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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

In the final days of this lame-duck Congress, before control of the House passes to Republicans in January, Democrats are expected to approve Joe Biden’s request for another $38 billion for the Kyiv regime, its army and its war. Passage of this legislation would virtually guarantee that the U.S. continues to finance this war and […]

Democrats, Not ‘Democracy,’ at Risk Today

  What do liberal Democrats do, if, in a free and fair election, U.S. voters throw them out and replace them with people our elites routinely equate with fascists and Nazis? We may be about to find out. “Make no mistake — democracy is on the ballot for us all.” So declaiming in his Union […]

Where US and Ukrainian War Aims Collide

For us, the crucial concern in this Ukraine-Russia war is not who ends up in control of Crimea and the Donbas, but that the U.S. not be sucked into a war with Russia that could escalate into a world war and a nuclear war. To President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine, Crimea and the Donbas are […]

Putin, Holding a Weak Hand, Raises the Stakes

After Putin’s speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for the accelerated admission of Ukraine to the NATO alliance… This could mean a U.S.-Russia war, which could escalate to World War III and nuclear war, and was something that every U.S. president from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan saw as his highest priority to avoid. In […]

Is ‘Our Democracy’ Failing Our Country?

Forced constantly by the establishment to choose between them, patriotic Americans may one day come to choose, as did their fathers, the country they love over the crown that rules them. Asked, “What is an American?” many would answer, “An American is a citizen of the United States.” Yet, at the First Continental Congress in […]

Biden Commits U.S. to War for Taiwan

  Taiwan has no mutual security treaty with the United States, nor any Article 5 war guarantee that obligates us to defend the island. The U.S.-Taiwan security pact of the 1950s was abrogated in 1979, when Jimmy Carter recognized Beijing as the legitimate government of China. If China invades Taiwan to unify it with the […]

Putin’s Narrowing Options

Early in this war, Russia’s hawks talked openly of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons. That talk has begun anew. A desperate Vladimir Putin is a dangerous Vladimir Putin, and there are signs Putin’s situation in Ukraine may be becoming desperate. In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine […]