Pepper’s Ghost: Looking for the British Far Right

Pepper’s Ghost: A Victorian stage-effect by which special lighting and plate glass is used to make illusory objects appear.

Campaign speeches are generally just another scene from political theater, and the listener takes away about as much worthwhile information as they would from a sports coach in a pre-game interview. But in August of 2016, on the home stretch of the American presidential election, Hillary Clinton made a stump speech in Nevada that kicked a hornets’ nest.

After blaming Trump for the world’s ills, Clinton linked the future president — via his association with Steve Bannon and, by extension, Breitbart — with a loose-knit movement that was about to become more cohesive thanks to her clumsy scare tactics. Quoting her advisers the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), she described Breitbart as having “ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.” Clinton continued:

This is not conservatism as we have known it. This is not Republicanism as we have known it. These are race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas, anti-woman — all key tenets making up an emerging ideology known as the “Alt. Right.”

The way Clinton told it, these were heady times for this Alt. Right. What The New York Times fairly accurately described as a movement which “rejects mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to White identity” had, according to Clinton, “taken over the Republican Party.”

In three months, Clinton would lose to Trump. In Nevada, she unintentionally gave impetus to those on the Right reasonably happy with the Times summing-up of their basic position. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the knock-on effect of Clinton’s free brand promotion, and its potential galvanizing effect on the British “far Right,” had not gone unnoticed.

Forward to May 2018 and another rally, this time on a fine spring day in London. The event was billed as National Freedom Day, and the main speaker was Tommy Robinson. The crowds were huge and accordingly the event went entirely unreported by the BBC. Robinson gave his usual rabble-rousing speech, and one of the effects of shaking the snow-globe that was the Alt. Right in the US four years ago was that Milo Yiannopoulos was a guest speaker. The Alt. Right tag was becoming a hot ticket for chancers, and there were a lot of takers just then. The rally was good natured, a very British way of protesting the encroaching totalitarianism of an increasingly authoritarian government. But to those ideological watchers of the skies who must eternally and vigilantly observe the British Right, thunderclouds were forming.

Hope not Hate (HNH) is very much a British equivalent of the SPLC or the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). And, just as Hillary Clinton is counseled by the SPLC, so too HNH acts in an advisory capacity to the British government, although it is at pains to state that it is not government funded. In one consultative document, HNH covered the Day for Freedom rally and deemed Robinson’s patter to be messianic and ominous. The report, Modernizing and mainstreaming: the contemporary British far-Right (MM), was published in July 2019 and can be found on the British Government’s website. The author, Dr. Joe Mulhall, wrote his doctoral thesis on British fascism between 1939 and 1960, and has an extensive CV in the British media.

It would take a novella-length book to point out the internal inconsistencies and faulty reasoning in MM and an almanac to catalogue its unsubstantiated and unlinked assertions. But it does have an interesting sub-text which suggests that fear of the British far Right is not just a standard reaction to what MM calls its “traditional far-Right politics, namely explicit racism, broad anti-immigrant politics and vitriolic homophobia.” There is also a warning sounded over recent Right-wing espousal of two causes: free speech, and the belief in a controlling global elite: “It becomes evident that large parts of the contemporary far-Right’s platform — namely anti-Muslim politics, co-option of the free speech debate, and an anti-elite populism — has widespread public support” [Italics added].

This is an entirely groundless, ex cathedra assertion. It’s based on a sleight-of-hand by which Dr. Mulhall conflates Robinson’s speech in front of tens of thousands in 2018 with his far more sparsely attended English Defence League speeches [EDL], falsely extrapolating the beliefs of the latter audience into that of the former, and using this reasoning illegitimately to show the public spread of “Right-wing ideology.” This deceit assumes both that something called “Right-wing ideology” had previously been sparklingly exemplified by the drunken yahoos that largely comprised the EDL, and that everyone else couldn’t wait to try it.

These underlying concerns in MM continue throughout a document which is otherwise obsessed with Tommy Robinson. Its conclusion repeats the spurious idea that Robinson’s stance when with the EDL is now increasingly shared by the British public:

When talking about the mainstreaming of the far right it is less a matter of traditional far-right politics, namely crude racism, anti-immigrant racism, antisemitism and vitriolic homophobia having become acceptable in British society. … The elements of the far-right currently growing and attracting supporters are those individuals and groups, especially those gathered around [Tommy Robinson], that consciously eschew this sort of extremism and even claim to oppose it.

Dr. Mulhall is referring to the fact that British far-Right groups in general have made attempts to distance themselves from ideas and behavior associated with the extreme far-Right by a compliant media. This, says HNH, is merely cosmetic and I am inclined to agree, as we will see later.

Two years after HNH’s dire predictions in MM, in April of last year, it seemed that Dr. Joe Mulhall was a modern Cassandra. The invasion by the far-Right had begun. The proscription of Atomwaffen Division (AD) as a terrorist organization by Britain’s higher bicameral chamber, The House of Lords, mentioned in passing that AD were “a predominantly US-based White supremacist group,” but the fact remains that a demonstrably White, Right-wing terrorist organization is now banned in the UK.

This legislative instrument also makes it “a criminal offence to be a member of, or invite support for the group.” [Italics added]. That’s right. Fourteen years for a Facebook post saying, “hey, come to this march. There will be almost ten other people there!” But how can it be, particularly as we were forewarned by Dr. Mulhall in 2019, that AD remained undetected in the UK for so long? The short answer is, of course, that they didn’t. They were never there.

The British Government admitted in its official document that US-based AD had no physical presence in the UK. These people may be a bunch of circus freaks with a Baader-Meinhof complex, but they have achieved the singular feat of being outlawed in a country where they don’t exist and never have. What are the wider implications? Again, from the legislative document: “When groups without a physical presence in the UK are proscribed, particularly groups such as AD which have an established online presence, it is important to consider the wider impact that proscription has.” [Italics added]

You bet it is. This type of ostensibly targeted legislation has a wider purpose. The wording is open-ended and vague. What counts as an “established online presence”? Any other White group whose statements overlap to however small a degree with any made by AD will suddenly find that this legislation covers them. Baroness Williams of Trafford (who proposed the legislation) continues: “By proscribing White supremacist, accelerationist terrorist groups with like-minded ideologies … we underline our commitment to ensuring that the UK is a hostile environment for individuals involved in White supremacist or accelerationist terrorism.”

We may be surprised, in the coming months, by those the British government — ably assisted by HNH and the mainstream media — deem to have a “like-minded ideology” to that of AD. The British deep state needs White, Right-wing domestic terrorists. And if they don’t exist, they will invent them.

As ever, Britain has taken its lead from North America. The USA and Canada see White domestic terrorists under every bed, from parents at school board meetings to truckers, January 6 “insurrectionists” to pastors. As with all things North American, which cross the herring-pond to Britain like New York snowstorms, it was only a matter of time before the witch-finders were saddled up, torches ablaze, in the UK. But this is a witch-hunt with no witches. Where are they?

The “Hundred Handers” are described as an “international anti-immigration nationalist group from the UK, US, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Canada.” So this is big and it’s White. The Hundred Handers even take their name from classical mythology, and you can’t get much more White supremacist than that. Now we just need confirmation from an expert.

Aristotle Kallis is a professor of history at Keele University in England, and an expert on fascism. There are plenty of them around, these diviners. In an interview with TRT World, Professor Kallis describes the British chapter of the Hundred Handers as “a significant, terrifying deeper threat as they normalize the most extreme racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic views.”

Dr. Mulhall’s voice in MM echoes from the past. Here, we clearly have the British far-Right at its most potentially deadly. HNH’s prophecy has come to pass and Tommy Robinson’s time has surely come. The preamble to the interview goes straight to the scene of one of the Hundred Handers’ heinous crimes. Did they fire-bomb a synagogue, deface a mosque, disrupt Kwanzaa celebrations?

“Two members of the White supremacist group Hundred Handers were arrested for public order offences across the UK’s county of Sheffield[1] on April 16. They had posted racist stickers on lamp-posts, bins, bus stop signs and bollards, reading ‘Borders open. Pubs closed’ and ‘Open border, virus disorder,’ linking the coronavirus to immigration in Britain.”

Stickers. The Hundred Handers, it transpires, have no internet presence outside chat rooms, no official existence, and an estimated 200 members. Now, Sir Oswald Mosley’s BUF had around 50,ooo members in the 1930s, pre-internet and even television, when the population of the UK was 46 million compared to today’s 66 million. What Mosley didn’t have, however, was stickers: “They recruit through social media and QR codes on their stickers. Some of the QR codes direct scanners to White supremacist news, TV networks like Red Ice.”

Red Ice. Woah, they’re banned from YouTube. This is big. And in case you think some acne-riddled teenager in Sheffield — a city grim even by English standards — may seem harmless enough with his stickers, the effects go straight to the top, says Professor Kallis: “Their work is being done in the White House, in the daily briefings of the US government, through “mainstream” figures like Trump.”

There are very few degrees of separation for the Left between anything undesirable and Donald Trump, but who would have thought his chain of command reached to a post-pubertal advisory arm in Sheffield?

So, led by the nose by HNH, a voracious British media is determined to put White, British far-Right terrorist groups on the menu, and the Hundred Handers is the best fare they can serve up? Given HNH’s warnings, and the hard data that White domestic terror-related arrests doubled in just one year (from nine to 18), you would expect the press to better reflect life during wartime. Where is the real action, the training grounds, the bomb labs, the kill list? Let’s visit Britain’s courts of justice and find out.

This March, at Doncaster Crown Court, “Four members of a “fascist” cell who made pistol parts on a 3D printer and celebrated right-wing attacks have been convicted of a range of [terrorist] offences.” The gun is pictured here in the Lancashire Evening News. It seems to me to have no outer casing and, symbolically for the British Right in general, no trigger.

In February, a man from East Lancashire was jailed for being in possession of terrorist literature and “an extreme pornographic image.” Strange that he should have just one. As with all of these online offences, what we do know is that we are not dealing with expert cyber-criminals, and no VPNs or other simple ways of concealing your online fingerprints seem to have occurred to these masterminds.

Last August, a 15-year-old admitted to terrorist offences, including running an “openly racist” online channel and being in possession of “potential terrorist literature.” This almost always refers to — as it does in this case — the downloading of The Anarchist Cookbook and the White Resistance Manual. I have downloaded them both myself and, although I am English, the police won’t be bothering me. I relocated to Central America six years ago to escape what is now happening in England, and I can download — and say and write — what I like.

There were a handful more “terrorist” convictions in the last year, but only a handful, and they are all very similar to the above. Meanwhile, within that same past year, a Somalian immigrant butchered David Amess, Member of Parliament for Southend West, as he was seeing constituents in October, while an Iraqi immigrant blew himself up in a taxi while attempting to bomb Liverpool Cathedral in November. Of course, these stories were fully covered in the UK media, but the notion of terrorism was whispered at most. These were “lone wolf” incidents. What concerns HNH — and by extension government — are the far-Right militias they predicted so confidently in MM. So far, they appear to be either socially and mentally retarded, low-IQ misfits or kids. Perhaps this is psy-ops, and Tommy Robinson is training a secret army somewhere deep in the woods, the media heat taken off him by the discovery of stickers on a bus stop in Sheffield that say “No 2 Halal!” Perhaps ISIS should get a 3D printer or download a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook. The world might pay more attention.

And perhaps viewing the far Right through the distorting lens of the British media was not the way ahead. I contacted a spread of British “far Right” parties and organizations, my criterion being to approach those groups denounced as such by HNH. I told them who I was (they wouldn’t know me), who I had written for and who I was writing this for, so there could be no doubt of my politics and that this was not just some MSM stitch-up. I have never written under a pseudonym (and that decision has cost me at least one job), and I asked simply if the respondent would be happy to answer a couple of questions, one general, one specific. I threw in a wild card or two (including HNH), and sent off 10 emails.

A fortnight later there were five replies, with just two of the organizations finally answering the questions. I had no reply at all from The British National Party, For Britain,[3] Turning Point UK (wild card) or HNH (unsurprisingly). Automated replies came from the Reform Party (the latest version of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party) and Britain First. I prompted them a week later, but heard nothing.

The Reclaim Party, formed by actor Laurence Fox, asked for some links to pieces of mine, and I selected three that were not overly two-fisted but did not shy away from race and culture realism. There was no further correspondence. Maybe they didn’t like my style.

Resistance GB sent a slightly panicky email saying that they were a media group and not a political organization, despite their highly politicized stunts involving politicians. I suspect they had looked up The Occidental Observer and found it a bit too rich for the blood, so they considered it best to distance themselves so as not to be included in this piece, for which it is now a little late.

Patriotic Alternative (PA) looked very promising, with the organization’s number two Laura Towler telling me she “loved” Occidental Observer. One of the questions was indeed part-prompted by the story of Ms. Towler having her bank account closed without notice. After a reminder, she told me she had passed on the questions to the head of PA, Mark Collett. He didn’t reply.

The first party to answer is in many ways the grand old man of what passes for the contemporary British far Right, the National Front (NF). I asked the same two questions I asked everyone else: Could the various factions of the British far Right ever work together against a common enemy, and had the organization been censored via de-platforming, denial of service by internet providers, closure of bank accounts and so on. Michael Easter of the NF answered both.

The NF, he writes, is “firmly democratic unlike the governing parties who select candidates for Parliament and instruct the locals to vote for them. I live in a very “blue” constituency,[2] yet the MP, Tugenhat, is a foreigner.”

This is unclear, but it contains a point about the finessing of demographics in Britain to produce desired, usually Muslim, results. Mr. Easter also writes something tantalizing I would very much like to have a conversation with him about: “There are a plethora of parties claiming to be nationalist but they are all multi-culti and several of them are definite money scams. Again some of these parties are overtly fascist, so I am afraid there is little hope of amalgamation.”

Three points: The “multi-culti” comment refers to the “civic nationalist” approach to running a political party, whereby members of all ethnicities are welcomed. The description of other parties as “overtly fascist” is an example of the brand de-toxification many on the British far-Right are trying to implement.

But it is the mysterious comment claiming of competing parties that “several of them are definite money scams” that holds the attention. We are used to race grifting for profit on the Left, but perhaps this presents an entrepreneurial opening for some on the far Right.

I’ll be brief about English Democrats as I hope to write a separate feature on them. Mr. Robin Tilbrook is a charming gentleman, if his emails are anything to go by. He sent me a recent speech he gave to party members. It gives as good a potted, non-revisionist version of slavery as I have read, underlining England’s role in ending it, offers a fascinating snapshot of English Democrats’ political rivals — most of whom I contacted as noted and none of whom replied — and quotes Aristotle, William Wilberforce, St. Paul and a Roman jurist called Gaius. I have a rather naive feeling that if the England envisaged by Robin Tillett existed, I would move back home. HNH describe the English Democrats as “on the fringes of the far Right.”

As for censorship, Mr. Tillett tells me that when the BBC were asked why English Democrats were never invited on the state broadcaster’s programs, Laura Kuenssberg (a well-known and outgoing journalist, Left-wing even for the BBC) told him they were “blocked.”

Other than that pleasant interlude, this was a dismal experience. There is a book to be written on the current state of the British far Right, but who would read it? Christ, who would write it? Who would want to traipse through this intellectual wasteland, listen to the endless egg-bound cries of “Britain for the British” or spend even an afternoon with any of these goombahs?

There is no British far Right. HNH don’t have an enemy worth the name so they have ginned one up to justify their own existence, and their portrayal of the far Right is a Potemkin village. As the Americans have shown, there is a lot of money in race-hustling, and a career in hassling “White supremacists” is a banker, particularly if you have the ear of government to validate the various straw men and paper tigers you have created. To find potential racist militias, all you have to do is control the discourse and game the truth a little to provide the illusion of impending terrorist attacks by people who aren’t brown.

This is Pepper’s Ghost, walking the Victorian music-hall boards, there but not there, visible but composed of airy nothing. In the Britain of 2022, you can race-bait as much as you want, and someone will pay you for doing that. HNH produce an annual report on what they call the British far Right. This year’s is here, and it is worth reading to get a barometric reading of the Left in the UK. The report is lavishly produced and obviously cost a lot of money.

On a related subject, you will look a long time for any decent journalism from the British radical or dissident Right. In the past year I have written for half-a-dozen magazines which HNH would unquestionably describe as far-Right. These magazines are pan-cultural, literate in terms of philosophy and history, unashamedly intellectual and geared for a Right-wing audience. And they are all American.

There are a handful of centrist/Right-of-centre British magazines — Quillette, Spiked, UnHerd, The Critic, the veteran Spectator — and although they are moving at glacial speed in a Rightward direction, there are still subjects they won’t touch with a long pole and quite probably never will. We can be fairly certain, however, that these publications keep a weather eye on the far Right to see what they themselves will be allowed to get away with writing in about a year.

In the end, HNH manufacture the optics the media can work with. The far Right in Britain is and will remain linked with the image of the skinhead, the football thug, the tattooed, drunk, gormless, charmless bootboy. This media-produced image is perfectly captured by the late Jonathan Bowden, writing in an essay on Ezra Pound: “The radical Right is regarded as a trajectory that has no connection with civility, or with art, or with culture. It is a tendency connected to thuggery in the mass mind and in the mass media mind.”

The only thing that genuinely concerns people like Nick Lowles, chief executive of HNH, is maintaining the illusion that there is an enemy, and one to be feared. What they fear is that one day they won’t be able to keep the lights on, Pepper’ s Ghost will vanish and with her the revenue stream.

Britain needs a far Right. But perhaps we could move on from the gormless demonstrations, the LARPing, the banner drops, the Nazi chic, the phone footage of immigrant hostels you posted on Gab to 100 followers, riling Muslims just for the sake of it, the survivalist manuals, the coffee mornings where you invite a couple of Black people and a Jew for optics. And maybe back off on the stickers.

Just someone please put together an intelligent bunch of people — media-savvy, intelligent but not full of themselves, tenacious researchers and punchy writers — who can hit people like HNH where it hurts, by showing that their claims of an incipient British far Right backed by a newly radicalized British public is all just a part of the hustle, part of the grift. In the real world, looking for the British far Right is like watching Hamlet without the prince.

HNH have worked so hard they deserve a real enemy. Why do they not have one?

[1] Sheffield is not a county, but a town and city in the county of South Yorkshire.

[2] ‘Blue’ in Britain is associated with the Conservatives, red with Labour, the reverse of the American political color associations.

[3] For Britain replied the day I filed this copy, 15 days after I had first emailed them. I gave them a day to answer the questions. They haven’t replied.

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  1. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Love your filling the ” pond ” with ” herring ” ; the better to connect : ” New York ” to Europe with its cultural treasures like The City, Brussels, Davos, Zurich and Frankfurt.

  2. John
    John says:

    The British People have a problem. Have met several British People that accept Miss England 2021. There is talk of brown Britons. World Cup Team England has African players, etc. etc. It would be reasonable to point out – the survival of the British People is in doubt. When a people collectively choose suicide, there is little chance of convincing them otherwise.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      The English in particular are deficient in racial consciousness and partisanship. It’s the ENGLISH who carried Brexshit (Scots and Northern Irish rejected by a big margin, while the Welsh approved by a closer vote).

      There’s a Brit commenter here (probably English, I’d say) who’s said something I’d never thought I’d see here–namely that the Nation of Islam lol is by no means Whites’ enemies and have loads in common with us! Yes. No joke.

      No surprise really: a fortnight before the Brexshit vote, Farage told the electorate that leaving the EU would enable more blacks and Asians to come into the UK. Among a racially self-loving society that would’ve been the kiss of death, but, unfortunately, what you say of Britain is all too true. I guess that when great empires fall they fall hard! Bigger they are, the harder they fall?

      The first link leads to Farage’s recommending Brexit because lol it would deNIGrate Britain; the second to a portrait of the incredibly racially unaware English.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “There’s a Brit commenter here (probably English, I’d say) who’s said something I’d never thought I’d see here–namely that the Nation of Islam lol is by no means Whites’ enemies and have loads in common with us! Yes. No joke.”
        That was me!
        From where I’m standing, the NOI would be everything you’d want blacks to be if you had to live near them. They encourage blacks to be straight, avoid crime, dress properly, tell the truth, stop blaming all your problems on whitey, look after your family, what is the problem here? They are also woke as f on the JQ. Anyone who is banned from Twitter/JewTube etc has got to have something going for them, no?
        It’s your country, not mine they operate in, so why don’t you explain why the NOI is an enemy, instead of just declaring it as if it’s self-explanatory? Because they are black? Because they have Islam in their name? Don’t they also encourage separate living from the white man, I thought this would be right up your street!

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Yes, of course it was you! Oh and yes, the Nation of Islam (NOI) bigots are more neatly dressed than most most blacks. And thankfully they are separatist. But they also hold that Whites are a disastrous creation of ancient black scientists lol, an experiment gone wrong. They believe Whites are devils—actual devils—and the implacable enemy of blacks, though Whites have been nicer to blacks than blacks have been for a long time now.

          No surprise that late in the last century a group of NOI-connected black Muslims, the Zebra killers, murdered 73 innocent Whites in California, mainly by shooting them point-blank in the streets.

          In any case, blacks do NOT have much in common with Whites beyond the species level. In fact they’re the human group most unlike us genetically, phenotypically/physically, and cognitively. That’s why no human association erodes us so much as integration with them.

          What you like about NOI is that they’re anti-Jewish. You are too, and everyone else here is more or less a realist re the JQ; and you suppose that’s enough to justify saying that NOI have loads in common with us and aren’t our foe. I say that’s not enough, because I’m not a civnat, and for me people are not simply people. Also, I understand that the enemy of one’s enemy isn’t necessarily one’s friend–and that in this case the lack of friendship is certain.

          Now, I know you—who well illustrate my above comment about the common English lack of racial awareness and racial self-love—don’t understand the fuss that we “White-race fetishists,” as you call us, make about our racial identity. But you must pardon our strange attitudes. You see, we actually love our type. In some of us, myself being one, it’s a ruling passion. And not only are we not ashamed of our love, but we actually think that it’s healthy and that, if adopted by enough Caucasians, it can preserve this identity we love.

          Well, perhaps it’s not strange to find such critters at a site characterizing itself as concerned with “White Identity, Interests and Culture”?

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            So even though the NOI could have been a deliberate creation of white nationalists, to encourage blacks to agitate *themselves* for all the things WNs want them to do, they cannot be a friend, nor even an ally, because some time some black did some shit? And another time some blacks talked that shit?
            These are not strong positions.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          In the original post we both refer to, you said “We have loads in common with them,” also that the idea they’re enemies of Whites is wrong.

          We don’t have much in common with them; nor are they friendly to us. They’re just as anti-White as they were in the time of the Zebra murders; and as someone who’s debated for years with anti-White blacks, I can tell you that NOI adherents are more influential among blacks than people think, and no doubt contribute significantly to those 1480 or 1800 violent black-on-White crimes PER DAY in America (numbers that never succeed in eliciting from you so much as a “Can those figures be real?!”); indeed the black mass shooter in Brooklyn this month (10 shot) is an admirer.

          Of course, I value black separatism. But I don’t see what we could do to make NOI more separatist—I mean they take care of their own separatism. Nor do I see anything else we could foreseeably do with them that would bring us Whites what we want. Have any suggestions? Maybe the educating of normies re the JQ? Well, they do much of that without any help: and there’s little doubt that in America blacks are more anti-Jewish than Whites are, and have long been so.

          Cf. Noted black writer James Baldwin’s “Negroes are antisemitic because they are anti-white,” essay from 1967. Yeah, a great many of them don’t like Jews; nor us, either.

  3. Lord Shang
    Lord Shang says:

    Thank you, Dr. Gullick, for keeping us informed on the state of the white struggle in the UK. Alas, this article could have been shorter, as well as more diagnostic and prescriptive: why is there no British Far Right, and what should Far Rightists do to develop one? I suspect I’m not alone in wanting to learn more than just how bad the situation is somewhere.

    I know little about the UK, but from the total failure of the postwar British Right, as with the American version, I must return to my old (and still only) solution: white and English preservationists in the UK (as everywhere) must gradually relocate and ingather themselves into certain areas of the country, preferably bordering on portions of the nation’s extensive coastline, where they can 1) develop real ideo-political ethnocommunities (dense networks of neighborhoods, relationships, marriages, friendships, and mutually supporting businesses); 2) elect likeminded politicians, so that atomized patriots elsewhere in the UK can at least hear alternative viewpoints in Parliament; 3) develop mutual aid and neighborhood watch organizations (ultimately the basis for future self-defense paramilitaries for the UK’s inevitably coming Time of Troubles); 4) develop parallel educational institutions free of government race-replacist propaganda (their task comparable to that of medieval monasteries patiently preserving the thought of classical antiquity across Dark Ages Europe); 5) serve as personal safety zones for nationalist activists and their families; and 6) be as “Noah’s Arks”, carrying on English identity and culture and bloodlines until times shall once again be propitious for patriotic campaigns to reconquer, politically or militarily, the entire ancestral homeland.

    Given the paucity of white numbers, and the heterogeneity of white viewpoints and ideological preferences, I see no other way to save our race and civilization. White preservationists must obtain sovereign territory under our electoral control, or we will be doomed to eventual subjugation, very possible enslavement, and either extermination or passive extinction via voluntary (or coerced) miscegenation.

    • Mark Gullick PhD
      Mark Gullick PhD says:

      You want practical answers? Give me 10 grand US and I will go back to the craphouse where I was born and start the new Spectator. As for the length of the piece, I can only apologise. Not the first time I have uttered those words.

  4. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The British are on average more individualistic, moralistic and materialistic than Germans; they lack Germans’ fanaticism and idealism. The British are psychologically ill-equipped to of their own accord do what must be done: reestablish global White supremacy and achieve Final Victory over the filthy Jewish parasite. British people will have to be grudgingly pulled along by other European nations that tip towards nationalism. I believe France will be the first major Western European country to become nationalist, followed by Germany. Once Germany goes, that’s when the real fun starts.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Such comments, always very general-a topic sentence, no paragraph, new paragraph-single sentence style-don’t really have any meaning. Go to any wimpy bar and hear the same exhortations with not even a mention of tactics, never mind strategy. Typically, in posts of this nature there is never a mention of the field, elements, structures to deal with pro and/or con, context, etc.

      Just turn the key and-magic-the engine fires up.

  5. Sussex man
    Sussex man says:

    Thanks for the article.

    The younger generations of Brits really need someone with the same levels of intelligence and charisma as America’s Nicholas J Fuentes, the highly ambitious Christian Paleo-Conservative and his “America First” movement, to guide them in the Right direction. For the ADL, SPLC et al. it seems he has a frustratingly clean-sheet personally and massive, growing support both sides of the water, maintained through hard work and good optics.

    Incidentally the above mentioned Mark Collet has been a guest on Fuentes’ channel, although from what I’ve seen and heard I really don’t think he is the man for the job. I’m not surprised he didn’t respond to your questions.

  6. anonym
    anonym says:

    The reason for their hysteria and paranoia is that they know what they have done. It’s logical to be nervous if you try to destroy the home and future of an entire race, and silence them. The reaction just hasn’t happened yet. Thanks to their control over media and finance they have been able to delay it, but they know that it will come, at some point. It’s slowly building, but critical mass is still, probably, years away.

    When enough many whites have become fully aware, the anger will gain it’s own momentum, and then the lies and the propaganda will be futile.

    Let’s just be smart about it, like the article says. We are the normal ones; it’s our ordinary European society that they idolize, but because of envy and resentment, they want a European society without Europeans in it – which is impossible.

    Just point out the obvious: all white states and neighbourhoods are (relatively) prosperous and peaceful because they’re white – and it’s where we feel at home – so as white people it’s in our interest to make sure white states remain white. This shouldn’t even be counted as ideological, or belong on a left/right scale, it’s just common sense.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I would recommend you go to and apprehend and especially Brother Nathaniel’s Real Jew News. The latter is well grounded and proffers actual tactics and endeavors that advance the Christian and Whites’ survival prospects

      Example: the greatest control and self-determination exists at the county level, where the law enforcement is the sheriff and deputies. These are elected, not appointed..

      {Here’s how secession works.

      One—The County Sheriff Is Supreme

      The primary seat of the American system is the county which has the power to tax.

      The county sheriff, beholden only to the people who elected him, and the constraints of constitutional law, reigns supreme.

      “Posse comitatus” means “power of the county.”

      This “power” comes to the fore when men are mobilized into a militia by the “conservator of peace,” “the county sheriff,” so as to defend against all forms of lawlessness, whether it be from governors, senators, or presidents.

      This sheriff is the personification of the people’s will. [Clip]

      [”These closures and stay at home orders are flat out ridiculous.” “Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco released this video announcing that his department wouldn’t be enforcing the Governor’s order. Sheriffs in Los Angeles County, El Dorado County, Orange County, and even the Governor’s home of Sacramento County have also said that they will not enforce aspects of the lockdown order. Biancho says county sheriffs are acting within their legal authority.” “We’re constitutional officers. Some of the sheriffs believe that it’s a constitutional violation. We don’t answer to a board of supervisors. We don’t answer to a governor or to a city council. We answer to the entire two-, two and one-half million people of our county.” “Do you worry that there’s any sort of legal action that can be taken against the department for not…” “Nah, No.” “…following the Governor’s orders.” “There is not.”]

      All county sheriffs, like Bianco—acting within their legal authority—cannot be compelled by any external diktat.

      Two—The Power To Nullify

      “Nullification” is the building block that leads to full secession

      Its legal basis was laid out by Thomas Jefferson in his Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.

      On a local level, the county sheriff can “nullify” any unconstitutional law coming from the federal government.

      Will Biden make you wear a mask?

      The sheriff can nullify Biden’s act as violating the First Amendment’s right of expressive association.

      Will Harris confiscate your guns?

      The sheriff can nullify Commiela’s act as violating the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms and create effective fight-ready militias.

      Will General Milley, with his “Operation Warp Speed,” and his constitutional BS of no election fraud, plunge a mandatory needle into your veins?

      The sheriff can nullify Milley’s act as violating the 4th and 14th Amendments’ right of the people to be “secure in their persons;” and their right to “protect against any deprivation of life, liberty, or property,” beginning with the sovereignty of the body.

      Secession begins with nullification and the county sheriff has the legal power to nullify.

      Three—Monetary Independence

      Monetary independence is the foundation of all entrepreneurism.

      Rather than being locked into, like Parler, the Federal Reserve dollar system, local county banks can issue their own currency based on precious metals or commodities and distribute these as legal tender for local entrepreneurs.

      This begins the process of counties decoupling from the Jewish-owned FED that has a monopoly on all financing.

      This monopoly forces conformity to the sinister Jewish agenda which controls the Press, the hacks, and the warmongering Military Brass.

      Secession severs from federal tyranny.

      Methinks the process must begin today}

      The reason that the Founding Fathers were effective was certainly not that they were uniquely intellectuals, but men of action; they were planters, business owners, inventors, and skilled in the use of firearms and other combat skills and resources.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Why is it not surprising, Carolyn? Gilad Atzon, Ron Unz, James Howard Kunstler, Benjamin Freedman are Jews. And many more. There is some peculiar reports about Hitler being part Jewish. And then, you are Jewish as well, I believe.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Well, here you are showing your true colors, PM. One wonders, since you are retired, why you should not use your real name? The better for others to detect your true motives … you know?

            1. I am not a fan or promoter of the four men you named. You seem to be implying that they are wonderful, praiseworthy ‘good jews’ as are Makow and Nathanael. Not my opinion, sorry.

            2. I am a fan of the fifth man, Adolf Hitler, of whom there are NO legitimate reports he had even a drop of Jewish blood. I can believe it because that is the case with me; see my website for particulars.
            See also
            [It was specifically noted that I have zero Ashkanazi, zero African (North and sub-Saharan), zero Native American (Amerindian), zero South Asian and Oceania [and a few others were mentioned).

            Can you offer as much? Of course not. And where’s your photograph?

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            POUPON MARX–
            As regards the occasional “peculiar reports” that Hitler was Jewish, or partly, they’re undoubtedly 95% anti-Hitler scurrility and a slap at his admirers, and 5% ignorance of genetics. The 5% is the only part that interests me.

            I don’t know how it was determined, but it’s been confidently stated that the great White leader’s Y-DNA haplogroup was E1b1b. That type is indeed borne by many Jews, and so some years back I read an ignorant assertion that—oh how ironic—the most famous of all “antisemites” had Jewish DNA!

            It just so happens that millions of European men bear E1b1b. And among other famous E1b1b men are the Italo-Corsican/French Napoleon Bonaparte; Englishmen William Harvey and David Attenborough; Anglo-Americans Lyndon B. Johnson and the Wright Brothers; the Italian painter Caravaggio….

            No great mystery, because we know that there’s great homogeneity in West Eurasia, such that geneticist Brenna Henn talks of a Europeans/Near Easterners ancestral cluster. It doesn’t mean that these Europeans were partly Jewish, but suggests some common remote ancestry of both Europeans and Jews.

            By the way, I see you have a devilish, playful streak. You couldn’t have really thought that the lady is Jewish! You said that to get a rise. I wonder whether Gautama Shakyamuni would’ve thought that qualifies as “Right Speech.”

  7. H
    H says:

    This long of an article on the British far right and no mention of National Action or even Combat 18? I expect better.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Combat 18 war definitely run by the British state. Their biggest success was the London nail bombing in the Admiral Duncan pub(the gays). Their operative, who had a real Sirhah Sirhan vibe about him, had also attacked Brixton(the blacks) and Brick Lane(Asians).
        The purpose of these murders was this:
        Which wasn’t the end of the story, the BBC Crimewatch program covered up the security services obvious foreknowledge of these events, and their withholding of vital information until all the atrocities planned had been completed, led directly to Jill Dando’s murder by the same out-of-control crew.
        This is all proved, as much as such a thing can be proved, by independent filmmaker Richard D Hall.
        You can find his work at Richplanet.

  8. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    The one anti-immigration British organization with which I’m passably familiar is Britain First. I receive their posts daily, and I think, from what I’ve seen, that they’re far enough on the Right to be reasonably perceived as enemies by those bent on displacing Whites in their ancestral lands.

    Others here may judge for themselves:

    Almost invariably their posts seem to champion the ancestrally British—i.e., Whites—and the impression is confirmed by pictures of the members, both leadership and rank-and-file. Only once have I seen a non-White participant, in this case a Dravidian Indian, in their posts to me. I sent them a complaining message, saying they’d alienate me unless they eschew that sort of thing. Perhaps others also objected, because thus far they haven’t repeated that civnat folly.

    That they do have an element of civic nationalism, however, is clear from their newspaper, in which, if you use the above link, you’ll find a section displaying non-Brits (sorry, the true Brits are White) and declaring that Britain First is non-racist and accepts non-White participation. I can live with that much nondiscrimination if it’s merely token and a tactic, subject to reversal once sufficient power has been attained. If, on the other hand, it’s essential to the program and in earnest, it IS a cancer in the enterprise.

    I see that, in the article, the Reform Party is mentioned among groups conceived as allegedly Right-wing. But if it is indeed a “version of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party,” how can it reasonably be considered anything less than the most civnat of the civnat groups–if not categorically anti-White? I’m astonished that anyone still thinks Brexit had anything to do with Pro-White politics. Farage and the Brexiteers have expedited and sped up the process of diluting to death the White land of Britain. They even did it knowingly. As bad as the EU was (well, not the Visegrad EU members, most notably Hungary, nor even Italy until Salvini’s ouster), it afforded a predominating flow of Whites into Britain, such as counterbalanced and indeed hindered the entry of blacks and Asian browns (see the link re Brexit in my other comment on this page). Not that I’d prefer to settle there, but, thanks to what I call Brexshit, an EU national like myself can’t settle in Britain, though I’m White, European, Indo-European and more conversant with Classical British culture than any Brits I meet, whereas real aliens like Afro-Caribbeans, who don’t know Thackeray from Confucius, can and do settle in precious Britannia.

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