Lipton Matthews: A Conversation with Richard Lynn


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  1. Cheese
    Cheese says:

    Why do people on the Right still entertain this pseudo-scientist who manipulates data to fit the dumb “r-K selection theory”?

    For example, he deliberately ignores studies showing low Chinese average IQs in the mid 70s to mid 90s and instead chooses samples from urban, affluent populations (incidentally, this is exactly what China does with the PISA, it would be like the American score only being drawn from WASPy Massachusets private schools)

    Genetics have now transformed our understanding of human nature, the likes of Lynn belong in the history books and his works are not to be taken seriously by anyone.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    This grand cancellation of the “likes” of Richard Lynn and all their works is an obviously ideologically motivated proposal; all serious scientific research proceeds by correction and improvement; e.g. r-K selection theory. The sampling of Chinese IQ by Lynn and Rushton has indeed raised the question-mark here. But it is worth noting that the possibility of high East Asian and Jewish Ashkenazim intelligence has politically allowed some re-introduction of the possibility of low “African” compared to “Aryan” intelligence. Genetic research in recent years has confirmed various ethnic susceptibilities to disease; different biological adaptations to high altitude atmospheres in Tibet and the Andes; subtle variations in Chinese and European brains; etc.
    I shall believe in the genetic uniformity of everyone on the planet when Pygmies win the Olympic long jump, hereditary disabilities disappear of their own accord, and men are indistinguishable from women.
    See also Charles Murray’s “Human Diversity” (2020).

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