predominant contemporary religion , and their historic tradition prior to ww2 , of predominantly living in rural cultures that are normally mostly nonpolitical , are the two major factors that render Nordics/Whites severely deficient in political agency compared to the conquering jewmasterss .

    The evolutionary genetics argument expounded by Prof KMac is plausible if for no other reason than both Christian sheeple cultures and typically pacified rural cultures combined would constitute a significant environmental influence on DNA gene selections of Nordics/Whites .

    Likewise for the cumulative effect of about 2500 years of acquiescence to the extant inferential command , by their God , to acquire dominion of the world
    ( Holy Jewish Torah / Book of Genesis / 1:26 ) combined with a typically more aggressive cosmopolitan environmental influences on Jewish DNA gene selections .

  12. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    I often wonder what would have happened if there had never been a revolutionary war and Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand formed one united commonwealth. Or If Japan had attacked the Soviet Union from the east (instead of Pearl Harbor) while Germany attacked from the west, Of if the South won its independence what would the South be like now? Would White South Africa and Rhodesia still exist if the South had won?

      HUGO FUERST says:

      Cecil Rhodes was one of those who envisaged a White Commonwealth with English people settling and deveoping relatively empty temperate regions, but his assocation with the Randlords was a problem in south Africa; and the needless rivalry between the Anglo-Saxons and the Prusso-Saxons a suicidal menace in 1914 and 1939.

      • Karl Austin
        Karl Austin says:

        I would love to see a United White Commonwealth based on Anglo-Sphere unification. It may be the only way to survive on the world stage and achieve total economic independence by trading among ourselves. It could be the next stage in the political evolution of our people and the successor to the current Nation-State constrct which is becoming increasingly irrelevant and outdated.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’ve always understood the loss of the American colonies for Britain to have been of a short and medium term benefit to Britain.
      1. It bankrupted France, our only rival for world domination.
      2. The colonies never really made much money for us, was nothing compared to the Caribbean. And cost a fortune to protect from France.
      3. It encouraged Britain to concentrate on India, which in reality WAS the British Empire. All other territories gained over the years were simply to protect the trade with India.
      It was Caribbean then especially Indian trade that created all the great British fortunes.
      What I don’t understand at all is why the Victorian Brits, at the height of their golden age, when it’s parliament was full of the most intelligent, honest, Christian men it ever wld be, couldn’t foresee the folly in letting one nation control the entirety of the USA, and didn’t back or even recognise the Confederacy, which in all fairness it really shld have done.
      The perfidious yanks had just declared freedom & independence practically the highest virtues, then they go and deny it to half their nation????????
      All educated Western men of the time were aware of when there was only one massive, mind-bogglingly huge empire threatening Europe, from th South, the Turks, and the shock they all got when they realised another continental sized monster had appeared now to the north, after Russia won the Great Northern War.
      Surely it wldn’t have taken much insight to stop ANOTHER massive empire emerging in the new world?
      If anyone knows why the Confederacy wasn’t helped or even recognised, I’d like to know. It certainly wasn’t the fake slave issue. Every sentiment being in Britain knew the British underclass of the time lived in conditions just as harsh if not worse than the average Southern slave. Black slaves may have been beaten if they ran away, but they didn’t freeze or starve to death the way many in Britain & Ireland did at the time.
      The fact this point is never mentioned leaves me guessing I’m probably going to soon read it was all down to secret society meddling, which is typically memory-holed, as it’s round about this time these forces had gelled and were starting to flex their power.

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