Critical Race Theory is Not The Problem. It Is the Symptom of a Bigger Problem

Parents have recently discovered that the education establishment—the odious class of persons consisting of professional school administrators, teachers certified by our social-justice-warrior education schools, and, often, disconnected boards of education “representing” gigantic swaths of voters, often representing districts the size of a small State—have inserted a program of so-called “critical race theory” into the K-12 curriculum.

The program typically has content similar to the mandatory diversity sessions at major corporations, in which Whites trudge into a large conference room and hear why they are all racist.

Parents are rightly outraged that their children are being subjected to anti-White propaganda instead of an actual education.  However, parents are making a big mistake.  They are reacting as if this is something new, as if only a few years ago all was well with modern public education.

Not so.  Critical Race Theory, or “CRT”, is simply the latest propaganda program snaking its way through the school system.  In fact, it seems reasonable to say that elites have been progressively attempting to use the public school system for more than 100 years as a method to anaesthetize successive generations, to acclimate them to automatic obedience to authority, and to reduce over time the actual educational content in the schools themselves.  Then, with the Federal Aid to Education Act of 1965, came an acceleration:  the centralized push of anti-White, pro-pre-marital sex, pro-globo-homo programs, one by one, through the system.  At first the propaganda was “justified” as a way to force southern Whites to “buy into” racial integration.  A form of revived reconstruction for the much-loathed Southern States.  Very quickly, however, the true intentions of the masters and commanders in Washington and compliant state capitals became evident:  a full scale “reconstruction” a la 1871 being forced on the entire country.  No one, it seemed, was sufficiently pro-Negro, pro-gay, pro-abortion, or pro-condoms and pro-pre-marital sex.  And the schools had damn well better take care of that.

We start from the beginning.

As John Taylor Gatto, a New York City school teacher for 30 years, set forth in his multiplicity of books on this topic (see, e.g. John Taylor Gatto, Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling, 2008) in the mid-nineteenth century the purpose of “public education” turned from the traditional colonial idea of producing an independent-thinking citizenry capable of participating in and supporting a free democratic republic into a system whose ultimate purpose was to regiment the vast majority of the population into a Prussian sense of passivity.  This program accelerated when, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the foundations founded by large manufacturers and mineral extractors like Carnegie Steel and Standard Oil realized that the old-style education would produce people unwilling to work long hours at boring jobs for a single employer, such as the factories run by the giant capitalists of the day.  In fact the old-style school system would undoubtedly produce nothing more than a bunch of hell-raising troublemakers (think “give me Liberty or give me death”) that would continually disrupt production lines.

The program developed by the foundations picked up a number of wack-job pseudo intellectuals to put an acceptable cover on their intentions, the most well-known of whom was the infamous John Dewey.  Dewey’s basic premise, set out in his 1897 book, My Pedagogic Creed (available on, effectively was that schools should stop teaching anything—i.e.,  facts, history, geography, grammar, arithmetic, Latin; rather, schools would teach children to cooperate with each other and, most importantly, with the teacher.  The intent clearly was to produce generations of students so ignorant of their own history and unable to function independently that they would generally be amenable to the absorption of any propaganda pushed their way by government or private industry so that they could become mere cogs in someone’s big wheel.

The big blocks to the implementation of such a program were that virtually every school was controlled by a separate school board, and public schools were financed by local taxes, not by the state or federal governments.  In 1880, for example, the U.S., with a population of approximately 50 million, had 140,000 school boards.  Thus, local parents and taxpayers—essentially the same thing in that era of big families (often farm families)—hired and fired the principals and the teachers, approved the textbooks, and controlled the curriculum.  The likelihood that they would knowingly subvert their children’s education at the behest of the Rockefellers was slim indeed.  This posed a big problem.

How was one to force a centralized program through such a fractured system?  The methods were many, and, over time, stunningly effective.

  • First, school district “consolidation” always sold on the basis of “efficiency” and expanded opportunity. Hence the mega high schools of today and the mega school districts.  Today, the number of school districts has been reduced to 14,000, many comprising such mega districts as Loudon County (60,000 in 1960, now 400,000); or New York City (8 million).  The larger a district becomes, the less accountable to local parents and taxpayers.  Effectively, many school districts have become what in the U.K. are called “quangos”—self-perpetuating entities like the FDA or the SEC virtually unaccountable to elected authority.
  • Second, a nationwide system of “teacher certification” that would require—or at least strongly encourage—public schools to hire only teachers that had been certified as professional teachers, mainly through attendance at soon-to-be formed teachers colleges.
  • Third, the funding of a whole series of teachers colleges, each of which would, over time, push the desired centralized dogma onto the teachers. Some turned out to be worse than others, but, they gradually became what could be called propaganda centers, with less and less educational content and more whipped cream stirred up by centralized bureaucrats.
  • Fourth, the flip-side of steps two and three—the consequent elimination of normal college graduates from the certified teacher rolls. Out goes the Yale history or mathematics graduate, in comes the SJW educated in very little from a mediocre teacher’s college.  The low IQ, uneducated mass of teachers was picture perfect for a system intentionally designed to eliminate educational content and maximize the teaching of docility and, later, outright propaganda.  Attempts to change certification to provide that all college graduates should be automatically certified have been fought tooth and nail.  Befuddled conservatives can’t figure out why, since the proposal is so logical, but of course this could not be done!  Doing so would undermine the whole program!

Things were moving along, but then the whole program got a jet-fueled boost by the Federal Education Act of 1965.

Contrary to what one might think, the Federal Aid to Education Act of 1965 did not provide ONE DOLLAR to schools or classrooms.  The sole permissible use of the money was to fund and keep in place vast state-level education bureaucracies.  Such centralized bureaucracies, whose employees would undoubtedly be staffed by “professional” school administrators educated at the crappy teacher’s colleges, were custom-designed to assist the federal government in substantially centralizing state education through the imposition of detailed state-wide rules on curricula and hiring, as well as to assist in pushing through the system the propaganda favored by the elites in Washington D.C.

From 1965 on, the entire educational bureaucracy has been grindingly waging a war against Whites, and a war in favor of “sex education”—read, the promotion of pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and now transgenderism.  Old books in school libraries not furthering the narrative were quietly stripped out of school libraries and curricula, propagandistic “new” books pushing a pro-Negro, pro-homosexual, and pro-free sex program were inserted into school libraries and curricula.

Only in the latest twist has CRT been introduced.  However, CRT is no more than a modest extension of the anti-White, anti-family curricula that has been pushed through the system since 1965—another indication that the countercultural revolution of the 1960s has been a watershed even in American history.  In that sense, “educators” who state that “CRT is nothing new” have a valid point.  But the real issue is: will parents unite to strip away the whole disastrous system and its already-imbedded programs to start anew?

Here are some modest suggestions that might be implementable:

  • Subdivide school districts so that each school has its own school board (may require state legislation). If it cannot be done officially, do it unofficially.
  • Along with (i), over time, work to reduce substantially the size of any one school. The mega-school of three to four thousand children needs to be replaced gradually with much smaller schools.
  • If permitted under state law, NEVER hire another “certified” teacher; if state law does not permit this, work to change state law.
  • Never hire a “certified” “professional” school administrator. They hate you, your race, and your family.  Instead, hire administrators—principals and district superintendents only from the local community, and make sure they are people who can be trusted.  Again, if state law does not permit this, work to change state law.
  • Demand that a detailed syllabus and reading list for every course be posted on a school’s website. Have a parent’s committee—assisted by independent scholars selected solely by the parents—select the books and design the midterm and final exams and make the teachers teach to your test, not someone else’s.  In that way, teachers—even if “credentialed” social justice warriors—will be forced to teach your curriculum, not someone else’s.
  • Work to change law to end statewide mandates such as (a) mandatory bus transport, (b) mandatory nurses and psychiatrists on staff, and (c) mandatory school lunch. These programs can almost double the cost of local education and provide no educational benefit.
  • Avoid where possible the use of textbooks, particularly in history or English courses. The textbook industry is as corrupt and woke as the federal Department of Education. Use original works wherever possible.  If not possible, except perhaps with math textbooks, use only textbooks 50 years old or more.  Using old textbooks, especially those out of copyright, can substantially reduce the cost of books at a local school.

Depending on the state, not all, but much of this can be done by a local school board.  If these steps are taken, a lot of the John Dewey/1965 Act system will literally be swept away at the local level.

If, instead, school boards restrict themselves to rules prohibiting CRT, the result will be failure.  The already corrupted system will just fall back on the pre-CRT anti White curricula—not to mention the globo-homo-trans curricula—it was already promulgating.

The real question, thus, is not the students but the parents.  Have they been so anesthetized by THEIR public education that they cannot act?

If so, perhaps CRT—and what will inevitably follow—is a well-deserved punishment.

As the Peruvian author Nicholas Gomez Davilla noted in his Schola to an Implicit Text:  “the modern age will not be punished; it is the punishment.

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    • Lancashire Lad
      Lancashire Lad says:

      I wondered that myself. Maybe it’s a reference to Herbart’s educational theories that preceded Dewey’s, or to the old “Two Germany’s” propaganda? It would be interesting to learn more.

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      The education system of Prussia (in Germany) was often cited as producing uninquisitive kids. Probably just anti-German.
      Some very good ideas here, but of course the bureaucratic staffing people would hate it. And they have a lot of passive power. And unfortunately I’d guess lots of parents would oppose much of teaching that went to rationalism. But you know that.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        With respect to your first paragraph.

        01 I started Grade 1 in Berlin, in October 45. Berlin was entirely Russian occupied until June or July 46, when it came under Allied Control. US, GB, France, SU.

        02 There was neither food nor warmth either at home or at school. Our class rooms had their windows covered with cardboard, no heat, certainly no gym.

        03 We trudged there for endless miles in shoes, soles made of wood, held on by webbing: in winter. Barefoot the remainder of the year.

        04 Scarcity of teachers and buildings necessitated, that we attend either in the AM or in the PM, alternating weekly.

        05 During winter, the last part of the long trek home was often pitch dark, without street lights. One ruin had a bathtub suspended by its waste plumbing clanging against the still standing wall, three flights up. Rendering a Wagnerian Opera superfluous.

        06 However, we had a most rigorous, comprehensive curriculum. Mandatory English from Grade 5, and French from Grade 7.

        07 Peter Schulze and his sister were mutilated badly around their face, others were missing limbs. Yet we enjoyed a happy camaraderie, totally devoid of any Prussianisms.

        08 When we arrived in Toronto, they put me [ and others ] back a year because we couldn’t possibly be up to par with this best of all systems. From Grade 6 – 8 there, I was bored out of my tree, leaving time to become the class clown.

        09 Finally, in High School, towards the end of Grade 10, it caught up with me. I was expelled four weeks before its end, ending up as a stock boy in a department store.

        10 I saved my wages and financed my next year at Gordon Military College, in Barnesville, Ga. A mere $ 750 for room and board and tuition; uniforms extra.

        11 Having led a haphazard life, I had none of the educational record requested at registration. I listed courses all the way back to grammar school, with the proviso to document them later. They placed me in Grade 12, followed by one year in their Junior College Dept. My more than adequate performance cancelled the proviso and I entered university with a mere two complete years in High School. It wasn’t some planned scheme: merely circumstances that worked out, without external harm.

        12 My some 360 schoolmates came from wealthy but dysfunctional families in Connecticut, as well as the Everglades, where they earned their tuition by raising cattle in summer, as well as two brothers from Havana, accused, peripherally, of having shot one of Batista’s gendarmes.

        Alvin, from the Everglades, provided our senior dorm with a four foot alligator as a mascot.

        13 In the spring of 58 a thorn penetrated my left lens and cornea, forming a cataract. The school paid the hospital stay with a benefit spaghetti supper for the entire community; the excellent oculist, Dr. Jack Austin, operated pro bono.

        14 I mention these first hand experiences to counter the innumerable, ” expert “, second and third hand narratives.

        I am prepared to live for this country, but also to die for it.

    • inspector general
      inspector general says:

      It means stupidity is ok if it is in service of germanophope tropes! I recall Ernst Junger proposing “joyous helpfulness” as perhaps the single most salient aspect of the “Prussian” system in which he was educated.

  1. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Horst, as a central Prussian Berliner, I too tripped over her ” Prussian passivity ” at first.

    The early 30s street battles with the Communists in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, heavy machine guns mounted on their trucks, betrayed little of ” passivity “.

    The regrettably vital, Europe-saving Barbarossa demonstrated anything but passivity.

    East Berlin’s anti Communist uprising in 53, was anything but passive and preceded those of Gdansk and Prague by several years.

    However, any author limited by space, can’t be expected to qualify each and every concept, noun and phrase. And, even as read by you and me, for my part I can’t totally disagree with her. I well remember, as a child, saluting a Policeman rattling his contribution can for Winter Hilfe [ help ] to provide winter clothing to our Wehrmacht approaching Moscow, with Heil Hitler.

    Somewhere I still have a book, titled The Re-education of the Post-War German Youth. As evidenced by my solicitous, endearing, on-eggshells comments here, you can see that they succeeded with their re-education of me well beyond their intent.

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    So basically the only answer is to militate for small government, militate for a separation of state and civil society, and urge for a restoration of absolute private property rights except in cases involving Life and Liberty. This falls under a banner called Freedom and it is the only antidote to tyranny. Failing that, secession is the only other possible answer. Otherwise, the West will soon turn into India.

  3. JT
    JT says:

    The entire philosophy of the state must first be rejected, starting with the non-sense views of Immanuel Kant and George Berkeley. These guys challenge REASON at the absolute root, by asserting [NOT by proving] that the senses are wrong, and are not a valid source source of information. George Berkeley: “That tree you ‘think’ you see out the window- it does not exist.” The eyes really are lying after all. . .so how did they acquire THAT bit of information? chirping crickets. . .It is the so-called idealist views that, starting with the first commie Plato, got us here. ABOVE ALL ELSE GERMAN IDEALISM. You may look up the connection between German Idealism and American Pragmatism. EVERY major philosophy of the last century is based on German Idealism- this includes the Frankfurt School- Jews picked it right off the shelf. . .[I only found out this 3 or 4 years ago]
    All these philosophies claim, at least tacitly, that NONSENSE is the road to truth. The State we now enjoy is based on nonsense- just look around, using your eyes, which are supposedly invalid. San Francisco, a city [a shitty] is very close to the shitty of Berkeley. . .[Current] SF is George Berkeley’s gift to the World. The glory of Idealism. . .Literal excrement. . .

    In 1914 the head of the USA Federal Education Department: “Now the question is raised, do schools exist for the students, or do students exist for the schools? The answer is the latter.” This means that the school exists to enslave.

    • Jud Jackson
      Jud Jackson says:

      Berkeley might ultimately be wrong, but he is not full of non-sense. He is one of the 3 great British Empiricists along with his predecessor Locke and his successor Hume. Which philosopher is right? There is no consensus on anything in philosophy. I know. I got an MA in the subject. Philosophy has no ultimate answers, just questions on which many philosophers disagree.

  4. Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver says:

    I think the reference to Prussian *passivity* refers to Prussian (and more broadly German) traits such as ‘Kadavergehorsam’ and ‘Nibelungentreue’. The Prussian virtues of honesty, reliability, diligence, martial spirit and obedience were once recognized as key to the formation of the German nation. The latter virtue has been lampooned, mocked and demonized since WWII; here the writer seems to use it in the sense of Adorno’s “Authoritarian Personality”. America’s elite didn’t want to produce a bunch of Thomas Paine’s in the public schools, but rather a mass of easily-controlled proles,

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    Good article. Just to add, 1) the sexual agenda mentioned there is to provide the control mechanism outlined by E. Michael Jones in Libido Dominandi. 2) On the tip of the best defense is a good offense, the concerned parents should really insist that it be mandatorily taught in schools that Confederate leaders were noble men who had a point about secession as well as the impossibility of blacks and whites being integrated without major fallout for both communities.

  6. Ura FecalLiberal
    Ura FecalLiberal says:

    I graduated from a public school in Central Texas. The teachers were competent in their fields and there was no indoctrination except patriotism. The PTA, Parent Teachers Association, was very active. They determined and decided if curriculum was acceptable, performance was acceptable, and generally on the entire enterprise. They were like a shareholders meeting for a corporation. They could get anyone fired.

    Simply, it was LOCAL control. How we ended up here from there is a progression of descent and decay.

  7. bruno
    bruno says:

    Yeah, the parent of today is in a dilemma. I had to go to several schools to check out curriculums and demographics. Believe me it was tough. If I had time you’d plenty about the limited opportunities the average guy has. This will be a rush job of typing and it’s done only to share.

    My saga of education pertaining for the next generation began years ago with a preschool search. I spent over a month checking out preschools. Eventually 12 schools, in the area were investigated. Most resembled semi-jungles. One was perfect and the teacher was splendid.

    When it came time for regular school. One once again travelled along the tedious path to find a decent school. What a difficult job! One was astounded by the low quality of some of those academic facilities. Back then I didn’t understand about the quality of the institutions referred to as teacher’s colleges and what they turn out. Searching for weeks is exhausting and discouraging.

    One administrator proved to be quite interesting. She told me she was from Michigan and her dad had been a professor. She didn’t know that I knew her father. Getting to the chase, the school had about a 1% minority enrollment. To protect herself the gal under discussion mentioned that they were trying to get more minorities, but the district was nearly all W. When I mentioned I knew her father, her complete attitude changed and she told me about what we all know on TOO and the escape for MoTown’s environment. Her excellent school had been under excruciating pressure to diversify. It was now diplomatically battling.

    Just when I was ready to select the school in question another local school was discovered. Of course, getting up in the morning and doing other obligations was pertinent and advantageous in having a close facility. Thus, a local Christian school was chosen and one had peace in his soul. It was a decent and moral setting.

    The child in question took violin lessons and we were all happy. Then, the principal -who could have been a member of TOO- was removed and a diversityite was hired. While on a school trip a teacher started speaking and the first thing discovered was her push to alter the demographics of the school. What had happened to our peaceful place for kids?

    I was willing to spend seven and ten grand, what anticipated quality, without any wilding. That was not the case with everybody. Especially with the broken families of the day and their dysfunctional struggling. It seems, however, there’s more involved than just parents and grandparents paying to keep a facility running. There are outside pressures and (2) indoctrination plays her part in the mentality of an educational hierarchy.

    The principal of the school we all loved was fired. After that, the demographics of the school changed. This induced about 20% of the parents taking the children out of the school. Some of the parents left their children in for the simple reason that they had friends that were in the 7th and 8th grade, close to graduation.

    The child in question is very important not simply because of family factors, but because her IQ was an astounding 148 (tested by a registered psychologist). I ended up homeschooling her until being hospitalized and a health problem prevented the continuation. By the way, home schooling is way to go, unless there are language, music and other considerations connected to the school.

    Anyways, the horror of searching to insure the protection of a loved one began anew. It’s a bitch and if there was time addition typing would be more appropriate than this fast rush job of sharing, but let’s continue.

    I went to what was considered to be the best school in the county. It was quite a distance from our home, but I was willing to do the traveling. I knew that up until that time it had been W with many billionaire Europeans and a few from Arab countries that were boarding their children. All that had changed and it now represented diversity.

    In talks with some administrators and teachers I was astounded to hear their opinions when we were in private conversations. Let me tell you many were all heartbroken. Of course, the school’s athletic program became more successful. For those unaware of the US educational situation, large cooperations are now giving grants/donations so the schools will include departments of diversity.

    Another school known for its success rate of nearly 100% going to prestigious universities, was selected for investigation. They were building two large complexes. The child in question had gone there for summer school lessons.

    Well, low and behold, a conversation with the director of administrations proved to be enlightening. She informed that in the past our child wouldn’t have paid a cent and would have obtained a scholarship. Unfortunately, today colour considerations had entered the picture due to enormous sums that had entered academia from firms such as Coca-Cola.

    I had known one administrator and contacted her. Unfortunately, she was dying of cancer. She did elucidate about the changing atmosphere of the school due to the noted enormous sum of money. I was informed that a second grade teacher had left and others were unhappy. She suggested that I take a tour and ask for an enrollment package as a ploy. This was done.

    While ambulating with a tour guide the diversity director was met. He was a low IQ fellow who must have advanced in life due to America’s new monopoly CEO agenda and La CessPool Grande’s bureaucrats.

    Eventually I enlisted the child in a charter school. The reason was that it taught the Greek language. Everything was fine until her math teacher had to leave. They hired a B teacher who incredibly could not teach math. It was one of the most puzzling things I had ever encountered. Of course, it’s difficult to fire such an individual. She had a very nice personality but was dumber than a donkey. While noting this, it’s interesting that the school apparently to protect itself- listed it’s enrollment as only 70% W. In fact, it was closer to 90% with others being Asiatic (a no-problem group).

    Consequently once again research began for schooling. It’s not good to take a child out of a school, due to educational factors, when friends are involved etc. When they’re young they often don’t understand your motives.

    Well, I have to leave the house and have no time to continue typing. There’s the hope this rush-job is readable.

    It’s tough out there and most of the population will have to succumb to the downgrading unless there’s a radical change. Suggestion: Ride by a big city HS, park your auto and just watch.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 ” Organized “, indeed. Two years ago, some disapproving Haaretz reader disclosed a chain letter to that daily, calling for all Russian Jews to aim at the high paying jobs and professions, but at especially those at certain locations/points exerting 360 and vertical influence and control.

      02 Straight from the Bolshevik playbook, also in wide circulation in the US and Europe.

      03 It’s simply staggering to contemplate their complete control of Germany in 33, when they comprised merely .75% of its population. [ Yad Vashem data. ]

      04 From that percentage, we yet have to deduct the very elderly, the inactive housewives and of course children below a certain age, which would suggest, at the most generous, ca. .25%, of the 33 census. A quarter of 1%.

      05 Since 1% of anything is all but irrelevant, and you have to use a magnifying glass to find a quarter of that, one has to look at their arsenal and their mo of how they deploy it. Of course, we are all familiar with their 2% of the US population; which changes little.

      06 First and foremost comes Biden’s Sanhedrin, mistakenly referred to as his Administration, and their ” Living Constitution “.

      07 I don’t profess to understand the theory of probability, but, as such, I would expect 100 flips of a quarter to result in 50 heads and 50 tails.

      08 When, however, the negative prevails over the positive 97:3. in the national life of the US, or any country, one must assume deliberate malice, preparatory for its destruction.

      09 Whom will Klain & Co., for Biden, appoint as the imminent Czar for Food Shortage; to be subsequently re-designated as the Holodomor Czar ? And that’s merely the kitchen table. Mustn’t brake Covid’s momentum.

      • Rebel Roy
        Rebel Roy says:

        Mr Frey I very much enjoyed all your comments and got much from them.Thank you.I can tell you the disgust I feel at what was done to Germany by the Jew controlled”Allies”.It is a crime against God what was done.And it was also done to my Southern people and culture just the same until we are no more,until we are unrecognizable.The Jews are truly Satanic and God will one day send them to their father in Hell.Although far removed my ancient roots are Germanic(Saxon)and I share with you the sorrow that was done to our people.It is an honor to have you here and to read your wonderful insights.Again I thank you and wish you well.Christ is Lord!

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      « The “bigger problem” is organized jewry. »

      We are ruled by them and they are hostile to us. That’s the bigger problem behind CRT. Those who prefer not to mention the Jews can always argue that the bigger problem is the government’s hostility to Whites. But the idea that the government wants us dead makes little sense when you don’t know about the JQ.

      Anyway, the anti-White authorities have been deliberately destroying the school system at least since 1954. It’s not a matter of incompetence. Parents rightly reject Critical Race Theory because it is openly anti-White, but many earlier school reforms also had anti-White objectives. For example, I think the global method used to teach reading has been promoted to make it harder for children to learn to read. But the teachers who use the global method don’t realize that. They try to make the method work.

      The article makes the point that it is not enough to reject CRT: the only way to protect White children from government hostility is to return to a decentralized school system. But I think it’s not enough to reject the anti-White school system, we have to reject the whole anti-White political system.

      We should not focus too much on the CRT and forget that the whole school system is anti-White. But similarly, I doubt we’ll manage to make the schools safe for White children while the government keeps destroying the White race in other areas of society.

      Parents who realize that CRT is anti-White should realize that the global method, sex change propaganda in the classroom, racial integration and the rejection of memorization work, are anti-White policies too. And beyond that, they should realize that the same anti-White agenda is at work in the media, in the immigration policy, in the BLM propaganda, in the Covid tyranny, in the anti-Russian propaganda, etc. That is, they should see the bigger problem, which is that the government wants us dead. It’s not just a school problem.

  8. Peter
    Peter says:

    Regardless of any “Prussian sense of passivity”, the rest of the world adopted Germany’s education system because they developed education and had the best schools, including the best universities in the world.. The Germans were the first to create mandatory public education for all children, they invented kindergarten and the PHD. They were the first country to create a pension system for workers and universal healthcare in the 1800’s already. Germany led in everything and the rest of the world followed. Even after Germany’s disastrous WW II defeat, developing countries still studied Germany to see how they could build their countries up. I could be wrong but I would bet Singapore studied Germany to create their ultra-modern state. I think China also studied Germany. Both those countries might have a “sense of passivity” but they are also world leaders. The US and Germany no longer are.

  9. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In Queen Victoria’s glorious days a gentile member of my family paid 1 penny for a week’s lessons on every Monday morning. No penny, no lessons. The lessons were ,of course, the 3 R’s.
    He became interested in a map of the World and decided to work his way around the World.
    He walked to London, with the help of some horses and carts, and became a cabin boy on a ship. He liked China so much he settled in Shanghai, became skipper, married and had 4 daughters.
    Then the governments involved themselves, especially the disaster called the USA
    What the Japanese did to the Chinese should not be forgotten. It is far worse than what the Germans did to Russians and other Europeans. What the Russians did was payback.
    The rich,of course, attended fee paying public schools. Until we became communists the Jew side of my family attended Eton. The Jew side of my family provided Eton with one of its headmasters.
    My great uncle Thomas was disowned and my maternal grandfather followed him
    through the door. Their sister always sent them money. They attended a meeting at a Church Hall in Hackney, 300 were there, including Stalin and Lenin where the Red Flag was sung for the first time:
    The working class can kiss my (redacted)
    I’ve got the foreman’s job at last
    I forget the rest
    I was told by a useful peasant that Lenin was funded by the Bank of England. Stalin lived in London and I would guess that the bank of England helped him as well.
    I believe that governments should use the internet for education to make people literate.
    Hugo Chavez made his people literate and that is why the Club and their American Stooges hate him.
    In spite of most of today’s academics, education will free the World, end poverty, end Islam and end Judaism, unless these unpleasant things end us first.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for a very well written and informative piece AlbeMarie. I do hope that you keep exploring and writing about this very important and I would say, ‘tragic,’ subject.

    What happened recently in Louden, country, Virginia was a travesty but it least it lead to the ouster of the democrats and some people waking up, not much I know but something.

    Merrick Garland, Zuckerberg, the ADL, Soros, Mark Elias, all Jews, all got involved when the parents there spoke up about CRT. Because of the scamdemic, they saw what they’re children were being taught; homosexual sex being taught to five year old’s, and that’s just for starters.

    When a “transgender,” raped and sodomized a 15 year old girl in the girls bathroom of a Louden, county school, and her father let out an angry outburst at a school board meeting, the Soros appointed DA was ordered to throw the book at him by Soros and the rest of the cabal.

    I’m sure you’re familiar Albe, but if not take a look at Common Core and where that comes from. You can start with David Coleman and go from there. Pure Jewish evil.


    France: A poll was released this week on mainstream media (you should have seen the face of the anchor) , 52% of French people support Russia, despite the censorhip, removal of Russian media and the non-stop hate propaganda against Russia. The French are less stupid than others it seems,… Also anti NATO protests took place in Marseille last week.

    Presidential elections will take place on 10th of April. Of course, rothschild puppet macron will try to rig the vote like biden did in the USA, but he has serious troubles including an alleged murder ordered by him and his “wife” (a transsexual) against an investigator who was about to spill the beans on the fact that “Brigitte” Macron is in fact a dude, called Jean-Michel Trogneux.

    Check this on Twitter and you’ll get the picture: #IsabelleFerreira (murdered) –
    #BrigitteGate – #JeanMichelTrogneux

    It’s not the only scandal. Check that: #McKinseyGate (tax evasion, fraud, bribes, macron is heavily involved)

    And that: #RothschildGate (much more serious for him as it involves fiscal evasion, millions ofn offshore accounts, bribes, and fraud)

    And that: #AlstomGate (again fraud)

    There is no way that the most hated president of all times, that the French want to sack since 5 years can be re-elected without cheating the vote…

    If he loses and people like Lepen win, then Russia will have a new ally.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      I was about to google “Lepen” when I realized you were talking of Marine Le Pen. I read a while back that she’d overtaken Zemmour to lead the field, at least of the challengers—in which case she wins, because the people who’ll vote for the other Conservative candidates, who also have substantial support, will likely vote for her in the runoff, not for micron.

      Well, I’m glad that Russia would have another friend, assuming what you say is true; but I’ll be gladder if France and Europe can also have an anti-invasion leader in Marine Le Pen. My impression is, however, that while she figures to be better than micron she’s not as good as her father, not for our side. I used to follow her on Fakebook (sic) and, unless someone connected with her played a trick, she replied once to me; and I was led to think she was solidly anti-invasion (I allude to the invasion of Europe by the Third World). Yet I’d be surprised, albeit ecstatically, if she lived up to her rhetoric.

      She’s married to a Jew, unless I’m mistaken? Well, Zemmour is a Jew and I believe in his opposition to the invasion. But Jews like that don’t grow on trees, and Marine’s domestic union may suggest she’s softened her Pro-European stance to some extent.

  12. steve
    steve says:

    A mixture of good and bad here; IMHO, the author has libertarian leanings which don’t fit this site. The ‘noble (white) savage’ is just as fictional as the black version. All societies have elites who rule and who seek to perpetuate their rule via a selection process that favors the like-minded. “Democracy’ is a fiction and always will be; our problem is that our elites are utterly corrupt.

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