The Great Russian Restoration III: Draining the Ukrainian Political Swamp

Note: I didn’t expect the last two articles on Russia to be so popular. Because of the rampant censorship in the West, I had given up all hope of writing seriously about politics in English about two years ago. But, so far, Substack has allowed genuine dissidents to stay platformed on their service, so I figured that I might give it a shot. Here is my recently made substack where I will be re-uploading what has already been published on Occidental Observer and reposted elsewhere. If you like what I’ve written, feel free to sign up there because I’ve got a lot more analysis articles in the pipeline in the coming days and weeks about the situation in Eastern Europe and also some essays about just how much I hate Liberalism and all that it stands for. A huge thank you to Professor MacDonald for publishing my articles. – Rolo

There appears to be a breather in the offensive campaign two weeks in. Every talking head with a Telegram channel, a LiveJournal or a radio broadcast has weighed in on what this means. Some accept the statements from Russian officials at face value—that it is a genuine effort to provide humanitarian relief to the civilian population and to save lives through evacuations. Others, that it is a chance for the Russians to resupply and mass up even more troops. Some patriot voices in Russia are furious that Putin refused to give the order to engage the enemy head-on, choosing the velvet glove approach instead. Others say that this stratagem to win over hearts and minds is the correct one. Most intelligent commentators have already pointed out just how intense and overwhelming the NATO/Ukrainian propaganda barrage was and just how ill-equipped the Russian side was to deal with it. In our previous article, we explained why that may have been the case— the government never really took combatting Western disinformation too seriously until it was almost too late. If there is one clear and objective failing of Putin’s long rule that can be squarely pinned on his decision-making, this would be it. However, Putin did have a media strategy and it was quite clear for many years what it was: he focused on controlling the main TV channels and left the rest of the enemy’s propaganda untouched. In Russia, the “boomers” are the main voting block and they turn out in strength for whoever the TV tells them to… or the Communists, if they’re feeling particularly peeved at the government during that cycle. So it wasn’t a bad plan on Putin’s part by any means and it was better than anything that Trump or any other modern populist leader was able to pull off, by far. It was however, a half-measure, and while the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the off-ramp was certainly built with half-measures.

Back on the warfront, rumors are circulating that Dniepopetrovsk might surrender by the time that the Russian forces reach it. Apparently, the Jewish oligarch Igor Kholomoisky, the kingpin of the city, may have sued for a separate peace with the Russians. I don’t want to make any hard predictions about the course that this war will take, but this isn’t really as absurd a proposition as it may seem at first glance. Rumor or not, mentioning it does cross us over neatly into the main topic of today’s post: the political power factions that control the Ukraine.

It is worth getting into the details here just so that we can come to an understanding of just what exactly Ukrainian politics was since independence. Ukrainian politics has been almost entirely dominated by the Eastern Mafias since the days of Presidents Kravchuk and Kuchma. There are two factions within the mafia that are worthy of particular mention: the Donbass and the Dniepropetrovsk groups. Both gained power when they took over the factories and the energy resources and the gas pipelines in their respective regions. Analysts who endlessly draw maps detailing ethnic compositions and language differences among the regions of Ukraine show themselves to be woefully uninformed and completely lost when it comes to understanding just what was happening in Ukraine over the last three decades. Dniepopetrovsk—–a Russian-speaking region (which shows how much that matters) has been the senior political power in the country since 2014. And the only shake-up that Ukrainian politics experienced over the last three decades, however minor, was the election and short-lived reign of Orange Revolution firebrand and then President (2005–2010), Victor Yushenko. Yushenko rose in on a wave of support from Western Ukraine, and crucially, he got many centrists in central regions to vote for him who were simply fed up with the corruption and criminal domination of Ukrainian politics. Nonetheless, Yushenko had to make a deal with Yulia Timoshenko (a Jewish gas baroness turned politician from Donbass) to form a powerful opposition block that became the ruling coalition once twice president (2002–2005 and 2010–2014) Victor Yanukovitch was ousted for the first time. Almost immediately, Yushenko ended up getting backstabbed by Yulia and her people. Or, to be fair, perhaps one could make the case that he betrayed her first and worse and got what he had coming. It doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of things because the political elite of Ukraine always kept themselves busy tricking, arresting and stealing from one another. Yushenko’s ineffectual stint in power led to Yanukovitch’s (also a Donbass Mafia member) return to power and the events leading up to Euromaidan 2014.

That being said, the events that led to the current situation in Ukraine can be traced back to any point in history, really. One event leads to another so long as we are bound by the chain of cause and effect. It all depends on the skill of the writer to connect the dots and construct a narrative, really. So, my decision to pin the start of the sequence of events that led to this conflict on the events that occurred during the Yushenko era is arbitrary— we could just as easily go back to Kuchma and Kravchuk or to the events all the way back to the Khmelnitsky uprising in the seventeenth century if we wanted to. My goal is not to lay the blame on one corrupt politician or gangster to whitewash the others— only to shed light on a part of the story that Western readers might not be aware of and to push back against simplistic explanations offered for the conflict by ideologists with their own personal agendas informing their framing of events in a certain way.

As a direct result of Yushenko’s ascent to the presidency, a new faction began to rise in Ukraine that had hitherto not exercised power on the national level. We will pick up the story with the Orange Revolution president making the historic decision to start legitimizing and integrating the Galician right-wing radicals (often labeled “neo-Nazis”) into his government, but the lore behind the Galician faction stretches back to the bedlam of the Russian Revolution and is certainly worth delving into another time.

Once Yushenko began injecting die-hard Galician faction members into the security apparatus of Ukraine, they quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the secret police (SBU) and began taking up key positions in the military and defense offices. Assassinations, intimidations and power-grabs became the order of the day (not that they ever really stopped). Yanukovitch, who retook office soon after, did nothing to undo what was initiated by his predecessor and continued funding this operation up to the day that he was chased out of the country by many of these very same people working against him in the security services and in the mob that had gathered in the Maidan Square beneath his presidential residence. Why did he do this? Well, after the controlled demolition of the USSR, the political class of literally every single FSU country adopted something that has been derisively dubbed in Russia as the “sitting on two stools” approach to foreign policy. Put simply: they try to play the West and Russia off each other to extract more concessions from Russia. This was indeed a lucrative grift while it lasted, but eventually the stools toppled over and the whole thing came crashing down. Relative to Yanukovich, Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, got quite lucky. But that’s another story for another time.

Suffice it to say, in the FSU, the anti-Russian separatists/nationalists/Westernists have always enjoyed the secret support of even “pro-Russian” politicians and “pro-Russian” governments. This is because their job was to scare and intimidate the majority of voters, and shore up the power of the “moderate” government, which would prop up the radicals as scarecrows come election time. Now, I’m not a moral purist when it comes to politics by any means, and I can even appreciate a dastardly political stratagem pulled off by my enemies so long as it demonstrates acumen in the same way that a military man can appreciate and study a foreign army’s tactics while on campaign. But Yanukovitch was no Sun Tzu, and he ended up outfoxing himself. To be fair, perhaps he was too busy looting the country and settling old scores with his mafia rivals to notice the new pack of hyenas circling in on him. Regardless, after he was gone, the Galician faction got to finish their takeover of the entire security apparatus of Ukraine, helped along by the rebellion in Donbass and the annexation of Crimea, which gave them carte blanche to purge the ranks of unsympathetic officers, spooks and bureaucrats.

The bloggers who have been bellowing about UkroFascists!!! and the “nazification” of Ukraine on the internet for the last 10 years are probably talking about these people and their takeover of the security structures. But because of their use of the same hysterical buzzwords used by the beloved and trustworthy Western media and their thinly veiled USSR nostalgia, they have turned many sympathetic Westerners with conservative, nationalistic leanings away from them and their writings. The tone-deafness and poor persuasion skills of pro-Russian internet boomers aside, they are quite correct in stating that the Galicians or the Banderanazis(!!!) if you prefer, run Kiev now. However, this is only half the picture. The other half is the Eastern Mafia, which is very much still in the picture and hasn’t been sitting idly by. Kholomoisky of Dniepopetrovsk has successfully raised his own private army (the infamous Azov battalion) and he has defeated the Donbass mafia with targeted assassinations and because of his strategic alliance with the Galician faction, which runs the government. This is the power coalition running Ukraine now. The Galician faction runs the security apparatus/military with their gang and Kholomoisky controls the economy and media of the country with his gang. Needless to say, both groups have the support of Western spook agencies. And both groups believe that Ukraine is their turf and are willing to kill a lot of people to keep it that way.

But the largest feather in Kholomoisky’s cap is no doubt President Zelensky himself. Kholomoisky’s channel created and ran the “Servant of the People” show that featured Zelensky as an honest and intrepid President of Ukraine dedicated to fighting corruption and defending the Ukrainian people. When the elections came around, Kholomoisky’s people and his media resources went all out in campaigning for their man. My personal favorite play was when they bribed Facebook fortune-tellers to spin prophecies about the coming of the president-that-was-promised and thereby secured the superstitious peasant granny vote. If any Western politicians are reading this, put down Sun Tzu and try some of this Kholomoisky fellow’s stratagems during the next election cycle instead.

Now, Russia has declared that they are planning to do a thorough “denazification” campaign, which almost certainly means a thorough purge of the Galician faction from the positions that they have taken since Yushenko let them into the government. As for what will happen to the oligarchs who bankrolled this whole operation, well, that’s still somewhat up in the air. It’s worth point out that Russia used to have dealings with them right up until the events of Euromaidan. The arrangement was simple: Russia paid them to behave and not ally against Russia with the West. As we can see looking back, this was clearly a catastrophic strategy, and what’s worse, I can only shake my head at how uncreative and uninspired it was—a cardinal sin in my book. The worst possible outcome for Ukraine at this point is if Russia comes to a compromise with some element of the existing power structure in Ukraine once they wrap up the military operation. We now know that no negotiations with the Galician faction are possible, so we can cross them off the list. That leaves the Eastern Mafia. Rumors of Kholomoisky’s imminent surrender aside, I can’t help but hope that his chutzpah has finally crossed the line and that he will be forced to spend the rest of his days exiled in Israel along with his puppet Zelensky. As for the rest of the oligarchs, well, both Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Timoshenko held photo-ops in Kiev with Kalashnikovs in their hands, so we can cross them off the list as well. Further than that and we enter the realm of pure speculation.

Clearly, the best outcome would be for a military man from Russia with no history of doing politics or business in Ukraine to come in and take the reins as a vizier or military governor of sorts for a time. This solution may offend committed ideologists and apologists for Liberal Democracy (read: Oligarchy), but the hard truth of the situation that Ukraine finds itself in is one in which literally no one who was anywhere near the reins of power in that country for the last three decades has his hands clean. These people all looted, collaborated and murdered with near impunity for 30 years. With Russia now performing a political prison break from Liberal Oligarchic Occupation Government right before our very eyes, we can only hope that Ukraine will be able to follow suit and break free from the shackles as well.

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  1. Conrad
    Conrad says:

    It’s remarkable that the author evaded mentioning his racist and inaccurate references to Armenians and his wide off-the-mark mention that the Baltic and Turkish “Sputnik” editors are Armenian. Among certain Russians, there’s unabashed racism towards the people of the Caucasus (Armenians, Azerbaijanis, and Georgians). Some Russians refer to the people of the Caucasus the Russian equivalent of “n–gers”. The author’s frequent mention of peoples’ ethnicity is telling.

    • Rolo Slavskiy
      Rolo Slavskiy says:

      >Russians refer to the people of the Caucasus the Russian equivalent of “n–gers”.


    • Rafael Sanz
      Rafael Sanz says:

      I completely agree, Russians were and are extremely racist towards not only Armenians, but Baltics in general and specially towards Latvians.
      Concerning the Jewish ethnicity from Ukrainian oligarchs, he forgets the Jewish ethnicity from Russian oligarchs.
      Sorry, but this article is a piece of Russian disinformation.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Who cares if Russians are racist? I thought we were for racism here? Haven’t we all been thrashing out for years that being racist simply means preferring your own to others? Anyone who isn’t racist is a pathetic self-hating creep.
        And just because you may have a general dislike of a race of people, doesn’t mean you are going to be personally cruel or obnoxious towards a representative of.
        That is just called being am assh#le.
        Here’s a question that’s never answered, what exactly are racist people supposed to do in Liberal morality? Kill themselves? Don’t they suffer enough the way multiracialism is thrown down their throat at every opportunity? Aren’t they the most depised group of the current era, the very definition of a persecuted minority, who paradoxically are supposed to be at the top of the victim total pole?

  2. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    Thank you again for these superb three articles – clear, insightful analysis is like a healing balm in the middle of all the confusion and propaganda. Poor Ukraine – it needed its own «Владимир спаситель” (Vladimir the Savior, i.e. Putin) to control the pack of hyenas looting and killing on their way up the greasy pole. That such a total mess is being held up as a “democracy heroically resisting Russian aggression” in US and European media is utterly disgusting. Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster has been uploading videos from the front lines near Donetsk – his interviews with the civilians there show their incredible toughness and refusal to give up. There is a beautiful quality of long-suffering nobility in them, a very Slavic quality, that I find inspiring and moving.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I agree, “US and European media is utterly disgusting” and in some cases a very large section of the population, maybe even a majority, are disgusting too. In the USA too, but I am thinking of Europe. I find them so disgusting because I love what Europe was and I hate what they have done to it. In my opinion, the worst is Germany.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “in some cases a very large section of the population, maybe even a majority, are disgusting too.”
        Are these folks disgusting? Aren’t they not simply victims? They’ve went seamlessly from BLM to Covid19 to Ukraine hysteria without missing a beat.
        Every one of these delusions have been disastrous. For their nations, but for them especially.
        First they lost public safety and countless city blocks, then their businesses & jobs were destroyed, their health ruined, and they’ve all been injected with with something evil. Now they’re going to be impoverished.
        What will the next hysteria be, and what calamity will it inflict on them?
        This part of the population, this real problem part, the total morons who fanatically believe in all these hoaxes, they are a problem for us, they are insanely retarded, but it’s disgusting what’s been done to them, it’s too hard on them to say they themselves are disgusting.
        They are more on the level of abused children. Their refusal to think or face reality hurts us all, they are infuriating, but we can’t hate them. Above all they are victims, most victimise themselves, but they’re still victims.
        The people they worship, MSM globohomo shills, hate them. They despise them, they want them dead. So whether we like it or not, they are on our side.
        I’m as infuriated as anyone by them, and they hate us, we’re racist fascist monsters to them, and they’d likely kill us if they could, but we haven’t the luxury to hate them back, we need to somehow help them.

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    @ Rolo

    If you don’t know about Andrei over at the blog well you are in for a very special treat!



  4. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Sounds like Al Capone’s prohibition era, gangland Chicago. Will a Russian Elliot Ness be empowered to clean up the mess? Unless the Jews are shown the door that seems dubious. Putin let’s the Jews run their oligarchic schemes in Russia just so long as they enrich him and don’t step on his toes. Perhaps that is suitable resolution of things for Slavs but it cannot be for Nordics. It is an outrage that cannot be allowed to stand.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      After one boils the water off part of your statement, one is left with the insight, that Slavs enjoy or tolerate being ripped off for their labors, as were Nordics are not. Show me a single such Slav, or other earthling !

      When I conducted a domestic, US tour for the then joined NRTA / AARP, in the early 70s, my favorite couple were the Roehrers from Milwaukee. He was a member of the inner circle of Elliot Ness and she a retiree from the then still palatable CIA.

      As is my abominable habit, I plied him with questions after hours. I could easily have enjoyed a hamburger with Capone, but not with the senior Bronfman who supplied him with legal distillery liquor from Winnipeg across the Lakes. From three hotels, each with its own brothel.

      Of course even this curse later moved to Montreal, to increase his ” respectability ” among his own, by going into the mortgage-lending business, presumably with compound interest, for even greater respectability.

      His son Edgar, bought Seagrams Distillery, Tropicana Orange juice and everything in between, before his new respectable job as President of the World Jewish Congress in New York.

      In order not to go hungry there, upon arrival, he omitted to pay 8 hundred millions in Canada taxes.
      His vice President at the WJC was the renowned, Member or the British House of Lords, ” labor grandee ” Greville Janner, Baron of Braunstone [ not Brownstein ]. He took boys from Leicestershire care homes to the Holiday Inn, in Edinburgh, were he buggered them. His daughter became a rabbi. 23 years of Police reports found no echo at their UK Criminal Investigations Service.

      Another offspring of the Bronfman family organized the fund raising dinners for the election of our current PM , Windelkind, or diaper child, and no friend of Truckers, Trudeau; himself enthralled by Biden’s Sanhedrin.

      No surprise at all, that he invited Zelensky to address Parliament. A Zelensky who now adorns himself in Churchill’s famous war-serving verbiage.
      Of course Churchill was eminently more successful in his St. Valentine’s Day massacre in Dresden, than Capone’s famous murder by the same name.

      Which completes my wide circumference circle with its own specious interconnections.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        That’s just the problem, isn’t it? The British being in charge of the Nordic house, not Germans. Fortunately in America there are more people of German descent than there are British. Yes, I know, copious mixing between the two, so what? What is needed is a spirited German housecleaning and not more snooty British moralizing and money-grubbing.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        No one’s mentioned it, so I will, your comments are really very good. It’s always something left-field and interesting.
        It’s what comments are made for, people’s personal original views, and condensed versions of interesting takes from leaned others, that folks have read and believe to be truthful, and worth sharing.
        The kind of thing you share is what I would like to be putting out there in 20, 30 years time, when I’m of a similar vintage.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Your reply inflated my head to the point where I had to dismantle my door jambs, in order to get it through the doors.
          02 Surely you are not yet 50; talking of vintage.
          03 My entire university efforts, and costs, were directed at becoming a history professor at bucolic Dartmouth. With a Harris Tweed jacket; leather elbow patches and all. One wife, two cars, 2.9 children and a house on 10.5 acres, with pool, 1.7 cats and a dog. Talking socially demanded averages here.
          04 I detested Algebra, but when it was applied to language in the form of Formal Logic, I loved it. I attained the highest marks in that course in its ten years of existence. My prof had written a 2 pp newspaper article, so to speak, and we had to find a miniscule error in logic; which took me 1.5 hours, but I caught it.
          05 I took an advanced Sociology course spanning 45 lectures, skipped half of those and took 13 pp of note; and got a B+.
          06 However, before graduation I started work with US Army in Europe HQ, Intelligence, at Patton Barracks in Heidelberg. There I finished my BA requirements by a Correspondence course, and well remember, that the course required 432 pp of written answers, mailed by post and assessed by a far-off prof. As opposed to13 pp in class.
          07 My point is, that you don’t require a lot of money to study; there are a great number of such programs available, but one needs to apply caution when choosing.
          08 Use your ears and eyes more than your mouth and you might find out, two years before the world, that East and West Pakistan were going to separate.
          09 In return for partial support by my mother, through her businesses, I promised to return from the U of West Berlin with a PhD. I left my Masters Program at the UNC, Chapel Hill, incomplete, never thinking, that Berlin would accept me.
          10 After a year and a half at Berlin, I replied to a negligible note on the bulletin board, offering a job, with a staggering wage of 2,000 marks per month. Dorm B, Room 8, commencing at 10:00 tomorrow.
          11 A week later, an exchange student from Duke and I drove to Lucerne, Hotel Atlantic, and I was working for American Grand Circle Tours, 555 Madison Ave., NY.
          Catering, non-profit, to the National Association of Retired Persons and the National Retired Teachers Association: 6.3 million members back then.
          12 I guided tours 4 times around the world, each 66 days, and in every nook and cranny in Europe. 80 countries in total. I am not bragging, but trying to get across, that travel is the greatest education possible. One can start locally, work hard, then apply to one of the world’s main operators. They vary greatly, catering to different clienteles. Don’t apply to American Express, which sweeps its travelers out of the New York gutter.
          13 Don’t neglect your primary duties to family and community, but be parsimonious with the remainder of your time and invest it profitably in yourself.

          End of lecture # 45r6-750/k. Bonne chance !

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            I didn’t mean to be rude about your age, just that you mentioned the 70’s the way I would the 00’s.
            You tell a good story too. Mine’s nowhere near as glamorous. I had a ‘family misunderstanding’ that so enraged me I went to war against the world and ended up knees deep in what they call the ‘white death’.
            Living in the underclass radicalised me as much as it did Engels or Orwell.(Though I not sure Engels actually lived it)
            Thanks for the advice anyways it appreciated.

  5. Knox1957
    Knox1957 says:

    Good article by Mr. Slavski.

    Let’s congratulate Russia on its inevitable victory over Ukraine.

    Ukraine will become a neutral country, and Russia will take much of Ukraine’s territory for itself.

    Thing is, this is just one victory. NATO has won just about all of eastern Europe and will win more. No one mentions that.

    And now NATO will build up its armament even more against Russia.

    Russia is bogged down in Syria, can’t eject the US, ISIS, or Turkey from there, and was beaten by Turkey in Libya.

    Turkey is making strides towards the Black Sea.

    So Russia is in deep trouble, Putin’s macho image notwithstanding.

    Countries see Russia and run in the other direction. That’s the long term trend.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 There are many excellent articles available on this overall situation: but NONE comes even close to yours.

    02 Ukraine is the poorest per capita country in Europe in spite of its former status of having been Europe’s breadbasket.

    03 Instead of the profits of its labor accruing to its creators, it ends up with OPTIMA REAL ESTATE in Miami, run by two jews; who launder Kholomoysky’s hundreds of millions in Ohio, West Virginia, NY, and of course Pennsylvania..

    04 Apparently the US banking sanctions only apply to Russian oligarchs, since none exist in the Ukraine !!! ONLY ONCE have I heard mention of Kholomoysky on US msm , in connection with the arraignment of his said two jew money launderers, prosecuted in Florida: most likely the beneficiaries of the same sweetheart deal initially afforded to Epstein there.

    05 I most fervently hope, that Putin will not enter a SEPARATFRIEDEN with Kholomoysky, like that of Brest- Litovsk.


    07 Putin should guarantee safe passage to some of the residually independent journalists in the West, to cover even the arrival of his special envoy and film him going through the Control Tower’s staffing schedule, until he arrives at the exact date and time; possibly evidenced by a voice transcript.

    The next question to the ascertained Controller, should be: Who gave the order ? And what was the reason given for altering its flightpath ?

    Said Controller might be forgiven for not remembering the cause of his last marital squabble: but, my God, 298 innocent people perished; a matter that would indelibly imprint itself on one’s psyche and memory. No matter how much the bribe, nor its form.

    These losses were of course swept before Putin’s door. Said foreign journalists should film said Controller being given a lie detector test, IN THE PRESENCE OF WESTERN LIE DETECTION EXPERTS, whose immediate observations should also be held fast by film. [ As at Katyn ]. I mentioned here earlier, that Malaysia, the owner of said airliner, was governed by Mahathir Mohammad, who referred to $oro$, as a ” dirty little Jewish speculator ” at a financial conference in Hong Kong.

    08 Kholomoysky was Governor of the Dniepropetrovsk Oblast and owed several AIRLINES, among innumerable other investments, such as a controlling share of PivatBank, itself having a large share of the country’s banking industry: and he was indicted for emptying it of its depositors’ funds.

    Made good by US taxpayers’ tens of millions to help Ukraine, alone, out of this fiasco. WHAT A DIABOLICAL, STATE -BANKRUPTING, UNBROKEN CIRCLE BY ONE AND THE SAME INTERNATIONALLY NEPOTISTIC, ENTITLED MISHPACHA !!!

    09 You and KM mentioned, that you initially intended to provide us with three installments. Well, you can’t leave us hanging after the most recent revelation, AFTER Nuland’s biolabs, that US Forces trained and supplied Ukrainians THIRTEEN MILES WITHIN THE UKRAINIAN BORDER, vis-a-vis NATO Poland.

    10 Being fully aware of the fact, that you need to eat and sleep, and maintain some sort of security, I will go to the bank on Monday morning to send a money order to KM, asking that it be specifically allotted to you.

    I also ask your other beneficiaries / consumers here, to do the same.

    11 During a regrettably FOX newscast, its so called journalist stood before an ordered lineup of ca 60 corpses, wrapped in hoses of black garbage type plastic, open at the end.

    The wind blew open one such corpse, WHICH REACHED OUT TO COVER HIMSELF AGAIN. It’s pure guess work as to how many others of these victims could have accomplished the same.

    I shall find the clip and mention here how to access it.

    12 All the more heartrending to witness hundreds of others being unceremoniously discarded into trenches, like formerly off the flat bed trains during the Holodomor. It appears, that your metropolitan, indeed universal ” superstitious peasant rural grannies ” will never learn.

    Keep that eye in the back of your head open !

    • Rolo Slavskiy
      Rolo Slavskiy says:

      >09 You and KM mentioned, that you initially intended to provide us with three installments. Well, you can’t leave us hanging after the most recent revelation, AFTER Nuland’s biolabs, that US Forces trained and supplied Ukrainians THIRTEEN MILES WITHIN THE UKRAINIAN BORDER, vis-a-vis NATO Poland.

      No, I just mentioned that I didn’t think that many people would read it. I intend to write much more in the coming days and weeks.

      I was going to post this note over on my newly-created substack:

      If you would like to support my writing, I ask that you send crypto instead of signing up for any Stripe payment system provided by Substack for now. Bank accounts of dissidents in the West have now been routinely shut down and their assets seized before and this practice is likely to intensify and continue. Because I speak plainly and openly about the power of the Jewish oligarchs, there is a very real threat that I will eventually be sanctioned if I link my American bank account to this blog.

      Furthermore, there is no easy way to transfer money across the Iron Curtain thanks to the sweeping sanctions imposed on Russia. Seeing as I spend most of my time in Eastern Europe, there’s really no easy way to access the funds. Perhaps I will be able to find a workaround for this in the near future with a Chinese account or a loaner American account, but there’s no guarantees that this will work longterm.

      Regardless, cryptocurrency is the only real viable means going forward that we have to support one another and to disconnect from the control grid built by our enemies. Serious people should not blanche at the thought of spending an afternoon learning how to set up an account on a crypto exchange. It is so simple that illiterate third world immigrants know how to purchase and send remittances in crypto home to their equally illiterate families. Why dissidents in the West refuse to adopt crypto and build networks of funding and support with it is beyond me – especially when you consider the benefits of anonymity, not relying on big banks and the ability to transfer large amounts of money literally anywhere and to anyone almost instantly. If you know how to use a credit card, you should have no problem learning to use crypto.

      My bitcoin address: bc1qpllsz63f7qj09l948c5ay2kka7mpw3sc8aqzhe

      Thank you and remember to keep your head up regardless of what happens next. Yes, it’s going to get a lot weirder out there before it gets any better. And no, we shouldn’t put any misplaced faith in the masses/proles/peasants ever “waking up” and “doing something” to change the current course that the oligarchs have charted. Focus instead on what you can control and work to acquire personal strength at all costs. We should be preparing ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for what is to come. It is an iron law of this cosmos that we must be given a chance to save ourselves. That means that brief windows of opportunity will open up and when they do, we must be strong enough to force them.

      Until then, the work continues.

      – Rolo

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Rolo, ca. a year ago, I saw a videoed interview by a western journalist of a ca. 45 year old Crimean Russian, in Crimea. He had been a member of Ukraine’s central Government for 14 years.

        Among other interesting disclosures, he mentioned, that Kholomoyski was the REAL owner of Burisma, obfuscated by shell companies.

        So far I have not had time to read Miranda Devine’s apparent bestseller LAPTOP FROM HELL, based on 9,000 pages of Hunter Biden’s wandering computer. So I don’t know whether she makes the same Kholomoysky-Burisma-Hunter connection.

        What do your sources say ?

        • Rolo Slavskiy
          Rolo Slavskiy says:

          Yes, the Bidens were clearly in cahoots with Kholomoisky. How could they not be? Kholomoisky was the most powerful man in the country at the time (probably still is). Furthermore, Burisma was ostensibly a gas company and at that point Kholomoisky was busy mopping up his rival oligarchs in that industry and consolidating his control of the continued looting operation going on in Ukraine.

  7. bruno
    bruno says:

    Thank you for your views. I had tea with Kravchuk (spelled several different ways in Eng.) the first Prez and have been all over Ukraine. You are correct about the Banderovcy. They seem to hate everyone and desire a “pure” Ukraine. Today the Western Ukes just about worship Bandera.

    Let us remember that during Eurocide II the Banderas killed over 100,000 Polonians and just about all the Armenians, Zs and other non-Ukrainians within their grasp. Hitler had to go in with his troops to stop their massacring. As for Bandera, AH had him incarcerated. After WWII he was killed by a KGB agent while in Germany.

    As for the so-called “Russians” that switched to the German side, most historians verify a large number were ukes and at the end they betrayed the Germans because they had no heart in the war. In fact, there are several historians who have indicated they threw their guns down and ran away during the last days of conflict. So much for the Uke and Bandera saga.

    As for the Zyds, you have to remember that before Eurocide II 2/3s of the Polish Zs resided in the kresy (E. Poland) and nearly 3 mln resided in E. Ukraine. That’s the highest concentration of Zs in the world.

    If we go back in hx., during Uncle Joe’s era, they wanted to make the Crimera into a zydowski raj (and autonomous J republic). In brief, due to numbers, they have always retained influence in Kiev. Most are no longer religious. However, they retain ethnic sentiments (network).

    I wonder if you know how many Ukes actually went to Israel, after the breakup of the USSR. I’ve read several articles on that. The general figure is around 2 million. Of course, we know that over 100,000 returned.

    Lastly, you are correct. They own Ukraine lock-stock and barrel. Once again, thank you for your perceptions.

  8. Götterdamn-it-all
    Götterdamn-it-all says:

    “…we can only hope that Ukraine will be able to follow suit and break free from the shackles as well.”

    He misspelled “shekels”.

  9. Heavy Gustav's Flying Truthbomb
    Heavy Gustav's Flying Truthbomb says:

    “Jewish Nazis in Ukraine”. Lol. Most certainly! It’s all just superficial Russian propaganda, just as the People’s Teacher recognizes (who, by the way, is back from Brazil, just as I predicted you would be). RT readers should realize late now that they have been fooled, confused and instrumentalized for years. Putin is not a “Christian ethnonationalist” as American simpletons dreamed him up, but a Jewish-controlled Bolshevik and ex-KGB agent pushing a Dugin agenda of creating chaos.

    What is this war about? It’s about driving a deep wedge between Europe (especially its heartland Germany) and the Russian resources, as the Jew Friedman already recklessly revealed. And the profiteer of the whole vabanque game is the USA. Not the whites of the USA, because they are also under fire from the Jews. But the USA as an instrument of power of the Jews and life insurance of Israel.

    All wars of the Jews have been started under a hypocritical pretext. Pearl Harbour, Osama bin Laden, the incubator lie, the chemical weapons lie, and so on. What is the very worst nowadays in the Jewish-dominated West as well as in the Russian East? We all know it: to be “Nazi”. Therefore, in order to present the mission of the Jews before the world as “credible”, even if everybody smells the untrustworthiness behind it, Jew-puppet Putin has to declare it as “fight against Nazis (denazification)”. For the allegedly Nazi “Azov Battalion” is itself a product of the Jews (just like ISIS, with which, some rumor not without reason, it has similarities).

    As always, the Jews serve both sides of the ostensible conflict, in which human sacrifice plays no role. The only important thing is that the white humanity remains deeply divided, cannot find peace and cannot find itself. And any strengthening or economic independence from the USA through cheap energy prices remains prevented.

    Russian agents have implanted in the ranks of “white nationalists” the superstition that Putin is the last hero of the Occident. It was already so funny as unbelievable that the complete idiot and Putin-shill Anglin calls himself a “representative of Jesus Christ”. The fact that he now carries out their own propaganda against “Aryans” and “(Neo)Nazis”, in order to completely disintegrate the nationalist camp of the Whites, is not only due to his lack of brain cells, but could not please the Jews even more and let them rub their hands. Bezmenov’s prediction about the infiltration of the West by the Comintern (Fifth Column) has come true.

    The Russians now know how politically stupid and weak the West is, and how perforated by the self-defeating ideology of liberalism. That is why they can now play high stakes in the game for their resources. Presumably, in the giant empire there are not only mineral resources, but also previously uncovered truths in archives concerning the “Holocaust”.

    It is also no coincidence that China is the emerging world power, and the Jews are looking for a new host as a bulwark of their parasitic raison d’être after the finished, sucked dry and ready for civil war America. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Russia should turn to China rather than to the white Europeans, moreover, Russia and China are to this day the leading world representatives of Jewish communism. A world can only be useful and meaningful as a bi- or multipolar dichotomy for the goings-on of the Jews behind the scenes.

  10. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Haaretz writes of the US jews’ displeasure with their omnipotent AIPAC, for supporting Republican incumbents and contestants for this fall’s election, who doubt Biden’s electoral legitimacy.

    One or more of them must have seen the hole in the hull and are abandoning ship, to be on the right side of history this November, and all it portends.

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Putin undoubtedly learned in school, that the Tzars of old conquered immense areas formerly belonging to China.

    02 In Physics class, he undoubtedly learned, as all of us did, that bodies of vastly unequal pressure, next to one another, will try to equalize themselves.

    03 Siberia, lightly populated but well developed, including many fine universities and cultural centers, endowed with unlimited fresh water and minerals, is the comparatively low-population-pressure area.

    04 I believe, that Putin, as a realist and strategist, knows full well, that despite his present chumminess and cooperation with Peking, China will, sooner or later, translate from Hebrew to Mandarin, the settlers’ famous, eight hundred thousand times mendacious ” A LAND WITHOUT PEOPLE FOR A PEOPLE WITHOUT LAND “.

    He likely read of Deir Yassin and another dozen of similar massacres.

    05 I believe he is vitally interested to cover his rear vis-a-vis
    NATO Europe, for that inevitable day in his far east. Even if that day were to dawn during his successor’s time.

  12. Just a Question
    Just a Question says:

    The modern Jewish fraud already begins with mixing honest work and its fruits with the fatal results of Jewish communism. National Socialism would have been unpronounced (Jewish) Communism. National Socialism was the attempt to fraternize the child of a noble German with a peasant son of his tribe. A national paradise! We are not united by class, but by race! National Socialism is not a Marxist collective farm. But the insight to overcome the Jewish division within the peoples.

  13. Just a Question
    Just a Question says:

    National Socialism does not mean “Industrial entrepreneurs
    are enemies!” But “We are social within the nation!”

  14. Just a Question
    Just a Question says:

    The mountain of garbage that the Jews pushed in front of our noses seems insurmountable. They have blocked our view. We are in the final stage of the struggle. Our body is still twitching, whetting itself against the instilled poison, showing signs of life, which is what we (right-wing radicals) are. They want to triumph now at all costs, they want to celebrate the success that we are at their feet. That we are genetically and mentally manipulative biomass. Only a miracle can save us. This miracle must be a push of the mass in another direction. Let’s compare the power of the Jews a hundred years ago and now, it is not well with us!

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Let’s compare the power of the Jews a hundred years ago and now, it is not well with us!”
      – Yes but let’s also compare, say the UK’s power in 1900, or Tsarist Russia’s.
      It just shows, proves even, that these things go up and they go down.
      This of all ages is the age of money, we know who’s best in that regard, add to that their fortuitous immigration to a nation like the USA, that probably couldn’t possibly have been set up better to be subverted and ransacked by their mafia.
      We’re already in the next era, and their power is draining away with America’s.
      100 years from now China will be so dominant people will have difficulty imagining it was ever any other way.
      Someone mentioned Russia-Chinese territorial disputes. I don’t think it will be too hard for Russia to give up some of that vast land they scooped up in the Victorian era, it was basically their empire, but like America, were smart enough not to call it that.
      They’d die to the last man for the lands of Moscow, St Petersbourg, Volgograd, couple others. Vladivostoc too perhaps.
      But the empty interior I don’t imagine they have any great deep emotional attachment to.
      China will offer them a fair price and they’ll just do another Alaska deal.

  15. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    As regards the deeply intellectually poisoned Amerikinder and their European dupes, the famous Pogo quote comes to mind, “We have met the enemy, and he is us” !

  16. Fred
    Fred says:

    How come Russia is getting its ass kicked by a small military of Ukraine. I see so many dead Russians all over Ukraine. Russians all have outdated guns and military vehicles. They are a bunch of malnourished rats. I laugh Russia for showing how weak they are. They hide behind nuclear bomb like tough guy buy as soon as war starts they show their lack of fighting ability

  17. Imiy
    Imiy says:

    Well, that’s a lot of ridiculousness here. SBU wasn’t ruled by Galicians at all in the times of Yanukovich. Not at all. All the power unit was ruled by russians. To the point that the defense minister was openly a russian citizen. Timoshenko is from Dnipropetrovsk (btw, city is called Dnipro now. Didn’t your russian masters inform you?). Yanukovich was president just once. He was a Prime minister twice. Azov isn’t Kolomoyskiy’s thing. Some say Avakov has influence on it.
    It’s funny also if you think russia isn’t ruled by jewish oligarchs…


    To Imiy:

    Tell your Davos masters that here is not the forum for trolls like you. Why don’t you write on the BBC website where paid whores like you can spread their lies into their own bubble.

    Contact me here for a duel if you have the balls! I WILL MAKE YOU FORGET THE TASTE OF BREAD

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