US Vital Interests Dictate an End to This War

While the threat to the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine may be an existential one for that nation, it is no such peril to our nation. Indeed, if one were to enumerate the greatest threats to the republic to which all of us pledge allegiance, the outcome of that war halfway around the world would not make the list.

Speaking to Congress, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for many things from the United States.

He wants us to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. He wants the Soviet-era MiGs that NATO allies (from their Warsaw Pact days) have in their arsenals. He wants Russian-made S-300 antiaircraft systems in NATO inventories transferred to Kyiv.

He wants the U.S. to sanction every Russian official who does not repudiate this war on Ukraine. He wants all U.S. companies to pull out of Russia. He wants all Russian-made goods kept out of U.S. markets.

In short, Zelenskyy wants the U.S. as a full-fledged ally in Ukraine’s war against the Russian invaders.

But while America also seeks a defeat for Russia’s aggression, President Joe Biden has a higher imperative: to avoid a war between the United States and the world’s other nuclear superpower, Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden took an oath:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And when the issue arose as to whether he, as president and commander in chief, would transfer MiG-29s to Ukrainians fighting Russians for their independence and freedom, Biden said no.

“The idea that we’re going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews — just understand, don’t kid yourself, no matter what y’all say, that’s called World War III,” Biden told House Democrats in Philadelphia.

Biden was saying that, no matter how noble the cause or how just the war Ukrainians are fighting, his first duty is to America. And as president of the United States, he will put U.S. national interests first and not risk a war with the largest nuclear power on earth.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s reaction: Biden runs “the most timid, cowardly and pathetic administration in modern American history.”

If our “enormous capacity” and “very competent people … were unleashed,” said Gingrich, “we would…end up defeating Putin, and he would end up being ousted from power by his own government. But instead, we are intimidated by him. We allow him to get away with war crimes.”

In this Ukraine war, Gingrich is the interventionist, and Biden is putting his own country, America, first. On this one, put me down with Joe.

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio has also spoken out for America First:

[A no-fly zone] means flying AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) 24 hours a day. That means the willingness to shoot down and engage Russian airplanes in the sky. That means, frankly, you can’t put those planes up there unless they’re willing to knock out the anti-aircraft systems that the Russians have deployed, and not just in Ukraine, but in Russia and also in Belarus.

So basically a no-fly zone … means World War III. It means starting World War III. It’s not some rule you pass that everybody has to oblige by. It’s the willingness to shoot down the aircrafts of the Russian Federation, which is basically the beginning of World War III.

While the threat to the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine may be an existential one for that nation, it is no such peril to our nation.

Indeed, if one were to enumerate the greatest threats to the republic to which all of us pledge allegiance, the outcome of that war halfway around the world would not make the list.

What would be on the list?

The annual invasion of our country from across the southern border by millions of illegal aliens. The depreciation of the dollar through inflation, which is destroying the value of the earnings and savings of the American people.

The 100,000 Americans dying yearly from fentanyl and drug overdoses. The 1,500 daily deaths from COVID-19. The thousands of Americans shot, stabbed and beaten to death on the streets of once-great American cities every year.

During the Cold War between the Soviet Empire and the West, the great achievement of presidents from Harry Truman to George H.W. Bush was that they avoided the kind of war that consumed millions of lives of Western peoples from 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945.

Consider what became of those nations and empires that entered the 20th century as great or aspiring great powers.

The Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Romanov and Ottoman empires fell in World War I. The British and French empires did not long survive their “victory” in the Second World War that they declared on Sept. 3, 1939. The Soviet Union was bankrupted and broken by the cost of waging a four-decades-long Cold War.

Wars finished all the great powers of the 20th century, save the USA.

America’s desire today may be to inflict a defeat on Putin’s Russia.

U.S. vital national interests, however, dictate a negotiated peace.

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  1. The Messerschmitt Twins
    The Messerschmitt Twins says:

    I just wondered why Putin’s on-stage cheerleader “Ganzmanov” has such a distinctly Jewish physiognomy. I just had to do some quick joogling. Ironically, “Gasmann” (the man who turns on the gas tap) is a name that appears in various variations (Gazman, Gassmann, etc.) originating in German and is also used by Jews for camouflage.

    The article does not yet appear in the Google cache because it is too recent, but the quote can be googled:

    “Russian propagandist, pop singer Oleg Gazmanov, who performs for Russian elites and the military, including a celebratory concert after the annexation Crimea of 2014, has suddenly unearthed his (Marrano-like secret) Jewish roots that have existed beneath the ultra-nationalist Russian façade he’s maintained for the past 30 years.” (Quote Haaretz article “Why Putin’s Propagandists Claim They’re the ‘New Jews'”)

    German Bolshewikipedia states: “Gasmanov’s parents came from the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic and both fought in the Great Patriotic War. The father – Mikhail Semyonovich Gasmanov (1924-1983) became a soldier at the age of 17, took part in the capture of Koenigsberg and fought on the 3rd Belorussian Front. He was awarded the medal ‘Victory over Germany’ and the Order of the Red Star. After the war, he served in Berlin, studied at the Military Construction School ‘Pushkin’ in Leningrad Oblast, and then continued to serve in the army until 1972, when he was discharged into the reserve as a major in the construction troops.

    His mother, Sinaida Abramovna Gasmanova, née Altschuler (1920-2006) was a nurse in a hospital during the war. At the end of the war she was at the Chalcha River. She was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II Class and the medal ‘For the Victory over Japan’.”

    “Sinai”, “Abram”, “Gasman”, it could’nt be more Jewish! Only one thing is certain: “If the gas man rings three times, Mother Russia is in dire straits without even suspecting it!” I would be interested anyway in the whole truth about the alleged “mass murder by exhaust fumes from Russian tank engines” in the locked Russian WW2 archives, over which apparently the Jews have been watching since then.

  2. anonym
    anonym says:

    “US vital interests”?
    It’s practically a third world country. A couple of 10 000 grey concrete housing projects, hardly any industry, barely any agriculture (despite perfect soil). If it wasn’t for the gas, the economy would mainly consist of jewish oligarch money scams, prostitution, sex trafficking (mostly to Israel) and petty gangster rackets. It’s ruled over by a jewish TV comedian, put in place by the vilest oligarch of them all, and bizarre neo nazis (who, somehow have no problem with being funded by Soros, Nuland and Jewish usurers).

    The only “interests” US have in Ukraine consists of the Biden familys connections to Ukraine maffia and a craving for free money and prostitutes. And the Jewish hatred of Putin because of his support of Iran and Syria.

    If they start WW3 over this, it’d be a comedic event that not even Monty Pythons Flying Circus could match.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Two analogies of Ukraine come to mind, as they are used for the pleasure and enhancement of others than themselves.
      1. Sex Slaves. On demand and devoid of independence
      2. ATM machine. Dispenses cash from someone else’s (Ukrainian citizens’) account.

    • anonym
      anonym says:

      On second thought, Ukraine has probably been victimized more than most by the Jews. It’s been a playground for Jewish “financiers”, vice peddlers and political ideologues since the 1500s.

      The Polish/Latvian occupation in the 1600s, which was a “Jewish Paradise”; locked inside the Pale of Settlement from 1700 to 1900, which was like a hothouse incubator for Jewish activities; Bolshevik Russia; and neo liberal oligarch exploitation in the 2000s.

      Debt slavery, drenched in vodka (a Jewish monopoly for a long while), millions genocided, cannon fodder in WW2, communism, neo liberalism, sex trafficking – it’s no wonder Ukraine is struggling.

      The only country that has fared worse might be Albania, who has suffered both Jewish communism and abrahamic Islam (which is Judaism for arabs). If it wasn’t for this, both countries could probably had been normal European countries.

      Secondly, when finally reading Buchanans’ text properly, I realize that his message is more or less what I meant – the war is taking focus away from the real vital american interests. Maybe I should read the articles before i post comments…

  3. The Messerschmitt Twins
    The Messerschmitt Twins says:

    In truth, the chaos of the world can only have one main cause. The Jewish concern consists in stirring up all against each other. This concerns both states among themselves and within the populations of states. To do this, “irreconcilable opposites” must first be created, which then have to clash.

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Thus far, they are only attempting to gaslight the Russians and Ukrainians. That’s all it’s about on both sides of the present divide.

    Germany’s non-existent fuel supplies determined the first oil producing targets of the Wehrmacht. Ploesti, Baku, Caucasus. A counter productive method of gassing people with low carbon dioxide emitting diesel fumes. While the Bolsheviks preferred to execute people with ice axes to save ammunition, as symbolically with Trotsky, ammunition was never in overall short supply among the Wehrmacht.

    I would be astonished if the post-Perestroika Archives in Moscow were still closed on this minor question, while the far more relevant documentation on the entire War Guilt question, is available. As demonstrated by Suvorov at the Annapolis Naval Academy.

    To this day, Barbarossa is used effectively to guilt-trip Germany, for whatever momentary and/or endless profit.

    By said profiteers, Barbarossa is habitually characterized as an
    ” UEBERFALL “, best, but entirely inadequately translated as a BUSHWHACK. It has a connotation of a plain bank heist, from behind a hiding spot by masked bandits.

    Suvorov cites Stalin’s lectures verbatim to the students of his three Military Academies. War is a necessary invention of the capitalist class, eschewed by Communists. HOWEVER this impending war will be morally justified; it will commence on May 15, 1941. Hess flies to GB to again present Hitler’s offers. Hess is incarcerated in the Tower. Stalin now chooses July 15. Barbarossa commences on June 22. We are, ever since, the immoral, racially motivated BUSHWHACKERS, for arriving early at the Moscow-scheduled dinner party. Rather than the saviors of the remainder of Europe, including GB; and by projection of International Communism, the remainder of the so-called Free World.

    Now the very same ball is in America’s court. Let’s see how its increasingly effeminate and obese, woke Forces will deal with it, under the guidance of Biden’s Sanhedrin.

  5. The Messerschmitt Twins
    The Messerschmitt Twins says:

    [Off Topic]

    A naive Irish chick “discovered” a few curves in 1967 that were attributed to a “radio signal”. The fact that she was not awarded the Nobel Prize in 1974 like her male colleagues was an “extremely discriminatory scandal against women,” which is why Queen Mum subsequently compensated her with a honorary noble title as “Dame”. But that was not enough of an honor. Now her face will also be printed on a worthless bill.

    “In 2018, she was awarded the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, worth three million dollars (£2.3 million), for her discovery of radio pulsars. The Special Prize, in contrast to the regular annual prize, is not restricted to recent discoveries. She donated all of the money ‘to fund women, under-represented ethnic minority and refugee students to become physics researchers’, the funds to be administered by the Institute of Physics.”

    Women destroy nations, but discover “pulsars” that literally no one gives a damn about.

  6. The Messerschmitt Twins
    The Messerschmitt Twins says:

    In ZOG-“Germoney” (stupid German money), too, they have hoisted such incompetent bimbos to the highest positions. The new so-called foreign minister has, among other things, falsified her curriculum vitae. This entitles to edit her face into a sketch as well. Dialogue between the two men at the end: “I’ll tell the pastor that we have a new witch in the village.” “Good idea.”

  7. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    We are witnessing another war in Europe, where Christians are killing Christians. Who benefits? Who wins? In WWI, the commie/Jewish alliance won Russia. In WWII, the commie/Jewish alliance won Eastern Europe.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Any oath, statement or assurance, including both Biden’s name and position, while also including the phrase ” to the best of my ability “, suffices to soil your diapers.

    His hand on the Bible, his lips just moving, while Ron Klain simultaneously has one hand up Biden’s skirts far enough to play his vocal chords and his other on his unrevised Babylonian Talmud.

    If I were to alter the verb in Elizabeth Barret Browning’s sonnet How Do I Love Thee, I would include the Border, Energy, Constitution, Election Laws and simple Integrity: to merely start the list.

  9. Ura FecalLiberal
    Ura FecalLiberal says:

    I don’t care about the United States anymore. I have no feeling for the entity that uses that name. Its existence is a perversion of the original ideas of its Founders. It is entirely controlled by a foreign elite-including those with citizenship, It’s overall actions and intent have been and are evil, for decades. In its present form, it is not worth saving.

    A fracturing and sequestration for the Indo-European is the only salvation. Those who propose “working within the system”, or placing hope on candidates and parties are delusional and weak minded.

    If you follow current events, you know that Blacks and Browns continually speak loudly that their dissatisfaction for “America” is enough to drive them to advocate separation and autonomy. This also includes Mass Formation Psychosis/Delusion of Whites.

    A strategic, concrete realist will see this as opportunity: give it to them. Divide the territory into White, Black, Brown. As Whites, we should take the food growing Heartland States, where agricultural use is high. The Black and Tans (BT) see this as opportunity to harmonize their milieu and usher in their Golden Age (Showers) epoch. One territory will prosper enormously, build up a sovereign fund, and produce high quality people and a quality of life. The other two will slough and slide into dystopia and poverty. Future relations will be based on that evolution.

    Most people that think, write, and expound of White (I.E.) solutions or rectification are either lazy minded, lack real world problem solving, and have never achieved in the physical world, as engineers, technicians, doctors, etc, etc. This differentiates people who work solely in offices, The Control Room etc versus those “in the field” for whom direct manipulation of physical reality trains the mind. This is a general statement. A great benefit is the confidence one earns and acquires to make projects work with available resources.

    In the Control Room of large power plants, one see REPRESENTATIONS OF THE ACTUAL, REAL, AND CONCRETE, i.e., the physical plant itself with machinery, systems, transmitters, controllers etc, etc. This is an abstraction, a view from an altitude looking upon the concrete. All abstractions are just that, abstracted from something, that is they are fractional and a representation. A painting or photograph is not the real object. This ingrained Western scientism, world of symbols has created great confounding ideas and attitudes about how to make things happen and what actions to take.

    Those who know DIRECTLY how to operate, maintain, service, repair the large array of are the most essential. Without them, designers could not progress from initial conceptualization, because they could not know if anything will work successfully. Almost everybody who writes on homelands for Whites is a designer, not an engineer. They exposit the initial ideas with very general statements, lack of detail, planning, tactical moves, contingencies, and weighing of options. DOA abstractions they are and shall remain, as they use others’ similar generalizations and wishful-wistful hopes and dreams. From a utilitarian point of view, the most useless are the nostalgic and retrograde recollections of past greatness, achievements, and glories. Defeated peoples do that a lot.

  10. Ole Olesen
    Ole Olesen says:

    There is only ONE Party which has the MORAL HIGH GROUND
    in the current situation of Ukraine :
    And that is RUSSIA
    The Galician NAZIS in Power in KIEV are genocidal , insane and despicable primitive BRUTES
    The WEST is false , ridiculous and has lost any credibility
    Only IDIOTS would henceforward trust any Western Country:
    THE WEST HAS LOST and is no longer Worth any serious affiliation
    Because the WEST LIES and STEALS
    LYING andf CHEATING is as Breathing and Eating for Western Elites

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      It is a supreme irony that Russia comes so very much closer that America “values” are supposedly our covenant. Dial back America to the mid 1950s-I was there-when America was a place with low social, political, economic, etc pathology. Relatively speaking. Honesty and integrity were serious and considered vital in the milieu. “A moral and religious people”, said Ben Franklin or Sam Adams when asked if our Constitution would last and stand. That was its firmament.

      Russia today is much closer to our bygone “Shining City On The Hill”, than the JUSA, “A Shabby Brothel In A Section of Town With Open Sewers”.

      But you would never know that, as most people who are living the Matrix, sequestered in a hermetic informational walled courtyard. Thanks to this site and others like it, truth seekers and those with higher standards have apprehended this.

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