Is Putin Considering Using Nukes on NATO?

What Putin is suggesting is that in the last analysis, if military defeat beckons for Russia, and his own dispossession of power and political if not actual death are to follow, he may use the ultimate weapon in Russia’s arsenal to prevent it. What should U.S. policy be?

From his principal avenues of attack on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin began this war with three strategic goals.

Send an army south from Belarus to capture Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and replace the government. Send forces into northeast Ukraine to capture its second largest city, Kharkiv, with 1.4 million people.

Third, extend the Donetsk enclave westward to establish a land bridge to Crimea and give Russia full control of the Sea of Azov and most of the Ukrainian coast along the Black Sea.

This last objective is almost achieved. Yet, as of Monday evening, five days into the war, neither Kyiv nor Kharkiv had fallen, though Russia had committed most of the troops it had assembled for the invasion.

Putin needs to get this war over with, for time is not on his side or Russia’s side.

In a week, he has become a universally condemned and isolated figure, and his country has been made the target of sanctions by almost the entire West. He is being depicted as an aggressor, even a war criminal, who is brutalizing a smaller neighbor, which, in its fierce and brave resistance, has taken on the aspect of a heroic nation.

The world is rallying to Ukraine.

In the UN Security Council, which Russia chairs, only Russia voted to veto a resolution denouncing it for aggression. India, China and the United Arab Emirates abstained.

As for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, his defiance of demands for surrender is being portrayed as Churchillian.

Moreover, serious military aid to Ukraine will soon begin.

Europeans and Americans have promised more Javelin missiles to destroy Russian tanks and armor, and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles of the type that took a heavy toll of Russian helicopters in the Afghan war of the 1980s.

NATO is uniting. Germany has voted to raise its defense budget and send its own anti-tank weapons and Stingers to Ukraine.

Economic sanctions imposed on Russia have crashed the ruble, caused a collapse of the stock market and severely restricted Moscow’s capacity to manage its debt.

Russian army units in Ukraine may be sufficient to occupy Kharkiv and Kyiv, but that army is insufficient to control and run a country the size of Texas with a population of 44 million people.

The Russians would have to find thousands of collaborators to help run the country. Where would Putin find them among a people that so widely detests him today?

The longer this war goes on, the greater the certainty that it bleeds the invading army to levels intolerable to Mother Russia, which is what eventually happened in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

If this war does not end soon, Putin is likely to lose it and fail in his goal of pulling Ukraine out of the Western camp and back into the orbit of Mother Russia.

Eventual defeat is becoming visible, and Putin probably cannot politically survive such a defeat.

As his motivation is to hold power and use it to carve a niche in history alongside the greatest Russian rulers of the past who enlarged the nation or empire, Putin is probably not going to accept defeat and go quietly.

Nor was it a sign of resignation that Putin, on Sunday, ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to high alert because, “Top officials in leading NATO countries have allowed themselves to make aggressive comments about our country.”

This is not the first time Putin has introduced the idea of using a nuclear weapon. On Feb. 19, days before the invasion began, Putin ordered drills of nuclear-capable ballistic and cruise missiles, bombers and warships.

In his speech announcing the military operation in Ukraine, Putin warned that countries that interfere with Russia’s actions will face “consequences you have never seen.”

Would Putin exercise what has been called the “Samson Option” – pulling down the pillars of the temple and taking your enemies with you?

What Putin is suggesting is that in the last analysis, if military defeat beckons for Russia, and his own dispossession of power and political if not actual death are to follow, he may use the ultimate weapon in Russia’s arsenal to prevent it.

What should U.S. policy be?

Avoid a widening of the war by preventing any escalation to nuclear weapons. Secure the independence of Ukraine. Effect the removal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

If this requires that Ukraine give up any ambition to become a NATO nation, Putin’s declared purpose in launching the war, so be it. We might have avoided this war had we done so before it was begun.

This is not where we appear to be headed.

Finland, and Sweden, it is now being said, should be invited into NATO. Were that to happen, the U.S. would be obligated to help defend the 830-mile Finnish border with Russia.

This would be an act of hubris of the kind that has led to great wars.

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  1. IQgo
    IQgo says:

    This would probably be among the few times I’m not totally in agreement with Mr. Buchanan. This whole war could’ve been prevented if smug U.S. politicians weren’t stepping beyond their sphere of influence. Ironically, most of these U.S. politicians are anti-White. So, they’ll diminish us (white people) from within, while trying to expand outward.
    Unfortunately, Putin did this because he knew it’s his last chance NOT to be cornered by us. So, 50 years from now, it will be remembered as a good move.
    Personally, I don’t care about ANY of them. They’re all Israeli First. (USA, Russia, Ukraine, EU).
    I just want to get my own homelands.

    • The Infant Phenomenon
      The Infant Phenomenon says:

      Thank you! As I read, I actually had to scroll back up to assure myself that I had not been mistaken when I read “Pat Buchanan.” This is so far from true and right that I can scarcely believe that Buchanan actually wrote it.

      The whole calamity is 100% the fault of US (((neocons))). No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

      Also, this is not a “war” and Russia did not “begin” it. It is not an invasion. It is a police action into which Putin was goaded by (((neocons))) in Washington.,

      TOO ought not to have published this drivel. It’s embarrassing.

  2. phillip sawicki
    phillip sawicki says:

    The writer is the well-known American politician who exaggerates what he says in order to convince. Numerous countries, including China, Iran, Iraq, India, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Serbia, Georgia, Chile, Brazil have shown no disposition to alienate Russia. The US is desperate to remain number one, but its life is under siege as never before and the end of US domination of the world is coming to an end.

  3. albtris7
    albtris7 says:

    The hypocrisy is nauseating.
    NATO, the US, Israel and the EU have murdered countless people in the past 20 years alone. All the shabos goys who are condemning Putin were cheering when people were killed for Israel. I am not a supporter of Putin but I detest the hypocrisy of these false protectors of the masses.

    Would to God they would defend our borders with such zeal.

    • The Infant Phenomenon
      The Infant Phenomenon says:

      Ridiculous. Putin’s objectives are clear, and blowing up the world is not one of them.

  4. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    Is there a parallel between Ukraine and Ireland? Have they both experienced a kind of cultural collapse?
    Ireland, the most conservative of Catholic countries (and, yes, backward) suddenly overwhelmingly votes to legalize abortion and gay marriage.
    Ukraine, an Orthodox people who detested the Jews for their role as enforcers of the Holodomor (hence their initial welcome of the Wehrmacht) votes for a Jewish comic for President.
    As some have suggested , have these people’s authentic cultures been obliterated by Facebook and Google?
    Is this Russian-Ukrainian war one between traditional Christian culture and, as E. Michael Jones calls it, the gay disco?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Ireland, the most conservative of Catholic countries …

      No longer true. Ireland fell under Jewish control early in this century. The members of the Dáil, the Irish equivalent of the House of Commons, represent the Irish people no more and no better than US congressmen and senators represent the white Americans who were foolish enough to elect many of them.

      Is this Russian-Ukrainian war one between traditional Christian culture and, as E. Michael Jones calls it, the gay disco?

      Almost certainly. Putin’s Russia is more self-consciously Christian than any major state has been since the disappearance of the Habsburg Empire. Thus, the more germane question is, to what extent is the curtailing of (((globohomo))) influence a Russian priority?

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Conrad Gaarder does say that Erin has changed, done a 180. And I can certainly attest to the terrible change. I lived in rural County Leitrim for 11 years, staring in 1994, when one could hear on local radio that a woman had been found to be a lesbian and had lost her job as a consequence. Then, a few years ago, I learn that the country had elected a homosexual Indian Taoiseach (like a Prime Minister without a king, for all those unfamiliar with the name), and that this weirdo was not above being seen dancing with his boyfriend lol….

        But according to native politicos I knew–all staunch Nationalists–the Dail had failed the Irish long before the turn of the century. They regarded Fine Gael and Fianna Fail as sellouts, collaborators with Brit imperialism. De Valera was anything but an icon in their eyes! As “Sligo Declan” once said to me (and I hope I get this past the moderator), “He wasn’t even Irish. The cont was a Spaniard, y’know,” lol.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Thanks for your reminiscences, LV. I am genuinely glad to find us, for once, on the same side of an argument!

          My paternal grandfather was born in Limerick, and for my father (b.1909) and most of the similarly educated, middle-class Irish among whom I grew up, Dev’s name was virtually a curse word. I have never seen any grounds for thinking they were mistaken.

          I would also bet that your Nationalist friends’ assessment of both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is correct in all respects. It certainly matches up with what I occasionally heard from the elder brother (I’ll call him Leonard) of a very close friend from my college days and twenty years thereafter.

          Leonard effectively relocated from NYC to the northern part of the Republic in the late seventies and got involved with some pretty rough customers.* When he returned to New York for good circa 1990, he frequently spoke with bitterness of all Irish politicians in the very same terms you use; i.e., as sellouts to the Brits.
          *I am ignorant of the details of Leonard’s activities in Ireland, but his brother told me that L. could never return there because both Dublin and Belfast had issued felony warrants for him, with a substantial reward attached.

          • Lucius Vaninil
            Lucius Vaninil says:

            If I were to share here a tenth of my Irish reminiscences, there’d be no room for other posts. It was an exceedingly colorful period of my life, and not a day goes by without my kicking myself for selling my property in “Lovely Leitrim.”

            As regards my Republican friends, the first one I met was none other than Joe O’Neill, the auctioneer through whom I bought my house and land. Joe was also a Sinn Fein politician, a member of the Donegal County Council; and he’d inherited his father’s public house, Frank O’Neill’s Pub, in Bundoran, across the county and provincial line, in Co, Donegal. Frank O’Neill’s was the biggest IRA hangout I was ever to see, with walls covered with inflammatory Nationalist posters—e.g., a big photo of Thatcher with “Wanted for Murder” over it.

            Now, the Troubles hadn’t wholly subsided. When I went there for jars of Harp and Smithwick, I noticed that whenever someone entered the pub everyone sitting at the bar turned his head in a twinkling to see who’d come in; and I did too, from some subliminal fear that it would be a Loyalist from the North (County Fermanagh was quite near) and that he’d have a pistol or automatic rifle.

            Anyway, the late Joe O’Neill was a veritable tiger and I don’t remember ever contradicting him lol, regardless of whatever he said.

            As for Fianna Fail and Eamon de Valera, THIS may surprise you. As an EU national (Italy), I was eligible to vote in Eire. And when a Fine Gael candidate for the Leitrim County Council personally canvassed me at my old stone farmhouse, I told her “I must tell you right off that I’m a de Valera man.” I was indeed that, not because de Valera accorded Catholicism an essential place in his politics, but because he stressed rural self-reliance as the main model of Irish life. I was a regular survivalist–did things like cultivate large spud crops, spraying with bluestone; filled empty Old Bushmills barrels with salted mackerel, so that from two angling days on Donegal Bay I had mackerel to eat for six months–something that earlier generations had done thereabout.

            Limerick, eh? Had for some years a lovely colleen from there, a Shinnick on her father’s side, a Kelly on her mother’s; almost married her.

            ANYWAY….I think I’ve reminisced too much already, since none of this concerns nukes or NATO; so I’ll say nothing more except that my dear, sweet Green Isle was the best home I’ve ever had. Erin go bragh!

  5. The Infant Phenomenon
    The Infant Phenomenon says:

    Thank you! As I read, I actually had to scroll back up to assure myself that I had not been mistaken when I read “Pat Buchanan.” This is so far from true and right that I can scarcely believe that Buchanan actually wrote it.

    The whole calamity is 100% the fault of US (((neocons))). No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    Also, this is not a “war” and Russia did not “begin” it. It is not an invasion. It is a police action into which Putin was goaded by (((neocons))) in Washington.,

    TOO ought not to have published this drivel. It is embarrassing.

  6. R.Wilkinson
    R.Wilkinson says:

    Mr. Buchanan’s still a dyed-in-the- wool politician. Some points of truth here. Time to admit he neocons’ role in these affairs and until that happens take him with an ounce of …..

  7. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    My two posts from Unz Review which are relatively unintelligent:

    Russia did their best, but objectively speaking, I believe they can’t win this one. The Western block is going to send endless weapons and “private” soldiers into Russia until Russia has no more money left to pay for additional weapons, and no more soldiers left because they have all lost their lives. So, Russia will have to find a graceful way to leave Ukraine and head back to Russia, and they can take all the Russians living in Ukraine with them so they are not persecuted in Ukraine. It’s fine, and Putin will be fine – he will just have to resign and a new President will be elected. Russia will continue on as a poor country, but they have adjusted to this life already. And let’s be realistic – Russia is NOT going to have a nuke war with the Western block. It takes a very fundamentalist religious population, like fundamentalist Muslims and Israelis, to be willing to sacrifice their entire population in a nuke war because they believe a better life awaits them in the After-Life. However, Russia’s government is very secular, as is most of Russia’s citizens.

    Discussing subjective moral perspectives is pointless. In the end, nature is all about “Might Makes Right,” “Survival of the Fittest,” and “The Law of the Jungle.” If the Western Block is stronger, they will win; if Russia is stronger, it will win. That is the only morality Mother Nature endorses.

    If you are trying to imply that I have a low IQ, then, well, you would be correct. And if you are trying to imply that I am not educated, well then, that is also true. Thus, my speculations should be academically verified thoroughly. Perhaps I don’t understand things too well. After-all, Putin did have the will to launch a sneak attack on Ukraine, fully knowing that he may face the danger of NATO. This would take courage on Putin’s part. And, his soldiers are indeed willing to fight to the death in Ukraine, which they have been doing, which again shows courage/fearlessness at least among the soldiers. I’m trying my best to apply the research of Dr. Woodley of Menie/Richard Lynn/Francis Galton/Kevin MacDonald to make predictions. We know that the “West” is owned by the Ashkenazim. Thus, this is a war between the Ashkenazim and Russia. The Law of Dysgenics and Mutational Load would suggest that Russia today mostly consists of Retarded Psychopaths, relatively speaking (same situation for all Gentiles). Soldiers today are not necessarily highly Group Selected, but rather can be willing to fight because they are Psychopaths who enjoy violence and high tech “video game-like” weapons that they can use to kill people in the real world. And they desire the money that is paid to them for their services. And, they may be hoping to get a chance to rape the females of the nation they are invading. These traits I have just mentioned would describe the private soldiers that the Ashkenazim are paying to fight Russia in Ukraine. But, would it describe the Russian soldiers? Maybe the majority of them, while a minority may actually be Group Selected individuals who want to sincerely serve their race, culture, nation, and God.

    Subjectively speaking, do you believe Russia or the Ashenazim deserve to win? Russia and China both have become completely culturally and genetically degenerate. Russia is multi-ethnic/multi-cultural, embraces feminism and Cultural Marxism, as well as Capitalism and dygenics. Same thing with China. However, only the Hassidic/Haredi Ashkenazim embrace a highly traditional and eugenic culture. You know, both Russia and China could have been practicing eugenics/transhumanism for the last 200 years, but they rejected it and embraced Cultural Marxism instead. Thus, based on my personal morality, I believe both nations deserve to collapse and be replaced by the Haredi/Hassdic AShkenazim. Again, if Russia/Russia had been practicing eugenics/transhumanism for the last 200 years, they would have a median IQ of 145 right now and thus have technology that could have rendered NATO as innocuous as a cotton ball being blown at someone.

  8. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Another post I just wrote at Unz Review:

    To really understand how degenerate Russia has become, they have banned the death penalty years ago, thus facilitating the continuity of genes for Psychopathology in the Russian population. This is completely anti-eugenic. If you follow the research of Dr. Woodley of Menie, he documents how from 1400 to 1700, Europe executed every criminal, even those committing the least potent of crimes. This led to such a reduction in Psychopaths that the remaining population was highly sociable/altruistic, which was one variable that helped bring forth the Industrial Revolution. In others words, executing all criminals is paramount for the type of upwards evolution in any population group that allows for Industrial Revolutions to occur. Even China executes the more transgressive criminals. But Russia executes no one, for reasons I am not sure about. Plus, I looked at YouTube videos of people recording their walks in Moscow, and all the inhabitants dress in Western Ashkenazi fashion styles, instead of dressing in a pragmatic way. Divorce, feminism, homosexuality, and transexuality are rampant, as well as alcohol and pornography abuse. And Russia partakes in all the wasteful frivolous Western recreations such as sports, the Olympics, Hollywood movies, Western pop music such as rap/hip-hop/alternative rock, the consumption of Western junk “foods” such as Coke, and so forth. In other words, there is literally no difference between the Russian population and the completely genetically degenerated Western European population. Thus, why are we even rooting for Russia in the current situation? Might as well just sit back and let Europeans destroy each other. As Dr. Woodley of Menie has stated, in order for Europeans to become genetically healthy again, Western civilization must crash and allow for the reintroduction of harsh Darwinian Selection.

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