Neocons, Ukraine, Russia, and the Western Struggle for Global Hegemony

Part of this was originally posted in 2014 but remains relevant, with some updates/elaborations, as noted. 

Philip Giraldi has a nice column on the continuing power of the neocons, particularly in the Ukraine situation (“Diplomacy is a Four-Letter Word“).

The vitriol unloaded on Russia since the rise of Vladimir Putin and most recently to ridicule almost every aspect of the Olympic Games is astonishing. …

The sustained pressure on the Ukraine over the past several months has likewise been remarkable and, under other circumstances, it would all be difficult to explain but for the fact that it and Russia are essentially two halves of one policy that is being orchestrated by the same group of neoconservatives, some of whom have now, fortuitously enough, attached themselves to the party in power in the White House, which is the Democrats. It was easy enough to do as many neocons are basically liberal Democrats if one excludes their aggressive foreign policy views.

Right. The neocons are too often associated only with the Republicans, but historically the neocons have had a strong position in the Democratic Party and have pulled the Republicans to the left on vital issues such as immigration. Indeed, a very important strand came out of the far left Trotskyist followers of Max Shachtman, a Jewish labor leader who, by the time of his death, had made major inroads in the Democratic Party and whose legacy is still with us today.

The Trotskyist movement had a Jewish milieu as Shachtman attracted young Jewish disciples—the familiar rabbi/disciple model of Jewish intellectual movements. … He became the quintessential rabbinical guru—the leader of a close, psychologically intense group. …

By the late 1950s he moved into the mainstream of U.S. social democracy” with a strategy of pushing big business and white Southerners out of the Democratic Party (the converse of Nixon’s “Southern strategy” for the Republican Party). In the 1960s “he suggested more openly than ever before that U.S. power could be used to promote democracy in the third world”—a view that aligns him with later neoconservatives.  …

In 1972, shortly before his death, Shachtman, “as an open anti-communist and supporter of both the Vietnam War and Zionism,” backed Senator Henry Jackson in the Democratic presidential primary. Jackson was a strong supporter of Israel (see below), and by this time support for Israel had “become a litmus test for Shachtmanites.” (see Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement,” p. 17). 

So the Shactmanites ended up supporting an aggressive foreign policy, exemplified by Henry Jackson, a cold warrior and the most visible supporter of Israel in the U.S. Senate.  One of Shachtman’s many Jewish disciples was Carl Gershman, who is now head of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) but in his youth was associated with the Young People’s Socialist League and the Social Democrats, USA, both on the far left. Regarding the role of the NED in the Ukraine crisis, Giraldi has this to say:

Remember the pastel revolutions in Eastern Europe that were sponsored by the United States and some western nations but which are now best forgotten? Involvement of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in places like the Ukraine and Moldova sure turned out well, particularly when the biggest baddest NGO of all, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) got involved. When the Russians and others complained about the activities of NGOs interfering in their domestic politics NED was what they were referring to. NED instinctively favored people who called themselves democrats and were able to speak English, polyglot ability somehow demonstrating their political reliability. They turned out to be as corrupt as their predecessors and no less inclined to fool around with the electoral system they inherited. Tinkering in Georgia by Washington and its Israeli surrogates almost led to American involvement in a war with Russia in which Washington had no conceivable interest. Remember John McCain’s “We are all Georgians now?”

After wrecking Eastern Europe NED has gone on to do yeoman’s work relating to the Arab Spring, the results of which are clearly visible in Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq. But now the focus is again on the former Soviet Union with millions of dollars going to opposition parties, this time with the full force of an uncritical mainstream media behind the effort. Easily forgotten are two indisputable facts relating to Russia and the Ukraine. First, before the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, there was an understanding that the US and Europe would not use the situation as an excuse to expand their spheres of influence into Eastern Europe. NED and other groups violated that understanding almost immediately and now Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and Poland are in the European Union and also in NATO, an organization that has absolutely no raison d’etre apart from serving as a military alliance against Russia. …

Second … The Ukraine is roughly seventy-five per cent Ukrainian ethnically but ten million Ukrainian citizens are ethnic Russians, more than 17% of the population. Many Ukrainians therefore look to Russia as a natural ally and trading partner while those who once were part of Poland tend to look westward, but what is indisputable is that the current mildly pro-Moscow Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych came to power after a free election monitored by international observers in 2010. Yanukovych believes in strong ties to Russia but is also friendly to the European Union and the United States. In spite of that studied neutrality Washington and the Europeans are stirring up unrest and trying to coerce the Ukrainian government into entering into a formal arrangement with the EU that its elected leadership believes to be not in its best interests. Protesters, supported and possibly even trained and equipped by Europe and the US, have responded with violence.

Giraldi then traces Victoria Nuland’s impeccable neocon credentials and her typically neocon hostility toward Russia, concluding:

Like her husband, Nuland, backed by the White House and politicians including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, is consistently hostile to Moscow, possibly because the neocon world view favors the predominantly Jewish oligarchs who looted the Russian economy before being brought to heel by Putin.

Added: Victoria Nuland is currently the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden State Department and was the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the Department of State in the Obama administration. She is no doubt  playing a very important role during the current crisis. Her husband is Robert Kagan, “a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, has been an advocate for just about every U.S. foreign policy blunder over the past two decades. He was an advocate for the war in Iraq and a muscular approach to Syria. The New York Times reported that his father, Donald Kagan, “a historian of ancient Greece, is a patriarch of neoconservatism.”

There is awareness of Nuland’s role in some conservative circles; on February 25, Tucker Carlson mentioned her in talking about the main promoters, as did Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles in a separate segment. But of course they won’t discuss that she is Jewish and deeply involved in rabidly pro-Israel and globalist  foreign policy circles.  

… I am sure that Russia’s support of Iran and Syria also feed into the mix of neocon motives for hostility to Russia, but there is no question that the neocons have been strong supporters of the oligarchs, doubtless because it would be good for the Jews. As I noted:

A turning point was the arrest and imprisonment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the head of Yukos, the oil giant. Arch-neocon Richard Perle led the charge against Putin, calling for the ouster of Russia from the G-8 — the  same sort of policy the neocons are proposing in the wake of the invasion of Georgia. Khodorkosky was viewed as without any feeling for Russian nationalism and far too friendly with the United States. (“The Neocons Versus Russia“)

Putin basically prevented a takeover of Russia by oligarchs with globalist, Western values. I therefore rather doubt that the NED is really concerned about democracy in the Ukraine, despite its official mission. After all, as Giraldi notes, the government of Ukraine is duly elected in an internationally supervised election, and neocons (and the U.S.) have a long history of looking the other way when non-democratic governments meet their interests (e.g., overlooking the egregious departures from democracy in Israel [and supporting Saudi aggression in Yemen]) and excoriating democratically elected governments when they do not (e.g., Hamas in the Gaza).  Indeed, the classic neocon statement on democracy and human rights, by Gershman’s [one-time] boss, Jeanne Kirkpatrick (1979), argued that democracy and human rights should take a back seat to other issues, such as the Cold War struggle between the U.S. and the USSR (discussed here, p. 31). (Gershman, along with Joshua Muravchik and Kenneth Adelman, was a deputy to Kirkpatrick when she served as UN Ambassador in the Reagan administration. All were strong proponents of the Iraq war, Adelman writing a famous column “Cakewalk in Iraq.”)

It’s the same now. The real name of the game is not democracy but the neocon crusade against Russia, with a strong dose of Jewish motivation related to Putin, the failure of the oligarchs to seize control of Russia, and Israel.

Added, February 27, 2022:

I recently posted a lecture by Prof. John Mearsheimer which, as I tweeted, is  “obviously compelling” and where he provides a solution—a neutral Ukraine—that would have avoided war. Note that Philip Giraldi pointed out that the Yanukovych government was effectively neutral. This was unacceptable to the neocons, and hence the 2014 Maidan uprising that replaced Yanukovych—a revolution that Nuland and other elements of the U.S. foreign policy establishment were deeply involved.

But of course, this solution never happened. And we have to ask why the U.S. is so committed to hostility toward Russia—determined to surround Russia’s Western border with a military alliance that the U.S. would never tolerate in North America (as it piously recites the Monroe Doctrine; remember the Cuban missile crisis?). As Mearsheimer suggests,  the U.S. is the instigator here, pressuring Ukraine or at least encouraging it to insist on joining NATO.

Here is Mearsheimer on the current crisis. In the first 25 minutes he lays out the historical background in great detail. Key points amply illustrating the aggressiveness if the West.

  • 2008: NATO declared Ukraine will be in NATO; Russians are angry but that’s as far as it goes.
  • 2014: Western (U.S. State Department, neocon, CIA) coup installed a pro-Western government which results in civil war in Ukraine and Russia seizing Crimea;
  • Trump [with anti-tank weapons but not air defense weapons] and now Biden (but not Obama) arm Ukraine, making it a “de facto” NATO member;
  • a number of provocative NATO military incursions into Russian territorial waters [although these claims are denied by the U.S. and Britain].

This is a very cynical game. Mearsheimer predicted in 2015 that Russia would destroy Ukraine rather than allow it to be part of NATO, and it is in the process of being destroyed now, with immense suffering and unknown loss of life.

So fundamentally, we have to ask why our elites hate Russia. As noted in my 2014 article, a major reason — and indeed by far the most important reason at this point — is  Russia’s foreign policy in the Middle East in support of Iran and Syria (where Russia’s support turned the tide in favor of the Assad government against the U.S.- and Israel-backed rebels). A Russian defeat in Ukraine would dramatically change the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Israel and its client state, the U.S..

So why should that matter to Russia? Certainly, there’s no evidence that Putin is anti-Jewish or hostile to Israel. I suspect that Putin sees the Middle East in the same way he sees Europe—as having the potential for further encirclement of Russia by Western-dominated governments. Recall: neocons also want regime change in Iran and were enthusiastic supporters of the anti-Assad forces in Syria. Interestingly, Trump resisted pressures to attempt regime change in Iran advocated by his neocon advisers John Bolton (uber-hawk installed at the insistence of Sheldon Adelson, a pro-Israel fanatic and Trump’s largest donor) and Mike Pompeo.

President Trump appeared to dash the hopes of his neoconservative foreign policy advisors when he explicitly rejected a strategy of regime change for Iran on Monday. … We’re not looking for regime change. I want to make that clear… No one wants to see terrible things happen.”

The President specified that his driving principle was to prevent Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons, as opposed to a utopian ideal of imposing a western-style ‘liberal democracy’ upon the Islamist state.

But with the senile, incompetent Biden (described by Pepe Escobar as “the senile President of the United States [who is controlled] by earpiece/teleprompter [and] was never accused of being the brightest bulb in the room – any room”) reading lines written by the likes of Nuland and with Obama (who rejected arming Iran) and Trump out of office, it’s a new ballgame.

So let’s look at a map of Eurasia from Putin’s point of view:

The West has already shown its intentions in the Middle East and Afghanistan (the latter a miserable failure). But it’s clear they also want regime change in Kazakhstan, where just last month there was an attempt at a “color revolution.” This story did not make much of a dent in Western media, but “In Moscow, it [received] 24/7 news coverage, like it’s an apocalyptic threat to Russia’s security.” It failed when the Russian-dominated Collective Security Treaty Organization (Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus) sent in troops. The attempted revolution was widely believed to be have been aided by the Western powers.

Russia obviously saw the attempted revolution as an existential threat and sees Ukraine, already close to being a de facto NATO member, in a similar manner. Russia would be effectively surrounded. From Russia’s perspective, an invasion of Ukraine was the only possible response to all this.

The big picture is that in the end it’s all about Western hegemony and “Western values” being imposed on the rest of the world, and this has been explicitly expressed by the U.S. State Department just last Thursday:

State Department spokesman Ned Price made a stunning admission regarding what this war is really all about.

According to Price, Russia and China “also want a world order”, but he warned that if they win their world order “would be profoundly illiberal”…

China has given “tacit approval” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine, in the judgment of U.S. officials, as part of a joint effort to undermine the institutions that American and allied leaders established to minimize conflict in the decades following World War II.

“Russia and the PRC also want a world order,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday. “But this is an order that is and would be profoundly illiberal. … It is an order that is, in many ways, destructive rather than additive.” (emphasis in original)

In other words, “making the world safe for democracy”—and replacement-level immigration and LGBTQ+ gender ideology, and the cauldrons of ethnic conflict that Western societies have become. Neither China nor Russia want that; nor do many people in the West, and certainly including several Eastern European governments and a large portion of their people.

And note the inclusion of China, another non-democratic government not at all committed to “Western values.” After the fall of the Soviet Union, the neocons led the chorus of those celebrating a unipolar world dominated by the U.S. as hegemon, the result being repeated attempts at regime change throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. What’s going on now is essentially some serious pushback against that—an attempt to establish a multipolar world. China’s support for the Russian invasion is part and parcel of this and is sure to have been on the mind of the State Department in issuing their statement. But what this means is that the status of the U.S. and its Western partners as world hegemon is in serious jeopardy. It’s an Armageddon-like moment: neither side sees losing as an option.

Lastly, one wonders whether Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Jewish identity has a role in understanding the Ukrainian response. JTA:

Zelensky has not elaborated on the details of his Jewish upbringing, or his religiosity, but he also hasn’t shied away from expressing an occasional message of Jewish pride and a strong sense of solidarity with Israel. And that Jewish identity has been repeatedly seized on by enemies and rivals, and celebrated by Jewish supporters around the world.

Would a different president have been more open to rejecting NATO status and all that implies for Western the expansion of the Western imperium? More willing to avoid the destruction of his country and unspeakable suffering for the Ukrainian people? Unlikely we’ll even know.

As I write this, the war continues to escalate and there are widespread reports that Ukrainians, encouraged by Zelenskyy, are putting up significant resistance and frustrating the Russian advance. Russia can hardly be expected to back off at this point. Given the Armageddon-like stakes in this battle, it’s likely the West will also escalate, heading the entire world into completely uncharted territory.

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    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Thank you ever so much for bringing up my favorite mega-gangster Kolomoyskyi. Readers here will recall my previous rantings about this cow paddy, and probably thought I was hallucinating.

      I even suspect him of downing Malaysian Airline, Flight 17, with 298 fatalities, in order to sweep it before Putin’s door.

      Well, we are bit closer to de-hallucinizing my theory, given the informations afforded by Sutcliffe.

      [a] K was born in Dnipropetrovsk, of Jewish parents.
      [b] On March 2, 2014, he was APPOINTED Governor of the Oblast [ Province ] of Dnipropetrovsk, lacking public approval.
      [c] On July 17, 2014, Air Traffic Control at Dnipro’s Airport, instructed MA 17, en route Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, to alter its usual flight path to 10 miles north, which placed it directly over a BUK anti-aircraft missile launcher, which shot it down.
      [d] Two days later, according to Sutcliffe, Putin called him a ” unique crook ” and accused him of killing civilians.

      A matter apparently before the Russian courts at that time. Undoubtedly with extant transcripts.

      I have a Russian MD friend in Toronto, who still owns a generous apartment near the Kremlin, awarded by the Government to her father, who had run the SU’s only uranium mine outside of Russia, near Chemnitz, East Germany. My Russian, though rusty by now, would still suffice to study said transcripts.

      If the transcripts were to evidence my suspicions beyond any doubt, you will be the first to know.

      If anyone were to oblige me to describe this entire imbroglio in one sentence, I would reply: Jewish supremacists vs all non-jewish cattle; affording a new line of departure for subsequent attacks on Russia, to rob its hapless people blind, for the third time; ie after 1917 and Harvard’s success.

      I mean ” line of departure ” in the military sense, designating a brief rest and regrouping prior to the next attack.

      I have more on Putin as KGB officer in Dresden: not Berlin, as reported by the incomparably ignorant msm.

  1. UraFecalLiberal
    UraFecalLiberal says:

    The dean of “Sovietologists” was George Kennan, a former ambassador to the Soviet Union.
    He warned that NATO expansion toward Russia was a very bad idea that was unnecessary and would only create negative pushback from Russia, as it perceived these aggressive moves as designed to encircle and weaken the country. Remember well: This is RUSSIA, not the Soviet Union.

    This is laid out in the following article, which also quotes also Robert M Gates, former Secretary of Defense under three Presidents, Ted Carpenter, Under Secretary of State Strobe Talbot.

    George Kennan, the intellectual father of America’s containment policy during the Cold War, perceptively warned in a May 2, 1998 New York Times interview about what the Senate’s ratification of NATO’s first round of expansion would set in motion.

    ”I think it is the beginning of a new cold war,” Kennan stated. ”I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else.”

    He was right, but U.S. and NATO leaders proceeded with new rounds of expansion, including the provocative step of adding the three Baltic republics. Those countries not only had been part of the Soviet Union, but they had also been part of Russia’s empire during the Czarist era. That wave of expansion now had NATO perched on the border of the Russian Federation.

    Moscow’s patience with NATO’s ever more intrusive behavior was wearing thin. The last reasonably friendly warning from Russia that the alliance needed to back off came in March 2007, when Putin addressed the annual Munich Security Conference. “NATO has put its frontline forces on our borders,” Putin complained. NATO expansion “represents a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust. And we have the right to ask: against whom is this expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances our western partners made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact?”George Kennan, the intellectual father of America’s containment policy during the Cold War, perceptively warned in a May 2, 1998 New York Times interview about what the Senate’s ratification of NATO’s first round of expansion would set in motion.

    ”I think it is the beginning of a new cold war,” Kennan stated. ”I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else.”

    He was right, but U.S. and NATO leaders proceeded with new rounds of expansion, including the provocative step of adding the three Baltic republics. Those countries not only had been part of the Soviet Union, but they had also been part of Russia’s empire during the Czarist era. That wave of expansion now had NATO perched on the border of the Russian Federation.

    Moscow’s patience with NATO’s ever more intrusive behavior was wearing thin. The last reasonably friendly warning from Russia that the alliance needed to back off came in March 2007, when Putin addressed the annual Munich Security Conference. “NATO has put its frontline forces on our borders,” Putin complained. NATO expansion “represents a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust. And we have the right to ask: against whom is this expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances our western partners made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact?”

  2. UraFecalLiberal
    UraFecalLiberal says:

    One final comment on Ukraine, as a specific item in a set of ideas and actions. We are all ensnared by the Elites in their quest for total Global dominance. That is all the entire Ukraine affair is about. The crisis has been artificially created by the Elites. Many are fooled by sleighs of hand, diversion, ahistorical attempts are finding cause, etc, etc. It is quite simple. The goal is singular, the steps are numerous.

    Paul Craig Roberts (should be read by any thinking person) has been attempting to wake people up for decades. His précis is succinct and irrevocably veritable.

    In Congress, Washington, even the “conservative media, e.g. NewsMax, Breitbart, etc) does not even mention the lead up and historical progression of provocation and the earnest attempt of Russia to negotiate and mediate its security requirements. That is to say, NOBODY in power; they are wedded to myth, narrative, falsity, and stupidity

  3. J. Donahue
    J. Donahue says:

    The article talks about ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, how are they different ethnicities?

    How different are the languages?

    From what I heard the languages are kinda very similar and from an ethnicity point of view probably more or less the same stock.

    I really don’t know whats best here I don’t like sanctions.

    But then again these neocons using democracy as an ideal when they are based in a country, the USA that is clearly not a democracy anymoore. And the leadership of their ethnical (bllody racemixed fake – “jews”, well I guess most jews are racially mixed these days…) organizations has decided this was a needed move to get rid of Trump together with the China commies, latino commies and the like (I guess China wanna be able to steal white innovation, inventions and knowledge), latinos wanna go to the states to make $.

    So the question is, how long will the USA function as a FRAUD, where apparent election fraud is backed big time by all jewish media companies? Which I guess is most of the media.

    This situation will most likely hasten the downfall of the multiracial racemixing propaganda USA if anything. But then the USA is such a great economy so it might just go along until the white race there dies out being bussu listening to “rap” pushed by the socalled reacemixed jews.

    And is rap all bad. It’s allways more powerful to use good things make it sound great with tons of white tech and jew sposnorship and so on…

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Ans.: I traveled extensively in both Ukraine and Russia. Before my CVA and MI I could function pretty well in Russian. After nearly dying I can now only decently function in English and Polish. W. Ukrainian is closer, in many ways, to Polish. They were one county for about 500 years. It was a time before nationality became king of the hill.

      Slavic folks look similar. After all, they were flooded by Scandinavians. Also, it’s nice to know that during the religious wars large numbers of Germans settled in Poland. Silesia was mostly Polonian. Many became Germanized, just as millions of Germans in Poland became Polonized.

      Of course, millions of Polonians settled in Germania. In the 5th century what became E. Germany (DDR) was full of Slavic tribes. One factor, often forgotten is that during the mln sq mile Polish Republic there were many Moguls, Tartars, etc. Thus, about 20% of so called Slavs don’t have Slavic features.

      Lastly, Ukraine was full of Zs. Many were Russified by the Communist regime. About 2 mln left for the West and Israel. In fact, Israel is full of atheistic Russian Zs.

      BTW, KMac, a unique and wonderful man, who is well rounded with plenty of information might be wrong in asserting that Ukraine is only 17% Russian. That’s not what I saw. In fact, I believe that in the deepest East they are not only Russian speaking but ethnically Russian. As for the Crimea we have a neighbor who lived there. According to her, the vast majority were ethnic Russians. I hope this gave you some insight.

      • J. Donahue
        J. Donahue says:

        Thank you for your insight.

        When you look at it from an ethnicity standpoint though, the difference between larger Russia and Ukraine seems to be that Ukraine was occupied by the ottoman empire and hence they for the most part may be a bit mixed with arabs/turks, from what I remember like to 1 %. Which most Russians are not.

        But then again they did gene tests on many participants in the Eurovision song contest competition. And the partcicpant from Ukraine was just slavic no middle eastern background so I guess it varies on an individual level, the 1 % being somekinda average.

        Also interesting with participants there was one participant from Israel that was just askenazi and easter european jewish that looked a lot whiter than the curlyhaired darker skinned partiicipant from the same country that was also mainly jewish but like 1,9 % subsaharian african or the like.

        But then again the girl from Ukraine that was 100 % white also had large culrls hair and quite dark hair also so.

        Carola the singer from Sweden is apparently like 75 % Swedish and 25 % finnish or the like.

        The Eurovision thing was sponsored by ine of these genetest companies.

        And interestingly enough I heard this or last years contrubution to the contest from Ukraine sounded like arab / turk music alot. Same with some Israeli music now and Greek music. Is it because they like became a bit mixed with them, now all they can do is friggin turk music?

  4. bruno
    bruno says:

    KMac has never ceased to amaze me. He is indeed a giant among men. I would often say he has the biggest balls of any professor in contemporary society. Although he is no longer a spring chicken I still hold that he has incredible big balls. I hope he lives a long and healthy life with great continuing cognitive skills.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Just goes to show what one man can do. With courage, we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  5. anonym
    anonym says:

    Can’t say I know much about this, but beside the business about Nato, Krim and gaspipes, another reason for the instability is the ethnic divide within Ukraine. Jewish oligarchs like Kolomoyskyi, Vadim Rabinovich (and Soros, with Nuland) are always for a “unified” Ukraine, where Ukrainians and Russians are suppose to live in harmony and brotherhood. They campaign on the same old platitudes about peace and unity, and then do everything the can to divide and conquer.

    It’s a miniature of the dream about a unified globe, with Jews in power. The idealized multi ethnic “unity” is fake, and leads, in reality, to a fragmented society, which is easier to control for alien tyrannical leaders.
    The same forced “unity” that can be found in Communism and Christianity, which inevitably leads to bloody ethnic conflicts.

    They portray the peaceful ethnic nationstate as racist and immoral, advocate for immigration and multi ethnic mixing, in the name of “love”, “peace”, “brotherhood”, “unity” etc etc. which threatens the nationstate, and when the war starts it’s always the “narrow minded”, “un-democratic” “racist” nationalists who’s portrayed as the “supremacist” villains.

    • J. Donahue
      J. Donahue says:

      The fake primeminister or socalled of Ukraine who apparently is jewish is to me largely it seems a tool to divide Russia from Europe.

      Look how fast this little bitch was about saying the EU should stop all bank transactions and the like.

      He is a tool to divide white people.

      The jews at the bbc are really having a time with this all smiles. They just see this as a strategy to benefit their jewinterests? Like hinder white people from doing business dividing the white world into blocks that compete with a jewhero primeminister who plays the tough guy. (communism did the same thing).

      Like he wants Russia to give up Crimea. Like thats where all Russians went on hollidays back to their nobility and Soviet union workers atleast once in their lifetime.

      They love having white people kill each other I feel the energy from it utterly repelling.

      Divide & conquer?

      and now this jew is forcing all ukrainian men to serve and they are not allowed to leave the country like they are held prisoners, like the nazis did to jews.

      Really tasteful isn’t it.

      I think he is guilty of war crimes and should be stopped. He is crazy and an idiot and I hope his reign stops soon.

      It seems the Russians have been up to soft start not wanting to target too many civilians. What and if the gloves come off, this will not be nice, not a walk in the park.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Putin, as a KGB agent was stationed in Dresden, not in Berlin, accompanied by his wife and baby. Naturally, his HQ was located in East-Berlin.

    If we designate him a thug then we must also call the remainder of the Western Intelligence Services thugs. And certainly the female US troopers, acting as guards at Abu Ghraib prison – beating male prisoners in loin cloths and handcuffed with poles – while unceasingly babbling about our superior morals.

    In Dresden, Putin, while engaging in the common shenanigans of all Services, was also tasked to target ” economic crimes “, because any state in which a sweater costs a month’s wages, would find it difficult to retain its citizens’ loyalty.

    One of his earliest and biggest catches was, quelle surprise, the holocaust survivor jew Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski and five of his merry tribesmen. This wholesale-inclined group was not merely dealing piecemeal at the local black market, but by the truckloads.

    I forget whether Putin filed criminal charges against this group, which would have been quashed in any case, after ASG was appointed to the East German quasi Cabinet Level position as Direktor of KOKO. Their Commercial Coordination Commission, tasked to gather, by hook or by crook, essential FOREIGN EXCHANGE, since their own currency traded, exclusively locally and under the table, at 16:1. [ After reunification West Germany exchanged individuals’ deposits, up to 100,000 at the rate of 1:1 ]

    East Germany SOLD political prisoners for around 80,000 West Marks, using the Post Office Equalization Payments as a pipe-line. Our postal services sold their stamps, while their offices were burdened with an unequal cost of delivering mail sent there; especially vital parcels.

    KOKO operated over a hundred businesses in West Germany, with their profits going into East Berlin’s pockets. ASG broke Customs seals on transport trucks in transit between West Germany and West Berlin, exchanging taxed cigarettes made in the west with those made under license in the east. He committed thousands of customs frauds.

    Three days before East Germany’s collapse, an enraged crowd broke into his villa and found the entire basement full of mink coats, boxes of top line western liquors, scarce nylons, cigarettes cash in many western currencies, meats, gold bars – you name it. [ net clips ]. Well – Lenin drove a confiscated Rolls Royce, and only later bought a new one. And we mustn’t forget the finances of BLM.

    Putin wasn’t recalled to the SU until shortly later but unquestionably was aware of ASGs behavior post-Dresden as well. The one who got away. Whether he had similar observations since or before, we don’t know. What we do know, is that he openly reminded their Russian leaders in their very own main premises in Moscow, that ” 83 % of the original Bolsheviks were Jews ! “

  7. Andrew J.
    Andrew J. says:

    Or is all of this an illuminati / JEWminati friggin schwaaab israel thing.

    To prevent the white race from uniting against its true enemies the subsaharian and the african for starters.

    Now Putin putting in anti business anti regulations also. Are they all just in on it is it just a play a charade a wellplanned division of white territory so that we cant compete globally.

    Part three after

    1. Occuppying the west with media ownership

    2. starting capitalism, banking, loans and communism

    3. Massive propaganda fro WHITE death globaly for over 100 years at every point posible in ads, movies, telly, radio you name, one objective kill all whites by pandemics, war, suppressive regimes, racemixing propaganda, moving populations through wars (often revolutions started by racemixed “jews” such as latest in middle east, and now the Ukrainians that are hot but most of them racemixed with arabs/turks). Feminism, andti children propaganda…


    4. Oil crisis used by dirty arabs to have massimmigration racemixing.

    5. Fooling by propaganda and bribes whites to accept massimmigration (racemixed bastard “jews”).

    6. Kill democracy together with thief ethnicities like the chinese & the latino commies (later maybe not an ethnicity and not all thieves but anyways). Election fraud.

    7. Pandemic to change peoples genetics, make them total jew china slaves. No thoughts of their own drugged forever, killed by a hostile racemixed hateful revengful genicide obsessed bunch of bastards.

    8. Divide the white world by a war that makes sence from a startegic point of view for Russia, they don’t want crazy nato zelenko or whatever his name is ukraine thing on their doorstep and they wanna keep Crimea and support the russians.

    Could it have been provoked on purpose.

    JEWSA (USA) is like ZOG occupied with a subsaharian military leader they don’t want Russia closer to Europe.

    Kill the EU, souther Europeans are racially mixed should be removed from northern Europe and middle Europe (worst with Portugese, Spaniards and southern/middle Italy). Throw out all gypsies and half gypsies from Europe to India. Do genetest on anyone from racially mixed regions that wanna move to more racepure pastures.

    Just some concrete ideas.

    Do genetest on how large part of Europes population have gypsy / east indian genetics and where this is most common.

    Throughouly examine if this is what’s causing lower IQ (IT IS!!!!).

    Probably 16 % of Europes population now has a gene common in Europe and India WHY probably because it’s a gene showing they have east indian background from the two main waves from there.

    Forbid waxed genechanged people from having children with nonwaxed.

    Thruroughly investigate if the vaccines caused genechange largescale surveys of non vaxed and vaxed people.

    Kill CEO’s and scientists guilty by hanging. after cutting their dicks off in public and their brains sloowly squeezed.

    Throw out all subsaharian and arab gane material from Europe same with most non whites maybe not adopted and I do like some east asians but no more but other than that what do I care.

    Ochupy some land area as a place for racially mixed people can live if they choose to or soemthing.

    Just ideas not sure it’s the best certainly not well thought through but hey it’s allwasy good to get things out there suppose so..


  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    I woke up after I dreamt, that all commenters here, who call for separation, regional withdrawal, independence, aggression, deportations, evictions, etc., had decided, in the meantime, to make copies of Mearsheimer’s video and Sutcliffe’s twitter thread, and sent them to their Congresscritters and Senators. And not only to them but also to those of two neighboring States.

  9. marcus baskett
    marcus baskett says:

    Prof. Kevin Macdonald… I really appreciate your taking initiative on these extremely important sociopolitical situations injustices, and courageously sounding the siren on the situation for our people – Not because we’re great and/or good looking, “the best, smartest” or any other matters of ridiculous conceit (that in fact more reflects shallowness, traits and anti-values that have been projected on our people) – but because we don’t deserve the treatment we’ve received from Jews (what I’d considered criminal in some cases).
    That said, I’ve heard you say in your talks before that white gentile westerns have allowed ourselves to be subverted or taken advantage of etc etc… because of our (white western gentiles) proclivity for almost pathological individualism, egalitarianism, altruism and so forth… but I have a different angle on the “we allowed it” theory and wondered if I’m wrong in my pointing out the flawed hypothesis that any of this is our fault especially when all the worlds advances and wealth are predicated on the foundation(s) that came from us.
    I don’t believe Tolerating something is quite the same as “allowing” something. Especially if that something is/has been done subversively and carried out via elusive channels while the one(s) being tolerant* are only doing so with an intuitive sense valuing the full (as possible) understanding and concluding of something being mature enough to deal with effectively and humanely. If I’m wrong than we can just go ahead and throw “Humane” in with the bag of flaws and join the rest of uncivilized human chimps in the primordial ooze to our bitter extinction. We’re the only ones being civilized the rest are either in training or faking it to “get theirs” and the “Defamation” of Our baring’s Must be Stopped whether that be overnight or it takes a century, we must stop it. with or without the permissions and/or understanding of the culprit.
    so, again I don’t believe we’ve Allowed it, rather that we have Tolerated it which speaks for why we Must be the renderers of administration and authorities to all things uniquely white wester gentile economic, cultural, judicial, and governmental.
    In short; anyone not of our genetic predispositions is gonna eff up what we’ve started because they don’t understand yet. We’re actually still Way in the Lead culturally but we shouldn’t have to becomes slaves to rules and laws being made behind us based on misunderstandings about good traits we contribute freely. to the rest of humanity. thank you.

  10. Riki
    Riki says:

    Despite quite a few similarities between Russia and China in wanting their spheres of influence and resisting Western imposed values, there is one fundamental difference between the two, which must be clearly discerned and not got confused on the part of the Western White Nationalists. The only difference, and a most significant one, is that Russia is largely White and a part of the larger Western civilization racially, culturally, and historically, its own unique traits notwithstanding; while China, being a completely alien and inherently antagonistic and iniquitous one, is hell-bent on displacing, vanquishing, conquering, enslaving and even destroying the West racially, economically and culturally. In a word, China is the ultimately determined, avowed, implacable, and irreconcilable arch-enemy to the long term existence and survival of the White race and its civilization, Russia is not.

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    If one considers oneself normal nowadays, whatever normal itself might be defined as, one has to throw up one’s arms in despair vis-a-vis our foul media.

    Self-defined psychologists and psychiatrists have shot up overnight like mushrooms, all of whom have expertly discerned a recent, and very obvious decline in Putin’s mental state, body-language and physiognomy. Not only presstitutes but also unintentionally humorous top luminaries of former and current Administrations.

    If one takes the time to watch one or more very recent videos of Putin’s speeches and press conferences, one sees absolutely nothing of the above msm BS. In a Q and A segment of a presser, he remains cool, polite and collected vis-a-vis lengthy, impudently phrased questions by a British-Russian 60-ish female journalist.

    Germany’s post WW II DRAFT of its imminent Constitution, in early 49, was taken by a Socialist, future Member of Parliament, to Paris, and from there to Jerusalem, for their school teachers to return it via the same route, all marked up in red pencil.

    Germany’s military was severely circumscribed and circumcised, so to speak, and limited to deployment within its sovereign territory. Constitutionally changed in 94 to include participation in foreign actions sanctioned by the EU, NATO, and/or UN.

    Hence, its ” measly ” contribution of 5,000 helmets. However, since Zelensky and his mishpacha require heavier equipment to continue to loot the Ukraine blind, Germany will habitually and guiltily snap to attention and alter its Constitution yet again.

    How frequently and verbatim, and at what length have we seen and heard the brutal murder of the 13 Ukrainian, self-sacrificing, heroically defiant soldiers on Snake Island in the Sea of Azov, by a Russian Navy vessel’s shelling. Well, if you don’t blink for a second, you might find out, that they are imprisoned in a Soviet military installation and will be released after certain formalities. Which gladdens me for these pawns themselves and their loved ones.

    If Goebbels, that greatest, most successful and badest Master Propagandist of all times, were to have a grave, one would expect an unmistakable, bright, luminescent envious green, to emanate from it.

  12. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    I enjoyed reading this article and posts. Things in America are very depressing and I feel the old phrase recalling 1914 “The lights are all going out in Europe” describes now.
    People simply have no conception of events leading up to this. It’s all brave Ukraine, much like it once was “brave little Serbia”, then “brave little Poland,” and, yes, “gallant little Israel.” One hears of commentators all calling Putin an aggressor, and a lot of the conservatives said if Trump was around, he’d be tough enough, and start bombing Russia and “turn it into a parking lot,” because “that’s all THEY understand.” Our obsession with bombing.
    It’s like children. And of course we all note how Covid was starting to arouse public hostility, as well as the investigation on Biden’s son Hunter…and hey, presto, a nice war to take our minds off it. I’m writing a review of the TV movie Rough Riders with its jingoistic nationalism, and the Spanish-American war obviously manufactured by the media and politicians. Also, I note now the latest propaganda is to claim Putin is “insane” and whispered to be “mad.” Just like they said Hitler was, and how the Kaiser was a megalomaniac, and Saddam Hussein was crazy. You see, it’s seeing the same routine begin. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t end in a 1914 tragedy, although, there are so many aspects of it beginning.
    Cale Sparks, a commentator in Kiev, note the Russians are taking their time entering the cities. It’s not weakness; they don’t want to destroy what they intend to rule. As he said, we Americans moved into Iraq pretty fast…by bombing and wrecking everything in our path, destroying a people for generations. It seems our style, or perhaps going to make Ukraine into an endless counterinsurgency war like Syria. We’re pretty good at those too, aren’t we?

    I liked Charles Frey’s comments about Putin. I remember the East German hostages for money, and included it in a novel I’ve written about Germany. Putin isn’t a nationalist, and many white supremacists are disappointed with him. He’s an oligarch trying to preserve Russia and extend some of its USSR influence, but especially protect it.
    The tragedy is Zelensky is seen as a “democrat” and not as another kind of oligarch, and potentially a wicked kind stirring up civilian casualties to get outside sympathy. This from a man who was filmed showing his member playing a piano in a skit, or dancing in high heels.
    Leadership everywhere is dreadful. Again, I think of 1914 with its collection of mediocre heads and ministers of state unable to avoid a train wreck. Biden is not only, as Rush Limbaugh said, a senile clown, but a corrupt sleaze. Our chancellories seem full of such types now.

    I remember a professor of mine in a course on the USSR and China. in 1982, he said although Russia and China were at odds, eventually they would become allies again, because Russia would eventually get rid of communism, try to join the West, but the West would insist Russia conform and obey its dictates and mores, and the Russians, victorious in war, were too proud to subjugate themselves to corporate rule. like wise with China. Not a bad prediction, no?
    I also remember Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five, where he envisioned a distant future for his protagonist Billy Pilgrim in an America that the rest of the world defeated and cut it into several countries, because a weakened America was the only way of preserving world peace.

  13. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    May I enquire the title of the novel you authored about Germany, I would be very interested. If you ever considered a sequel, you might find the following of interest.

    I think it was their Penal Code, paragraph 231.2, that determined an 8 year sentence for those [ westerners ] wo assisted the ” flight of the Republic “.

    Those were usually sold to Bonn for 80,000, which increased later on. However those especially disliked by any level in their administration were often deliberately involved in
    fabricated altercations with the prison administration and had their sentences doubled.

    The majority of those imprisoned was incarcerated in the austere, red brick, old, 1863 Prussian prison in Bautzen, ENE of Dresden. If they ran out of commodities to sell, they would ask the STASI to restock their shelves.

    Video clips exist on the net, depicting the selling and sometimes exchange of prisoners on the otherwise closed Glienicker Bridge, across Berlin’s meandering Spree River. Several bus-loads at a time.

    In my dorm at the U of West Berlin, in September 68, I had a not very tall friend, who tried to escape by hiding between the wheels of a train, en route to Czechoslovakia as the first stage of his journey to Austria. He was sniffed out by a German shepherd on a long leash. He served the regular 2 years+ , but learned in prison to soak himself in Diesel the next time to avoid being sniffed out by border police dogs. Well, that obviously worked.

    In 93, I was finally allowed to read my own 71 pp STASI file, in their very own former HQ in then reunified Berlin. Creepy. Full of redactions to protect the people who had informed on me, but usually easily identifiable by the context, which subsequently explained certain suspicious observations I had made about them.

    I crossed Checkpoint Charlie many times a week, to visit my aunt in East Berlin and to enjoy a non-student, homecooked meal. A German national, living in Canada, and, as a student, driving a 67 Mercury Cougar, with ONE North Carolina license plate on the back, store made in Paris, crossing in the category of a Foreign German, since my passport, issued in Toronto, was renewed in Paris. Hmn, wonder what section of the CIA he’s working for ?

    None ! I was free lancing with my private exfiltrations.

    In West Berlin, there was an association of anti-communist lawyers, allegedly financed by the CIA, called the Untersuchungsausschuss Freiheitlicher Juristen, not far from the U itself. I forgot why I visited there once, but remember that I left with a peculiar feeling. Its original director was kidnapped and taken to East Berlin, from where he was handed over to Moscow, where he was executed. His replacement was a Mr. Rosenthal, after whose installation said organization was suspected, quelle surprise, of being infiltrated by a number of STASI spies.

    The next 2,000 pp will follow: but I hear the heavy breath of the moderator and better quit right here. Perhaps your specific questions would bring better results for you.

    In return, just answer a single question of mine: did you ever own a farm in Ontario, on Georgian Bay ?

  14. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    Mr. Frey: Thank you for your interest in my comments. actually, all of what you mentioned for a sequel is in my novel as background, since one of my characters, a Herr Reich, is a banker changed with buying refugees. The novel, German Days, is a retelling of the Tannhauser legend and a Bildungsroman of my time in Germany as a GI, as well as a Kiplingesque study of the American empire, circa the 1970s. All German/GI stuff in fiction seems to take place in postwar Berlin. I set mine in Frankfurt, which Goethe said was the Geheimnisse Hauptstadt of Germany.
    It hasn’t been published yet, but I’m doing amazon self-publishing, and hope to get it up soon. You might be interested in The Green Path, which is on kindle now, dealing with America and 1980’s protests in Mid-Missouri, but also with Guatemala and an Indian girl who plays the piano and wants to be German. The Saint Louisans, my other novel, has Germans here and there, especially a gruff butler and an East German woman who goes to Russia and dugs up German dead to bring them home. She’s also a fan of Ampelmannchen. That one is being reprinted on Amazon, but you can still get copies here and there.
    No, I never owned a farm anywhere. I’m a Missourian, and only got to Canada to the Shakespeare festival, and through the stories of Alice Munro.
    I also do pieces on Countercurrents Publishing.
    Back to the subject: the mindless propaganda is distressing. A Russian conductor is dismissed in Germany because he didn’t denounce Putin. Vodka is destroyed in America. Italy bans Dostoyevsky (although he got reinstated). It just feels like 1914 all over, or more exactly, America in 1917. Noted MSNBC did a long piece on new censorship in Russia…while obviously being a very willing participant of censorship here.
    One would like to see Ukraine brought back to Russia, certainly de-corrupted and revitalized. It’s said Russians and Ukrainians are almost alike, but these differences seem deep. Well, northerners and southerners here speak the same language, but are worlds apart, and after Covid and now this war, there is a class of Americans who might as well be martians to me. The liberal/managerial types, as well as jew lovers and sycophants Mr. McDonald would easily recognize are, despite my sharing their language and geography, total strangers. I think a partition of Ukraine would make sense, but also think a partition of America would be logical as well, but logic, as Mr. McDonald pointed out, takes a back seat now. The Greek decline began with war over Corcyra, the Thirty Years war over Bohemia, 1914 began over Serbia…let’s hope Ukraine doesn’t open another bleak door.

  15. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    I trust that I’m not the only getting very NERVOUS…. That loathsome Zelenskyyyy (four y’s make as much sense as two) calls for NATO intervention including enforcement of a no-fly zone, to get him out of a jam which he might’ve prevented by formally renouncing for all time the option of NATO membership. This mischievous Chosenite, yet another, would beckon the world to a real holocaust, a nuclear holocaust, in an attempt to save his own precious power.

    The Conservatives in the USA bait Dementia Joe and his Party, accusing them of weakness, clamoring that some action be taken against Putin; and that makes me fear that those inadequately sane wretches, who believe that a man’s a woman if he says so, will respond with brinkmanship to limit the domestic political damage of appearing weak. Meanwhile European NATO sends weapons, a hostile policy as to which you’d think it’d know better.

    Russophobes, no doubt including the Neocons, will argue that Putin plans to restore the Soviet Union’s borders and that he’d have attacked Ukraine even if there’d been no danger of NATO membership. But I think that doesn’t wash. If Putin doesn’t want more of NATO on his borders, and I believe he doesn’t, then what he wants is a NEUTRAL Ukraine, not one annexed by Russia, because in the latter case he WOULD have another NATO member on his border—Poland. He seems to want a buffer zone, and that’s not crazy; nor, as Buchanan has insisted, is Putin crazy.

    MacDonald says above “neither side sees losing as an option” and “Given the Armageddon-like stakes in this battle, it’s likely the West will also escalate….” I would say it’s not too early to go to bed with one’s fingers crossed; and you Christians here, who believe in prayer, PRAY. It’s bad enough that there’s another filthy brothers war in our dear Continent–right on the Indo-European urheimat, the Pontic-Caspian Steppe; but from a nuke war, pitting USA and Britain and maybe France against the giants Russia and China, the whole world may never recover.

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