What Matters Most to Nations and Peoples?

Their greater fear is not of Putin’s Russia but of an EU superstate whose dominance leads inexorably to the decline and disappearance of distinct ethnic nations. To the leaders of Hungary and Poland and the traditionalist and populist right-wing parties of Europe, nationality matters more than political systems.

Speaking in Conroe, Texas, last weekend, former President Donald Trump accused his successor of allowing millions of migrants to enter the country illegally across our Southern border.

“The most important border … for us is not Ukraine’s border but America’s border,” thundered Trump.

“Before Joe Biden sends any troops to defend a border in Europe, he should be sending troops to defend our border right here in Texas.”

Thus did Trump not only frame a compelling issue for the fall election; he has framed an issue that touches on one of the great and deepening divides of our time.

Which matters more — the defense of our country from an invasion of migrants from the Third World, or the defense of the borders of distant nations that have little or nothing to do with the security or survival of the United States?

Why should who rules the Russified Donbas be America’s concern?

This “border issue” feeds into other Republican issues.

For the border crossers seen on national TV appear to be mostly young men, who will likely contribute to the crime crisis of shootings and killings plaguing America’s cities.

Illegal immigration is also the ways and means by which illegal drugs enter the United States. Last year, 100,000 Americans, most of them young, died of overdoses, with two-thirds of these Americans succumbing to fentanyl that is produced in China and comes through Mexico.

Trump’s framing of the issue as between the foreign borders we defend and America’s border that we do not also divides the GOP.

The interventionist wing of the party seeks a confrontation with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, while America First nationalists urge a refocus of U.S. troops and resources to our own bleeding southern border.

And illegal migration is rising as an issue not only in the United States but across Europe.

In France, the four leading presidential candidates — incumbent Emmanuel Macron, nationalist Marine Le Pen, the center-right candidate Valerie Pecresse and the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour — are all making the invasion of Europe an issue, and taking a tougher line.

Over the same weekend that Trump spoke in Texas, the leaders of two NATO nations that border Ukraine headed to Madrid for a gathering titled “Defend Europe.” The threat that brought them to the Spanish capital was not Russia’s military presence on Ukraine’s borders.

Reports The New York Times:

“Instead of tackling the Russian threat to Europe’s eastern frontier, the meeting attended by the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary, Mateusz Morawiecki and Viktor Orban, focused on what the populist leaders cite as their most pressing threats: immigration, demographic decline and the European Union … ”

“France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, an outspoken fan of the Kremlin, was also at the two-day conclave … ”

“A declaration issued after the Madrid gathering made no mention of Ukraine. … It instead stressed the need to form a united front in favor of ‘family policies,’ Christianity and keeping out immigrants. The European Union, the statement said, had become ‘detached from reality,’ leading to ‘demographic suicide.’”

In brief, while Western elites are alarmed about the borders of Ukraine and Kremlin encroachments, much of Europe is more concerned about its own moral, cultural and demographic decline — abortion, LGBT rights, low birth rates and the death of Christianity.

Europe is in danger of dying, these people believe.

These Europeans are concerned that the nations and peoples their ancestors and fathers knew are going out of existence. Their greater fear is not of Putin’s Russia but of an EU superstate whose dominance leads inexorably to the decline and disappearance of distinct ethnic nations.

To the leaders of Hungary and Poland and the traditionalist and populist right-wing parties of Europe, nationality matters more than political systems.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban, for example, does not regard Putin’s Russia as an enemy of his country, and provides economic incentives for Hungarian families to have more children.

Consider. If the birth rates of the ethnic groups that historically have made up the nations of Europe are now below replacement levels, 2.1 children per woman, these peoples will become minorities in their own countries and eventually die out.

Extinction beckons.

Why should the inhabitants of these nations care about the borders of other countries, if their own countries are slowly passing away?

And why should the future inhabitants of Europe from Africa and Asia in year 2100, who will inherit, populate and rule these lands, care about the old borders created by the history of yesterday’s Europeans?

As the peoples of Europe are divided between those who fear demographic death in the long run and those who fear autocratic Russian dominance in the near term, so, too, are Americans divided.

Our ruling class, to whom the world struggle is between autocracy and democracy, are willing to fight for the triumph of the latter over the former.

The other half of America is more concerned with the character and composition of their own nation, present and future, which also appears to be passing away.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever

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  1. Naomi Griffith
    Naomi Griffith says:

    As a child, I recall watching the movie “The Boys From Brazil,” in which Gregory Peck, playing Dr. Mengele, discusses the engulfment of America by Third Worlders. At the time, I had been aware of a number of developments in our city: the process of what we referred to as “racial integration at gunpoint,” the inexorable and huge waves of Third Worlders beginning to arrive, the rapid shift of the public’s opinion way from commonsensical policies that preserved American families, neighborhoods, and our nation-state.

    Even that day, during Gregory Peck’s rant, one or two people in the theater began hissing. I recall my mother responded by looking at me and saying in a very clear and loud voice, “What’s he saying that’s not true?”

    Decades have gone by, and I still remember the shocked silence that ensued in the auditorium. Today, however, she’d probably be pelted with popcorn buckets and empty soda bottles. The circumstances haven’t changed, only the degree to which most of our fellow gerbils have been successfully morphed into apparatchiks.

    • conrad gaarder
      conrad gaarder says:

      Naomi, did you ever think that your mother might have been the last White person who spoke up?
      Even Pat keeps his head down. He writes “the ethnic groups that have historically made up the nations of Europe?”
      Huh? He means White people.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        No, he means “ethnic groups that make up the nations of Europe.”

        How you determine what is included in ‘Europe’ sort of determines just how uniformly “white” they are. In any case there is a lot of variety. Plus there’s the distinction of Western Europe and Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

        That’s why European, not White, is the better designation to use.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I hear you.

      We shall not despair. Actually our solution is simple. Marry a spouse of your own kind, have lots of kids, homeschool. stay out of debt, connect with the like-minded, stay out of big cities, grow or shoot your own food, get rid of your TV, and be rightly related to the Higher Power.

      As a currently unpopular prior leader of Germany once said, “World history is made by the minority when that minority embodies the majority of will and courage”.

      You take care, Naomi Griffith.


    The way to stop illegal immigration is not a wall but E-verify. You don’t hear Trump talking about that.

  3. Miguel Flanderos
    Miguel Flanderos says:

    I was a late arrival to the USA (1980s) it seems that back then ASSIMILATION was still official national policy/philosophy…today the very word is considered “racist”. Upon my arrival I was encouraged to learn English and embraced American Culture; in fact after ESL classes they would mainstream/English only students like me. I found it puzzling that young Latin American people (HISPANICS) from conservative/assimilationists states (Texas) were more assertive, better educated than hispanics from liberal states ..that were native born Americans still struggling with English…what?…Today under more than 30yrs of Multiculturalism/diversity America is becoming balkanized/fragmented/ghettolized (no) Country. I am a brown skinned immigrant, and I feared the breakdown of the Constitutional/National/ American Culture. Now kids must avoid certain cities, neighborhoods, streets etc. Latinos are UNwelcomed in South LA, likewise Balcks are not welcome in East LA, and both Latinos/Blacks are UNwelcome in (Asian) St Gabriel Valley. In many schools (LAUSD) blacks fight Mexicans on the 5th of May, in October Mexicans fight Armenians, in January Latinos vrs. Chinitos, ..and so on. This is the crux issue that most (white?) conservative Nationalists don’t understand MOST immigrants want to become AMERICANS without any hyphens, ambilances..That was the advantage/virtue of the American assimilationists model over old Europe, …America ONE nation out of many different ethnic backgrounds. China,Japan, Egypt, Europe HAD been unable to import millions of immigrants of diverse backgrounds into ONE national identity. Europe had experienced many wars over Ethnic/racial historically, so Importing immigrants without LEGAL/cultural/linguistic standards will bring Social/political/cultural ANARCHY.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      …America ONE nation out of many different ethnic backgrounds, all White.

      The Naturalization Act of 1790 says the country it Open to Free White Persons. A WHITE NATION is what the Founders had in mind. . .

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Israel, seeking admission to NATO for the longest time, merely maintains an adjunct office in Brussels. The Luftwaffe has engaged with the Israeli Air Force in joint maneuvers; but not merely over Israeli airspace.

    Videos show senior IDF officers, in full uniform, bullshitting Members of the European Union, in Brussels. Much easier and cheaper than hectoring and lecturing in 27 member capitals individually.

    Far more importantly, the bullshitted Members in Brussels, DETERMINE and enforce policy for its members. So why bother, if yo can get it wholesale ?

    Pat B, if he reads the comments here, would be well served, were he to view THE MAGNITSKI ACT – BEHIND THE SCENE, by Sergei Nekrasov. At first conceived to support Bill Browder, but, after an abundance of inexplicable facts, altered to brilliantly oppose this formerly US, then British national: who surrendered his US citizenship so as to avoid US taxes on the gargantuan, exclusively fraud based income of his thoroughly corrupt investment fund in St.Petersburg. While residing in London, his Russian operations were represented by a jewish US law firm which might have been instrumental in having N’s documentary’s planned premiere and all succeeding screenings cancelled.
    Only the American Museum of Journalism steadfastly and successfully refused to surrender its copy; from which apparently extant copies, even on the net, still exist.

    Inter alia, it shows Nekrasov speaking with an elevated member of the German government in Brussels on a simply unbelievable ignorant level: demonstrating how facile it is to bullshit them into any Israel First, open borders or other special interest policy.

    Why hasn’t the US filed an Interpol arrest warrant against this gargantuan fraudster, under his very own initiated Magnitski Act, which calls for sanctions against ” all criminal corporations, individual fraudsters AND KLEPTOCRATS “. As do any number of additional DOJ and other Rules ? Is that Moscow Mayor widow donor to Hunter, with ” 10 % for the Big Guy “, also peddling protection ?

    The very same question applies to my rants in Buchanan’s previous essay on the Ukrainian question, with regards
    to the even larger King of all gangsters, Kolomoyskyi.

    This Ukrainian Kingmaker, or rather Presidentmaker, stole the deposits of his PrivatBank depositors and laundered his theft profits, in addition to dozens of other jewish type fraud incomes in mostly themselves dubious real estate deals, etc., in the US. The US taxpayer, unasked, donates hundreds of millions to Kiev, itself floated by the jew run Fed which then bails out PrivatBank; etc. Oh, to be the also jewish Victoria Nuland: Hillary’s State Department’s middleman !

    If you are losing track, as I think I am, it might help to mix and match with my relevant, multi-part comment at the end of the previous Ukraine article, before it slips down the memory chute.


    The drawing bears the title “Produced by Soros” . How is that? What is Soros´es interest in transforming the ethnicity of Europe? Cui bono? Cui prodest? This looks like a huge simplification of the problem. Or misinformation. Or manipulation. Such stereotypes harm the understanding of what is going on around. Rgds

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      NO. The cartoon of Merkel is much too flattering, and it doesn’t say ” Produced by Soros ” but ” Produced by Soros, INCORPARATED “.

      Cartoonists heavily rely on such subtleties. His intention was probably aimed at Soros’ entire tribe and its widely-known instrumentalization of its Talmud goals.

      Orban threw him and his NGOs and University out of Hungary, regrettably caught before he hit the ground, by purposefully guilt-ridden Austria.

      Soros speculated on the British Pound, stealing from the British, ca. 2 billion dollars, in two days. He did the same to Malaysia, but less.

      Surely you are familiar with his financing dozens of woke District Attorneys in the US. All in support of ” re-imagining ” the entire Western civilization.


    Looks there is an error in this phrase: “with two-thirds of these Americans succumbing to fentanyl that is produced in China and comes through Mexico.” Here go the official data published by https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/index.htm :
    “The new data documents that estimated overdose deaths from opioids increased to 75,673 in the 12-month period ending in April 2021, up from 56,064 the year before. Overdose deaths from synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl) and psychostimulants such as methamphetamine also increased in the 12-month period ending in April 2021. Cocaine deaths also increased, as did deaths from natural and semi-synthetic opioids (such as prescription pain medication).”
    As stated, 3/4 death reasons are non synthetic opioids. Deaths caused by synthetic opioids like fentanyl, seem to be marginal in the 100,000 plus cohort. Rgds

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