Is the territorial integrity of Ukraine a cause worth America’s fighting a war with Russia?

Editor’s note: Starting today, Pat Buchanan’s columns will appear on TOO. This is a great addition. The column below is a good example of PB’s foreign policy views. Why go to war with Russia over Ukraine possibly becoming a member of NATO when Russia has legitimate fears of NATO encroachment that has been ongoing since 1991? And yet, one doesn’t have to listen long to mainstream conservative politicians and some Fox News talking heads who are rattling the war drums. It’s tempting to surmise that the real Russia hate stems from the  policies in the Middle East — alliances with Syria and Iran,  both enemies of Israel. A successful campaign against Russia would result in a realignment of power in the Middle East in Israel’s favor. Who is Russia really endangering? The US political and media establishment, particularly the Democrats, have been beating the war drums against Russia ever since Trump won in 2016. Exposing the collusion hoaxes certainly hasn’t slowed them down.

Pat Buchanan has a long history of understanding the fealty of the US political and media class to Israel, beginning with his classic 1990 statements on Operation Desert Storm: “there are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli defense ministry and its ‘amen corner’ in the United States.” And: “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory”. He also said in the August 1990 program: “The Israelis want this war desperately because they want the United States to destroy the Iraqi war machine. They want us to finish them off. They don’t care about our relations with the Arab world.”

Pat Buchanan has an excellent, fearless grasp of political realities. He is just as relevant now as ever.

Is the territorial integrity of Ukraine a cause worth America’s fighting a war with Russia?

No, it is not. And this is why President Joe Biden has declared that the U.S. will not become militarily involved should Russia invade Ukraine.

Biden is saying that, no matter our sentiments, our vital interests dictate staying out of a Russia-Ukraine war.

But why then does Secretary of State Antony Blinken continue to insist there is an “open door” for Ukraine to NATO membership — when that would require us to do what U.S. vital interests dictate we not do: fight a war with Russia for Ukraine?

NATO’s “open door policy” is based on Article 10, which declares that NATO members, “may, by unanimous agreement, invite any other European State … to accede to this Treaty.”

Moreover, membership is open to “any other European State in a position to further the principles of this Treaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area.”

Note that NATO admission requires “unanimous” consent of all 30 present members.

Blinken has often stated this as U.S. policy: “From our perspective, NATO’s door is open and remains open, and that is our commitment.”

What Blinken is saying is this: While America will not fight for Ukraine today, America remains open to Ukraine’s accession to NATO, in which event we would have to fight for Ukraine tomorrow, were it attacked by Russia.

What the U.S. needs to do is to say with clarity that while Ukraine is free to apply to NATO, NATO is free to veto that application, and the enlargement of NATO beyond its present eastern frontiers is over, done.

In this crisis, we need to recall how and why NATO was created.

In 1949, the year China fell to Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin exploded an atom bomb, we formed NATO as a defensive alliance to prevent a Russian drive west, from the Elbe to the Rhine to the Channel.

Of the original 12 members of NATO, the U.S. and Canada were on the western side of the Atlantic. Iceland and the U.K. were islands in the Atlantic. France and Portugal were on the Atlantic’s eastern shore.

Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg were astride the avenue of attack the Red Army would have to take to reach the Channel.

Norway was the lone original NATO nation that shared a border with the USSR itself. Italy was the 12th member.

Clearly, this was a defensive alliance to prevent a Soviet invasion of Western Europe such as Hitler had executed in the spring of 1940, when Nazi Germany overran Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France, and threw the British off the continent at Dunkirk.

Nations that joined NATO during the Cold War were Greece and Turkey in 1952, Germany in 1955, and Spain in 1982.

But, with the end of the Cold War, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the overthrow of Soviet Communism, and the breakup of the USSR into 15 nations by 1991, NATO, its goal — the defense of Central and Western Europe — achieved, its job done, did not go out of business.

Instead, NATO added 14 new members and moved almost 1,000 miles east, into Russia’s front yard and then onto Russia’s front porch.

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland joined in 1999. Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia became NATO nations in 2004. Albania and Croatia joined in 2009, Montenegro in 2017, and North Macedonia in 2020.

Understandably, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked himself: To what end, and for what beneficent purpose, was this doubling in size of an alliance that was formed to contain us, and, if necessary, fight a war against Mother Russia?

Alliances, which involve war guarantees, commitments to fight in defense of the allied nations, invariably carry costs and risks as well as rewards and benefits in terms of strengthened security.

But when we brought Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into NATO, what benefits in added strength did we receive to justify the provocation this would be to Russia, and the risk it might entail if Moscow objected and, one fine day, walked back into these Baltic states?

If we will not fight for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the second largest nation in Europe with a population of over 40 million people, why would we go to war with a nuclear-armed Russia over Estonia, a tiny and almost indefensible nation with a population of 1.3 million?

Besides Ukraine, two nations have been considering membership in NATO: Finland and Georgia. Accession of either would put NATO on yet another border of Russia, with the usual U.S. bases and forces.

While this would enrage Russia, how would it make us stronger?

Perhaps, instead of adding new nations on whose behalf we will go to war with a great power like Russia, we consider reducing the roster of NATO and restricting the number of nations for whom we must fight to those nations that are vital to our security and bring added strength to the alliance.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at


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    Some “white nationalists” are openly siding with ZOG Ukraine and the anti-White ZOG “Nazis” of the Azov Battalion, which is funded by Jews. These “white nationalists” must be opposed and called out as the enemy. The Novorossiya separatists are HEROES.

    • Nancy Sparks
      Nancy Sparks says:

      I don’t know of any WN’s who want war with Russia.
      Everybody knows it’s the jews that want war with Russia.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Quite right Nancy. The most recent jewish war on Russia was led by Larry Sommers, President of Harvard, who, together with his Moscow-jew born Professor Shlifer defrauded the Russian people, once again, after Haaavad was mandated by USAID to modernize/PRIVATIZE their economy, PRIOR to establishing its essential legal framework.

        Pattern recognition simply forces itself on you, doesn’t it ?

        • Flo
          Flo says:

          Exactly right, and Putin is despised for putting an end to the looting and bringing the (((oligarchs))) to heel. Remember the photos of Khodorkovsky on trial, behind courtroom bars, as is the custom in Russia? (((They))) have never forgiven Putin for this indignity, hence the warmongers all-out push for war with Russia. There’s also the matter of Ukraine’s unimaginable corruption. Who knows what could be uncovered and revealed . . .

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            K, who stole billions in natural resources, was featured by our disgraceful, public, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in an hour’s program as a victim of Putin, filmed in his spacious mansion in

            This scum of the earth paid no taxes to a Siberian town, which was burdened with housing hundreds of his employees in a natural gas field he ” owned “.

            Said town’s Mayor, bankrupted, set out to complain to the Governor of the State [ Oblast ] but was shot dead en route.

            Beresovsky, that untreated sewage, celebrated his 60th birthday, of course black tie, at Churchill’s Blenheim Palace, attended by ca. 200 swine of K’s kind. The message was quite clear. Many are buried with honors in Israel.

            I hope to have touched upon the corruption you mentioned, in my comment below, to be completed momentarily.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s right. I always thought Assad was a hero. He always struck me as a Michael Corleone figure. The older brother was the hot head(he stacked his Merc at 150mph into a mountain, lol), the tough-nut, groomed for leadership, while Bashar was the quite, introverted type who was away studying to be an eye doctor in London.
      But when the older brother’s character got him killed, the more thoughtful younger brother had to give up his entire civilian life to step up and save his family and his people.
      This is exactly the script of the Godfather. Even Bashar’s wife is like Micheal’s Kate, pretty, modest, accomplished in her own right, while I imagine this is not quite the type Bassel, like Sonney, would have went for.
      And like the Godfather, I think we can all agree if Bassel had took over from his father in Syria, he’d have the cahones to stand up to ZOG and Israel and all those CIA jihadis, but would he have had the skill and the deftness of touch to hold together that coalition of minorities that’s ran Syria all these years, and deal with Iran, Hezbollah and Russia at the same time, in the midst of a war for survival?
      Once this Russia business gets going, the Chinese step in and the dollar gets dropped, we can have this exciting civilizational collapse while I’m still young and have the strength to enjoy it.
      Then in the new regime, someone will make a heroic multi-film saga based on Assad and his angelic wife, true love in the midst of war, power, intrigue and drama.
      I’m going to save this post, then when it’s made try and scam them for copyright of an original idea.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        A little REALPOLITIK placed at the right location and time, is not a bad thing. Naturally this excludes T’s Golan Heights overreach.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Yes, Blinken finally made it to Kiev, after having searched for the location of the Ukraine, together with Biden, somewhere east of the Marshall Islands.

    • Jerry
      Jerry says:

      Yes, and surprisingly he was all for the Iraq Invention in 2003, for the benefit of jewmanity of course…..

  2. Freddy Dunderdon II
    Freddy Dunderdon II says:

    I think balance is good.

    I don’t think Nato should include Finland or Sweden and certainly not the hotspot Ukraine.

    But I also don’t see any good reason for Russia to invade Ukraine.

    Sure there are historic ties.

    But if the USA gave Russia promises of NOT letting Ukriane join Nato and the same with EU, I think it is possible they would back off.

    But what do I know.

    Maybe Russia is in effect the armed forces of white people in some weird way. A lot of Russians are very pro white. Maybe even because of communism or despite I don’t know because it’s comlex.

    So maybe Ukraine would just be a training ground for this army of the white race (more or less kinda) to invade Europe and throw out the africans and arabs. Lot’sa white peole in Europe would be happy.

    But I do think countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland should be their own countries. But there are deep rooted issues in Sweden for example a lot of people with power are thieves and very anti white.

    Also I hope the guy who is the leader of Nato is sacked.

    I do think there has to b agreater awakening in the western world regardless.

    Having a hostile elite with other identites that wage war through media ownership and control of large corporations is dangerous and means peoples are not in control of their own evolution and then we have the constant bombardement of propaganda for racemixing. Anyways.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      Out of Afghanistan and into Ukraine?
      What about China andTaiwan, Kashmir, the West Bank and many other territorial disputes around the world?
      Is there something going on we have missed?

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      The russian army is full of mozlems, and the real ethnic russians have it as bad as anywhere in the west.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Humanity and especially Whites need to let go of the presumption that a population must grow continuously like a cancerous tumor to avoid extinction . All that any population/race needs is to constantly re-affirm assurances of continuous survivability for any existing population size . Sustaining a population replacement ratio is not mandatory since all substantial life-sustaining resources are limited at any given moment in time .

          Limitations and irreversible depletions of life-sustaining resources require governmentally rationalized population size management for negative , zero , or positive growth factors only and not who should reproduce nor how many they should reproduce such as the CCP dictates .

          Various eugenics ideologies should be taught in higher ed courses and be commonly known . However , government should stay out of determining and subsidizing who should reproduce and how many . Let individuals decide if they want to apply a particular eugenics ideology for themselves . Government should not assist nor promote reproduction of grossly geneticly deficient persons and should not subsidize growth by reproductions of religious group members .

          Humanity is certainly doomed to eventual extinction if increased population growth is its only assurance of continued near-term survival .

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      I agree. NATO has expanded too far east. Russia is no longer communist and is not an expansionist power. The USA is both.

      Don’t let them trick us into another futile war. Our government is run by a hostile elite, whose foreign policy goals are unAmerican. They own and run the Media. They control Congress with money – thru donations from the Vulture Funds, such as Paul Singer’s Elliott Management. They all hate Russia, for ethnic reasons. It’s not our fight. We have no business in Ukraine.

      Jews rule Ukraine and Jews rule America. Neither is a “democracy.” That explains this entire crisis. They have subverted NATO from its original function as a defensive alliance, into a front for aggression against Russia.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Quite right. Furthermore, when Gorbashev surrendered East Germany in 89, it was on the condition, AND AGREEMENT, that NATO not expand eastwards. Assured to Russia at Minsk II, repeated personally and later by the Bucharest reassurance. I guess Putin could march back into Berlin, if our own legal beagles stuck to logic.

      • Noel K
        Noel K says:

        Jews are pretty dominant in Russia also I heard but I aint an expert.

        But I did read they used to sell a book by whats his name again the dude from new orleans with artificial blonded hair… The dude who went to prison and was a bitch there… David Huge? No I think his name is David Duke? Outside of the russian parliament.

        Lotsa people see russia as a possible escape for whites when the western countries becime unbearable to live in.

        Wait and see.

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    Why do the American people continue to submit to a foreign policy which has no bearing whatsoever on their security — in fact, a foreign policy which militates against their security? Submission is the attitude one has towards a conquerer?

    Americas entire foreign policy is directed by an invasive tribe with the malevolent intent of demanding the entire world submits and accepts to be subservient to their dominion.

    Is there any doubt today that the United States is an Empire run by Zionist Jews?

    Often likened to bloodsucking vampires Zionist Jews have attached themselves to Americas throat. Millions of Americans seem frozen in complete abnegation of their founding principles as originally conceived in 1775.

    Reality however is that the New World could never have been successfully investigated or exploited without money and lots of it. All endeavours need capital to underwrite ambitious undertakings. Of course, this capital, is usually borrowed. It follows that capital must already exist — of course it is in the fundamental calculation of whomever controls capital that it will only be lent where the best returns are to be had. …And wherever there is the least risk.

    Sooner or later lenders discovered lending to sovereigns — kings and queens — was more or less risk free. By extending credit to both protagonists in wars against one another, no matter the winner, the lender won. Nowadays simply preparing to fight absorbs billions of dollars or rubles or yuan. Governments are always indebted.

    The amount of money circulating in the global economy is staggering — its tendency to corrupt is without limits.

    Zionist Jews are deeply interconnected; above all, they are a tribe. Their first loyalty is to the tribe. Of course? Everyone not in the tribe is subordinated to Zionist Jews and Zionist interests — and Zionist interest, i.e., usury.

    Of course Israel is paramount in their loyalties. American power is used by Zionists Jews to project Zionist Jewish power around the world. The American economy is controlled by Zionist Jews. The American people are used as milch cows, a source of easy income, to underwrite the Zionist hegemony within the American empire. American men and women are hired to enforce the Zionist hegemony within the American empire. Zionist Jews own America and control America. Increasingly Zionist Jews loyalties to themselves no longer benefit American society. Maybe they never did! Did American involvement in World Wars l and II benefit Americans? …Or involvement in Vietnam?

    Clearly untangling Zionist Jews from American life and curbing their malevolent influence can only be done by undermining the platform they built, erected on a foundation of lies and promulgated by a never ceasing barrage of propaganda they disseminate — via the media they control, via the central bank they control, via the universities they control, via the control they exert within the two party political system including congress and the judiciary.

    The American system of governance could defeat the Zionists and the Zionist agenda. But first loyal Americans untainted by dual citizenship and loyalties to Zion would have to become alarmed. By never voting a Jew into any elected role in American society Americans could get the Zionist boot of their face.

    Simple solution really. Vote otherwise than for the Jew — stop submitting to the Zionist imperative.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Simple solution really. Vote otherwise than for the Jew — stop submitting to the Zionist imperative.”

      Most USA Whites are sufficiently enslaved to their chosenhite jewmasterss , whom [ own ] the Wash DC fedgov ; so that voting within a thoroly corrupt political system is irrelevant to substantially reducing their enslavement and thus resisting the Fabian socialist genocide against Whites or the culling of them .

      Most Whites have a sufficient IQ to acquire the political intelligence needed for them to avoid genocidal extinction where voting intelligence is grossly inadequate . However , it normally takes several generations of persistent cultural effort to obtain an adequate level of political intelligence to successfully defeat the Judaic existential threat against nonjewish Whites . Unfortunately , the jewmasterss are not going to allow enough Whites to have a normal amount of time to acquire the political intelligence that most Whites do not have and is needed to defeat the Fabian socialist genocide against them .

      See the Wikipedia article on the 1791 “Haitian Revolution” for what would likely be involved in an attempt for Whites to forcibly cancel their enslavement .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The American system of governance could defeat the Zionists and the Zionist agenda .”

      Maybe it could have defeated the Zionists


      the system was operated by enough loyal and
      politicly astute persons .

      The American system ,
      even if there were plenty of loyal nationalists ,
      had a severe lack of politicly astute operators when it made Woodrow Wilson President
      ( via corrupt bankster shenanigans of briberies and blackmails )
      whom then in 1913 handed de facto monopoly power , over the national public money apparatus ,
      to the Rothschildean empire agent creators and owners of the Federal Reserve Banking System .

      Clearly , the USA has finally and egregiously proven that
      popular love of money is
      the root of much evil and
      common inveterate political ignorance
      of matters beyond electioneering issues
      is not bliss .

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    OF COURSE NOT, even if what’s happening weren’t cultivated by Marxist-hijacked America, which intentionally provokes Russia by talking of extending NATO to the Russian border.

    The posturing of the phony prez is diversionary. The senile mediocrity, the puppet of elites devastating America to “build back better,” wishes to distract attention from what’s happening at home. Further, given the ease with which Americans are made to hate demonized foreigners, there’s a good possibility that self-styled patriots will “get behind the president.”

    Let us all inform the Conservative media that we’re not fooled and that we want coverage of what’s being done to America, not to Ukraine.

  5. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Of course NATO should fight for Ukraine’s borders, they should fight Russia for the integrity of Burkina Faso’s borders. Actually, my neighbour’s cat got ran over last year, it should have kicked off then.
    What difference does it make? The US has lied it’s way into every war it’s fought for a hundred years.
    The sooner the Russians humiliate ZOG, the Chinese take Taiwan and everyone abandons the dollar the better for all concerned.

  6. Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    Pat Buchanan is a great man; an example of what a true statesman should be: a philosopher-king. Too bad he didn’t make it to the WH. He very well analysed the situation in the multiethnic, fake state of communist ex-Yugoslavia, prior to its break-up in 1991. He was also aware of inordinate amount of ignorance amidst State Dept. “experts” on European-Balkan affairs. I had a few brief encounters, talks with him back in the late 1980s.

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      Pat Buchanan would have made a great president. He had the right policies – he put America first. He is pro-Russia and anti-communist, just like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Today the US regime follows a communist ideology, in its KultMarx variant.

      Bush, Clinton, Trump and Biden each put Israel first and America last. They are open borders globalists. Now they want to provoke war with Russia.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “Bush, Clinton, Trump and Biden each put Israel first and America last. They are open borders globalists. Now they want to provoke war with Russia.”

        Trump didn’t put Israel first, even though he did a lot for it. He gets too chummy and thinks Netanyahu is a great friend and ally. A mistake, of course, but no wars were fought for Israel or even contemplated.

        Trump is not an open borders globalist, nor has he ever wanted to provoke a war with Russia – just the opposite. But he has the US Congress to deal with. Including war hawk Mitch McConnell. Trump 2024!

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Trump blew up the Iran deal for Israel, recognised Jerusalem as their capital, destroying any hope of a Palestinian state, and signed the Abraham Accords, which are going to be the basis of a Greater Israel.
          Nah, not much. They couldn’t even get one of those things out of Obama.
          I think he did it for money from that greasy Las Vegas mafia Jew. Or to give his Zio-spy son-in-law something to do. I don’t think he really cared about Israel, or saw it’s importance.
          Trump was a ‘good thing’, but his flaws matched his talents, unfortunately.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            You’re not an American and don’t understand us or our country. I’m not British and don’t tell English voters what to do or how to run their country. Look what the British influence does to the voters in Canada! They are brain dead, voting for Justin Trudeau–even back then, he was always the same. He should be wearing a skirt. Boris Johnson, trying to make an impression with his “touseled hair” do seems to be the best you have, yet is nowhere good enough.

            If you wanted to make your words matter, you should devote yourself to your own nation. Are we nationalists here, or not?

            People like you seem to only care about Israel– Israel, Israel. But it was your country that gave us Israel. What was good about the Iran deal? What’s wrong with the Abraham Accords? Every President & Western leader has sought something like that. Trump did it. Maybe you should know more about what you wish for. Are you only on the side of the Palestinians? Are you a “British” Arab?

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Miss Yeager,

          Unfortunately, far too many persons put themselves into a self-imposed ideological dimension which borders prevent them from discerning what is positive and what is negative. In doing so they never can properly analyse and reflect upon a given event to discover the fact of just what has taken place. Everything is leveled out to simplicity logic which in itself is illogical. God Bless, Aristo Boho

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          I’ve never been more than half-satisfied with Trump: he did disappoint in important ways, and he was a perfect president–for Israel–going beyond his rightful authority in assassinating Soleimani and executively ordering that college kids can’t discuss BDS. Nevertheless I not only voted for him but was a Trump Team leader and poll-watcher for the Repubs. It makes me laugh that people actually try to make him seem the same as Dementia Joe! At the very least, Trump (1) did secure the border; (2) stopped the destruction of Euroamerica’s historical monuments by neo-Marxist terrorists; (3) opposed CRT and 1619, cutting off governmental funding for the former; he was clearly against the propagandistic slandering of Euroamerica and European Civilization, and did something about it..

          It was in the Trump years that I saw things near the Mex border that I never before saw–e.g., immigration officers stopping your car on Interstate 10 to look for any illegals you might be secreting into the States. And now that I’ve been a volunteer invader-detector at the Mex border (with binoculars, cell phone, holstered “Judge”) and seen first-hand what the traitors are doing to USA’s territorial sovereignty–as well as talked with many Border Patrol and other law-enforcement people–I am assured that there was indeed a very great difference between Trump’s policies and those of Dementia Joe.

          IF the Trump-haters can convince me that letting the neo-Marxists work their worst will make White America rise up and achieve what we want through revolution, I’ll say “To hell with electoral politics.” Otherwise I’ll work for Trump again or DeSantis. I think that it’d be better to at least slow the slide to oblivion, and perhaps have time to build a movement (and the side was definitely was stimulated under Trump I). Actually, the Marxists are hurrying to change America past the point of no return, and if unchecked may well succeed–BEFORE there’s the White reactive upheaval we all hope for. Besides, I think that the massive civil conflict which people have long talked of–and which seems needed–can happen after a Conservative Restoration in the Congress and WH, from conflict brought by an enraged Left….

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Of course , it’s a hard fact that the next presidential election will be between the Republican and Democrat nominees. No possibility of any larger choice. All the anti-Trump imbeciles seem to ignore that in their constant and repetitive criticism.

            Good for you for getting involved in person. Very admirable. You see what is possible and what is not. Not pie in the sky rhetoric.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          What’s wrong with the Abraham Accords? They were the first peace treaty with an Arab nation in near 30 years, two in fact. Just because Jewish money has bought our whore politicians as well as Arab ones, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It certainly wasn’t popular with the actual publics’ of these nations.
          Any win for Israel or ZOG is a loss for us.
          As for Palestinians, I think everyone who is even slightly awake is aware that *we are all Palestinians now*, and what has/is being done to them, will surely be done to us in spades.
          In Jewish minds we are on a similar non-human level as Palestinians, but it’s actually more dangerous for us because they fear us, and hate us more, because our historical accomplishments make them feel inadequate.
          Trump 2024? Make Pfizer Great Again?
          Not sure what you mean about “what the British influence does to the voters in Canada”, that just sounds to me like gobbledegook nonsense that commenters often spit out when they’re angry.
          No I’m not an Arab. And I’ve never
          voted for Boris Johnson.
          But our enemies would like nothing better than for us to all concentrate on our own nations. I live in the UK, but what is my nation, it’s obvious it’s been occupied & controlled by America since about 1944, and America is now controlled by Jews.
          Should I just ignore all this, and amuse myself with the fake punch & Judy show at Westminster? This is your advice/orders?
          One other thing, what do you have against David Irving?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            You know, Emicho friend, it’s not surprising that you didn’t finish your basic schooling, as you told us, but dropped out. You cannot or will not follow a logical sequence of reasoning or argument.

            “What’s wrong with the Abraham Accords? They were the first peace treaty with an Arab nation in near 30 years, two in fact. Just because Jewish money has bought our whore politicians as well as Arab ones, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It certainly wasn’t popular with the actual publics’ of these nations.”

            This doesn’t tell me anything and is not an answer to the question you purport to be answering. Nor is anything you said afterward. And that’s **because you don’t know**.

            ‘Trump 2024? Make Pfizer Great Again?’
            That’s all you have to say about that? It’s inadequate.

            “Not sure what you mean about “what the British influence does to the voters in Canada”
            Canada is a British Commonwealth state — there are portraits of the Queen in all government buildings. When any member of the Royal Family visits, Canadians go ga-ga, goo-goo just like the British do. Yet without their Royals, Britain will lose all its prestige bc the entire country is only fakery from the past anyway. Britain is the world’s foremost surveillance state, in the same class as China … coming soon to Canada. I can’t imagine living there.

            “I live in the UK, but what is my nation, it’s obvious it’s been occupied & controlled by America since about 1944, and America is now controlled by Jews.”
            Sorry it’s not obvious to me. You’re really having a hard time with this one. So what is your nation? Spit it out.

            “One other thing, what do you have against David Irving?”
            I already answered this in full. How could you miss it? I think you may have a hard time paying attention. Like so many others, there’s some defect in your brain. Thus the reliance on conspiracy theories of pure evil.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Re the fellow you’ve butted heads with. You gotta understand that he’s not only a Brit, a member of the European nation with the least racial consciousness, but an avid adherent of that cult from Semitic West Asia. I can’t think he believes in any political way out of our predicament, only a religious one. Nor is he actually pro-race or pro-nation, only pro-virgin-born water-strider, and anti-Jewish. How can he really care to preserve the “things of this world”–worldly vanities like race and ancestral lands–especially since his Lord’s Second Coming will soon sweep away this evil order? (Say, I suspect that “Christ’s Second Coming” actually relates to that night which da Lawd spent with Mary Magdalene.)

          As for the Brit part of the equation, I’m an expert about it. My Italian citizenship enabled me, through the EU, to live 11 years in the Irish Republic, where I listened daily to BBC Radio 4; moreover I often sojourned in England. I soon learned that the innumerable “little englanders” dream that that swimmable distance from Dover to Calais makes them critters altogether different from them furrin blighters in Europe, with them bleedin’ funny lingos. So many of them really do think that mainland Europeans are as alien to Britain as Sub-Saharans and Dravidians and non-White Muslims–if not more so, because at least an Afro-Caribbean from Jamaica speaks English!

          So I’m not surprised they passed the horrendously anti-White, in the final analysis anti-BRITAIN, Brexshit. It didn’t matter that, a fortnight before the vote, the vile Farage told them that stopping mainland Europeans from settling in Britain would allow many more blacks and South Asians to come. It probably helped. Ever see the following:

          Five’ll get you 100 our friend here voted FOR, especially since he thinks blacks are fine and dandy.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Who could ever forget Hellary’s State Department Deputy Assistant for the Middle East and Southern Europe ” expert ” VICTORIA NULAND and her indelible, bugged, hand-telephonic ” FUCK THE EU “, during Maidan ! Nor her even more extreme neo-conservative husband, brother-in law and father-in law, the Kagan triumvirate: still lacking the Holodomor opportunity to freely butcher, like that other Kagan-ovich [i.e. Son of Cohen or Priest ] triumvirate.

      And how could it be otherwise, given the American educational system, outclassed by their propaganda and 360 control ?

      Unsurprisingly, she is till active under Biden.

      I forever enjoy your foundational analyses here.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Not so for the armaments industry: earlier overseen by later millionaire Baruch for Roosevelt. [ previously Campo di Rossi ]..

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          A useful rule of thumb for anyone offering a correction to someone else is that he ought to know what he’s talking about.

          The dictionaries published by Merriam-Webster and American Heritage both list “britches” without qualification of any sort. In other words, in light of the authority long accorded these two dictionaries, it is fair to say that “britches” is regarded in American English as a fully legitimate and respectable alternative to the older form of the word “breeches,” of which “britches” is considered a cognate.

          Oxford Online, in both its UK and US dictionaries, also accepts “britches,” albeit with the qualification that that form constitutes a variant spelling of “breeches.” By adding an etymological note—”another form of breeches, representing a pronunciation”—the UK dictionary comes closest to expressing actual disapproval of “britches.” Since disapproval of literally anything is now deemed ipso facto racist, however, at least when the disapproval is expressed by a white person or a historically white organization, the Oxford note’s soupçon of a sniff is unlikely even to be detected by a professional grievance hunter and, moreover, allows the OUP’s editors the option of full deniability, should they ever require it.

  7. Bob
    Bob says:

    Meanwhile, though Putin dislikes the encroachment of NATO in Ukraine, Putin has allowed NATO member Turkey to become a strong partner of Azerbaijan and penetrate Russia’s backyard (the Caucasus and Caspian) with American weapons and terrorists.

    And Putin has done little about this.

    We know that neo-cons, the US, EU, and NATO are Ok with this penetration because they have hardly criticized Turkey or Azerbaijan for any of the foregoing.

    That is, NATO is beating Russia in the Caucasus, and yet Putin is doing practically nothing about it while at the same time Putin is complaining about Ukraine.

    Makes no sense from a Russian perspective.

    In fact, Putin and Erdogan are very friendly, while Turkey arms Ukraine to the teeth with drones and other weapons.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Now independent Azerbaiyan has permitted the stationing of Israeli Air Force planes on modern, previously Soviet bases, to place Iran in a position of triangulation attack from the north.

  8. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    The Crimea has been Russian for centuries. This fake Ukraine issue, like the South China Sea are the criminal Federal Reserve counterfeiters attacking those that do not want their dying monopoly money.
    Like Qaddafi, Putin and Xi do not trust the petrodollars and the dying system that “supports” it. They have a rival petroYuan called the Renminbi that they are now spreading around to others that want to rid themselves of Rothschild IOUs.
    All wars are banker wars now. North Korea, Iran and the whole “Axis of Evil” of the Bush League traitors are non-Rothschild controlled countries. Let the Zionist Pigs keep spreading FEDGOV thin. It’ll make their overthrow the easier.
    Who will “arrest and detain” the “deplorables”, with all the jannisaries deployed to places like Europe and the South Seas?

  9. Greg Kowalski
    Greg Kowalski says:

    I am from Eastern Europe, I have been to Ukraine ( it is a disaster!) Most people in the US don’t understand that Ukraine is Israel 2.0 project. Hence US involvement. Kissinger said some time ago that Israel will not last in the Middle East for another 10 or 15 years. Population decline being one of the problems. They tried to move Israel back to Poland but the Poles resisted. Ukraine will not.

  10. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    Woodrow Wilson-

    The effect of the war upon the United States will depend upon what American citizens say and do. Every man who really loves America will act and speak in the true spirit of neutrality, which is the spirit of impartiality and fairness and friendliness to all concerned.

    [. . .]

    I venture, therefore, my fellow countrymen, to speak a solemn word of warning to you against that deepest, most subtle, most essential breach of neutrality which may spring out of partisanship, out of passionately taking sides. The United States must be neutral in fact, as well as in name, during these days that are to try men’s souls. We must be impartial in thought, as well as action, must put a curb upon our sentiments, as well as upon every transaction that might be construed as a preference of one party to the struggle before another. – Woodrow Wilson Message to Congress, 1914


    Franklin Roosevelt –

    Mr. Roosevelt said at Boston on October 30 1940: “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”

    The same thought was expressed in a speech at Brooklyn on November 1: “I am fighting to keep our people out of foreign wars. And I will keep on fighting.”

    The President told his audience at Rochester, New York, on November 2: “Your national government … is equally a government of peace — a government that intends to retain peace for the American people.”

    On the same day the voters of Buffalo were assured: “Your President says this country is not going to war.”

    And he declared at Cleveland on November 3: “The first purpose of our foreign policy is to keep our country out of war.”

    Joe Biden –

    Biden is saying that, no matter our sentiments, our vital interests dictate staying out of a Russia-Ukraine war.


    When the liars start insisting America won’t go to war, you can pretty well bet it’s a lie. Get ready for a change in the script.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Wilson would have done better to remain ” dispassionate ” towards another Professor’s wife: particularly in those pre-Como, et al days. He would not have been subjected to borrow 50,000 from a Jew to arrange the cover-up; which slippery slope ended up with April 7, 1917. The first of two wars, the Jews themselves deemed essential to create Israel.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        The interest on said loan was Wilson’s appointment of German Jew Brandeis to the Supreme Court. In those days it reportedly took a few days between nomination and Senate confirmation.

        That of Brandeis took four months of bitter disputes. Indicating, that the Jew lawyer moneylender made a beneficial choice for his tribe.

  11. John
    John says:

    Speaking about invasion, has anyone noticed we continue to be invaded? There are at least tens of millions of illegals in our homeland. Apparently, we are not into the First Law of Nature. Rest assured Nature will have the last word saving a spot for us in the history museum.

    • John
      John says:

      Both the article & all the comments here (except mine) never mentioned anything about the territorial integrity of America, as, we have no territorial integrity when illegals enter our once nation for decades & by the millions. Yes, we have a problem, &, WE ARE THE PROBLEM. The destruction of our people is incalculable, some 2,000 are killed every 12 months by illegals.
      When it comes to our survival as a people, there is no greater suicidal people.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        You are right. But the cause of the lack of our territorial integrity is widely discussed here: to wit – Biden’s entire Cabinet. To now include woke Gigi Sohn at omnipotent FCC and some woke female Black certifiable twit for the also omnipotent Board of the Federal Reserve. Mustn’t forget potato picking pug-faced peasant Lipstadt’s nomination
        to fight national and international, self-induced anti-Semitism. Realistically and sequentially: ” Counter ” – Semitism.

  12. JM
    JM says:

    Australian IWW (Wobbly) anti-war poster in WW1 (yes I know the shortcomings!):

    TO ARMS!! Capitalists, Parsons, Politicians, Landlords, Newspaper Editors and Other Stay-at-Home Patriots, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU IN THE TRENCHES! WORKERS FOLLOW YOUR MASTERS!

    Paraphrasing for today:

    TO ARMS!! Oligarchs, Jewish Media Magnates, Neo-Con Propagandists and Other Stay-at-Home Patriots, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU IN THE EAST! American Worker-Soldiers! FOLLOW YOUR MASTERS!

  13. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    This essay summarizes well the history of NATO. It started as a defensive alliance in 1949, to deter Soviet aggression. In the wake of WW-2, the Red Army had just conquered Eastern & Central Europe. It was a real threat to Western Europe. NATO was a defensive alliance.

    Not now – not since the collapse of the USSR. Now NATO is a front for (((American))) aggression, aimed at the destruction of Russia. The US regime is trying to trick Americans into another senseless war, just like they did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Not this time – we’re no longer fooled by regime propaganda. All its actions in this manufactured “crisis” are deliberate provocations against Russia.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Before post-War Germany was formally installed in 1949, simultaneously with NATO, Members of Parliament had already been selected, awaiting formal investiture.

      One of Chancellor-designate Adenauer’s friends later divulged, that the Draft of the future German Constitution had been taken by a Cologne area future Socialist MP to Paris and subsequently to Jerusalem. It returned via the same route, all marked up in Jewish schoolmaster red pencil.

      The Constitution, or Verfassung, prohibits German military action beyond its borders, except in circumscribed peacekeeping endeavors. Perhaps explaining the red penceling and who holds sway in Paris.

      Berlin is inadequately criticized at home, but should thus not be ridiculed internationally for its NATO contribution of merely five thousand. helmets. The jewish MSM, disappointingly including FOX in this case and more, can’t have it both ways.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        An essential correction:
        1 In 49 the German Constitution prohibited German military involvement outside of Germany.
        2 In 94 the Supreme Court, in response to an application by the left Green Party and center right FDP, reiterated the former condition that any military engagement be approved by Parliament, but that foreign deployment now be permitted, as long as it is in support of a campaign authorized by the EU, NATO or UN.

  14. Paul Wilby
    Paul Wilby says:

    Why on Earth would the Ukraine have anything whatsoever to with the USA.

    Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until it was debunked in the 1970’s

    • Amalekite
      Amalekite says:

      To the extent that any of these countries join NATO or the EU, it’s simply money. It’s basically the Slavic equivalent of a Guatemalan guy walking into Texas with his pregnant wife. That, and Ukraine specifically appears to have become a massive money laundering scheme for various shady oligarchs, kleptocrats, family members of politicians, God only knows.

      What’s really interesting is that “Ukraine” itself was really invented by the Soviets as a way to stifle Russian nationalism. Western Ukraine (Galicia) was always different and historically was more Polish/Hapsburg, but the majority of what is called Ukraine was always considered 100% Russian. Even the Ukrainian language had to be imposed on the people, who all spoke Russian and thought of themselves as Russian.

  15. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “there are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli defense ministry and its ‘amen corner’ in the United States.”

    I surmise this is surely the most important sentence in this entire piece and one which sets me off bitterly trying to expose the grave error of those in the ‘amen corner’ concerning Russia!!!

    We need to stop and immediately so all this talk about Magog and Gog from Ezekiel 38 and 39 being the current nations of Russia and Germany!!!! Two nations which are supposed to attack Israel bringing about the final great conflict and the arrival of the Messianic!!!

    This is all error and lies and it has to be repudiated by the entire ‘amen corner’ in the United States !!!!!!!!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read the truth in the book Lies all Lies by Gerry Fox!!!

  16. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    It’s entirely impossible to even start to comprehend this pregnant issue without the minimum and profitable effort of reading, intently, the Wikipedia entry on Ihor Kolomoyskyi: which, surprisingly, glosses nothing over.

    K is the second richest billionaire in the Ukraine. [Forbes]. Media, industry, banking, etc. Current President Zelensky was his TV employee, acting the clown in one series, and K funded [bought] his election.

    One Crimean Russian, who was a previous Member of the National U Government for 14 years, and privy to a few insider informations, claimed in front of a Western journalist, that K is the real, BENEFICIAL OWNER OF BURISMA. If true, then that spells future troubles, hopefully post November indictments, for the Biden crime family.

    U prohibits dual-citizenship, so K has three, to stay within the law, as he says; employing Talmudic logic. Ukrainian, Israeli and Cypriot. Cyprus is the center of major financial frauds. Several years ago the authorities confiscated an Israeli-owned van packed with an estimated 6 million dollars worth of electronic spyware. They also afforded the escape of six young Israelis, who had already joined the most moral army in the world, and were celebrating their few days before induction by gang-raping a young English female tourist in their beachfront motel.

    K was indicted for bankrupting his predominant PRIVAT BANK, which was bailed out, on the American model, by the impoverished U taxpayer. Emulated by the Pritzker family in Illinois, to the sum of 30 millions. If you feel the necessity to expel some bad food upward, take a gander at the photo of the Governor of Illinois !!! Der Stuermer material.

    How in hell can K own businesses in Ohio and other US states: given the Magnitski Act. Foisted on the US, and many other Western states. by that 230 million dollars tax fraudster Bill Browder, through the ” good offices ” of that man-child Sen. McCain and [Durbin ?]

    K was Governor of the comparatively well-off, industrial Oblast, or Province, of Dnipropetrovsk. He was DE FACTO ! chairman of its soccer club and owned a half dozen airlines.

    Therefore he knew his way around the capital’s main airport. The same airport, whose control tower directed the Malaysian Airline Flight 17, [ Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ] to vary its normal flight path 10 kilometers north, placing it directly over a BUK missile launcher, which brought it down, with 298 dead. Swept by the world’s MSM before Putin’s door. Similarly, MA 370 disappeared from the skies without trace, also in 2014.

    Mahathir Mohamad had been PM of Malaysia for some time. Soros profitably had attacked his state’s currency, as he had GB’s, inflicting economic harm. At a Hong Kong conference, attended by both, Mohamad called Soros ” a dirty little jewish speculator “, which made it around the world in minutes.

    MM had also founded the 57 member Organization of Islamic Countries, to counter ” the jews who control the world by proxy ! ”

    Additionally, he constituted an international court to study jewish control. Attended by most impressive representatives from around the world, who fearlessly published their findings. Available back then on You Tube.

    With reference to MA 370, and its total radio silence, untraceable disappearance, we must consider the US company in Virginia, which peddles the Flight Interruption System, which allows total external takeover of all aircraft controls, which cannot be overridden by its pilots.

    It was run by a rabbi, and son of a Russian rabbi, whose famous name momentarily escapes me. I shall add it later today after pressing chores. .

    Not to forget, we are talking of Kolomoyskyi. Why was he not mentioned once in this otherwise very good thread ?

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Do you happen to recall the name of the Virginia “flight interruption” tech company or its founders? Thanks very much.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        You must intensively read all available material on Dov Zakheim, the above forgotten, ubiquitous, omnipotent, wheeler dealer son of a Brooklyn Russian emigree rabbi.

        Brooklyn Yeshiva high school; Columbia, Cambridge – Trinity [ Balfour’s alma mater. ]

        He ran a company that renovated the Tower that was attacked by the blind sheikh. 16 vans all night for months, after work. Unobserved.

        Comptroller of the Department of Defense, six weeks before 9/11. On 9/10, you might remember, Rumsfeld stated on videoed News, that the Dept. was unable to account for 3.1 TRILLION DOLLARS. Possibly still on the web, but google AMERICA’S MISSING MONEY, to discover, that in reality it was 21 trillion: more than our National Debt at that time. He sold what he termed questionable US fighters to Israel for pennies on the dollar, while discouraging Israel’s development of a new fighter.
        Four international auditing firms, for a fee of several millions, tried but gave up on their auditing efforts.

        On the next day, 9/11, a new principle was added to the International Accounting Principles, by having Zakheim’s Pentagon office demolished, since it was right in line with the plane, with the death of almost his entire accounting staff. How fortuitous !

        He was on the board of Booz Allen, which, as a Defense Contractor, among other things, worked on the weaponization of the Ebola virus. As was Edward Snowden in some capacity.

        Another Booz Allen Ebola worker and her daughter died in the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, between Barcelona and Duesseldorf. Duesseldorf is a couple of hours drive to den Haag, seat of the International Court of Justice.

        To me it is more likely, that some jealous colleague of the deceased Ebola worker falsely reported her intention to report their illegal endeavor to said Court. As opposed to the official investigators, who would have been obliged to report, as they did, that the suicidal pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the inaccessible French Alps, because he had GIRL-FRIEND DISAPPOINTMENTS

        He crashed the plane while his co-pilot was in the washroom, whom he kept out by locking the cockpit from the inside. The FLIGHT TERMINATION SYSTEM, cited incorrectly above, was indeed capable of locking the cockpit door from inside; irreversibly.

        Said system was understandably developed to retake control of highjacked planes.

        Among the dead was an entire Duesseldorf area class of German students. I notified, via e-mail, that twit Chancellor Merkel, with the suggestion, that she enquire of the system’s Arlington manufacturer and peddler, to whom they had sold these systems, with Germany’s undertaking to keep such list secret.

        Systems Planning Corporation, run by our multi talented rabbi, literally advertised said system on the net; photograph and all, like some detergent. It even offered customizations for customers’ special needs. Their net advertising photo showed it to be ca. four feet long, with the height of a kitchen counter and twice its width. Encased and harmless looking to any Customs workers.

        I could no longer find on the net what I stated today; beyond snippets.

        However, if very important to whatever you are doing, you could ask the archivist of TOO, since I commented on this several years back, with contemporaneous personal and corporative names and addresses..

        Good luck !

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Ca, six decades back, one of my Professors of Russian, a native, warned our class never to ask a Russian how he was, without having a spare hour to get a reply.

          I was born on the North European Plane and must have picked up some Russian DNA, with all that East-West, mostly tracked vehicles traffic there.

  17. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Without a doubt this is an excellent column by Mister Patrick Joseph Buchanan. I should like to point out the following concerning this sham of insanity warmongering that reflects frighteningly the same propaganda used against National Socialist Germany.
    A. Albeit naïve to think, when The Warsaw Pact ceased to exist the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should’ve. It did not because the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was never about protecting Europe from the advances of the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics and Communism. This was and still is a false narrative. It has always been part of a Grand Design to have economic-financial control over nations which means their culture deconstruction which facilitates the destruction of their independent values and hence what makes their respective peoples who they are. A total deracination. One of the major factors, but not the only one, is petrol. Another is economic independence in a system that’s successful and because of this the powers that be of International Banking can not tolerate the danger of their monetary control to be toppled. Why did Mister George Bernard Shaw, a Fabian Socialist, make the following declaration in the 1930’s: “Sooner or later the Capitalist world will destroy the Corporativist State of Benito Mussolini’s Italy”. Forgive me if I do not have the exact words at this writing.
    B. World War II was never about defeating a National Socialist danger and freeing Poland. My father-in-law, an aristocrat Polander, was for appeasement with Germany for the sake of not repeating the horrors of World War I, yet he had no choice but to fight as a Polish officer with the British. Does one need to guess why he couldn’t go back to live in Poland?
    C. The stay behind troops of the Allies which continued to function within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were never for the prevention of the spread of Communism. Bulgaria? No. Hungary? No. Greece, yes why? The Adriatic Sea and the vast oil reserves in and around the islands. The Anglo-American world invaded Cyprus by way of Turkey on the 15th of July, 1974.
    D. There were and still are other nefarious reasons that are part and parcel of this so-called bi-polarity division of world power at the time of The Cold War with both sides complicit. It’d take too much time to go into this, but what comes to mind are the artifices of L’Anello / The Ring, revealed only in 2011, and hidden and not made known until respectively in the early 1980’s, Propaganda Due/Propaganda Two, and in the nineties Operation Gladio. And these type of espionage actions have been at play in Ukraine and the United States; the Russian Collusion is an evil sublime example.

    God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      A carton full of Kudos, for ” Disregarding Narrative but ANALysing Function ” !

      Did your Polish father-in-law ever express his opinion to your wife of either Katyn or the almost certain assassination by Kim Philby, of his Commander in Chief, General Sikorski, at Gibraltar ?
      How many people, do you think, ever heard about Operation Gladio ?

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister Frey,

        My Polish father-In=Law expressed more than an opinion to his daughter my wife, he knew the truth about the Katyn Forest Massacre, that it was not the Germans but the Soviets who did it. He never spoke explicitly of the death of General Wladyslaw Eugeniusz Sikorski, in as much as a discussion of what really happened and the why and so forth. He probably did not know anything more about it. She never heard of Mister Kim Philby being connected to it, which is interesting. I think very few people have known of Operation Gladio. They should want to for it is a major historical factor to post-World War II espionage on a large scale, organised from the top to the bottom with a definite agenda. I believe its a forerunner to what is going on to-day with the whole Ukraine-Russia situation in as much this is another pseudo-patriotic false flag operation with dangerous consequences. Do read the essay by Misses Ilana Mercer I refer you all in my second posting below. Thank you for your interest in what I composed. God Bless, Aristo Boho .

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          In case your wife, or others, were interested in the drowning of Sikorski, allow me to give them a kick-start.

          Sikorski was a thorn in Churchill’s eye for pushing Stalin to explain what had happened to ca. 20,000 of his men, who had escaped eastwards after their defeat.

          Stalin informed S., [ photos on the net ] that they had merely crossed the SU en route to the Near East. S. flew there to locate them and returned to GB via Gibraltar, where his RAF bomber was parked on the tarmac at the airport, minimally guarded.

          Kim Philby, one of the ” Cambridge Five – now Six “, formerly MI 6, domiciled in Barcelona, responsible for Iberia [ Spain and Portugal ], was later found to work for Soviet Intelligence.

          By sheer coincidence he was at dinner with the Governor of Gibraltar and had his plane parked right next to that of Sikorski, who arrived later that afternoon. also dined with the Governor, but at a different time. S and P never met.

          Upon takeoff by S’s RAF plane and pilots. accompanied by his staff, his plane immediately crashed into the Mediterranean, with only the Chief pilot escaping.
          Churchill had the motive and opportunity: any good mechanic could have messed with its fuel supply to its engines, without even entering the plane.

          If you ever visit Toronto, you must visit the impressive bronze monument to the 22,000 Beria victims of Katyn and beyond, in its west end, a predominantly Polish part of town.

          I had written a U paper on Katyn decades before, and attended its formal installation on its 40th anniversary.

          25,000 attendees: hundreds in their WWII uniforms. Moscow had asked the former PM Trudeau to forbid Toronto to allow its installation, who had to explain to Moscow, that their request could not be fulfilled under Canadian law.

          In the meantime a few excellent color photos on the net, might have to suffice.

          In my opinion, one would have to be suicidal to remain behind in that Gladio enterprise.

          All the best to you and yours.

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Mister Frey,
            My wife and I thank you for your COMMMENT-REPLY that is rich with historical information. Allow me to inform you that although the number of spies apparently can vary with what’s known as those of The Cambridge Spy Ring, I should say that it isn’t necessarily wrong to say there were seven. I suggest that you and others read the espionage trilogy by Mister Ronald Perry: “The Exile: Burchett, Reporter Of Conflict” – “The Fifth Man” – “Last Of The Cold War Spies: The Life Of Michael Straight – The Only American In Britain’s Cambridge Spy Ring”. It is also extremely interesting the homosexual presence which can be found with not a few persons working in Intelligence, and even in diplomatic offices. Misses Randy Engel in her monumental third work, “The Rite Of Sodomy: Homosexuality And The Church” devotes an extensive section to The Cambridge Spy Ring in this one thousand page tome of true scholarship, which espionage factor comprises an entire volume in the five volume divided edition of the one. Regardless of Dianetics-Scientology, it’s quite accurate the observation of Mister Lafayette Ron Hubbard that the homosexual can be a dangerous sociopath.
            Life is never one dimensional, and that means everyone of us. Despite the negative aspects of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau he showed decency and demonstrated honesty by refusing to submit to the request of Soviet Premier Josef Stalin to not honor the victims of The Katyn Forest Massacre, when the Western Free World, so to speak officially, was still in denial of who really was guilty, aside from certain honest scholars, like yourself, and your university paper that we should love to obtain.
            My friend many were indeed suicidal and did remain behind in the Operation Gladio enterprise, if by remain behind you signify participated in it. The illusion of defence of freedom from Communism ensnared not a few Europeans of the post-Fascist National Socialist political arena, both politicians and those well-intentioned of a sincere cultural-intellectual belief they were defending their respective countries. A lot of good it did to the Portugal of Salazar-Carmona-Caetano’s Estado Novo / New State: a primary example of the truth behind Operation Gladio: The Carnation Revolution, ten days shy of three months exactly in the same year of 1974, from what I refer to above with Cyprus. And this goes hand in hand with their religious manipulation of the population with Democratic values put forth by a major player, as of this very day, The Second Vatican Council. God bless, Aristo Boho

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” I believe [ Operation Gladio is ] a forerunner to what is going on to-day with the whole Ukraine-Russia situation in as much this is another pseudo-patriotic false flag operation with dangerous consequences.”

          Superb observation . Unfortunately , most USA Whites are politicly retarded and do not know about Operation Gladio or they do not want to know about it ; and if they do know of it they normally do not care about it . Most Whites have no greater interest in esoteric historic foreign political affairs other than being cognizant of any establishment approved simplified and propagandized narratives . Most Whites have a very weak cultural tradition of political discourse beyond voting enthusiasms .

          As you insinuated , political ignorance of worldly affairs can be hazardous since most Whites are delusional about their elected officials accruing all the political liabilities to themselves only .

  18. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    Those of us who complain about Jewish warmongering get accused of unjustly lumping all the Jews in the same basket. We are told that it’s not only Jews and it’s only some of them. The idea is that collective accusations should be avoided. It’s unfair that the reputation of friendly Jews should suffer when we draw attention to the Jewish angle of a problem.

    But actually, the Jews wrongly accuse us of wrongly accusing them. Those of us who recognize the Jews as warmongers do not claim that every one of them is involved in starting wars. And a lot of the criticism aimed at the Jews is very precise and surgical and involves lists of names.

    Anyway, you would expect people who disapprove of collective accusations to disapprove of war even more strongly on the same moral grounds. It’s not just that war causes a lot of collateral damage. Even if you manage to kill only those precise goyim you want to kill, it’s much more violent than making broad accusations against Jewish warmongers.

    But the Jews who are trying to start WW3 obviously think it is a major crime to draw attention to their Jewishness. It can only tarnish the general reputation of the Jews. The same goes for WW2 and mass immigration. They still say it was a moral imperative to declare war on Germany and to swamp the West with immigrants, but we are not supposed to say whose bright idea it was.

  19. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Doctor MacDonald, and All Of You,

    Be Attentive: I have discovered why my COMMENT was not being moderated for a number of days until to-day. On “The Occidental Observer” as on You Tube there has been a recent change: if one pastes a LINK to another web site, for an article or a video, the COMMENT will never remain or will automatically be canceled out. Fortunately my COMMENT above I had saved on a Microsoft Word document until it was successfully posted herein.

    What I wanted you all to read, is an exceptional, truly, essay by Misses Ilana Mercer on the same subject as in Mister Buchanan’s article. I request that you do. I literally state exceptional! The finest historical and contemporary writing I have come across! She is a paleo-Libertarian first black-balled and now black-listed by not the Left but the Conservatives and many Libertarians. She doesn’t buy into the mendacity of the dangers of and war with Iran and Russia and all the other propaganda against them. She was against the Afghan-Iraq War in 2003: The Black Balling of her. Then in 2009 wrote her second book: “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa”:the permanent Black List: her essay I refer to on Ukraine-Russia is “NeoCons, Neo-Libs And NATO Inch U.S. Closer To Nuclear War With Russia” on Ilana Mercer.

    Also if you wish to, listen to an interview with a Mister Eric Galati conducted by Mister Robert Morningstar on Operation Gladio of June 27th, 2017. An excellent subjective analysis of the whole farce of anti-Communism and the North Atlantic Traety organization and its stay behind troops. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  20. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    My opinion is that Buchanan’s articles should not be posted at the occidental Observer. I state this because his articles, being less “politically incorrect” than the articles here, are already posted at many other websites, such as ZeroHedge. And whether intentional or unintentional, Buchanan’s articles contain much false information, where he conceals the actual motivation for all foreign policy activities: Ashkenazi ethnic interests.

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