Jewish Subtexts in Ukraine

“If I put on glasses and look at myself like the whole rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, as a puppet master, as the master of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans. I can start making this real.”
Ihor Kolomoisky, New York Times, November 2019.

In 2015, a fascinating study in Japan found that not only will rats “desert a sinking ship” in accordance with the ubiquitous maxim, but also engage in highly altruistic behavior toward trapped rats to help them escape. They assist one another and flee as a group. The study came to mind when I read a piece published by the Moscow Times on February 14, describing the simultaneous departure of “at least 20 chartered flights … from Kyiv on Sunday, more than at any other time in the last six years of flight observations.” The private jets carried the majority of Ukraine’s oligarchs, who were evidently privy to concrete indications of impending war at a time when a full-scale Russian invasion was mooted but far from being a matter of fact. The sole exception seems to be Petro Poroshenko, who has appeared in the streets of the capital clutching a rifle. Since their departure, the fleeing oligarchs have vanished from media discussions of what is happening in Ukraine. This is a curious fact given that the very meaning of the term oligarchy implies that these billionaires were extremely influential in the political direction adopted by their country until very recently. Years of speculation on the political influence and intentions of these oligarchs have now suddenly been replaced with simplistic, dueling visions that border on the nonsensical: one of an innocent democratic Ukraine fighting against Russian imperialism/quasi-Fascism; and the other of a Russian “special military operation” designed to “denazify” Ukraine. In the following essay I don’t want to critique or debunk either of these obviously flawed perspectives, but instead to return some of the focus to the oligarchs, and to two Jewish oligarchs in particular: Ihor Kolomoyskyi and Victor Pinchuk.

De-Nazifying Ukraine?

“We will strive for the demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine, as well as bringing to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians.” Thus said Putin in what amounts to his declaration of war on Ukraine on February 24. This line, perhaps more than any other in his long, historically-weighted address, has absorbed considerable media attention. The majority of this attention has been devoted to smug portrayals of Putin as deranged or hypocritical. How can Ukraine be a ‘Nazi’ country, goes the logic, when it has a Jewish President in Zelenskyy? To the historiographically literate, it’s obvious that, to Putin and many Russians that share his thinking, the Jewishness of this or that politician or oligarch is irrelevant to the alleged ‘Nazi’ threat facing Russia. Our western-centric background dictates that we view National Socialism and World War II primarily as an action against Jews, and therefore the rhetorical positioning of Nazism and Judaism has a singular, jarring effect. Those media commentators smugly pointing to the Jewishness of Zelenskyy are operating within this paradigm. In the Soviet Union, however, World War II/Fascism was more prominently interpreted as a reactionary capitalist, imperialist, anti-Slavic or anti-Russian affair. Although the slow creep of Holocaust memorials and associated education programs has now reached deep into Eastern Europe, World War II is still primarily remembered for its masses of Slavic, not Jewish, dead. The racial element of National Socialist ideology was acknowledged in early ‘Holocaust’ historiography in the East, but wasn’t foregrounded (even in East Germany) in the way we have become totally absorbed by in the West. When Putin therefore claims he is seeking the de-Nazification of Ukraine, he is speaking, with perfect logic, less of political parties with broad racialist or anti-Jewish ideologies than of a more specific imperialist, militaristic, and anti-Russian movement, and specifically to an incident during the Maidan riots in 2014 when Ukrainian nationalists burned down a building in Odessa, killing 31 Russians who opposed the uprising; this incident was featured in Putin’s post-invasion speech, where he vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. But there can be no doubt that Putin’s main targets are the NATO-leaning, and Western-orientated politicians and those who have supported or ignored violence against Russian-speaking separatists since 2014.

Legitimate or not, Putin’s condemnation of Ukrainian nationalism has unfortunately kicked off the familiar game of ‘You’re the Real Fascists’ in the West. As if we didn’t have enough of “Antifa are the real Fascists” shenanigans muddying our social discourse, in recent days the Western liberal media has engaged in the production of massive numbers of articles reassuring nervous latte liberals that their support Ukraine is perfectly compatible with their woke political sensibilities. In some instances, this has led to some hilarious and extravagant U-turns, most notably in Facebook suddenly reversing its long-held ban on expressing support for Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, a military unit known for its adoption of certain Far Right and National Socialist symbols. The logic, as expressed in The Guardian by the Jewish self-styled expert on Fascism Jason Stanley (see my previous discussion of his work), is that Putin can be identified as the ‘real Nazi’ because he denies the primacy of Jewish suffering. Stanley:

The Russian leader’s pretext for invasion recasts Ukraine’s Jewish president as a Nazi and Russian Christians as true victims of the Holocaust. … The dominant version of antisemitism alive in parts of eastern Europe today is that Jews employ the Holocaust to seize the victimhood narrative from the “real” victims of the Nazis, who are Russian Christians (or other non-Jewish eastern Europeans). Those who embrace Russian Christian nationalist ideology will be especially susceptible to this strain of antisemitism. With this background, we can understand why Putin chose the actions he did, as well as the words he used to justify them. Ukraine has always been the primary target of those who seek to restore “Soviet power in fascist form”. Echoing familiar fascist antisemitic tropes, in a 2021 article, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev denounced Zelenskiy as disgusting, corrupt and faithless. The free democratic election of a Jewish president confirms in the fascist mind that the fascist bogeyman of liberal democracy as a tool for global Jewish domination is real. By claiming that the aim of the invasion is to “denazify” Ukraine, Putin appeals to the myths of contemporary eastern European antisemitism—that a global cabal of Jews were (and are) the real agents of violence against Russian Christians and the real victims of the Nazis were not the Jews, but rather this group. Russian Christians are targets of a conspiracy by a global elite, who, using the vocabulary of liberal democracy and human rights, attack the Christian faith and the Russian nation.

All of which is to say that Prof. Stanley could do with stepping outside and taking some deep, slow breaths of fresh air.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi

If Putin was in fact looking for a mega-rich, influential cabal-operating Ukrainian Jew guilty of perpetrating violence against Russians, he wouldn’t have to look much further than Ihor Kolomoyskyi. It didn’t surprise me when I read a couple of days ago that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (Russia’s FBI) has initiated more than 400 criminal cases targeting Ukrainian officials, military servicemen, and volunteer fighters, and that Kolomoyskyi was on the list.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi

Russia has been trying to get it hands on Kolomoyskyi since 2014. Kolomoyskyi, who owns Ukraine’s biggest bank, plus airlines, huge stakes of Ukrainian media, and other companies, was accused in July 2014 of founding and funding Dnipro-1 Special Tasks Patrol Police Battalion. The unit was held responsible by Amnesty International in December of the same year for blocking food aid, and attempting to starve the Russian-speaking populations of the separatist “republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk. Operating under the mask of Ukrainian patriotism, Kolomoyskyi, who offered bounties of thousands of dollars for Russian separatists, was in fact trying to stem the separatist movement so that it wouldn’t expand to the heartland of his business interests, his home city of Dnipropetrovsk. Together with fellow Jew Hennadiy Korban, who was later investigated for embezzlement and exiled to Israel, the pair “not only made political capital by saving [Dnipropetrovsk] from war, but used this emergence of Dnipropetrovsk as a ‘pro-Ukrainian’ city to protect [Kolomoyskyi’s] business interests.”

Kolomoyskyi’s Ukrainian “patriotism” and anti-Russian attitudes had already been significantly inflamed by the 2014 seizure of his assets in Crimea by the new Russian authorities. In 2016, RT reported that the authorities would sell the assets in order to compensate residents of Crimea who had been exploited by Kolomoyskyi’s PrivatBank:

Twenty businesses formerly owned by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky will be sold by the Crimean authorities. The region’s government is seeking to compensate people who lost money in Ukrainian banks, mostly Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank. Crimea’s Deputy Speaker Konstantin Bakharev says the oligarch’s assets will be sold by year-end for 2 billion rubles (about $30 million). “The money will be transferred to the depositor protection fund for compensation payments to residents of the Crimea, whose deposits in the Ukrainian banks exceeded 700,000 rubles ($10,500),” he said.

When then-President Petro Poroshenko nationalized Kolomoyskyi’s PrivatBank (which was also operated by fellow Jew Gennadiy (Zvi Hirsch) Bogolyubov) in 2016, Kolomoyskyi threw his influence behind fellow Jew and popular actor Volodymyr Zelenskyy, now a hero and darling of the Western media. Zelenskyy’s campaign, strangely enough, began with his appearance on Kolomoyskyi’s media channel as the star of the television series Servant of the People, where he played the role of the president of Ukraine. In the series, Zelenskyy’s character was a high-school history teacher in his 30s who won the presidential election after a viral video showed him ranting against government corruption in Ukraine. In retrospect, the show was a masterwork of social engineering and life imitating art. Reuters later reported:

One of Ukraine’s most popular TV channels 1+1, owned by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, has given Zelenskiy a powerful platform in recent months during his meteoric rise to the brink of the presidency. On Saturday, a day before Zelenskiy won the first round of the presidential contest and set up a run-off with the incumbent Petro Poroshenko, 1+1 filled its schedule with back-to-back shows by the comedian and actor.

There was initially some unease that the whole thing might be too obvious. “There are legitimate reasons to worry about the future of Ukrainian Jewry,” said Vladislav Davidzon, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Odessa Review. “Having a Jewish president, who is also backed by a picaresque Jewish oligarch might cause any failings to be directed at the Jewish community.” He needn’t have worried. Zelenskyy sky-rocketed to prominence, and one of his earliest measures was to nominate fellow Jew Volodymyr Groysman as Prime Minister and target Poroshenko, setting in motion a sequence of events that would result in the reversal of the nationalization of PrivatBank and the return of the bank to Kolomoyskyi. Although posturing as an anti-corruption populist, Zelenskyy’s links to Kolomoyskyi have continued to dog him, and in October 2021 it was revealed via the Pandora Papers that Zelenskyy, who constantly denied that he was a “puppet” of the Jewish oligarch, and his associates had received $40 million into offshore accounts from funds linked to Kolomoyskyi.

Kolomoyskyi and his creation

Most of this money has been bled from the Ukrainian people. Kolomoyskyi, who acted as President of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, generously shared his wealth with Jews worldwide, and founded the European Jewish Union with Vadim Rabinovich, has been investigated for years by both the FBI and America’s Justice Department, in particular for pursuing a “vast scheme to steal millions of dollars from Ukraine’s largest bank and move the money into the U.S. to buy steel mills and skyscrapers.” In a special investigation, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported last week that Kolomoyskyi’s efforts to launder stolen Ukrainian money in the United States, via his Jewish associates in South Florida Mordechai “Motti” Korf and Uriel Laber, left a wake of economic devastation:

One of the richest men in Ukraine, the 59-year-old oligarch is accused of setting up shell companies, cleaning the money through U.S. properties and ultimately leaving a trail of boarded-up buildings, failed steel facilities, and millions in unpaid property taxes, court records show. While money was transferred into the country for one of the oligarch’s companies, his operators shut down Warren Steel in Ohio in 2016, owing millions in property taxes, utility bills and supplies. For weeks, workers were left without medical coverage because the insurance premium wasn’t paid, records and interviews show. “A lot of people left here very angry,” said Nancy Waselich, a former IT manager for the factory. “People bled for this place.” Though no one so far has been criminally charged, prosecutors have filed legal actions to seize properties that they allege were bought with money stolen from the Ukraine bank, where Mr. Kolomoisky was a major shareholder.

Fedin Shandor, a professor at Uzhgorod University and adviser to the government on tourist development, has described Kolomoyskyi as “a leech who sucks our blood here and puts it in Switzerland.” This “leech” has also made a game for years of poking Vladimir Putin, stating publicly in 2014 that Putin was “a schizophrenic shorty. He is completely inadequate. He has completely lost his mind. His messianic drive to recreate the Russian empire of 1913 or the USSR of 1991 could plunge the world into catastrophe.”

Victor Pinchuk

Less outwardly ebullient than Kolomoyskyi is Victor Pinchuk, founder of both the pro-NATO Victor Pinchuk Foundation and the pro-EU Yalta European Strategy (the lobby group behind all those prominent polls showing massive Ukrainian support for NATO membership and a general tilt to the West). Pinchuk has been highly influential in driving Ukraine in a pro-NATO direction, including his funding of a free concert in 2008 headlined by Paul McCartney that was “shown on giant screens in five cities across the country” and designed to soothe growing splits between West and East Ukraine over Ukraine’s application that year to begin a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP). Pinchuk’s vision of Ukraine is less explicitly orientated for the protection of business interests, and more towards turning Ukraine into a clone of Western liberal democracies. As well as funding Steven Spielberg to produce a feature-length Ukrainian Holocaust film, Pinchuk describes himself as active in “human rights projects with George Soros.” In 2015, Pinchuk began the drive to further liberalize attitudes to homosexuals, and integrate Ukraine into “GloboHomo,” by inviting Elton John to speak at Yalta European Strategy. The speech was in many respects a typical example of neoliberal propaganda. John remarked:

What has [homosexuality] to do with a conference about the future of politics, security and the economy of the Ukraine? Because critical moments also exist in the lives of societies and nations. The choice of freedom over repression; democracy over totalitarianism; acceptance over hatred. Today there are more critical choices. … I suggest to you that your stance on human rights will also be a defining characteristic of the new Ukraine, and that there is no clearer touchstone on the issue of human rights than the respect and dignity afforded your LGBT citizens. … Being tolerant and inclusive is not only the morally right thing to do, for the new Ukraine; it is the smart thing to do. Basic fairness is an investment in human capital, and human capital is what drives business. … I suggest to you that accepting people regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation is today the measure of an open, tolerant, and democratic society. I ask you to begin this dialogue. … The people in this room are among the most powerful in the Ukraine, and in some cases the most powerful anywhere in the world. You have the power to help bring about this new era.

Russia sanctioned Pinchuk in 2018, as part of a broader approach to anti-Russian figures in Ukraine. Especially noteworthy is Pinchuk’s involvement with the Atlantic Council. A report in The Intercept points out that

The Atlantic Council has also launched “UkraineAlert” which publishes daily pieces on deterring Russia. A recent article, “Survey: Western public backs stronger support for Ukraine against Russia,” notes the survey in question was commissioned by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Yalta European Strategy, which Pinchuk founded; however, the article does not mention that the foundation is a large contributor to the Atlantic Council, donating $250,000–499,000 a year, or that Pinchuk himself — the second wealthiest man in Ukraine — sits on the international advisory board of the Atlantic Council.

Victor Pinchuk receives an award from Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich


In a 2017 article, EuroMaidanPress made it clear that “The most important goal for oligarchs is money and not Ukraine’s national interests. … The sooner Ukraine pursues a long overdue policy of de-oligarchisation the better — although this will be impossible as long as Ukraine is led by an oligarch.” It’s clear that at least two of the oligarchs sucking on the blood of Ukraine have led them on a collision course with Putin’s Russia.

All of this, of course, is not to say that Putin’s Russia is much, or any, better. I still find it stunning that, when informed of Kolomoyskyi’s comment that he was a “schizophrenic shorty,” Putin didn’t reply that he was a crook for stealing from Ukrainians, Crimeans, or Russians, but that he was a crook who had “scammed Russian [Jewish] oligarch Roman Abramovich for billions of dollars.” In other words, much of what we are seeing here is not just grand geopolitics and clashing nationalisms, but a subtext of oligarchic feuds. In many respects, what we are seeing play out is a kind of perverse morbid rehash of the Middle Ages, when one king, funded and supported by “his Jews,” would wage war on another funded by his own group of Jews. The end result is normally richer Jews and a lot of European dead.

It’s increasingly clear that Putin’s Jewish oligarchs are unhappy with having to bear the brunt of Western sanctions. The Times of Israel reported that two of the three Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the UK on February 22 were Jewish (and related) — Igor and Boris Rotenberg. Boris Rotenberg is co-owner of SGM Group, Russia’s largest construction and infrastructure company. Igor Rotenberg dominates in drilling, infrastructure and real estate. The international Jewish community is also becoming increasingly active in trying to protect sanctioned oligarchs on both sides — primarily because oligarchs are often extremely generous to Jews, in effect facilitating the transfer of large volumes of money (often illegal and laundered) from gentiles to Jews. Anything that weakens the oligarchs will, in the longer term, weaken the Jews as a whole. A report in Haaretz on February 27 comments:

Several billionaire Jewish philanthropists are the focus of concerned attention from Israeli and Jewish organizations who have benefited from their largesse. Topping that list is Roman Abramovich, the dual Russian-Israeli citizen who made a fortune through the privatization of Russia’s oil companies and is now reportedly the second-wealthiest man in Israel. Representatives of several Israeli organizations and institutions, including the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem, Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and Tel Aviv University, sent a letter asking U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides to refrain from sanctioning Abramovich for “his contribution to the Jewish people.” The letter earlier this month reportedly included the signature of Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi, David Lau, asserting that sanctioning Abramovich — who, in addition to his philanthropic donations, has business investments in Israel — would harm Jewish causes.

The United States, for its part, hasn’t been moved by these appeals, and in fact “sent Israel messages warning Jerusalem to make sure that Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the international community can’t hide their money in Israeli banks.” The article continues:

Another group of Russian billionaires — some of whom hold Israeli citizenship — who donate generously to Jewish and Israeli causes have already been hit by sanctions put in place against Russian banks. Mikhail Fridman, a co-founder and trustee of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and the Russian Jewish Congress, is the co-founder of Alfa Bank, which is the largest private bank in Russia, and he continues to sit on its board. Forbes listed him as the 11th richest man in Russia in 2020. … The Genesis Philanthropy Group gives to a long list of causes in Israel and across the Jewish world, including Yad Vashem, the Birthright-Taglit organization that provides free, 10-day trips to Israel for Diaspora Jews, Hillel international and Friends of the IDF.


Can Putin be reined in by ‘his’ Jewish oligarchs if they start to feel a financial pinch? This remains to be seen, but early indications are that they certainly don’t fear him. Haaretz reported on February 28 that “Jewish billionaires Mikhail Fridman and Oleg Deripaska have become the first Russian oligarchs to publicly express unhappiness with President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.” I think this is extremely telling.

Eight years ago I wrote an essay on “Nationalists, Jews, and the Ukrainian Crisis,” during which I expressed some sympathy with historically-rooted Ukrainian nationalism but also accepted that the origins of the nation are contested and extremely complex. I think it is difficult, if not impossible, for “Westerners” to form valid opinions on the moral merits of each cause, since both (Ukrainian nationalist and Russian separatist) bear some validity — this is the harsh reality of multiethnic states where the population is divided on self-assertion and self-determination. Such a situation is only made all the more complex by the presence of yet another ethnic group that is extremely influential and may seek its own interests to the detriment of the peace and well-being of others. As such, while the Jews discussed here may not have “caused” or “orchestrated” the war in Ukraine, they clearly form an important, but completely ignored, subtext to it. I’m therefore neither in the pro-Ukraine or pro-Putin camp. I am, however, very firmly in favor of ending any conflict in which innocent Europeans are dying needlessly, and of a thorough “de-oligarchisation” of both parties in the current war.

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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Dr. Joyce, you give fresh life to the meaning of the descriptor “perspicacious”. Thank you much for the educative article and your perspective. Daringly, I add, “May you live long and prosper”, Leonard Nimoy’s nod to his heritage with a hand signal for those who might miss it.

    “World affairs” and the behavior of nations as if they be individuals with peculiar personalities — Ukraine, Russia, US, Inc., UK — seem ABSTRACT in the sense of debased “modern art”. When one cannot — really, will not — spend the time and energy to learn to paint with oils, skillfully as did old masters of this art, what one sees before one’s nose had best (and most easily) be impressed as a scene on film, then projected as “moving pictures” — else imagined, then lied about in words (think CGI and 9-11!).

    A “grand chessboard”?!? Rather, an elaborate puppet show done in rococco.

  2. Jeff Carter III
    Jeff Carter III says:

    Zalinsky spoke in the EU parliament today on video link.

    He talked about them SACRIFICING their BEST and strongest.

    Have “they” done genetests on everyone in Ukriane and send the race-pure to the worst most attacked, dangerous positions? A way of killing of their old enemy white racepure christians?

    Would not surprice me one bit.

    If youre a white christian Ukrainian, stay as far away as you can from action don’t be a planned victim in a large scale operation to which behind the scenes background you do not have knowledge of. Better to give up than to be dead in some situations also don’t be stupid.

    The white race will be in some kinda monumental struggle soon I suppose against our oppressors and people who kill us so until then maybe chill or something this aint it.

    This thing seems weird for many different reasons.

    That he was so obviously pushed as a TV president before becoming one in real life like whoa just doing something that obvious…

  3. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Once again, Jewish Russian oligarchs. Every. Single. Time. Only a short while ago it was Berezovsky and the other “Russian oligarchs”, 6 of 7 being Jews. Putin expelled them, then allowed the Chabad Lubavitch Jews to take over 50% of the Russian economy. This conflict in Ukraine does indeed include Jewish oligarch infighting, never a good circumstance for the Slavic peoples of Ukraine or Russia–or anyone else.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Putin is most definitely afflicted with the ‘white head up the white ass’ when it comes to being
      embarrassingly not intelligent enough to understand who Enemy #1 is to Russia and to entire historic White European West.

      He is a lot like the Orange Blow hard in that respect.

      • Arch Stanton
        Arch Stanton says:

        What makes you think Putin doesn’t know the score on who is behind this new J-nightmare? Is it possible that Putin has the same ties to our global masters as do all the other global leaders?

        Is it possible that this is all a Jewish scripted Punch and Jewdy show put on to fool the gullible goyim into fighting yet another fratricidal war that will further decimate the white population of the planet?

        What are the chances?

        • Luke
          Luke says:

          “What are the chances?”

          I’d say no less than 98 percent. I allow that 2 percent amount of leeway because Putin has done a number of things that have thwarted some of the attempted and much desired jewish schenanigans. Like his interference with the neocons attempted effort to do to Syria what they’ve done to Iraq and Libya. Yet, he still wimps out and let’s Israel get away with doing bombing runs on his ally Syria with relative impunity. So, Putin is inconsistent.

          Which suggests to me that he is a very wary individual and he is scared of the jews.

          If he were to order the shoot down of any of these Israeli fighter jets who are dropping bombs on Syria – he knows he would immediately be called the New Hitler and if anyone thinks the jews are screeching at their peak level of jewy hysteria now over what he is doing in Ukraine – the screeching we’d hear after a couple of Israeli fighter jets being blown out of the sky would be a thousand times louder.

          I saw one headline today during my morning news reading where some jew is claiming that after Putin finally defeats Ukraine, he plans on going after Israel.

          Oy f-ing Vey! Yikes! Another holohoax is about to happen, screeches the jew!

          They’ve also got the war criminal, lying rat bastard Sean Hannity — who helped the neocons LIE us into the Iraq war after 9-11 based on proven lies and phony and fabricated ‘evidence’ that never existed — wound up again, and that crazy slab of lying dog manure is screaming that we need to assassinate Putin.

          Is this all just for show, Arch? The one lesson that anyone who is red pilled on the JQ must always keep firmly in the front of their mind is this: Gentiles who do favors for jews in hopes of ingratiating themselves with jews because they think that will give them some kind of protective shield against jewish vindictiveness and treachery are blowing smoke up their own butts. No matter how much jewish butt a gentile is willing to kiss, they will turn on them on a dime and stab them in the back and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

          Just look at how many jewish fannies Donald Trump smooched during his 4 years in office, and then look at how many times the jews in Congress tried to impeach him and run him out of office. And, that dumb SOB – if he wins in 2024 – will return to the
          White House and will have learned ZERO lessons about jewish treachery from his first term of office and will fill his cabinet and administration bureaucracy up with dozens, if not hundreds, of jews who hate his guts and who will work to stymie his promised America First agenda.

          Just like they did last time.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            Re Trump’s wages for doing so much for Jews, it’s also a fact that 79% of American Jews voted against him, a man who, in my view, overstepped his rightful authority in doing them favors–supporting those loathsome illegal settlements, assassinating Soleimani and executively ordering that college students mustn’t discuss BDS!!!

            None of these services could counterbalance his sins, which were that he impeded the demographic replacement of Euroamerica, stopped the destruction of White historical monuments and opposed the teaching of White self-hate through the teaching of CRT and 1619.

  4. Red Pill Pharmacy
    Red Pill Pharmacy says:

    Related, it seems that Drudge Report is now a full-on CIA operation. The blatant propaganda there is quite incredible to behold. Discuss.

  5. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    It’s kind of odd that the Russians haven’t yet been able to target & eliminate Zelensky thru a GPS missile strike. Meanwhile, he is leading a lot of gullible Ukranian patriots into a “resistance” stance / death trap, where they will be slaughtered by the thousands. Then, if he “miraculously survives” the carnage, he will ‘escape’ to ‘Meerika’ or Israel to collect his “heroic laurels”, and ca$h in.
    Pity the land & people of the Ukraine.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      ” Yes, yes Miss Christiane Amanpour I miraculously survived alretty ven my bodyguards knocked me out and dragged me to seffty sru the one and a haff meters high main sewers. Totally against my will – you understand. “

    • UraFecalLiberal
      UraFecalLiberal says:

      I believe Putin wants to capture him alive and put him on trial, along with other criminals.

    • Phill Unrau
      Phill Unrau says:

      Hello ALL WARS are planned STAGED etc Hitler retired in Argentina 🇦🇷.. btw and JFK DUMMIE SWITCH at underpass and be SPIRITUALLYSMART.COM and Jesus will return soon haaa

  6. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Who are these “Ukraine patriots”?

    Between 1943 and 1945, members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army massacred thousands of Poles throughout Wołyń, a region that was in Nazi-occupied Poland and is part of present-day Ukraine.

    Throughout the period, it is estimated that around 100,000 Poles died at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists. As part of retaliatory actions, Poles killed between 15,000 and 20,000 Ukrainians.

    The killings were directly linked with radical Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military arm, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

    Their goal was to purge all non-Ukrainians from a future Ukrainian state. They wanted not only to purge Polish civilians, but also to erase all traces of Polish presence in the area.

    The prelude to the murders of the Polish population in Wołyń was carried out on 9 February 1943 by a unit of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which murdered 173 Poles in the village of Parośla I by tying up the victims and slaughtering them with axes.

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    Let’s be honest. When the last jew breathes its last… peace will come to not only Ukraine, but the world at large.

  8. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    ‘As such, while the Jews discussed here may not have “caused” or “orchestrated” the war in Ukraine, they clearly form an important, but completely ignored, subtext to it.’

    Nope, it’s the Jews. They are all sons of Judea.

    “If my sons did not want war there would be none” – Gutle Schnaper, wife of Meyer Amschel Rothschild.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Anyone else notice when Pedo Joe declared that he was going to go after the Russian Oligarchs?

      Russian Oligarch is commonly used as a code word for billionaire jews, and you can bet your bippy that when Pedo Joe made that declaration it got the immediate attention of every one of those billionaire jews in Russia. Plus, all these sanctions that Pedo Joe is leveling at Russia are bound to cause serious financial pain for the jewish oligarchs.

      So, I’m now wondering if this declaration is just another example of the stupidity of Biden – who has a long history of shooting his mouth off without first thinking about he consequences of what he is promoting? I mean, the moron has to understand the tribal solidarity among jews – and even though this whole Russian-Ukrainian conflict was caused by jewish and neocon arrogance – if Biden follows
      through on his promise to go after the oligarchs in Russia and try to confiscate their financial holdings, there is no way he can do that without ensnaring a lot of jews. And, since the democrat party gets between 80 to 90 percent of its campaign funding from jews – this war they’ve stirred up looks like it is going to come back and bite them in their hind parts.

  9. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    Bravo Joyce. Discussing Ukraine without mentioning the THIRD ethnic group involved is like discussing electric railways without mentioning the THIRD rail. Western media is going absolutely hysterical – covid or BLM style – over the Ukrainian situation. It’s obvious that the Jews have been using Ukraine as a cat’s paw to try and undermine Russia as a major obstacle to globalism. If Russia falls to the globalist slave state, then China as the final impediment will be next, (George Soros et al are already gearing up for ‘regime change’ there), and once China falls it will be game over for any chance of freedom, truth and traditional values on planet earth. We will then see just how bad REAL totalitarian tyranny can be. Hell on earth – literally.

  10. Doug Plumb
    Doug Plumb says:

    They have everyone, all over the world wearing masks. The world is under central control, whether it’s Jews or they are the front for the Vatican or visa versa doesn’t matter at this point. They need a war to kill off the armies before half of them are dead from the vaccines, causing the other half to wake up. It’s time for war and both sides have parts in the play. If Putin wasn’t NWO and crazy, he wouldn’t be in the position he has or have the money he has.

  11. JM
    JM says:

    The article, though it starts off as containing itself to the internal political and “economic” roles of Jews in Ukraine and Russia, goes on the assess the Russian intervention even-handedly. What is missing in this view is what is most important: the geopolitical element.

    Jews are surely involved as parasitic/criminal oligarchs and critical political players in both “nations”, but their role in Ukraine is as subversives of Putin’s Russia a game that has been played for many years. Russia’s intervention is essentially defensive and given the alternative, eminently supportable. Russia was forced to the military measures it is taking in order to take the initiative so as to avoid a NeoCon inspired USA led subversion (the follow on from a Soros style coup) eventually creating the conditions for its break-up.

    To be neutral (worse still pro-Ukraine) in such a critical historical juncture is not only innocent and irresponsible.

    BTW, the pressure arising from the hysteria among most Americans almost makes one wish that they would intervene on the ground against Russia and get the mother of all military thrashings. The sanctions (raised in the article) and unlikely to make much of a dint at all in the Russian economy.

  12. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    As I have said before, we should be thinking of how to use technology to defend ourselves from them rather than continuing to discuss the Jew. Once they can use tech to control us there is no escape. They are ready to roll out their digital currency and social credit. The trucker convoy will probably be used as an excuse. This will mean the end of this website and all criticism of the Jew. If they decide to purge we had better worry. According to historical precedents we may wonder, will Jared Taylor get rewarded or purged? After all he is not a Jew.

  13. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I live in a Canadian city that has a large Ukrainian and German speaking Mennonite population. Most of the Mennonites came fro Ukraine. I went to school with several of each group. Ukrainian nationalism is a simplistic concept for a complex issue. Taras Shevchenko is the “hero” and inspiration of the movement. Mennonites see themselves as Mennonites who speak a German dialect. The Ukrainians see them as Germans. Both see the communists, from whom they fled, as “Russians” regardless of the fact that the overwhelming majority of communists, whether Ukrainian or Russian, were Jewish. Then there are the Poles, who see historical Ukrainian territory once part of the Polish land grabs, as occupied by Ukrainians. The Ukrainians and Poles don’t like each other, and it seems to be split on Roman Catholic – Orthodox lines as much as Polish – Ukrainian lines. The problem is indeed complex, given that Ukraine, for the last thousand years has been almost entirely occupied by other Empires is not as simple as the Ukrainian nationalists make it out to be. I am fine with nationalism, but not the kind that ties you to an unrealistic goal.
    As for the Jews, they want Khazaria back.

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      “Ukrainian nationalism is a simplistic concept for a complex issue.”

      Excellent analysis, Curmudgeon.

      I’m Canadian too, and fully ethnic Ukrainian (my great grandparents were all from the western area, including land that has at times been considered part of Poland).

      Your explanation of the multiple fault-lines in the area presently known as modern-day Ukraine is very astute. In my own attempts to understand the region and its peoples, one clue I have found interesting is the etymology of the word “Ukraine”: apparently, most historians and linguists agree that the name Ukraine comes from the Slavic “ukraina,” meaning “borderlands.”

      Calling the modern-day geographical area known as Ukraine a single “nation-state” feels like an imposed definition to me – and one that gets exploited and manipulated by people with their own agendas.

      • Christopher Caudill
        Christopher Caudill says:

        Yes! The eastern, predominantly Orthodox, ethnically Russian peoples of what was historically called «Малороссия» “Little Russia” are, as Putin has said, “practically the same” as the Russians themselves. The western Ukrainians are different. Treating the current borders of Ukraine, which was the Soviet Ukrainian SSR, as if they make sense was never going to work very well. Throw in some Jewish oligarchs and western intelligence agency shenanigans, and it’s a real mess.

  14. Frank Frivilous
    Frank Frivilous says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I would assume that this war is being stage managed from the periphery by Oliver Stone and Sean Penn.

  15. shirley versace
    shirley versace says:

    well, what if it turned out that Zelensky’s wife and kids have been flown to safety in a certain middle eastern ethno-state? – leaving Zelensky and (((Putin))) (Davos men, both), to engineer and orchestrate the total destruction of Ukraine? Is that a possible perspective. Is it not the case that Davos cannot abide an ethno-state in Europe whose society is still largely comprised of ‘whole cloth’? Note the destructiveness and note the 10,000 Chechen fedayeen that Putin has funnelled into the country. The Zelensky-Putin Plot. They are collaborating.

  16. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Unless he’s a rare individual like Benjamin Freedman, I can’t bemoan the fall of a Jewish politician, especially when he’s partly to blame for this tragic “brothers war” by not formally rejecting Ukrainian NATO membership for all time….

    Again, no real observer of international affairs can condemn Putin for being touchy about his borders. The distorters in the media, almost as bad on the Right as on the Left, would all be in favor of the USA invading Mexico or Canada if either might join a Russian- or Chinese-led anti-USA alliance.

    P. Buchanan has it right, as does that Colonel McGregor who was on Carlson’s show this week. Funny–the said military man had been on Trey Gowdy’s Fox show; and after the interview Gowdy–not the sharpest tack–expressed dismay at McGregor’s blunt veracity, which was later labelled “pro-Putin.” I thought that that was McGregor’s last appearance on Fox but the more percipient Carlson fearlessly brought him back.

    THE WEST is chiefly responsible for this tragedy, and the neo-Marxist hijackers of the fed government are reaping the reward in terms of much needed distraction from the devastation and invasion of America.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      “…THE WEST is chiefly responsible for this tragedy…”

      I reject that notion. The Jews run the west through cash, bribes, murder and blackmail. They are responsible.

    • andyay
      andyay says:

      “…Gowdy – not the sharpest tack.”
      I’m surprised by that assessment, Lucius. As the chair of the Benghazi Committee and House Oversight Committee, Congressman Gowdy impressed me greatly.
      Watching him from afar, (in the U.K.) I thought that he was refreshingly combative, lucidly articulate and, quite the opposite to your take, as quite possibly the best mind, among all congressional republicans. His command of technical detail, mastery over procedural minutiae and oratorical flair struck me as attributes of singular competence in the man.

      As a politician, Gowdy’s greatest flaw, (if it can be said to be such) was his rigid adherence to legalistic strictures in critical analysis and oversight, which when you’re questioning hardened criminals like Hilary Clinton, won’t, as Gowdy hoped, attend any shame upon the person. He always presumed upon a standard of conduct equal to his own, among his fellow politicos. He was naive to ever believe that House rules or precepts of jurisprudence or the laws of the land informed the action of the many at all, on Capitol Hill and that guilty conscience might be leveraged to expose their ill deeds, at committee, by obligation to the truth and honourable comportment in office.
      It’s the same ethical posture and lack of guile, which inhibits him now, as a tv pundit; in which role, he is not nearly as impressive as he was as a parliamentarian.
      Perhaps I’ve missed something though. I do live rather far away from Washington D.C.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        SAM J.

        SAM J.–
        To say “The Jews run the west” seems to me to be another way of saying the West is responsible. Jews–who cut their presently great figure in the world because they’ve piggy-backed on the West–do what they do and we indigenous Westerners are weak enough to let them do it.

        Just his dismay at McGregor’s realpolitik sufficed to make me think he’s way below Carlson (to say he’s not the sharpest tack is not to suggest he’s devoid of all intelligence). If anything is clear to my mind, it’s that only vulgar xenophobia can persuade Americans to think the Russian advance was unprovoked, especially since Putin has long made his position clear–namely that he would not tolerate an anti-Russian alliance on his borders, a stance which should be as understandable by Americans as was the USA’s unwillingness to let the Soviets deploy missiles in Cuba in ’62.

        Also, in the show I saw immediately prior to the one in which he interviewed McGregor, Gowdy let a black Congressman get away with saying that the black Lewis Latimer enabled Thomas Edison to have a viable light bulb. (No: Englishman Joseph Swan invented the light bulb in 1860, and in 1880 he improved it for Edison–U.S. patent #223898–before Latimer completed his own work.) Gowdy either didn’t know the facts, and perhaps didn’t know that because of problems of black self-esteem there’s a whole absurd mythology re black inventiveness, or for political correctness he let the untruth pass, to be ingested by an undiscerning viewership of millions.

        Hey, I too live far from D.C.–otherwise I’d be vomiting around the clock, so terrible the stench there.

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        I don’t think you missed anything, you’ve described Gowdy as a bright and very competent fellow, but perhaps unsuited to the role of TV Pundit.

      • albtris7
        albtris7 says:

        I don’t care if Gowdy is THE smartest guy in town. The fact is, he is just another shabos got Zionist who would gladly sacrifice any number of whites to save one Jew.

        I judge everyone based on their view of Jews. I am against all people who are pro Jew.
        I don’t care how brilliant they may be.

  17. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great writing and info Andrew, as always – thanks.
    It’s the ‘usual suspects,’ as the saying goes.

    Don’t know about the rest of msm but the conservative radio stations all have just one narrative and it is 100% pro Ukraine. They have even started with “specialists” coming on the show and saying that, “something has changed with Putin in the past few years. He seems very unstable.”

    You’re right Andrew. In the end, whites will suffer. I wonder if Russia has the largest Christian population on earth?

  18. andyay
    andyay says:

    The problem is, that according to behavioral precedent, the fugitive jewish oligarchs of the Ukraine, will presently be engaged in leveraging to mobilize the armed forces of every single nation under Zionist control, to enjoin in a gung-ho bloodfest in the fields and streets of the Ukraine; against a Russian soldiery of superior competences.
    If the U.K. were to accede to a commital of troops in the Ukraine, we would most likely lose a lot of men (and some women) but furthermore, we’d risk direct military reprisal against the British mainland, in a thermodynamic escalation of belligerences. I don’t fancy a random dance with death daily, very much at all, for the sake of satisfying semitic oneupmanship, in mitigation of internecene jewish feuding.

  19. Eric Novak
    Eric Novak says:

    This is exactly the research and work that needed to be done and to be pumped online right now. Good work, Andrew.

  20. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    I want people to recognize that the Jews have a huge point of failure. As globalism has increased, it has increased the Jews power, but it has also exposed the globe to the Jews. Every single place the Jews have ever gone their parasitical psychopathic behavior has eventually meant they were fallen upon and kicked out. Everywhere. The Jews very big single point of failure is themselves. They are the most aggressive people on the face of the earth and are the ones pushing so hard to destroy almost everyone.

    There’s almost no single country that has not been cheated by their financial manipulation. I believe that it is extremely likely that they are the ones that set up the Chinese by helping them work on covid(the Harvard Jew), then releasing it in Wuhan to make it look like the Chinese were responsible while killing lots of Chinese. They make powerful enemies wherever they go and have completely taken over the US government with election manipulation.

    As soon as they are removed from power this push vastly ceases. They are the driver. Even our worst are likely better than the Jews. We see this over and over. In the Soviet Union things were bad but after Stalin took away power from the Jews and Russians stepped into power things were much better.

    They may blackmail everyone and have lots of money but take them out and the blackmailed will be glad to see them go. It’s likely there would a great slackening in the pozz by taking out the top.

    Putins single biggest mistake before invading Ukraine was not to track all these Jews running Ukraine and take them out with drones before he invaded. Without the Jews money, blackmail and super agro pushing no one in the Ukraine likely would care if the top of the government was overthrown. Of course they don’t want Russia to invade but they don’t want the present bunch in power ether.

    No one likes the Jews. No one wants them. They have no redeeming value to anyone not Jewish on the whole entire planet. They may feel, omnipotent now but they have weaseled themselves into a very unenviable position where the almost complete majority of the people on the planet would be much better off if all of them were dead. All the people they now control would breathe a great sigh of relief to see them all dead.

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      With respect, Sam J, it is not true that “No one likes the Jews. No one wants them. They have no redeeming value to anyone not Jewish on the whole entire planet. …”
      The way they work is in part the exploitative Kahal system, of target and ruin of selected targets. But the also form alliances, both with aristocracies that they contact, and with other groups, together making such things as religions and Freemason-style groups and secret societies, political parties, so-called unions, business groups, pseudo-medical groups, pseudo-jurisprudence, pseudo-informational groups such as mass media and pseudo-academic media, and military and police subgroups. All these people are mostly dependent on the remainder of their fellows being parasitised. They may not know it–but are liable to be very unpleasantly surprised, as when police or vicars or teachers or soldiers finally understand what they are supposed to do. All this is the reason Jews are obsessed with secrecy and censorship. And why it’s essential to expose as much of it as possible, and try to work out ways to redesign social systems.

      • Sam J.
        Sam J. says:

        “…But the also form alliances…All these people are mostly dependent on the remainder of their fellows being parasitised…”

        I disagree for the simplest of reasons. No Jew will ever form an alliance for long until he has some sort of blackmail or control over them. Sure they may think they are doing good at frist but every single one them will be paratized themselves. ANd Jews LOVE to let you know you are trapped. Love it. Blackmailed or coerced and once they realize they have made a pact with “the Devil”…if they could get out I bet every single one of them would. This is just the way they operate.

  21. D.F. Williams
    D.F. Williams says:

    People keep talking about Putin being surrounded by Jewish oligarchs who control him. They seem to not know that Jewish oligarchs who were close to Putin originally but then got on the wrong side of him paid the price. See Boris Berezovsky as an example. Helped Putin get into power, then he pissed Putin off and ended up fleeing to the UK and seeking asylum.

  22. Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones says:

    So my question is who owns joe biden?
    And who is willing to dig up the connection to the same group of rootless cosmopolitans.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Biden is a ventriloquist. Just look up the often unpronounceable names of his Cabinet, Department heads and their staffs, Security Agencies; all the way down to their doormen.

  23. Baron von Redsdhield
    Baron von Redsdhield says:

    Great stuff as ever. Nuanced takes on this whole situation have been few and far between. Almost everything I read is polarised between the GAE-approved MSM narrative on one hand (“OMG those brave judeo-Ukrainians, we must die to protect them”) and the “based Putin” narrative on the Right, which says that because the Ukraine is infested with Jews and the MSM supports it, that must mean Putin is /ourguy/ and we must support him.

    It’s true that Jewish Oligarchs have seized inordinate levels of power in the Ukraine, and are bleeding the country dry. It’s true that they did the same to Russia twenty years ago. It’s also true that the same group are still very powerful in Russia, even if they have been reined in a bit.

    It’s true that eastern Ukraine has a large ethnic Russian population, and it’s understandable that they would seek self-determination, or accession into their motherland. It’s also true that they’re there largely as a result of deliberate plantation efforts during the Soviet era and before then.

    It’s not a simple binary problem, and it’s disappointing to see some of the knee-jerk responses that have been put out there – not so much the MSM approved narrative, because that’s like blaming a scorpion for stinging you.

  24. H. Skip Robinson
    H. Skip Robinson says:

    One of the best articles of both substance and style I’ve read recently. Once your realize their MO is simply one thing, to sell good and services to the government(s) using those profits to buy up banks, media, entertainment and anything else they can pick up cheaply. That why they love war and democratic socialism and when it starts, they leave to count their profits from the sale of military equipment and supplies and just about anything else they can think of. Textbooks, voting machines, prison telephone systems, private guns, etc. and this is nothing new.

    At the ripe old age of 23, the infamous John D. Rockefeller, future robber baron and America’s wealthiest man, started his first transportation company to sell goods to the Federal Government to supply the Union Army during the American Civil War. He also had enough money to be able to pay a “Substitute’ to be drafted, then called “Conscription” the unconstitutional use of involuntary servitude. The war was so unpopular both sides had to enact conscription laws and yet both sides allowed their wealthy to sit on the sidelines out of harm’s way and profit from the war.

    This is something the ruling classes “gatekeepers” as some call them, journalists and authors, do not want everyone to know. The fact that Rockefeller had the money at this age, was able to secure such a government contract and was a large contributor to the Republican Party who backed Lincoln and the war, should be illuminating for many.

    The moral of the story is that the MO of the ruling class has always been, to sell goods and services to the taxpayers, and they will force us to fight and kill one another if necessary. From vaccines to nuclear subs and obviously, they care not what happens to the majority as their wealth is taken/stolen from them under always dubious reasons.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      It is one of modern life’s toothsome ironies that the charitable foundations which bear “infamous” names like Ford and Rockefeller are so Woke as to be almost at the point of changing nomenclature.

      One of the worst offenders re desired Marxist outcomes is the Pew Foundation.

  25. Lord Shang
    Lord Shang says:

    A very eye-opening essay for me (though I had more or less also reached Dr. Joyce’s final conclusion re how whites should think about the Ukraine crisis). Can someone, anyone, explain to me how the Jews, of all people, came out totally ahead in all these post-communist countries? What lessons can we learn from this astonishing state of affairs?

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