Éric Zemmour on the Great Replacement and Civic Nationalism

The conservative French-Jewish pundit Éric Zemmour may well become France’s next president. The centerpiece of his campaign is opposition to the Great Replacement. The latter means the ongoing trend of substitution of the indigenous populations of France and Europe by non-European immigrants, in particular by Africans and Muslims.

In his most recent book, Zemmour writes the following on the Great Replacement:

I have the impression that no politician rightly apprehends what is at stake: the death of France as we knew her. . . . One simply needs to look at the films of [the 1960s and 70s] to realize this. The “great replacement” is not a myth, nor a conspiracy, but an implacable process. This vital identitarian question renders all other questions subsidiary, even the most essential such as education, industry, social protection, or the place of France in the world. I am sure that no candidate – not even Marine Le Pen – will dare to impose this identitarian and civilizational quarrel in the campaign. . . . Only [the far-left] Jean-Luc Mélenchon dares to mention the subject, but only to glorify the future of a mixed-race, “creolized” France …[1]

Zemmour’s central campaign promise is “zero immigration” to France (presumably not including immigration from the European Union). In addition, he would deport foreign criminals and would deprive criminal dual nationals of French citizenship (a suitable prelude to deportation). Significantly, French citizens of Turkish or Arab origin typically are dual nationals by default.

The key measures on immigration would be submitted to a national referendum. If successful, this clear expression of the people’s will would enable the government to punch through the predictable opposition of globalist elites in the media and judiciary. Great Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, despite the kicking and screaming of globalist elites, shows that referenda can lead to concrete results going against Establishment preferences.

In addition to his opposition to the Great Replacement, Zemmour is a forthright civic nationalist. He wants migrants to “assimilate,” by which he means to become culturally indistinguishable from Frenchmen. He is opposed to Islam as a “totalitarian” religion and wants Muslims to have a purely interiorized private spirituality, like Christianity, with no role in French public life. Zemmour’s assimilationist zeal goes so far as to propose restoring an old law mandating that children born in France be given only traditional French names.

Clearly there are serious contradictions here. The French “assimilationist” model has already failed, producing about the same results that we see in the United States or Great Britain: a society marked by ethnic stratification, clustering, and conflict. Today, around a third of newborns in France are African or Muslim, simply making assimilation obsolete. No doubt Zemmour can see this. His clinging to assimilation may be due to a combination of personal reasons (his own position as a proudly assimilated French Jew) and political ones (electoral palatability). Significantly, Zemmour has previously said that he understands why young French whites no longer believe in assimilation and that his attachment to it is due to his belonging to an older generation.

The Great Replacement in Practice: Kosovo and Seine-Saint-Denis

A typical street scene in Seine-Saint-Denis

In his book, Zemmour goes into vivid detail on the existential threat that the Great Replacement poses for France. He often compares the emerging new France to Kosovo or Lebanon, where besieged Christian minorities live at the mercy of the new Muslim majorities. He notes that in Kosovo, a highly important province in the history of Serbia, Muslim Albanians became the majority by the early twentieth century. With the 1999 NATO bombings the Muslim Albanians became the rulers over the Serb minority:

[I]n the 1970s, Orthodox Serbs represented only 13% of the population. Today they are only 5%, expulsed from the capital, Pristina, confined to enclaves, as ostracized second-class citizens, when they are not persecuted, martyrized, chased out of the land of their ancestors. The ethnic cleansing is accompanied of course by a religious and cultural great replacement. Medieval churches are burned down by ecstatic Muslim crowds, mosques dripping with gold-leaf are built in their place, financed by the nabobs of Saudi Arabia and Qatar: the inexorable and cruel reality of a great replacement that does not exist![2]

Zemmour often sarcastically remarks on the alleged “non existence” of these demographic and civilizational changes. He denounces the academic “sophists” who claim no significant change has occurred, falsely arguing that populations have always been in complete flux. The mainstream media-political establishment in France claims the Great Replacement is a mere “conspiracy theory.”

On the contrary, the demographic Great Replacement is prepared by a symbolic replacement in the cultural sphere. France, we are told, has “always” been a diverse land of immigration and thus there is nothing novel at all about the Afro-Islamization of the country. A museum of immigration celebrating these changes was installed precisely in … the building of the 1931 colonial expo celebrating France’s intercontinental empire in Africa and Indochina! Zemmour observes: “In the museums of France, too, it is the hour of the great replacement.”[3]

In France, the shape of things to come is announced by the département (county) of Seine-Saint-Denis, which makes up the northeast suburb of greater Paris, a significant place in French history as the resting place of our kings. For Zemmour, “Seine-Saint-Denis is the symbol of this great replacement which does not exist.”[4] Over two thirds of newborns have at least one foreign parent. Over 60% of youths are of foreign origin. But these figures are merely indicative: the administration simply doesn’t know how big the population is or how many illegal immigrants there are (estimated between 8 and 20% of the population).

While President Emmanuel Macron may hold up Seine-Saint-Denis as “California without the sea” [sic!], the territory is an economic basket case. National civil servants flee postings there after 2.7 years on average, despite a €10,000 bonus, whereas they last 7 years in the more comfortable département of Essonne. Huge urban renewal projects lead to no lasting change and even the corporate offices set up there (taking advantage of special tax breaks) fail to attract local workers: they are unqualified. Zemmour argues the issue is one of human capital, not infrastructure: “the problem is the content, not the container.”

Zemmour sees the State’s efforts in Seine-Saint-Denis as useless, akin to the myth of Sisyphus. Furthermore, the territory’s mosques have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, as documented by the sociologist Gilles Keppel. No wonder François Hollande told journalists that France’s multicultural situation will “end with a partition.”[5] For Zemmour, “Kosovo is the future of Seine-Saint-Denis; Seine-Saint-Denis is the future of France.”

Zemmour on the Limits of Civic Nationalism

While an ardent advocate of assimilation, Zemmour can also be quite frank on the failures and weaknesses of civic nationalism. He is critical of the many French Jews who, at the time of the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and the Arabs, suddenly rediscovered their Jewish identity and began publicly agitating in favor of Israel.

For Zemmour, this acting on behalf of one’s sectarian community, as opposed to the national community, is a dangerous faux pas for anyone who claims to be a citizen. However, he is cognizant that it is difficult, even a constant effort, to override ethnic reflexes for the sake of the political community:

Assimilation is a mode of integration which demands cerebral control of one’s most archaic reflexes; a rational detachment which the supreme intelligence of [the Jewish anthropologist Claude] Lévi-Strauss pushed very far when he declared that if Hitler had completed his project of exterminating the Jews, the Earth would not have stopped going round, nor humanity have stopped living, just as it has digested the disappearance of other peoples, in particular the Indians of America.[6]

During the Six Day War, Lévi-Strauss was able to remain a detached French citizen, but not so his fellow citizen and fellow Jew, the normally unflappably dispassionate Raymond Aron. Once scratched, the normally supremely rational and composed Aron discovered wellsprings of ethnic feeling for his fellow Jews. On Aron’s unconscious Jewish identity, Zemmour’s assessment is very similar to my own.

Zemmour draws an interesting parallel between Lévi-Strauss and Jean Raspail: two men who had an intimate knowledge and real appreciation for indigenous peoples across the world, something which contributed to their realization that the peoples of Europe were also worth preserving.[7]

Zemmour’s Jewish identity

Zemmour defines himself as “a Jew of Algeria raised in the Parisian suburbs whose family heritage and readings have transformed into a Frenchman of the land and of the dead.”[8] He contrasts himself with politicians like François Bayrou, a native Frenchmen from rural southeast France, who have enthusiastically embraced globalism.

Zemmour has one interesting argument in favor of his membership of the French nation: he is not an immigrant but his people were granted citizenship after his native Algeria was conquered by the French![9] Thus he considers himself as French as an Alsatian or a Corsican.

Jewish community leaders have unequivocally condemned Zemmour. The chief rabbi of France has called Zemmour an “anti-Semite,” while the official Jewish lobby of France (the CRIF) has called for “not one single Jewish vote” to be cast for him. Zemmour considers the CRIF to be a baleful “State within the State,” influencing policy towards sectarian ends.

The journalist Léa Salamé once criticized Zemmour on television for being an “ashamed Jew” who wanted to be “more goyish than the goy.”[10] Zemmour could only laugh at Salamé’s inconsequence: as a Christian Lebanese, her parents had fled her home country precisely because of the Islamization and resulting civil war that he is precisely trying to prevent in France.

France: death or renewal?

Zemmour says he has seen civil war coming in France since October 1989, when three Moroccan girls in the city of Creil, north of Paris, refused to remove their Islamic headscarves at school.[11] The girls only backed down not when this became a French national scandal, but when the king of Morocco, Hassan II, told them to.[12] With or without Zemmour, I cannot say if and when France will experience violent ethno-religious civil war à la Lebanon or a more gradual decline into third-world violence and social dysfunction à la Brazil.

If elected, Zemmour will not be able to restore the old France. Remigration on that scale is simply not on the cards today, nor can the tremendous social and technological changes of the past decades be wound back. However, Zemmour may well be able to significantly stem the flow of Afro-Islamic immigration. That alone would be a worthy goal: the French would be infinitely more secure as a two-thirds majority in their own country, rather than a minority like the Christians of Kosovo and Lebanon.

Zemmour often remarks on the fundamental asymmetry between atomized post-68 liberal Whites and Muslims who still have a strong sense of religion and clan:

For forty years, the [French] community of citizens has been disintegrating under the blows of a society of individuals who only want to know their rights, and not their duties, and see in the State only a distributor of services and laws to satisfy their smallest caprices. Individuals without roots and without history, who dream of themselves as “citizens of the world” detached from any national mooring. … They call a “republic” this society of individuals which no longer has anything to do with the Republic of citizens. It is in this abyssal void that Islamic diasporas have taken root, increasingly numerous, bound together by the archaic notions of family, clan, and religion, and who import these archaisms into a blind postmodernity which sees in them only isolated individuals. The most skilful representatives of these diasporas have well understood how to use this liberalism to explode what remains of the Nation-State and of the Republic, to emancipate themselves from its now-feeble tutelage, and impose in its place, in foreign enclaves, the archaic law of Allah.[13]

The mass sexual abuse of White girls by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham and other English cities or the 2015–16 New Year’s Eve sexual assaults on White women by Muslims in Cologne[14] are early examples of this clash between clannish Third-World cultures and isolated Western individuals.

Significantly, Zemmour also promises to dismantle at least parts of the legislative and media apparatus persecuting French patriots. In particular, “hate speech” laws are to be abolished and litigious “anti-racists” starved of their generous subsidies at taxpayer expense.

No one can say how stable or effective a nationalist regime in France—under Zemmour or anyone else—would be. However, we can say that such a government might be able to prevent France’s final submersion and eliminate many of the boundaries of discourse imposed on French patriots and defenders of indigenous Europeans. And, if successful, no doubt this example from a founding nation of the European Union would reverberate across the continent.

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    • Albert
      Albert says:

      It’s Jews, always Jews.
      Anyone who wants to know the Jew needs to read the great professor William Luther Pierce.

    • JM
      JM says:

      Thanks for this clarification M. Durocher.

      And how compliant is ‘Léa Salamé’! She has clearly learned, but capitulates to the career requirement anyway.

      As for the comments of Robert Ferrara and Frenly Groyper: did you actually read this essay?

    • Whitespace
      Whitespace says:

      I don’t understand how people become so convinced that Jews are the only people you need to take seriously. I’ve had threaten me on the basis of some right wing view. Clearly his outrage was pre-fabricated and clearly built on the Jewish lineage Kevin MacDonald outlines in CoC. Does that mean that I would be safe around guys like that? Hell no.

      Mice shouldn’t take refuge in a fox hole to escape cats. That’s exactly the mildly retarded thinking that had helped ensure the conservatives will always lose. Here Marcuse is absolutely correct: Incremental improvements under tyranny tend to strengthen it. Until the right openly comes to terms with the fact that the Jews as a people are not their friends, they will lose.

      But people like you can’t and don’t need to be taken seriously because you’re seeking to compensate by making that topic idee fix. Even where Jewish dominated influences have compounded a problem, it may well be fatal on its own.

      • JM
        JM says:

        “…people like you can’t and don’t need to be taken seriously because you’re seeking to compensate by making that topic idee fix.”

        And what might your credentials be? Other than having found the Philosopher’s Stone of “all Jews are the same”?

        For what it’s worth, I don’t recall that MacDonald has ever made such a claim.

        We – all – no matter what our pretensions are, fight from the – revised – positions and indeed ethno-racial kinds from whence we came.

        This pox arises almost entirely from the US of A and has been imposed on the rest of the European based nations. In the first instance, wiseacres of your ilk allowed it to happen. The fact that the theory of it all has been – belatedly – presented to the rest of us – is small consolation.

        You are so stupid and crass. You know NOTHING of Europe and its nuances. And your ilk use blunt instruments to “inform”. You are worse than a bull in a China shop, you half baked Yankee.

  1. frozy
    frozy says:

    One day, Zemmour said: “I bless the day the French conquered my ancestors. Before they came, Algeria was nothing but a cesspool and a backwater of the Ottoman empire. It is the French who turned it into a country”. THAT is the kind of patriotism in question here, that can hold the candle to any hardcore nationalist from any country in the world. And yes, dear TOO readers, he is a Jew, albeit non believer. The other Jewish French intellectuals and organizations abhor him.

    • Robert Maune
      Robert Maune says:

      He’s bankrolled by them too. I am writing this from France. Zemmour exists to divide the French Right and make them an unelectable salad of splinters, just as the LePen family has done for 40 years. It’s a sour trick.

  2. George Romanian
    George Romanian says:

    I don’t trust Zemmour one bit. The Jews in France are trying to contain an unexpected phenomenon: the antisemitism of the Muslims the Jews themselves ushered in. The French Right has been zemmourised. I’m not surprised one bit that a Sefard Jew is now leading the Right in France. It’s the only thing they can do at this moment. They cannot allow a real French guy ride the wave of discontent. They must mobilize the French against the Muslims turned hostile to Jews. He’s a seducer, much more refined than Trump. Make no mistake, Zemmour will serve his kin’s interests, not France’s. Everyday on my drive to work I listen to France Inter. They are constantly bashing Zemmour, just like CNN and NBC did with Trump. They want to make sure that Zemmour will harness the discontent, and no other. I post the link to Mr. Phillippe Ploncard d’Assac’s conference from 2018 for Mr. Durocher and other French speakers. This conference opened my eyes in regard to Zemmour and his role.

    Bon courage, les amis !


    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very well said, George! I said the same thing. This puppet is a far more refined version of Donald “The Clown” Trump; a bastard and a traitor who did nothing but bend over backwards to the Blacks and Browns while licking the boots of the Zionist billionaires.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      But if Zemmour can halt immigration and deport a bunch of undesirables, that buys time for the real French. What is the alternative? And there are Jews who are both Zionist and prowhite (I know several personally). If I were a Jew, that’s what I would be. Jews enjoy great liberty and wellbeing in France. Their only enemy is the Muslims, who are also the enemies of everyone else.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t know anything about French politics, but I’d bet my life Jews are trying to harness French discontent in any direction except where it’s needed most.
      Though I’d also bet my life Jewish elites knew fine well the Muslim invaders would be ‘antiSemitic’. But what do they care about that? You imagine they care one bit about a few peasant Jews beat up or gunned down at their schools?
      They’d sacrifice(& that’s exactly how they see it) a million, ten million, 100 million Jews to kill Western civilization. In fact, the more dead, the better.
      This is exactly how the Jewish elite thinks.
      They don’t care about angry Muslim hoardes, they are no threat to their power. Angry whites are a different matter, they sense danger here, hence Zemmour.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Very good observation Emmicho. Very true. (((They))) would sacrifice ANYONE to achieve their goals. I always believed that one of the reasons for their success is their fanaticism and ruthlessness. They do not take prisoners. We would do very well by imitating them, in that regard only! (LOL)

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          Pray to your (((God))) . It’s the same Semitic desert deity.

          A word of caution to a Goyim though , your God plays local racial favourites, very much like ( God’s ) ethnic cognate Las Vegas casino owners

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Oh they’d ‘sacrifice’ anyone alright, although us goyim are of course to them on the level of insects, they care as much about our lives as we care about ticks or coackroaches. So we aren’t a very impressive sacrifice, our mass deaths if offered to their God would probably be something of an insult.
          The deaths most longed for by their god is Jews who aren’t as fanatical as the Jewish elite. The ones whose heads have been turned by too much interaction with us unclean goyim. Those are the deaths that give off the ‘lovely burning smell’ or whatever it is.
          This is a religious thing that goes back to some retarded old story in their books. I forget the exact details, but it’s all explained in Israel Shahak’s book. It explains the holocaust gibberish as well.
          The Jewish ‘religion’ makes Islamic jihadis look like a bunch of harmless Pollyanas.
          It’s absolutely insane that 99.99% of whites, Christians as well, think the Jews just believe ‘The Old Testament’.

      • Albert
        Albert says:

        You, Emicho, see things very clearly.
        That is exactly how Jews operate. David Ben Gution, ‘I am a Bolshevik’ Ben Gurion, said that he would rather every Jew in Europe die if they refused to move to Palestinian land.

  3. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    What this man Zemmour says is true and it sounds very nice. HOWEVER, he is a Jew! And once a Jew always a Jew (except for the truly unique and admirable Roger Dommergue). I believe that this guy is what some people call “controlled opposition” (like those fakes called Nigel Farage and Matteo Salvini, for example). Let’s look at it from the practical point of view of political strategy. The situation in France (and ALL traditionally White nations) is terrible; so, the powers that be decided “Let’s do something to prevent an explosion” that means: let’s release some steam to prevent the building up of pressure that would blow-up the house.

    Here comes Mr. Zemmour, like Donald Trump he says the right things (up to a point), and channels all the anger of the genuine French patriots in the right direction. His nationalistic speech is a “light” version; approved by the powers that be, this means his racial brothers. Of course, compared with Donald Trump (a coarse brute who never read a book in his life) Eric Zemmour is a giant.

    To finish this off I shall quote a character from the famous Italian novel “Il Gatopardo” (The Leopard) by Giuseppe Tomasi de Lampedusa (1896-1957). The novel is set in Sicily during the 1860s, a period of revolutionary upheaval. When Prince Fabrizio Corbera, a Sicilian nobleman who detests the idea of a democratic government, is asked his opinion about what to do he says: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” Another and more popular translation is: “Let’s do some changes, so everything will remain the same”. That is the programme and motto of Eric Zemmour and his handlers.
    His patriotism is as genuine as a three-dollar bill.

    • Joseph Guy
      Joseph Guy says:

      Ok, so what do you propose? And please stay in the realm of realities, no WN power fantasies or any fantastic “we will take over blabla”.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        You will never hear any fantasies from me, my friend. I am old enough to not have any illusions nor to believe in or expect miracles. Maybe you do, and that is why you seem to believe that voting will achieve something as if the enemy, who created this evil well-oiled machine called “the electoral system” is going to allow people like us to spoil their party.

        It worked only once because nobody expected a genius and a hero like Adolf Hitler and because most Europeans were not rotten to the core with self-hatred and guilt, like the sheeple you see today.

        What do I propose? Let’s be realistic. We are in deep shit and nobody is going to get us out of it. Carry on spreading the message, don’t give up, but don’t be an idiot thinking that you can create a movement or political party and achieve something. Like Bismarck said: “The problems we are facing today will only be solved with blood and iron”. The question is, when and how?

  4. Albert
    Albert says:

    Zemmour, or Demmon…
    He is a Jew.
    Will he talk about Barbara Spectre and all the other Jews out to destroy all European countries?
    A Jew is a Jew first, not French, not English….etc…..Goldman and Herzl said.
    Never trust a Jew. It doesn’t matter how much he claims to be in your side. Same goes for fakes like Ben Shapiro. Michael Merced, David Horowitz, Mark Levin….. And the list goes on.

    • Joseph Guy
      Joseph Guy says:

      You have any better (realistic) ideas? I would love to hear them. As it stands now, there is no alternative (and no Le Pen is not an alternative).

      • Albert
        Albert says:

        Zemmour will turn to Israel just like the fake French and fake conservative Sarkhozi did.
        TESTICLES for white Frenchmen. The same thing we need in every white country. Denounce Jews everywhere, especially if they pretend to be pro western.
        They are chameleons.

  5. Luke
    Luke says:

    This guy is a jew and jews have a historical record of using their prodigious sized noses to sniff out any
    potential opposition to their White Genocide agenda, and identifying which White leaders might be potential
    electable leaders who, if elected, might become obstacles that their White Genocide agenda and so, in order
    to circumvent the chances of such a White leader being elected – jews have a huge track record of inserting jews into any remotely pro-White, anti-White genocide political movement – elbowing aside the legitimate pro-White, White leaders and putting themselves in charge of these supposedly pro-White movements and then steering them into jew friendly directions.

    Which basically means, maintaining the status quo of pushing White genocide and White race replacement agendas while using their famous talent of spewing verbal bull manure that superficially sounds as if they are pro-White, but this is only designed to snooker the unbelievably stupid and gullible goyims.

    This was the role Trump was assigned to play when he was installed in 2016. He might not have been a jew, but he certainly was a useful shabez goy and he delivered almost NOTHING to his overwhelming White support base.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      That’s correct Luke. It is exactly what I said in my previous comment (the first in this thread). You seem to be the only one who either read it or figured it out by yourself what kind of conman this guy Zemmour is. Anyway, why should we bother? This mess WILL NOT be fixed by fools voting. This will be solved by brute force, but, considering the mindset of the majority of Whites in Europe, it won’t happen. Too soft and cowardly to do something about it. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think so…

  6. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    The other day China banned the BBC .

    The Chinese populace, now may learn far less
    Marxoid , One World propaganda about Muslims, Jews and LBTQ dissidents who afflict the West.

    We must surely extend our congratulations to the Govt. of China.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Perhaps, or Arab expansion just reached it’s natural end. Spain’s geography is much like North Africa’s. It’s not like the Muslim invaders were anything special militarily. It was just conquering vast tracks of empty, barren land based on religious fanaticism.
      Nothing against Christain heroes, but we shouldn’t give the Arabs too much credit.
      The German Goths in control of Spain were themselves invaders. It’s one thing ceding empty deserts to an enemy, it’s quite another surrendering beautiful, rich, heavily populated southern France.
      It’s a good story, but I’ve never seen any evidence Muslims would gobble up then rule all Europeans.

  7. Dennis Brown
    Dennis Brown says:

    in 732AD the Frank King in the battle of tours Chsrles Martel (the Hammer) at the battle of tours drove the muslims out of france. if not for the Hammer there would be no Europe or no United States today. France and Europe and America need a new Hammer to save western Civilization. Talk does no good

    BEIR BUA says:

    My best regards to all Freedom Loving people for 2022 and beyond
    Under the deceptive guise of philanthropy and concern for public health/wellbeing the recent Cofraud Virus and the ongoing UN Sustainable Developfraud Projects pose major challenges to humanity.
    Opening up Europe’s natural resources to pillaging by cash-rich Islamist i9nvestment funds must be counteracted
    Robert Kennedy Jnr’s superb “The Real Anthony Fauci” shows how the human population itself has been betrayed and commodified by the globalist medico-pharma elites with their psychopathic fellow-travellers led by Gates and Schwab
    Interesting times ahead.

  9. Full sun
    Full sun says:

    Opposing the great replacement while actually replacing what should be a good honest patriotic White person. Jews are no very self aware are they?

  10. Surreximus
    Surreximus says:

    Could a more cynical strategy be at play here? Zemmour will peel away the more extreme on the right that would have voted for Le Pen anyway. This will divide the nationalist right votes, thus handing the win to the liberal globalists. Could Zemmour be essentially a Le pen faction spoiler?
    Perhaps Zemmour is just another Jew in the wood pile trying to buy more time to ensure the revolutionary Jews are successful in their long mission of white disenfranchisement and ultimate destruction?

    • Albert
      Albert says:

      The Great Western Europeans who created everything in the modern, world, with the exception of the Samurai sword, always seems to follow some damned Jew.
      Martin Luther warned his brethren but they did not listen. Practically every white nationalist movement is top heavy with Jews or Jew friendly.
      Jared Taylor, mr super duper hhwhite guy, is in love with Jews. Taylor isn’t blind. Surely he knows the guilt of the Jews.
      People like Taylor should be openly condemned by Kevin McDonald, David Duke, the Great Wm Pierce (if he were alive).
      Jews don’t have any problem condemning other Jews who fraternize with the enemy.
      That’s why Jews control every country from Ireland to Russia, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
      Sometimes it seems hopeless how whites are easily duped by Jews. Probably because of Christianity.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Maybe Jews are the curse for creating the modern world? 🤔
        Is the samurai sword a creation of the modern world? I thought it was older, maybe not. I feel offended on behalf of these swords you’d lump them in with all these other modern Lovecraftian monstrosities.

        • Albert
          Albert says:

          It’s OK Emicho. The Samurai sword doesn’t mind. I was actually giving praise to the Japanese . They were Allie’s of Europeans’ saviour.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    Whatever his ethnicity or sincerity, his stated anti-replacement policy will be obstructed by the establishment. If he fails at the first hurdle, his supporters should switch to Le Pen; a coalition of French patriots is needed. Half a leavened loaf today is better than universal manakeesh tomorrow.

  12. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Can´t find a SINGLE actual Frenchman who give a damn about France or the French. As they say..
    .c´est la vie.

  13. B. Smith
    B. Smith says:

    It’s a Jew doing standard Jewish entryism.

    White people not allowed to secure their interests, but if too many Goyim are noticing then a Jew, or Jew-pet like Trump, can pretend to promise to do so — just long enough to waste another irreplaceable increment of time better spent building white strength toward the 14 words.

    He is a cause of nothing, but maybe a symptom of the Jew leadership dabble in strategies to throttle back, to boil the goy-frogs less quickly less they jump out, if so then maybe it can be exploited for a little extra time or breathing space. Other than that this Jew means nothing.

  14. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Zemmour is an obvious spoiler, trying to derail Ms. milqtoast Marine. Jewry has France in its thrall, most unfortunately, like the rest of the White West. I do hope that the French people will wake up in time to save themselves from obliteration.

    Incidentally, since when is German speaking Alsace & Italian speaking Corsica ‘French’ ?

  15. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Guillaume for your reporting on this and great writing.

    I have lived in Brooklyn, NY for a lot of my life. I have lived in sections where there are lots of Israeli nationalists, so from my own empirical observations from getting to know some of them, I can tell you that without a doubt, that Israeli nationalists, nationalist Jews, abhor blacks and Muslims, abhor them like you can’t imagine. I would not even repeat here what they say about them, or the things that they call them. That being said, would Zemmour be a good President in terms of stopping immigration from Africa and Muslim countries? Most likely. Would that benefit native French peoples and France, of course. But right, he’s a Jew. The only way we would know the outcome is if he was actually elected. I would take LePen, or Zemmour any day over the left even though Zemmour is risky for white Christian Europeans.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “I can tell you that without a doubt, that Israeli nationalists, nationalist Jews, abhor blacks and Muslims, abhor them like you can’t imagine. I would not even repeat here what they say about them, or the things that they call them.”
      Yeah, we know. Jewish people are the most bigoted racial supremacists on earth. For everyone else it’s mostly just rational observation and common sense, for them it’s a dogmatic religious thing as well.
      That’s why they punish us with diversity. If they actually liked it, you think they’d share it with us?

  16. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    In the case of Brazil, its northern territory is highly Africanized, but the south had a massive European immigration from the second half of the 19th century, and the first half of the 20th century. They are like two different countries. Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are almost entirely of European descent.

  17. Lasse Karagiannis
    Lasse Karagiannis says:

    I would vote for this Jew because I don’t think that the bad characteristics of the Jew comes from his genetics but stems from a culture coloured by the supremacist religion of Talmudic Judaism.
    Even Hitler employed quite a number of Jews, and it doesn’t seem that he had anything against Jews who had proven themselves on the battlefield.
    There are not many Jews who have broken free but there are quite a few at least who have done that.
    My friend the late Lasse Wilhelmsson was a fierce fighter against Jewish supremacy, for the Non-Jew in Palestine, for the ethnic Swede’s to birthright to the land of his forefather. Then you also have former Jews like Israel Shamir and one must never forget the late Professor the great Israel Shahak who was the first since Nicholas Donin to expose the criminality of Judaism and how the rabbis have deceived the Non-Jew about it in the book “Jewish history Jewish religion the weight of 3000 years”. The damage he did to Organized Jewish ethnic warfare cannot be overestimated. His book is an absolute must-read.
    I think it is a very good indication that Zemmour is hated by the CRIF and I think people like Alain Soral and Herve Rysen will endorse him if he is serious about revoking the hate speech law. If he does this the end result should be that one will be able to call the Holocaust a fraud and if that becomes a reality then the CRIF suffered an imaginable hard blow. They would rather kill this renegade Jew than let that happen.
    I don’t think any Non-Jew in France would be capable to pull off the stunt of revoking the hate-speech law because of the white guilt programming, as a Jew he is somewhat untouchable.

    • Pierre Simon
      Pierre Simon says:

      I fully agree with your analysis. There are several good Jews who have broken away from the Jewish Talmudic curse. Shlomo Sand is another one you haven’t named and Brother Nathanael is another one. Besides, only a Jew can pull this off right now. He cant be called an antisemite or a racist, or a suprematist, and he doesn’t have to fear the accusation of being a denier. I’ve been following Z for a while and he seems sincere and well intentioned. I don’t think you can fake that. And organized jewery hates him, which is a good sign. He was interviewed by a panel of Israeli Jews who asked him a lot of tough questions. He told them he was not a sionist and had never been to the CRIF annual dinner which he hates. Let’s give the man a chance, there is no other option right now. France could die if nothing happens.

  18. Pennslvania Chuck
    Pennslvania Chuck says:

    I think a good man by the name of Martin Luther said, the only good jew is a converted jew.

    If he’s not a Chritian then do not trust. Anf if a Christian who is a zionist dog then not only do not trust but spit on.

    Nothing worse than the ignorant and stupid Christian who believes in the lie if we bless isreal God will bless us.

    We better start doing more than just talking about those filthy ones. Once those ruling over us resolve or reduce external conflicts they’re going to increase the already started persecution of us average citizens. Be wise and at least see it and prepare.

    Jews are a disease. They lied and murdered the Son of God Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul said tbey are opposed to all peopke. History proves it to be so.

    Just look at the filth we are living in. Yes jews behind it all. White women running buck wild being the whore.. Yes jews behind it, too.

    Pray for Russia, men. Cry out to God asking, begging, that by His will Russia lead by President Putin will crush the filthy morally corrupt zionist filth america and west.

    God bless. Amen.

  19. Frontier Psychiatrist
    Frontier Psychiatrist says:

    Many people think that Zemmour can’t be trusted because he’s a jew, regardless of what he says, but how many white leaders have done anything to help whites? You can’t trust them either. People across the West have been voting in white leaders for generations, and look where that has gotten us.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      I think that may be a false dichotomy.

      The real thing is you cannot trust a jew, or a servant of the jews. (or a white fool for that matter).

      Most all white politicians nowdays are servants of the jew to some extent, usually a great extent.

      Also they aren’t voted in for being white, they NEVER talk about white interests so they are voted in for Free Markets, for Good Schools, for Israel, for letting blacks out of prison, for apple pie, did I mention for Israel? — anything but white interests. So you can’t compare them as “white” leaders they are merely grey.

      The white leaders who openly espoused and embraced the white interests of their folk were very reliable indeed — though sadly few of late.

      Uncle Adolf is the shining example of course, and the other top Nasdap leaders like Goebbels, Doenitz, Hess, Goering, even Himmler, but there were a few loyal white Americans of note, or those who at least had white moments. (Old Joe Kennedy, JFK had a few moments, Joe McCarthy, Lindbergh, Ford, and George Patton intended to go home and politic for white people but the Jews (with Omar & Ikes help killed him darn quick).

      Not to forget the notable loyal white British figures and of other white nations as well.

      What we need is not a mythical “jew you can trust”, but to support loyal white leaders.

      Where are they?

      Not in high office I imagine. Some in lower offices and ranks I imagine but keeping their heads down so they don’t get chopped off.

      Loyal white leaders will have to come “out of nowhere” like Hitler, or to a lesser extent Rockwell.

      It would be nice to see white people relentlessly assail politicians of any level with one simple question, over and over and over again: “What have you done for white people? / What are you going to do for white people?”.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s what I think. Who cares if they keep betraying us, are we supposed to expect them to do otherwise?
      The more betrayed normies the better. They are destroying their own rotten system. It might appear these sell-outs aren’t accomplishing anything, but they keep stirring the broth, and slow, ever so slowly we are starting to congeal together.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        Please clarify . ” They keep betraying us”? Oh Dear.

        Are you a Jew ? How can any intelligent Aryan person expect ” betrayal” from Jews. ?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “They keep betraying us” = All politicians who claim to be doing something about immigration, crime, disorder, crap schools, anything basically, and then do the opposite when in power.
          “Are you a Jew” No.
          “How can any intelligent Aryan person expect ” betrayal” from Jews. ?” I don’t really understand this question, nor what you mean.

  20. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    Zemmour is an artificial creation of the media. No one else who speaks out against immigration has been promoted like him. Jean-Marie Le Pen used to be vilified by the media even though he was much more polite, fair and rational about our third-world replacements. He was even vilified for using phrases like “mass immigration” (immigration massive). What’s distasteful is how Zemmour accuses Muslims of ruining our lives, when in fact, Jewish power is destroying White society in all sorts of other ways, besides being responsible for mass immigration.

    But Zemmour could make Marine Le Pen look irrelevant, which is a good thing. She doesn’t have the same nationalist views as people who vote for her. Their priority is to stop immigration, but she prefers to avoid the subject. It’s not just that she’s afraid of the Jewish media. She is not a nationalist at all, or even a conservative. Some people hope that Zemmour will help remove her from the political scene, even if it means that the nationalist vote will be split and neither of them will reach the second round of the presidential election. For now, it looks like Macron will be either re-elected or replaced by Valérie Pécresse, who is just as much of a soulless puppet.

    I hear that Zemmour is backed by the violent Jewish Defense League (Ligue de défense juive), as well as by neo-cons Gilles-William Goldnadel and Elisabeth Lévy, who are regular guests on the CNews TV station. The Israeli Goldnadel specializes in prosecuting nationalists who name the Jew. Guillaume Durocher says that Jewish leaders have unequivocally condemned Zemmour. Maybe so, but there’s still a lot of Jewish power behind him.

    “If elected, Zemmour will not be able to restore the old France. Remigration on that scale is simply not on the cards today”

    On the other hand, the continuation of the large scale invasion remains on the cards. Our Jewish leaders could still bring in as many people in the next twenty years as have been imported in the last 50 years. It works like a ratchet. We can always bring more, but never send any back. I don’t think Zemmour wants to deport the third-world migrants, but a politician with a secret plan for mass deportation had better not say too much. At most, you can talk about encouraging voluntary repatriation. Non-whites are heavily subsidized. I guess many would just as soon collect the money in their home country.

    If a White country has a civil war and it is won by the pro-White side, the media will have to be used to radically change the public discourse and make massive remigration possible. For those who think that White ethnic interests should be systematically ignored, the main argument against mass remigration is that it would be cruel to the migrants. But that idea doesn’t even make sense. The migrants are here for the money and for the comfortable life, but they have a preference for their own people. If they are sent back to their country of origin, it is mainly their wallets that will suffer. Other than that, it will be no worse than a White family having to move from one part of the country to another, either to find a job or because their hometown has been destroyed by immigration. In the case of Whites, it’s considered a survivable experience. If some migrants miss the feeling of living in a hotel-country filled with people of different races and lacking any identity, they can recreate that in some place in Africa. It doesn’t have to be in Europe or the United States. French Guiana could also be sacrificed for that purpose. Anyway, it makes no sense, morally or intellectually, to believe that non-Whites love us so much that we must accept to be destroyed by them.

  21. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    I disagree with the idea that Raymond Aron lost his composure during the Six Day War, while Claude Lévi-Strauss remained a detached French citizen. I see them both as typical Jewish charlatans who took the place of the serious white intellectuals who would have been needed after the war. Both of them were “sociologists”, turned into superstars by the media.

    Sociology in France is a Jewish affair. The wikipedia page about the start of the French school of sociology in the 19th century gives mainly two names: Durkheim and René Worms, two Jews. The wiki page of Worms doesn’t mention his Jewishness but has a picture of his grave with his mother’s name: Cahen.

    In “Le Droit de la race supérieure”, a booklet published in 1914, Urbain Gohier, under the pen name “Isaac Blümchen”, gave a list of professors at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales, in Paris: Théodore Reinach, Léon, Friedel, Cruppi-Crémieux, Dwelshauvers, Hadamard, Brunschwig, Milhaud, Meyerson, Blaringhem, Rosenthal, Lévy-Wogue, Gaston-Raphaël, C.Bloch, G.Bloch, Hauser, Mantoux, Moch, Worms, Yakchtich, Weyll-Raynal, Lévy-Schneider, Bergmann, Zimmermann, Rouff, Léon Cahen, Caspar, Georges-Cahen Bash, Mandach, Boas-Boasson, Mortier, Bluysen, Elie May, Edmond Bloch, etc.

    Louis-Ferdinand Céline made the same complaint in “L’École des cadavres”, a book published in 1938 which denounced the Jewish efforts to start a new war. He compared l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, a department of the Sorbonne, to a synagogue in overdrive (or overpressure). I think both Aron and Lévi-Strauss were part of the problem. In 1945, Aron even became a professor at the newly created ENA school, a powerful tool, along with the Council of State, of the Jewish domination over the central administration. Aron’s daughter is Dominique Schnapper, an anti-White activist who has been deeply involved in the hijacking of French institutions. She was a member of the constitutional council and of the “Dilcrah”, a state institution specialized in fighting racism, antisemitism, and anti-lgbt-ism.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent observations Armoric. I can read French very well and therefore I am familiar with the writings of some great French patriots like Celine, Edouard Drumont, Henry Coston and Alphonse Toussenel. France was taken over politically and culturally by the Jews a long time ago, no wonder it was also France who produce the first generation of thinkers and writers who denounced the Jewish invasion and colonisation of Europe.

      Celine was not only brilliant but also extremely courageous; he returned to France immediately after being granted an amnesty and carried on talking about the Jews as if he was during the German occupation!

      The problem is that after 1945, the Jews installed all over Europe the same perverse educational system that they developed in the USA. Practically all the universities were crammed with Jewish professors and with Aryan traitors brainwashed by them. That is why most Whites are spiritually and culturally rotten to the core. This situation will NEVER be solved with elections because (((they))) control the system. Zemmour is, of course, far more appealing than any other candidate, but, nevertheless, he is still part of the system.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” This situation will NEVER be solved with elections because (((they))) control the system. ”

        Superb observation .

        USA Whites have these three options ___

        1 ) establish a viable WN ethnostate starting in Idaho ; include establishing robust individualist ( non-collectivist ) political organizations and networking them to defend against inevitable Judaic attacks .

        2 ) revolt against their chosenhite jewmasterss

        [ see the Wikipedia article on the 1791 “Haitian Revolution” for what would likely be involved in an attempt for Whites to forcebly cancel their enslavement ]

        3 ) accept their ongoing extinction by Fabian socialist genocide

  22. PR
    PR says:

    Macron will win reelection, or if not the handpicked “opposition” Conservative Inc. candidate Valérie Pécresse. However, if Zemmour or Le Pen do win (and unless their voters combine behind one candidate, this is highly unlikely), I expect serious civil unrest, possibly the French civil war that has loomed for decades.

  23. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Zemmour’s stated political stance seems seems music to my ears.

    The only real concern is whether he’s on the level. Unlike a chorus here, I don’t see why he necessarily should be. Even if we assume that because he’s Jewish he has self-interest in view, I don’t know that it should disqualify him. It’s puerile of us to think Jews should be as altruistic as White Nationalists know White non-Jews should NOT be. There’s got to be something in it for them, of course! And the fact that Jews in France are suffering from Muslim attacks–that actually there’s an exodus of France’s Jews for that reason–seems to me to be one reason for thinking Zemmour more sincere than not.

    On the other hand, what would he have to gain by betraying France? If Jews want the downfall of European Civilization–and most of them, being Leftists, do–well, that seems already to be happening, thanks in part to the NON-JEW Macron….

    Would Zemmour be any worse than Macron, if he turned coat? And why would he turn coat–to increase the Jewish exodus to Israel?

    Zemmour has had these views a long time, and was fined for racist talk some years back, because he told the truth about the alien invaders.

    That because he’s a Jew he’s necessarily a secret europhobe, I find contemptible. Even one of the most stalwart anti-Jewish commentators here has said, above, that there’s been “a truly admirable” Jew, namely Roger Dommergue. I too know of a truly admirable one, Benjamin Freedman; and Carolyn Yeager, no dupe of the “Chosen,” has said elsewhere that she’s thought well enough of Stephen Miller to have donated to his legal organization! If Dommergue, Freedman and Miller can be useful to our cause–not to mention others I can name–why can’t Zemmour be?

    The fact that Frenchman Durocher, the author of the piece above, doesn’t seem to sound any warning bells, may be a solid indication that Zemmour may be real. IN ANY CASE, do we really have much to lose?! It’s not as though France is prospering under its present leaders. And none of the other contenders are offering what Zemmour seems to be offering.

    One last thing. I was a bit amused by the author’s characterization of France’s future as being like Kosovo’s! IF ONLY!!! As someone interested in race above all, I’d love to see France all White like Kosovo! Durocher and no doubt all the identifying Christians here (not a serious Pro-White among them, in the last analysis!) think such a scenario dire because they think Islam worse than that other import from Semitic West Asia. Not that I’d recommend Islam, being an ideological foe of all the Abrahamic superstitions; but I certainly view Islam as a healthier creed than Christianity, which in essential part is why we’re in our horrid predicament. Rather than teaching that being a doormat is virtuous, Islam is doctrinally compatible with aggressive self-assertion and clearly says it’s fine to knock the hell out of those who do you wrong. Which means that Muslims can be warriors without self-contradiction, without hypocrisy–unlike Christians who are compelled to be false to their credo in order to be warlike (and that’s the story of nominally Christian Europe’s great days….).

    And I have little doubt that those Albanian Muslim men in Kosovo, or any of the other White Muslims of Eastern Europe from Bosnia to the Caucasus Region, are increasingly the victims of their own women like Christian and Post-Christian men are in Western Europe and Euroamerica–me-tooed, divorce-raped, treated like johns.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Anne Coulter blamed Steven Miller for isolating & defanging all the immigration patriots in the Trump administration, before maneuvering to have them all jettisoned.
      So that the only one left would be Mr Steven Millar. No one was paying attention to this aspect more than Coulter, so either she’s being delousionaly antisemitic, or another Jew has done the exact same thing Jew’s do every single time.
      I don’t know which is correct, but I know where I’d put my money.
      I’m surprised by Mrs Yeager, she’s normally so sharp.
      Perhaps another clue is Miller is constantly on Shabbos goy par excellence Hannity’s show, while only very rarely on Tucker.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        That’s what Coulter said, and of course you–who hate Jews not because of what they do to us but because they’re Christ-killers lol–disregard what others say, including an actual (unlike yourself) White advocate, Carolyn Yeager, who follows these matters more closely than you do, because she’s not pushing an absurd and sick cosmological creed but looking at what individuals do politically, irrespective of their ethno-religious background

        Miller is known to be a stalwart foe of the Third-World invasion of the USA and, when part of the Trump team, proposed that 250,000 troops be stationed at the Southern border. In almost every one of the many emails I sent Trump, I said “Militarize the border!” It turns out that Miller pushed for that.

        ONLY Miller? What do you know of Dommergue or Freedman? Except lol that they were Jews–which is enough for you.

        You show your hand by demonizing every Semite believed to be of real or possible benefit to us, while considering a Hebrew to be GOD lol and all his early Hebrew disciples and apostles, including a Rabbi, to be most holy–so much so that you’ll contravene your own race to follow their tenets.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “That’s what Coulter said, and of course you–who hate Jews not because of what they do to us but because they’re Christ-killers lol”
          It’s one thing to imagine you can read the minds of people you don’t know and have never even met, but to then show everyone that you find this mind-reading funny . . . . Well, you’re a braver man than me.
          I think this anti-Xtian stuff is warping your brain. You are extremely bad at arguing. You should look up the concept of ‘straw-man’ in the dictionary and study it. Hard.
          You are always replying to my posts, I like that, shows spirit, but it’s boring because you never ever actually address any point I make, it’s just this monotonous immature Christian hate, or gibbering on about nonsense no one has mentioned.
          I make one point, one tiny little questioning point, I’ll simplify it even more, if I can, as you’re obviously struggling *was Mr Millar an asset to the Trump admin, or was he a typical Jewish wrecker, who bamboozled the dumb goyim with gibberish about sending armies to a border, while sabotaging anyone trying to do any actual lasting good that that couldn’t be eradicated the second Trump leaves office?*
          There now. Why don’t you have another go?

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            Another reply to your initial one above might have been, though tongue in cheek–

            “No, there’s not only Miller. Of (other) Jews who might be worthy of trust, and so dispose us to think Zemmour might be useful, there’s that carpenter in Nazareth, scion of the House of David and son of the God of Israel; Simon Peter, Timothy, James, John, Mark, Luke, Matthew, Saul of Tarsus. What say, brother Emicho, Hebrews CAN be of benign effect, maybe even today, eh?”

            If you say No, then tell us what reason you have for believing ALL non-Christian Semites necessary, immutable and congenital enemies of Europeans, if not that you are actuated in sectarian fashion.

            As someone clearly lacking gray matter–an adult needing childish fables to get through life–you probably never noticed that you get your belief in collective, congenital guilt from ancient Jews, from desert barbarians who thought it divine that sons pay for the sins of their fathers. I’ve looked in vain for the like among the ancient Europeans. The Greeks, masters of logic, were above such dunderheadedness, as were the Romans, masters of the Civil Law.

            I’m sure you didn’t understand my recent statement elsewhere that anti-Jewish Christians are “the accidental consequence of ancient Hebrew efforts to harm Europeans.” Presumably Rabbi Saul & Co. didn’t foresee that the Semitic barbarity of collective, congenital guilt would come back to nail the lol Chosen, but that’s what happened; and for centuries people like you have disgraced European Civilization with your blaming every Jew for the betrayal of your mythical savior–even though according to the tale only a few Jews were involved (and surely none who lived a thousand years later), and even though that betrayal got you your Vicarious Atonement, for which you might more reasonably be grateful to Jews, especially Judas, clearly the instrument of Divine Purpose.

            Yes, I’ll always have another go where you and your ilk are concerned! And as for debating, ANY TIME! If we can’t have sufficient latitude here, you choose the platform! Make it a Christian one. Yes, I’m an implacable ideological adversary of the likes of you, a White advocate no more than I’m the Grand Duke of China; someone who, while thinking himself the archetypal anti-Semite, helps perpetuate the most damaging Jewish assault on Europe in all history.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      “There’s got to be something in it for them, of course! And the fact that Jews in France are suffering from Muslim attacks”

      The reason some Jews resent third-world immigration is the same reason they would rather live in a White country than in Africa or Papua New Guinea. Immigration had made Europe poorer, dirtier, more dangerous. But the Jews need not live in fear of Muslim attacks. It doesn’t happen often. A few years ago, some Jewish members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine who insisted on publishing obscene cartoons of Mahomet were killed in a terrorist attack. But most of the time, Muslim terrorists who react to Jewish provocations and Western support for Israel do not specifically target Jews. They just kill people in a concert hall, a Christmas market, or a random street.

      Anyway, most of the violence committed by Black and Arab immigrants has nothing to do with Islam. Jews are less likely to suffer from random violence since they are financially better off, live in safer neighborhoods with better security, and have separate schools guarded by the police, while their synagogues are under military protection. And also, many of them look like Arabs. Someone like Zemmour would not be attacked in the street because of his European good looks. They say it has become dangerous to wear a yarmulka in the street, but I think it’s more dangerous to have blond hair.

      Of course, some Jews think it’s more important to stop immigrant crime than to destroy the White race. They resent the lack of safety. Even so, they are certainly underrepresented among crime victims, and it seems they are doing better and better in White countries as the White race goes down.

      Yet at some point, the destruction of White people is bound to make life less comfortable for Jews. You would expect them to stop the race replacement program before Europe becomes Haiti. But they won’t allow a White nationalist to be elected to lead a White country. So, the solution is Zemmour. He isn’t a White nationalist. He will get at least some Jewish support, and he might try to slow down the race replacement program so there are still a few million White people left in France in a hundred years. I wonder if it isn’t possible that some of the leaders of French nationalism, after secret discussions, have come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid racial annihilation is to accept the Jewish domination and ask for mercy. My own preferred tactic is on the contrary to denounce Jewish power. Especially now, since the China virus tyranny is closely linked to Jewish power.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Well, you assign another reason why Jews might prefer a European Europe to one diluted to death by African and Asian Muslims. And, from your name, I’m thinking you might have some intimate knowledge (weren’t the Armoricans a warlike group in Gaul during Germanic invasions of the Imperium, in the 5th Century CE, seeing to their own defense when protection from the decayed Roman legions was doubtful?).

        However, people presumably in the know do assert that there’s much Muslim hostility to Jews in France and other parts of Europe–among them Isi Leibler of the Jewish World Congress:
        Earlier, regarding the Muslim invasion, Leibler said “Recent developments signal that the prospect of Europe sliding into a new Dark age is now a horrifying reality….”

        Then there’s Global Jewish advocacy: see “Antisemitism Among Migrant Populations in Europe”

        and Vox.com: vox.com/2016/1/29/10871054/jews-france-aliyah-charts

        and where Germany is concerned:

        and there’s the American Jew Daniel Pipes who’s gone to Hungary to praise Orban and the Hungarian border wall, also to oppose Soros there, saying “Orban very sensibly argues that allowing in [into Europe] large numbers of antisemitic Muslims is the real threat to Jews.”

        I’m not saying you’re wrong. All this COULD be BS–the usual professional victimhood practiced by Jews?

        Then again, knowing Muslims–and knowing what Israel has for decades been doing to Muslims in Palestine and much of West Asia–I hardly find it incredible that angry Muslims might take out their anger on Jews in Europe. Look at what they’ve done even to White non-Jews in London and elsewhere, blaming Europeans for siding with Zionists.

  24. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Does Zemmour mean anything in French, or is it the more common Erich Zimmer ?

    If he wore another tie of that hue of blue we would be exposed to a symbolization of both the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, the intended boundaries of a Greater Israel; as on their flag. Regimental ties, school ties, colors, uncommon handshakes and turns of phrase are code for the elite; but only coincidental here. Right ?

    I solidly agree here with those reasoning, that he is a cheap spoiler of the right’s vote. Foreseeable, unlikely successful promised public referendums aside.

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