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The Unfair City of Dublin

‘In Dublin’s fair city’, runs the first line of the Irish folk song Molly Malone, ‘where the girls are so pretty’. Dublin lives up to that description, or at least it did. Since its prime, however, and victim as it now is to a nationwide political program in which its famously friendly people had no […]

Hunting GB News

The two seismic elections of 2016, Donald Trump’s Presidential victory and the British “Brexit” referendum, were linked by the common thread of a phenomenon they served to expose. Trump’s win and the ensuing resistance in his own administration showed the existence of a “deep state” that could be mobilized against an undesired political outcome in […]

Occupying the Universities

For those on the political Right, the university is now occupied territory, but not so long ago the universities were an enemy from a Leftist perspective. Terry Eagleton, one of Britain’s most famous Marxist academics, bemoaned in 2010 in Left-wing newspaper The Guardian that we had ‘witnessed in our own time … the death of […]

Ex Cathedra: Language, Truth, and Racism

We say that a sentence is factually significant to any given person, if, and only if, he knows how to verify the proposition which it purports to express. A J Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic, 1936. The English language is a lumber-room of odd artefacts from the past. Indo-Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, the Romance languages; all these […]