John Mearsheimer: Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?

This video, despite being from 2015, provides clarity on the current Ukraine crisis. Putin quite clearly will not stand for NATO being on Russian’s border. Mearsheimer advocates a neutral Ukraine—a buffer state between Western Europe and Russia and argues that Putin will try to bring Ukraine to its knees rather than let it be in NATO. This is apparently happening now.

Mearsheimer, of course, co-authored The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, a masterful attempt to wrest U.S. foreign policy away from the clutches of the Israel Lobby (my review.) Sadly it has had no effect on U.S. policy since publication in 2008. Mearsheimer is an insightful, honest interpreter of foreign policy and makes clear his contempt for American foreign policy elites.

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  1. Gerry
    Gerry says:


    Some sage words from King George VI who on September 3, 1939 said:

    “The war cannot be compared to any conflict in past history when army met army on the battlefield. For the first time in man’s history, it is a war of nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom.”

    Strange what about the Church in Ukraine? Why never any mention about her role and what is taught in scripture about the Ministry of Reconciliation? St. Paul would never have remained silent about such issues.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Pity, that George VI never read of the Thirty Years War, which cost northern and central Europe at least a full third of its population.

      Strange you should mention The Ministry of Reconciliation. Ukraine has a Ministry by that name; apparently in charge of diminishing the otherwise heralded minority rights, linguistic preference, usage and legislatively guaranteed use of the Russian language in schools, media, etc. [ Peruse M’s excellent maps ].

      Under the Wehrmacht’s occupation, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches there were not only tolerated, but supported. But you are right, the only picture I have consistently seen is the still- photo background of an Orthodox Church, gracing FOX’s newscasts throughout.

      It appears, that statements by Church Leaders in Ukraine are, at the very least, not invited by the predominantly Jewish regime, in the service of its mainly jewish oligarchs like Kolomoyskyi. [ Peruse his surprisingly still very honest Wikipedia entry ].

      Many people shown in the live media, are of an age at which they still remember WWII; and probably a handful who remember the Holodomor.

      Zelensky keeps bragging, that he will dutifully remain as head of state, but, that he has been earmarked for extinction. So be it, as long as his maker and macher Kolomoyskyi accompanies him: instead of watching their fate on a large screen TV in his Tel Aviv southern suburb 8 million penthouse, with a view over the Mediterranean.

      If I were to see either in their Volksturm regalia, toting a Panzerfaust, I shall eat this computer in penitence.

  2. Templar
    Templar says:

    John’s understanding of US foreign policy and Ukraine has proved to be remarkably prescient. It is tragic that the Washington elites have for several years ignored his wise counselling.

      PROTEUS says:

      We are a nation of immigrants and always will be. E pluribus unum. So, are you also against letting in thousands of white Christian Ukranians who are the victims of our stupid Washington establishment’s hubris and Putin’s aggression?

      • CM
        CM says:

        Explorer – person who discovers unknown lands
        Settler – person who enters a land to establish a farmstead
        Founder – person who establishes an institution or settlement
        Immigrant – person living permanently in a country they didn’t help build
        Refugee – person fleeing the mess made of their own country
        Visitor – person with a Visa, temporary, tourist, guest worker
        Invader – person who assaults, plunders, loots, rapes, violates, intrudes
        Enemy – person who is hostile to who we are, what we believe, what we do
        Multiculturalist – person destroying a thriving European derived nation
        Activist – person who lies about all these terms and their effects

  3. Holmsen
    Holmsen says:

    Note that Mearsheimer believes a full-scale assault on Ukraine would be a disaster for Russia, for the fact that it is a declining power and the end result would be NATO and W. Ukraine toe-to-toe with E. Ukraine + Russia without a buffer region. And that appears to be exactly what is going to happen.

    I’m skeptical that a neutral zone could have been maintained given the obvious divisions between East and West that he illustrates in his presentation. Could a policy of “tolerance” really have patched this division? We will never know. Building Ukraine up economically also sounds good, but for Ukraine it is easy to see how European integration presented the best promise for this, not Russian integration or the status quo. Ukraine has Poland to look to as a model, which though not a glamourous country for Western Europeans, has moderate wealth and geopolitical security.

    The poison pill is that such integration seems to necessitate trying to enforce liberal decadence to a certain degree. But Poland and Hungary refute the idea that western race marxism is a dangerous cultural contagion that we need Putler to fend off.

    See Curt Doolittle’s analysis in addition to Mearsheimer for a balanced view of the situation as it stands presently. In short, East European normative cultural attitudes are preferable whereas Western economic models and institutions are better. Ukrainians were legitimately justified in their popular support insofar as they attempted to adopt the latter.

  4. Frontier Psychiatrist
    Frontier Psychiatrist says:

    Putin is invading Ukraine because he thinks it’s a nazi state. Russian internet commenters are talking right now about how Ukraine needs to be invaded because it’s a nazi state. This is surely the most retarded and pointless war ever fought, and a demonstration of how dangerous the nazi mass psychosis is. But when will the American left realize that Putin is on their side, since both of them want to rid the world of imaginary nazis?

    • Fletcher Smith
      Fletcher Smith says:

      The white nation’s would be so much better off having a nazi state. Look at the countries that dont..full of drugs gands non white violence their tearing down our statues taking away our history…atleast the nazis were for their people and nation.

  5. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Doctor MacDonald,

    Even though I knew of this lecture it is positive that you’ve uploaded it onto your web site herein. Many probably do not know of him.. Interestingly enough, many more will be looking into Professor John Mearsheimer because Miss Laura Ingraham on her show “The Ingraham angle on Thursday showed a clip from this very same discourse of is, approvingly. In accord was also her guest Mister Dinesh D’Souza. She was quite critical of the financial confiscations against Russian Oligarchs and similar. Sometimes persons like her do not always let on they know just what the score is, at least with certain issues. They err with Israel. Good on her this time. Excellent the same evening was Mister Dan Ball host of One America News’s “Real time With Dan Ball.’ Keep well and strong. God Bless, Aristo Boho.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Aristo, some time ago you had asked me for a copy of my U paper on Katyn. Regrettably the facility to REPLY had already expired, and I remained unable to speak to you: making me uneasy lest you consider me to be discourteous.

      Said paper commenced with German communications units digging their postholes, at which time they discovered the first of ca. 22,000 corpses. The three [?] NKVD camps they originally were assembled from in Poland and copies of photos of the uniformed Allied men and officer POWs, brought there to witness the exhumations.

      Unbelievably handsome faces of the murdered, with photos of family and children. All letters stamped on their mail having ended on one and the same day: before German occupation. The same for polish newspapers found in their possession during the exhumation.

      The mayor of Smolensk welcomed the German Commander and presented him with an old cannon captured during Napoleon’s retreat. A gift or an omen ???

      Ca. 800,000 documents were taken to Germany, from the huge, modern CPSU HQ in Smolensk and analyzed in Germany, divulging a lot of additional information on Katyn.

      A coffee house friend in Toronto had an MD father in Albania at the time in question, who had been warranted, as a component of Hitler’s international, ie impartial commission to participate in the medical dissections in Katyn. Lots of extras.

      In light of the above, Katyn, though on the SU’s docket at Nuremberg, was quietly nixed by its US-controlled prosecution.

      All the best, Charles

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