Andrei Tsiganov: Russia is Regaining Its Sovereignty Thanks to the Sanctions Imposed by the West

Below I present the abridged version of an interview that I conducted with Andrei Tsiganov in St. Petersburg on March 30th.

Mr. Tsiganov is a political activist in Russia. You may not have heard of him personally, but it’s far more likely that you have heard of some of the activity that he and his organization have been engaged in. In his own words, Mr. Tsiganov is engaged in a lawfare campaign against Liberal forces in Russia and while there are other conservatives operating in Russia, his organization appears to be the largest and most effective, with some actual victories to their name. The much-derided (in the West) anti-LGBT propaganda law passed in Russia was largely the work of him and his organization and the work of Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who became the face of the law. You may or may not remember the British homosexual comedian Stephan Fry coming to Russia to give the Russian people a stern talking to about the values of tolerance and inclusion.

Recently, Tsiganov was active in the fight against the COVID clampdown in Russia, filing lawsuits and providing an alternative perspective to the WEF with the help of his media resource “Katyusha”, which is quite popular in Russia. As an aside, the Covid hysteria has largely been dropped in Russia as a result of the military operation in Ukraine and Mr. Tsiganov has much to say on this topic, so I hope that we can revisit it with him in depth in the future. This time though, we spoke mostly about the state of the Russian government and the media situation in Russia and the sweeping changes that are occurring in civil society. Tsiganov and his people are a fairly good representative of the views and positions of the large patriotic bloc in Russia, which generally wants the government to adopt a more conservative, sovereign position in its national policies, foreign policy and cultural program.

I hope you enjoy it.

Me: Mr. Tsiganov, what is happening within Russia? The shakeups that we have seen in the last weeks are historic, no? Is Russia finally fed up with Liberalism?

Tsiganov: First and foremost, it is important to understand that there is a stark difference between the “deep nation” and the traitor class — the usurpers of Russia’s financial system, its media, and its culture-creators. Many of these traitors have left the country in recent weeks. True patriots don’t abandon their country. We can also refer to these people as “foam” — the foam on the top of the water. In other words, the foam is leaving the country. Alternatively, these people can be thought of as the sores on the Russian body. Many of them are non-Russians, but all of them are people who do not identify with Russia at all. They just used Russia to earn some money, temporarily. This is a positive cleansing process that is occurring now. We should be very thankful for it. Things would have been better had the West imposed sanctions on Russia earlier.

Take Anatoly Chubais as an example. He was one of the most prominent Liberal western agents. It’s a very good sign that he left. He was part of the pro-Western cultural elite in Russia. However, I hesitate to even use such words to describe him because neither he nor the people like him can be considered “elite” or particularly cultured for that matter. Unfortunately, we have to consider the possibility that some of them have may come back. For example, Vladimir Pozner [Channel 1 TV presenter] returned and thinks that he will be able to adjust to the new reality. His show is back on the air. Ivan Urgent [late night show entertainer who fled to Israel] also said that he might come back.

In the meantime, Konstantin Ernst [Channel 1 CEO] has had charges brought up on him. You have to understand, Channel 1 was pushing anti-Russian news on a state channel.

Me: How so?

Tsiganov: Well, they invited many liberal people, people from the pro-West camp, onto their shows and PR’d them. Take Morgenshtern, as an example. This is an entertainer that popularizes drug use to the youth. The government recently kicked him out of the country.

Me: So the poster stunt on Channel 1. Are you saying it was staged?

Tsiganov: It was a deliberate provocation by Ernst. He refused to apologize. It was done to send a message to Putin. The audience for this was the West —  the message was written in English, after all. Western media jumped on it. The woman with the sign had a lawyer sitting by ready. It was also a shot fired off Putin’s bow to demonstrate that Ernst and his operation did not approve of his actions in Ukraine.

Me: I see. What changes would you like to see occur within Russia?

Tsiganov: Well, in the constitution it says that ideology as such is banned. Modern Russia was created as a post-ideological country by the West. But the Russian people need an idea and there is now an attempt to create something new. The closest that we have to this is the National Safety Plan put together by the military where a first attempt was made. Several theses were voiced such as the necessity of defending the traditional view of family and fighting back against the anti-Russian historical narrative that is being promulgated in our schools. A second such document came out recently as well: the Project for the Defense of Traditional Values. This document provides guidelines for what projects are allowed to be funded with government money and what people can be allowed to sit in the government by proposing a loyalty test for ministers and bureaucrats. Much is still in the air and depends on the concepts, programs, and ideas that are eventually adopted. But the key point here is that nothing has been adopted yet because of the chinovniks (bureaucrats) refusal to implement it. Take, for example, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This is a Western creature through and through. His whole mindset is Western. He uses neoliberal models in his policies and programs. The entire government is in panic because of this; they don’t know how to do things outside the liberal operating protocol, which is being jettisoned now.

Over the last 2 years, Mishustin has been instrumental in pushing for and implementing the “cyber gulag” and for increasing the cooperation of the Russian government with the World Economic Forum. Mishustin went so far as to open the Center For the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Mishustin’s entire operation is staffed by graduates of the Higher Economic School and employees of Sberbank. [NOTE: The Higher Economic Schools is one of the pre-eminent forces within Russia pushing for neoliberal reforms since the 90s.] These people are Western-educated and, more importantly, they believe in the Western consensus on everything from governmental policy, economic policy, and social issues. Mishustin and his cronies have formed what they themselves refer to as the “cyber spetznaz” and have passed all these laws without the consent of the Russian people. Our Minister of Digital Transformation says that robots make the best administrators — this is the mentality of the man who wants to totally reform our system of governance. Strange as it may sound, Europe and America have better cyber protection laws on their books. No such protections exist in Russia. Luckily, Mishustin and his people have failed to realize their plans because of the war.

Mikhail Mishustin

Me: Pardon me for the direct question: is the current situation good for you and people who support your position?

Tsiganov: This is a war against the West and Western values. Furthermore, Russians are unlike many other peoples because they are pro-big state. The Russian people hope that the government will go to war for them against the Liberal class. People with our values are to be found in the military and the ranks of the FSB [Federal Security Service]. There are lots of patriots in the administration of the president as well. The war has shown us who is who. People in the government thought that it was possible to come to a compromise with the U.S. And now this has changed. This has created more room for internal maneuver for Putin and his allies.

Me: Why did it take Russia so long to do something about Western propaganda on the internet? Pro-Russian content is routinely banned off all social media sites, and it is impossible to put a pro-Russian narrative out on the internet. What was the plan? At least they’re talking about “cyber sovereignty” on the state channels now.

Tsiganov: First and foremost it is necessary to understand that Russia has no plans — only the Soviet Union had plans. [NOTE: Here he means the Soviet 5-year national plans and such.] That being said, Putin tried to create a “Runet” [a program aimed at furthering Russian sovereignty over the internet in Russia]. But the money was diverted and squandered on the digitization plan promoted by Mishustin and his so-called cyber spetznaz. 150 billion dollars were allocated from the budget and only 11 billion went to internet sovereignty projects. The rest went to various digitization schemes based on Western models.

Another silver lining to the current situation: Kaspersky has come out and said that Russia has lost 200,000 programmers. [NOTE: I am not sure that this number is accurate, but scores of big city dwellers have indeed fled Russia. Programmers who have stayed have been discussing the phenomenon on their channels. I personally know several that moved to Poland and Latvia for what it’s worth.] This means that Mishustin’s cyber gulag plan will fall through — he no longer has the political cachet or the cadres to pull it off. That being said, Russia could still create a sovereign internet if the political will was there. We have the talent and resources to do so.

Now, the US considers the internet its sovereign territory and treats it as such. It is part of the US cyber-strategy plan. There is no such thing as a free and universal internet. Do you know who actually does have a sovereign internet?

Me: China?

Tsiganov: Yes, China. Only China has developed a sovereign internet. The project was completed in the fall of last year thanks to a law on servers which effectively banned the transfer of data across borders. This is the way to do it. The Russian government needs to undertake big projects, like China does, not rely on the so-called invisible hand. Sergei Glazyev talks about this — the Minister of Eurasian Integration. But the people who ran Russia relied on the Liberal way of doing things — allowing private, foreign capital decide what gets invested into and how for the last 30 years. As you know, many of these people have fled the country now. Consider the absurdity of the situation: the Alphabet company controls a large part of Sber [an important bank]. And Alphabet runs Google. We can’t have this. We can’t have our enemies controlling our internet.

Me: What will happen next? What measures do you expect in the coming weeks and months?

Tsiganov: The government will now be forced to lean on the patriotic base in the country because the Yeltsin-era people and the various Western-educated technocrats can’t be trusted. They can’t even mobilize the country should Russia need to transition to a war economy. I expect Youtube to be closed down soon. We have the necessary resources and professionals to implement a sovereign “Runet.” All that we lacked was the political will. I hope that we now have a chance to do what should have been done years ago. People with our values and positions finally have a chance of rising up into government positions that will be vacated as as the cleanings continue in the government, media.

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  1. Carl B
    Carl B says:

    I am sorry. but the only thing Russia has won is Ukraine, something that Putinites in the West refuse to understand.

    Russia has lost nearly all of Europe to NATO, and there is no turning back. More countries will join.

    Turkey (which is in NATO, of course) is making major inroads into the Caucasus in support of its ally Azerbaijan (latter is supported by Israel) — all supported by the US — and due to Russian weakness.

    That is not a victory for Russia.

    Russia’s traditional sphere of influence in Central Asia is being penetrated economically by China and its Silk Road Initiative.

    That’s a major loss for Russia.

    Countries do not voluntarily partner with Russia. Countries run away from Russia.

    Can we please start being realistic?

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      That may be true and it’s a disaster for Europe as well that Russia has lost it. Europe needs Russian natural resources. Europe’s decline is accelerating, only second to the US that is falling faster and it’s disgusting how the Europeans do nothing, absolutely nothing, without the USA’s approval. While China may not be a very free country, it may soon be clear to everybody that the US has been surpassed by them (it already has been). Who is a bigger enemy of Russia? I would argue the USA is. China didn’t organize a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and turn all of eastern Europe into NATO countries, an enemy alliance against Russia right on its border. The USA did that and Europe went along with it. Russia needs China as an ally.

      All I can do is hope that more countries will look at Hungary and turn in that direction. Maybe if Germany has a deep freeze winter with no gas and they all freeze they will throw out the nitwits (look up its definition, that is what they are) that deliberately do harm to tens of millions of their own people.

      In 2003 the France and Germany expressed their opposition to the US attacking Iraq for a second time, killing another million or so Iraqis. That was it. No sanctions on the US, nothing. Shortly after that France elected Sarkozy and he said he wanted France to be closer to the US and France joined NATO. So, he and his voters approved of the American behavior. I regret I have to say Europe’s leadership, like the US leadership, are no good liars and good for nothing. Look at photos of Baghdad in 2003 and compare to Kiev today with European leaders strolling Kiev’s streets during this war. The Americans committed mass murder and the Russians go out of their way to avoid it and the limp- wristed Europeans that are supposedly antiwar abet it. The bigger countries in Europe should have made it clear Ukraine would never be part of NATO.

      I’m not Russian and Russia was an enemy of my parents country in WW II but I hope they win this war and continue to have success. I feel I have to root for the complete failure and hardship again for Europe before it will change.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        It was the failure and hardship experienced by Germany after 1945 that caused it to disintegrate into left-wing dictatorship that it is today, with the rest of Europe following into its own utter weakness and ruination. More failure and hardship is not what will bring it back.

        You better keep looking for another way.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Putin is a pathetic, balding manlet and Jew-licker who wants to see Russia turned into a dysgenic rubbish heap of untermenschen. He decided to breed his own daughter with a Jew. He wants to see blonde haired, blue eyed Russian girls mate with the greasy wogs of the Caucasus.

        Soon Finland and Sweden will join NATO. Putin the retarded, balding manlet will have only succeeded in expanding NATO.

  2. Roberto Blanco
    Roberto Blanco says:

    Global wave of expropriation

    by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer, Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen e.V.

    Whoever gives away his assets and entrusts them to strangers (including banks) can be expropriated.

    The USA have the highest indebtedness in their history (over 30 trillion dollars = 135% GDP), so they have been over-indebted for a long time and are therefore actually no longer creditworthy.

    But they also have the highest balance of payments deficits in their history ($976 billion in 2020), which they can only cover in a makeshift way by forcing their satellites to pay NATO contributions (for the U.S. defense industry) and continuing to “print money” without real value cover. These “fiat dollars” are accepted in the world only as long as there is confidence in the dollar. However, this confidence is no longer based on economic strength, but on the military strength of the USA. And this has been tarnished; not only since Vietnam and Syria, but also from the defeat and flight of the world’s largest army from Afghanistan. So not even more than $800 billion in military spending can make the U.S. army victorious in regional wars. It can no longer defend the dollar empire. As soon as this realization takes hold, that is, as soon as the world loses confidence in the dollar, the Americans will also lose their financial inflows, their liquidity, their solvency – the second reason for bankruptcy.

    The war in Ukraine is not only supported by the U.S. through military aid deliveries, but has long since become an economic and financial war between the U.S. and Russia. Economic sanctions – especially against oil and gas – are intended to damage Russia’s solvency, and financial sanctions (exclusion from the SWIFT agreement) are intended to shut down its solvency despite high balances.

    And all over the world, Russian assets are being seized, not only assets of the Russian state, but also of Russian individuals, not only the oligarchs, and even foreign assets in Russia. The same measures that the U.S. and its allies took against German assets in and after the last world war: The expropriation of Germans all over the world. Now it is the Russians who are expropriated everywhere in the world – even harmless Russian citizens who cannot do anything for the war and have nothing to do with it at all. It is enough that they are Russians (as Germans used to be) to expropriate their property.

    During and after the last world war, England, France and the USA, by expropriation of German state and private property, have

    – confiscated and sold all foreign branches of our companies worth many billions of dollars,
    – expropriated the accounts of German companies and German private individuals all over the world – hundreds of billions of dollars worth,
    – all German patents expropriated and sold in the USA – value more than 100 billion dollars,
    – also the real estate owned by Germans anywhere in the world was expropriated and disposed of in favor of the state assets of the victorious powers – value difficult to estimate, but also in the billions of dollars.

    The expropriation of the Germans 70 years ago is now threatening the Russians with the same justification: enemy of war.

    Because the world accepts the expropriation wave against the Russians by the propagandistic hate against Russia, further expropriation waves will come soon. This time not for war reasons, but for debt and liquidity constraints.

    The mountains of debt piled up internationally not only in the USA, but also in the EU by many states of the world through “cheap money at zero interest” can no longer be paid off through savings (point of no return), but only through expropriation of the creditors, i.e. through first progressive inflation and then currency reform. This has always been the case in the course of history with over-indebtedness and is now also before us. The reason will then not be the unrestrained indebtedness for spending orgies of governments, but possibly the Ukraine war or the Corona consequences or both. In any case, people will have to accept the expropriations and suddenly realize that the previously high financial liquidity was just foam. If the foam evaporates, a much smaller quantity of goods, perhaps only 20 or 40 % real values, is revealed, thus the people are thrown back from the illusion of great wealth into the reality of scarcity and poverty.

    Inflation and currency reform is nationwide financial expropriation. It has already begun with the zero interest rate, which expropriated savers (360 billion euros in Germany alone) and destroyed old-age pensions. Instead of protesting against it, the population even re-elected the political expropriators, i.e. accepted the expropriation through zero interest.

    The population will also not rebel against the price increases through inflation, especially since the politicians will not admit that they themselves are actually to blame for this through money supply – through an orgy of debt – but will bring another culprit. The Ukraine war, Putin.

    This is evident in the gas and oil business. The federal government pretends that the oil price is made by the oil multinationals or the Russians. In fact, more than 60% of the price of oil is taxes. So if the oil price rises – and with it the taxes – the federal government would have it in its hands to keep the oil price stable by lowering the taxes in the oil price. The state does not want to do however without these permanent incomes, plans therefore only “temporary” measures, wants thus the cost increase and inflation expropriation of the citizens further to operate.

    Highest danger exists thus for all savings capital and all accounts. The last currency reforms in Germany in 1947 with expropriations of 90% and the conversion to the euro in 2001 = – 50% have taught that every currency reform is at the expense of all private money owners and ultimately always benefits the state. After all, the deliberate purpose of every currency reform is precisely to reduce excess liquidity in the economy and the private sector through devaluation. The fact that this simultaneously reduces the government’s over-indebtedness goes unmentioned.

    Anyone who lends money or transfers money to a bank or insurance company or other private businessman has, in effect, surrendered property and has only an obligatory claim that he will get it back. But this legal claim is worth less and less in the age of expropriation, is respected less and less, and therefore endangers any account money.

    The proof has been brought again and again by the Swiss and US banks. The assets of the Tsars have never been restored by Switzerland, nor those of the Shah of Persia. And who believes to have money with Swiss banks or on accounts, will experience like now the Russians, how difficult it is to get money and property (from safes) from there again. Many will fail!

    The Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen is aware of many cases in which Swiss and US banks have successfully prevented gold and valuables deposits in Switzerland and the USA from being retrieved by the depositors themselves or their heirs. The financial science speaks even of the “century business of the embezzlement” by gangster banks. So whoever has legal claims for the return of his deposit contents or his account is always in the weak situation, has to prove, has to sue, may have to wait for years and often remains unsuccessful. Trust in banks, funds and other capital collection agencies should therefore be reduced just as drastically as expropriation practices are progressing.

    The expropriation of the Russians has thus destroyed the global basis of law and trust again after more than 70 years. But if I am no longer allowed to trust my debtors to pay back my loans, the highest danger is for all deposits in banks and shares in funds – for all financial assets that have transformed property into manipulable claims for restitution.

    The long overdue recession, now triggered by the Ukraine war, will be intentionally increased to a “Great Reset” by the “Schwab-Connection” (Davos) and will have many losers who could not resist the encroaching public and private hands.

    Middle class research even calculates that this great recession and wave of expropriation will drive about one third of the middle class into the lower class and into poverty, that our middle class society will be permanently changed by it.

    Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer (born August 15, 1932 in Mettmann) is a German economist. His main focus is on the economics of medium-sized businesses. In the 1970s, he founded the privately run Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen in Hanover and published more than 20 books on the subject of medium-sized businesses. Hamer received the Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1986.


  3. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    I’ve always thought the reason of right-wing military movement has been able to get any traction in America, despite seemingly all the necessary favorable conditions like enthusiasm, weapons, geography, etc, is because they’ve never had a foreign ally. That’s how all these grassroot rebellions operate, isn’t it?
    It would be hilarious if Russia ended up pumping a countryside insurgency against the Soddoms of the USA. That would be the chickens coming home to roost and some very sweet karma.

  4. Roberto Blanco
    Roberto Blanco says:

    What may be behind this enormous (((media))) effort? Of course, the attempt to damage
    the German economy, just as the Jewish lawyers in America are doing to the German
    car industry, and to get as much “recourse” out of their “Nazi” shudder as possible.

    Who is talking about looting foreign economies through USraeli wars? About the unscru-
    pulous exploitation of African labor in (((De Beers’))) diamond mines? About the “Holo-
    caust Industry” (Jew Finkelstein) as the “most successful busines model” in the world?

    Who is talking about the Judeo-Bolshevik plundering of the Russian peo-
    ple? About the land theft by Jewish “settlers”? About the financial crisis
    triggered by Jewish fraudsters a la Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs & Co?

    Who talks about the fact that Jewess Albright is indifferent to half a mil-
    lion dead children in Iraq? One could continue this list endlessly. But this
    is not what the alleged “Dutchman” is talking about. “A native of the Ne-
    therlands, he currently lives in Tel Aviv.”

    How the Jews plunder the world until today, instigate wars and conflicts,
    promote destruction and decay to make a “fortune” out of it, is of course
    not theme of this “Dutchman”. Jews are not a “natives” of any country.
    Since when do piglets become foals only by being born in a stable?

  5. John
    John says:

    KD — stop posting pro-Russia articles. It’s a big mistake to view them as a White conservative ally, like Tucker Carlson does. It’s a warlike Eurasian empire and dictatorship with many problems. European conservatives (eg Poland) hate Russia as much as they dislike leftism. Start talking to European conservatives who respect peace and traditional Western values, and forget about Russia until it reforms.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      European conservatives? ‘Conservative’ is just a synonym for loser.
      Jews/liberals/leftists are the enemy, but they are what they are. Complaining about them is like sailors complaining about the sea.
      But conservatives are the problem, they are the traitors in our mist, the gatekeepers who do the work the left cannot.
      Instead of fighting the left, which is basically just the expression of Jewish power, or even opposing them, conservatives only aim is to prevent a movement that could win from ever forming.
      To be a political conservative is to choose to lose at a steady and consistent pace. But whatever happens, to always lose. They despise real right-wingers more than anything. Liberals are their friends, leftists are almost lovable just crazy kooks and Jews are a protected species, a sacred race. But right wingers are the AntiChrist.
      Conservatives conserve nothing but their own power and positions, they will lose everything, and they absolutly as a matter of strict dogma refuse to die on any hill, while the people they pose as standing for continue to die all around them. In ever increasing wretched, pathetic and humiliating ways.
      They turn picking the wrong battles into a strategic science: Imagine being fine with destruction of biological sex, then making your stand over woman’s sports. Woman’s sports!
      It’s beyond absurd, no human could dream such lunacy up, but conservatism will take you straight there as the logical outcome of their loser ideology.
      I’m sure European conservatives have got all manner of things to teach Americans, if you are interested in selling out, treachery, cowardice, failure, but above all else, how to lose the hardest, in any situation, no matter how reppellent your political opponents are to normal, sane people.

  6. Roberto Blanco
    Roberto Blanco says:

    With Baudet, the true perpetrators of this
    inconceivable madness remain unnamed.
    Who the hell can have a sole interest in it?
    Of course, only the “untouchable”, whose
    name musn’t be mentioned, who was sanc-
    tified by the “Holocaust” quasi as an angel.

  7. Otto J. Foucault
    Otto J. Foucault says:

    Like WHAT?

    Shutting Russia off from the internet makes NO sence!

    If you make pro WHITE art or things the RUSSIANS should be able to see and buy that.

    This new iron curtain cold war thing also pushed heavily by Zelensky seems to be a plan to cut off Russia from it’s natural CULTURAL ally Europe (I mean most of Russia is in Europe too and it is a European culture at large but certainly with it’s own flavor) and to make the west more dependent on goods delivered by criminals by cutting off supplies from Russia to the rest of Europe.

    But then again I read that Russia was founded by Swedish vikings from Roslagen county, which comes from “rowing men”. The name Russia comes apparently from the name finish name for these people RUS hence Russia. They invaded Ukraine a prince and so on, were thrown out and asked to come back to provide order because like 3 different tribes started to fight when they left.

    I read on the internet that the noble families all hail from these vikings originally.

    There is a document from the 1200 describing this.

    But I mean Dostojevsky’s father married a common woman and was like 1/quadrillion part tatar or something so in no way do I say this was their only heritage of course it was at large Russian.

    But regardless a lot of the geniouses may have had this heritage, this background. It is possible.

    And Russia imported french musicians to build their orchestras and also Italian architects.

    I see this was as an illuminati / NWO / WEF (world economic form), with head chief nazi-jew schwaab plan to hinder white people to do business with other white people and also cut off Russia from what will be a positive explosion in pro white SUPREME art coming from non Russian part of Europe.

    I also think wwII was NWO, illuminati and that Hitler which I do think was a member an pedophile was in part a tool for this and a way of expanding communism and thereby anti-religion, anti Christianity.

    Is the Russian leadership a tool here for this? Sure it is in their interest to hinder nato expansion and to secure the Donbass region and Krim.

    But now Ukraine is swimming/ flooded with western war technology and weapons and the west probably sees this as a way to weaken the Russian military.

    Also the Russians have tried to spare civilian lives to a degree this is in effect impossible in the urban warfare we have seen.

    And the Ukraines are a lot more nationalistic it seems than the Russians thought, probably in part due to communism.

    And Ukraine has more soldiers than the Russians. And now they are getting missiles against planes and also more bazookas and weapons…

    Sure one may argue that the internet is used to spread anti white sentiments, race-mixing propaganda and perversion this is certainly the case.

    But also it has THIS site and many pro-white homepages ad free speech channels. So all in all I do think the internet can serve the WHITE race.

    I hope Russia gains controll of Donbass region fast and the war ends with a deal that takes away sanctions against Russia atleast IBAN, bic and money transfers and payment cards and the like and also bans on metal exposrts and products and agriculture and the like and then I hope Ukraine stays a sovereign nation outside of nato and the EU and that it has free trade with the EU but no membership and also that it has free trade with Russia and makes it possible for Russian Urainians to go and visit Russia and the like.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Shutting off Russia from its diamonds exports makes ” NO sense ” either. Or perhaps it does, since their export now goes to Israel, where they are polished, then sold world wide at a higher price, as an Israeli commodity.

      As ever: mustn’t let detonations drown out the bells on the NCR cash register.

      02 Like you, I fervently hope for a lasting modus vivendi between Russia and the Ukraine; even friendship and protection from Wall Street and Larry Summers and his very successful and merry thieves. As well as Kolomoyskii & Co. LLC.

      03 Unlike you, I don’t think, that Hitler had any pedophilic tendencies. Though useful as propaganda: then as now, if a personage is on their cancellation roster.

      04 Unlike you, I have never seen a scintilla of evidence, that Hitler was a willing tool of the Illuminati or any of its offspring.

      05 Suvorov, in his THE CHIEF CULPRIT, etc., demonstrates Stalin’s superior strategy, spawning BARBAROSSA; based on individually recorded, accepted precursors. [ His live lectures at Annapolis, etc., are on the net ].

      06 Hitler didn’t propose that Communism must be International: he fought them from the beginning.

      07 Hanna Reitsch, the famous German aviatrix risked her life by landing near the Bunker and offering to fly Hitler and wife to safety, well after Berlin was surrounded.

      08 He declined and shot and poisoned himself, after ordering his orderly to burn his corpse.

      09 Some ” Illuminati !

      You have an interesting surname.
      Happy Easter !

      • Otto
        Otto says:

        They also did a DNA test of the skull found in the bunker that is in Moscow I think and it shows this skull came from a 30-something year old WOMAN. So NOT Shitler, sorry hitler.

        They also did DNA tests on Hitlers cousin in the USA, that shows he is part berb and his relatives many of them were found in Austria and they vere all mediocre to say the best small time farmers and the like nothing wrong with that tough…

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “I also think wwII was NWO, illuminati and that Hitler which I do think was a member an pedophile was in part a tool for this and a way of expanding communism and thereby anti-religion, anti Christianity.”

      Well, you just showed your hand as a run-of-the-mill Internet conspiracy nutter. Good. Cause I also have to wonder how you are allowed to write (now) 19 comments on this page, both short and long, without a peep from the moderator who deep-sixes two out of three of mine. I guess it’s all about “adding value” … or not.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 All merchandisable commodities are ” branded ” to reflect their applications and utility.

    02 Let me venture a guess as to why Tsiganov chose the name KATYUSHA for his ” media resource “. A name imbued with symbolism and intentions.

    03 The German born Empress of Russia was called Katherine the Great. She supported schools, hospitals, and altered the legal designation of their then personally owned peasants to people. She was a genuine PATRIOT and even opposed her own Prussia when necessary.

    04 Russian has diminutive forms of names, or forms of endearment. Thus, Katherine becomes Katia, as it does in English. An additional endearment makes it Katyusha.

    05 Katyusha is also the designation of a rocket, of 20 millimeter caliber, originally, before it incrementally increased 15 + fold. It was initially launched on racks of tracks and later through tubes, mounted on trucks. Usually on Red Army Studebaker, 6×6, 2.5 ton, US Lend Lease trucks.

    06 These racks of launching tubes resembled organ pipes, which resulted in calling them Stalin’s organs, or Stalinorgel in German. This German name followed them to all parts of the world when acquired by various governments. Their sounds were fear inspiring, like the Junkers dive bomber. They are still in use.

    07 As well, KATYUSHA is a favorite Red Army song. It speaks of a girl on a hill, looking into the distance, to send her undying love to her lover on the distant front and yearning for his return. Unsurprisingly in march tempo or tact, and used as such.

    08 So, in KATYUSHA, we have tradition, patriotism, conservatism, loyalty, military might and its terrifying application.

    09 And of course Tsiganov’s choice of brand for his ” media resources “, clenched into a fist.

    10 Rolo reads his comments and generously replies to them. Two or three lines of comment on my theory would be most welcomed.

  9. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    11 [continued]
    And a couple of lines describing Tsiganov’s ” Katyusha “: medium; reach; audience, etc..

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      12 [ continued ]

      Katherine the Great [ Katyusha ] additionally ingratiated her Russia by taking the Crimea from Turkey: an unnatural extension of Turkey across the Black Sea.

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