Who Is Really Running Our Universities? The Architecture of Conformity: The Case of the University of Chicago and the Rise of American Maoism

“A tyrant needs above all a tyrant-state, so he will use a million little civil servant tyrants who each have a trivial task to perform, and each will perform that task competently, and without remorse, and no one will realize that he is the millionth link.  At every link in the chain, obedience has been made comfortable.” Henri Verneuil, I comme Icare, 1979.

“If a situation is defined as real, it is real in its consequences.”  W.I. Thomas

 “In ideal dictatorship, there is but one will involved in choice; there is no conflict of individual wills.”  Nobel economist Kenneth Arrow, Social Choice and Individual Values (1951)

When the Covid virus suddenly appeared in major media in early 2020, initially as a limited story about a localized problem in a generally unknown town named “Wuhan,” it gradually but insidiously developed into a local health outbreak in a foreign country, based purportedly on a simple story of outdoor food market practices, to suddenly one threatening the rest of the world.  Cruise ships were the next part of the narrative, and supposedly “infected” Americans were on some of them, now circling out in the Pacific Ocean, waiting to dock in California.  Another story thread was soon added that asserted the presence of trapped Americans in China who now had to be brought back to the U.S. by specially chartered military flights.  Detroit-based air freight operator and government Department of Defense subcontractor “Kalitta Airways,” was hired to pick up American citizens and fly them back home, where they were filmed landing and deplaning at a Texas military air field.

Suddenly in March of 2020, the U.S. university system became the active center of the Covid story, as classes were cancelled and students were even evicted from dormitories.  In fact, the U.S. higher education complex was the first, large-scale corporate institution to organize, broadcast and operationalize the Covid, and “coronavirus” program, first with university presidents making formal, highly aggressive mass-media statements (“We Lead Three Universities. It’s Time for Drastic Action”) (see Stanford, MIT and Harvard president NYT joint letter), asserting their belief in the virus narrative, and through their offices, lending their credentials and the symbology of expertise and authority, to the quickly building Covid panic.  Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Case Western, and others were suddenly acting as public relations operations.  One of the earliest university Covid promotions came from University of Texas at Austin president Greg Fenves (now president at Emory, where a vaccine “pill” is being produced)), who out of nowhere, before hardly any student, faculty, or parent even heard of Covid, broadcast to the university community, system-wide, the preposterous story that, out of UT’s community of over 50,000 people, somehow he and his wife alone “tested positive for Covid-19” while coming home on an airline flight after a fund-raising tour in March. He was forced therefore to make an emergency closure of the entire campus, and had to “shelter in place” at home to care for his sick wife.[1]

Immediately afterward, hundreds of other universities and colleges joined in the hysteria and mass conformity, plastering their websites with statements, warnings and new policy; indeed their bureaucracies were suddenly “on steroids” with a top-down, 24/7 all-hands-on-deck fire drill to transform themselves into biosecurity institutions.  But it was obvious to anyone paying even modest attention, that an effective script was being followed; that the higher education complex was moving together as one massive monolith in the use of language, the establishment of cognitive frameworks, and the formation of new behavioral expectations, strategy and conditioning.  There was no deviation across universities in the use of terminology, in the formatting of rules, or in the conceptualization of safety and the setting of behavioral boundaries.  Indeed, the classic “Foucault” corporate model of discipline and punishment was being followed in an almost textbook manner.

But are university presidents and their staff actually smart enough to do this on their own?  Where were the new technical enframements coming from?  What institutions were feeding universities with information, and directing their operations?  What moreover, was the source of viral data, and how robust was it deemed to be?  (tellingly, as of October 2021, not one state legislature has convened and passed any legislation that mandates forced medical submission).  The University of Chicago is an especially interesting case.  Its network of external influences is fairly complicated, but it is centered in three primary organizations that steer its strategic direction: the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Department of Defense, and its Board of Trustees.  Overlaying these organizations is a more complicated web or network that includes major corporations, other foundations, and the political class.  This network inherently suspends the University from an independent society of learning, and turns it into a corporation of special interest research, social and scientific experimentation, and programmatic dissemination.








UChicago’s provost Ka Yee Lee in her CCP “Chairman Mao” uniform, along with the University’s newest administrative camp commandant, experimental chemist Paul Alivisatos in his (literally) CCP orange and blue party colors, (standing in front of a gateway with a fascinating resemblance to “Arbeit macht frei”), welcoming students to the People’s Re-Education Camp.[i]  Right, make sure to pick up your new University textbook: 毛主席语录

 Auschwitz: “Work makes you free”


UChicago: “Learning makes you obedient

The modern university also hosts, organizes and perpetuates ideology.  Among the central ideological constructs that are contained within its cultural routines, are those involving highly abstract models of normative values.  They include beliefs and formed ideologies concerning intellectualizations of justice, fairness, and constrained choice.  Embedded within these categories are belief structures involving population, settlement, environment, and equity.  The new “iron square” of campus ideology is terror, race, covid and warming. And this new solidified enframement serves as the delivery channels for a centralized behavioral, emotional and cognitive architecture that targets the single most important, vital component of social engineering: young adults.  They are the crop; the herd; and the seed for total social, biological and political control, mutation and political harvesting.

Corralling the herd: UChicago students forced to sign: “I believe in Covid.”[2]      

Next: Get students lined up and obedient


A new model of labor and learning?    

All smiles in his CCP blue and orange: “Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously.”  White House Covid advisor, University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: “We need to maximize the number of inoculated students.” Is he playing both sides as a middleman?

But this hardly sounds American.  Or Western.  It isn’t of course.  It is not Occidental, it is Oriental.  In the twenty-first century, it is the central organizing ideology of the Orient’s central state: China.  Alone, it could never penetrate the United States: someone has to unlock the gates, and let the invaders in; more, someone has to first infiltrate its institutions, understand its vulnerabilities, and provide a map for its successful navigation.  A Trojan Horse must be built.  That is the purpose of the university today.  Critical to this goal, moreover, is the cooperation of internal, facilitating organizations with a long, trusted identity, and most of all, with financial capital to control the institutes of learning.  This is not difficult to establish, as higher education is in a perpetual state of financial desire; often, financial desperation.  As Harvard has amply shown,[3] for example, it will take any money from any source, and use it for any purpose.

In the University of Chicago’s case, who pulls the proverbial strings?  Above all others, the Rockefeller Foundation, from its namesake, John D. Rockefeller, who financed the University.[ii]


Booth School of Business former Obama advisor Austan Goolsbee: “Go big: money is like sunscreen for Covid.”  The University “total war” institutional commitment to Covidianism: every professional school, every department, every faculty committee, every administrative policy, all converge on biosecurity, ideological consolidation, and funding objectives.

All Smiles:  UChicago Harris School of Public Policy Dean Katherine Baicker, hosts recipient Anthony Fauci for his 2020 Harris Dean’s Award.  What is there to smile about?  More Covid-related money for research, compiling databases, etc.: “Anticipation grows for Dr. Fauci’s Visit to UChicago

The Obama Foundation: “The seemingly independent factions are in actuality part of a larger “family” or “gang” of wealthy and radical individuals and organizations. With former President Barack H. Obama’s Foundation at the top, they operate similar to an organized crime family—on the periphery of civil society.”  Much of the Obama Foundation’s money comes from local private and corporate Chicago donors, some in biotech.  He is also funding U of Chicago Scholars program to promote his social policies. And the IOP (Institute of Politics) on campus is headed by his former White House advisor, David Axelrod. His #1 policy priority through Biden is to resurrect or protect ObamaCare, and Covid is one of the mechanisms of forcing centralized government health care (and taxes).

Gates Foundation Infiltrating public “health” policy preparation.

The Clinton Foundation wants to ban resistance. “Foundations” are acting as government.[iii]











“We’re all in this together:” UChicago Nobel economist Richard Thaler thinks that face masks reflect his “Nudge theory” that reinforces behavioral obedience through group conformity signaling. Harvard Law and former Obama advisor Cass Sunstein wants to engage in “cognitive infiltration.” Now, more than mere nudging is needed: “Persuading vaccine holdouts to get shots will require increasingly forceful interventions,” said the UChicago Nobel laureate.[4]


A Foucauldian analysis of discourse.  Competence versus power:  Bringing in the Milgram “white coat authority figures” to convince and reassure students, parents and public media.  Universities follow the signaling and direction of policy authority from many influential foundations: Dr. Emily Landon and Dr. Allison Bartlett from UChicago Medicine: The Camp doctors? What will be your status: Prisoner, Kapo or Muselmann?

Like war-time relocation to “protective” new living, the profoundly abnormal Covid policy of social re-ordering, quickly became socially normal, psychologically routine, behaviorally acceptable, and especially, politically identitarian; that is, the believers and the doubters were decisively separated and ideologically segregated.[5]  Such mass behavioral change in a society like the United States, must be implemented in a format that springs from a combination of hierarchical authority and symbolism (college presidents, political leaders, actors, media, and even the military), and rapid assimilation among a leading peer group that self-enforces behavior through group consensus, psychological shaming, social isolation, or perceived risks to social, professional and economic status from alienation and reputational compromise linked by overt group segmentation into a classification system of normal and abnormal behavior, and therefore acceptance, rejection or contingency among a social network or colony.

Aerial college campus view: “This feels like prison.”  Universities: a perfect nation-wide networked camp system for processing, indoctrination, experimentation and bio-social engineering.

No, the below photos were not “photo-shopped.”  The University of Chicago has systematically incorporated Chinese CCP (communist party) symbolism, colors, language cues and ideology in order to maintain and fortify the university “Chinese money train” while appointing a Chinese nationalist as its Provost, in charge of University budgeting.

Chinese industrial labor and training compound  

UChicago’s “compound:” copying the Party colors?

The University of Chicago provides a perfect case example of how the entirety of its institutional capabilities, network, and program management from its College that corrals and indoctrinates the most vulnerable young adults, to its graduate schools in business, law, medicine and public policy, that form a monolithic ideological block that permeates and monetizes the Covid program, and further defines and consolidates the biosecurity construct through the illusory routines of a combined “expertocracy.”  It is brought to bear on a single special interest that has converted education into a mobilization of “total war,” which means “total politics.”

Students at the University of Chicago lament the radical changes in policy compared to the institution’s historic reputation for “free speech principles” and the “Chicago School” of inquiry.  They still want to identify with those traditions and appeal to them as somehow, somewhere, still alive, and merely overlooked or temporarily forgotten.  But that childish illusion is over: the University has been sold; it has been acquired by new owners, and its post-acquisition integration is underway.  There is no more “University of Chicago,” and there are no more Harvard or Yale colleges (Yale and Harvard were charged with failing to comply with regulatory financial reporting and foreign disclosure obligations, from their share of over $6 Billion in foreign donations including from China: “the Department of Education accused Yale and other universities of “soliciting donations” from nations who are “hostile” to the U.S. and who are potentially interested in stealing research from American universities and “[spreading] propaganda benefitting foreign governments.”). This has led to a not surprising faculty organized objection.

The Chinese are no longer visiting students; they are visiting owners, and overseers. 

The U.S. higher education complex, with a merged finance, technology and political apparatus, has combined to sell to the Chinese, with a welcome invitation, our core domestic economic infrastructure, and most importantly, access to and control over its human capital and culture.  American university leaders have surrendered to the enemy.[iv]

That enemy isn’t so much cultural or “American Marxism,” but what has been an insidious rise of American Maoism

It can be defeated, but it first must be recognized with eyes wide open for what it seeks to do: transform a free humanity into a managed, pruned and cultivated crop.

As young adults all across our nation’s college campuses, ask themselves what kind of “brave new world” they suddenly find themselves in; as they try to reconcile the many contradictions they are witnessing, and as they struggle with the cognitive dissonance it creates in the presence of such irrationalism that is in the very institutions that purport to stand for reason—they may have to ask themselves if there really is that ideal world of enlightenment that they seek in the modern university.  There is no doubt that a young man or woman’s “college years” can be among the best of their lives: they master new knowledge; they make new friends; they develop stronger skills; they even may meet their future wife or husband.  But this kind of life is dependent, among all else, on one central reality: personal sovereignty over your life, and over the life journey that you freely choose.  The freedom can cut both ways of course, and if abused or wasted, college can be a step backwards into deeper immaturity.  For most men and women of America, that has traditionally been the exception.

But there is a new reality on our college campuses that never existed there before in such ubiquity, and which has radically altered the entire culture and fundamental nature of the university: the faculty themselves are the source of cultural decay; of weakened intellectual discipline and standards; of soft, pliable and contingent morality that exists by coercion but not by principle.  The modern university is the modern corporation, but unlike the corporation, the college or university lives in a constant state of conflict and dissonance as it seeks to maintain the illusion of an intellectual academy, with the awkward desperation of a social shelter that cannot feed itself.  It is a desperation, and a vanity, that has created a new kind of bureaucrat—one that will say or do anything for money; it will lie, deceive, pretend, even endanger, by the intellectual and scientific tools of its own making, for the rewards of protection.  It will readily sacrifice its students as fodder for social experiment, if anyone pays them sufficiently, and especially, if in their devotion to authority, someone gives them a directive.  In the world of Covidianism, the administrator is the Judas Goat, and the campus is the stockyard.

Students find themselves in a new society of adult regressive adolescence: the source of adulthood is actually in them if they can summon it; it is not among their advisors, the academy, their teachers, and surely not consolidated in their administration.  There is nothing any longer within the walls of the medieval university that students cannot find, engage and learn outside it.  Indeed, the walls are now designed to imprison, not to liberate.  Faculty are not their friends; administration is not their protector: both have sold out to special interests, and the “student” merely a new utility in an entirely new game.  Universities have finally become fully configured and consolidated corporations through the fusion of technology and finance, and penetration by the state.  Society’s “backwater” as Saul Bellow asserted in his introduction to “The Closing of the American Mind,” has otherwise fully saturated the education complex. But more, it is a social contamination that is not of our Western traditions, or centered in our strengths of individual American mind.  That mind must be summoned individually; it cannot be joined; it is not of the group.  It is not a reward for obedience; it is sovereignty in confrontation.  Let the battle begin.

V.S. Solovyev is an alumnus of the University of Chicago

[1] As an engineer trained in advanced mathematics at Berkeley, he failed to share that complex, unbounded social networks cannot be isolated; moreover, the asymmetry among the quantitative and qualitative random variables also creates constraints on the specificity and spread design. Exploitation and manipulation are invited.

[2] They aren’t the first: “A registry of immunization will be needed with names entered after immunization is completed. Adequate immunization may require more than a single vaccination, and the durability of protection by different vaccines may vary and may require periodic booster immunizations. Thus, immunized persons will need to receive expiration date-stamped certification cards, which should be issued to all who are immunized in the country, whether here legally or not. True, conscientious objectors could refuse. There are no such alternatives for vaccination. Do not honor religious objections. Do not allow objections for personal preference.  Vaccine refusers could lose tax credits or be denied nonessential government benefits. Health insurers could levy higher premiums for those who by refusing immunization place themselves and others at risk, as is the case for smokers. Private businesses could refuse to employ or serve unvaccinated individuals. Schools could refuse to allow unimmunized children to attend classes. Public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains and buses — could exclude refusers. Public and private auditoriums could require evidence of immunization for entry.” Dr. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Dr. Stuart Youngner, Case Western Reserve University

[3] https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/harvard-science-professors-kept-meeting-donor-jeffrey-epstein-despite-his-n1028536

[4] New York Times: “Increasingly forceful intervention is needed” according to UChicago Booth’s Richard Thaler: https://archive.is/9W3vP/again

[5] The covid biosecurity program is a large, complex system made up of many special interests in what is a coordinated syndicate or network.  Most of its members are fairly visible and readily identifiable: large pharmaceutical firms and their investors; newer bio-engineering ventures and their hedge fund backers; big technology firms looking to capture new markets in biosecurity, data collection and management, or testing, tracing, tracking and bio-ID systems; and naturally, the intelligence and defense establishment.  But some are less obvious; are socially cloaked within larger interest groups, and careful to remain within the confines of institutional authority symbols such as universities, research firms, media, so-called expert health organizations, and of course, the government. The country’s network of college and university campuses are also a key component of the “Covidianism” construct that has created entire new cognitive and behavioral routines centered in a reinforced obedience to central authority, and the establishment of self-policing among peer groups in order to ensure group compliance with standardized expectations in the use of face masks, social distancing, and ultimately in the willingness to submit to experimental “vaccination.”  Some young adults are calling their college campuses a “prison” and that comparison may be apt.  Many university medical facilities have even become the “official” vaccination centers for their regions or communities, some using a “lottery” system, or soliciting the public to volunteer as experiment subjects.  Some universities are using a “yield management” model by creating scarcity to manipulate demand.  Next: force, threat, blackmail, and separation and confinement. The concentration camp sorting platform is the model

[6] “The state has no interest in vaccinating people where transmissibility is not reduced or relevant.  It cannot mandate submissive behavior that is an experiment on humans, which violates the Nuremberg Code.”  Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale School of Public Health, 8 March 2021.

[i] Penetration of our higher education system involves not only direct funding, but financed programs, joint ventures, and a powerful psychological lobbying of China values and ideology combined with economic opportunity that they represent, that has turned much of our university faculty into either active China champions, or passively accepting fatalists, rather than “full throated” defenders of our own Country, which has been carefully positioned into a false association with “White Supremacy,” terrorism, or general bigotry.  UChicago otherwise is saturated in China programs, Chinese undergrad and grad students, regular funding from foreign tuition and university-provided services, and they have widespread representation among faculty, especially in business, science and engineering, including UChicago’s Fermi Lab and Argonne Labs, both Defense research installations.  Administration is fully on board with both China’s numerous academic programs, but embrace their “Maoism” generally, as it is much more institutionally, financially and technologically ordered and tangibly visible, versus mere “Marxism” and other mere ideology. China is the academic Left’s fantasy of ideology + power, come true and administration’s reliable source of comprehensive academic business which, importantly, also is harmonized with, or aligned with, the pure business interests that their Boards of Trustees represent: one of the reasons Trump was forced out from the Left and the Right, is over China: Trump was too confrontational with China, and threatened business interests which are also deeply embedded in academic research activity, and now especially, Biotech, Big Pharma, surveillance, tracking and security, and Big Data.

[ii] Some basic funding, and larger strategic influence can be seen here: https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/news/the-rockefeller-foundation-commits-13-5-million-in-funding-to-strengthen-public-health-response-efforts/; https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/grant/grant-university-of-chicago-2020-2/; https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/grant/grant-university-of-chicago-2020/ ; and see especially: Sep 14, 2020 University of Chicago &. Open Commons Consortium–Rockefeller Foundation National COVID-19 Testing & Tracing Action Plan (in the public domain by search).

[iii] It is important to appreciate the level of cooperation among certain foundations, and how they cross—invest; co-invest, and work together on marketing and promotion in government, business and academia.  An example is Gates and Rockefeller, together providing direction and funding.  New “Covid testing” products are big business, and one was funded at UChicago by the Pritzker family foundation, and its molecular school of engineering:  https://news.uchicago.edu/story/handheld-covid-19-test-could-deliver-results-five-minutes-just-10

In 2019, UChicago received a $12 million initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (and a regular investor in related Rockefeller Foundation projects) to pursue a research project to develop a flu vaccine targeted at certain strains of the virus (Covid), a mRNA agenda called MOsaic Natural Selective Targeting of Immune Responses (MONSTIR). In March 2015, Gates showed an image of the coronavirus during a TED Talk and told the audience that it was what the greatest catastrophe of our time would look like. The real threat to life, he said, is ‘not missiles, but microbes.’ When the coronavirus “pandemic” supposedly “swept over the earth like a tsunami” five years later, he revived the war language, describing the pandemic as ‘a world war’.  Tracing, tracking, forecasting, reporting & transaction computational applications (and Total Information Awareness) are fully integrated in the bio-war machinery. Rockefeller and Gates Foundations are cooperative, inter-linked government proxies, if you consider parts of government to be “privatized.”

[iv] Larger China penetration of US higher education is discussed here: https://www.heritage.org/asia/commentary/chinas-damaging-influence-and-exploitation-us-colleges-and-universities; Universities “massively under-report foreign funding:”  https://apnews.com/article/us-news-china-russia-d3c3002e667c4f6c2359e3de820a7997; https://www.inquirer.com/education/china-funding-us-colleges-universities-trade-tensions-20200207.html; https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-senators-want-review-chinese-donations-us-universities-2021-05-26/; https://www.politico.com/news/2021/05/27/universities-foreign-funding-china-491239; https://www.usnews.com/news/education-news/articles/2020-02-13/colleges-and-universities-fail-to-report-billions-from-china-qatar-saudi-arabia-and-others; https://www.realcleareducation.com/articles/2020/03/18/scrutiny_of_chinas_donations_to_american_universities_is_long_overdue_110402.html.

Additional discussion, including state legislative action: /news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=355; https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/01/16/how-china-infiltrated-us-classrooms-216327/; https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/global-opinions/waking-up-to-chinas-infiltration-of-american-colleges/2018/02/18/99d3bee8-13f7-11e8-9570-29c9830535e5_story.html; https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-desantis-china-bills-20210607-6eahx5bujfhdtiahid2kkztgby-story.html; https://waltz.house.gov

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  1. kiwi
    kiwi says:

    short answer the marxist took over the universities in the US in the late 1930,s after Herr Hitler removed
    them from the German universities

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      It’s the Chinese subservience to Judaism ;
      just like Catholics and Protestants are subservient
      to Judaism .

  2. milahu
    milahu says:

    village culture does NOT scale.

    that is the most general summary i came up with.

    they exploit the good reputation of village culture (shaolin monastery culture) (mostly self-sufficient “camps”) (all utopias are small islands) to hide their true nature: imperialism, empires, large states, hivemind, mental incest, lockstep, enslaved villages, occupied native tribes, organized crime, “armies by night” (JFK), hypocrites, fakers.

    exploit the good reputation of village culture?
    famous example: christian villages -> “christian” empire
    (false flag) (wolf in sheepskin)

    as soon as the natural limit of 150 people (dunbar’s number, natural cluster size) is exceeded, the system requires technology (bookkeeping) to stay manageable …

    but every technology can and always will be used for both good and evil, so bookkeeping is just another word for bookfaking. (and only if you need bookfaking, you push for more bookkeeping, aka bureaucracy, digitalization, planned economy, big government, expertocracy)

    the first step to enslave a village? kill their leaders. then, replace their leaders with “superiors”, chosen from above (top-down), not elected. decide by majority vote (“democracy”), cos the majority ARE idiots, especially after you killed their leaders.

    the second step to enslave a village? destroy their food production, make their lives 100% dependent on your supply chain. if they revolt, you can starve them to death.

    on the fake surface, it looks like the “good old” village culture, but on the true inside, its just colonialism and slavery. (“only with our heart we can see well, the essential is invisible to our eyes”) (intuition, intuitive jungian function)

    they even have this paradox term of a “global village”.
    a “village” is naturally defined as 150 people,
    and the global population is somewhere between 500 million (georgia command 1) and 7 000 million (current value). but “some people” either dont notice the paradox, or they even love the paradox (bad taste, antirational) … or they just love to rebel against natural laws (tragic heros, trying to escape their fate)

    but as with plato’s cave: as soon as people are personally involved/invested in a situation, they fail to see the most obvious wrongs, just to keep the short-term harmony. (tender-minded personality types, greed for harmony)

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      (“only with our heart we can see well, the essential is invisible to our eyes”)

      Jung said this? I’m amazed by the influence that guy has on people, especially NORMAL people. I’ve met a bunch of people who aren’t political, not intellectual, not even deep thinkers about anything really. But they can quote some wisdom Jung revealed.
      A good celebrity example is Jimmy Dore. He’s a good example of the kinds of people that often drop something Jungian as well. Working class, left or right, doesn’t matter, it’s about Truth.
      It’s repedative to harp on this point, but wasn’t the entire psychoanalytical industry invented, dominated, used and celebrated by Jews? Everyone knows Frued’s name, and a Freudian slip is a real thing, but does anyone remember anything he actually said? They use the thing as an offensive weapon, a gentile succeeds in it and touches the hearts of the masses.

      Why do some folks here have red names? What does that mean?

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        “only with our heart we can see well, the essential is invisible to our eyes”

        The eyes are lyin’- as Berkeley and Kant wrote. That view destroyed the West, paving the way for nonsense [non-sensory] to prevail.

        “That tree you think you see out the window- it does not exist” George Berkeley

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” That view destroyed the West,”…

          It did not destroy wealthy Westernworld tribal Jews .

          It destroyed the longevity of Christian sheeple herds
          which meekly accepted that nonsense .

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Sometimes an internal combustion engine in very cold weather where its block is at a similar temperature, must have ether sprayed in the air inlet, it order for it to fire up and start moving, generating heat and movement to complete a combustion cycle.

        Freud is the ether, Jung is the engine and the regular fuel that runs it continuously. Freud is irrelevant today, Jung more so than ever.

        However, Jordan Petersen said that during his under and post graduate days, his professors and mentors told him, “Stay away from Jung”. I know why they said that.

  3. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    The word “conformity” is used profusely by Eurocentrists, however, my understanding is that Conformity is not a personality trait. Eurocentrists are observing how contemporary Europeans don’t offer any consequential resistance to directives put forth by the Ashkenazim, and thus come to a conclusion that the Europeans must believe in the veracity of the purported conditions upon which the directives are based. As is my understanding, the observed Conformity is the result of various permutations of underlying neurological-level behavioral traits. For example, it may simply be the result of a low mean ‘g’ level, where the typical European is not capable of perceiving complex deceptions/fraud. Or it may be not necessarily have to do with low ‘g,’ but rather Psychopathology where a certain percentage of the Europeans do indeed perceive the fraud, but simply choose to go along because they reason that ‘conforming’ to the directives would maximize their individual socio-economic status. Or, as a stand alone variable, or in combination with the previously mentioned ones, it can simply be high Neuroticism where Fear and/or Depression induces certain percentages of Europeans to ‘conform.’ These cognitive/personality weaknesses are argued by certain scientists to be the result of dysgenics/mutational load. However, there is no such thing as Conformity as a neurological-level personality trait.

    It is often argued that China is a Conformist nation. As with the Europeans, I would choose to look at the underlying neurological-level behaviors that result in perceived collective conformity. In more Group-Selected periods before the Industrial Revolution, my understanding is that perceived Conformity may be the result of high in-group altruism where individuals choose to limit excessive antagonistic behaviors due to reasoned decisions that such behviors would harm their society as a whole. Thus, ‘conformity’ is not necessarily a detrimental condition when it is increasing Group Fitness.

    Regarding Obama, Prof. MacDonald stated that he perceived him to be a sincere Liberal, that is, possessing sincere Altruism directed at all ‘sentient’ beings. However, as is my understanding, being a Liberal is the opposite of being a Group Selected individual where one is concerned about his group as a whole; a Liberal is thus an Individually Selected individual who is actually only concerned about his own well-being or that of his immediate nuclear family unit. Hence, I would hypothesize that Obama only said and did what he reasoned would maximize the transfer of resources from the Ashkenazim to himself personally. And, being 50% African, a race which is highly r-selected, chances are high that Obama was a Genetic Psychopath.

    The Ashkenazim, and the author of this article, seem to believe strongly in the power of cultural indoctrination/inculcation. Most of the writings on this website focus on this assumed variable, while minimizing coverage of the genetic component of human behavior. Reading many of the articles here is similar to reading Ashkenazi explanations for why Africans behave the way they do, see https://web.archive.org/web/20110414014451/http://www.neoeugenics.net/crt.htm But, putting nature vs. nurture aside, I greatly value the historical content of this website, as well as detailed coverage of the history and behavioral patterns of the Ashkenazim and their elite Gentile allies – content not academically covered anywhere else. This alone, in my opinion, makes this one of the most valuable websites in existence.

    Based on my understanding, China is not going to manipulate the transfer of ownership of Europeans from the Ashkenazim to themselves. China is a highly genetically deteriorated nation, just like the Europeans; in fact, China’s genetic condition is so severe that each female, on average, only has one offspring, similar to South Korea and Japan. On the other hand, Hassidic/Heredi females have around five children (or higher?) each. My prediction is that both China and Russia will fall in a relatively short time, leaving the Ashkenazim as the probable (but not guaranteed) victors. My understanding is that the Ashkenazim are strategically taking resources and investments from China, but not giving much back, or at least just enough to satisfy the personal wealth enhancing desires of Emperor Jinping; at the same time, the Ashkenazim have been increasingly curtailing the flow of technological information to China and reducing economic opportunities for them, while simultaneously increasing the flow Cultural Marxism to China, the “Ashkenazi weapon” around which this website is based. I think the Ashkenazim are predicting China’s cultural/genetic fall and are taking appropriate measures.

    This article makes a variety of claims of Chinese influence, which may be true, but I think the article could be more convincing in this matter if it provided some statistical data supporting the claims of influence. The rest of the article, to me, seems to be subjective commentary – almost poetic in nature, but still edifying with respect augmenting my vocabulary – I always seem to learn new words reading theses articles and must always have Dictionary.com open in a separate tab.

    Finally, my hypothesis is that the promotion of these vaccines is just about making money for the companies that own the patents. ‘Medications’ are already extremely overpriced, but by forcing most to use the vaccines, much more money can be made. I would conjecture that all the influential figures promoting the vaccines are directly or indirectly getting a cut of the profits, and that is their sole motivation for promoting it.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s a high quality comment. I actually disagree with most of it, but a good comment is a good comment.
      I haven’t even lightly perused genetic differences in race, never mind understand them. Obviously you do. But when I do see them quoted in other’s opinions, they always seem to pretty much make sense.
      Although this struck me as odd: “where the typical European is not capable of perceiving complex deceptions/fraud”.
      Is the typical of any race capable of perceiving complex deception/frauds?
      This is a ruling elite job to protect the masses from this sort of thing, just as much as foreign invasion. If only for their natural pride they wouldn’t want THIER people getting Jewed over. Or even so they could Jew their people over themselves, very often using Jews to do it, as in Easten Europe.
      The Askenazim masses, now corralled in Israel, considering who their rulers are, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes either once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Are Askenazim masses capable of perceiving complex deceptions/frauds? And if they are, they why are they still in Israel?

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        “I haven’t even lightly perused genetic differences in race, never mind understand them. Obviously you do.”

        As has been accurately pointed out by another poster, my “understanding” is limited to just reading the final products (books, research papers, articles, lectures, etc.) of actual European scientists who do the actual painstaking and talent-requiring research. If I can read this material, then surely you could to, and understand it.

        “Is the typical of any race capable of perceiving complex deception/frauds?”

        I would say no. Not to worry – I accept the standard model of ethnic differential psychology as theorized by Richard Lynn, Charles Murray, J. Rushton, Kirkegaard, Woodley of Menie, Nyborg, Arthur Jensen, etc.

        “The Askenazim masses, now corralled in Israel, considering who their rulers are, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes either once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Are Askenazim masses capable of perceiving complex deceptions/frauds? And if they are, they why are they still in Israel?”

        Sorry, I’m confused regarding the premises upon which your statements here are based.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Finally, my hypothesis is that the promotion of these vaccines is just about making money for the companies that own the patents. ”

      …” the companies that own the patents ” are ultimately owned/controlled by financial elite jewmasterss whom “own” the U.S. Federal Reserve money machine so that they can skim , steal , or siphon as much money as they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want . Superficially it is always about making profits . However , since they can print for themselves all the money they want , actually it is ultimately about the jewmasterss attaining political domination over all worldly resources including especially totalitarian control over people worldwide . Their profit narratives are deflections from their ultimate goal of dominion over the world .

  4. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    C’est quoi cette poup?

    That enemy isn’t so much cultural or “American Marxism,” but what has been an insidious rise of American Maoism.

    It can be defeated, but it first must be recognized with eyes wide open for what it seeks to do: transform a free humanity into a managed, pruned and cultivated crop.

    Well, extending Saint Mao’s own philosophy and words, let’ include the following: Power comes from the muzzle of a gun, those that have the guns have the power, those that have the power dictate what type of government their shall be.

    Mo Mao:

    When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill.

    Deaths have benefits. They can fertilise the ground.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.

    Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.

    To read too many books is harmful.

  5. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    This is the most stunning , penetrating , revealing , and succinct analysis ,

    ( of the most prominent agents/agencies involved in the USA covidian theater of the ILLuminati sponsored globalist totalitarian oligarchy’s conspiratorial worldwide despotic war to enslave humanity and then depopulate the world )

    that I have seen , out of literally hundreds of essays on the globalist invoked worldwide covidian hysteria , since the beginning of it in December 2019 .

    Author Solovyev gives a concise summary of the crucial essence of what his analysis uncovers in this quote below ___

    ” American university leaders have surrendered to the enemy.

    That enemy isn’t so much cultural or “American Marxism,” but what has been an insidious rise of American Maoism. 

    It can be defeated, but it first must be recognized with eyes wide open for what it seeks to do: transform a free humanity into a managed, pruned and cultivated crop. ”

    His superior analysis constitutes a blueprint for the manufacture of metaphorical silver bullets to be used for dispensing with the hordes of elite USA homegrown Mao-marxist traitors/(sell-outs) . This blueprint should go viral among White Nationalists . However , I do not share Solovyev’s optimism about defeating the horde of predominantly elite democrat and some Republican traitors/(sell-outs) to Mao-marxists .
    The USA transformation
    ” into a managed , pruned and cultivated crop ” of Mao-marxists may already be a fait accompli . In any case , I doubt his unequalled blueprint analysis will go viral as it should .

    Regardless , Solovyev’s analysis of the USA covodian theater of operations , where he reveals several more heads of the ILLuminati hydra of international communism , is second to none .

    ( Identified heads of the communist global hydra now include : U. of Chicago , U. of TX at Austin , U. of Berkeley , Wall Street , U.S. Federal Reserve , Harvard U . , Yale U. , Wash DC , Tavistock Institute , City of Satan within London England , Oxford U . , Brussels Belgium , Beijing China , Moscow (?) , Sydney Australia , RCC Vatican occult Jesuits of Rome , ILLuminati , CFR , Tel Aviv Israel , et al ; where all those elites are ultimately dedicated to making all of humanity a servant of elite globalist interests or else dissenters will be systematicly eliminated ) .

  6. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Enlightening article. Though the “the little red school house” quip fits well enough going back 50 plus years now, the author really is showing us that the poison begun to be introduced nearly two generations ago and has finally pervaded all of society is now at a fatal level. No one has been able to provide me confidence that this place can be saved. I don’t know what “death” looks like in detail for white civilization but that it will be a portrait of evil seems certain. I’m but hoping for the survival of a mere remnant and a miracle of revival some time, some where, some how.

  7. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for a great piece V.S.

    For the past three days, all of the New York radio station news feeds have been repeating that due to a surge in corona virus cases, both NYU, and Cornell University classes will be held remotely until further notice. Let’s remember that to attend these universities, all students must have already been fully vaccinated and must show proof of it.

    It is also announced that when in-person classes resume, all students will be required to have gotten a booster shot and must show proof that they have received a booster shot.

  8. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    Excellent work! – I read it closely and thought much. This is a fine prospectus for a book length study. The matrix is up there in the paragraph that contains (among other schema) the “iron square”: “terror, race, covid and warming”. I would substitute “identity” for race – so as to include that and, so called, transgenderism – a key part of the operation to control and confuse. Probably “health” rather than “covid” – the next “pandemic” is well into the planning stages. I think much more could be said about the truly terrifying, completely under the radar, Gleichschaltung that brought every single institution of higher learning in (at least) the western world into lockstep alliance with the Covid operation. (The reference is to National Socialist Germany circa 1933 – textbook definition: “by which [they] successively established a system of totalitarian control” – about six months there – for us, it seemed instantaneous.)

    I will be on the look out for more of your work. Thank you.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    The “inoculation” of their BRAINS by so-called “antiracism, antisexism…”&c across the western world is what worries me.

  10. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    The universities are that bad huh?
    I found that pretty comforting, I just presumed they were about 10x as bad as all that, at least.
    Domination by Chinese Maosts seems rather appealing, you could live under such conditions, no freedom, but it seems pretty social. At least the thing has a rational order to it.
    The Chinese will look after us, probably with a similar care we would take to look after our neighbours’ caged rats, while he was on holiday.
    This is just such a relief compared to the bottomless pit of merciless cruelty, and chaotic, perverted, twisted misery, that our Synagogue of Satan merchants have lined up for us.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Yeah, instead of a boot on your neck, it will be a house shoe. Here’s the thing that I reflect on in my twilight years. Since the first time I was in Japan as a high school kid, acting like a stereotyped buffoon among the Japanese with my bungalong pals, I am amazed at how courteous and kind the Japanese were to all the military personnel stationed in their country. I do not remember one outburst or loud reprimand at some of our churlish and boorish behavior. It’s as if we were children behaving b badly in public.

      And the same in other Asian countries, in my later years. I have always received courtesy and consideration, and many times spontaneous kindness. It seems surreal.

      This pattern, I believe comes from the cultural and sensibility superiority of the average Asian. More advanced, integrative, and “worked out”, as in parts constituting the whole, the Big Picture.

      This is not to be too surprising, considering the effects of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintosism, and Zen. No philosophical anything by anybody has any value unless it can be demonstrated or observed to offer a concrete and advancement of the commonweal and the culture. If it doesn’t start up and produce power and work, it is worthless. Scrap.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        That reminds me of an old video I once saw of Australian WWII veterans on a kind of friendship building holiday in Japan.
        They described the people as you did, very friendly, etc, but stated two things struck them the most. 1. Japanese men of their vintage, i.e. WWII veterans, couldn’t even bare to look them in the eye. It was such a contrast from everyone else, &
        2. Japan in general didn’t have the spirit of decline everywhere seen in Britain’s old empire.
        Left them wondering who exactly the victor’s of the war were, it wasn’t their side, nor did it seem to be the brave, defeated men they fought.

  11. John Rogers
    John Rogers says:


    The Chinese are not the enemy. The Jews are the enemy. To the extent that the Chinese are the enemy of the American empire, that’s a great thing, because it implicitly makes them enemies of the Jew.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s what I thought. I think the message was half to appeal to anti-Chinese feeling, and if that doesn’t work, or for who doesn’t buy this, explain that these Chinese people still worship a strange kind of communism. So be afraid of that.
      I don’t think that will work either, because the Chinese have so obviously jettisoned all the unworkable, demonic stupidity that communism came with(curtesy of it’s (((inventors))) out of the system they use, and have just kept the authoritaria aspect. Who cares about that?
      Whatever the Chinese way is, it’s obviously much more Chinese now than anything else. Who care if they keep the team colours, or the retro caps and uniforms? I find that charmingly agreeable.
      Our feeling watching the unstoppable rise of China should be similar to caged medieval peasants, whose village was overtaken by wicked villains and sorcerors. But from our helpless position in the wizard’s dungeons, hears the marching of a great army in the distance. An army that represents everything we used to believe in, disipline, work, nation, people, history, culture, but that we were tricked out of, or our forefathers sold for money.

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