Israel: A Refuge for Swindlers

Criminal proceeds
recovered from a mass Israeli-run fraud ring by French police, 2020.

“Most of the Jews are thieves.” Thus said the founding father of Israel, David Ben Gurion, when he heard about Jewish soldiers carrying Persian rugs from freshly looted Arab properties during the Arab-Israeli war. If he were around today, I don’t think Ben Gurion would find any reason to radically change his opinion, and he probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Israel has become a hub of international fraud. A recent hit for Netflix is the documentary The Tinder Swindler, which charts the outlandish career of Israeli con artist Shimon Hayut, the son of a rabbi, who manipulated a large number of predominantly Scandinavian women into collectively handing over more than $10 million. Hayut’s modus operandi is that old favorite of Jewish white-collar criminals — the Ponzi scheme, though Hayut inflected it with a romantic twist. Using the alias Simon Leviev on the dating app Tinder, Hayut told his gullible victims that he was the son of Lev Leviev, CEO of one of the world’s largest diamond traders. He would initially lavish the women with gifts and trips on private jets (funded by a previous victim), before introducing the idea that he was under threat from unspecified enemies, that his financial accounts had been inexplicably locked, and that he needed “loans” from the women that he would repay many times over when an “imminent deal” worth many millions was completed. The women were pressured into requesting, and then extending, bank loans in their own names, often until they were as much as $300,000 in debt. Once Hayut had extracted the maximum possible funds from a woman, he would begin using some of it to groom a new victim. Moving from woman to woman, and country to country, Hayut lived a lifestyle of private jets, international travel, caviar, and designer clothes until a Norwegian newspaper finally helped secure his arrest in Greece in 2019 for using a fake passport. He was then sent to Israel, where authorities released him after just five months. He remains a free man in Israel, and appears as wealthy as ever.

While the now-viral Netflix documentary is very interesting and well-made, it does a very poor job of contextualizing and framing Hayut’s behavior. Hayut’s career of fraud is presented solely in terms of the perils of online dating, and, ludicrously, as a kind of feminist revenge tale (despite the fact the women fell into Hayut’s clutches in part through their own thirst for a lavish lifestyle, and the final justice served on Hayut was ridiculously weak to say the least). Very little is made of the fact Hayut began his career in fraud as a teenager, sparking questions of cultural influence, and there is no comment at all on the peculiar manner in which Hayut seemed to target Scandinavian women in particular. But the more egregious oversight is surely that Hayut fits incredibly well into a pattern that is absurdly common — the ubiquity of Israeli con artists of international reach, and their habit of finding a very accommodative justice system in the State of Israel.

An Israeli Specialty

International fraud of all kinds is an Israeli specialty. Israel’s Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority receives frequent requests for information from financial intelligence units in at least 19 countries around the world. The main crimes that are the focal point of these requests are “money laundering, fraud, particularly investment scams, binary options and forex scams, bribery and corruption, forgery and illegal gambling.” If there is a way for someone to be parted from their money, you can be sure there is an Israeli working very hard to accomplish it.

In June 2021, an operation led by German police secured the arrest of ten Jews of various nationalities for operating fake investment sites that defrauded European investors of around $36 million. In a fraud scheme that Europol said was “organized mainly by Israeli nationals,” the criminals operated the fake investment sites Tradorax, Tradervc, Kayafx, Kontofx and Libramarkets. Tradorax used the platform supplied by Israel’s SpotOption, which was charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in April 2021. According to Europol, the Jewish network lured thousands of victims through advertising on social media and search engines. These victims were then encouraged to invest in high-risk options, CFDs or cryptocurrencies. However, according to German police, the money was never actually invested but simply taken by the Jews involved. During raids in several countries, police seized electronic devices, real estate, jewelry, high-end vehicles and approximately $2.4 million in cash.

The case was reminiscent of the story of the Canadian-Israeli Cartu brothers. In May 2020, the Ontario Securities Commission brought civil charges against David, Jonathan, and Joshua Cartu for soliciting Canadians to trade binary options. The trio scammed residents of Ontario alone out of $1.4 million, but the total value of their globally-operated scheme was estimated at $233 million. The brothers live lavishly today in Israel, safe in the knowledge that “Israeli prosecutors have yet to indict a single binary options suspect on charges of fraud.” The Times of Israel points out that the brothers’ story is only part of a much wider scenario in which “hundreds of companies in Israel employed thousands of Israelis who allegedly fleeced billions out of victims worldwide.”

8 Israelis arrested in the Philippines in 2018 for operating a multi-million dollar scam

Five months ago, 26 Israelis were arrested for running a cryptocurrency fraud scheme that targeted US investors. The suspects, known as the ‘Wolves of Tel Aviv,’ were said to be marketing products and investments, without providing returns, and keeping the victims’ money. According to a police statement, “all of the 26 suspects of the alleged fraud are residents of Israel, and the victims all live abroad.” The Israeli news station i24News commented that “Israel has been a major hub of online fraud in recent years.” A month after the arrest of the ‘Wolves of Tel Aviv,’ a further eight Israelis were arrested, including Moshe Hogeg, who owns the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club. Israeli police said the group were detained on suspicion of “of cryptocurrency fraud of as much as hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars.”

A Criminals’ Paradise

A poor history of complying with extradition requests together with generous tax breaks for millionaires has resulted in Israel, and Tel Aviv in particular, being perceived as a criminals’ paradise. Remarking on Israel’s “massive fraudulent online and scam industry” and its potential to “undermine Israel’s economic reputation and stoke anti-Semitism,” the Times of Israel pointed out that a 2008 piece of legislation had acted as a “a nudge and a wink to would-be tax evaders and money launderers worldwide to settle in Israel and launder their money here.” The law grants a 10-year tax exemption on income earned abroad to olim hadashim (new immigrants) as well as toshavim hozrim vatikim (returning residents who have lived abroad for at least 10 years) and other eligible new residents. It also gives a 10-year exemption on reporting earnings abroad to people in these categories. It’s a magnet for Jewish thieves.

Last week, plastic surgeon David Morrow and his wife Linda, dubbed “The Jewish Bonnie and Clyde,” faced the American justice system two years after it was discovered the pair had been operating one of the most extensive and sickening health care frauds in California history. In total, the Morrows are thought to have cost insurance companies between $25 million and $65 million for procedures that were medically unnecessary. According to the Jerusalem Post,

They were active and highly respected members of the Orthodox Jewish communities in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Palm Springs and very generous contributors to Jewish causes. … They were arrested in California on charges of cheating health insurance companies of more than “tens of millions of dollars for cosmetic procedures that were not medically necessary,” according to the US Attorney’s Central District of California office of the Department of Justice. Add to that a guilty plea of conspiring to commit mail fraud and filing a false tax return, Dr. Morrow was in huge trouble. He was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in federal prison and had his medical license revoked. In her ruling, Judge Josephine L. Staton noted that Morrow’s “greed knew no bounds,” and that he showed an “utter disregard for patients’ well-being and safety.”

The pair were sentenced in absentia because they quickly liquidated their assets and moved to Israel where they could be among their co-ethnics and not have their wealth probed or questioned. According to locals in Israel, before the FBI finally orchestrated a rare extradition (for Linda — David is still fighting the case from an Israeli prison) “they were very active in the congregation, went to shiurim (classes) and synagogue functions.”

In 2017, the Times of Israel commented on the arrest of “35 individuals for allegedly running a network of scam boiler rooms.” The gang operated secret call centers inside residential apartments in the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Netanya, defrauding people in Europe and North America with a variety of different scams. One method was the CEO scam, where the fraudsters impersonated senior executives in a European company and persuaded employees to wire money to the Jews’ Israeli bank accounts. Other employees called companies in Europe selling goods and services that never materialized. A government prosecutor worried that “The phenomenon has become a national scourge in both Israel and abroad. It is causing damage to the reputation of the state of Israel as well as to Jews in other countries.” The Times of Israel remarked that many of those arrested were Jews from America and France, and that they were assisted by “thousands of Israelis.”

The most prominent example, of course, is the so-called “sting of the century,” in which over 1 billion euros was stolen via a tax scam between November 2008 and June 2009 from the French government. The theft was carried out by French Jews Arnaud Mimran, Marco Mouly, and Samy Souied from a Tel Aviv office. The trio were assisted by a significant number of co-ethnics, with the Times of Israel reporting that “six of the defendants were tried in absentia and are believed to be living in Israel.” In a May 2016 interview with the Times of Israel, Laurent Combourieu, director of investigations for the the Autoritй des marchйs financiers (AMF), France’s securities authority, said that there is overlap between the French-Israeli citizens who were involved in tax fraud carried out against the French government from Israel, and the perpetrators of the ongoing wave of online trading fraud targeting French speakers. In the past six years, according to the Paris prosecutor, French citizens had lost 4.5 billion euros to online trading and CEO scams, with many of these perpetrated from Israel.

That Israel is a hub for Jewish international criminality is further indicated by a random sampling of the bank accounts of new immigrants who had moved to Israel between 2008–2012, carried out by the Israeli state comptroller. It was found that “one in six were found to have irregular activity that caused the bank to flag them for suspected money laundering.” In 2013, the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes pressured Israel to cancel the exemption from filing tax returns by new immigrants and veteran returning residents, in an effort to remove what many saw as a clear incentive to international criminality. Israel agreed to change their legislation in May of that year, but almost nine years later it has yet to do so. In the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) issued by the U.S. State Department, Israel is discussed as a “a major money-laundering country.” The report adds that

Israel’s ‘right of return’ citizenship laws mean that criminal figures find it easy to obtain an Israeli passport without meeting long residence requirements. It is not uncommon for criminal figures suspected of money laundering to hold passports in a home country, a third country for business, and Israel.

Some Considerations

Writing in Mein Kampf, Hitler argued during a discussion of Zionism that “What [Jews] really are aiming at is to establish a central organization for their international swindling and cheating. As a sovereign State, this cannot be controlled by any of the other States. Therefore it can serve as a refuge for swindlers who have been found out and at the same time a high-school for the training of other swindlers.” All things considered, this is obviously a very prescient comment that has an undeniable ring of truth in light of the facts presented above. Far from being an example of fortune-telling, however, the prediction rests on what would today be regarded as certain anti-Semitic assumptions based on stereotypical traits associated with Jews.

The first of these assumptions is that Jews have a special relationship with, or interest in, money. Assuming an ethnic group has a special relationship with, or interest in, money would obviously lead one to predict a number of things. The group might be, on average, wealthier than other groups. It might produce more billionaires. Its criminality might also be reflected less in violent offences than in those most directly correlated with the acquisition of wealth. By most metrics, Jews are indeed wealthier than other groups. In regards to crime, there is also a clear skewing towards wealth acquisition. In 1971 A. Menachem of the Berkeley School of Criminology published a study in Issues in Criminology titled “Criminality Among Jews: An Overview.”[1] In this study, Menachem argued that ‘the Jewish crime rate tends to be higher than that of non-Jews and other religious groups for white-collar offenses, that is, commercial or commercially related crimes, such as fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, and embezzlement.”

In 1988, Yale University’s Stanton Wheeler published “White-Collar Crimes and Criminals” for the Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository. Among Wheeler’s findings were that while Protestants and Catholics were under-represented among white-collar criminals relative to their share of the population, Jews were over-represented to a very large degree (2 percent of the population, 15.2 percent of white-collar convictions). Wheeler states that “It would be a fair summary of our data to say that, demographically speaking, white-collar offenders are predominantly middle-aged white males with an over-representation of Jews.” While Stanton’s statistics are enlightening in themselves, a more detailed picture emerges in David Weisburd’s Yale-published Crimes of the Middle Classes: White-Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts (1991). Here Weisburd informs us that although Jews comprise only around 2 percent of the United States population, they contribute at least 9 percent of lower category white-collar crimes (bank embezzlement, tax fraud and bank fraud), at least 15 percent of moderate category white-collar crimes (mail fraud, false claims, and bribery), and at least 33 percent of high category white-collar crimes (antitrust and securities fraud). Weisburg’s updated data showed that overall, Jews were responsible for an astonishing 23.9 percent of financial crime in America.[2] Given the statistical data, not to mention the well-charted historical trajectory of Jewish financial behavior,[3] the argument that a Jewish predilection for financial misdeeds is a mere “canard” is unsustainable.

Desiring to acquire wealth, and actually acquiring it either legitimately or illegally, are obviously two different things. Jews are equipped for wealth acquisition, including criminal wealth acquisition, through the same background traits that facilitate their efficiency in social and political activism: ethnocentrism, intelligence, psychological intensity, and aggression.[4]

Ethnocentrism clearly plays a large role in international Jewish scams based in Israel. Many of these large-scale frauds are perpetrated by groups consisting of Americans, Bulgarians, Canadians, Romanians, Italians, and so on, whose only substantial common ground is their shared ethno-religious background. Criminal activity is inherently risky, so the level of trust among individuals from such varied national groups is all the more astonishing. Coupled with the almost exclusive targeting of outgroups (U.S. citizens, Canadians, Europeans, and others), the clannish quality of these Jewish groups drawn from the diaspora and based in Israel emphasizes the strength of Jewish ethnocentrism as a foundational base for Israeli international financial crime. In a further demonstration of Jewish ethnocentrism, or trust in one’s co-ethnics, the flight of many international Israeli swindlers to Israel, or their “disappearance” in the state, suggests a level of comfort and expectation from other Jews. Jews who have defrauded outgroups really do expect the government and state of Israel to be their refuge, and very often, through lenient sentences or lack of investigation, they are proved correct in having that expectation.

Intelligence is also key to the success and perpetuation of Israeli-based international fraud. Many of the schemes discussed above are relatively complex, requiring high levels of understanding of international financial markets, banking practices, legal loopholes, differing national standards and legislation, web and software design, search engine optimization, and all of the skills associated with money laundering. As mentioned above, Israelis are responsible for some of the biggest thefts in the financial history of several nations, often involving government-level fraud. These frauds have been executed thanks to the input of large numbers of highly intelligent and multi-skilled Jews who dedicated themselves to the criminal acquisition of wealth.

This extreme dedication to wealth acquisition is obviously driven by significant psychological intensity. In many cases, the frauds required an extraordinary level of audacity, e.g., involving the impersonation of major CEOs or even government figures. In one such example, in 2019 an Israeli scam operation obtained around $90 million after impersonating French foreign minister Jean-Yves le Drian, calling African heads of state, ambassadors, clergy and business figures, and asking them to help France pay ransom for French citizens abducted by ISIL or other terrorist groups in Syria. The impersonator donned a custom-designed silicone mask of the French minister’s head and spoke to his targets via Skype from an office decorated with the French flag and a portrait of French Prime Minister Emanuel Macron. The four ringleaders were eventually arrested in Netanya, which seems to be second only to Tel Aviv in the number of international scams it has hosted. The French were sufficiently incensed for an Israeli police officer to tell a local judge that ““This is a case with international diplomatic repercussions. This is not an ordinary case but one with great international sensitivities that has caused a diplomatic incident between our two countries.” The Times of Israel laments that “An Internet search for ‘scam’ and ‘Israel’ in French yields hundreds of articles, many of which are accompanied by anti-Semitic slurs in the comments section. … Despite the damage such fraudulent activities are doing to Israel’s reputation, Israeli law enforcement has made very few arrests and prosecuted even fewer suspects in the decade or more since the phenomenon first arose.”

Finally, Israeli international financial crime requires aggression. An interesting aspect of The Tinder Swindler involved the manner in which Shimon Hayut dropped the veil once he realized a particular woman had given him all the money she could or would. Threats and insults were immediate. The fundamental drive behind most of the discussed Jewish International scams is aggressive, involving forms of coercion and manipulation against a backdrop of callous disregard and disdain for the targeted outgroups. These aggressive aspects, of course, only highlight those instances in which some of the ill-gotten proceeds, as in the case of the Morrows for example, generously find their way to Jewish charitable causes — which brings us full circle to ethnocentrism.

The concern shown by the Israeli press, and some government officials, that such activity will lead to an increase in anti-Semitism is based for the most part on the implicit understanding that “anti-Semitic” assumptions about the traits associated with Jews (special interest in money, ethnocentrism, intelligence, psychological intensity, and aggression) have a basis in fact. Such concerns also imply the fear that wider knowledge or discussion of these large-scale frauds based in Israel will undo many decades of propaganda that has convinced outgroups that such assumptions are false or bigoted, and that Israel is a natural friend and ally to Western nations. The reality is that Israel is happy to welcome internationally looted funds into its economy, and cares little for the opinion of other nations. The nation’s founder wouldn’t be surprised.

[1] A. Menachem, “Criminality Among Jews: An Overview,” Issues in Criminality, Volume 6, Issue 2, (Summer 1971), 1-39.

[2] D. Weisburg, Crimes of the Middle Classes: White-Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts (Yale University Press, 1991), 72

[3] For example, across Europe, between 1881 and 1914, Jews were over-represented in bankruptcy, forgery, fraud and libel. See P. Knepper, The Invention of International Crime: A Global Issue in the Making, 1881-1914, (Palgrave MacMillan, 2010), 80. The trend, of course, went much further back in history.

[4] K. MacDonald, “Background Traits for Jewish Activism,” The Occidental Quarterly: A Journal of Western Thought and Opinion (Summer 2003): 1-37.

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  1. Gus Beauregard
    Gus Beauregard says:

    Dr. Joyce! It’s great to see that you’re still alive! Thank God!!! I’ve been binging on your podcasts and interviews over the past week or so, and have simultaneously been scouring the internet for any signs of life from you. Your work is so excellent and relevant to where we’re at today. Where can I obtain any of your books? God bless and preserve you, Sir!

  2. Hillary Goldberg Levin
    Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

    During the intro of the documentary “Defamation,” the filmmaker interviews his grandmother in Israel, and she says
    that the “jews are all crooks.”

    • Harry Warren
      Harry Warren says:

      You’ve reminded me of a programme I saw on British TV, many years ago, in which an old Jewish woman said, while being interviewed, ‘Jews know all the tricks’. This always stuck in my mind, not just because it was coming from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, but because she said it contemptuously. The programme may have been about the Israel/Palestine conflict.

  3. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Israel is a refuge for swindlers because Israel is a nation of swindlers, and Israel is a nation of swindlers because the Jews are a people of swindlers. It is that simple.

    They have been swindlers since the day Jacob swindled his brother Esau of his birthright. Typically the line of Jewish “chosenness” runs through Jacob, not through Esau, who is considered as the ancestor of the people of Edom, the traditional enemy of the Jews. Later on the Jews identified Edom with Rome, and by extension to all European peoples. “Jacob” has swindled “Edom” ever since.

    When will the European peoples see the Jews for the tribe of swindlers that they always were?

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      We musn’t forget if it weren’t for his mother Rebekah, Jacob wouldn’t have stood a chance at deceiving his brother or even his father for that matter. Further Esau was well aware of the birthright but could care less for it wanting a full stomach instead.

      Its like buying Real Estate people do it thinking with their emotions rather than with their brains / knowledge and fearing God.

      How true are the words from Christ about ones own family being ones greatest enemies. Woman especially who are motivated more by their emotions ie. Rebekah loving Jacob more than Esau.

      How would God’s words to Abraham about ‘now I know you fear God because you haven’t withheld your son, your only son from me’ ever be applicable to those who came afterwards? Talk about a lack of knowledge and education and O how Esau cried after realizing the truth of it all. Further with God the all important word from Isaiah 48:10:

      See, I have refined you, though not as silver;
      I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.
      For my own sake, for my own sake, I do this.
      How can I let myself be defamed?
      I will not yield my glory to another.

      It is the first verse which spells it all out yes?

      “Listen to this, you descendants of Jacob,
      you who are called by the name of Israel
      and come from the line of Judah,
      you who take oaths in the name of the Lord
      and invoke the God of Israel—
      but not in truth or righteousness—

      One has to ask how long will God’s name be defamed and blasphemed before judgment comes and it will come.

  4. Michael Santomauro
    Michael Santomauro says:

    Fantastic essay! But all victorious military forces are guilty of theft. American as well as Russian, French and British museums are full of questionable provenance.

    I understand the need for such an essay for Jews love to tout the “goody two shoes” syndrome.

    It is important to to keep in mind, no group is free of sins and no group has a monopoly on criminality and immmoral behavior.

    But Israelis do have a disproportionate immoral compass at the time of this writing and if immoral behavior is proven to be genetic this disproportionate talmudic behavior will continue for thousands of years to come.

    Israel is not a poor nation it can not be blamed on the environment.

    • Not Important
      Not Important says:

      “It is important to to keep in mind, no group is free of sins and no group has a monopoly on criminality and immoral behavior.”

      We’re talking about one group’s strong propensity for financial crimes here. What other crimes other groups have inclinations towards isn’t relevant.

      “But Israelis do have a disproportionate immoral compass at the time of this writing.”

      Pretty sure said immoral compass has been observed by people all over the globe for several thousand years. Not a new phenomenon.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “But all victorious military forces are guilty of theft. American as well as Russian, French and British museums are full of questionable provenance.”
      I don’t actually think this is such a bad thing.
      The Lourve in Paris is basically just the loot Napoleon raided when he invaded Northern Italy, which happens to be the culturally richest place on earth, that’s why the museum is so good.
      Similarly with the British museum, perhaps the second best in the world, with loot from all over earth.
      The one in St Petersburg, third best I think, is loot from the massive landmass of Russia added to what the Czars bought up.
      Point is, most of this treasure in their original locations were in private hands, the peasants never got to see them, and if a territory is being invaded, it’s good the treasures are carted off for ‘safe keeping’ to a stable state. The Po Valley was unstable for 150 years after Napoleon, we’ll never know what he saved.
      The Elgin Marbles are another example, they were rotting away under the Ottomans. If I was Greek, I’d prefer they were safely stored where they are, considering Greeces’ rackety recent history.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Carolyn, I shall save your great collection under your link for when, rather than if, some victimized soul charges me with their mere PERCEPTION of having been religiously or ethnically insulted.

      I particularly enjoy your inclusion of Michael Kaydar, the Virginia US teenager with Israeli citizenship. It was published by AFP, Agence France -Presse, CEOed by Fabrice Fries. I studied it closely when initially reported on.

      Definitely a brilliant young computer-generated communicator, employing a Spoof Card to hide the origin of his all-round bomb threats.

      Probably for fear of being discovered in the US for his hundreds of threats against Jewish Community Centers, yeshivas and synagogues, he moved in with his mother, an employee of the State in Ashkelon, Israel.

      There he stuck a special, oversized antenna out of his mother’s apartment, and broadened his targets to include international consulates, embassies, other Jewish institutions and even international airports: causing costly shorter or longer evacuations of same.

      Only the ADL profited from this increase in anti-Semitism: both statistically and therefore financially. Their statistician was probably given a month’s paid holiday after including this phenomenal increase, but forgetting to readjust it downward, even after it was discovered to have been another huge hoax.

      A hoax that didn’t find its mention in our recent essay here.

      However, I shall have to find the articles on the arrest of six Syrian immigrant rabbies who were stuffed into a police bus for having merchandised human organs in New Jersey. Probably trading with the 14 ex and current IDF soldiers in Israel, headed by an IDF General.

      This particular group of ordinary entrepreneurs, at least in Israel, internationally solicited donors from the poorest of the poor, to come to Israel to sell their non-essential organs for a couple of thousands, as well as a prepaid trip.

      Also, Palestinian parents who got their killed back from Israel, complained, unheard, of receiving the corpses without many organs. Undoubtedly the source of income of those rabbi d swine, arrested in New Jersey.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “Only the ADL profited from this increase in anti-Semitism”
        No doubt. Though I doubt that was the lad’s intention. I thought what he did was hilarious.
        But when we get serious with these people, we really should be looking at ways to use these alienated Jews against their own power structures. Considering the prevalence of mental problems with these inbred rats, there shouldn’t be any shortage of supply.
        They’ve been taking our people who hate us, and using them against us for a century, we need to start imitating what works for them.
        We also shouldn’t be intimidated by their seeming over-whelming power, they are a paper tiger, but they think they’re a real one, so they’re just going to get more hubristic & dumber as time goes on.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Would your hilarity survive one of the dozens of US mass shootings, if the lives of your loved ones might be stopped short.

          How humorous would it be if you, your wife an two children had their vital connecting flight delayed ? How loud your laugh when boarding the threatened intercontinental flight ?

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            My family don’t make many connecting flights out of Tel Aviv, nor Jew York City for that matter.
            The boy made all his threats against synagogues, and Jews in general, because he understood that Jews are the most neurotic & petrified people on earth(the wicked flee where none pursuith & all that).
            Sorry, how is this not funny?
            And do people actually board threatened flights? I thought they got cancelled.
            “There he stuck a special, oversized antenna out of his mother’s apartment, and broadened his targets to include international consulates, embassies, other Jewish institutions and even international airports”
            What a legend!
            The concerns of the international jet-set are not my concerns, sure, if they gave a sht about me and mine, perhaps I’d shake my head at the cheeky young pup. Would that make you feel better?
            But we both know such a proposition is absurd.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      None less than the JERUSALEM POST, informs us, that Kaydar was charged on ca. 2,000 counts; ten times that of the j MSM account. After all, he was active for years and had a strict work ethic.

      Additionally, it revealed, that K marketed his untraceable communications/threats/warnings to others, who also could not trace him, because he had equipment distorting his voice to the point one would think he was a woman.

      For others, who also wished to issue untraceable threats to anyone or institutions, he had an actual fee schedule, depending on whom others wished to threaten.

      His defense and mother argued in an Israeli court, that he had long suffered personality disorders and was borderline autistic. Rejected by the court.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      There is a now deleted CIA report to the effect that every single “Russian” Mafia member has an Israeli passport.

      Surely not.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    In addition to Ben Gurion’s remarks about jewish soldiers [ = murdering vandals ] carrying off Palestinian rugs, we have the same pictures on the net, of ” Bolsheviks ” doing the same, and more, during their Great 17 Revolution.

    Miko Peled is the son of a much decorated IDF General and grew up among the Israeli elite. He wrote of his father’s change of Zionist opinion thirty years prior. His mother REFUSED Israel’s offer of a free, upscale home, to go along with their privilege, BECAUSE ” it was stolen from some Palestinian family “.

    Jews never allow us to forget the Third Reich’s confiscation of jewish real estate, which itself was usually acquired by the methods you so correctly describe.

  6. Frozy
    Frozy says:

    Jewish master crooks sometimes do things that are definitively not smart. Lasarevitsch & Chikli, the 2 brains behind the Le Drian swindle mentioned in the article, amazingly left the safety of the borders of Israel in 2017. They were caught in Ukraine, promptly deported back to France and judged there, and are now purging prison sentences of 7 and 11 years.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      I hope these two, maliciously extradited from the Ukraine and gleefully prosecuted in France, judged guilty by its anti-semitic judiciary, have asked and are supplied with kosher prison meals.

      They should have waited until the investiture of jewish Prime Minister Groysman and concurrent jewish President Zelensky, Kolomoyskyi’s bum-boy, to become members of his PRIVATE ARMIES’s acquisitions office; of course in the interest of Ukraine’s unparalleled democracy.

  7. Douglas Mercer
    Douglas Mercer says:

    “They have no thought of building up a Jewish State in Palestine, so that they might perhaps inhabit it, but they only want a central organisation of their international world cheating, endowed with prerogatives, withdrawn from the seizure of others: a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.” – Mein Kampf

  8. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    I wonder what christian zionists would say in light of this information ? They worship jews and israel and are constantly butt 💋 kissing them. Their tribal god yahweh is a god invented by a race of swindlers and it’s pathetic to see White people defendjng such a race of vermin !

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        It’s not “poorly translated” it’s deliberately misleading. Is it not? At least that’s how I understood it. Financed by everyone’s favourite ethnic cousins.
        If this is incorrect, I’d be delighted to know, as it would be the first antisemitic trope or canard that wasn’t actually true, I’ve ever come across.

  9. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    I have often seen the Talmud verse which declares a Jew must always treat another Jew with straight business dealings, but must swindle and rip-off any Gentiles (paraphrase). It is codified in their religion.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In Africa the GlaubenJuden financed much of the terrorism and then bought property for 1/10 th of its value. I was told by a Rhodesian who would not sell her property. The GlalubenJuden had an office in Bulawayo.
    In Palestine the Arabs had the option of selling for 10% of the value of their property or being murdered.
    A student told me his family, in the late 1940’s, were sitting together when the door flew open and several GlaubenJuden entered with Sten Guns hanging round their necks dressed in British Army uniform. They told his grandfather to go to a nearby town and sell his land or they would return, at the same time next evening, and murder the family.
    The grandfather thought it was just intimidation.
    The next evening the door opened and hand grenades were thrown into the room. My student’s father was standing near an open window and never understood how he managed to jump through it. He had been playing hide and seek and hid, terrified, for the rest of the night.At dawn he saw some Arabs in a neighbouring field and ran to them and son after, left Palestine.
    An MP, whose name I forget ( he was once called a sheep in sheep’s clothing) visited my student’s house. The first thing he said to the boy’s father was that the British Government insists on Israel’s right to exist. The boy’s father shouted abuse at the MP for 15 minutes while the latter was rooted the spot.

  11. Pear sea
    Pear sea says:

    What Dr Joyce leaves out of this well written article is that much of the growth of Israel’s high tech start up culture has been geared towards so called ‘binary options’ and other scams including investing in diamonds (physical diamonds not mines). In this way it also intersects with Israel’s massive (and growing) ultra orthodox population whose women (the men do not work but study the talmud) work in boiler room type operations. This is touted as ‘getting the haredim into the workforce’ but of course is actually sheer criminality. As well as this the most effective cold callers for various scams are new immigrants to the Jewish state who seemingly have no problem helping to fleece their former fellow citizens. They make the best cold callers because they can pretend the office is actually in e.g France or wherever.

    I can think of one (rather festive) White nationalist leader who thinks Hitler’s critique of zionism is illegitimate. On the occasions I have pointed facts such as the ones above out to him I have been blocked and prevented from responding.

    Heres hoping he changes his ways.

  12. USA Invades Israel
    USA Invades Israel says:

    Hayut was imprisoned by the Israelis not for his theft from non-jews, but instead for getting caught.

    The reason for Israels’ creation was to establish a criminal enclave from which to operate with legitimacy on an international level and to establish it at the centre of the Belt and Road. The Balfour Declaration really should have been named The Beltfor. Israel is an illegal territory, not a country. It has no established borders.

  13. andyay
    andyay says:

    Karl Haemers has it correct. It is religious licensure which allows for conscience-free embezzlement, larceny and pillaging among jews. If pharisaic injunction is inculcated, by strictures, from earliest infancy into a child’s personality; if it becomes a measure of devotion, to despoil every ethical standard valued by your enemy, in order to enfeeble them; then, the more grandiose the criminality, the better the favour won among the rebbe, the more pleasing it is to the tetragrammaton.
    The jewish god’s sobriquet even sounds like the name of a robot to me, a machine-eminence. Jews are a technology of evil.

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    The essayist correctly writes of horrendous tens of millions in embezzlements here and there and everywhere.

    Perhaps my eyesight is failing, but where can I find mention of the greatest of them all: Bernie Madoff, with his estimated 65 BILLIONS ?

    Three days after having been declared deceased, I shall forget CNN’s coverage of his arrest, being led, handcuffed, from his HQ to a waiting FBI car. Their cameraman was slightly elevated to shoot over the crowd.

    A circa 60 year old woman, prim and proper, hat and all, but inexpensively dressed, looked up into the camera and exclaimed: ” Can you imagine him doing that to HIS OWN PEOPLE ! ”

    Hours before, it had been disclosed by the media, that he had also defrauded JEWISH CHARITIES [ most of whom were consequently obliged to close their doors. ]

    One can safely infer from her statement, that she was familiar with the Talmud.

    Type in CHASING MADOFF, for an excellent 3 minute video synopsis. Wikipedia is good for a lengthier rehash.

  15. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    As Hitler lamented upon altruistically attempting to help carve a jewish homeland out of Palestine, jews had no interest in Israel other than as a home base of economic operations, a port from which to fly a flag, and a secure place to run to when the heat was on. They don’t really want a homeland. They want a safe space.

  16. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    They just can’t help themselves, as if thievery is in their DNA
    “Israel founders were ‘thieves’, Israeli historian says”

    Early Jewish settlers in Palestine “looted Arab property”, a new book by an Israeli historian has said, adding “authorities turned a blind eye”.
    In what has been described as the “first-ever comprehensive study” by Israeli historian Adam Raz described “the extent to which Jews looted Arab property” during the Jewish gangs’ attack in 1948 on Palestinians and their homes, and explains why Ben-Gurion said “most of the Jews are thieves.”

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      COLL DOLL–
      Yes, indeed, they’ve a strong propensity toward types of criminal behavior, especially organized. The reason why the public mind always associates crime syndicates with Southern Italians, and never with Jews, is that Jews have dominated Hollywood. In the heyday of the American mobs, Jewish actors like Edward G. Robinson (ne’ Goldman), Paul Muni, Nehemiah Persoff and Rod Steiger became famous for portraying Italian mobsters, when presumably they could’ve been more convincing playing Ashkenazi ones–but that was unacceptable. The upshot: while the Mafia is known to all, the many Jewish mobs have remained relatively obscure from lack of mention.

      Later, in the 60s, there were movies depicting Jewish gangsters Abe Reles and the Purple Gang, but it wasn’t until Coppola’s THE GODFATHER humanized the gangster, making him a sympathetic character who loves what regular people do–like children–that Jewish gangsters were depicted as such. Even then, BUGSY (1991), about Benjamin Siegel, never mentions that Siegel is Jewish, as I recall. And LANSKY makes Meyer Lansky’s Jewishness clear but when I saw it I felt a need to take off my hat whenever he spoke, so noble was the man lol.

  17. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    If a wayward SS officer had divulged, during the War, some part of internal, secret documented opinions, he would probably have been rewarded with an automatic post War US citizenship.

    Assange, the originator of WikiLeaks, however, had to irreversibly flee his US home, having done the same.

    He had published secret communications from the US Embassy in Israel addressed to its bosses at State, in Washington. I remember reading/viewing a photographic reproduction among their hundreds of publicly divulged papers, with the following closely paraphrased sentence, ” that Israel for some time has been the center of national and international crime and corruption, and is doing little to counter it ! ”

    How does that essentially differ from Adolf’s prescient comment in his opus ? That disclosure alone, with their never forget methodology, would suffice, to keep him exiled or preferably prosecuted , were he to dare to return.

    His extradition, on Appeal, was denied by GB.

  18. nonsensei
    nonsensei says:

    “Thus the Jews in Europe, and the Armenians in the east, have a peculiar character; and the former are as much noted for fraud, as the latter for probity.” – David Hume, ‘Of National Characters’ (1741)

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