Putin Wants His Own Monroe Doctrine

When the Union was fighting to preserve itself in the Civil War, the France of Napoleon III moved troops into Mexico, overthrew the regime of Benito Juarez, set up a monarchy and put Austrian Archduke Maximilian von Habsburg on the throne as Emperor of Mexico — one month before Gettysburg.

Preoccupied, the Union did nothing.

At war’s end, in 1865, however, at the urging of Gens. Ulysses S. Grant and William Sherman, the Union sent 40,000 troops to the Mexican border.

Secretary of State William Seward dispatched Gen. John Schofield to Paris with the following instructions: “I want you to get your legs under Napoleon’s mahogany and tell him he must get out of Mexico.”

The U.S. troops on Mexico’s border convinced Napoleon to comply, though Maximilian bravely refused to leave and was captured and put before a firing squad.

The point of the episode for today’s crisis in Ukraine?

A powerful army on a nation’s border can send a message and dictate terms without going in and without going to war.

Whether Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to send his 100,000 troops now on the Crimean, Donbass and Belarusian borders of Ukraine into the country to occupy more territory we do not know.

But the message being sent by the Russian army is clear: Putin wants his own Monroe Doctrine. Putin wants Ukraine outside of NATO, and permanently.

If his demands are unacceptable, Putin is saying with his troops on the border, we reserve the right to send our army into Ukraine to protect our vital national interests in not having a hostile military alliance on our doorstep.

U.S. officials have been describing a Russian invasion as “imminent,” an attack that could come “any day now.”

Given the Russian preparations and size of its forces, some U.S. officials said last week Kyiv could fall within hours of an attack and there could be 50,000 civilian casualties and 5 million Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian leaders are less alarmist, arguing that an invasion is not imminent and there is still room for a negotiated settlement.

Russian officials are contemptuous of U.S. claims that they are about to invade. Last weekend, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN tweeted, “Madness and scaremongering continues. … What if we would say that US could seize London in a week and cause 300k civilian deaths?”

Should Russia invade, and go beyond what President Joe Biden earlier called a “minor incursion,” the event could be history-changing.

A major invasion would trigger automatic and severe sanctions on Russia, crippling European economies on both sides of the conflict and forcing Putin to take his country more fully into a Eurasian alliance with China. Yet, ultimately, it is China, not the U.S., and not NATO, that is the long-term threat to Russia.

Neither we nor Europe have any claims on Russian territory.

But China, with an economy 10 times the size of Russia’s, and a population 10 times as large, has historic claims on what are now Russian lands north of the Amur and Ussuri rivers. Russians living in Siberia and the Far East are far outnumbered by scores of millions of Chinese just south of the border. These Russian lands are rich in the resources China covets. The two nations came close to war over these borderlands in the late 1960s.

To return to the analogy of the U.S. waiting for the right moment to force France out of Mexico, China and Russia both now appear stronger, more united, more assertive and more anti-U.S. than either was at the turn of the century.

Russia is now demanding to have its borderlands— ex-Warsaw Pact nations and ex-Soviet republics — free of NATO installations and troops.

Half a dozen ex-Warsaw Pact countries and three USSR republics — Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — are members of NATO.

China, with an economy and military far larger than at the turn of the century, is also becoming more assertive about its land claims. These include claims against India in the Himalayas, against half a dozen nations on the South China Sea, including our Philippines ally, against Taiwan, and claims to the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands.

The combined strength and reach of Russia and China are growing, while the U.S., post-Afghanistan, is facing challenges to its resources that it seems increasingly strained to meet.

Russia has marshaled an army estimated at between 127,000 and 175,000 troops in a few months, just across the border from Ukraine, while the U.S. this weekend sent 3,000 troops to Rumania, Germany and Poland.

Where is the deterrent here?

Again, Putin’s demands that ex-Warsaw Pact countries and Soviet republics be kept free of NATO installations, and that the enlargement of NATO end, if agreed to, would leave Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Belarus permanently outside.

But if Moscow is going to push to remove NATO forces from its borderlands, this means an endless series of diplomatic-military clashes or a U.S. recognition of a Russian sphere of influence where NATO does not go.

In short, a Putin Monroe Doctrine.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at www.creators.com.


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  1. Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious says:


    Both China and Russia are still 100% controlled by foreskin eaters. China by the Kifang and Russia by Chabbad Lubavitcher loons.

    That you appear oblivious to this in your piece is worrying. jews are behind covid 100% and are using this orchestrated distraction to try and dominate headline “(j)news” so that people will not see the hundred of millions of people demonstrating against the jewish cabals “great reset” being pushed by the jewnited nations and jew Klaus Schwabs World Economic Forum.

    In the US it is a Rockefeller backed project which is discussed in their 2010 paper “Scenarios for the Future of Technological and International Development,” which features such titles as Lockstep and other options for their chosenite leaders to impose upon the goyim.


    They took down Nixon for daring to expose that the zionist and communist jews murdered Kennedy, Patton, Forrestal, Lincoln etc ad infintium.

    Great article about your preferred strongman, KGB agent Vladimir Putin. 🤦🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

    Ignorance dies in the light of the truth.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Good luck with getting Pat to drop that sort of truth bomb, if he hasn’t by now, the best we can expect is something posthumous. Although he’s presumably got family, so even that’s doubtful.
      Pat always makes me think of the convo Nixon and Billy Graham had in the White House, where they effectively agreed that ‘if something isn’t done about these Jews, we’re going to lose this country’ to paraphrase.
      Pat would have been aware of this thinking. It’s impossible he doesn’t feel the same. That’s not the sort of thing you say without allot of thought, much of it presumably agonising.
      What’s amazing is that every generation of patriotic public men in America are aware that this problem is getting worse the longer it goes on, but all without fail pass it on to the next in line.
      It can’t be they imagine they’ll end up like Forestal or the Kennedys, as they were enemies of Judaism in secret. So they aren’t willing to be a Ford or a Lindbergh.
      Maybe they are right though, the USA as a political entity has been an absolute monster and enemy of humanity for a hundred years, the sooner it collapses and dies the better. Why risk anything to save something so odious? Just let the thing run itself into the ground on it’s own.
      Funnily enough, the USA as nothing but a degenerate crime syndicate is something the Nazis AND the Old Left could agree on.
      Any American ‘patriot’ who still identifies with ZOG, or the Potomac Regime, or whatever, is either malicious, a total retard or more probably like abusive relationship victims, still loving the thing that despises them. Though happily even most of these types seem to be coming around.
      I read Swaube was a Rothschild, we’ll never know for sure, but he has that lizard look down to a T. They couldn’t have picked a better Bond villain, giving the thing a German accent just seems like taking the piss.

      • albtris7
        albtris7 says:

        Pat Buchanan said that the US Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory.

        The Donald said that Israel controls the US Congress.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Pat Buchanan said that the US Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory.”
          Fair enough, good point. I did know that.
          Lindbergh was a bad example, my point was more that yes, of course a human being who isn’t a compulsive liar is going to slip out what blazingly obvious once in a while.
          But no one does anything.
          Ford said “the international jew is the world’s foremost problem”.
          Nothing has changed in 100 years, except perhaps this “problem” has turned into a mortal threat.
          Every thinking person of a right wing persuasion must know this, whether they admit it publicly or privately, or not.
          All these ‘right-wing’ public persons are terrified they get picked off individually, why don’t they all combine and put out a statement, like leftists do, and dare the Jews to cancel/release the kompromat on all of them?

        • jed
          jed says:

          Their admission of that truth doesn’t change the fact that they still are Zionist shills. Until they denounce the control Israel has over our internal and foreign policies and demand that we pass laws that make it illegal for US citizens who have dual citizenship with Israel from serving in any elected position in the US, it’s just words.

  2. Alexander Nikishin
    Alexander Nikishin says:

    There is no such nation-Ukrainians. The difference between Ukrainian and Russian dialects is much smaller than between Bavarian and Saxon. I will not say anything about the difference between English, Welsh and Scottish. “Ukrainians” are Russian people.
    And for Russians in Russia and Russians in Ukraine, it’s not a secret – if one battalion of Russian troops crosses the border, then a couple of divisions will reach Kiev – people will massively go over to the side of Russia.

    • matirani
      matirani says:

      There was not such a nation 120 years ago. But now? Now it exists. Artificially created by Bismarck ( AFAIR ) but real now. I would not be so sure Ukrainians would change sides so easily. MSM are brainwashing them too long. West financed MSM and West financed politicians. Rgds

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        It’s not just that, familiaris-ism and similarity seems to breed a special kind of fanatic hatred. Look at Ulster, or the Provos in the ROI who bled their guts out for centuries against England, but now welcome African gangsters and rapists.
        Look at the bizarre animosity of normal Scots against the English, or normal Englishmen against Germans. The type of people who don’t even know what a Jew is.
        It’s some sort of law of human nature that expresses itself in Trotskite schisms or academic quarrels, where the hatred is so fierce because the issue is so small.

    • Wolf Stoner
      Wolf Stoner says:

      It is a lie and you know this; we are both Russians and know that Ukrainians are different, why do you lie to the English auditory? Russians and Ukrainians are more different than Croats and Serbs or do you really think that Serbs and Croats are the same nation? Ukraine is an independent country and most of Ukrainian population wants to be independent, regardless of what you think about it or what comrade Putin thinks about it.

      • Александр
        Александр says:

        Please, give me at least one coin, banknote, postage stamp or any document before 1918, where the word “Ukraine” is written. I, as an antique dealer, will buy this item for a very large sum of money. But they do not exist in nature.
        Your banal accusations against me, a person you don’t know, only says that you are a product of the modern Western ideology “Culture of Cancellation” I will leave your insults on your conscience.
        Sincerely, Alexander Nikishin, Russian publicist and journalist.

    • jed
      jed says:

      Everyone acts like Putin and Russia are the badguys. Looking at a map of NATO expansion and US military base expansion since the end of the cold war paints a different picture. From the Russian perspective, US and NATO forces are surrounding Russia. From their viewpoint, the West is aggressively pushing into their sphere of influence and even positioning itself to attack Russia. An analogy for the West would be: how would the US feel if Russia made Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, etc, part of a Russian led military alliance and then started putting Russian military bases in those countries? The US would rightly declare that Russia was aggressively pushing into our sphere of influence, and maybe even preparing for military action against us.

      Pat was correct to say that Russia has a bigger problem on its eastern border with China. Ridiculous US foreign policy has pushed Russia and China together, when logic says that Russia could be a powerful US ally in containing and moderating a powerful and aggressive China. China is going to be the true US rival going forward; despite a myriad of internal and potential economic problems, China is still growing in military and diplomatic power and influence. Further, China WANTS to become the next global Hegemon. This would benefit no one, but instead Western, especially US, leadership wants to keep pretending that Russia is still the USSR and have done everything they could to antagonize and distance Russia from the West. If Russia and China end up teaming up together, we in the West have no one to blame but ourselves.

  3. Marnie
    Marnie says:

    Buchanan is right.

    But let’s remember once again that until 1991 Russia had the other 14 republics of the USSR and Eastern Europe (Warsaw Pact) under lock and key.

    And Putin liked it that way. He has said that the breakup was a disaster.

    Now it’s NATO’s turn. Can Putin really complain? I don’t think so.

  4. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    The White race cannot afford the risk of world war three over Ukraine. I suppose Israel would like to see it happen.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        You are correct. The jews hate us and sadly in America they are supported by christian zionists who worship israel and jews. They clung to Trump like leeches ! Somebody should make a cartoon of a jew attaching leeches to politicians and the leeches could be labeled as christian zionists.


    Well, Putin is right. World does not need any US intervention, does not need it´s 750 bases and 170000 troopers in them. World need cooperation and peace. What are US bases doing close to the Russia and China borders? Well, IMHO, just protecting US based companies interests. Nothing good.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      And, on a smaller scale, ca. 30 years ago, when the Commander of the US Marine Corps retired, he exclaimed, as a soldier of honor: ” During my entire career I have been the enforcer for the United Fruit Company. ” Which owned 70% of the land in Guatemala.

      Not only there, did it pay its pitiful laborers in food vouchers and had the Marine Corps crush and kill demonstrators: but also in Colombia and Nicaragua. Huge bribes to their governments and protection money to terrorists with Communist leanings.

      Similar to NATO when you think of it, particularly vis-a-vis Kolomoyskyi’s Ukraine.

        MATIAS RANIEWICZ says:

        Quite so. Maidan has costed US taxpayer more than 5 billions of dollars. Uranium bullets used in Yugoslavia were not cheat neither.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          A retired German senior Intelligence officer from Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst [their CIA], stated on a Canadian TV program, that the NATO attack on Yugoslavia was entirely motivated by the West’s wish, to bring that region under the known, worldwide control of its financial system.

          Perhaps it was his guilt feeling to have bullshitted the entire public, that made him speak out, which, in itself was a definite nono.

          Clinton was a driving force, so close to Wall Street.

    BEIR BUA says:

    Pat Buchanan’s genealogy is extremely interesting- please not that the artificial entity ‘Northern Ireland’ dates from only 20 years ago- the Mac Auslan clan were totally Gaelic. It appears that Auslan O Cahan fought alongside the great Brian Boru at the seminal Battle of Clontarf 1014 AD- what follows is courtesy of;
    Auslan O’Cahan – Youngest of King Concionaegh O’ Cahan. He fled to Scotland in
    1016 A.D., because of a price put on his head by the Viking kings in Dublin, for
    the part he played in slaying many of the Viking royal family. He rendered his
    service as a warrior to Malcom II, King of Scotland. He exhibited great bravery
    and skill in fighting the Danes, and was given lands on the east shore of Loch-
    Lomond as payment. His descedants were, for a long time, known as MacAuslans.
    The MacAuslans later became known as the Buchanans
    John MacAuslan – son of Auslan O’Cahan; 1st chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Auslan MacAuslan – 2nd chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Walter MacAuslan – 3rd chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Girald MacAuslan – 4th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Macbeath MacAuslan – 5th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Auslan MacAuslan – 6th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
    Gilbert MacAuslan – 7th chief of Clan MacAuslan; changed surname to Buchanan.
    From the second son of this chief, descended the families, who adopted the
    surnames of Gilbert, Gilbertson, Gibb, Gibbs, and Gibson.
    The Gibson’s, MacAuslan, Buchanan, along with many other descendants of Auslan O’Cahan, returned to
    their ancient homeland of “Northern Ireland” in the early 1600’s. Their
    descendants were there for over 100 years, when they began the great migration
    to America in the early 1700’s. The first wave started in 1717, and lasted about
    60 years.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Anyone who believes in the genealogical accuracy of Scottish history , especially in the latter Age of Empire, would do well to ascertain where his DNA has its roots.

      PB may be closer to Geronimo than to Macbeth.

  7. Tarrasik
    Tarrasik says:

    It bears absolutely ZERO resemblance to the Monroe Doctrine. Ukraine is one nation, directly adjacent to Russia. The Monroe Doctrine laid claim to an entire hemisphere. And more, when you consider US policy Japan, the Philippines, and China.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    ” Ukraine is directly adjacent to Russia “.

    Exactly, and the Doctrine stipulates, that you do not set up shop on the verandah of my house; wherever such house may be situated.

    Stephenson, ” The Man called Intrepid “, the Canadian who worked with a huge staff for British Intelligence, out of a NYC skyscraper, supplied FDR with a most secret map from the Reich’s Chancellery, divulging the impending German plan to invade all of South America, from north to south, MINUTES AFTER STEPHENSON’S CARTOGAPHERS NEXT DOOR HAD COMPLETED IT.

    FDR invoked this transgression against the Monroe Doctrine, in his speech to Congress declaring war.

    The Reichstag broke out in raucous laughter when Hitler read this part of FDR’s declaration out loud, naming each country. [ net film clips ] All Americans who might have had knowledge of the width of the English Channel, and the Wehrmacht’s inability to cross even it, should also have died of laughter.

    Buchanan was entirely correct in his nomenclature.

  9. Wolf Stoner
    Wolf Stoner says:

    I respect Patrick Buchanan very much. His book about WW2 is excellent (at least for a mainstream author). This article is good and logical, as everything that Buchanan writes. But, being an outsider for Russia and Eastern Europe, he misses some vital subtleties, which have great importance. On the global strategical level Buchanan’s assessment is perfect. USA and NATO should cease to meddle into affairs of other countries. But there is local level where destinies of Eastern European nations are decided.
    And here we should understand the main factors:
    1) The nations bordering Russia don’t want to be satellites of Putin’s Russia. Belarus continues to be Putin’s satellite but exclusively due to Lukashenko’s internal terror. Actually, no one wants to be a part of Putin’s quasi empire, including more than a half of Russia’s own population.
    2) The history of the last century gives us all too obvious example what happens under Soviet/Russian occupation. If war starts, we can expect the same barbarity and mass extermination policy against resisting population. No one in Eastern Europe wants to endure it once more.
    3) The main flaw of Buchanan’s comparison of Putin’s Russia with USA of 19th century is that Putin’s Russia isn’t a normal national state. It is a continuation of the Soviet Union. Putin’s grand design is to restore USSR in some form or another. He can cover this ultimate goal under any plausible explanations but it remains immutable. Kremlin uses all opportunities to advance this goal. And Ukraine is the key component on this path. Without Ukraine the whole Putin’s Eurasianist project is a dead letter. Putin continues the same Soviet expansionist policy as he was taught back in his KGB years; actually; he knows nothing else.
    I have wrote an article that was published on National Vanguard (in 5 parts) dealing with Putin’s Russia and Ukraine.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      No one cares what little Mickley Mouse ‘nations’ on Russia’s border ‘want’. All so-called ‘countries’ in the vicinity of great powers are either basic satellites of said power, or are used maliciously by rivel great powers as a weapon.
      It has always been this way, and it always will be. At least in the past it was more honest and these territories were just absorbed as part of the empire.
      This nonsense where we pretend entities like the Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, even Poland are independent nations in charge of their own destiny is retarded.
      They no more control their own fate than Canada is independent of USA, Scotland independent of England, or Luxembourg independent of Germany. Once there was some truth to this paragraph, but right now all these nations are controlled by ZOG.
      There are only three great powers in our era, ZOG, China and Russia, everyone else is someone’s bitch.
      Pretending otherwise, like the people of Ireland or Lithuania have any influence over the direction of their fates is absurd, and just confuses normies. Sure, they have some sort of say over some of the money, and they’ve the freedom to decide how often their bins are collected, but that’s about the long and the short of it.
      Of course Ukranian nationalists can be riled up to fight Russia, they’ve been bamboozled with gibberish about being their own nation since the Germans dreamed this up in the early 1900’s, but if a great power had been doing a similar thing to the Cornish in England for the same length of time, we’d have a break-awy bunch of Cornish crazies imagining they could form their own independent country. This would work on anyone.

      • albtris7
        albtris7 says:

        I have to disagree about Russia not being a bitch. Russia is controlled by ZOG Lubavitchers just like every other Western country.
        China will also be taken over by jews.

        The president of the Ukraine is a jew.
        Don’t these people know their own history?

  10. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    I had posted my following understanding on Russia at Unz Review:

    Another point: as you know, I have spent a lot of time debating Russians on Russian websites, debates which I have shared with you. I no longer have these debates, for I have conclusively concluded that Russia has genetically deteriorated to a hopeless state. First, my hypothesis is that ethnic Russian billionaire oligarchs control and run Russia, and just like the non-Elites in the West, the non-Elites in Russia have genetically deteriorated to the point to where they refuse to ethnically unite and fight to the death in a civil war to remove the oligarchs from power and incorporate Group Selection. My hypothesis is Vladimir Putin is a prostitute of the oligarchs who promotes their interests in exchange for bribes. Thus, any laws that he signs into existence are actually written by the oligarchs. The oligarchs, being Genetic Psychopaths, want to weaken the non-Elite citizens by promoting diversity. Putin, following this directive, has facilitated many policies to promote diversity in Russia. For example, Putin has passed a law criminalizing any political party in Russia that promotes Russian Group Selection. Second, Putin has incorporated Western style Anti-Hate Speech Laws in Russia – it is illegal to question the “official” historical accounts of WWII and the Ashkenazi Holocaust, and it is illegal to make any scientifically accurate claims about ethnic and gender differences. Putin every year gives Russian citizenship to 100,000 Brown immigrants and strives to reincorporate into Russia the former Brown nations of the Soviet Union. And Putin supports feminist extremism in Russia. As you know, the United Nations just held its annual conference on how to successfully promote international feminist extremism, this year being held in St. Petersburg, Russia. ‘President’ Putin gave a speech in which he claimed that the incorporation of feminist extremism in Russia is a highly desired aspiration, and Putin extolled the fact that 56% of the Russian work force was occupied by females. Putin stated that every Russian female has an inalienable right to become a self-empowered independent woman, instead of just a baby-manufacturing house-wife. His speech solidified my conclusion that Russia has genetically deteriorated beyond repair. However, you have hypothesized in one of your videos that Russians (Slavics) were always a Psychopathic r-selected ethnicity due to an environment of constant chaos via constant wars and invasions, especially by Muslims. On a final note here, Putin has criminalized the Death Penalty in Russia, which I speculate was done in order to make sure this penalty is never used on the oligarchs. One last final note here: you may ask why I argue that the Russian oligarchs are trying to destroy the non-Elite Russian citizens with diversity? I hypothesize that they are promoting genetic diversity to dilute the ethnic Slavic Russians to ensure they can never ethnically unite to have a civil war and remove the oligarchs from power. And the promotion of Feminism emasculates the males, rendering them less martial.

  11. Pádraig
    Pádraig says:

    Please check out Brendon O’Connell’s work regarding Russia and China. I believe it to be very valuable, and O’Connell has been imprisoned and beaten and is on the run from Australia due to him attempting to expose Israeli cyber subversion. He ties in Russia and China with Israel. Israel of course has been stealing American technology and selling to Russia, China, Iran, etc. It seems Russia is very much linked with Israel, both seemingly being KGB created and controlled entities. It is critical to avoid an anti_american attitude, however enticing it is. An anti-American attitude is exactly what enemies of The West encourage, as Yuri Bezmenov (Tomas Schuman) explained. Everything needs to be fixed, not destroyed. I feel most people do not want to take the hard road of fixing our institutions though, and instead choose the easy path of ‘letting it fall’ so we can rebuild. Here is the crux of our current predicament – there will not be an opportunity to rebuild. We will all be in Smart City gulags.

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