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  1. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    The media the jews and the government are all pushing the same line in order to foment a major war and economic catastrophe. Wisdom dictates we should ignore their lies and not be swayed . No sympathy for selfish Zelensky !

      HUGO FUERST says:

      It’s all very simple: The Jews are behind EVERYONE from Abramovich to Zelensky, Biden and Putin, Xi Jinping and Boris Johnson, Nick Fuentes and David Duke, Barham Salih and Naftali Bennett….

      • Sandra Cooke
        Sandra Cooke says:

        @ Hugo
        Don’t forget: Mikhail Fridman and Yuval Fuchs, David Icke and Donald Trump, Gilad Atzmon and Alan Dershowitz, Danny Finkelstein and Norman Finkelstein, Keith Starmer and Piers Corbyn, Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Cain and Abel, Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men.

        • Darian
          Darian says:

          @ Sandra
          Not to forget shark attacks, measles, diarrhea, mumps, pneumonia, deflated pneumatic tires, incompetent new hires, hair-lip. slipped disc, strip-search, stale Cheerios and Sugar Pops, and the sinking of the Titanic by that Jew Iceberg!

          • Sandra Cooke
            Sandra Cooke says:

            Oh yes. Mark Zuckerberg and Alfred Rosenberg…and also Jeffey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, Albert [E=mc2] Einstein and Larry [9/11] Silverstein, Gertrude Stein and Edith Stein, Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom und zum Stein. THEY are everywhere, over the banks, under the beds, behind the walls, in the cupboards.

  2. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    This is the line that caught my eye:

    “Since entering politics Zelenskiy has been dogged by claims he is under the influence of — Kevin MacDonald.”

    Well, son-of-a-gun, this situation is getting WAY more crazyy than I can follow. I am going to go lock myself in a closet.

  3. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    I think this fellow (see link) talks sense about the West’s interminable problem with Russia. All I know is that even after the Berlin Wall came down and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, the Russians had to remain “other” and as natural an adversary as the cobra is to the mongoose, such that NATO had to survive the Soviet Union, to endure as an alliance specifically arrayed against Russia.

    When I was a nuke-freeze activist in the 80s, I wrote of “Russophobia,” and now I seem to comprehend that the West’s Russophobia wasn’t necessarily due to their being commies.

  4. Chriss
    Chriss says:

    Roman Dmowski The question of Ukraine 1930
    /Google translater/
    Ukraine would be confronted with the great problems of a great state from the very first moment. First of all, the attitude towards Russia. The Russians would have to be the most infirm nation in the world to easily come to terms with the loss of the enormous area of ​​their most fertile lands, their coal and iron, which is their kerosene possession and access to the Black Sea. Then the exploitation of this coal and iron with all its consequences in the system and economic life of the country. The great issue is presented by the Black Sea coast, which is not ethnically Ukrainian, its attitude to Donna lands, to the non-Ukrainian Crimea, and even to the Caucasus. The Russian people, with their historical traditions and outstanding state instincts, gradually approached these issues and solved them in their own way. The new Ukrainian people would have to find their own means of coping with all these tasks at once, and they would reliably find out that it was beyond their strength. Admittedly, there would be those who would take care of it, but this is where the tragedy takes place. There is no human strength, able to prevent Ukraine, detached from Russia and transformed into an independent state, becoming a convergence of swindlers all over the world, who today find it very crowded in their own countries, capitalists and capital seekers, industry organizers, technicians and merchants, speculators and schemers, thugs and organizers of all kinds of prostitution: Germans, French, Belgians, Italians, British and Americans would be helped by local or nearby Russians, Poles, Armenians, Greeks, and finally the most numerous and most important of all Jews. A whole peculiar league of nations would gather here … All these elements, with the participation of smarter, more skilled in the interests of Ukrainians, would create the leading layer, the country’s elite. After all, it would be a special elite, because probably no country could boast such a rich collection of international crap. Ukraine would become an ulcer on the body of Europe; and people who dream of creating a cultured, healthy and strong Ukrainian nation, maturing in their own country, would find that instead of their own country, they have an international enterprise, and instead of healthy development, rapid progress of decay and decay. Anyone who supposes that with the geographical location of Ukraine and its territory, with the condition of the Ukrainian element, with its spiritual and material resources, and with the role of the Ukrainian issue in the present economic and political situation of the world, it could be otherwise – he has no imagination. The Ukrainian question has various advocates, both inside and outside Ukraine. Among the latter, there are many who know very well what they are going to. After all, there are also those who see the solution of this issue by separating Ukraine from Russia in a very idyllic way. The naive ones would do best to keep their hands off her.

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