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Russia Has No Strategy For Winning This War

If you look at and analyze the Not-War on the strategic level, well, you can’t help but come to the conclusions and talking points presented by the pessimists. If you’re honest, that is. But the narrative has now shifted and the discussion is being framed on the tactical level. That is, the events around Bakhmut […]

The Kremlin at a Crossroads: What Happens Next Will Determine Whether Russia Continues to Exist as a Sovereign State

Chances are, you started paying attention to Russia right around the time that the Euromaidan coup was pulled off and the rebellion in the East began. Or, you came in around the time that the Syria intervention kicked off. During this period, people on the internet began looking for explanations to understand what was occurring. […]

The Elusive “Jewish Solution”: Thoughts on Igor Shafarevich’s “Postscript to ‘The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma’” 

I recently provided a translation of Igor Shafarevich’s final remarks on his own work, “The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma,” addressing the Jewish Question in which he tries to expound on possible solutions going forward. Please read the original text first. If I wanted to, I could easily write a glowing review of Igor Shafarevich and his work […]

Igor Shafarevich: “Postscript to ‘The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma'”

Postscript to The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma Igor Shafarevich ____________________________ Editor’s note: The following is Rolo Slavski’s translation of Igor Shafarevich’s “Postscript to The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma.” The original citation is: Igor Shafarevich (2009), “Posleslovie k Trekhtysiacheletnei zagadke.”Nash sovremennik, No. 11. Nash sovremennik is a Russian literary magazine. Both footnotes were added by the editor. I re-read my […]

Andrei Lyubegin, Russian Nationalist and Right-Wing Reformer

Andrei Lyubegin—“Nationalism 2.0” Activist and Right-Wing Reformer Andrei Lyubegin is an alumnus of the famous Russian right-wing journal Sputnik and Pogrom and then the lesser known and shorter-lived “Vendee” project. Sputnik and Pogrom was the largest right-wing publication of its kind in Russia and was quite a phenomenon at its time. Vendee was something more […]