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Irish Famine Redux in America?

As the odious American new foreign policy elite sails closer and closer to nuclear war over the Ukraine (after having forced its de-nuclearization in 1995), will a second problem develop?  Given the sanctions imposed by this marvelous elite on the largest world grain and oil exporter — Russia — coupled with an ever-growing world demand […]

Ukraine, Part II

Having in my previous article outlined the political and ethnic shenanigans leading up to the Ukraine conflict, this article examines in some granular detail the current progress of the war in light of what appears to be previously recognized limitations in the Russian logistics chain and the development of their war doctrine, including the use […]

Unpronounceable Name, Incomprehensible Policies: Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Afghanistan Myth, And What it Means for Ukraine Ukraine Part I  

It is now taken as Gospel that the relatively small war in Afghanistan “brought down” the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, an empire of Socialist Soviets extending — when one counts its tributary states — from the Bering Straits to Berlin.  Not much evidence has been presented to back this claim.  But a lot of […]

Critical Race Theory is Not The Problem. It Is the Symptom of a Bigger Problem

Parents have recently discovered that the education establishment—the odious class of persons consisting of professional school administrators, teachers certified by our social-justice-warrior education schools, and, often, disconnected boards of education “representing” gigantic swaths of voters, often representing districts the size of a small State—have inserted a program of so-called “critical race theory” into the K-12 […]