Stress Test for a Fading Superpower

And as we went crusading for a new world order, Vladimir Putin’s Russia gradually recovered from its crushing Cold War defeat, and China began to move out of America’s shadow to become the most powerful rival modern America had ever faced.

Because America entered both world wars of the 20th century last, while all the other great powers bled one another, and because we outlasted the Soviet Empire in the Cold War, America emerged, in the term of President George H.W. Bush, as “the last superpower.”

We had it all. We were the “indispensable nation.” We saw further into the future. We could impose our “benevolent global hegemony” on all mankind. And so it was that we set out to create a “new world order,” plunging into successive wars in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Syria, Libya, Yemen.

So doing, we bled ourselves, distracted ourselves, exhausted ourselves and sundered ourselves, until half the country was echoing George McGovern’s 1972 campaign slogan: “Come home, America.”

And as we went crusading for a new world order, Vladimir Putin’s Russia gradually recovered from its crushing Cold War defeat, and China began to move out of America’s shadow to become the most powerful rival modern America had ever faced.

Now, U.S. hegemony is being everywhere challenged — in Eastern Europe, the Near East, Southeast Asia, East Asia. And the challenges arise from autocrats united in their resolve to reduce the power and the presence of the United States in their part of the world.

All of America’s adversaries have something in common: They want us out of their neighborhood.

After President Joe Biden’s humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ukraine is the site of the latest challenge, triggered by Russia’s deployment of some 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders.

Given that he caused this crisis, Putin is unlikely to withdraw all his forces without visible assurances that Ukraine never becomes a member of NATO. And, given that no NATO ally or neighbor of Ukraine has shown a disposition to fight Russia for Ukraine, Putin is likely ultimately to prevail.

Neither Georgia nor Ukraine will soon be invited to join NATO, no matter the “open door” policy of the alliance.

And as Putin is committed to creating a sphere of influence where no next-door neighbor is a NATO ally, we are probably only at the beginning of a series of crises over the exclusion of nations from the alliance.

A second member of the global anti-American front is Iran.

The U.S. and Iran are said to be close to renewing the nuclear deal from which former President Donald Trump walked away. Yet, the persistent threat from Iran and its radical allies like the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Shia militia in Syria and Iraq, and Hezbollah in Lebanon is likely to complicate any U.S. effort to extricate ourselves from a Middle East that has consumed so much of our attention and resources since 9/11.

In East Asia, China has begun anew sending military aircraft into the Air Defense Identification Zone of Taiwan, and it has never relinquished its claim to that island of 24 million and former U.S. ally. After the Ukraine crisis is resolved, Taiwan is likely to soon be back on the front burner.

If we would not fight Russia on behalf of Ukraine, why would we go to war with China to defend the independence of Taiwan, when, 50 years ago this month, President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger declared Taiwan to be “a part of China”?

North Korea has resumed testing its cruise and ballistic missiles. And Pyongyang is not going to hold off forever the testing of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The question here is how far off is the next confrontation. And, as there is no U.S. national disposition to fight for Ukraine, it is hard to believe that, 70 years after sending 350,000 troops to South Korea, we would send an army of that size to again fight the North.

Bottom line: The balance of power is constantly shifting. And in this new century, it has been shifting in favor of America’s adversaries, all of whom wish to see us diminished.

Where former President George W. Bush warned of an “axis of evil” that included Iraq, Iran and North Korea, its successor today includes Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, a far more formidable axis. Moreover, America’s relative power and willingness to use it is far diminished from what it was in George Bush’s day.

The new correlation of forces:

North Korea has become a full-fledged nuclear power with intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hit the USA. Russia’s armed forces are more imposing than they were two decades ago. China has swept past every rival power to the United States, while America’s allies are less powerful and less united behind it.

Meanwhile, America has run up a national debt larger than the entire U.S. economy. Its trade deficits are at record levels. Its borders are being overrun by migrants from all over the world. And its disposition to intervene, engage and fight for democracy has rarely been lower.

The global stress test of the last superpower is on, and it is not likely we will pass it with a grade as high as the one we had earned by the Cold War’s end.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at


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  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Decades ago Pat Buchanan courageously observed that “Congress is an Israeli-occupied territory.”

    Today, after having been banned from most of his prior media access by none other than Israel’s minions, he analyzes global power politics without uttering so much as a tiny peep about that treacherous self-declared “Jewish State.”

    What do people like Buchanan have to lose at this point by noticing the brontosaurus in the living room?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I addressed this exact point commenting on his last article.
      Truly, mediocre minds think alike, eh?
      All I could think of was 1. He’s generated millions of $s over his lifetime and want’s it to go to his descendents, not be consficated by the Jewish government, or 2. He’s known for a long time the USA as a political entity is compromised/corrupted beyond belief, and doesn’t actually wanted to do anything that might help it, some things are beyond saving and better left to die.
      Or both, something else, whatever. If anyone else has any ideas . . . . .
      I don’t mind being mean to Pat on these threads because he obviously won’t read it and even if he did wld a man like Pat care about some rando on the Internet? I doubt Pat even writes the thing, more probably his secretary/home-help types a few current phrases that Pat has gleaned from afternoon Fox News into some operating system, and the program jumbles together extracts from his vast lifetime’s supply of syndicated columns.
      A little editing of dates and vola, cha-ching.
      Maybe Pat does this bit, maybe the senorita does. The way these things read, I’d say the latter.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Considering how much jews have enjoyed assassinations throughout history, there could be things happening behind the curtains that we wouldn’t be aware of. And the unwashed masses most likely aren’t going to turn him into a saint or make anything out of it, so why bother.
      Just a theory.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    It is Natural Law that from death comes life. That is my only hope for America at this point, for I fear America is terminally ill.

    A grim irony that says it all is the fact that the United States Assistant Secretary for Health (yes, HEALTH!) is an overweight transgender Jew, Richard (dba ‘Rachel’) Levine.

  3. NOMEN
    NOMEN says:

    “The balance of power is constantly shifting. And in this new century, it has been shifting in favor of America’s adversaries, all of whom wish to see us diminished.” – Indeed. Why would they wish otherwise as adversaries?

  4. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    As I look around I see that Russia has lost nearly all of Eastern Europe and just about all the former Soviet Republics.

    I don’t see countries that want to join the Russian bloc. They want to get away from Russia.

    In that sense, I don’t think Russia is doing particularly well.

    That’s why Putin is angry.

    Sorry, but that’s the way I see it.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I see your points, Pamela. But perhaps Putin is angry because – once again – America is sticking its nose in the affairs of other nations. Many Americans are also angry – angry that the Corn Pop Administration is anxious to protect Ukraine’s border but does not give a damn about protecting our own southern border.

      I am not fluent in Russian, but I can get along in it and I have to admit the narrative from Russian news sites is quite different from that of mainstream American news sites.

      Yes, Russia has its problems and has its share of mistakes. And it is not easy to dig out of 70+ years of communism. But Russia is experiencing a spiritual renaissance. Consider just a few of Russia’s post-communist accomplishments.

      1) In 2013 Russia passed a law limiting foreign ownership (directly or indirectly) in any Russian media to 20%. The backbone of the law is that ‘foreign’ includes those with dual citizenships!
      2) Shortly after item #1 above was accomplished Russia outlawed internet pornography.
      3) Russia is family and child friendly. They even have a National Day of Conception – September 12th, in which couples of childbearing age are given the day off. And, if any of those couples have a baby on or around the following June 12th, they are awarded very nice prizes, such as furniture, appliances, even a new car!
      4) Russian dietary laws for restaurants are quite wholesome. A Big Mac in Moscow is quite organic and not to be compared to a Big Mac in NYC.
      5) Russia recently made a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman.

      Russia isn’t woke. Russians know the difference between diversity and perversity. It would not be too far off the mark to say that Russia protects its kids and monitors its perverts, while America devotes an entire month to celebrating perversion while killing its kids.

  5. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    There’s something sad about publishing Pat Buchanon’s articles here. I noticed about 2 years ago he was well past his prime, and seemed to just be pumping these bi-weekly pieces or whatever out for the sake of money or some contract.
    It’s not like he has anything original left to say. It’s just stating the obvious and historical anecdotes from his massive brain.
    He is a legend, his Unnecessary War was great, although it didn’t really break any new ground, though it seemed to allow a little bit more truth about WWII in the mainstream(which is the issue the evil system we live under base’s it’s entire legitimacy on. If we want to undermine this satanic order, we should be ridiculing this myth at every turn).
    If he’s getting a paycheck out of this then good luck to him, but with Coulter now as well, is this some sort of mainstream pivoting? I think the people should be told.
    But there are dangers in this course too, what if we lose our neo-Nazi contingent, who enjoy being outcasts & have achieved so much for us?

    • Hillary Goldberg Levin
      Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

      On the contrary….it is a massive win to have Pat publish here and Coulter as well.
      Also, Michelle Malkin is a huge win for our side since she spoke at Amren and writes for Unz.
      This means that our ideas are becoming mainstream, and it also means that great minds that have intellectual integrity (the aforementioned trio) agree with us and are not afraid of the fallout.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “Also, Michelle Malkin is a huge win for our side since she spoke at Amren and writes for Unz.”

        Writes for Unz? Nobody writes for Unz (except a few bloggers); Unz just publishes what he finds available after it’s published elsewhere. Readers go there mainly for the comments. But fools are always fooled. It’s because of people like you that we are doomed.

        Plus, Unz is a JEW, full-blooded. He acts and sounds like one too. I don’t know what “your ideas” are, I only know my own. And on this I don’t agree with you. When these three will write about this subject: , I might.

        • Pat Kittle
          Pat Kittle says:

          I’m grateful to you, Carolyn, and Kevin MacDonald, and everyone else who’ve clued me in to the JQ.

          And everyone else most definitely includes Ron Unz. To condemn him for being Jewish is to condemn him for original sin — exactly what genocidal Jewish sociopaths assign to all Whites.

          Seriously, what more could Unz do to promote free speech & White rights than what he’s been doing? The seeds of what nefarious reward does he sow?

          We’re fortunate to have him. He’s deserves our respect.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “then you have reached modern UK Civilization’s optimum expectation.”
        Not sure that’s meant as a compliment but I am taking it as one because I’ve reached all the exact same conclusions, about everything, as your man, though without the deap learning of an educated American of course, but just by observing what going on around me.
        We even think the same way, me & Prof Oliver, as soon as he mentioned Canning I thought of Wilde, that was his favourite statesman, no? Next thing he’s mentioning Oscar Wilde.
        I love Trollope! I had no idea his mother was just as critical and snobbish of garbage American culture as me.
        I consider myself fit to judge this mess because I’ve never been there so aren’t biased by a personal sympathy for any particular American. I only experience the horror second hand, as it were. And anyway, I’ve been to Europe many times, but it’s not Europe that influences our societies, it’s America.
        But it wasn’t the fake leftist critique of backwards America we were all drilled in: There’re fat, no passports, there’re all on pills. I saw through that garbage because we are the exact same way.
        It was the Nazi memes of America as a corrupt degenerate gangster mess. They’ve turned out to be far, far truer than all the left-wing crap we were all brainwashed in.
        Interesting that was written in the 1980’s, the political desent from 80’s-90’s at least in France, Germany & UK was surely the greatest drop ever? Such that in the 00’s when I woke up Parliment was a bad joke but the Lords was still full of real intellects, even after Blair slaughtered it.
        As for my bio, it’s even worse than that, I have no formal education at all past learning to read and write at primary school. High school was a joke, you can’t concentrate when there is so much tail around you, there’s a reason the elite has single sex schools for their kids, mixed for us peasants, they want us to fail.
        But I dropped out and left after a year & a half because I was rebeling against life for other reasons.
        I sensed this was an evil society long before I understood it.
        I critique & hate this horrible anti-human Jewish tyranny we live under now, but it actually personally fckd me up when I was a young-un, just like it did to almost everyone I’ve known.
        And it was Scotland, not England. Like yourself, no?

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          Your obviously sincere , if breathless prose , elicits my sympathy .

          However , there is a victimhood psychology built right into it.

          Please avoid this.

          Yes , I am a Scot .

          I eschew the customary adjective ” proud” because , were it not for a parental reluctance to accept a position in Canada , I’d have been a Canadian.

  6. Vic U. Dunderdon Junior
    Vic U. Dunderdon Junior says:

    Well the americans are fighting ethnic warfare on their own turf.

    1. Subsaharian africans run whites out of american cities and rape and murder, pimp and hunt those who are left. They then vote for african mayors and politicians and count votes (done in urban areas) and cheat.

    2. Anti white socalled racemixed “jews” spew out anti white hatred and propaganda to take out the white race by lessening childbirths, hiding who commits crimes creating a african based cukture promoting africans and racemixing en masse and so on. This is also in commercials, record business, magazines and the telly and universities and so on.

    3. Since whites are the most inventive RACE non whites including racemixed, many chinese and so on want to steal from us so therefore controlling the USA bu deceit such as by DNA changing vaccines, 5g technology, election fraud and internet spying and computer spying and stealing in general seems to be a strategy.

    China is more homogenious. And 5 year plans are certainly effective when dealing with such things as housing and the like.

    And calling Russia, Iran and China an evil axis seems unfair. Sure Russia deals with Iran and Syria. They also have a trade deal with China and plenty of business with chinese companies which the USA companies also has.

    Israel also has a deal with the Chinese I wouldn’t call them pro Iran or axes of evil because of it.

    To my knowledge Russia has nothing to do with North Korea.

    This analysis seems simplified.

    Also with whites under 18 being a minority and rapid increase in racemixing due to propaganda and that it usually takes place regardless of that. And also over 90 of crime such as murders and rape in NYC is by non whites so…

    Living in the same area as africans or sharing territory is terrorism by definition directed at WHITES vcommited and done by the subsaharian african RACE.

    I do think white americans need to get africans into their own areas and country and not share territory.

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    “And so it was that we set out to create a “new world order,” plunging into successive wars in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Syria, Libya, Yemen.”

    WE didn’t set out for any such enterprise, Pat… (((THEY))) DID. (((They))) simply use their shabbat goy bully boy to do their diabolical bidding. In all your thousands of writings, you’ve NEVER admitted to this most crucial of facts, Pat.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Stay home, white man. Don’t join their militaries, don’t let them ship you to other parts of the world to do Israel’s bidding, don’t let them use you as a pawn in their schemes for regional hegemony, don’t let them get you hurt or killed. Stay with your family, friends, and town. Be of use to your neighbors HERE, where it counts, and not as a nuisance that no one wants to see half a world away, doing the dirty work of a nation full of thieves who don’t want to sully their own hands.

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