Why “Nazis” in Ukraine?

In the current conflict between Ukraine and its Western allies versus Putin’s Russia, both sides have blamed the other as being “Nazis”. The Jewish comedian and actor become Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said “Russia attacked Ukraine in a cowardly and suicidal way like Nazi Germany did during World War II.”[1] For his part, Putin declared in his address of February 24, referring apparently to the role of the Azov battalion in the fighting in eastern Ukraine: “The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine.”[2]

Both statements may appear to have some validity, though the irony and clownish accusations of each side calling the other “Nazis” is inevitably humorous. Putin’s comment seems to have more validity, since circumstances between Ukraine and Russia today are far different than between Ukraine and Germany in 1941. Conversely, news of “Neo-Nazis” in Ukraine have permeated Western media for years, with reporting on such groups as Azov Battalion and umbrella group Right Sector, among others.

Much can be said about this phenomenon of National Socialist and affiliated groups and interests persisting in Ukraine to this day, but here we will focus on the historical roots of why “Neo-Nazis” are said to exist with such prominence in Ukraine today.

Before dawn on June 22 1941, the National Socialist armies, formally joined by the soldiers of Hungary, Rumania and Italy, as well as soldiers from many other nations in the Waffen SS, launched Operation Barbarossa.[3] Stalin had impoverished the USSR assembling and equipping the world’s largest horde of armies, which were poised on the mutual border with Germany via the then double-occupied Poland.  Arranged in two Strategic Eschelons, all Soviet defensive structures and forces had been removed, and Stalin’s immense Red Army was preparing to launch a devastating offensive attack into Germany and onward to seize all of Europe.[4]

Hitler and the National Socialist Germans and their allies struck first in a bold pre-emptive strike on a scope and scale the world had never seen. Three immense columns of troops, tanks, armaments of every kind, and supplies, accompanied by the Luftewaffe forces in the air, surprised the Soviets and immediately captured huge war supply depots and hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers.

The southernmost of the three columns commanded by General von Rundstedt (of Dunkirk fame) had as its objective Kiev in the Ukraine and the Caucuses mountains beyond. It was this column which the Hungarians and Rumanians joined, equipped with arms taken from the French the previous year. Von Rundstedt had great initial successes against disorganized, surprised Soviet forces, pushing forward rapidly with Panzer encirclement tactics and seizing immense supplies and arms, capturing entire armies from the Soviets.[5]

As this column penetrated Ukraine, the men were dismayed to see the “scorched earth” policy the Soviets had inflicted on the countryside and Ukrainian people still living there, even beyond the general poverty and misery they had seen earlier.[6] Farms and homesteads were burned to ashes, animals slaughtered and rotting, some of the cities and towns destroyed.  Trains had been dismantled and shipped East, along with entire factories. Many people, Ukrainian and Soviet, had been evacuated and deported back into the USSR. Even historic monuments and magnificent architecture had been destroyed with explosives.[7] Some of the Ukrainian people were found slaughtered too.[8] However, Operation Barbarossa was such a surprise to the Soviets that they had not had enough time to carry their strategy of infrastructure and resource destruction to completion.

When the Ukrainian people saw the German/Hungarian/Rumanian armies approaching, some welcomed them as liberators.

“Hitler Liberator” poster

As poor as Jewish-influenced Wikipedia is on accurate history for all things “Nazi,” it does have this to say:

When Nazi Germany with its allies invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, many Ukrainians and Polish people, particularly in the west where they had experienced two years of harsh Soviet rule, initially regarded the Wehrmacht soldiers as liberators.[9]


Some Ukrainian activists of the national movement hoped for momentum to establish an independent state of Ukraine. German policies initially gave some encouragement to such hopes through the vague promises of a sovereign ‘Greater Ukraine’ as the Germans were trying to take advantage of anti-Soviet, anti-Ukrainian, anti-Polish, and anti-Jewish sentiments. A local Ukrainian auxiliary police was formed as well as Ukrainian SS division, 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Galicia (1st Ukrainian).

Wikipedia, despite its insistent anti-German atrocity propaganda, presents good information about this Waffen SS Ukrainian division formed in the region of Galicia. This region was given to Poland after World War I, but most of its citizens were Ukrainians. The Soviets invaded in 1939 and annexed the region, which was then liberated by the Germans in 1941. Galician Ukrainians were divided among those willing to remain subjects of other nations, and Nationalists who wanted an independent Ukraine. Of these, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists A (OUN-A) were led by Andriy Melnyk, who advocated cooperation with the National Socialists and its Abwehr intelligence office, and the OUN-B led by Stepan Bandera, who would eventually fight against both Germans and Soviets for Ukrainian independence—tragically, as it turned out.

Otto von Wachter, the German governor of the region, promoted formation of the division in April 1943 with the stipulation that it be deployed exclusively against the Soviets and “Bolsheviks” as they were known to these Ukrainians. It saw multiple deployments at the front and was engaged in direct combat against Soviet and Polish forces.[10]

The Ukrainians had suffered brutally under the Stalin regime and its Communist totalitarian rule for many years.  The planned starvation genocide of 1933–4, when Stalin sent the Jew politburo member Gendrick Yagoda to impose “collectivized farming” and starve millions of Ukrainians to death in a slow miserable genocide known as the Holodomor,[11] was in the memories of Ukrainians as were more recent Soviet horrors. Some Ukrainians, always a proud people with a unique ethnic identity among Slavs, were thrilled that the Germans and their allies had pushed back the Red Army and Soviet occupiers. Some of them welcomed their liberators with joy.

An historical account submitted by Konrad Kreft and Clara Weiss (most likely Jewish), writing for the World Socialist Web Site of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI),[12] places Ukrainian nationalist military cooperation with National Socialist Germany even before the launch of Barbarossa. These are obviously Communist authors, with too few citations to support their obviously war propagandistic statements—as well as too many accounts of Jewish persecution and “pogroms” attributed to “fascists” and lavish whitewashing of early Jewish Communists such as Trotsky (Bronstein) to be credible. They do state some honest history however:

Stalin’s murderous policies of repression played into the hands of Ukrainian nationalists and fascists, who agitated in the western parts of the divided Ukraine and collaborated with Hitler when he invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. … In 1940, the OUN split into the Bandera (B) and Melnyk (M) factions, which bitterly fought each other. Bandera’s more extreme group was able to attract more followers than Melnyk’s. It began by establishing Ukrainian militia (the Roland and Nightingale Legions) on German-occupied territory in Poland which, in league with the Wehrmacht (German army), invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.

By this account, Ukrainians participated in Barbarossa from the beginning. After the obligatory stories of these Ukrainian Nationalists being used by Germans to massacre defenseless Jews and especially children, we see more credible history:

While Alfred Rosenberg … urged greater involvement of local fascist forces, Hitler opposed the nationalists’ so-called independence projects. On Hitler’s orders, the OUN-B leaders were eventually arrested and the Ukrainian legions disarmed and relocated.

From 1942, the Ukrainian militia served the Third Reich in the “anti-partisan campaign” in Belarus, in the “security service,” and as armed personnel in concentration camps. Bandera and Stetsko remained in custody in Sachsenhausen concentration camp until September 1944.

Some Ukrainian men wanted to join the German armies and fight for their enduring freedom. Some were already aligned with National Socialist ideology and politics, as many were throughout Europe and beyond in many nations, but in Soviet Ukraine such adherence was strictly forbidden. Now they were free, and wanted to fight to vanquish Communist tyranny and ensure their freedom. They called for arms and officers to join Operation Barbarossa.

This posed a dilemma for the German command. Some distrust existed among them that they should give arms to those among who might remain Soviet agents or might turn around and fight the Germans themselves in a misguided attempt at unaffiliated Ukrainian Nationalism, as eventually happened with Bandera. This was most likely Hitler’s reluctance, as opposed to Rosenberg who was Russian himself and longed to see his former homeland liberated from Judeo-Communist control. Vetting was difficult, and certainly von Rundstedt needed to continue his lightning pace and could not stop to equip, organize and integrate such forces. Much Soviet military equipment had been captured, but it was uncertain the Ukrainians could use them, with little time for training.

Von Rundstedt achieved the capture of Kiev by the end of September, and continued in the Ukraine region with the most successful of the three Barbarossa columns, eventually capturing or vanquishing one third of the entire Soviet forces.[13]

Some Ukrainian veterans and men were able to integrate into the Waffen SS and join the later battles against the Soviets in 1943 and beyond, as we saw with the Waffen SS Galicia division. Others organized behind the lines as the Germans moved on, joining the anti-partisan warfare efforts alongside the German Einsatzgruppen against Soviet loyalists trying to sabotage Barbarossa supply lines and communications, and even making swift guerrilla raids against German armed forces. Ukrainians joined the partisan forces fighting against these saboteurs, a fierce aspect of Barbarossa apart from the main battles.

I could find no sources, but one wonders how the Ukrainians greeted the Romanians and Hungarians among the Barbarossa soldiers, since these nations shared a common border with Ukraine and had the same concerns of Soviet domination—and possibly the same hopes of German liberation. Romania was supplying Germany’s crucial need for oil for its war effort and was threatened by a Soviet take-over, having lost two regions to the Soviets the year before. Hungary was a formal ally of Germany, having signed the Tripartite Pact the year before also.[14]

Hitler had issued an offer to Ukrainians, showing how a version of National Socialism, with all its finance policies, economic benefits, social upliftment and religious freedom could be adapted for Ukraine, and many were enthusiastic to adopt it. Of course this was forbidden under Stalin’s cruel domination, but now they were free to pursue it. The combined effect of the arrival of the National Socialist Germans and their allies as liberators, with the promise of a hopeful future as a National Socialist sovereign state and a German as an ally, left a lasting inspiration among the Ukrainians. Of course, eventually Barbarossa was turned back and Ukraine was re-occupied by the Soviets and brutally punished for its betrayal to the enemy.

Let’s examine one example of how this strong influence from the emotional days of Ukrainian liberation and cooperation with National Socialists has endured into the current era. On “Victory Day” May 9th 2014, the Governor of Ukraine’s southern region Kherson, Yuri Odarchenko, gave a public address to a large crowd. Here are his key statements:

Those [Soviet] aggressors justified their capture not only by their desire to seize others’ territory and enslave the people, but they also put forward slogans about liberating nations and people that inhabit the lands which Hitler hoped to capture. … If you read history books, we have a number of documentaries on this, then we see that he [Hitler] first of all put forward a slogan of liberating people from the communist yoke, and liberating people from the tyrant Stalin.[15]

Many in the crowd had been indoctrinated to a certain perception of history, maintained by Putin today, that the Germans were the aggressors and oppressors, and the Soviets the liberators. Even veterans in the crowd booed and expressed outrage at Odarchenko’s suggestion that the “Nazis” were the liberators.

We are not told what history books or “documentaries” he refers to, but we have presented some here. Odarchenko lost an election for the Ukrainian parliament later that year, but won another in 2016,[16] showing that his outrageous and politically incorrect statement in 2014 did not disqualify him. Some Ukrainian voters most likely approved of it. No candidate could get away with such political heresy in most nations, but in Ukraine it may actually win a candidate votes. Odarchenko represented the All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland” party.

It is not difficult to understand that a positive memory of National Socialism and negative attitudes toward Russia would survive among many Ukrainians to this day. Revisionist historian Mike Walsh states: “Stories went from generation to generation, anecdotal evidence of the German presence in Ukraine are still commonplace.”[17] This is not the place to trace the history of such persistent groups as the Azov Battalion and other such groups, but this history does help us understand why a strong National Socialist presence would exist in Ukraine today.

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Such a source from a Jewish-influenced published must not be fully acknowledge as valid, and Clark is clearly anti-German, presenting some of what must be considered war propaganda atrocity stories. His military history is more accurate.

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[15]  This link used to go to an RT web page, but during the wirting and research of this essay, it now says “Forbidden”.
A partial mirroring can be found at Revisionist researcher Carolyn Yeager’s site.  https://carolynyeager.net/

[16]  Wikipedia, “Yuri Odarchenko”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuriy_Odarchenko

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    When a nation has been supine for so long, it needs some to call upon some prior resource to get up and start fighting. The last people seen kicking Russian butt in Ukraine were Nazis. Therefore, they attached themselves to Nazi memes (I’m guessing).

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Therefore, they attached themselves to Nazi memes (I’m guessing).”
      Or and because Nazi memes were just so damn good, Nazi soldiers so stylish, so romantic, the Nazis themselves a giant F-you to globo-homo, and however the Nazi adventure in the East ended, it was one hell of a wild ride. 6 months in that theatre would be worth about 10,000 miserable, Jewish modern lives as a slave to money. Ruled by women and homosexuals.
      But I’m just guessing as well.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      That’s a fair guess. I’m guessing myself here somewhat, but it’s not hard to understand why some in Ukraine would draw on the National Socialist model for their current nationalist freedom fight. Too few people even know much about Barbarossa and how Ukraine responded. They lack the historical context to understand National Socialist presence in Ukraine today. I hope this offers some.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          My reaction also. I would not have commented except for your doing so, PB. Glad you did. Rosenberg was NOT Russian but lived in the Russian-controlled territory of that time, along with many other Germanics. Thanks, too, for the interesting link.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I appreciate the correction. I’ve always seen Rosenberg portrayed as Russian, but he was born in Estonia, then under Russian rule.
          So would Rosenberg have favored liberating the Russians from Soviet rule and returning to a Czarist monarchy (if possible) or a constitutional republic such as Kamensky was attempting to create before the Bolsheviks intervened? The National Socialists certainly would want Russia to be anything but Communist, as would many Russians, but I’ve never seen any reports they attempted regime change. Even Barbarossa was only meant to push the Soviets back East, and hopefully let the Japanese finally deal with them, while Germany worked with the new liberated areas to help them become National Socialist.
          Rosenberg may not have made the distinction as clearly between Russians and Soviets historically, or he may have on a racial basis.
          I have not studied Rosenberg closely, only read Dalton’s book on Rosenberg’s Nuremberg trial.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Clearly you haven’t read much about Rosenberg. But if you’re going to write about National Socialism and the Third Reich, you need to know much more about him. He was not a minor figure, or unimportant, even though he was not as popular as some other of the cast of characters.

            I would say he wasn’t as interested in the fate of Russians bc he considered himself a Baltic German and lived among other Germans. Sure, he went to schools in Tallinn, Riga and Moscow, and all that. But he would certainly not be involved in large political movements among the Russians though. What I recall from his Memoirs is that he was studying architecture [he even took art lessons in painting] and when the Estonian war of independence succeeded, he emigrated to Germany and never returned. From then on, he lived in Munich. There, Rosenberg was a member of an organisation of White Russian émigrés for awhile, but he was also involved with Dietrich Eckert and his crowd right away; he was introduced to Adolf Hitler by Eckert. Rosenberg seems to have always been anti-Jewish and was one of the very earliest National Socialists and edited the Völkischer Beobachter for Eckert, and then Hitler. Because of his background, he was put in charge of the Occupied Eastern Territories in 1941-45.

        • Anne C
          Anne C says:

          Thanks for posting this link, Peter. For those who are interested, the clip looks like a short war-time film of the inauguration of the SS Galicia division. The text under the video is written in Cyrillic; here is a translation (from Google Translate) for those who are interested (warning: propaganda ahead!) :

          SS Galicia – many today are trying to justify their crimes. But the facts, historical chronicles tell us otherwise. We invite you to look at a newsreel fragment from a German documentary film magazine of 1943. Read also Alexey Akutin’s professional commentary on the SS division “Galicia”.

          Until 1942, the German occupation policy in Ukraine was accompanied by the harsh behavior of the Nazi administration, arrests, mass executions, and punitive operations against the civilian population. This fully coincided with Hitler’s idea of ​​creating a “living space” for the German colonists. However, the defeat of the German army near Stalingrad in early 1943 forced the military-political Third Reich to reconsider its views on the use of foreign military contingents to replenish its own human resources. Naturally, this point of view had an impact on the manager of the general district “Galicia” SS Brigadeführer Dr. Otto Wächter, who applied to Berlin for permission to create a Ukrainian division. This issue was first discussed in a conversation with SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in early March 1943. On March 28, 1943, Wachter received Himmler’s reply that he generally supported the idea of ​​creating such a division. In this case, Himmler followed the historical tradition, since until 1918 Galicia was part of Austria-Hungary and supplied soldiers to the Austrian army.

          On April 12, 1943, a meeting was held on the creation of the division, which was attended by the head of the SS Main Directorate, SS Gruppenführer Gottlob Berger, the police chief and Secretary of State for Security of the General Government, Walter Kruger, and, in fact, Wächter himself. Collectively, they approved the decision to create a Ukrainian division, which should be called the “SS – Volunteer Division of Galicia.” At the same time, the meeting participants noted that the Ukrainians of Galicia are very religious, so the division must be provided with the necessary number of Greek Catholic priests.

          On April 28, 1943, the German authorities held a grand celebration in Lvov, at which Wächter announced the beginning of the formation of the SS division “Galicia”. The German proclamation stated that members of the division would enjoy the same benefits as German soldiers, that it was a great honor for Ukrainians to serve in the division. The proclamation ended with a call to the youth of Galicia to join the division and “fight against Bolshevism for their families, country and new Europe.” Wachter reported personally to Himmler about the celebration, and the Krakowskie Vesti newspaper published a great deal of material about it.

          The recruitment of volunteers for the division was carried out by the German district chiefs, with the active participation of local collaborators. Already on May 8, 1943, Wächter reported to Police General Friedrich-Wilhelm Krueger that 32,000 volunteers had applied for the division. The draft campaign reached its peak by the end of May – beginning of June, when 80 thousand people signed up for the division. On July 18, 1943, the first echelon of recruits left for training camps.

          Read the full comment at the link – http://www.dennislapin.com/natsizm-v-

          Newsreel from the archive. Wheat. Under the heading “Historical things”.

          • Peter
            Peter says:

            Thanks. Obviously, if the Germans were committing arrests, mass executions, and punitive operations against the civilian population starting in 1941, Ukrainian civilians would not have joined the Galicia divison in 1943 to fight alongside those same people. The author of the article knows that but just ignores it because he knows what he wants to write.

            The Ukrainians and Germans (Austrians) knew each other and had good relations from when they were both part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The warm greeting of the German army in Lviv in 1941 can be seen on other newsreels.

            At the end of the war Stepan Bandera settled in Germany and lived in Munich until the Soviets killed him in 1958. That also suggests camaraderie.

            The Jews that were commissars, in the secret police, that ran the gulags and fought as partisans were enemies of the Germans and the Ukrainians. They were nasty to Ukrainians and Germans and were viewed as a common enemy, just as many other Europeans saw the Jews

    • Howard
      Howard says:

      This is an unrelated question but has occidental ever done an article about the Peron’s of Argentina? I’m quite interested in the Peron’s, for one, because of Peron’s alliance with escaping Nazis, and for their social work with the poor. Oddly, Eva had good things to say about Lenin and her husband was sympathetic towards fascism and thought the Nuremberg trials were a sham. According to some authors, Otto Skorzeny, a good friend of Hitler, travelled between Spain and Argentina, where he acted as an advisor to President Juan Perón and as a bodyguard for Eva Perón.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        I believe Skorzeny lived in Argentina for a while but he died in Spain in 1975. Francisco Franco was good, allowing Germans and others that fought for the German side (like the Belgian Leon Degrelle) to live out their lives there despite foreign governments sometimes asking Spain to expel those people so they could be tried on another trumped up charge. Franco refused. Today, with the world under Jew / American leadership, they would probably freeze Spain’s assets, steal any money they had in foreign countries banks and sanction certain Spaniards in the government and then steal whatever else they could and maybe sink a ship or two. The Jews and their human garbage friends that run the US are the biggest gangsters in the world today and the disgustingly weak Europeans obediently support every criminal act the Jews and Americans commit.

        Eichmann lived in Argentina until the Jews kidnapped him and brought him to trial. David Irving tells a fascinating story about when he delivered a speech in 1991 in Argentina and at the end of the speech someone walks up to him and hands him a package. Later on, Irving opens it and in it are Adolf Eichmann’s memoirs, written while he was in Argentina. I think most of the world either believed or “accepted” (I think that better describes me and my family) what everyone was told for so long but when you read Irving’s kind of long English translation summary of what Eichmann wrote, you might be shocked. I don’t know if I could find it again but it is not nearly so clear cut as the Jews claim, in fact Eichmann sounds innocent of the charges against him. But with what I now know, it’s easily explained and once again the Jews and their allied supporters have been lying thru their teeth.

        One of the great lies the world was told for many decades after the war (and are still told) was how Rudolf Hoess (commandant of Auschwitz) confessed to saying he oversaw the murder of 2 and 1/2 million Jews at Auschwitz. The world was told that out of guilt or perhaps some other feeling he confessed his guilt. And then, lo and behold, I’m reading from one of those crazy Holocaust Denier’s (Robert Faurisson) articles about how the Jew that led the team that captured Hoess in 1946 admitted (or bragged) about how he and others brutally tortured Hoess for days, writing out “confessions” for him to sign and ever since then the lying Jew media has told the world that Hoess “confessed” to his “crimes”. This all came out in a book in the 1980’s written by an Englishman that interviewed the Jew or received this information from him.

        So, when Eichmann is reading this extraordinary figure of 2 and 1/2 million he is flabbergasted. What is Hoess talking about? How is this possible? This is an impossible figure and he’s honestly trying to figure out what is going on. The whole world are told that these completely innocent and pure as the driven snow Jews have revealed how these evil NAZIS murdered millions of them and they repeat this for eighty years and it turns out to be another blatant lie. Well, Mr. Eichmann (and everyone else), that’s how it’s possible. A beaten to pulp Hoess signed whatever the Jew told him to, hoping the beatings would stop.

        How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz, by Robert Faurisson


        There were German communities throughout Latin America and despite their bad reputation in other parts of the world, the Germans used to have a reputation for knowing how to do things and maybe this was especially appreciated in Latin America. I don’t think this is the case anymore though.

  2. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    Thank you Karl Haemers for this enlightening article. The history of Ukraine during the WWII era has always been very confusing for me, and this helps to clarify many things. Much appreciated.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful. I have never seen an entire book devoted to this topic. Barbarossa has some sections, mostly about the military history only, but I don’t know of a comprehensive source.

  3. John Brown
    John Brown says:

    It is fair for the Russians to call Zelensky and his zionist stormtroopers ‘nazis’, because that filthy zionist criminal put in place by the CIA and jewish oligarchs, and the scum of Azov are, indeed, fans of the lying Hollyweird portrayal of Nazis as seen in Schindler’s List. They openly support the very real crimes of the so-called ‘state’ of ‘israel’, which mirror the imagined crimes of the imaginary ‘holocaust’, but in reality.

    It is fair for the zionist filth like Zelensky to call Russians nazis, in the tradition of Adolf Hitler, because Putin is, in this circumstance, absolutely correct to overthrow the zionist occupational regime that rules over Ukraine, and to hurt the satanic zionist empire that is America.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s a great point. I can’t believe I never thought of it myself.
      When we admire the Nazis, we think of ridding their nation from the plague of Jews, getting everyone employed, giving the peasants health and hope, pride in their people, outrageous technology, going on rock and roll, ride or die, mad military adventures in the east. These sorts of things.
      But you are correct, their are weird anti-social morons who simply admire the Jewish pornographic version of Nazism: killing people for no reason, doing weird experiments, bonkers pagan gibberish, etc.
      I remember reading how all those post-war soft-core BDSM Nazi comic-book pornos, about blond-haired, big-busted German dominatrix woman sexually abusing POW’s and Jews in concentration camps, they were all produced in Isreal and that was their main market as well.
      You don’t even blink when you read this sort of stuff anymore. It’s like, yeah, that’s exactly what I would expect.

  4. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    May I make a simple comment on the idea that Jews can only be opposed by ‘nationalism’. (I’ve often seen posts to the effect that: ‘What else is there than nationalism?’ and ‘We have to join nationalists’ etc etc).
    Jews seem to have promoted nationalism (e.g. unification of Italy, unification of Germany, something similar in Japan) so that Jews would have a single figurehead to deal with. This worked very well for them, unfortunately.
    But Jews operate internationally, clubbing together in secret to pick off countries one by one. Study the history of Christianity to see this; it took Jews about 1,000 years to end up ‘converting’ Lithuania. This I think is why they are keen to promote single nations. It has worked well for them, unfortunately.
    What’s presumably needed is for victims of Jews to club together. Suppose Europe was genuinely united, or for that matter states in the ‘USA’ united but not under a phoney head of the Biden type. Then for example if Utah or California or Missouri were attacked by Jews, some joint counter might be arranged. Similarly with Europe: if Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Hungary for example had a joint policy, probably the entire world war series from 1914 might have been averted.
    That’s why I think ‘nationalism’ gets pushed as a supposed antidote. In fact it’s a spurious, a specious solution, contrived to fail.

    • Ray
      Ray says:

      Excellent point. This is how jews operate.

      Whites everywhere (now a global minority) should see themselves as part of a common international diaspora, not merely as agents of nationalism.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      This is a new thought to me. I wonder if any other TOO author has explored it. The obvious example of the most successful nation-state to neutralize (but not liquidate) the Jewish threat is National Socialist Germany. Many others were also effective, such as Britain multiple times. Turkey did pretty well for a while too.
      What I envision is a coalition of ethno-states working together to neutralize the Jewish threat. The reason for the world wars was not so much nation-states, as Jewish communists and Zionists infiltrating those nation states and propelling them into war with each other. So don’t allow war between white Ukraine and white Russia. Let them both fight Israel.

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        Karl, you need to re-think the first part of your comment, I’m afraid. ‘National Socialist’ Germany, Britain, and Turkey were mostly run secretly by Jews. I’d accept the Byzantine Empire, the Americas before Columbus, and perhaps parts of Asia.
        Please, if you can, look at the material I made more accessible, by Hexzane527, on my site https://www.big-lies.org which puts enough doubts on Hitler to convert anyone.
        But, yes, a coalition of nation states could work, though there needs to be explicit awareness of what Jews have done, and of the part played by e.g. Freemasons, controlled media, controlled unions, the ‘World Economic Forum’, and the rest.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I might be willing to consider it, but I have grown weary of the second layer of Hitler defamation propaganda which has the same objective as the first: defame and demonize the one man who epitomized resistance to the Judeo-Masonic and Zionist bankster agenda. Hitler imprisoned 5 Rothschilds, launched a concrete war on Freemasonry, unified and uplifted an ethno-state as an example of what could be brought to all the nations of the world who would not take loans from Jewish banksters, and put forth of model inspiration that was the greatest defiance of the New World Order ever seen.
          But yeah, he was controlled by Jews… Uh huh.

          • Raeto West
            Raeto West says:

            Hi, Karl. As far as I’ve been able to work out, Hitler imprisoned some Rothschilds. And then he let them go. The Germans invaded a number of countries, but published virtually nothing on what they found of Freemasonry in those countries. Not a powerful case. They apparently killed off Freemasons who knew of co-operation with Jews; but in 1947 it was claimed that the end of the war was conditional upon the ‘League of Freemasons’ being readmitted in Germany. (My site has a page including this on https://big-lies.org/jews/index.html .
            . . . By all means ignore this sort of thing, which is difficult to deal with, but when hundreds of millions of people are involved, it makes sense to expect complications.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Bismark unified Germany. I don’t know about Italy or Japan. But as far as I know, Jews had nothing to do with unifying Germany. Hitler idolized Bismark for his work creating the nation of Germany after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I’m not against nationalism, I’m for it, but we must remember the nationalist revolutions in Europe were liberal things. The right wing, conservative, reactionary forces were square against them. They were quite happy with their Kings, emperors and churches.
        So where would we be?
        Obviously not everything ‘liberal’ is bad, and you have to work in the present era.
        But of course the Jews supported nationalism while it suited them, now are against it when it doesn’t.
        These guys don’t have principles, it’s just non-stop subversion and destruction.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” These guys don’t have principles, it’s just non-stop subversion and destruction “…

          [ to achieve unrivaled totalitarian dominion over the world ] .

      • Seraphim
        Seraphim says:

        But Hitler was stupid enough to deride the warning of Bismarck that you should never attack Russia.

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          He may not have been stupid at all. Some of the most prolific and best historians believe Hitler made a pre-emptive strike on the USSR and they were going to attack Germany within 1, 2 or 3 weeks but Germany beat them to it. I believe Hitler says essentially this in his speech announcing the German attack on the USSR but since it’s Hitler the NAZI of course you can’t believe anything he says. He’s a NAZI liar. Well, more and more it looks like once again, the allies have been lying for 80 years now and Hitler was telling the truth. A Russian wrote a book called “Icebreaker” years ago and it has greatly strengthened the view that Germany’s attack on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike.

          The Soviets had amassed a huge army as close to Germany as they could get and ironically that is what enabled Germany to overrun them so fast.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I don’t think he had a choice, I’ve never seen anything even really make much of a dent in the ‘Icebreaker’ narrative.
          For me, the biggest clue was the way the Nazis just rounded up all those millions of crack Soviet troops(including Stalin’s kid).
          What were they doing there, all primed like that on Germany’s border? Having a pick-nick?
          They weren’t ‘defensive’, because everyone knows that’s not how Russia defends itself, never has and never will.
          Then there was all the attack technology, etc, zero defences for these ‘defenders on the border’
          But the author himself, being a Soviet intelligence man, states the biggest give-a-way was the way the Soviets happily admitted to their own people, ‘yeah, we were retarded, we put all your men a thousand miles away, and the Germans went through them like grass. Didn’t even get a chance to put up a fight. See what bunglers we are?’
          What he knew about the Soviets is they would NEVER admit such a thing if there wasn’t some bigger secret to be hidden.
          Even if it made them all look like history’s worst ever strategists, that by a whisker nearly lost it all.
          Does it seem like standard communist operating procedure to tell the truth about such things?
          Add that to the way the book is suppressed, not argued, but ignored by eunuch Western court historians/hagiographers. That’s basically the clincher.

    • Howard
      Howard says:

      Very interesting, Mr. West. I wouldn’t say nationalism is “contrived to fail but rather infiltrated and hijacked to aid Jewish interests through Israel Alliance organizations. It can certainly be subverted to fail to benefit Jews at the expense of non-Jews as has happened post-9/11 but we have to remember that the US is a corporation. Whoever becomes the Executive Officer of US Inc., owns the US and can effectively appoint his/her insiders. Biden is a faux Catholic Cahabdnik and from his behavior, it is very likely unipolarist Zionists have blackmail on him. Trump is a Cabalist Jew, many Lubavitch articles in Hebrew admit to this little known fact. Both presidents served mammon and Jews.

      As someone who has been personally and physically hurt by Jewish behavior, I’ve come to the conclusion that if Jews control the treasury, the DoD, the DoJ and the executive office, there is little hope of gentile nationalism or justice. As you’ve said “What’s presumably needed is for victims of Jews to club together,” this is certainlly the antidote.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “I’ve come to the conclusion that if Jews control the treasury, the DoD, the DoJ and the executive office, there is little hope of gentile nationalism or justice.”
        I wouldn’t be too sure of that. They had similar things in Germany when Hitler chased them out.
        And the only people who noticed the Nazi vibe at Trump rallies more than us was the Jews themselves. They are twice shy now, sure, Trump wasn’t the right man, ok(don’t comment on what you claim about him), but the energy at those Trump rallies was real and there is nothing the Jews can do about it.
        Wait till the Americans have suffered a bit, similar to what the early 30’s Germans suffered(in the post), then check the energy levels.
        The Jews aren’t the only ones now twice shy after Trump, next time the man will be for real.

  5. James J. O'Meara
    James J. O'Meara says:

    Thank you for this interesting guide to a very convoluted part of history (at lease for non-Europeans). However, I think the answer to the mutual nazi-calling is simpler: equivocation. “Nazi” as a term of abuse has several meanings, or aspects, and Putin & Ze are drawing on different sides. For Putin, as for most Russians I imagine, the main idea of “Nazi” is the enemy in the Great Patriotic War (aka WWII), so Ukraine is “Nazi” because they are attacking (or about to attack; see not just NATO expansion but the biolabs) Russia. For Ze, “Nazi” means “murderous anti-Semite” or generally, someone “attacking” Jews, and thus Putin is a “Nazi.”

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      You [‘James J. O’Meara’] haven’t grasped the ‘tail wagging the dog’ aspect of Jewish domination. Jews run Russia, the Ukraine, and surrounding areas. They like making money out of these areas, and getting assets, and preferably causing deaths to all sides except Jews. They make up conflicts which may be serious; but sometimes are themselves just another fraudulent money-making set of schemes. The jewish media propaganda stories are nonsense. The important issue is what they do, not what they say, and it’s made difficult since of course they lie. So there’s not much point discussing their lies and ads.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I looked at your site, it was massive, kinda overwhelming. Many tidy it up a bit?
        This is constructive criticism, I’m very impressed, you’re obviously no fool and you’ve got the rare talent of being able to reply to people who disagree with you without getting angry & attacking their character.
        (I don’t quite get why our kind of people don’t frown more on this sort of thing, it’s so lefty and gay)
        I don’t buy your thesis, I think the Jews have much less control than you do. But I wouldn’t insult you for it, you obviously know more than I do.
        You say Russia is run by Jews. My understanding is that it was hijacked by Jews in 1917, then the combination of Stalin & effects of WWII meant they lost control. They regained control after the collapse in 1991, hence the mahem and misery for the people.
        But Putin to me seems to come from a nationalist faction of the KGB, he’s also a Christian. So obviously the people rise again without the Jewish plague.
        The Putin-is-Hitler, Russia-gate, NATO expansion, now Jew-run Ukraine used as a weapon, why would they do all this if Putin was under control?
        Also, could you link to the specific article that makes your claims about Hitler being Jew-run? You said yourself, observe what they do, not what they, or others, say.

        • Raeto West
          Raeto West says:

          Hi, Emicho.
          Thanks for saying nice things. (Apologies if I’m a bit short here; I just lost my reply, because there no way to save and then edit comments in OccidentalObserver. I’ll type it again).
          I’ve been influenced a lot by Miles Mathis, who looks at ancestries and genealogies and name-changes, all important in dealing with Jews, who change countries and identities etc. His view, which looks correct, is that the Russian aristocracy was infiltrated by Jews, like the aristocracies of Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. And with historical differences the USA. And China, as I found recently. For example, the Tsar spoke Yiddish. Mathis is good on psyops too; I think it’s likely that the Tsarist family weren’t butchered. I made a video on him (on the home page of big-lies.org ) and an explanatory long page here. Mathis isn’t even listed in the blogroll of TOO.
          Roughly, after the 1920s the USA was pushed into Depression by restricting money and calling in loans, by the Jews who controlled the Fed and money generally. The Americans were pleased to get out of it, by being paid a bit to make tanks, planes, jeeps, factories, weapons for Joe Stalin in Russia! All arranged by Jews. There’s no generally-agreed way to measure power, but Jews ruined Russia and Germany, and got two world wars with virtually no harm to themselves. They won the World Wars, and have had few challenges since. Sounds like control to me.
          Incidentally, I wouldn’t get excited about Christians vs Jews. Christianity is a Jewish construction (in many forms, e.g. Jesuits) and in my opinion the best way to view both of them is as a synbiosis. For example, the Church forced people who wanted loans to go to Jews, who therefore controlled all the big money, including eg cathedrals and quarries. The Church became the biggest landowners, probably in exchange, and gave Jews protection by ‘Sicus Judaeus’. (I put a section on early Christianity in https://big-lies.org/general/index.html ).
          My site has a very long page called ‘How Master Race Won WW2’ where ‘Master Race’ means Jews. It’s here how-master-race-won-ww2/index.html and was made up by insertion of relevant bits when I found them, over a number of years. (For example there’s a section on Jews in Bletchley Park spy centre. There’s material on ‘British Way and Purpose’, British Army propaganda I found it in a bookshop). The page is a bit massive!
          I do very much recommend hexzane527, a French author as far as I know, whose site has been there for years, but like most WordPress sites has material tucked away and hard to find.
          big-lies.org/hexzane527/index.html is here, and has an explanatory panel, then a whole collection of pages, and further down predictive stuff on his view of World War 3 as another extension to Israel. This is detailed and long, but the central links are very good in splitting WW2 into manageable bites. …..
          I recommend scrolling down about half-way, to the red banner title ‘Second World War & Jews Reinterpreted by Hexzane527’. Then try some of the links, for example—
          * D-day was staged. In 2 parts.
          * Henry Ford was a Jew or Freemason. Suggests Ford was used to introduce ‘anti-semitism’ into the USA
          * Nationalist movements and individuals were Jews
          * The absurdity of wanting lebensraum in Russia (it was a white country!)
          * Yes, 99% of Hitler websites are run by Jews
          * Why was war between USA and Germany put off till 1941? Good question…!
          You say of me, that I obviously know more than you. Thanks, but honestly there’s so much doubtful stuff that many people can contribute just be thinking straight. Thus for example David Irving must know more in total than anyone here, but doesn’t know about money flows and payments between Jews, and so (I think) has missed the main stuff. I’m doing my best, but of course it’s not surprising my site is a bit chaotic! It’s not really viewable on a small, phone screen.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          …” why would they do all this if Putin was under control? ”

          For the same reason that sport teams owned by Jews “fight” against each other — the show must go on , and on , and on … where countries have lethal military affairs , in attempts to acquire control/power over the highest-stakes of population/country sustaining resources ( includes also people ) , instead of sport team events mostly for only money .

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Andrew Joyce wrote about how “Nazi” has a different meaning for Putin.
      Zelensky the Jew does not seem to care that his handlers make him ally with “Nazis” in Ukraine.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      Yes, and among the rest of the world, maybe particularly the west, it’s used as a characterization of something you don’t like, such as the liberal use of the insults “racist”, “anti-Semite”, “white supremacist”, etc. Calling someone a “NAZI” or “anti-Semite” can shut opposing points of view down fast.

      Video: Everything Bad Is Right Wing & Racist!

  6. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    If the Azov Battalion and the National Socialists of Ukraine are sincere Group Selected National Socialists, then I would have to hypothesize that they just have very low general intelligence which prevents them from understanding that Ukraine is owned by the Ashkenazim who strongly oppose European ethnic interests. The Azov Battalion are fighting to the death to maintain Ashkenazi Zelensky’s control and ownership of Ukraine. I would thus speculate that the Azov Battalion members have IQs no higher than 90.

  7. Peter
    Peter says:

    I have a friend who worked in Lviv as an English language instructor around the early 2000’s and made some friends there and he said they regarded their days under Austrian rule (prior to 1919) as good days. People like that would most likely have been happy to see the Germans in Lviv (known as Lemberg until 1919) in 1941. I have been there several times in the last few years and I have to admit I had a very different experience when I rented an Airbnb from a descendant of Red Army soldiers that fell in the war.

    As an example of the falsified history Soviets are taught, I have a Russian friend and she told me many years ago that they (the Russians) were told that the Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states at the invitation of those countries to protect them. I didn’t want to argue but nothing could be further from the truth. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia had been part or the Russian Empire until 1919 but the German influence in those countries was the greatest. You can see that in the culture and architecture of Estonia and Latvia still today. Riga especially is a very beautiful city, but Tallinn too. Many Germans lived in those countries since the middle ages. Germans founded the cities of Riga (capital of Latvia) and Memel (now called Klaipeda). When the Soviets entered the Baltic countries in 1940 many nationalists were arrested and sent off to the far ends of the Soviet Union. Many were never seen again and others returned home years later. Many Baltics were killed. When German forces entered Latvia and Estonia a year later they were welcomed as liberators by many and Latvia and Estonia each formed a legion that became part of the Waffen SS. I reside in Estonia and have been to Latvia and there is a noticeable difference in how many people here (but not all) have a favorable view of the Germans, some a very favorable view, while having a very negative view of the Russians. This is even more pronounced with the older generations I think.

    When Germany and the USSR were negotiating their peace pact (it was not a military alliance as some falsely claim) Germany had assumed the Baltic states would remain independent but during the negotiations Ribbentrop was told there was a secret part of the pact that the Soviets would not yet reveal. When Ribbentrop was in Moscow to sign the treaty he was told what the secret was – the Soviets would take the Baltic states. Ribbentrop was shocked and called Berlin as to what he should do and Hitler told him to sign. Hitler needed the pact to have a free hand in Poland if his negotiations with the Poles failed, as they did. FDR became privy to this the next day as an American near the negotiations became informed of it.

    Lithuanians have a less favorable and in my experience, negative view of Germans. I think this can be easily explained. Lithuanians grabbed the German city of Memel (my mother’s birthplace) in 1923 when it had been a “Free City” according to the allies characterization since 1919. The city was founded by the Teutonic knights in the 1300’s and its population was overwhelmingly German. The Lithuanians wanted to Lithuanianize it and my mother’s family left Memel around 1932. In 1938 Germany took Memel back from little Lithuania without a fight and Hitler visited the city to cheering crowds in 1938. In 1945 the entire population fled or were expelled and Lithuanians are taught they got Memel back from the Germans. That is a deliberate lie, as its population was always German and had never been part of Lithuania but it apparently makes some feel better now since they moved into the homes of the Germans that left.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you Peter, for this valuable history. Most (honest) people who have lived under German/Austrian control and/or ruler-ship have good things to say about it. This cannot be said of any other nation, in my experience. My considered opinion is that the Germans are **too good** for this world — not “too bad” as still maintained by the current crop of incompetents.

      I’ve long held that I would like it if all the Germans could remove themselves from all interaction with the rest of the planet, retiring to their own well-run enclave and not contributing to the world in any way. How long would it be before the other earthlings would clamor after them to come back and help bail them out?

      The Slavics are especially guilty and resemble the Blacks & Jews in the willingness and insistence of their leadership to make up false histories in which they play the starring roles. Yet Germans are always ready to help these neighbors of theirs, out of some kind of compassion. I wish it weren’t so. I like to see people get what they deserve (and life, destiny, nature, fate, karma or whatever you wish to call it, will see to that, if left alone). When busybody world-changers interfere, people don’t learn.

      A good example of this is the preposterous Raeto West’s comment in this thread: March 18, 2022 at 9:19 am.
      “Jews seem to have promoted nationalism (e.g. unification of Italy, unification of Germany, something similar in Japan) so that Jews would have a single figurehead to deal with. This worked very well for them,”
      Lol. Can anyone make any sense out of that? Jews promote nationalism for themselves and condemn it for everyone else.
      All praise to Adolf Hitler.

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        Carolyn Yeager (and Deanna Spingola, and of course males such as Jan Lamprecht) seem unable to get out of their 1-D view of Hitler as heroic individualist etc. The simple point I was making is that Jews like to go for the top of hierarchies, and if they can get groups to be subservient to a few individuals, they can combine against them later. Can anyone seriously think the ‘Fuhrer’ idea worked well for Germany? But I don’t want to bang on about this against people with a newsreel view of Hitler in Germany. Do yourself a favour and try Hexzane527’s work – or anyone else if you find him/ them/ her. See how immense Jewish money bought them endless propaganda influence, and still does.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “Most (honest) people who have lived under German/Austrian control and/or ruler-ship have good things to say about it. This cannot be said of any other nation, in my experience.”
        People said similar things under the British Empire.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I heartily agree with much said here. Germany essentially attempted a mostly insular, inward-looking society in the first 4 Year Plan 1933-1937, and it was a raving success. She was ready to export some of the blessings, including to Ukraine, but the war interrupted. It is primarily why the war interrupted: Jewish bankers could not have such blessings spreading to other nations outside their financial control.
        Like the Irish, the Germans are too good, and certain jealous races must keep them down. Hitler wanted alliance and friendship with Britain, but the Brits were too jealous and threatened by German greatness.
        I confronted West in my comment, and got no reply to the claim that Jews promote goyim nationalism. I agree with Carolyn, Jews promote Israeli nationalism, and global Communist internationalism for everyone else.
        Bismark unified and created Germany, but still it was not truly unified, with extensive conflict and distance among the provinces. It took Hitler to bring this division together to create the National Socialist unity and onward to the German nation. This is presented well in Leon DeGrelle’s essay How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched a Social Revolution.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Thank you, Karl !!

          Yes, Bismarck was a great German but he did not unify the peoples all by himself. He began the process (very important & impressive), after which Hitler put a lot of attention on bringing it necessarily further along. Germans had been a very disorganized race, unlike the British, French, etc., who had quite a head start on nationhood. A good book that explains H.’s views on this is “Hitler–Memoirs of a Confidante” by Otto Wagener. https://archive.org/details/wagenerhitlermemoirsofaconfidant

          I’m glad you mentioned that if you or I or anyone asks Rae West to submit proper evidence (links, etc.) for his assertions, he will not bc he doesn’t have any. Or any that are credible.

          As to German “greatness,” it comes down to their unusual work ethic and Hitler put his finger on this particular trait. I’m not sure if Bismarck did … perhaps. Germans “love to work” or just “enjoy work.” As a German, you probably (or may) recognize this. I always did. It goes with an pronounced industriousness/conscientiousness in our nature. This is not true in the same way with the British. For Emicho’s benefit [comment above], I think it was the Norman invasion, with their aristocratic “Leisure Class” that added the parasitic nature to British society, and welcomed the help of Jewry to keep them in wealth – by any means. All the ‘Allies’ had the same fear of Germany, that it could outproduce them. Working harder or better was not the way forward they chose. Joining together to knock out the stronger one is the way they chose.

          • Raeto West
            Raeto West says:

            Carolyn Yaeger says I give no evidence (or something like that) and I just want to point out that I do, something obvious enough.
            I also have a high opinion of Mathis and of hexzane527, the latter in particular being good on WW2 and the puzzling nature of much of it, which of course supports the idea that Hitler was one of a group of propagandists. CY doesn’t seem to have hunted down this aspect of Hitler.
            Her point about the Normans as a leisure class is a good one, though she doesn’t seem to have noticed the Jewish connection with Christianity.
            I was tempted to lash back at the remarks on me, until I found comments on her by some Jewish group – ‘Evil in Disguise’ etc – so I suppose she has problems with these [insert nasty expression]. So far I’ve escaped all that, though I don’t know why. Perhaps they’re nervous of the nuke frauds being exposed? Who knows.

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      Great to hear your first-hand experiences, Peter – and your carefully considered historical perspectives. Thank you for all the comments you’ve contributed to this discussion.

  8. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    You cannot but watch in disbelief the political stupidity of the “Ukrainians” who painted unnecessarily on themselves the ‘Nazi’ shooting target. When ‘Nazism’ is the epiotme of Evil in western parlance. When everywhere even the suspicion that one secretly harbors ‘Nazi’ beliefs is tantamount to a social death sentence.
    The ‘Occident’ cannot openly condone ‘fascist’ and ‘nazi’ beliefs or behaviors. For how long can it defend itself from the accusation that it allied itself with what they proclaim ‘urbi et orbi’ as Evil incarnate? (not to say anything of their alliance with banned Islamic terrorist organizations). How all the ‘Heavy Metal Viking Warriors’ ready to go fighting for the ‘Ukrainians’ would feel when the ‘Azov’ warriors will be judged and sentenced for crimes against humanity?

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      The stupidity of the ‘Khazar’ buffoons playing the Presidents was again revealed by the discourse of the ‘hero president’ in front of the Knesset. He compared the ‘war in Ukraine’ with the… Holocaust! And lo and behold, many ‘Israeli officials’ bitterly criticized this ‘revolting’ comparison, which amounts to, guess what…’Holocaust denial’!

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        He mentioned the Holocaust in Israel. He ripped Churchill in England. He ripped MLK in America. He mentioned Nestle or something ridiculous in Switzerland.
        As much as Zelenski is morally bankrupt, this sort of thing is funny. He is trolling everyone, and the retarded political class of Western nations clap like seals.
        And people wonder why the Jews call us goyim?

  9. Imiy
    Imiy says:

    In fact, the most important part of putins propaganda is the fact that Bandera is considered a hero in modern Ukraine. Modern mainstream russians look at them as betrayers (of the Bolshevik regime, I suppose)

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Not betrayers of the Bolshevick regime, or government it’s probably better to say.
      But for Mother Russia. That’s what they fought for in that war. Just like Brits who got blown to pieces in Iraq and Afghanistan fought for Britain, not international finance, Jews, weirdo globalists, bought politicians or any other greasy thing.
      Their wasted lives didn’t help us in Britain one bit, they probably overall hurt us, but their intentions were correct. For the most part.

      • Imiy
        Imiy says:

        Ukrainians don’t give a fuck for “Mother Russia”, that could be expected. Nor did soviets fight for ” russia”, but for lunatic communistic ideas. At least officially.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        IMO, everyone who fought in Iraq fought for Israel and Jews, intentionally or not.
        Jewish neo-cons, derived from the Trotskyists Irving Christol and Leo Strauss, engineered the US invasion on behalf of Israel. See Michael Collins Piper’s book The High Priests of War for one account.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Some ethnic Russians saw Barbarossa as the possibility of liberation from Communist tyranny too. Stalin had impoverished the nation devoting all its resources to the Red Army, leaving Russian peasants to starve and die in a slave labor economy. Many conscripts in the Red Army were virtual slaves as well, unwilling but forced. Rearguard units of the NKVD were ordered to fire upon any Soviet soldiers found to be retreating. When Soviet POWs were returned to Stalin, he had them killed as traitors for surrendering. Some truly were, and wanted to join the Germans in fighting Stalin to recover Russia from Communism.

  10. peter Coade
    peter Coade says:

    What an interesting ( and absorbing ) article. Clear, and well written describing a very complex period of political history. I was also impressed that responses were very appropriate to the subject matter, and contributions in themselves interesting. My Compliments to Karl Haemers. Excellent and stimulating.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I find a certain entertainment value in history, though it is of course serious matters and in the case of National Socialist Germany particularly tragic. To paraphrase Bilbo Baggins, adventures are much better to read about than partake in.

  11. paul52
    paul52 says:

    “The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide” BLAH BLAH BLAH. They were being exterminated for 8 years and he apparently wants to do something about it just now? What about Russians getting exterminated by so-called “ethnic” migrants? What a joke. He’s just following his orders from the J.W.O. headquarters on Wall Street. Now that there’s a “war” he can use it as an excuse to pick the Russian nation’s pockets even harder and say “becuz sanctionz” on his silly little TV shows.

    Without fail he continues to be the best cretin that Wall Street could ever hope would preside over the Russian Federation.

  12. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    I have heard many times Hitler attacked the Soviet Union as a preemptive strike. But we forget that Hitler wrote in his autobiography about the need for German colonies in the east. Hitler considered Slavs as an inferior strain of white humanity. However, he also imported a lot of Ukrainian girls to work in the factories. I don’t mean in the war period but when Germany had to import labor because there weren’t enough people to fill all the jobs created. I think when most Americans form an NS party their ideology is Hitler’s domestic policies, not his expansionist policies because a stand of Isolationism still runs deep in white Americans.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      It’s questionable what to make of a comment like this. “Karl Austin” (?) is not a name I’ve seen here before. Nor is it Slavic but I suspect you are Slavic.

      “… we forget that Hitler wrote in his autobiography about the need for German colonies in the east.”

      Has Karl ever read what Hitler actually wrote, or only ‘about it’ here and there? Why not tell us just what Hitler wrote about such colonies that applies to his reasons for invading the massive Soviet Union when and in the way he did?

      “Hitler considered Slavs as an inferior strain of white humanity.”

      Again, some evidence please. I happen to know it’s very thin. Rivalry & competition had been going on between Slavs and Germans/Germanics for centuries, with Slavs invariably coming in second best to Germans, resulting in Slavic resentment, and even denial of that reality. And it is a reality. It’s also a reality that Germans so often helped and benefited Slavic peoples who co-habited with or near them, but never the other way around.

      “However, he also imported a lot of Ukrainian girls to work in the factories. I don’t mean in the war period …”

      If it wasn’t the war period, H. would not have been able to “import” them, but only to ‘invite’ them. Which means instead of *harming* he was aiding, helping.

      “I think when most Americans form an NS party their ideology is Hitler’s domestic policies, not his expansionist policies because a stand of Isolationism still runs deep in white Americans.”

      Are some words are missing in that sentence? Also the “r” in “strand.”?
      Hitler didn’t really have any expansionist policies except what was forced on him by neighboring countries declaring war on his country. However, the Germans were land-poor while eastern neighbors had neglected land “going to waste” so how could you not wish you could rectify that? But this kind of thinking by you is very like our U.S. government telling us that Putin is following an expansionist policy in Ukraine when it is actually NATO with the USA (always behind the scenes) carrying out an expansionist policy against Russia since the end of the Cold War. In the forties, Stalin was the expansionist. Not the victim. He did end up with what he wanted – most of Eastern Europe, incl. eastern Germany!

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