The Logic of Leftist Lies: How the Ideas of a White Genius Can Expose the True Intentions of the Left

Globohomo is the vast system of anti-White, minority-worshipping leftism that wants to control and suffocate the entire world. And if you want a good example of the “globo” in globohomo, just consider this. At school in the UK, White British students are taught all about the Black American non-entity Rosa Parks (1913–2005) and nothing about the White British genius George Boole (1815–64).

Whites as oppressors and exploiters

In other words, British leftists import globohomo propaganda from America to instil guilt in White children and resentment in non-White children. At the same time, they suppress the huge achievements of the White British. Leftists don’t want White children to feel pride in their ancestry, but shame. They want children to see Whites only as oppressors and exploiters, not as innovators and inventors. That’s why they plug Parkes and ban Boole, even as children inhabit a world shaped by his genius:

Boole’s legacy surrounds us everywhere, in the computers, information storage and retrieval, electronic circuits and controls that support life, learning and communications in the 21st century. His pivotal advances in mathematics, logic and probability provided the essential groundwork for modern mathematics, microelectronic engineering and computer science. (Who is George Boole? The mathematician behind the Google doodle, Sydney Morning Herald, 2nd November 2015)

The White genius George Boole

Boole has had a “Google doodle,” but Google and other leftists celebrate him only as an isolated and exceptional individual, not as an exemplar of White genius and the heir to millennia of separate and special evolution on the European continent. Leftists certainly do not acknowledge that he contributed more to mathematics and technology in his short life than all Blacks who ever lived. If White children were taught about him in that light, they would begin to question minority-worship and the colonization of Britain by non-Whites who over-achieve only at crime, corruption and nation-wrecking.

Knights and knaves

Even worse, from the leftist point of view, is that learning about Boole can be a lot of fun. Imagine White children enjoying themselves as they learn about a White world-shaper! Leftism wants Whiteness to be associated with pain, not pleasure. And so, when leftism is defeated, pro-White education ministers should ensure that children learn about knights-and-knaves, not about Rosa Parks. Not only are knight-and-knave logic puzzles an enjoyable introduction to Boolean ideas about truth-values and logic, they’re also a good way to understand leftism.

Some Boolean logic

You can learn the truth from leftist lies if you apply Boolean ideas. To see how, let’s start with one of the knight-and-knave puzzles invented by the Jewish mathematician Raymond Smullyan (1919–2017). The puzzle is set on an island inhabited by two kinds of native: knights, who always tell the truth, and knaves, who always lie. Suppose you visit the island and decide to take a walk to the beach. Soon you come to a fork in the road where two natives of the island are standing. You want to ask them how to get to the beach, but you don’t know whether they’re knights or knaves. And there’s no point asking them directly, because, as you quickly realize, all natives will claim to be knights.

However, suppose you ask each of the two natives what the other one is. And suppose that each of them replies: “He’s a knave.” Now you know that one of them must be a knight and one must be a knave. If they were both knights or both knaves, both would reply: “He’s a knight.” But when both claim that the other is a knave, you know a knight has truthfully identified a knave and a knave has falsely identified a knight. But you don’t still know who is who. However, you can now learn the right way to the beach by asking either of the natives a simple question. What do you ask?

The logic of leftist lies

You use an indirect question and ask one of the natives to tell you which way the other native would point if you asked him the way to the beach. Suppose the righthand fork in the road leads to the beach. If you asked the knight directly which fork led to the beach, he would point to the right; if you asked the knave directly, he would point to the left. So a direct question is no good to you. But if you ask the indirect question of the knight, he will truthfully point left, because this is the way the knave would indeed point. And if you ask the indirect question of the knave, he will lie and also point left, because this is not the way the knight would point. Therefore, whether you ask the indirect question of the knight or the knave, you will learn the wrong direction to the beach. And if you know the wrong direction, you automatically know the right direction.

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at the Justice Department in Washington, on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)

If the sinister Jewish leftist Merrick Garland opposes “white supremacy,” it must be a good and essential thing

Knight-and-knave puzzles are a lot of fun to solve, but there are serious and important mathematical and logical ideas behind them. Boolean ideas, because they come from the work of George Boole. Using Boolean logic, you can learn the truth from falsehoods. And that’s I want to do to leftist ideas. We know that leftism is an ideology built on falsehoods, so we can apply Boolean logic to understand what leftists really mean when they use terms like “white supremacy” and “white privilege.” Leftists are liars, so what they pretend to mean and what they really mean are different things. Indeed, entirely opposite things.

So let’s examine how leftists use the term “white supremacy.” Merrick Garland, the sinister Jewish Attorney-General in Biden’s Bolshevik cabinet, has said that “Domestic violent extremist groups, particularly white supremacists, pose a growing threat to the United States.” Carol Anderson, a Professor of African American Studies at Emory University, has said that “American democracy’s most dangerous adversary is white supremacy. Throughout this nation’s history, white supremacy has undermined, twisted and attacked the viability of the United States.” And Jennifer Ho, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of Colorado, has responded to Black violence against Asians by blaming it all on Whitey. She says that “White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US.”

The power of propaganda #1: ever-increasing use of the term “white supremacy” (from Google Ngrams)

So what do leftists mean by the term “white supremacy”? You have to start by recognizing that leftists are liars, so their language inverts the truth. If leftists say that “white supremacy” is “a growing threat to the United States” and “American democracy’s most dangerous adversary,” they must mean that “white supremacy” is the opposite of a threat to the United States and the opposite of an adversary to American democracy. Therefore they must mean that the United States and American democracy depend on “white supremacy” in some way. So what can “white supremacy” mean but “white autonomy” and “white achievement”? That is, when leftists condemn “white supremacy,” they are condemning the civilization built by Whites and the ability of Whites to act in their own interests and possess their own nations, institutions and property.

The power of propaganda #2: ever-increasing use of the term “white privilege” (from Google Ngrams)

But it gets worse. Leftists don’t merely condemn “white supremacy”: they want to overturn and abolish it. But if they want to abolish “white supremacy,” that is, White autonomy, this can only mean that they want to destroy White civilization and enslave ordinary Whites. If you don’t have autonomy, can’t act in your interests, and don’t possess your own nations, institutions and property, what are you but a slave? “Abolishing white supremacy” can only mean enacting White enslavement.

Leftism is doomed to die

The same reasoning applies to the leftist concept — and condemnation – of “white privilege.” If “white privilege” is a bad thing to leftists, it can only be a good thing in reality. And it is: “white privilege” means the entirely natural and just way in which the White creators and sustainers of White nations act in their own interests to maintain those nations for the benefit of themselves and their children. When leftists say that they want to abolish “white privilege,” they really mean that they want to take White nations away from ordinary Whites. As before, “abolishing white privilege” means enacting white enslavement.

In effect, leftism presents us with a simple knight-and-knave puzzle. We know that leftists always lie, so we simply turn what they say on its head to discover the truth. From leftist lies we can learn the truth about leftist intentions. When leftists say “Abolish white supremacy!”, they mean “Enact white enslavement!” Leftists don’t want to end injustice but to impose it on ordinary Whites in ever-harsher ways. And at the heart of that anti-White leftism are genuinely “supremacist” Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). If we apply leftist-lie logic to the name of the ADL, we can see that it must really be the “Anti-Description League.” The ADL campaigns against the objective and truthful description of reality, which is why it wants truth-tellers like Tucker Carlson to be silenced:

The Anti-Defamation League has called for Fox News to fire prime-time opinion host Tucker Carlson because he defended a white-supremacist theory that says whites are being “replaced” by people of color. In a letter to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott on Friday, the head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, said Carlson’s “rhetoric was not just a dog whistle to racists – it was a bullhorn.”

The civil rights group listed numerous instances Carlson has used anti-immigrant language. Those include saying immigration makes the U.S. “poorer and dirtier” and questioning whether white supremacy is real. Greenblatt said that “given his long record of race-baiting, we believe it is time for Carlson to go.”

The white-nationalist “great replacement theory,” otherwise known as “white genocide,” says people of color are replacing white people through immigration in the Western world, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. Some white supremacists also say that Jews and progressive politicians are furthering this change, the civil rights group says. (ADL: Fox should fire Carlson for white-supremacist rhetoric, WSBTV, 9th April 2021)

The ADL and SPLC are supreme practitioners of the Jewish-leftist principle of inverting reality and morality. They claim that truth is lies and that lies are truth, that good is evil and evil is good. Accordingly, you can learn the truth by reversing what the ADL and SPLC say. If they deny that “immigration makes the U.S. ‘poorer and dirtier’,” you can be sure that immigration does exactly that. If they deny that “Jews and progressive politicians … are replacing white people through immigration in the Western world,” again you can be sure that this is exactly what is happening. And if they oppose “white supremacy” and claim that it is a dire threat to Western civilization, you can be sure that “white supremacy” is a good thing and essential for the survival of Western civilization. Leftists live by lies, which is why leftism is doomed to die.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    My advice: Embrace your White supremacy. Do not run from it, or you will run for the rest of your life.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Was ist das für ein scheiss? Well, up to now, The White Race-better known as the Indo-European-has been passively co-dependently abused by Gawd’s Chosen People, the Ones that “gave us a Savior and a Religion”, who have remained to this day beyond criticism or nary a negative word.

      Growing up in Central Texas and going to school with middle class, farming, working class, cowboys, and military dependents, no critical talk (sheeeit, no talk at all) was kosher with the predominantly Protestant Fundamental Christians and minority Catholicks-mainly of Irish descent. Yes, that’s right. The resistance and unspoken censorship and blackout came right from the pulpits of the various Protestant denominations.

      When I went to sea on my first US Merchant Marine ship, a bulk cargo carrier out of New Orleans, I was confronted by realities that I had been shielded from all my life. Looking back, my college professors were useful idiots, parrots, developmentally stunted WWI trench dwellers. The muck of stagnant water and human waste-their own-was obviously not noticed by them. A clown circus. I could have been taught by AI machines better.

      The men on that traditional steamship had transported essentials in WWII both in the Pacific and Atlantic, when the sinking rate was 50% from the U-boats. Then they did the same in the Korean War, and here they and I were in the middle of the Vietnam War. They were at the end of their careers. These are the men of action and experience. I was a soppy vegetable, no more than a sponge that had wiped up dirty tables. I didn’t know anything for and by myself. But, because of the vexations of pre-existing Archetypes, my particular brain functioning (high pattern recognition, multi-tasking and broad peripheral thoughts simultaneously, I suffered an unsettled existence due to lack of verification, widespread cowardice of the then White predominance of America, and what can accurately be termed Stockholm Syndrome of the American majority, i.e., to conform, seek sycophantic approval, and do ANYTHING not to offend The Chosen by Gawd hisself. Everything of historical and moral import was a lie, a dodge, an omission, or distortion. Those of the Boomer years remember all the glory drenched films, documentaries, drama of America fighting for God, Truth, Justice, against the Baddies. It never quite made sense. My cognitive processes notice almost any detail out of consonance, correlation, agreement, or incongruity. This can drive a person to suicide due to overload of information and perception.

      I studied social science in 4 different colleges over a 5 year period, and took every undergraduate psych course offered. In the end, that composite compost left me as much confused and adrift as at matriculation.

      But the Hageshī shokku, severe shock was-aside from the crushing collapse of my shoddy goods thoughts-was what they told me about Jews.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        I made up my own simple maxim in 1960, which has stood me in good stead:

        Disregard Narratives: Analyze Function !

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        These men I refer to were all Southerners, having roots directly to the early days of the Republic and before in Britain. Their ancestors, told through generations, experienced the nefarious and abuses of British Jewry, from the King’s tax collection, special restrictive licenses granted by Royalty, klepto usury, and the general hostility-age old through to the present-toward Christians and citizens. I found this all hard to believe, because I was from an educated stata, a third generation Amurkan, and though I had heard murmurings about the negatives of Jews, I swept it aside as coming from uneducated, lower class, and uninformed, bigotry.

        How could I think differently when my peer class, including every person I came in contact with never mentioned this. I did know that the churches-then and now-constantly-reminded their “flock” (baaaaad) that the “Bible tells us so”. Reality as furnished by your eyes, ears, etc, were not to be believed. Only writ with unknown authors, unverified, content that was speculative, and pressure against critique or questions.

        The psy-ops of the Talmudic Termites is so profound, so subtle, that it is either barely detectable or invisible to the average, above and below average Western fog head.

        When my wife and I watch movies, we discern and extract the subtle and hidden social justice, politically correct, and anti-white hidden persuaders. Years of reading this website and others, assiduously, have made quantum leaps in my ability to sense and understand what the world is subjected to by this army of sociopaths.

        I do not waste my time explaining all of this to an unaware person or audience. Their reaction-just as mine those many years ago-is one of rejection out of hand, some level of revulsion, etc, etc.

    • Anthony Kimball
      Anthony Kimball says:

      It will only die when (and IF) a hungry-for-revenge generation of whites, ready and able to vent the kind of righteous fury only whites are capable of, decides to kill it. And our blood enemies, along with the abject evils they have been subjecting us to, will most certainly NOT be killed by endless chatter of the kind white nationalists have been amusing themselves with for 60+ years. Our enemies have no fear of a people who only talk about revolution….they only fear a people who ACT.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Our enemies have no fear of a people who only talk about revolution….they only fear a people who ACT.”

        Superb observation .

        This TOO website appears to be for informational or inspirational purposes mostly for the academicly/intellectually oriented and is not an action oriented site . It is also sometimes quirky about what it allows to be posted even when some of my submissions are not profane , untruthful nor especially inaccurate — just too close to the targets apparently .

  2. Martin V
    Martin V says:

    ‘Happy New Year’ to the author.
    Can’t feel reassured by the statement “Leftism is doomed to die”,though.
    I want to be reassured by a plan for smashing it.

  3. Chris Moore
    Chris Moore says:

    Boole may have been a genius, but he didn’t have the vision to foresee what the ((Jews)) were up to, and do something about it.

    Like a lot of geniuses, he was too egotistical, self-absorbed and narcissistic to imagine there was a much more clever (not smarter, but more Machiavellian) competing nation than the Brits, and that they were maneuvering the Brits into doing their bidding. Not only that, but that they were going to parasitically attach themselves to British accomplishments, take the credit, and then, for example, turn the technocracy and surveillance state (based in part on Boole’s genius) against Whites everywhere.

    What good is “White genius” if it’s too narcissistic to protect other Whites from ((Jews)) and their stooges? What good was Churchill’s genius given that he got in bed with ((Jews)) in their war against White Saxons and White Slavs? What good was Hitler’s genius given that he walked right into ((Jewish)) traps in his war on White Slavs, and then had to go to war against Anglo-Saxons, too?

    Grasping White jackasses can be identified by their alliance with ((Jews)). How many grasping White jackasses populate the political class in Washington? How many grasping White jackasses are controlled by the Israel lobby, and are in effect Zionists?

    You can be a genius and still be a jackass if you’re not what the Zionists call “anti-Semitic.” Any White genius who doesn’t pass the “anti-Semitism” test is no friend of Whites, and no friend of humanity, for that matter, because he’s in bed with what Jesus called the Devil.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Boole may have been a genius, but he didn’t have the vision to foresee what the ((Jews)) were up to, and do something about it.”

      Boole did not have an internet website such as TOO which he could access to get information on the Jewish existential genocidal threat against Whites . Only a minor percentage of USA Whites , to this day , are onto the Jew-driven genocide against themselves . The jewmasterss know how to keep Whites distracted and ignorant of their eventual disappearance as a race .

      • Chris Moore
        Chris Moore says:

        LOL. Boole didn’t have access to the New Testament? Boole didn’t have access to the 2000 year old history of Christendom?

        I’m sick and tired of White genius’ playing dumb. They act “dumb” so they don’t have to notice the Judeofascist rackets. Because it’s inconvenient to their pocket books to notice the Judeofascist rackets. Because their “tolerance” for Judeofascists proves they don’t have a Christian bone in their bodies.

        “Genius” Hitler pretended not to notice the Judeofascist rackets were thriving in Britain, because he thought he could partner with the Serpent. He did partner with the Serpent in Zionism. Then the Serpent stabbed him in the back.

        Didn’t Hitler read history? Didn’t he ever read the New Testament?

        NEVER make deals with the Devil. That’s New Testament 101. These “modern era” retards think they know more than the spirit of Jesus.

  4. Marcion
    Marcion says:

    white supremacy just means white sovereignty. they don’t want whites to have a sovereign nation. they want a nationless state with covert jewish sovereignty. remember, zionism should not only be understood as territorial. jews are a deterritorialized state. but they are a state based on culture and race, more than on their illegitimate bullshit territory in palestine.

    wherever there is a synagogue or even a collection of jews there is a separate nation and separate state. stop thinking spatially about jews. think instead about the “subject matter jurisdiction” that jews have.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Sometimes-actually many times-I believe that our “race” is by its own volition scared and stupid. Is there a peach pit stuck in the collective throat of EuroX?

      Why haven’t public personalities used “White Separatist” or “White Secessionist” rather than remaining mute when pejorative desecrations such as “White Supremacists” are mouthed by the sub-human filthy Semite harems?

      I have read where testosterone levels of Western Men are in steep reduction. Before Ahnold Schwarzenignog became what he joked about, he frequently referenced Hollywood males as “girlie men”. Of course, he’s been ridden bareback by the Jewish wranglers more times than Carter has little pills. Too bad “B.B.” is used by a better man, B.B. King. B. Boy S.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Why haven’t public personalities “…

        because Jews dominate/own/control the public domain for which they quickly cancel any dissent by public figures against their hegemony .

  5. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    The ADL (anti-description league) and SPLC (swindlers, perverts, liars and crooks) are compulsive liars – knaves in the above logic puzzle.

    Leftists are liars, as proven by the history of the last 100 years. Therefore, when leftists say “white supremacy” they mean “White autonomy” and “White achievement”, which they hate.

    Leftists are anti-White. Communists (jews) want to exterminate the White race. Hence their agitation against “white supremacy.”

  6. rebelyell
    rebelyell says:

    Churchill was a twit. He was bought by the jews in his bail-out. The collective mind-set of jews is in mossad. It has prostituted ‘high position’ posts for hundreds, if not, thousands of years; and jews hang on like leaches [when you’re on a good thing; stick to it!].
    Well, the host has been slowly dying through adulteration and believing satan’s con-jobs. Thank GOD we are not all idiots!
    All we need is an appropriate vaccine!

  7. Igor B.
    Igor B. says:

    Dude, like why equate the “left” with anti white ideas.

    The left is collection of ideas I suppose has it’s roots in the french revolution, the idea of democracy from the old greek and yew marxism.

    But it is also a lot of ideas that are based on what is good for workingclass people. Like many ideas in socialism adopted by nazism which was around before Hitler although he did bring his own ideas probably especially the focus on jews.

    One may argue that anti white people and anti christians have hijacked the left from the start, hence hijacking the working class interest and most people are blue collar.

    Hence by doing so they controll politics and the world. Divide and conquer. Also owning the media or a majority of it is essential in controlling and hijacking a democracy. Controll of information such as now with the covid vaccine genocide on whites, hiding the effects of massimmigration and propaganda for racemixing and the like…

    So talking about the left as only anti white is simplyfying things. Soviet Union was certainly leftist and anti burgoise or whatever. It was also a terrible system that killed of a lot of the elite.

    But they did not have massimmigration of non-whites which the capitalist USA and most of Europe has had.

    So again equating the left with antio white sentiments is simplyfying things.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Because the “Left” has undergone many assignments of meaning and reference, it effectively means nothing anymore, or various-and frequently-contradictory meanings and references. Capisci? I’ve got an idea; substitute “turdly” for “left”, and that should convey instant clarity and less ambiguity.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Actually, Igor, I cannot claim credit for the substitute wording of “leftism”. Two friends propounded this elevation, namely Luce Stooles and Hurley Fecale.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    This is an important point, and one that can be made in mainstream places without being instantly banned as a mentally defective, evil hater of Jewish people: The way so much of leftism is not just a little wrong about specific points, they haven’t got the wrong end of the stick, they aren’t just slightly missing the target, etc, they are 100%, 180° the absolute polar opposite of the truth.
    This is obviously deliberate Satanic inversion by those with the brains, even if 99% of bovine lefties don’t get it.

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks as always Tobias for the great stuff!

    Thanks to the Jews, we live in an inverted reality. It’s not going to die until we expose it on a mass scale.

    “They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.” Ezra 9:2

    Can you imagine if white people said that? ‘Holy race. We whites are the holy race?’ The Jews pinned it on Hitler; ‘the Aryan race.’ The Jews are the Nazis.

    They project whatever they want to, onto their victims, in whatever ways, to benefit themselves and in the modern world, the holohoax narrative is the base point.

  10. The Infant Phenomenon
    The Infant Phenomenon says:

    Take your children OUT of school. There are 100% online, accredited, diploma-granting schools available at very low prices. Here is one:

    Teaching the classical trivium in the elementary grades and the quadrivium in the high school

    There is NO reason for white children to be subjected to the things mentioned in this article. None–except white parents’ inaction.

  11. Stefania Mowi
    Stefania Mowi says:

    The anti-whites are abusing our White children in the UK and in the entire West . Once our side gets power, we must remember what was done to our children and us and NEVER forgive. We must hold the perpetrators responsible for this evil.

  12. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    A much-belated thank you to Mr Langdon for an excellent article. I have often applied Boolean logic to BBC reports and programmes – think the opposite to what these PC mongers say and you arrive at the truth their reports are full of logical errors and inconsistencies Just one of many examples – during the height of their anti-Trump frenzy, their aptly-named editor “Islam” said Lincoln wanted more immigrants, omitting the premise that would make the statement completely true. Day and night, there comes a procession of their black, Pakistani and Jewish presenters. Just now I switched on before the “false news” to hear an african p resenter uttering the words “black lives matter” As so often, I switched off. Perhaps Mr Langdon could feature Horrocks , not the general who was sympathetic to Germany’s plight (WW2) but the young maths genius (born in Liverpool, where else).

    • Chris Moore
      Chris Moore says:

      These ((Jews)) operate on wishful thinking and projection. They state what the WANT to be true or a “truth” that is convenient to their interests and agendas as fact. They couldn’t care less about real facts and logic, and indeed when real facts and logic get in the way of their wishful thinking they simply ignore them or are deny them and go right on stating — and amazingly, believing (in their warped brains) — the fantasy.

      If anyone wants an explanation for why the West built on facts and logic is falling to pieces, that is probably the best one.

      They want to live in fantasy, eh? I’ve got a fantasy that says the ((Jews)) are of their father, the Devil. Only it’s got 2000 years of history behind it.

  13. Brooklyn Dave
    Brooklyn Dave says:

    Even when having a more or less non-emotional discussion with leftists in regard to American being a “White nation” the subject of American Indians will arise. Yes, they were physically here before the European but continued to live in a stone age culture for the most part. Human history has always been about the powerful overtaking the weak, regardless of race or culture. Second statement by leftists in regard to Africans helping to build the infrastructure of North America (that is my focus). Yes, African slave labor was valued and necessary at the time. One could also say that the majority of European immigrant labor served the same purpose, although they were not slaves. Neither group (Black slaves nor the vast majority of White European immigrant labor) in the 19th century can the education, ability or funds to get infrastructure projects (such as the Erie Canal in New York) rolling. So, it was not merely white skin, but also White achievement already attained that built the US (and Canada). So white privilege has been a necessary ingredient for the advancement of Western civilization. The labor of African slaves and European immigrant masses was definitely a much appreciated ingredient in building our society, but it weren’t for the education, ideas, and the money of the possessors of white privilege, we’d all be living as subsistence farmers living in thatched cottages.

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