E. Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald interviewed by David Schmitt


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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    I went, I listened, I benefitted. (The word “fructified” comes to mind.) What a remarkable conversation! If I have any immediate criticism, then I would castigate the delivery of this valuable interchange, especially failures to synchronize visual and audio. Nonetheless, given this or no other choice at all, I thank all involved for making this conversation reasonably (!) listenable to the rest of us! As a fly on the wall, I felt gratitude most of all.

    A topic that got mentioned more than once, put off for more focused discussion to another session, was the “Mind-Body Problem”, which, I assert, has at least the import of the so-called “Jewish Problem” or “Jewish Question”. Having long taken interest in the former, I took a “double-barrelled” approach to the Mind-Body Problem” — science (Pharmacology) and spirituality. I recommend to those also interested “The Mind”, a series of lectures/talks by Yogi Bhajan, who taught from the Sikh tradition, the best I personally have encountered, half a century into this never-ending process!

    Compared to E. Michael Jones, I predict that Dr. MacDonald will have the greater problem with defining and dealing with “Mind” distinct from — not an epiphenomenal expression of — brain or “Body”. And we haven’t yet touched upon “Soul” or “GOD”!

    Whether concealed, kept secret, obscured and obfuscated in times past, many teachers have brought to light and to public access wisdom teachings, esoteric understandings of mind, soul, GOD — the spiritual aspect of mankind. Many of us who came to age in the “60’s” had direct experience, subsequently sent on to search for (or to create for Self) a conceptual framework, a system of belief, that could make full and satisfying sense of the experiences we were blessed to have.

    The resolution of polar opposites, the solution of “dialectics” dividing the whole, remains, in my view, the real goal. One is one and all alone, and ever more be it so. We have the impetus to make that so.

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