Anatomy of the Hate Hoax


 “Professor Abramovsky asserts that ‘no-one seriously questions the severity of the problem [of bias crime]. We do. The uncritical acceptance of a hate crime epidemic is unfortunate.”
Barrett Jacobs and J. Henry “The Social Construction of a Hate Crime Epidemic,” 1996.[1]

“Obviously the hate label is a blunt one. It’s one of the things that gives it power.”
Richard Cohen, SPLC, November 2018.

“Utterly fake.” This was my opinion when a colleague mentioned the recent assault on two Jews in London by a Black teenager. “What do you mean, fake? It was caught on camera,” he shot back. My colleague was correct, but had missed the finer point. The video footage shows two bearded Orthodox Jews locking up their shop for the night before a tall Black male walks towards them. The Black male then utters something, which seems to panic the Jews, before a fumbling and awkward physical encounter ensues. The violence, which is over in about four seconds, is minimal, even comical. Its ultimate cause or provocation, beyond the chaotic and impulsive qualities common to Black criminality, remains unknown. This random and primitive quality, however, hasn’t prevented the incident from being portrayed as systematic, or as involving a complexity not seen outside Asian books of war. It quickly became headline news, drawing condemnations of the scourge of “anti-Semitic” violence from both the British Prime Minister and the Home Secretary.

The fake framing of this banal and predictable instance of Black youth violence as “anti-Semitism” has fallen very swiftly into a pattern we are now familiar with: the state of “permanent hate emergency.” Back in August, the FBI reported that hate crimes in the US has reached their highest levels in 12 years. San Francisco police have just today announced that there has been a 567% increase in hate crimes against Asians and Pacific Islanders. Joe Biden has called on Congress to “urgently” pass harsher hate crime legislation. The UK reported “soaring” homophobic hate crimes during 2021. Canada announced last year that hate crimes against Asians rose 717%, while hate crimes of all kinds rose “sharply.” Ireland reports that hate crimes have risen 80%. France has alleged a 53% increase in Islamophobic hate crime, a 36% rise in homophobic hate crime, and a 75% increase in anti-Semitic hate crime. I could go on. The White world, it seems, is suddenly consumed with hate; a boiling cauldron of reactionary aggression. Or is it?

The real state of the hate crime epidemic? Utterly fake.

There are countless people in our culture today who would resent this hate denialism as Far Right propaganda or, in the terminology ushered in during the Trump presidency, as a “war on Truth.” And yet the state of “permanent hate emergency” that we are being subjected to by politicians and the media has been debunked for more than 25 years, in no less a journal than Northwestern University’s Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. In “The Social Construction of a Hate Crime Epidemic,” published in 1996 by James Barrett Jacobs and Jessica Henry,[2] we see all the hallmarks of the present panic as well as a very clear analysis of how the panic is manufactured by organizations like the ADL, justified by (very often Jewish) academics, and maintained through media lies and political corruption.

Jacobs and Henry begin their article by pointing out that

Politicians, journalists, interest groups, and some criminologists insist that the United States is experiencing an across-the-board hate crime “epidemic.” The use of the epidemic metaphor is meant to dramatize a sharply accelerating hate crime rate. Assertions that a hate crime epidemic exists are almost always accompanied by recommendations for new “hate crime laws” that increase minimum and/or maximum punishment for offenders.

The fundamental nature of the “hate crime epidemic” is therefore that it is a politically motivated social construct intended to provoke freedom-reducing legal changes. Jacobs and Henry write that they intend

to deconstruct the claim that the United States is experiencing a hate crime epidemic. Drawing on the “social construction of reality” perspective, we attempt to show how the “reality” of a hate crime epidemic has come to prevail. First, we examine the hate crime epidemic hypothesis and identify its proponents, including advocacy groups, the media, academics, and politicians. Second, we examine the hate crime data collection efforts of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Klanwatch Project (Klanwatch) and the FBI; figures from these groups are widely used to confirm the existence of the hate crime epidemic. Third, we demonstrate the political and subjective nature of counting hate crimes. Fourth, we offer some contrarian observations on the status of hate crimes.

The Language of Disease

By the mid-1990s it had become common for commentators to “assert that the rates of all types of hate crimes taken individually and together have reached epidemic levels.” Then, as now, prominent politicians and public figures employed metaphors designed to imply that “hate crimes” had suddenly exploded and were spiraling out of control. In many cases, the language was closely related to the growing fashion of referring to anti-Semitism as a contagious disease, and the most prominent of the “hate crime epidemic” propagandists were themselves Jewish. In 1994,  for example, Steven Spielberg, still riding the crest of the Schindler’s List wave, told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that “hate crimes are an epidemic.”[3] Describing “hate crimes” in such a way not only induces a sense of panic and crisis conducive to legal change, but also dehumanizes both the phenomenon of ethnic conflict, in whatever honest form it may take, and the “hater.” No-one questions the context or motives of a virus, and in the same way describing any form of ethnic conflict in terms of disease or virology is intended to inhibit any discussion of prior causality. People become so agitated by the thought of something negative spreading in a viral fashion that the emphasis is placed on eradication (criminalization and punishment) rather than analysis or understanding.

The entire concept of “hate” and “hate crime” can be seen as little more than a self-interested and dishonest attempt by minority groups to obtain resources from the majority group. Jacobs and Henry write that

The leading proponents of a hate crime epidemic thesis are advocacy groups representing gays and lesbians, Jews, and blacks; advocates for women, Asian-Americans, and the disabled also have demanded explicit inclusion in hate crime legislation. By calling attention to the criminal victimization of their members, these advocates may hope to mobilize law enforcement resources on behalf of their members, and, more broadly, to make out a moral and political claim in furtherance of their groups’ agenda of social and political goals.

Strategic Victimhood

Rather than being rooted in reality, “hate epidemic” allegations are predominately tactical or, in the words of Jacobs and Henry, “functional.” They point in particular to the example of the ADL and the SPLC, and stress that the basic function of these groups is not to “fight hate” or any other nebulous goal, but rather to “eradicate all bias against those whom they represent.” In other words, when the ADL speaks about “fighting hate” or “building hope” or any other such nonsense, it is merely a cover for the basic goal of shaping the culture, the law, and politics in such a fashion that will ultimately benefit the constituents of that group: in the case of the ADL, Jews. Jacobs and Henry comment that “whatever the actual number of hate crimes, these groups’ assertion of a hate crime epidemic effectively gains them political support.” Hate epidemic propaganda does this by focusing public attention and resources on the manipulating minority group in question, and helps create social and behavioral changes that will ultimately benefit that minority group at the expense of the majority.

Gays, Jews, and Blacks are noted by Jacobs and Henry as employing a fundamentally identical strategy — that of irrationally pursuing a zero-sum scenario in which they accrue no negativity. Any instance of violence or murder affecting their group, regardless of context or motivation, is liable to be integrated into a narrative of mass persecution and rampant hate crime. I was baffled recently, for example, to read an article in The Guardian alleging that the homosexual British serial killer Dennis Nilsen had committed “homophobic” crimes because his victims were gays — this despite the fact Nilsen was himself a lifelong homosexual and that homosexuals are so radically overrepresented in necrophilic homicide[4] of the kind that Nilsen engaged in (see also the high-profile examples of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Stephen Port) that it could be described as a gay problem or an aspect of the homosexual mind. The narrative of a hate crime epidemic is dependent on total omission of context and the privileging of “victim” perspectives beyond all rational measure. Jacobs and Henry cite a case where a report by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force includes frequent claims that, in terms of anti-gay violence, “we have an epidemic on our hands, one that is in need of a remedy.” But in the same report the actual statistics revealed that violence against gays had decreased 12% in the six cities surveyed.

Media Hype

Because the “hate crime epidemic” strategy is so successful, it has been mimicked by almost every minority group. Jacobs and Henry point out that, although pioneered by Jews, other groups̶—Blacks, and gays, feminists and East Asian advocacy organizations—soon started complaining about a violent war on women and an explosion in anti-Asian hate. Jacobs and Henry point out that the success of such strategies is dependent on media hype that saturates the public conversation and prompts panicked calls for action from minorities as well as muted acquiescence from a morally sham–ed majority. Headlines cited by Jacobs and Henry include “A Cancer of Hatred Afflicts America,” and “Rise in Hate Crimes Signals Alarming Resurgence of Bigotry.” Often these are shameless misrepresentations of data contained within the body of the article in question, with Jacobs and Henry pointing out that one headline, “Bias Crimes Flare Up in City’s Heat,” was followed several paragraphs later by the sentence “the number of bias-related incidents in the city dropped in the first half of this year from the same period last year.”

As noted by Jacobs and Henry, the media salivates at the slightest hint of bias-related crime in which the majority (White, heterosexual) culture can be implicated:

The media seem almost enthusiastic in presuming the worst about the state of inter-group relationships in American society. For example, a Florida newspaper presented a horrifying attack on an African-American tourist as “a dramatic example of the growing problem of hate crime,” but the writer provided no basis for the assertion that there is a “growing problem of hate.” Sometimes the media may even be responsible for triggering hate crimes. When two African-American children in New York City reported that several whites had sprayed them with white shoe polish, the media gave the incident endless publicity. The week after the alleged attack, sixty-one bias incidents [attacks on Whites] were reported. When, weeks later, the New York Police Department effectively abandoned the investigation amid speculation that the original accusation was fabricated, the media hardly covered the story.

Academic Fraud

Particularly interesting is the exploration by Jacob and Henry of academic involvement in creating and perpetuating the state of “permanent hate emergency.” They single out figures like Jack Levin, Joan Weiss (Executive Director for the National Institute Against Prejudice and Violence), and Abraham Abramovsky, for selectively applying “data that do not support ‘the facts’ they claim to establish.” That these figures are Jewish should not be surprising, and their academic activity should be regarded as extensions of the ethnically self-interested activism of the ADL and similar organizations in perpetuating the hate crime hoax. Even today, Jews remain at the forefront of the production of pseudo-scholarly works claiming to explain “hate” and offering methods of countering it. These inevitably involve a reduction in the freedoms of the White heterosexual majority. One need only consider Robert Sternberg’s 2020 Perspectives on Hate, Deborah Levine’s 2019 When Hate Groups March Down Main Street, Keith Kahn-Harris’s 2019 Strange Hate, Jonathan Greenblatt’s 2022 It Could Happen Here: Why America Is Tipping from Hate to the Unthinkable, Melissa Abramowitz’s 2016 Hate Crimes in America, Sally Kohn’s 2018 The Opposite of Hate, and Jeffrey Israel’s 2019 Living with Hate in American Politics and Religion. It’s true we are facing an epidemic, not of hate but of Jewish hogwash.

Jacobs and Henry point out that academia overwhelmingly lends its support “to the social construction of hate crime as an epidemic.” Academics engage in a semi-industrial level of production of texts involving the reproduction of statistics and reports gathered from organizations like the ADL that have a vested interest in perpetuating the hate hoax. These texts also tend heavily towards propagandistic tactics such as an emphasis on particularly emotive or salacious cases of violence, no matter how rare. Jacobs and Henry remark on the proportion of discussion often “devoted to detailed descriptions of particular horrific hate crimes.” There is little to no attempt at obtaining a genuine and nuanced understanding of inter-ethnic conflict, with most academics in the field resorting to psychoanalysis, pop psychology, or accusations of “resentment” in the majority population. Jacobs and Henry comment that such explanations are

not based on any empirical studies but on the authors’ social speculation. The most significant problem with the authors’ speculation is the absence of any data on the hate crime rate. In short, the authors may have created a theory in search of a problem.

Often there is a blatant dismissal in these texts of even the need for statistics. It seems to be enough that the academics themselves merely intuitively “know” that a hate crime epidemic is ongoing. Joan Weiss, for example, once remarked “the problem is so pervasive that, even without accurate data, we know that thousands upon thousands of incidents occur throughout the country every year.” Weiss doesn’t possess any data, but she’s sure that many thousands of attacks have occurred. This, apparently, is bona fide social science. Abramovsky, in a 1992 peer-reviewed law journal article, wrote that “the most alarming statistic is that in 1990 the number of bias-related attacks on Asians almost doubled from the number reported in 1989.” Jacobs and Henry point out that the 1990 total was 11 incidents, and ask “Is a total of eleven bias incidents against Asian-Americans truly ‘alarming’ in a city with a 1990 Asian-American population of 512,719, and with a total of 710,222 FBI index crimes?” Either Abramovsky is an especially sensitive fellow, or he’s a bullshit artist of a particularly acute, and alarmingly common, kind.

Political Implications

Once public opinion has been sufficiently manipulated by ethnic interest groups, the media, and their allies in academia, the pathway is cleared for activism by political actors. This activism takes two forms. In the first instance, minority actors in politics (gays, Jews, Blacks etc.) pursue their own vested interests. In the second instance, those from the White heterosexual majority may support or even initiate measures that reduce the freedoms of their co-ethnic constituents due to social fashion (“fighting bigotry”), guilt (genuine belief in the hate epidemic), or material incentive (financial or electoral support from influential minorities). Jacobs and Henry write:

Politicians have enthusiastically climbed aboard the hate crime epidemic bandwagon. Denouncing hate crime and passing sentencing enhancement laws provides elected officials with an opportunity to decry bigotry. Politicians can propose anti-hate legislation as a cheap, quick-fix solution that sends powerful symbolic messages to important groups of constituents. Recognizing the political and symbolic importance of legislation, politicians embrace anti-bias laws, routinely citing advocacy groups’ statements and statistics.

Of these various motivations and approaches, it must be made clear that Jewish activism in the politics of “hate crime” is sufficiently prominent to merit special attention. Jewish politicians were involved in almost every attempt since 1945 to introduce hate speech legislation in the UK. Canadian hate legislation has its origins in the 1965 Special Committee on Hate Propaganda in Canada, known more popularly as the Cohen Committee because it was created and steered by the Jewish lawyer Maxwell Cohen. In America, specific hate crime legislation was first attempted in the 1980s by the Jewish New York Attorney General Robert Abrams, who developed and attempted to pass the Bias Related Violence and Intimidation Act, which would heighten the punishment scale by one degree for every crime if a “hate” component was found to be involved. Abrams’s legislation was in part prompted by media-fuelled outrage over the 1987 case of Tawana Brawley, a 16-year-old Black teenager who alleged she had been raped, defecated on, and wrapped in a plastic bag by four White men. As with the “white shoe polish” incident, a jury later found that Brawley’s story was a work of pure fiction. Jews, including the American Jewish Committee and lawyers attached to the SPLC, were prominent at every stage of the 1988 Hate Crimes Statistics Act. One of the most vocal proponents of hate crime legislation in America since the 1968 Civil Rights Act is Tennessee’s Steve Cohen. In his own words:

I support the hate crimes bill and I was a sponsor of the bill that has gone through Congress. I also was a sponsor of the hate crimes legislation in Tennessee that was passed as well, when I was a Senator. In addition, as a Senator in Tennessee, I passed a bill in 1989 which dealt specifically with symbols of hate, religious and racial intimidation. Right now, I am looking into a federal law that would be stronger than what we have.


Jacobs and Henry have an excellent section describing how the ADL produces statistics that are, from an objective scholarly perspective, totally worthless. They remark that although the ADL annually announces its data on “hate” with much fanfare “one cannot rely on the ADL audit as an indicator of hate crime.” The ADL’s methodology is heavily criticized, and a number of examples are provided. It was found, for example, that any damage caused by another person to a Jewish building would be regarded as an anti-Semitic attack, even if the context was something like a child throwing a rock at another child and missing, striking a synagogue window. One ADL-recorded “hate crime” involved a business owner in Georgia accusing a Jewish woman who questioned the price increase of a service of “trying to Jew me down.”

Jacobs and Henry point out that even though the ADL system of data collection is deeply flawed and agenda-driven, it has been emulated by other minority groups, especially homosexual lobby groups. After the passing of the 1988 Hate Crimes Statistics Act, the FBI was tasked with gathering hate crimes data. It’s noteworthy that the FBI was put under early pressure after its original methodology resulted in 73% of its reporting departments stating that there had been no hate crime incidences. The same groups who had been demanding FBI involvement (ADL, SPLC, gay groups) suddenly started denouncing the FBI. Jacobs and Henry comment:

The FBI statistics did not square with the much more alarmist reports put forward by advocacy groups for the same time period. For example, the FBI reported that 425 hate crimes nationwide were motivated by sexual-orientation bias. For the same period, the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project reported 592 bias incidents based on sexual orientation in New York City alone. Similarly, while the FBI for 1991 reported twelve “hate” murders based upon all federally-recognized prejudices,’ Klanwatch reported twenty-seven murders motivated by bias. Ironically, this statistical divergence led some of the groups which campaigned most vigorously for the passage of the Hate Crime Statistics Act to denounce the whole federal data collection project. Klanwatch, among the most ardent campaigners for the passage of the federal law, dismissed the first FBI statistics as “inadequate and nearly worthless.”

Jacobs and Henry, after finding that “hate” crimes average a representation of approximately 0.039% of all reported crimes, counter that it is in fact the ADL, SPLC, Klanwatch, and associated groups who are producing worthless statistics.


Jacobs and Henry conclude by stressing that while it is “possible to understand how and why the picture of a “hate crime epidemic” has come to dominate the American imagination, it is

doubtful that this picture depicts reality.” It is an indictment of our culture that over a quarter of a century later, we are still in the midst of the “permanent state of hate emergency.” Self-interested minority groups are still producing worthless statistics that are taken up and amplified by the media. Manipulated public opinion is fodder for activist politicians who use a handful of cases to gag us, shame us, reduce our freedoms and, ultimately, rule over us.

To return to the introduction of this essay, yes, the footage my colleague alluded to does show a Black teenager scuffling with a couple of Jews for a few seconds. But everything else? The cries of anti-Semitism? The calls for political action? The headlines and media panic? The whispers of new laws? A massive fraud. The gullible will eat it up, and find themselves backed ever further into a corner. The astute and the informed will look on, incredulous at the stupidity of their peers. I could have throttled my colleague, but for the fact that somewhere, in some godforsaken stain upon this earth, a lying cretin would have chalked it up as a hate crime.

[1] Jacobs, James B., and Jessica S. Henry. “The Social Construction of a Hate Crime Epidemic.” The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1973-) 86, no. 2 (1996): 366–91.

[2] Both academics might be Jewish. Jacobs is a Jewish name, but is also English. I can find no information suggesting that James B. Jacobs had Jewish ancestry. He married a non-Jewish English woman, and does not appear to have involved himself in any Jewish causes. He did, however, mingle in a heavily Jewish academic milieu, though this may have been due to the general Jewish prevalence in law and sociology. Jessica Henry has spoken at a very small number of Jewish events, and has delivered a presentation on Jewish Americans.

[3]  J. Batsell, “Spielberg Speaks Out Against Hate” FBI Data Show Report on Rise in Arizona; Arizona Republic, 29, 1994.

[4]  Rosman JP, Resnick PJ. Sexual attraction to corpses: a psychiatric review of necrophilia. Bull Am Acad Psychiatry Law. 1989;17(2):153-63.

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  1. Pip
    Pip says:

    United States Sees Highest Murder Rate in 25 Years
    January 28, 2022 Winter Watch

    20 January 2022

    SARA CARTER — Crime has been spiking at an aberrant rate, hitting the highest murder rate in 25 years. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis are among the large liberal cities shattering records for 2021 murder reports.

    Data analyst Jeff Asher examined FBI data, reported by the New York Times, which shows the 2021 murder rate was estimated to be 6.9 murders per 100,000 people. That is a mere .5 percent lower than the 1997 murder rate of 7.4

    Rising crime rates have prompted policy makers to focus on the increasing mental health and homeless crises sweeping the nation. Some say that is not helpful for a full and comprehensive approach.

    Former New York Police Department Commissioner Howard Safir said there is more to be looked at such as “cancel culture and wok mentality that assumes the police are racist and brutal.”

    Not only that, liberal policy makers have been incredibly soft on crime, as well as unsupportive of law enforcement. “If crimes continue to be committed in large numbers, and police continue not to have the backing of politicians and the public, then they’re not going to do their job the way they did when I was commissioner” Safir told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. […]

    AC JANUARY 29, 2022 AT 5:06 PM
    Speaking of the the astronomical rise in violent/organized crime in the Mid & Northwest in the past few years, it brings up an issue which many aren’t accustomed to even thinking of, but it’s right up your alls alley (as well as many sites you publish here). That’s the Canadian Border. They always talk about the activity at the Border/Ports in the South, which makes sense, given that Mexico has been number 1 in violent crime in the World for a long time now (why/how/who is another discussion).

    Like in some parts of the Midwest (MN, WS for ec), Canada has this ‘Nice’ ‘charming, rustic’ ‘quirky’ sort of don’t-ya-know image to people. You watch ‘Fargo’ or ‘Portlandia’ or just about anything with Canadians, and you don’t realize how these areas have changed, been used for certain things over the years. More of your Bernaysian brainwashing that has gotten worse with Streaming services anymore, when everyone has a home-video-store of Propaganda founded by Ed Bernays nephew (Netflix). You’d not know, or even forget, that Wisconsin is/was the ‘Satanic Capitol of the US,’ where many of the top Serial Killers roamed and did their worst, like Geoff Dahmer- and it’s no coincidence that Gacy, Bundy, David Norman, and others were right in that Triangular area- WS, MN, Detroit, Chicago, down to Texas- which was operating territory mapped out for Gacy and Norman in their ‘Delta’ trafficking network. Mega Group Boss Les Wexner is right up there in Columbus, OH, too, and you have arguably the most influential of that cadre across the border in Canada- the Bronfman Family. Notice those cities with these rises in crime also happen to be so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ which isn’t a knock on ‘refugees’ or some straw-man argument, but how these Neoliberal Crime Syndicates use such an area- like a Kibbutz, an ‘autonomous zone,’ or how the military has occasionally bonded with, created extremely wealthy casino magnates in Indian Reservations, which helps them operate more with ease in those areas in much the same way- as with Wackenhut.

    Take two more recent examples-

    1.) (note: in Misha Glenny’s book ‘Mcmafia’- the role of Indian Organized crime in the Global/Transnational view is explained to some degree, their involvement with Israel, the Red Mafiya, and how the money moves through Eastern Europe eventually into the US)

    2.) Here you have the Southern US Border and the Northern both connected in all of this- yet your average person, even many who look at these things occasionally, have no clue. Crime rates skyrocketing makes more ‘sense’ when you look at this stuff.

    Then of course, the ‘Oligarch’ level of it. Where your speculators/’venture capital’ gets involved, tied up with hybrid warfare, giving a self-righteous dispensation to pure corruption. Not sure how relevant these are to the previous two, directly, but indirectly they are for sure, in the least because of how much money/product is being moved around in the same sectors, across the same territory.

    3.) From Venezuela, through Aruba, all the way through NY to Montreal (also where I believe the Mega-Group Bronfman family is most active)- ‘Rothschilds of the Mafia’

    4.) Chinese International Money Laundering Networks, Centered in Vancouver

    Again, I’m on the level where if it’s not causing war/violence, rotting communities, no one has a right to tell you not to do whatever. I’m actually pro legal marijuana so that people don’t access this dirty sprayed shit that comes from who-knows-where, CIA or whoever trying to make more for a cheaper product- when you could Nationalize some of this stuff, also have better oversight on its impact on the economy (some things though- Meth/Fentanyl for ex, are just pure poison/weapons- can’t find a reason justifying their existence), and not have people using some cut-up street drug making them sick (there are forms of Coca leaf and Opium tea that are not anywhere near as addictive as the shit they make- also Kratom, etc that do similar, no reason to incentivize poison everywhere, which gives people crazy withdrawal). You cut out the black-market-middleman, you cut out the violence- because most of that comes from its involvement in economics, extortion etc.

    goldfinger999 JANUARY 29, 2022 AT 9:00 PM
    40,000 homicides: Retracing 63 years of murder in Chicago
    By Kyle Bentle, Jonathon Berlin, Ryan Marx and Kori Rumore
    Apr 27, 2021
    Chicago saw a homicide total lower in 2020 of 770, a tragic jump over the 496 from 2019. The spike in violent crime that has plagued Chicago since 2016 has even more gravity when viewed in comparison with six decades of homicides in Chicago.
    Since 1957, the city has had homicide totals of 700, 27 of 63 years, and has been lower than 500 a third of the time, 20 of 62 years. To understand this long-term view, the Tribune asked two experts to give perspective as to what was behind Chicago crime decade by decade, and combed through news coverage going back to the 1960s.
    The Tribune turned to John Hagedorn, a professor of criminology at the University of Illinois at Chicago who has written extensively on Chicago’s gangs as well as Wyndell Watkins, a retired Washington, D.C., deputy chief of police with more than 40 years of public safety experience. Here is a closer look at the numbers and some of the influences behind them.

    Despite being only 13.5% of the population and Black males between 16-26 make up 4% of the Black community, 4% Black males commit:
    52% of all Murder and Manslaughter
    31% of all Rapes
    56% of all Robbery
    34% of all Aggravated assault
    30% of all Burglary
    29% of all Larceny-theft
    30% of all Motor vehicle theft
    23% of all Arson
    39% of all Violent crime
    29% of all Property crime
    32% of all “Other assaults”
    34% of all Forgery and Counterfeiting
    32% of all Fraud
    35% of all Embezzlement
    30% of all Stolen property buying, receiving, possessing
    26% of all Vandalism
    40% of all Weapon carrying and possessing
    41% of all Prostitution and commercialized vice
    25% of all Sex offenses (rape and prostitution excluded, see above)
    30% of all Drug abuse
    67% of all Gambling
    33% of all Offenses against family and children
    13% of all Driving under the influence
    15% of all Liquor laws
    16% of all Drunkenness
    35% of all Disorderly conduct
    32% of all Vagrancy jis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/ crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/tables/ table-43
    The Rev Jesse Jackson said:
    “When I’m walking down a street alone at night, and I hear footsteps behind me; I’m scared shitless, until I turn around and find it’s only a White dude.”


    “This Was A Man”—RIP Colin (“Crime Is the New Black Entitlement”) Flaherty, September 21, 1955-January 11, 2022

    Colin Flaherty, an award-winning journalist and best-selling author whose career spanned over four decades, died on Tuesday at home, surrounded by friends and family. The cause was cancer, a family member said.
    In 1992, Colin Flaherty was the darling of the liberal press, for exposing the truth. At some point in the next decade or two, he would be vilified for the same thing.

    Thirty years ago, Colin used his extensive investigative skills to exonerate Kelvin Wiley, a black man wrongfully accused of attempting to murder his white ex-girlfriend. Flaherty won numerous awards for this work, and the case was later featured in the Los Angeles Times and on Court TV.
    But when the journalism profession orthodoxy moved on to become a publicity mill for the far Left, Flaherty stubbornly clung to his training, his ethics, and his conscience.

    So he became a Thought Criminal and needed to be canceled. First by YouTube, then PayPal, then Facebook, and finally Amazon—the tech monopolies moved swiftly to punish Flaherty for his Wrongthink. Twitter remained the only social media giant that put up with him.
    — ColinFlaherty (@colinflaherty) September 3, 2021

    Colin’s Thought Crimes were legion. In two best-selling books, purchased by thousands of other Thought Criminals, he documented the epidemic of black criminality, vastly out of proportion to their presence in the population, and the Regime Media efforts to conceal it. He called this phenomenon “the biggest lie of our generation.”

    Future PC Enforcers seeking to sanitize the past for the Ministry of Truth will have their work cut out for them trying to erase Colin’s massive content footprint. He leaves behind thousands of hours of videos, podcasts, and interviews, countless articles on rogue sites like American Thinker,, and American Renaissance.

    He also leaves behind about two million subscribers that he had had on YouTube when they canceled him in the middle of last decade; a son and a daughter who had been estranged but with whom he had recently reconciled; and his older brother, who lived with him in Wilmington.
    Often accused of racism by the same media whose lies he exposed, Colin was lauded and befriended by many black conservatives, notably Thomas Sowell and Jesse Lee Peterson, below, both of whom wrote laudatory jacket blurbs for his banned books.

    Vilified by the MSM who once loved him, Colin had for the last decade focused his considerable talents “the biggest lie of our generation,” the false Narrative of black victimhood and white racism. Beginning with White Girl Bleed A Lot, published in 2011, Colin covered stories that were either neglected or whitewashed by the MSM, who refused to acknowledge the tremendously disproportionate violence perpetrated by blacks in the US. His follow-on book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, sold even more than the first one and cemented his legacy as a serious exposer of media hypocrisy.

    Colin stopped making podcasts about a year and a half ago, but we are reminded of his prescience every day. He was amused by the recent discovery of Critical Race Theory by the MSM, who claimed that conservatives “can’t even define it.” For several years, he had defined it thusly: “White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

    And years before the Ruling Class opened the jails and legalized most black crime in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Colin observed that “crime is the new black entitlement.”
    It doesn’t take much digging to see that recent crime statistics bear this out.
    In Colin’s penultimate podcast on August 6, 2020, he began with a monologue that encapsulated both his raison d’etre and his acerbic wit:
    So what we’re trying to do here is figure out what’s really going on, that’s why I love the video, why I love using these podcasts, using the audio from the videos; once I get my health back, I’m looking forward to getting full tilt into my videos. That’s what I used to say, but man, if you think I have confirmation bias, let’s meet out on the street at high noon and we’ll match video for video, ‘cause I think for every video you have of a white guy behaving badly, I think I have 25 to 100 of a fella misbehaving in a very masochistic, psychopathic way. And just to make it interesting, I think we should make a little wager to see who runs out of videos first, runs out of stories first.
    No one ever wants to take me up on this. I mean, what kind of movie would Gunfight At The OK Corral have been if Kirk Douglas [as Doc Holliday] and Wyatt Earp got out there in the street and the Clanton boys didn’t come out to face them down. The Clantons never come out to face us. They always go to the next town over and talk trash about us, about how we have confirmation bias.

    This quote, unscripted and yet well-spoken, also gives us a brief peek at Colin’s unbridled optimism that he’d eventually beat his disease.
    Sadly, that was not to be. But Colin died as he lived: in his words, “without racism, without rancor, and without apology.”
    As those of us who knew him would attest, he was well-deserving of another Shakespeare encomium:
    “He only in a general honest thought
    And common good to all, made one of them.
    His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man.”
    John Tremain was a friend and admirer of Colin Flaherty.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      It’s an emporium of info that you’ve shared here.

      I’d like to add (since in mentioning serial killers you spoke of no black ones) that, though there’s a widespread impression that serial killing is a White crime, blacks are more likely than Whites to kill serially. Everyone knows of Dahmer, Gacy and Bundy, but Eugene Watts is believed to be the most prolific serial killer, confessing to 80 to 100 murders and thus outkilling the three said Whites combined. And the study by Boise State U.’s criminologist Anthony Walsh, “African-Americans and Serial Killing in the Media: the Myth and the Reality,” found that of the 413 serial killers in America from 1945 to mid-2004, 90 were black, so that relative to their portion of the U.S. pop, blacks were overrepresented by a factor of about two.

      Luckily, most of the blacks’ stratospheric murder rate befalls blacks, over 90% of it. It’s something I’m thankful for, along with their stratospheric abortion rate. It’s a great thing when one’s natural and necessary enemies keep their own numbers down, even though those numbers are already a calamity. By the way, I’m accustomed to conceiving blacks as “natural and necessary” enemies because their friendly proximity is more harmful than their enmity, with the worst-case scenario being amalgamation with them. They are the people who most differ from us biologically and cognitively, such that merging with them changes us forever, and degrades us. In contrast, IF real friendship with Jewry were possible, our merging with or fully assimilating it wouldn’t change us racially or lower our IQ (the only trouble is that real friendship with most Jews seems NOT possible: their hatred and bigotry toward us is in their marrow, an instinct of which they seem not fully conscious).

      But of course I can’t be TOO thankful for black violence, because it does more than impact black numbers and create distance between blacks and Whites–both useful and desirable propensities: no, it also means 1480 to 1800 violent black-on-White crimes per day–PER DAY, such figures being based on DoJ data. That’s why I’m shaking in my boots about American White Conservatives’ imbecilic campaign to overturn Roe vs. Wade. The fools seem closer to the possibility of success than ever before, and if they do succeed we can expect black numbers to greatly expand, perhaps to double in a pretty short time. That would not only give blacks a lot more political leverage but perhaps double the number of their assaults on White Americans.

      Insane! Here our foes, using abortion as birth control and much more than any other group, are doing us a service requiring no effort or risk on our part–and White Conservatives under the influence of Semite-derived superstition want to waste it! Insane, but hardly an accident.

  2. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    How timely. The first video at the top of this page is “Kamloops… greatest hate hoax ever”. Would that the title wasn’t a spoiler as, even though you can see it coming, for those not familiar with Mr. Taylor’s sophisticated humor it had quite an impact on another here who’d just photographed a roadside billboard she’d seen apparently courtesy of the Tell me how to post the photo and I’ll do so because the neighborhood context is worth a thousand words: I think it would be a nice feature here. Also search for “Crime and Crime Rate –™.html” + your city and state for an interesting snapshot of hate crime ostensibly to discourage those there-goes-the-neighborhood experiences.

  3. Roxie
    Roxie says:

    Jewish groups such as the ADL, American Jewish Committee, and AIPAC have always said that diminishing or denying the Holocaust is anti-Semitism and, hence, “hate.”

    However, these organizations always sided with Turkey and Israel in not calling the Armenian Genocide a genocide. They used other euphemisms, if they bothered using any term at all.

    Plus, they stopped Congress (until 2019) from recognizing that genocide of a Christian, Indo-European people (Armenians) as a genocide.

    That makes the ADL, American Jewish Committee, and AIPAC “hate groups” by their own definition.

    Their chutzpah is beyond belief.

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      Correct. They care only about their fellow jews. Everyone else can drop dead.

      The ADL, AJC and AIPAC should be made to register as foreign agents, since they serve unAmerican interests.

      “Chutzpah” is a yiddish word, for good reason. Globalist-jews are proud of their boundless chutzpah. They never feel any guilt for even their most egregious crimes.

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      While there may be a genetic component to “chutzpah” an aspect must surely be the indoctrination of Jews to believe they have a right to rule the world in combination with being indoctrinated to believe they have been continually suffering extreme injustices that even for “ordinary” people (not by birthright entitled to ruling the world) would demand extreme remediation. You put the two together and you’ve got people who feel themselves justified in doing anything they want so long as the can get away with it because, after all, they’re surrounded by subhumans that must be ruled so they can be punished.

      At least that’s the message I get when I’ve encountered the famous “Jewish chutzpah”.

      But the real problem is when this “chutzpah” expresses itself in feeling justified to grab the means of indoctrination of other peoples to make other peoples feel that Jews are justified in this “chutzpah”.

  4. Barry Black
    Barry Black says:

    The “hate crime epidemic” is used by jews to disarm whites to keep whites off balance and
    unable to defend themselves.
    All jewing is built on lies and deceit.

  5. Margit
    Margit says:

    Wow – above and beyond every casual viewer of the video: Just thinking ‘that evil person, those poor chaps’.
    Makes you proud to be on the Right.
    What a super essay!

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Butz is on the jewish surname list- I believe I read that he is a jew.


      Acthtung- ATTENTION PLEASE. I ran into some VERY interesting YouTube videos. It seems the younger generation [of mulattoes] knows nothing of the good parts of sixties. . .the White parts. Here they hear Bobby Hatfield do Unchained Melody- the brothers and sistas almost fall through the floor. Then they hear Procol Harem [Whiter shade of pale, oh the irony] [2006]- Whites CANNOT be doing this. And for the third strike Eric Burdon and House of the Rising Sun. Whites have more soul than they do!

      ROB SQUAD REACTIONS For more look to the right column DO NOT miss Bobby Hatfield [Righteous Brothers] esp Unchained Melody. Thee mulattoes are simply blown away. DO NOT miss the Danish philharmonic- theme from The Good the Bad the Ugly

      Search under “Heard for the first time.” Please spread

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Are you joking? If not, you’re really discrediting yourself. I never have thought much of your comments, but this !!! It’s interesting that you said: “I believe I read …”

        That’s a warning that shouts: Move on. Don’t even read this, and definitely don’t believe it.

  6. guest
    guest says:

    I have never seen any indication that a reward offered by the ADL for information leading to the identification and conviction of perpetrators for an antisemitic hate crime has ever been paid off. I spent several hours using various search engines and keywords and came up with nothing. I would expect the ADL to pay off such rewards publicly in order to wring out the maximum publicity.

    It may just be that every case in which a reward was offered failed to turn up the perpetrators. Which would be interesting in itself.

  7. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    This article presents a good summary of the fraudulent campaign by jewish groups to impose “Hate Crime” laws on the rest of us.

    The entire concept of “hate crime” is a phony one. It’s a typical jewish swindle. In an honest judicial system, all crimes would be assessed by the same standard, regardless of motive. But that clearly excludes the USA, where there is a much harsher standard of justice against Whites, than against any other ethnic group.

    In an honest system, a criminal defendant is either “guilty” or “not guilty” of an offense. It is unjust that his motive should in any way affect the seriousness of the crime, particularly when Whites are held too a much stricter standard. Jewish influence is anti-White.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s what I think. You’re supposed to be judged for what you have done, not for what you were feeling at the time. How can any lawyer prove or any judge accept, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a defendant was in a state of ‘hate’ when commiting his crime? It’s off the hook crazy. It’s violently, offensive, in-your-face dumb.
      Two groups have let us down here in allowing this poison to seep into our society, which a blind man could see was obviously only going to be used against us white peasants: First the legal profession, total failures. Then public figures ostensibly on the right, again, complete and utter failures, in every respect possible.
      There’s no point adding ostensibly right-wing politicians as another group with some power to avoid this particular brand of Jewish cancer, as such people don’t exist. We haven’t had a right-wing politician in Britain since Enoch Powel.
      You’d think trying to convict a man in a court of law with something as subjectivity slippery as ‘hate’, would just degenerate into a battle of psychiatric reports. Then everyone could see how alien, how anti-British, how Jewish and monumentally stupid such a concept as hate laws are.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    Hostility to people, organisations, activities and ideas, even if unjustified, are normal in a free society.
    Specific incitement of violence or crime is distinctly another matter, and disruptive to a free society.
    Words like “antisemitism”, “hate” and “Holocaust”, used together or separately, are not exact enough for statute legislation in any case.

  9. Swan
    Swan says:

    If we lived in a society that valued the truth, Judaism would be the world’s biggest hate group and the star of David its symbol. Their brutal treatment of the Arabs would alone back up said distinction, let alone their vicious anti white asymmetric war which they are clearly winning.

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Can anyone here answer this? In the 3rd Reich, how did the Nuremberg Laws define a “Jew”? That is, what was the minimum ethnic ancestry that one had to possess to be considered Jewish? I had always thought it was 1/32; ie, if one of your great-great-great-grandparents was a Jew, the Nazis defined you as a Jew, but you were not so designated if merely one of your great-great-great-great-grandparents was Jewish. I have recently been challenged on this. Any academic citations would be especially appreciated.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Gee whiz, it’s super easy to look it up.

      German-blooded- Belongs to the German race and nation; approved to have Reich citizenship
      German-blooded- 1⁄8 Jewish Considered as belonging to the German race and nation; approved to have Reich citizenship
      Mixed race (second degree)- 1⁄4 Jewish Only partly belongs to the German race and nation; approved to have Reich citizenship
      Mixed race (first degree)- 3⁄8 or 1⁄2 Jewish Only partly belongs to the German race and nation; approved to have Reich citizenship
      Jew- 3⁄4 Jewish Belongs to the Jewish race and community; not approved to have Reich citizenship
      Jew- Jewish Belongs to the Jewish race and community; not approved to have Reich citizenship

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Any reportage on the black attacking the two Jewish shopkeepers, is woefully incomplete, possibly advertently so, if it failed to mention what sort of a shop they ran.

    Did they cheat him by buying ‘ old gold ‘ on manipulated scales or decrease the carats of his mother’s wedding ring ? Did they run an unlicensed pawn operation ? If so, then good for him, in lieu of retaining [ $ ] a Jewish lawyer to sue them before a Jewish judge; who may be a Member of the British Board of Deputies or at least a generous funder of same.

    Whether black, green or striped.

    Nothing incenses me more than my own stupidity in not seeing in a timely fashion, similar frauds successfully having been perpetrated against me by self-described paragons of Main Street and certain suspect-industries.

    How many Ontarians know, that their Insurance Broker gets a percentage kickback from the Insurance Industry as a whole, for paying out as few claims as possible, and/or under-compensating their honored, bullshitted clients; i. e., you ? I didn’t garner that wisdom from some malcontent but straight from a friend’s horse’s mouth.

    Do you know for certain, that the same is not valid for your own jurisdiction.? And if so, what is wrong with you if you, at minimum, would not be prepared to kick ass ?

  12. Alison Worcester
    Alison Worcester says:

    Hello All. I would like a copy of the Jacobs & Henry article but when I click on the [1] link it just keeps looping around to the title and not to the article itself. I cut and pasted the article information and could not find anything at all about the article. Nothing. Would TOO please offer a way for us to read the original Jacobs/Henry study? This is the gold we can use to teach others. Thank you so much.

  13. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    The “hate crimes” narrative constantly parroted by Jewry and their minions is indeed fake as hell. It is used to deflect attention from the very real hateful attacks committed daily against Whites by racially motivated Negro domestic terrorists, and their Jewish media enablers.

    The attention given to purported White “hate crime” is a blatant smoke screen hiding the vicious and ever more obvious race war being perpetrated against White people, their culture, and their vital interests. The hypocrisy, deception and effrontery of the ‘people’ of the double standard in this regard couldn’t be more blatant and egregious.

  14. John
    John says:

    “The FBI statistics did not square with the much more alarmist reports put forward by advocacy groups for the same time period.”

    The FBI today publishes hate numbers based on reports, not convictions (proven incidents). When you compare the small conviction number against the large number of hoaxes recorded every year, a very different picture emerges.

  15. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “Second, we examine the hate crime data collection efforts of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Klanwatch Project (Klanwatch) and THE FBI;”

    The FBI is in league with the ADL and every other Jew-defense group in the world! THAT fact should be exposed more than it is, to the American people. The politicians will never do it. This article that I wrote in 2017 is a very good read:

    • Swan
      Swan says:

      Ms.Yeager is spot on. In Patrick Casey’s summons (also Nick Fuentes’) summons to appear before congress regarding the January 6th mostly peaceful protest, the ADL is referenced as a source for their profiles. It’s outrageous that an ethnic activist group can hold so much Sway and the American people are so oblivious to it. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised since all Holocaust “experts ” are Jewish as if they are an objective source of inquiry. People are just too dammed dumb and brainwashed.

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        “People are just too dammed dumb or brainwashed”

        They’re not allowed to group in a positive way distinctly in their favor the way you just rhetorically grouped them in a disparaging and negative light. One of the biggest and busiest jobs of the secular Jews (mostly) is to prevent positive and productive bonding among white gentiles as fast as possible. That’s not the fault of the unsuspecting and mostly just surviving gentile.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        And the source of their profile on these two, and others, is most likely their offices they added in Silicone Valley, which the ADL bragged abut two years ago. Packed with famous Israeli electronic spyware, allowing them foreknowledge of what will happen in the future on the American and worldwide political scene.

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