“The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence”

Nathan Cofnas published a paper in the Israel-based academic journal Philosophia: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel in February of last year titled “The Anti-Jewish Narrative.” Andrew Joyce wrote a masterful reply, “The Cofnas Problem,” while I decided to try to  publish a response in Philosophia. My paper went through two rounds of peer review and was finally accepted. It was the lead article in the January issue of Philosophia,  and is available as an open-access paper on Springer Nature [The two links in the previous sentence go to the original paper but now with the retraction notice.] I provide a local version due to [well-founded] concerns the article will be pulled by Springer Nature.

This is the first time I have attempted to publish an article on Jewish influence in the mainstream academic literature since The Culture of Critique was published in 1998 by Praeger, so it is something of a milestone. I have updated quite a bit of the material, particularly the scholarly writing on Jewish involvement in influencing U.S. immigration policy—Chapter 7 of The Culture of Critique. I have always felt that Chapter 7 was the most important chapter in the book. Intellectual movements can decline drastically in influence. This was the fate of psychoanalysis—but not Boasian anthropology, and the intellectual descendants of the Frankfurt School remain influential throughout postmodern academia. Moreover, at least in Western democracies, even political movements, as embodied in the Jewish subculture of radical leftism, can be reversed at the ballot box—unless the people against whom the 1965 immigration law was directed are replaced by a new electorate with no attachment to the people and culture of the West. As argued in the paper, this is exactly what the 1965 immigration law was intended to accomplish in the minds of the Jewish activist community that was by far the most influential force in enacting the law.

Besides updating some critical aspects of The Culture of Critique, the paper emphasizes the point that the enactment of the 1965 immigration law did not occur in a vacuum and cannot be understood apart from the wider context of the rise of a new Jewish elite with influence in a wide range of areas. As I note in the article, the rise of this new elite “implies that vital issues of public policy, including immigration, the civil rights of African-Americans, women’s rights, religion in the public square (Hollinger’s “secularization of American society”), the legitimacy of white racial identity and interests, cosmopolitanism [identifying a “citizen of the world”], foreign policy in the Middle East, and many others will be affected by the attitudes and interests of this new elite.” The post-World War II era saw the emergence of a new, substantially Jewish elite in America. This new elite exerted influence on a wide range of issues that formed a virtual consensus among Jewish activists and the organized Jewish community, including immigration, civil rights, and the secularization of American culture” The 1950s saw the decline of the old WASP elite, recounted in Eric Kaufmann’s The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. By the 1960s this new elite was flexing its muscle, resulting in a cultural and demographic revolution which is ongoing and indeed accelerating. This new, substantially Jewish elite was (and remains) centered in academia and the media, and, because of Jewish wealth, this new elite has been able to have decisive influence in the  political process via donations to political causes.

The abstract:

The role of Jewish activism in the transformative changes that have occurred in the West in recent decades continues to be controversial. Here I respond to several issues putatively related to Jewish influence, particularly the “default hypothesis” that Jewish IQ and urban residency explain Jewish influence and the role of the Jewish community in enacting the 1965 immigration law in the United States; other issues include Jewish ethnocentrism and intermarriage and whether diaspora Jews are hypocritical in their attitudes on immigration to Israel versus the United States. The post-World War II era saw the emergence of a new, substantially Jewish elite in America that exerted influence on a wide range of issues that formed a virtual consensus among Jewish activists and the organized Jewish community, including immigration, civil rights, and the secularization of American culture. Jewish activism in the pro-immigration movement involved: intellectual movements denying the importance of race in human affairs; establishing, staffing, and funding anti-restrictionist organizations; recruiting prominent non-Jews to anti-restrictionist organizations; rejecting the ethnic status quo as a goal because of fear of a relatively homogeneous white majority; leadership in Congress and the executive branch.

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  1. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Any elite in the West largely manages to maintain its position by cornering jobs which are in theory open to all with the “right qualifications”, the meritocracy if you like. In fact most of the high paid and influential jobs are far from being meritocratic appointments but rather patronage appointments The mainstream media is a gross example of this – just look at the names of those who work in media.

    There are many people who are willing and able to fill these patronage jobs but they rarely get th e chance,.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Yes. An obvious response would be Nuremberg Laws 2.0, which were themselves iterations of previous laws in other places, restricting Jewish presence in key positions and professions. It’s simple self-defense. From there a true white meritocracy would naturally develop.

      • saleh kmeshi
        saleh kmeshi says:

        Yes, simple self-defense . But From there the true white meritocracy became like a competition in compliance with a j social & political correctness book of rules.

  2. Fidel Bancroft
    Fidel Bancroft says:

    It is obvious that organized Jewry knew what the results would be when they opened our borders to massive third world immigration……the ethnic cleansing of white Christian people…..white genocide.

      • Kevin MacDonald
        Kevin MacDonald says:

        IMO the organized Jewish communities sees that as a small price to pay and certainly won’t affect Jewish elites. And in general the non-White minorities can be managed, as is happening to the White majority.

        • Sanjay
          Sanjay says:

          It seems to me that the Ashkenazim may be replacing white-collar European workers with Individually Selected relatively high ‘g’ Asians who are not loyal to their own respective ethnicities and seek personal wealth acquisition in the West. I don’t think the Ashkenazim believe they can afford to eliminate Europeans without finding suitable high ‘g’ replacements who can maintain and further the Western economic and technological status quo. And, as I understand it, the Ashkenazim still seek to conquer Russia and China, their only remaining ethnic competitors, so they still require a strong West.

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    I’m so glad to see that Philosophia had the integrity to give your writing a fair review and ultimately decided to publish it.

    I was at Richard Spencer’s conference in 2016 and I saw with my own eyes three Orthodox Jews getting you to sign their copies of The Culture of Critique. I spoke with them and they said they regarded your trilogy as part of the canon of Jewish scholarship, and that they understand themselves better because of your work.

    They also said that the secular liberal Jews were picking a fight that would end badly for the Jewish people, and they wished they had the clout to do something about it.

    • Jett Rucker
      Jett Rucker says:

      I’m consumed with curiosity as to what (these three) Orthodox Jews think of Holocaust revisionism. I would not be totally surprised to find that they regard it with respect, if not outright favor.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Yes, there ARE Western Jews like Mark Levin and David Horowitz who know that Jewish Leftists have what I call a “Samson Syndrome” and are setting up Jewry for a big fall. There are lesser-known Jews too who are thus aware, though they, like the aforesaid, represent a pretty small minority, most Western Jews being addicted to the corrosive drug of Leftism. I know of these unheralded but savvy Jews’ existence through my many postings in the Facebook pages of THE FORWARD and THE JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY, pages to which Rightist Jews come to controvert the Leftist orientation of those two publications.

      As the story goes, Samson pushed on those central pillars of the Philistines’ great edifice despite knowing that he would die too. Well, maybe the analogy isn’t all that apt, since today’s Leftist Jews don’t suppose they’ll fall if European Civilization does–although I think that they hate the latter so much they don’t even think of what its fall would mean to them. This notwithstanding that European Civilization has been the ladder on which Jews have risen to a great height. Or BECAUSE of that, inasmuch as envy is an underestimated factor in human affairs and it’s an element in Jews’ hatred of us?

      Though I generally omit referring to my belief that they envy European Civilization, I tell Jews whenever I can that in digging up our root they’re very likely digging up their own as well.

      • Robert Tate
        Robert Tate says:

        Is it possible that the Jews have a death wish? As Israel ‘s foremost novelist Amos Oz said, the Jews must be the most suicidal people in history. Rising against the Romans saw the end of their state. Their economic domination led to pogroms,their dalliance with Marxism led to National Socialism. Their Zionism is the reason for much of antyisemitism Their encouragement of Islamic mass immigration is leading to attacks on Jews through out the Western world.

  4. Biome
    Biome says:

    Excellent work, Dr. MacDonald!
    You are still one of the top intellectual leaders in the Dissident Truth community and have solidified yourself as a living legend.

    Kind regards from Southern Oregon.

  5. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Popper and Kuhn both successfully attacked the foundation of data-drive scientific discovery of causality with their psychologically and rhetorically intense popularizations of “the philosophy of science” at the precise moment in history that it became practical to rigorously discriminate mere correlation from causation, even without controlled experimentation, by looking at the data.

    I only became aware of this after attempting to do first-order epidemiology of the rise of autism that had severely impacted colleagues of mine in Silicon Valley — investigation required since it was apparent that no one more qualified was bothering to do so. I didn’t expect to find a substantial ecological correlation with Jews and autism and, indeed, there was none. However, I did expect to find a correlation with non-western immigrants from India, and found one. Now, having said that, I’m not here to make the case for that particular causal hypothesis — there are others that I can set forth that I also expected and did find evidence for. What I’m here to point out is that my attempts to bring these hypotheses up were greeted with the usual “social science” rhetoric one expects: “Correlation doesn’t imply causation.” “Ecological correlations are invalid due to the ecological fallacy.” and so forth. This got me interested in precisely how it is that “social science” purports to infer causation from the data — especially since it was becoming apparent to me that the one thing Jews absolutely panic over is the presence of any human ecology in the West that remotely controls for the presence of Jews — experimental controls being the one widely accepted means of determining causality in the philosophy of science.

    This interest was amplified when I, on something of a lark, decided to take my data that I’d gathered to investigate the ecology of autism, and see which of the ecological variables was the most powerful predictor of the other variables I had chosen. One variable, in particular, that I had been interested in, not for autism causation, but for social causality in general, was the ratio of Jews to Whites in a human ecology at the State level in the US. I don’t need to explain to the readers of TOO my reasons for taking that ratio as significant. Well, out of hundreds of variable, guess which one came out on top?

    Of course, again, I don’t need to explain to the readers of TOO the kind of rhetorical attacks on this “lark” of mine: Same old, same old…

    So my investigation of causal inference intensified.

    Eventually, circa 2004-2005, I intuited that data compression had the answer and suggested something I called “The C-Prize” — a prize that would pay out for incremental improvements in compression of a wide-ranging corpus of data, resulting in computational models of complex dynamical systems, including everything from physics to macrosocial models. That’s when I ran across information theoretic work that distinguished between Shannon information and what is now called “Algorithmic Information”. The seminal work in Algorithmic Information occurred in the lat 1950s and early 1960s — precisely when Moore’s Law was taking off in its relentlessly exponentiating power. Algorithmic Information content of a data set is the number of bits in its smallest executable archive — the smallest algorithm that outputs that data. Shannon information is basically just statistical. Think of the digits of pi. Shannon says the information content is identical with the string of digits. Algorithmic Information says the information content is the size of the program that outputs the digits of pi.

    That discovery threatened to bring the social sciences to heel with a rigorous and principled information criterion for model selection far superior, and provably so, to all other model selection criteria used by the social sciences. Moreover, the models so-selected would be necessarily causal in nature and be amenable to using the power of silicon to make predictions without any kind of ideological bias.

    This, I strongly believe, was the precise reason Popper and Kuhn committed their acts of violence against science at the precise moment in history they did.

    I can’t tell you how depressing it is that I can’t get this across to my people.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The manipulation of the 2020 election by Zukerberg et al should have been an eye opener to the white Christian American public. These were not campaign donations- rather influencing the election process for a pro Jewish outcome!

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      The mere truth that manifests itself will not have an effort in this milieu. An analogy might be where in an audience, only a few raise their hands to commit, while the others eschew involvement, complication, fear of retribution, etc.

      In a saturated solution, of say sugar or salt, a point is reached where crystallization occurs and solids leave the solution. The EuroX is not there yet. For now, all thought leaders that I have read rely on external events to push the saturation limit to a solid formation. I have argued that this is the least likely, passive, and slow bleeding of our strength. Those who can think out of the mono, singular channel of Material Determinism, and understand the INNER MAN will have more chance of success in sequestration and physical secession understand the physical movement is caused by mental signaling. It is very elemental.

      Lastly, to the Moderator, you did not publish one of my comments in the last topic. While it might have used some stronger language than usual, and you might have felt it exceeded your (whatever they are) guidelines, complete deletion of comments that only exceed the periphery of the norm does not benefit the site. The commenter may well not bother to compose in future. I submit to you that my comment would have been published on Unz and Amren.

      In place of deletion, a cautionary or warning alert could have been given regarding your personal guidelines and limits. The converse of this all is that the commenter’s time and effort toward contribution is now nil. It is not unreasonable the the writer/commenter will not waste his effort on exclusion and furthermore not be bothered to comment. That maxim, of course, applies to me.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        (Mod. Note: This mod was offline when the comment you refer to was edited and approved by site owner. Take it up with him.)

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Pierre, thanks for the kindness and consideration of an explanation. As stated, I believe it is a minimum to offer a brief explanation for deletion. At times at Unz, I have seen a mild reprimand from Ron Unz and admonishment to not continue, either from being too far off topic, overly verbose, and rarely, for vulgarity. I would rather tolerate this wide range, as at times the commenter has valid and useful points made.

          Anyway, one more time of wasting my time, and I’ll be hitting the bricks from this commenter section. I was an altar boy in church a long time past, but I ventured forth in the World, among the “garbage and the flowers”. Plus, I spent my working life at sea, among seamen, men and women of the world actual . Paraphrasing Gertrude Stein, “A turd is a turd is a turd”.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          @Moderator: There is nothing to take up. Indeed, I have no idea what you are talking about.

          I left what I thought was an obviously whimsical comment suggesting that you (i.e., the Moderators) had better obey Poupon Marx’s “orders”—or else. Is it conceivable that you or one of your colleagues took the comment literally?

          Or could it be that have you confused my follow-up comment of a few inoffensive words with Poupon Marx’s boldface rant? That interpretation certainly fits with your words “the comment you refer to,” since I myself made no reference to a comment.

          If that is what has happened here—i.e., that you have misattributed Poupon Marx’s rude comment to me—be it noted that I have never demanded, nor would I ever demand, that you explain an action you have taken. Furthermore, I have never addressed you, any other Mod, Kevin, or another author in a manner that could be described as abrupt or discourteous. I shouldn’t need to ask for similar treatment in return.

          With the foregoing in mind, please consider whether the dismissive tone in your above remarks to me is warranted or becoming.

  7. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Dear Professor KMac ,

    Thank you for revealing your dealings with the two suspected enemy Jewish entities of Praeger and Philosophia . However , I remain very perplexed about why you entered into business arrangements with suspect Jewish enemies when there are other nonsuspect publishers ?
    In particular , why do you even care about being published in Philosophia ?

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      There are no academic outlets that would not be affected by concerns about being considered anti-Jewish. It’s interesting that many early Zionists like Herzl had a good understanding of why Jews were hated so much in the diaspora. Hence Israel.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Thanks for your elucidation of this matter .

        My interpretation of your reply is ,
        since your “Culture of Critique” practically has canonical status among White Ethnic Preservationist literature ,
        that White informational broadcast/publishing enterprises are patheticly under a de facto Jewish
        yoke of self-censorship .

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Which rational activist would forego an opportunity to address the opponents’ Central Committee DIRECTLY !?

          Ifs and buts be damned.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            It is not Prof KMac’s fault that no actual viable alternatives existed and so he had to go to the prison warden to ask him to inform KMac’s fellow prisoners ( all of them are lifers ) about the predicament that nonJewish White prison lifers-all are in .

      • MOB
        MOB says:

        On an Amazon “The Jewish State” page, I read that “Herzl stated that he wrote his book for the specific purpose of urging Jews to organize for action.”

        I can’t find the Amazon page referred to above, but here’s a different one; I don’t know who wrote this description https://www.amazon.com/Jewish-State-Theodor-Herzl/dp/1389752380

        “Zionism is Jewish ethno-nationalism in its purest form. The creation of the state of Israel is the most successfully-executed plan to create an ethnically homogenous territory in modern history. As such, it is worth of study by any group seeking its own ethnically-based homeland. This book, written in 1896 by the founder of the Zionist movement-and thereby the de facto founder of Israel-lays out the plan and route by which Jewish statehood was achieved. Herzl describes in detail how the state was justified, how the Jews would go about managing the physical occupation of the territory, and the logistical steps which had to be taken in order to achieve a Jews-only state. In these times of demographic change in the West, those seeking a solution to the impending crisis facing European man will do well to study this plan. No matter what the current problems of Israel may be, the reality is that it is a Jewish homeland, majority occupied by Jews and a basis from which that people will be able to survive whatever racial demographic invasion might swamp the West. European survival will depend upon the creation of geographic, territorial enclaves, and this book tells how it can be done. Significantly, Herzl points out that anti-Semitism would be one of the biggest “push” factors which would drive Jews to the Zionist state. This is of bearing to Europeans, given what will be the increasingly anti-white nature of many of the “multi-racial” Western states. This book is more than a historical document. It is a manual, a guidebook for those seeking to create an ethno-state. It should be read by all those serious about creating such a haven for the increasingly beleaguered European people.”

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” It is a manual, a guidebook for those seeking to create an ethno-state. ”

          Thanks for the notice .

    • MOB
      MOB says:

      This would be related to KM’s commitment to the “top-down,” secret, elitist paradigm on which CMS is based (following the NY Intellectuals / Partisan Review model). I have always thought there was a causal relationship between the rise of intellectualism and the decline of earlier, potentially more participatory forms of dissidence. From my perspective, there was a shift in the center of gravity — centrifugal to centripetal, horizontal to vertical, active to passive. The focus shifted from planning, organizing, and enacting countermeasures in groups (plus continuing education), to all continuing education.

      Unfortunately, we follow the NY model with a crippling handicap posed by the fact that, before Kristol, Podhoretz and their fellow Jewish peacocks took the stage (1935-1965), significant groundwork and support structures were already firmly in place:

      B’nai B’rith 1843
      The Jewish State 1896
      Poale Zion parties, global 1903
      The American Jewish Committee and the New York Kehillah started organizing Jews in 1906 and 1908
      NAACP 1909
      ADL 1913
      Bolshevik Revolution 1917
      Frankfurt School 1918 (Germany) 1934 (Columbia University et al)
      Holodomor – 1932-1933
      Worldwide Judea Declares War on Germany 1933

  8. Spencer Thomas
    Spencer Thomas says:

    Chap.7 of the CofC was already bulletproof, but now KMAC’s response
    leaves Cofnas in the dust.
    There is no way to deny that Jews deliberately changed the demographics of western nations
    to satisfy their own interests at the expense of innocent white people who now face
    being a hated minority in their own countries. This hateful agenda does not reflect well on organized Jewry.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” This hateful agenda does not reflect well on organized Jewry.”

      The success of that agenda reflects just as badly if not worse on the ultimate viability of White Christian cultures with a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss .

  9. anonym
    anonym says:

    Bizarre debate. On the one hand they can’t stop bragging about their accomplishments (the “vibrant” multi ethnic society, all kinds of “freedom” and “tolerance”), and on the other hand they desperately try to deny it, twisting in all directions and hurl the whole kitchen sink on anyone non-Jewish giving them credit for it.

    But, then again: hundreds of insane terrorist attacks, thosands of stabbings, hundreds of thousands of rapes and gang rapes (or millions?) countless assaults, break-ins and muggings, in every european town a multi ethnic no-go zone and economic sink hole, bizarre debates about how to handle muslim taboos, millions of homeless europeans, millions of unemployed, declining wages…

    But all the bad things are our fault, I guess, since we are the racist, immoral bad ones…

    Since it happened simultaneously in North America, Europe and Australia, by the same type of Jewish activists, with the same buzz words, it’s pretty meaningless to even try to deny it.

  10. NBF
    NBF says:

    A great evisceration of jew Cofnas.

    Even more enraging than the exposure of the triumphant usurper jews & their machinations to steal our birthright nations is the total failure of the White elites to effectively resist them: the scientific race realists who held sway at Ivy League universities at the beginning of the 20th century were somehow just slapped aside like redheaded stepchildren by lying jew Boas & his hirsute co-ethnics; the same with the Frankfurt School scum post WW2; presidents like Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy & Johnson (and others before them) just meekly allowed themselves to be surrounded by jew “intellectual” chiselers whose every word & action was so transparently anti-White.

    They were far too afraid of being called “anti-semites” by the mortal enemies who hated their guts to stand up like men and fight for their besieged people. The stupid, worthless cowards all deserved to get what JFK got.

    And we’re still “led” by nothing but the same type of race traitor filth.

  11. Colin
    Colin says:

    Excellent article and contributing comments. My question regards the modern view of Zionism by liberal American Jews.

    The majority of top cabinet officials in the Biden Administration are Jews. However, it appears that Brandon has been overtly less supportive of Israel — although we cannot know what happens covertly.

    Have powerful American Jews of the Penny Pritzker and Tony Blinken (even Jennifer Rubin) denomination given up? Do they realize that a nuclear armed Iran is inevitable? Moreover, that the internal demographic problem within Israel will lead to a Jewish minority by 2050? And of course, these events must all be understood in the context of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the failure to overthrow Assad in Syria. In essence, American Jewry knows the “New American Century Project” has failed. Therefore, they are cracking down on domestic “White supremacists” and opening the borders to further consummate the replacement. This is best exemplified by the obsession with “saving democracy” and expanding voter rights. And of course, these policies merely ensure that Gentiles have neither the political nor economic power to challenge their ethnic interests — not to mention blame them for radical polices in the future.

    When understanding that less than 30% of Jews voted for Trump in 2020 — despite all his absurd overtures to Israel — one can only conclude that the majority of American Jews are pulling up the ladder and cutting their losses. Especially when understanding that the greater left has turned on Israel and supports BDS. American Jews can choose the left and global human rights — or an apartheid state. They cannot, however, choose both.

    Some may disagree, but such is the only way I can synthesize the actions of powerful American Jews turning on Trump and directly challenging Netanyahu. It’s as if the most influential J’s hope to avoid a nuclear conflict in the Middle East but do not support Israeli policies.


    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” powerful American Jews turning on Trump and directly challenging Netanyahu.”

      Relentless political kabuki theater is the primary way that the sheeple herds are kept under control by TPTB ; explained by Shakespeare about 400 years ago . Some things never change .

      “All the world’s a stage,”…

      ( verbatim from the Shakespeare play “As You Like It” , Act II, Scene 7 )

      where much if not most of worldly journal political affairs is theater sponsored by the Jewish dominated globalist oligarchy . In other words , the real political deals are usually kept secret until it is safe to publicly reveal convenient narratives of them .

  12. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Thank you, I will read the full paper (a privilege, of course). It does indeed seem factual to me that the Ashkenazim provided the material and intellectual support for Cultural Marxism; but I find it interesting that the majority of European elites happily agreed to accept the lucrative positions in this system offered to them by the Ashkenazim, instead of experiencing an innate extreme moral disgust and anger after becoming cognizant of the intentional Ashkenazi attempt to undermine European genetic fitness – a disgust and anger of sufficient strength to engender these European elites to fight to their last breath in opposing it. They didn’t even, at the least, just decide that they would not use their high intelligence to harm their own people and would thus either take simple “Amish-like” jobs where they can just earn enough money for basic needs without contributing to the Ashkenazim, or just leave the country. They could have even come to a Spiritual decision that Lucifer was now in charge of America and the time has come for them to just leave Earth for the Next Life. To me, this seems to be a very strong lack of innate Group Selectiveness among the European Elites following the Enlightenment, a genetic weakness that the Ashkenazim took skillful and forceful advantage of.

    • Colin
      Colin says:

      You make some interesting points. White ethnic partisanship stems mainly from a lack of genetic kinship between distantly-related Europeans in America.

      Ashkenazi Jews are endogamous and all related to one another because of inbreeding over hundreds of years. One notices such in their overlapping intelligence, temperament, psychopathy, and political orientation. This is why Jewish academics (Boas and Gould) successfully worked so hard to suppress all research into genetics.

      Whereas Europeans are less cohesive than the Japanese are to South Koreans — who still despise one another. I have noticed distinct differences in personality and phenotype between Anglo-Saxons and Scots-Irish in the South compared to Scandinavians from Minnesota and Wisconsin. I think these differences matter broadly speaking in respect to understanding the Jewish problem — especially the Evangelical bent towards Zionism.


  13. Harald E Brandt
    Harald E Brandt says:

    In Sweden, we had a similar period of a strong Jewish influence to make Sweden multicultural, from about 1966 to 1975. I would like to strongly recommend a documentary that explains how and why it came to be multicultural, including the changing of laws to facilitate that:

    **Why is Sweden multicultural? (Documentary ENG subtitles)** – a full length 1h43m documentary that highlights the transition from a homogenous Sweden to a multicultural one:

    It’s language is Swedish but with English subtitles. It has been extremely well received in Sweden by various alternative media groups (but of course not by mainstream media).

    It is produced by Palaestra Media, and first released 27th August 2021 to a small private audience.

      • Harald E Brandt
        Harald E Brandt says:

        It was heavily pushed by Jewish media among “intellectuals”, starting in 1964, with a legislative pinnacle in 1975 by changing the basic law (similar to a constitution). But the surprising fact is that there was hardly any debate that reached the ordinary man, and certainly nothing that went into any election campaign, so the bill was unanimously passed by the Swedish parliament “in silence”! There was a Jewish influence in all parties. All this despite the Jewish population of Sweden is less than 0.2%!

        Today, the Sweden Democrats (62 of 349 seats in the parliament) are demonized by all the other parties as “far-right anti-immigration”, despite it is not anywhere near that. It is pro EU, favors “open Swedishness”, has many non-European members, and has been heavily infiltrated by Jews or strongly philosemitic people. This is what less than 0.2% of the population can do!

    • MOB
      MOB says:

      Harald, you posted https://odysee.com/@Palaestra:4/Why-is-Sweden-multicultural:7

      This video describes, with utmost clarity, the who, what, why, where and when of the national-to-multucultural process that is being carried out without pause and with increasing speed. It focuses on the leading role played by Jews, their deception and lies, and the ethnic reinforcement that renders individualistic Swedes too weak to fight back against the Jewish collective.

      I have never believed that Jews behave as they do in order to feel safe or to fight antisemitism. I attribute to them an inborn lack of innocence, a propensity to manipulate to benefit self or disadvantage another, and a fanatical determination to win, which for Jews means to control, dominate, and destroy.

      I think this video should be distributed far and wide. I’d like to put a copy on my website, but I only know how to do that with Youtubes, which can disappear without explanation.

  14. Problematic Joel
    Problematic Joel says:

    Is there a contradiction between your CofC claims about psychoanalysis and ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ being forms of Jewish activism and your continuing reliance on Rothmann’s and Lichter’s book ‘Roots of Radicalism’? This is in itself a psychoanalysis book (I assume both authors are also Jewish), and on page 35 of the preface the authors cite Adorno’s work ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ as their principal model. Throughout their book Rothmann and Lichter employ the methods and terminology of psychoanalysis to explain radical politics as some expression of father-son conflicts and matriarchal Jewish households. Yet, on page 87 of 2013 Kindle Edition of the CofC, for example, you accept at face value Rothmann’s and Lichter’s psychoanalytical speculations about how Jewish radicals in America have been aiming at the “weakening of the social order”.

  15. MOB
    MOB says:

    Harald, you posted https://odysee.com/@Palaestra:4/Why-is-Sweden-multicultural:7

    This video describes, with utmost clarity, the who, what, why, where and when of the national-to-multucultural process that is being carried out without pause and with increasing speed. It focuses on the leading role played by Jews, their deception and lies, and the ethnic reinforcement that renders individualistic Swedes too weak to fight back against the Jewish collective.

    I have never believed that Jews behave as they do in order to feel safe or to fight antisemitism. I attribute to them an inborn lack of innocence, a propensity to manipulate to benefit self or disadvantage another, and a fanatical determination to win, which for Jews means to control, dominate, and destroy..

    I think this video should be distributed far and wide. I’d like to put a copy on my website, but I only know how to do that with Youtubes, which can disappear without explanation.

  16. Howard Edwards III
    Howard Edwards III says:

    I think it is healthy that this debate is brought to an audience outside of more specialised outlets.

    So kudos to Mr. Kevin McDonald for doing this.

    And regardless of ownership of this paper, they did publish it probably due to this knowledge slowly or fast comming more into the forefront.

    I also want to say i APPRECIATE THE FORMULATION:

    “fear of a relatively homogeneous white majority”

    This seems to be a shift all very subtle in Mr. Kevin MacDonalds theories regarding the policies that seems to have been adopted by jewish organizations and communities around the world.

    Of course speculating regarding these different factors is hard. What caused the efforts being made by many in this cultural group? What motivated these decisions and attitudes.

    Previously Mr. Kevin MacDonald has written that the goal of these policies was to make white americans, a minority in order to avoid any possibility of an anti jewish political change. Indeed such ideas has been openly talked about by jews.

    But it does not put into focus that jews has viewed racial mixtures of white christians as a way of getting rid of racism, to soften whites attitudes on this matter.

    And Mr. Kevin MacDonald has expressed that wwII may have influenced the policies.

    But the obsession with racial mixture has been a focus for jews (some not all) before that. Indeed this may have been amplified by wwII.

    But the ideas were there before although probably not as prevailent (like in the play: “the melting pot”, various jewish community mmbers saying mixing whites with other races was a good idea and should take place and so on).

    I did see a video that referenced 3 books by jews that after wwII suggested mixing white germans with arabs and africans (bringing in males from these races to do so) would make germans less racist, soften them, mellow them.

    Was this then adopted on all white populations. Probably so.

    I do think jews have had and have panic over the attacks on them during history and also seems to in general lack any understanding as to why these attitudes have arrissen.

    But the Mr. Kevin MacDonald write that jews who founded Israel had a good understanding regarding this. Maybe there has been a good article on the subject here on TOO, but then I must have missed it.

    Anyways I certainly do not blame all jews.

    And I do think many jews and part jews have contributed greatly to the western world.

    And I do hope things will be brighter in the future.

    Also, Happy New Year to everyone and the best for 2022!

  17. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Well, I’ve completed reading the 32 page paper (and I’m of course grateful, since I consumed this product without offering compensation). I think the paper has provided ample evidence supporting the theory that the Ashkenazim have been highly Group Selected, Ethnocentric, and high in mental traits such as ‘g,’ Industriousness, In-Group Altruism,’ and Spirituality/Monumentalism. And I believe the paper has provided ample evidence supporting the theory that the Ashkenazim have engaged in an aggressive attempt to undermine European genetic fitness via the promotion of Cultural Marxism. I especially valued how Prof. MacDonald provided the quantitative measurements of the absolute numbers of Europeans at each IQ range above average versus that of the Ashkenazim, demonstrating that at each above-average IQ range, European-Americans greatly exceeded the Ashkenazim with respect to absolute population count. By controlling for this variable, other behavioral traits of the Ashkenazim can be scrutinized and correlated with observed attempts to undermine European ethnic interests. What stood out to me was that given the fact that high IQ Europeans far outnumbered high IQ Ashkenazi individuals, how can it be argued that the Ashkenazim were the actual cause of European decline. As I understand it, in evolutionary terms, it was most adaptive for races to evolve a normal distribution for intelligence, where only a small percent of the races were selected to be the leaders for the purpose of guiding the races (or at least the more ‘k’/slow life history races) towards adaptive cultural practices. The rest of the races’ members were not designed to comprehensively understand the more complex issues and were selected to carry out duties that proportionally required more “muscles than brains.” Thus, it was the duty of the high IQ Europeans, who far outnumbered the high IQ Ashkenazim, to instruct the European masses that the Ashkenazim were hostile ethnic competitors and should be kindly/gently/comfortably relocated outside of the country. Instead, this European elite chose to disregard their race’s genetic fitness and instead follow an Individually Selected path, serving their own individual evolutionary advancement by prostituting themselves to the Ashkenazim in exchange for resources. In other words, as I understand it, there is no way the Ashkenazim could have been a problem if the European elites actually did their jobs.

    One more point – the paper suggests that Gentile elites, after listening to the scientific “evidence” from Boas, the students of Boas, and Boas enthusiasts, were deceived into accepting the claim of racial genetic equality, and that political elites, after being deceived, suggested more egalitarian laws. My speculation though is that these Gentiles elites were not deceived; I hypothesize that these elites possessed sufficient ‘g’ to, simply by cursory observation, deduce that races were innately different in behavior and intelligence, especially those races of the largest magnitudes of average genetic differences from Europeans, e.g., the Sub-Saharan Africans and Aborigines. I conjecture that these elites, not possessing adequate Group Selectedness, simply decided that it was best for their careers that they go along with the Ashkenazim. In fact, I speculate that every ethnic European with at least average levels of ‘g’ surreptitiously believe that races are innately different and believe that the presence of some races in their communities are detrimental to their well being. However, now no longer being Group Selected, they have an aversion to Eurocentrism due to an accurate perception that such a society would place restrictions on behaviors that don’t serve the collective interests of Europeans. You see, now being Individually Selected, contemporary Europeans instead favor political models such as quasi-Libertarianism, or in the case of individuals with relatively high ‘g,’ Liberalism since they know they are in a position to successfully prostitute themselves to the Ashkenazim and live in wealthy communities that are isolated from the genetic diversity.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” there is no way the Ashkenazim could have been a problem if the European elites actually did their jobs.”

      Those elites were abiding by their Christian religion which gives little if any significance to White racial preservation .
      In Christianity , fidelity to the religion is Job No. 1 .

      Most by far of White suffering from the genocidal elimination , by the notorious Fabian socialist modus operandi of boa constrictor gradualism , is due to the sad misfortune of massive Westernworld White Christian ignorance of the actual implications and ramifications of Christianity in regards to racial preservation . In particular , USA White Christians in general have very meager critical analytical skills especially with regard to their religion which has holy scriptures opposing critical thinking about anything .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        the mind-body dichotomy:

        Each side wants the State to support their highest values with force and fake money.
        To the right spirit is most important- genetics is of the body and therefore of way lesser import.
        To the left body is most important- meaning economics, favoring totalitarian control. Curiously the left hates genetics even though it’s of the body.

        The real biggest problem is the growth of the State. This correlates with the rise of the idealistic philosophies, especially those of George Berkeley and Immanuel Kant. Both of these A-holes [my evaluation] assert that the senses are not valid for acquiring real knowledge. See Against Method by Paul Feyerabend- “anything goes,” all methods of thought are equally valid. . .epistemological anarchy is perfectly acceptable. Nonsense is actually being advocated- now we are immersed in it. Yes ideas do have consequences! [PF was a professor at University of California at Berkeley. Look at California Commie politics today] The nonsense views have produced an orgy of Statism and State worship- that is our biggest enemy- multiplied by jew control of the State. The biggest damage from the State is the fake money hegemon.

        In the Manifesto Marx has one main demand- abolition of private property. Abolition of reason was unmentioned. To reverse the damage we need radical private property with no regulation whatsoever. Property and contract, with neither State nor Jew middlemen.

        Here is an example of why we oppose regulation: In 1934 the Federal Communication Commission was formed. CBS went to jew Paley, NBC went to jew Sarnoff, and ABC went to jew Goldenson. A communist shared monopoly ever since. . .”we succeed because we don’t name ourselves, and because we know how to apply political pressure.”

        So we must fight for private property and its corollary the right to contract [exchange property]

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          The fight would be against The Jews of concern ( not all Jews ) where any chance of White victory would depend on effective asymmetric warfare .

    • Howard Edwards III
      Howard Edwards III says:

      Well high IQ Europeans tend to be in such professions as science, art, business, industry, innovation, technology, academia, litterature and the like.

      Hence they have been effectively enslaved.

      If they work for the state, the state tend to be full of politicians that are dependent on a media machinery where a majority tend to be owned by jews.

      For these other professions they often need jewish owned media or social media to reach out with their products to reach the masses. Hence need it to make a living. Hence enslaved.

      Which may have been a motivation for Karl Marx if everyone was dependent on the state, and jews run it in communism, then noone can be against jewish aggressive policies, because the state would destroy them.

      So it is in effect a jewish run semi capitlistic dictatorship.

      Also the fault of poorly educated hitler and his wars and the holocaust. Now everyone discussing jewish aggressive policies is labeled a nazi. And almost noone wants to be a nazi.

      But many high IQ individuals have spoken out against jews be that quite often in an untasteful way. Dostojevsky, Hamsun, Strindberg, Wagner and Shakespeare come to mind. Indeed this was before wwII. And after that there has been pretty silent except for Mr. Kevin MacDonald and also Mr. William Pierce (and I dissagree with many of Mr. William Pierces ideas).

      One may argue however that this oposition as such may have been too late or too little or to unorganized or something which is certainly not the fault of the two individuals mentioned.

      Even Mr. Kevin MacDonald used to express that he hoped jews would integrate or assimilate to a degree like the Italians have according to his writings if I do remember correctly.

      The jews argument seems to be that these policies are just random jews pushing them as individuals and that some jews oppose them.

      But I certainly believe their many organizations and get togethers have been pushing the agendas mentioned. And I do think this has been in not too agressive sounding formulations such as: “It should be our (jewish) policy to paint the multicultural society and immigration in a positive light”.

      This means hiding all negaitve effects and highlighting what they see as positive effects.

      Hence hiding crimes commited by immigrants and blacks and amplifying crimes made by whites.

      The focus lately in advertising seems to be racial mixture though. This ćertainly has been pushed by jewish advertising agencies that are dominant and jews push these things on their emplyees indeed. Certainly with words that sound fancy like “diversity” and the like.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Sanjay, due to the intellectual inheritance of the West, via Greek, Judea/Christian legacies, it is easier for the more intelligent to deceive themselves, as you stated, as these abstractions, thoughts, values, ideas, concepts, etc. can be given novel names, put into created categories, and then more abstractions can be heaped and derived from them. The colossal error is that the original abstractions, conceptualizations, etc., were given “Given” and axiomatic presumptions as Truth. Boas, and other deceptive influencers (like pimps convince vulnerable young women), that once you can get your “mark” or sucker to accept something as True or Valid, the rest is downhill. Over time, more people jump on the bandwagon’s momentum, and very few have the guts and will suffer the consequences of group rejection, loss of material and other forms of support.

      And that above, the inverse, is the role of the hero, the Nietzchean “Superman”, the better man, the Natural Leader. Willing to pay the price for honesty and truth. In the early religions of Christianinanity, there were Saints who said, “I will stand alone”. Of course in their mind they were not alone or sequestered because they were One with the Divine.

      During the immoral and misguided and contrived Vietnam War, Buddhist monks immolated themselves in public venues, while in the West, pastors talked a lot, and young people coalesced into shouting slogans. Frank Zappa, the musical genius and expositor of The Illuminati on the Johnny Carson show was asked if he had joined in any of these protests and did he ever consider joining. He said that the main benefit for him would be getting a blow job easily. Anything for Peace and Love.

      Buddhism and the warrior ethos: https://www.wildmind.org/blogs/on-practice/the-buddha-as-warrior

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      What is the self-produced wealth of a high IQ Gentile in comparison to the self-produced wealth of a high IQ jew?

  18. MOB
    MOB says:

    Thank you, Harald, for posting the link to the excellent video that you posted, which describes so clearly the mainly Jewish-designed and executed process of, in this case, transforming an entire country. Such a video eliminates the need for nebulous speculations and opinions like the ones offered in the comments that follow your post – nebulous, at least, to me.

  19. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Mayo says that, “Promoting the work of an “anti-Semite” (quotes mine) in an academic journal LEGITIMIZES (caps mine) it”. So what does that mean?”Approves of it?” “Certifies it as “true (quotes mine)?” What an mindless thing for an “editor” (quotes mine) to say.

    The paragraph beginning and ending: “It is not about censorship….put it in context”, is simply hilarious with no need to go into a detailed criticism of it. And she’s worried about someone putting out there the work an “anti-Semite”? What about the work a FIRST -CLASS MORON, and, yes, an “anti-Goy” to boot.

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