Whoopie! Jews are not White

If Whites hope to ever win the demographic war which is being waged upon us, then we need long memories—and it makes no difference if what we remember is great or small.

Earlier this week, The View co-host and former-comedienne Whoopi Goldberg did one of those small things when she inadvertently insulted a great many Jews. She stated that the Jewish Holocaust was “not about race” and later doubled down on that. She didn’t say the Jewish Holocaust was a good thing, nor did she downplay it, revise it, or deny it. She simply removed race from the equation because she felt that Germans and Jews “are two groups of white people.” Presumably, she would have the same opinion of Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul or the English Civil War. It’s just whitey killing whitey, so where does race come into it?

Instantly, however, Jews from both ends of the political spectrum (and some nastier than others) showed Whoopi exactly where race comes into it: That would be everywhere. But, of course! And Whoopi Goldberg, mainstream media talking head that she is, should have known that.

Let’s start with that doyen of diaspora, Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League, who came onto The View  to scold Whoopi for her transgressions:

Well, Whoopi, there’s no question that the Holocaust was about race. That’s how the Nazis saw it as they perpetrated the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people across continents, across countries with deliberate and ruthless cruelty.

On Twitter, an organization called Stop Antisemitism j’accused:

Newsflash @WhoopiGoldberg 6 million of us were gassed, starved, and massacred because we were deemed an inferior race by the Nazis. How dare you minimize our trauma and suffering!

In an article called “Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust Comments Were Wrong – and I’m Glad She Said Them,” Nora Berman of the ever-useful Forward had this to say:

I am generally a fan of Whoopi. I enjoy her biting wit, and I truly don’t think she’s an anti-Semite. Yet if popular members of the mainstream media continue to affirm the false claim that all Jews are white and the Holocaust was an expression of “white on white violence,” then the broader lessons on how humans should treat each other that Goldberg was seemingly trying to articulate will be lost.

Then we have the motor-mouthed, Israel-first conservative Ben Shapiro:

Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the Holocaust wasn’t about race because these were ‘two groups of white  people’ isn’t just insipid, it’s insidious. It’s downplaying the minority status of Jews in order to uphold bullshit intersectional arguments that justify anti-Semitism today. The intersectional argument is that Jews are white people, and that Jews are disproportionately privileged thanks to ‘white supremacy.’

Even further on the Right, we have Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine, who responded with an article entitled “Whoopi Goldberg’s Dumb, Antisemitic Holocaust Comments Will Come With No Consequences” (Not true; she did get suspended):

On The View and on Colbert, Whoopi “Rape, Rape” Goldberg once again showed that she’s an idiot and that the current racialist view of identity politics has holes you can drive a truck through.

And here’s Ace of Spades co-blogger J.J. Sefton, who is about as right-wing as you can get for a mainstream Jew. He has little of substance to add other than to use the L’Affaire Whoopi as an excuse spew ad hominems and rant incoherently about Democrats, as he is wont to do.

The truth of the matter is, there’s very little difference in the mindset of the thugs that murdered Yankel Rosenbaum in the 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom than in the fiend who egged them on, Al Sharpton. Nor Whoopi Rape-Rape. And it’s all because Anti-American Left crave power by any and every means necessary, including the age old strategy of divide and conquer. Whoopi is an unreconstructed pig ignorant stooge just as much as the homies who play the knockout game.

So, we should be a seeing a pattern here. Regardless of a Chosen One’s politics, being called “white” in the context of the Jewish Holocaust is deeply offensive. This is pretty much the alpha and omega of the Jewish grievance industry. In other words, when a Jewish writer, pundit, politician, activist—what have you—talks publicly about the Jewish Holocaust, you can count on it that it will be as a Jew first and foremost. It won’t be as a White person, or as an American, or a Democrat, or a Los Angeles Lakers fan. This is where the truth comes out, and it comes out urgently. This is why almost all public Jewish responses to Whoopi’s statements fall close to the Y-axis on the Grand Logarithmic Scale of Jewish Indignance.

Here is my slightly-less-than-scientific (read: fake) regression scatter plot analysis of the phenomenon:

Note that the Right-to-Left correlation on this graph is somewhere around 0.00.

In fact, I did an internet search on “Whoopi was right” and got all of one hit. A not-entirely-terrible substack article from someone named MJ Rosenberg. His basic claim is that while Jews are White and have never considered themselves a race, we still need to fight racism, anti-Semitism, etc. (Sigh.)

Where’s Norman Finkelstein when you need him?

Anyway, for what’s worth, I’m with the Jews on this one. As I have stated before, Jews are not White people. If they were, they would have just shrugged their shoulders after Whoopi’s comment and forgotten all about it. Millions were killed in the Thirty Years War too, and you don’t see the French and Germans today taking offense over a claim that the slaughter wasn’t about race. That’s because it wasn’t.

But here is where our long memories need to kick in. From now on, whenever Jews try to attain some kind of advantage by claiming that they’re White, we need to remind them of the Jew-first standard they set for themselves during Whoopi’s little dreadlock drama. The violation of such standards is what led to the “My Fellow White People” trope on the Right, which catches Jews claiming they’re White when it suits them, and then later claiming they’re Jewish when it suits them. Here it is explained pretty well in The Forward (without bothering to refute it). This Stormfront thread gives a pretty good rundown as well. Jews don’t want to be considered white? Fine. And that’s how it’s going to stay.

An instructive inverse of this scandal occurred back in 2016 when hard rock icon Ted Nugent re-tweeted a meme showing how some of the most powerful gun control advocates are really Jewish. (Yes, it is true.) Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, however, the meme reveals Jews rather than obscures them. But because the meme painted Jews as victimizers, they must not be seen as Jewish but as White. In Whoopi’s case, however, Jews are seen as victims. Therefore, they must remain as Jews.

This is perfectly self-serving and hypocritical. And if you call such people out for it, they shriek “Anti-Semitism!” and try to ruin you. If not for the manifest power Jews wield today, there’d be no reason for Whites to take these people seriously at all—except, of course, as a threat. Case in point, the Trump-hating Jew Max Boot, someone I have written about before:

Max Boot is a disingenuous, ethnocentric Jew who hates white people—especially the ones that are as ethnocentric as he is. He’s then pretends to be white in order to convince other whites that they should allow themselves to become minorities in their own countries—to atone for the sins of a tiny fraction of their ancestors or to strive nobly for equality and social justice and other leftist illusions. He has no sympathy when whites complain about discrimination and ascribes this to “fear they are losing their privileged position to people of color” rather than any legitimate concerns for their group interests.

The article he wrote that prompted my response was entitled “Get a Grip, White People. We’re not Victims.” from 2019. In it, he complains about how Trump capitalizes on “white rage,” tells of an abusive White customer at a South African restaurant, frets over how 55% of Whites see anti-White discrimination as a problem, sheds a few crocodile tears over the plight of Blacks in America, and then links all of this to the 2019 El Paso shooting. This is how he ends it:

White people can be pretty clueless. (I know, I’m one myself.) Get a grip, folks. We’re not the victims here. Thinking that we are us is not just wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s a mind-set that can justify everything from a public temper tantrum to a shooting spree.

As if White people don’t have a right not to be discriminated against. As if we don’t have a right to remain the majority in nations we founded and in lands that have been ours since antiquity.

Anti-White Jews like Max Boot are the reason why we have the “My Fellow White People” trope to begin with. This is not anti-Semitism. This is truth. So, get a grip, Jews. With the Whoopi Goldberg affair, you showed your true colors. And we’re going to hold you to it.

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Was Germany’s treatment of Jews before and during WW II about race. Mostly no, I don’t think so. It was about Jews behavior. It was about considering Jews disloyal to Germany for their behavior during WW I when Jews were the leaders of protests against the war and being critical of Germany in their writing. Not what Germany needed when it is fighting a world war.

    When Hitler came to power international Jewry’s reaction was immediate and from that moment they worked towards pushing Europe and the world into a war against Germany and that is why Jews were treated as enemies and arrested and quarantined in 1941. Germany’s policies towards the Jews were policies towards their most bitter and powerful enemy. When Jews ratcheted up the hatred and anti-German propaganda in the media and wealthy Jews made huge payoffs to Winston Churchill to attack Germany, Jews made themselves a bigger enemy. Their leaders public statements of hatred and encouraging war, their underhanded and despicable tactics as partisans, all these things made Germany view Jews with great suspicion. Despite this, 125,000 part Jews fought as part of the Wehrmacht in WW II and full blooded Jews could live in Germany under Hitler if the Jew was considered loyal. WW I veterans were considered loyal.

    But while I don’t think race was a factor initially. When Germans saw their cities being bombed and civilians being slaughtered en-masse race became a factor and just as the Jews hate the White race (not just Germans, they accuse every country in Europe of anti-Semitism and cite events from hundreds of years ago), there were some Germans that hated the Jews just as much and did things they should not have. But every army has those kinds of people. The fact that Germany considered “Judeo-Bolshevism” as their biggest enemy says the animosity was ideological as well much as ethnic. Most people in Europe knew the small Jewish minority were the dominant power in communism. Even Churchill wrote an article on this is the 1920’s.

    • frozy
      frozy says:

      Agreed. Even if, at their origin, Ashkenazi communities might have been founded by people coming from the middle-east, the Khazar kingdom or whatever, they have so heavily inbred with locals that, for all intents and purposes, they have become European. A lot of them don’t even have the Jewish look; this forced the Nazis to make them wear a star to be sure they could recognize them; quod erat demonstrandum.

        • frozy
          frozy says:

          The Zionists had a common interest with the Nazis in the expulsion of German Jews, OK. But saying they initiated the policy of compulsory yellow star wearing would be out with the fairies, in my opinion. Notwithstanding this, thanks for your reference. I noticed that it seems to skip the chapter about Czechia made a protectorate. Isn’t that curious … ?

          • jerry hoekstra
            jerry hoekstra says:

            Thanks for your response to my comment.
            Nazi General who handed back the famous French
            Rothschild mansion in Paris in impeccable condition,
            with nothing destroyed or removed, remarking that the
            Hitlers may come and the Hitlers may go, but the Rothschilds continue on—s o should be treated with proper respect!

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        What really makes it itchy is that if Jews are European than they have zero claim on Israel and thus jews are engaging in genocide and colonialism.. crimes against humanity..

    • Art Deco
      Art Deco says:

      Good analysis. It was about Jewish behavior. Globalist-jews are disloyal. We see it all the time. Weimar Germany was a Judenrepublik, notably in its decadent culture. It’s the same here today, only worse.

      Globalist-jews (Ben Shapiro, Max Boot, David Frum, Bill Kristol, … ) agitate for war against Russia. They are anti-White and anti-American. Globalists hate both Russia and America, and they want us to kill each other. They bribe US politicians to push for war. “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory”

    • Torgo
      Torgo says:

      I heartily applaud your use of the world “DISLOYAL”, a word that one rarely sees when discussing Germany and it’s problems. We never forget that article from the Illustrated Sunday Herald Feb. 8, 1920.


      Churchill repeatedly describes them as a race. He describes the 3 main ideologies among them and one sees right away that only 1 of these is consistent with them as equally loyal members of the national community where they live. This would be the “National Jews”. And THIS is the one that is clearly marked by Churchill as insignificant when compared to the disloyal ideologies of Zionism and Bolshevism.

      And as I often say, if a group considers themselves to be separate and apart from the rest of us, then they have no standing to complain when treated as such. And if this group shows every sign of DISLOYALTY, then a healthy nation will respond, just as a healthy body will respond to an invading pathogen.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        Thanks for the link to Churchill’s article on Jews. Even when he is criticizing them his great admiration for them comes out. I think he felt he had to make all those flattering statements upfront or he would be reduced to nothing by them for his latter “criticisms”. It appears to me at least that even in 1920 he was a politician subservient to their wishes.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          It would be unusual if Churchill wasn’t always subservient to Jews, Peter. That’s always been the British way. Even for your much-admired David Irving.

          Don’t get peeved at me. I had to say it.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Jews had founded the primarily industrial labor unions. Towards the end of WW1 they pushed these unions to disrupt the armaments industries, endangering and shortchanging the boys on the front.

      Which, consequently, became a large component of the Dolchstosslegende: the Stab in the Back; a ” legend ” only after the victors wrote official German history; commencing with their own legends of Versailles.

      02 The extant wartime Wehrmacht records in Arolsen, describe an atrocity in the area of Army Group Center, on the Russian front.

      A Divisional HQ had been separated from its main body, ca. 10,000, which itself was pushed back.

      After a successful counter offensive the German division briefly reconquered its lost ground, of course searching for its detached HQ.

      It found it: Its seventeen year old teletype operator was crucified on a tree. Her eyes were gouged out, her ears, breasts and tongue cut off, her vagina cut out. On the next tree, also nailed up, was a young soldier, similarly mutilated, with his penis stuck in the girl’s mouth.

      Red Army soldiers were tough buggers, but seldomly followed the bestial, murdering exhortations of Stalin’s friend, the Jewish super-swine Ilya Ehrenburg. [ I’m not citing: I’m recounting personal experience after April 21, 45, from 100 kilometers SE of Berlin ]. I too, as did the rest of my family, saw a pitiable soul crucified on a barn door. Soldiers don’t crucify to add insult to lethal injury. Jewish soldiers do that, for that extra little message. Spraying with human sewage from firetrucks will have to suffice, for now, in Gaza and the West Bank.

      03 With respect to your ” Judeo-Bolshevism “, much the same happened with the atrocities in Nemmersdorf, East Prussia: the Red Army’s first boot on Reich soil. Executions of all ages and genders. Gang rape of all women, even before their older husbands; young girls down to toddlers, with caved-in foreheads. Pictures on the net show most women, of all ages, with their undergarments still pulled below their abdomen.

      The Wehrmacht was pushed out, but subsequently recaptured the town, but only for a day and a half. The captured Red Army soldiers were interrogated as to who committed these crimes.

      Most of them pointed out the witnessed perpetrators, referring to them as BOLSHEVIKS !
      A strange dichotomy. Most likely as between Russian and Jew !

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          Thanks Charles. Yes, I had heard of the atrocities at Nemmersdorf many years ago already. I considered visiting that little village but I didn’t. My mother was born in Memel, not very far from Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) and I visited Konigsberg / Kaliningrad in 2008 and also found the tiny village outside Kaliningrad where my mother’s family had a summer home before the war. Nemmersdorf is not very far from Konigsberg. I’m in Tallinn, Estonia right now.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            Peter, our own inexplicably missing Karl Nemmersdorf uses that name as essayist here to express his commiseration with its victims. If memory serves, even Solzhenitsyn specifically mentioned these atrocities.

            How did your mother/family escape that Red Army encirclement ?

          • Peter
            Peter says:

            I think she had to have fled in March, April or May 1945 but probably before May. I don’t know exactly when they started fleeing from that area. I remember her telling me that she and others were digging ditches designed to trap Russian tanks before they fled.

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          Hi Charles. My mother and her family left Memel around 1932 when she was 5 years old and they moved to a city/town called Brieg (now called Brzeg), not very far from Breslau in Silesia where she grew up. I wish she was still here. Then I could ask her when she fled Brieg west. She was headed towards Bavaria and she and some others were captured in Pilsen. There, she and some others were captured and held by Russians or Czechs and the women were humiliated but she was able to escape with her honor. I’m not sure if I’m saying more than she would want me to but maybe not. I think it was probably Czech partisans that initially held her and the other women because then the Americans were in charge of guarding them and then I believe the Americans pulled back and turned them over to the Russians. She said they were able to escape. They would have preferred that the Americans stayed. Then the trouble they had might have been avoided.

  2. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Israel does have racial purity laws and restrictions based on genetics. Israel was formed as a kind of “reservation.”

    • coyote
      coyote says:

      “Our Foremost, Chronic Problem – the International Jew” by Robert J. Moriarty

      Proven traitors and usurpers . . . all the way to the very worst humanity has to offer.
      Exactly what we should expect, given these are the precepts of judas-ism.

      WHY do we tolerate a malefic cult that presents and declares itself – immediately/at the outset – to be our mortal enemy?
      Let that sink in.

      Hereby established as the law of the land by unanimous decision of all the people —

      The “practice” of judas-ism (see talmud) will no longer be tolerated.

      Penalty: BDS, shun and ostracize.
      Turn the parasites upon each other.

      Being jew is a CHOICE.
      I don’t tolerate your choice to practice your parasitism on me.
      And parasitism it clearly is.

      MUST read:

      EXPOSE the talmud.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” WHY do we tolerate a malefic cult that presents and declares itself – immediately/at the outset – to be our mortal enemy? ”

        Because “we” are not a sufficiently politicly astute people and never have been since the sermon on the mount by JC two thousand years ago . Even The RCC could not prevent the infiltration and subsequent capture of The Vatican by crypto-Jesuits . The vast majority of “we” simply do not know what or to whom you are referring ; or “we” are kept in both a secular and religious propaganda trap in denial of the apparent reality of being a conquered/enslaved people .

  3. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    In my opinion, Whoopi was right. She was more than right; she uttered a platitude. Yes, indeed, the German attack on Jews represented “man’s inhumanity to man.” Europeans have been doing this to each other for thousands of years. The English vs Irish offers a good example. The Irish, furthermore, are also a race, that is, they are/were genetically isolated from the English for many centuries. The same goes for the Jews, who have genetically isolated themselves from the Europeans. Nevertheless, they are all Caucasians, that is White. Regrading Jews more specifically, over the years, gene flow in Europe and the US has increased between the groups. The consequence of this is that many Jews look European and even Nordic. Many Europeans, furthermore, have Jewish gene markers because of, who knows, hanky-panky with the maid or the desire of Jewish young men to deflower a shiksa as a kind of sport. What is unfortunate is that none of this kind of discussion will ever appear on The View or a conventions tv program.

  4. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    As ever, context is everything. Historically, race meant tribe, or a group of related tribes. Goths and Vandals were “races”. Burns waxed eloquently about the haggis being the “great chieftan of the puddin’ race”. Patton referred to the Germans as a “race”. So, in that context, “Jews” whether Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, or other, are a “race”, or more likely “races”, and skin colour is irrelevant. Whoop-ass may be wrong about “race” but correct that the fairy tale is about Whites killing Whites.

  5. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    I love this article. Thank you Spencer Quinn. This is way better than overly academic treatises on Jews, though they can be interesting. But they don’t motivate or call to action!!

    Quinn ends with: “We’re going to hold you to it.” That should not be empty words.

    I’m glad that he put David Cole on his Logarithmic Scale – he belongs there. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. I can no longer distinguish between the better or worse (inc. Norman Finkelstein) – that’s a losing proposition. As Ingrid Weckert, author of “Flashpoint”, wrote in 1978 about the Jewish “War” against National Socialist Germany begun in March 1933 already:

    “The Israelis are proud of being ‘individuals,’ as they put it, and about having their own opinions about anything and everything […] But then again, there is an astonishing unity when it comes to standing up to an enemy, real or imagined. In time of war, it is true that ‘A Jew is a Jew’ or that ‘All Jews are alike’; there is infrangible compactness in the face of the foe. The opponent, in his policy and in his conduct, does well to assume that he is confronted by all Jewry as though it were a single body.”

    In our movement today, we’re really like pussies, easily frightened and fragmented. That has to stop.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Esteemed Carolyn Yeager:

      The last sentence of your comment caught my attention. Our folk need to fear no name calling. We need to avoid anonymity, and we need to work diligently to insulate ourselves from economic loss so that we may speak and act bravely even when attacked.

      As others have mentioned here, yes, the Ashkenazim are White, but they are a very, very homely White. Yet, as others have mentioned here, they have been persecuted not because of their race (or homeliness I might add), but because of their behavior.

      Many races over the millenniums have coexisted. Jewish persecution has nothing to do with race. It is because of their behavior that between 250 A.D. and 1948 A. D. the Jews have been expelled from 109 countries and provinces. No other people have even come close to that in recorded history, and there is a reason for it.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “Our folk need to fear no name calling. We need to avoid anonymity, and we need to work diligently to insulate ourselves from economic loss so that we may speak and act bravely even when attacked.”

        Amen to using our real names. Many, many do it and don’t suffer for it. They hold their head high. The idea of “automatic” retribution is over-rated for the average person. It’s more likely fear of being ridiculed or embarrassing oneself with stupid comments. Having to own one’s words forces one to grow up and behave like an adult.

      • KeaponLaffin
        KeaponLaffin says:

        I just reread Alfred Rosenberg. The track of the jew through the ages.
        250ad? Look back much further. Peoples of all ages have been complaining about Jewish behavior since recorded history. Think more since 2500bc, or maybe even 4000bc.
        Back then the concept of countries or nations is a bit fuzzy but it’s at least twice 109. I read 241 I think somewhere.
        And that’s just the once. They’ve been kicked out of what is now France at least three times.
        And that doesn’t count the number of times they were kicked out of just a specific region or city.
        To make it about race simplifies it. Ohh those haters.
        It’s behavior. Noone hates jews because because of racism. That comes later. It’s what they do that causes the purges.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      The biggest question that has been bouncing around inside my head since the Whoopi dreadlock affair and the screeching we’re all hearing from the jews – is whether Jared Taylor will continue to parrot his false claim that ‘jews look White to me’ whenever he gives an interview and the jewish question is brought up?

      Now that Spencer Quinn has pointed out that jews themselves are gravely offended by anyone who calls them ‘White’, I think this question has finally been resolved – much to the satisfaction of our pro-White movement.

      Oh, and I also think this Whoopi backlash from the self-chosen should be interpreted by everyone in our pro-White movement as a signal that the jews are planning to radically ramp up their current anti-White demonization and rhetoric – which is now at a record high level – with plans to move quickly to what feels like will be a call for the open targeting of White Americans for incarceration and possible execution – and I think it is for this reason the jews are deciding it’s time to openly identify as jews and not masquerade as Whites.

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I am part Jewish by blood.
    My mother had a Jewish father.
    I do not have a Jewish mother and thus do not consider myself Jewish.
    The Jews say a Rabbi and the village doctor turned me into a Jew.
    The Jew side of my family told me that many of my ancestors were Rabbis who used to visit Jerusalem. Between the 13th and 16th Centuries they saw the East Europeans take over Jewry because of the conversions.
    Today’s Jews are nearly all European by blood and Jewish by faith. The great historian David Irving says that the Germans referred to them as “GlaubenJuden” (my German is not very good) or Faith Jews.
    Although I am regarded as a Jew my family would never allow me to know the very abusive things the Jews call the Americans.
    I am neither a Jew nor an American so I couldn’t care less, but it would have been nice to know.
    It must be the Jew in me, as my mother used to say.

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      A lot of American and European Jews are atheists. They have no religion but are still Jews. Apparently, the definition of “Jewish” shifts around depending on the wind.

  7. Hillary Goldberg Levin
    Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

    Whoopie is a vile, depraved, stupid, anti-white pos.
    I do not care what happens to her.
    And jews are NOT white.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca says:

      Agreed on all accounts Hillary!

      Reading intelligent White folks spilt hairs on race is amusing (and disappointing). Members of our once-glorious-White-race used to know basic truths without such tedious “intellectualizing.”

      Applying a comment from Lucas Vanini’s about how to define race using “differences in crania-facial morphology, skin tone, hair type, skeletal structure, DNA, blood type, etc.” offers the proof that Jews are a Semitic race and Whites a Caucasian/Aryan race. Just because Jews have interbred with Whites does not make them White. It only made a few of them a tad prettier.

      If the racial differences are not apparent, then hang around Jews to make the comparisons. White Nationalists are not “stupidly” defining Jews as “a social construct.” These WN’s are LIVING in the cesspool of multi-racial cities controlled by leaders of the Jewish race—they have studied the enemy ad nauseam. Further, the majority of Jews act like their race similarly to how the majority of Whites act according to their race.

      Deep in everyone’s heart we all know Jews are NOT White.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Admirable sentiments, Rebecca. It seems apparent to me that the women who far-less-often comment here are way ahead of the “easily frightened and fragmented” men.
        C’mon guys, get a grip! Like Rebecca, I find ‘tedious intellectualizing” disappointing.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        I fully understand why you oppose intellectualizing re a simple (lol) matter like race. If you think a lot about it, you may start to doubt what you want to believe. Best to have faith, eh?

        In any case, when people are reduced to declaring “And Jews are NOT White!,” hoping that the mere assertion suffices, and “Deep in everyone’s heart we all know Jews are NOT White,” they’ve hardly a leg to stand on; and in fact they almost belie their own declaration, inasmuch as nobody ever has to say “Deep in our hearts we know blacks are NOT White,” the reason being that blacks’ non-Whiteness is plain and beyond doubt.

        The other night I saw on Fox News another Rebecca (why do you keep that Hebrew name? I’m fanatically partial to having an indigenously European, Indo-European name), originally a Russian whose surname is KOFFLER; and thinking that all the Russians I’ve heard of with Teutonic surnames have been Jews, I did some detective work and found that her maiden name was HALPERN–Jewish alright. But I never would’ve known it from the frizzy hair she doesn’t have, nor from the hooked nose she doesn’t have, nor the swarthy skin she doesn’t have, nor her lack of a protruding lower lip.

        Good thing that most White Nationalists debate only with one another, because if before a politically mixed audience you said that Koffler isn’t White because Jews are by definition not White, everyone in the audience except WNs of your ilk would either wonder whether you’re blind or judge you a simpleton.

        But I perceive that this is too much intellectualizing re race; so I’ll just say “Deep in my heart I know that Jewish is not a race, that there are black, Chinese AND White Jews.” Should you demand more than that, I’m able and ready to oblige; but I warn you that that would necessitate some intellectualizing.

        P.S. So the Ashkenazim are non-White because they’ve a Semitic element? Ever hear of the Phoenicians, a people Semitic AND classically Caucasian? We got our alphabet ultimately from them, y’know; and my beloved continent is named after a legendary princess of theirs, whom the Greeks and Romans always accurately depicted as a White girl.

  8. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    I suppose it could be argued that Jews are White because they have some European DNA in them due to mixed marriages and are not fully Semitic in the way one views an Arab. Plus, physically they “look White to me” (per Jared Taylor). It is, admittedly, somewhat complicated, and there are no easy answers.

    With that said, however, it is intriguing that seemingly the greater majority of Jews don’t want to be viewed as White. Jews seem to do all in their power to distance themselves from being fingered as racially White.

    Think about it: Jews fiercely oppose all forms of White racial identity. They oppose any social or political movement that advocates on behalf of White racial interests. They create and fund Jewish activist organizations to racially and culturally replace the White demographic majority in almost every western nation. Jews control most media and news outlets with a constant message of how deplorable White people are. They create radical movements in the U.S. and Europe for the purpose of breaking down the White family structure, and to promote mass demoralization and guilt among our people. They have a long history of doing these sorts of things and one must wonder, what kinds of Whites are these? Are Jews simply a rogue element within the broader White race? Or are these people a hostile foreign virus that has infected us, a collection of parasites feeding off the health of their host?

    I could go, but at one point we’ve got to ask ourselves: If Jews don’t want to be viewed as White and desire to be separated from us in every conceivable way, shouldn’t we grant it to them and forever jettison any identity or bond between ourselves and them?

    • Torgo
      Torgo says:

      Well stated. When a group constantly asserts that they are separate and apart from the rest of us, then they have no standing to complain when they are treated as such.

  9. Philip Reed
    Philip Reed says:

    It’s always useful to read such articles especially when you’re so distrustful as I am. From my own experience, there’s only one website whose authors I can believe – compacom.com as for many years I’ve been following their advice and guides and I’ve never been misled.

  10. coyote
    coyote says:

    “Our Foremost, Chronic Problem – the International Jew” by Robert J. Moriarty

    Proven traitors and usurpers . . . all the way to the very worst humanity has to offer.
    Exactly what we should expect, given these are the precepts of judas-ism.

    WHY do we tolerate a malefic cult that presents and declares itself – immediately/at the outset – to be our mortal enemy?
    Let that sink in.

    Hereby established as the law of the land by unanimous decision of all the people —

    The “practice” of judas-ism (see talmud) will no longer be tolerated.

    Penalty: BDS, shun and ostracize.
    Turn the parasites upon each other.

    Being jew is a CHOICE.
    I don’t tolerate your choice to practice your parasitism on me.
    And parasitism it clearly is.

    MUST read:

    EXPOSE the talmud.

  11. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    White Gentiles are but again left out of a sensationalized NEW debate between jews and blacks Regarding our Future. Yeah, still don’t like my chances.

  12. Max Heiliger
    Max Heiliger says:

    Khazar blood dominates the jewish genepool, therefore, they are a european Volk. However, the 12th century converts were truly infected by the remnants of the last tribe of Yahweh, thus some middle east semitic DNA is still present. None of this determines who they are today, rather they are an international selfserving mafia elite, bonded by common tribal myths with a victim mentality and an implaccable lust for revenge against generic white people for their treatment under Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to King Stephen of England to the Czars of Russia to Himmler’s Endlösung. Talk about holding a grudge! However, there is never any refection as to the reasons resulting their expulsions. They will never repent for their sins, because like Islam they are loyal only to a theistic-mythic tribal based ideology, which sees others as Untermenschen.

  13. Art Deco
    Art Deco says:

    Globalist-jews (like the ones quoted in this article) want to have it both ways. If it suits them to be White, then they claim to be our “fellow Whites,” giving us disingenuous, suicidal “advice” on how to live. And if it benefits them to be non-White, then they act like Jewish Supremacists. They admit it openly, except when they try to deceive us.
    Ben Shapiro is lying, when he denies Jewish privilege. It’s a fact that Jews are disproportionately privileged, as a race. It’s good that these globalist-jews demonstrate this so clearly for all to see.

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Do any of you realize, that most of us here have been expressing ETHNOPHAULISMS ?

    Look it up ! A new one for me, even pushing 83.

  15. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    This really shows the distribution of power. Whoopi Goldberg mouths anti-white racism every time she is on The View. But the first time she runs afoul of Jews she is made to grovel and in spite of that has a two-week suspension. The best, and most honest, repose I have heard was from a Jewish female on Tik Toc who said Jews are only “Conditionally White.” That they can assimilate among Whites and pose as one of them to support certain positions that are beneficial to the Jewish community but they can also leave their Whiteness behind and oppose Whites when they are taking positions contrary to Jewih well being! That says it all! Ironically it is what most of the White racial movement has always said about Jewish behavior!

  16. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    A lame article by TOO standards.

    Goldberg mightn’t have known that Third-Reich ethnologists tended to classify Jews as of another race. As the article above records, the sinister Jonathan Greenblatt did say, with circumstantial evidence on his side, “That’s how the Nazis saw it….” Inasmuch as Third-Reich anthropology did hold that the Ashkenazim are of another race, I believe it was wrong; but the trouble between Germany and europhobic Jews CAN in any case be dressed up to look like a racial thing, when in fact it was decidedly political.

    Secondly, the great majority of today’s Jews are so addicted to professional victimhood, are indeed so MANIACAL about it, that they will forget that they’ve identified as White, or repudiate that self-identification, if they fear that being king of the victimhood mountain might slip from their grasp. You see, they’ve got much of the world thinking that racism is THE most evil thing, and a victim thereof thus appears incomparably victimized. (If they can add child-molesting to it, to say that the “holocaust” was about pedophilia too, they’ll be for that–and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on it.) The sick folks think that Whoopi was trying to LOL pull rank on them! No one doubts that blacks have been the victims of racism; so, to the bulk of Jews, that would make blacks greater victims–and more deserving of concessions and special consideration–than Jews.

    So “Jews are not white people”? If you discount from White identity a group that clusters so closely in genetic and physical terms with Europeans, who’s next, I wonder? Will you finally come down to an ethnic group to whom you’re partial, so that White people are a tiny sliver of humanity? Maybe your criteria include absolute, total “purity”? Well, in America you’ll wind up with a small group instead of a demographic that’s five times more numerous than blacks, a demographic still by far the largest in the USA.

    Fact is, we contain everyone our ancestors slept with, and everyone THEIR ancestors slept with. According to Bryc et al, 2015, White Americans are on average 98.6% Europe-descended, the other 1.4% being mostly black-African and/or Amerindian lineage. That doesn’t really make any difference–they look just like 100% Europe-descended and are, for all practical purposes, that–but maybe not in Quinn’s view?

    This childish sacrifice of anthropology–of race realism, no less–to politics, is a tomfoolery that makes WNs seem stupid. Such WNs seem to lean toward believing race is a social construct. Sometimes I get the impression that very many of them are capable of believing in transwomen and transmen, when in fact there are no such critters, no matter how gender-dysphoric people feel about who they are, or how they identify, or how they otherwise behave.

    Politics and religion are different from cranio-facial morphology, skin tone, hair type, skeletal structure, DNA, blood type, dentition. They have no necessary connection with any of those anthropological properties. West Eurasian, Caucasoid Jews were racially no different in the Third Reich than they were in the Confederate States of America, when in that truly White-supremacist society there were Senator David Levy Yulee, the powerful advocate of secession; Abraham Meyer, Quartermaster General; Judah Benjamin, at different times the Confederate Secretary of War, Secretary of State and Attorney General–all of whom married White Christian women of high social standing. If they were non-White, how could the stalwartly self-preferring Confederates fail to notice?!

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      CORRECTION: that Jewish Colonel and Quartermaster General of the Southern Confederacy was not named MEYER, but was Abraham Myers, after whom the Florida town of Fort Myers is named.

  17. Bobby J. Yaeger
    Bobby J. Yaeger says:

    Well I guess like 75 % of jews are mixed with arabs (for these on the average like 6 %) and more are mixed with africans (average for those around 4 %).

    So in effect like many spaniards or portugese.

    Should one call racially mixed people white?

    I certainly know jews used to be white before this mixing, just like Spaniards used to be 100 % white and so on.

    I still think many jews contribute greatly to our civilization.

    But then the zog tendencies and medai thing aswell as academia and racemixing propaganda are indeed issues.

    Anyways. Fuck the wax.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      As for the Jews’ contribution to our Western Civilization, I think it decidedly minor in comparison to what we’ve done for them. A metaphor I like to use is, European Civilization is a ladder on which Jewry has climbed to a height unprecedented in its history. I’m not a believer in Jewish brilliance except in connection with business, conspiracy, machinations, swindles, wheeling and dealing.

      Look at the the perspectives and technologies that have created the modern world, of which everyone wants a piece: they’re nearly all owing to White non-Jews. The Chinese are a far greater civilization than the Jews. India contributed more merely with the ZERO, not to mention the other numerals; and the Arabians contributed more by basically creating chemistry.

      It’s Jews “assimilated” into European Civilization that have done notable things for world culture. Einstein is the Jewish intellect of whom they most boast; but lol the Pagan Greeks created his science, physics, millennia before; and Democritus and Leucippus were atomists that long ago. There have been many famous Jewish violinists, but Renaissance Italians invented the violin, and made in Cremona all the best violins. Look for the creators of all the other arts and sciences, from spoken drama and opera to aeronautics and computer technology, and you’ll find White non-Jews, and then Jews hopping on for a ride.

      Examine this tech we’re using here. It was Alessandro Volta, not a Jew, who harnessed electricity, without which this computer wouldn’t work. It was Michael Faraday who developed ways of applying electricity. Charles Babbage had the first computer. Vint Cerf was the “father of the Internet” and Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the World Wide Web. Thanks to all that, the true Jewish genius–for wheeling and dealing–had a product to make the Zuckerbergs, Pages and Brins moguls and billionaires.

      Cinema is a classic case corroborating what I’m driving at. An amazing world-changer, cinema is the modern world’s great contribution to art, born in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, though its roots lie very deep in the European past; and every single step toward enabling it to exist was made by White non-Jews.
      Cf. “TCM & Why White People Are Hated,” https://theeuropeanfamily.com/f/tcm-why-white-people-are-hated

      But of course the Jewish knack for business, no doubt abetted by their cohesion and cooperation, enabled Jews to become disproportionately powerful in cinema, indeed almost monopolistic.

      Even their Levantine ethnocracy they owe to White non-Jews, whose wealth, limbs and lives have kept it afloat. And now, in their undying hatred and envy of Euro Civ–and no doubt for revenge and from persecution mania–they work to undermine Euroamerica, lol, to empower blacks and Muslims, who after the fall of Euroamerica the guarantor of Israel, sure as hell won’t sustain Israel…. Oh yeah, brilliant!

      We can do very well without them, Bobby–in fact their leaving would be a godsend; but they won’t do well without us!

  18. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” As if White people don’t have a right not to be discriminated against. As if we don’t have a right to remain the majority in nations we founded and in lands that have been ours since antiquity.”

    The [ Protocols of the ILLuminati
    ( aka Protocols of Zion ) ] ,
    regardless of the controversy over the original source of the document ,
    correctly asserts that

    “right lies in might”

    ( Protocol I / paragraph 2 / sentence 4 ) .

    In other words , a political “right” is either vacuous or moot in the absence of an enforcement agency that would normally be provided by a government .

    In particular , “unalienable Rights” would be moot , but not vacuous , in the absence of an enforcement agency since those rights are naturally inherent to nonsheeple humanity . They exist and persist regardless of any governmental enforceability . Ironicly , Christian sheeple herds believe those rights are given by God .

    Ordinary political rights are granted by governments and thus are not “unalienable”.
    Those rights would become vacuous whenever a government withdraws or refuses ( or otherwise fails ) enforcement of them .

    The USA Constitutional Second Amendment facilitates individuals or groups to legitimately assume enforcement agency for their rights whenever the government is unable or negligent in protecting “unalienable Rights” of their person or their property .

    Unfortunately , the ILLuminati NWO globalist oligarchy is against any nongovernmental individual capability of citizens to protect their person and property ; so that globalist oligarchs are relentlessly working on incipiently neutralizing the Second Amendment

    “right of the people to keep and bear Arms”

    whereby they are able to protect their person and their property whenever the government is unable or negligent .

    Incredulously ,
    most Whites are Christianized sheeple

    ( of whom about half of them are politicly retarded and have strong herd follower tendencies of submission to the will of their oligarchy jewmasterr owners )

    and they will simply do practically nothing except watch their natural rights

    ( to protect their person and property via the ultimate Second Amendment provisional facility to assume legitimate ad hoc agency-of-enforcement whenever government agency of enforcement is absent or otherwise dysfunctional )

    gradually disappear into the abyss of USA governmental authoritarian despotism .

    Here is a link
    ( the only one I currently have and use )
    to access the full text of

    “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”
    ( aka Protocols of the ILLuminati )


  19. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Re the Spaniards and Portuguese: the overwhelmingly major portion of whatever African is in them is Mediterranean-basin African and accordingly Caucasian. Despite negrocentric efforts to portray the “Moors” as black, they were descendants of “back migrants” from West Eurasia. This is clear not only from the Morisco communities in North Africa (the Moriscos descend from Muslim Moors in the Iberian Peninsula, who were expelled therefrom centuries ago), but from every genetic study and from Spanish Medieval images.

    Moreover, by the 900s CE the great majority of people called “Moors” in Iberia were Muladies–indigenous European converts to Islam. They were Spanish Muslims of chiefly Celtic, Celtiberian, Roman and Teutonic (mostly Visigothic) lineage.

    In any case, one great example of widespread ignorance is the notion that “African” is synonymous with “black.” In fact Africa is not a race but a continent, one that’s long been racially diverse. Ancient and Medieval black Africa began below the Sahara, hence the term “Sub-Saharan” to denote black Africa.

    Now, as kingpins of the Atlantic Slave Trade, Portugal and Spain did import numbers of black Africans some centuries ago, with the result that there’s a higher but still minor percentage of black lineage in some Portuguese and Spaniards, more than in other Europeans. Yet both nations are overwhelmingly related to the other nations of Europe, both genetically and in physically anthropological terms. Take a glance at Spain’s patrilineal and matrilineal DNA–so similar to that of the French, Irish, Welsh, Scots and English–70% of Spaniards bearing the Y-DNA haplogroup R-M269, the dominant type in Western Europe, compared with 70% of Frenchmen, 80% of Irish and Welsh, 72% of Scots, 67% of Englishmen. As for the matrilineal mtDNA, haplogroup H is the dominant type from Ireland to and including Russia, and the Spaniards’ 44% is above the Europe-wide average of 42% of persons.

    The Portuguese are comparably endowed with the said haplogroups.

    Besides, don’t imagine that all the other European nations don’t also bear a tad of black lineage. As I said elsewhere on this page, we all contain everyone our ancestors slept with, and everyone THEIR ancestors slept with. But it makes no difference. A tad of another race doesn’t suffice to make you a member of that race, just like Elizabeth Warren’s 1.5% of Amerindian heritage doesn’t make her an “American Indian.” She’s perfectly Caucasian, notwithstanding that bit of Amerindian in her biological past.

    What’s decisive in ethnic/genetic identity is that one is much more closely related to certain peoples than to certain other peoples. We are not part of a racial monolith, but of a group of approximating ethnicities–an ethnic/genetic CLUSTER. Thank the great anthropologists Loring Brace and Luigi Cavalli-Sforza for this more accurate way of locating peoples on the human map.

    Bryc et al, 2015 found that American blacks contain an average of 24% of European admixture, owing to miscegenation in America. Also, they’ve on average a percentage of Amerindian. But that makes them neither White nor Amerindian. With say 70% of Sub-Sahara-related DNA, and with their physical traits, they strongly cluster with Sub-Sahara, not Europe or Amerindian America.

    The same study found, as I said above, that on average White Americans bear less than 100% White ancestry, the 1.4% “other” being largely black and/or Amerindian. Yet they clearly cluster not with either of the said, but with 100% Europeans. They’re White alright. Ditto the Spaniards and Portuguese.

    Yes, WNs do a lot of head-scratching about how far their racial loyalty reasonably extends. You might consider how I deal with the problem.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Nobody cares about your marginal DNA Black stuff.

      Christ , the Chinese colonized Vietnam for nearly 1000 years and when the elite were excised and forcibly repaired to Canton or thereabouts , their fellow Chinese did not care about that.

      Why ? Because they knew that , over time , Dilution is Demography.

      These are the folks in Shenhzen with whom America struggles to compete.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        AL ROSS–
        “No one cares about your marginal DNA black stuff.”

        Hm. MY “marginal black stuff”? Mine? And you’ve taken a straw poll and can speak for the whole gang?

        I’ll tell what I don’t care for: your vagueness, indeed your cryptic talk lol. “DNA black stuff”? “Dilution is demography”? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, lad.

        I’d like to know what you think I was driving at in my post. I don’t think you understand, though you might learn if you consider the comment (BY’s) to which I replied.

        If no one else replied to my “DNA marginal black stuff,” lol, it may be because as WNs they’re on one hand bent on accepting a crude ethnology and on the other hand, accordingly, they can’t say whether I’m talking nonsense or not. But there are penalties for such a posture. One, there’s an abiding confusion of how they should classify according to race, and there’s a vulnerability to the arguments of the race-deniers and negrocentrists. Believe me, when there was appreciable freedom in the Internet, I debated these matters for years with both race-deniers and negrocentrists, and I can say that it’s a good thing that most WNs only talk with each other, because even negroes who’ve studied modern anthropology would humiliate the average WN in debate, by interpreting the science in ways that most WNs aren’t well-informed enough to refute.

  20. Swan
    Swan says:

    Given the obvious truth exposed in this article. Can anyone tell me why an avowed white advocate like Jerod Taylor eschews anything that so much approaches the JQ?

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca says:

      Jared Taylor has made a strategic decision to sideswiped the JQ since TOO, Kevin and others take on this tough topic. He would rather focus on IQ and crime regarding race and be a gateway for new WN’s than add the JQ to his already controversial platform.

      When you attend his conferences you will understand by his comments when chatting with him that he is clearly aware of the JQ.

  21. charles frey
    charles frey says:


    [ continued ]

    Peter, TOO’s Nemmersdorf’s parents also come from near Breslau, as do mine.

    Since you are quite the historian, I want to draw your attention to the single greatest disaster at sea, with ca, 9,000 fatalities, since we were speaking of your mother’s escape from encircled East Prussia.

    The ocean liner ” WILHELM GUSTLOFF ” was ordered built by Hitler, for his ” STRENGTH THROUGH JOY ” movement to afford common folks ocean voyages during their vacations; at cut/subsidized rates.

    This liner usually, also docked at London, allowing its passengers to explore the town and converse with its people. The English found it incredible, that German postmen, painters and laborers could afford such vacations; usually reserved for their own elite.

    Their elite, in turn, objected to Hitler’s movement to become known among the British, and feared the spread of its knowledge to the US, despite its own New Deal.

    The HANSARD is the GB Parliament’s verbatim record of all discussions on its floor. I read the sections which discussed their perceived, above objections and fears.

    Their solution was simple and direct, not unlike today throughout the self-described democracies: Parliament forbade further dockings of all ” Kraft durch Freude ” liners.

    Its last, overcapacity sailing, saving ca. 9,000 German wounded, women and children from encircled East Prussia, ended with its triple torpedoing by a Soviet submarine with almost all aboard lost. This number more than equaled all other major disasters at sea. GB’s MPs must have smirked.

    Allow me to strongly encourage you, and all others here, to watch the excellent, fact filled and live-film-including video: SINKING OF THE WILHELM GUSTLOFF: WORST MARITIME DISASTER IN HISTORY.

    Respecting your mother’s experience in post war Czechoslovakia.
    In Prague young female German Wehrmacht helpers in uniform
    were bound tightly together BY BARBWIRE in groups of ca. 15 and thrown into the Vltava [ Moldau ] off the beautiful Charles Bridge. They were pulled out of the Elbe River in east Germany.

    Smetana, one of the pearls of the great Czech culture, who composed the symphonic poem Vltava, in addition to five others, collectively known as My Fatherland, would have been incensed.

    Please distribute above video widely among friend and foe alike.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I will do a search for the video. I was aware of the WILHELM GUSTLOFF. There were other big German ships that carried refugees that were sunk also. I won’t swear to this but I think I once read that the 10 biggest ship disasters ever were all German ships carrying German refugees west in 1945. I didn’t read of the Wilhelm Gustloff until sometime I think in the last 15 years. Yes, they have covered that up pretty well and I guess they didn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starring in a movie with the title Wilhelm Gustloff. It would have been a movie very different than Titanic.

      Brieg is about 27 miles from Breslau. I have not visited either city yet but I intend on doing that.

      I once met a guy at the gym where I used to work out and he was a child when growing up in Czechoslovakia (the Czech part) and he said during the war things were fine. There were no problems between Germans and Czechs (although I think the British were doing their best to create problems). He said when the enemy arrived, that is when the Czechs got nasty. I think, just as in France, people knew what was expected of them or rather the German friendly people became quiet and the hostile people could now express their hatred. I can’t help suspecting the Jews were responsible for this everywhere it happened.

      According to American (or allied) propaganda Germans and Czechs hated each other but it’s not true, or I don’t think it used to be true. On Ihr.org there is (was?) a video of 200,000 Czechs pledging loyalty to Adolf Hitler and Germany in 1942 as the Czech leader speaks to the crowd. Youtube likes to deny it (they label it offensive or something) and certain Czechs would like to deny it because I think they have been brought up to hate Germans. But some Czechs know the truth. I remember reading a female Czech politician was forced to resign about 10 years ago (I think by Jews) when she said life under German occupation was not bad.

      I lived in California for about 1/2 my life and there was this Czech crystal shop and it had a very attractive blonde female that ran it. She owned it. I went in once to look around and I think I was interested in finding out how Czechs felt about Germans. I started talking to her and I’m sure I mentioned my parents were German and she said that one of her grandparents was German. She was friendly.

      I also read from David Irving that at Reinhard Heydrich’s funeral some Czechs turned out to offer their condolences. But my experience on some blogs I visit where people comment on articles tell me people really don’t now the truth and I had a short exchange with a hostile Czech commenter. Something else I think worth considering is there was never a plebiscite asking the people if they wanted to be part of Czechoslovakia when it was formed. For good reason I think. We know the 3 million Germans (actually Austrians) would have said no and probably the Slovaks would have said no too. I wonder how many Czechs would have said no. I also saw a book that said Czechoslovakia wasn’t this innocent little democracy. It was created in a way that Czechs would be in charge and Slovaks and Germans were 2nd class.

      Like everything else Germany’s enemies did, I think they lie when they claim some noble reason such as giving a group their own country (which the British and French continued to deny the hundreds of millions of people in the colonies they ruled over). The primary reason for breaking up Austria and Germany was to weaken them and I can only say that when Germany crushed France in 1870 they didn’t break up the country into 15 pieces, I don’t think they took any of their colonies and they only took areas of France that were ethnically German and had German speakers. That’s another lie the allies promote. They always call the people from Alsace-Lorraine Alsatians and they say they speak Alsatian. No, they speak German and they speak one of the many dialects the German language has. Before Germany was unified the country had different dialects that were so different people could not understand someone from another area where their German was so different. That was common throughout Germany, just as Alsace and Switzerland have their own German dialects and that is why hochdeutsch was adopted as the common language for everyone. But I noticed when others try to claim France was right to steal Alsace-Lorraine that the people from Alsace aren’t German, they’re Alsatian and have their own language. No, they don’t.

  22. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    This article adds weight to the body of evidence that the Ashkenazim are still a relatively highly Group Selected race. The article describes one strategy used by the Ashkenazim to promote their ethnic interests, which is to claim to be European when encouraging the Europeans to self-destruct, but then claim to be Ashkenazi when it comes to perceived ethnic antagonism at the hands of the Europeans. This article also describes how the Europeans, now having become Individually Selected, allow the Ashkenazim to behave as they do among them. I have hypothesized that the Haredi/Hassidic Ashkenazim will inherit the Earth in a post at Unz Review:

    Now, let’s consider the Haredi/Hassidic Ashkenazim. They are the only Group-Selected population left on Earth, and they are relatively intelligent. They are the most anti-feminist population group, where females are forbidden to work and must get married around age eighteen and have ten children by age thirty – roughly one child per year, but not past age 30, since reproduction beyond this age can lead to defective offspring. Thus, their population is increasing exponentially by a power of five. There is the question though of how much dysgenics/mutational load they may be experiencing. The requirements of continuing membership in Hassidic/Haredi communities is quite demanding. One must be hyper-religious to accept their highly intricate religious code of conduct. Their religion regulates every aspect of their lives, such as their sophisticated all black head to toe religious costume, how they maintain their hair, how they eat, what time they eat, what time they sleep and wake up, what activities they do at every hour of the day, the exact course of study males must pursue in school, their marital and reproductive duties, etc. One would also have to be highly Industrious to be persistent in carrying out all these rituals, and intelligent enough to read, study, and often memorize all the hundreds of religious books. Thus, mutated and dysgenic offspring who did not acquire the genes to maintain this lifestyle will leave the community and instead choose an alternative community such as the Reform Judaism sect or the secular Ashkenazi sect. However, the Haredi/Hassidic community possesses no mechanism to remove genetic mutations for overall physical health, or a possible overall incrementally decreasing IQ average. And, the Haredi/Hassidic community use modern technology in every aspect of their lives, such as cell phones, homes, clothes, and cars manufactured in factories, modern medicine resources such pharmaceutical medicines and hospitals, IVF and computer genetic databases to prevent two prospective mates from marrying each other if they both carry recessive genes for diseases, foods prepared via high-tech farming methods, etc. And, the Haredi/Hassidic don’t study science and mathematics in school, but only religious texts, so they will not have the knowledge to self-design and manufacture all their required products and services. Thus, there is the important question of how they will sustain themselves once the Gentiles become too unintelligent to make all their products and services for them. If we can overlook this, then the Hassidic/Haredi are indeed growing exponentially by a power of ten, and they are relatively intelligent compared to the Gentiles. They also have more political and economic clout than the Gentiles, as well as the most powerful ally in the world – the highly intelligent Elite secular Ashkenazim. What this all allows the Haredi/Hassidic to do is exponentially expand their land in an outwards direction and combine a multitude of resources to remove any Gentiles out of their way. They will soon, here in America, expand outwards from New York City washing away all the Gentile inhabitants and making all of New York City an exclusively Haredi/Hassidic community. Then they will take all of New York State, all of the East Coast, Eastern America, all of America, all of North America, all of South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Asia. The Gentiles will go extinct, and the Haredi/Hassidic will represent a new major leap in Hominid evolution, as significant as when the Homo Sapiens replaced the Neanderthals. The entire world will be exclusively populated by perhaps six billion Haredi/Hassidic Ashkenazim. However, over time, the Ashkenazim of the different regions of Earth may end up becoming genetically different due to different environmental pressures selecting for different gene frequencies. One of the sub-groups of the Ashkenazim may end up acquiring the prerequisite genes to alter their brains to one that embraces radical eugenics/transhumanism, and this group may end up successfully applying it, becoming God-like and expanding throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

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