My Journey to the Jewish Question

Growing up in Southern California, I had always been around Jews. This is because many Jews attended the same public schools I did in the San Fernando Valley. My father had a business in Hollywood for almost 50 years, and a number of his clients and friends were Jewish.

I can’t honestly say I had any problem with Jews at the time. The only thing that stood out about them to me was their geekiness and somewhat frail appearance. I saw them as nerds and bookish types. They didn’t seem athletically gifted, and they were rather odd looking when compared to my WASP ‘jock’ friends in high school. I was happy when Jewish holidays arrived because a large portion of our student body would be gone, and no homework was assigned on those days.

In my twenties I had a Jewish friend I was very close with. Even though I knew nothing at the time about the Jewish Question, I distinctly remember how overtly ‘Jewish’ he was. He had all the stereotypical traits that we think of when we try to describe what Jews are like. One thing that stood out was how he tended to exaggerate everything he didn’t like or agree with. I had to constantly calm him and get him to see that things were not as bad as he imagined.

This characteristic of hyperbole and overblowing things, I would later discover, is very typical of Jews. It has served them well for the past two centuries in getting European Whites to fight wars on their behalf. It has also conditioned us to see Jews as victims, and to view even the slightest opposition to them as a threat to their survival.

The more Jews I met and developed friendships with, the more I recognized the same general characteristics among them. They also had good qualities such as their appreciation for education, their seemingly natural ability to understand finances and prosper, their ability to speak well, and their zeal for humanitarian causes. I don’t impugn Jews for having them. I also found them to be earnest in promoting liberal political issues, particularly those that were beneficial to their ethnic group. At the time I didn’t think much of it. My opinion of Jews was generally positive, although I was aware that a good many of them were neurotic and rather odd.

When I became racially conscious in 2002, I still had favorable opinions of Jews. But I soon learned that among those in the White identity movement, there existed some very critical opinions of Jews. And not just a few either, but a seemingly vocal majority. I was eager and ready to criticize Blacks and rail against illegal immigration, but I felt it was a bridge too far to criticize Jews.

I struggled with this because I saw it as “anti-Semitic” in nature, and “anti-Semitism” to me at the time was just plain wrong. Little did I realize during this period how deeply I had been conditioned to believe only the best about Jews.

I would regularly visit pro-White websites and interact with other commenters. Every time the issue of the disproportionate number of Jews who sat in the highest seats of our government was mentioned, including the control they have over our banks, Hollywood, and every form of media, I would reply that such criticism was merely due to jealousy on their part. They were envious that Jews were smarter and better than they were. I argued that due to their superior intelligence, it was quite natural that Jews would attain such lofty positions of influence and power. Ashkenazi IQ levels proved it, and so how could anyone argue to the contrary?

Little did I know at the time that Jews succeeded in gentile societies not because they were smarter per se. In many cases, they secured a foothold in a particular trade or profession and ruthlessly exploited it for their ethnic benefit. It was just a matter of time before they began to squeeze out all the non-Jews, soon replacing them with their fellow tribesmen. Jews succeed, then, largely by means of ethnic networking and not because of their ‘vastly superior intelligence’ as I had wrongly assumed.

I was content with my pro-Jewish arguments until I discovered in 2013 that the U.S. federal government annually gives billions to Israel in taxpayer dollars. This was not a recent thing either. It had been going on for decades. To me it seemed inherently anti-American to give to a foreign nation massive sums of taxpayer funds from hard-working Americans. This didn’t seem right, and it’s not.

I was pro-Israel at the time. Along with most conservative Americans, I viewed the Palestinian people as nothing more than a brood of terrorists who were unjustly killing innocent Israelis. And yet I was continually bothered by the fact that my government was regularly giving exorbitant amounts of money to Israel for their military defense even though the U.S. was suffering from high rates of unemployment, poverty, and a homeless problem that was out of control.

I recalled the cautionary words of President George Washington in his farewell speech to the young nation when he left office in 1796 that Americans should be careful to avoid “permanent alliances” and foreign entanglements.

Thomas Jefferson, during his inaugural speech in 1801, echoed something very similar: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.” These common-sense foreign affairs principles have been decidedly rejected by almost every American president since the beginning of the twentieth century (some more than others). It has been particularly evident among the past five American presidents, and Jews played significant roles throughout each of these administrations.

I discovered that the U.S. was top-heavy with Jews who sat in the most important and strategic positions within the government. Most of them, I suspected, had a greater allegiance to Israel than to the U.S. This was only confirmed when I learned of the favorable policies and preferential treatment given to Israel by the federal government, including the stranglehold that Israel has over almost all of Congress.

America, then, has morphed into a nation preoccupied with the welfare and safety of Jews and Israel. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has even gone on record to declare: “I have said to people when they ask me if this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid — and I don’t even call it aid — our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are” (Conference of the Israel-American Council, December 2, 2018).

In my case, then, it was the huge amount of funds given to Israel by the U.S. that aroused my suspicions of Jews. The lesson of this, I suppose, is that a variety of avenues can be used to awaken our people to the Jewish Question.

Moreover, the more I learned about Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the disproportionate influence that Jews played during World War II, the Jewish origins of communism, the high number of Jews who served in leadership roles among the murderous Bolsheviks, the clearer it became that Jews were not as innocent as I had once presumed.

As I struggled intellectually with all of this, I repeatedly heard about a book written by a professor from Long Beach University. It was titled The Culture of Critique (1998) written by Kevin MacDonald who was a professor of evolutionary psychology (now retired). I was told often enough that if I really wanted to know the truth about the subversive role that Jews played among U.S political movements, I needed to deal with his arguments. And so I did.

I purchased a copy of MacDonald’s book and I was astonished in just the first few chapters at how pervasive and widespread Jewish influence was in our society. I was amazed at how ethnically conscious Jews were, and how they intentionally used their positions of influence and power to subvert non-Jews and their societies. This awareness among so many Jews of what they were doing to subvert our culture, to promote all forms of depravity among our people, and to do so for their own ethnic advantage over us was not just enlightening, but also revolutionary. It served as the impetus for a major paradigm shift in my thinking.

I was also surprised at how many American and European Whites throughout history viewed Jews as a problem for White societies. These people were not cranks and conspiracists who had an ax to grind against Jews because of some perceived jealousy. They were, instead, intelligent and discerning authors, historians, and statesmen who grasped the subversive reputation that Jews hold. MacDonald addressed the warnings of Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and others who tried to awaken the public often with little success because by then Jews had controlled most of the major newspapers and other important institutions.

Throughout The Culture of Critique, Professor MacDonald argues his case dispassionately. He is motivated by the facts alone. He repeatedly goes right to the source of what Jews themselves say in their own words. This was important to me because it’s one thing to be told by someone what Jews have said and believed, but it’s altogether different when one reads what prominent and influential Jews have said about non-Jews, the authoritarian structure of the traditional American family, U.S. immigration policies and the purpose behind the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, their reasons for spreading Boasian anthropology and   Freudian psychology throughout the American landscape, and the reasons Jews provide for creating and promoting radical political movements in America.

Professor MacDonald has described what Jews have done and continue to do as a “group evolutionary strategy.” As I understand it, Jews engage in various intellectual and political movements in order to undermine the cohesion of gentile societies which in turn increases the competitive advantage of Jews. These same movements serve as a means of combatting anti-Semitism within society. Such a strategy also serves to weaken the traditional American family. This certainly appears to have been the purpose of Theodor Adorno’s 1950 book, The Authoritarian Personality, which pathologized healthy normal families that are the foundation for any functioning society; the same goes for psychoanalysis and its influence on our sexual mores.

There are other reasons why Jews engage in the cultural subversion of western societies. I’ll provide three of them that make the most sense to me, although I admit not everyone may necessarily agree with them.

(1) Jews promote mass immigration into White nations so that they will not be the sole and isolated minority group. They find protection (so to speak) among large numbers of various foreigners within a nation. If persecution were to arise, they would not be the only group attacked and possibly not even persecuted at all.

Other immigrant groups, then, provide more or less cover for them. Jews are able to hide or conceal themselves when they are better situated in a country flooded with other racial or ethnic groups. By doing so, their subversive activities do not become as readily apparent which would happen if they were the only minority group.

(2) Jews engage in cultural subversion because they hate Christ and Christianity. They view all their suffering throughout the centuries since 70 AD as having been done by Christ’s followers. Thus, they seek to forever destroy every last vestige of Christianity which has been the dominant religion among Whites throughout past centuries. This ongoing war against Christianity and Whites is both religious and racial in nature.

The hard-core Jewish pornographer, Al Goldstein, was once asked why Jews were dramatically overrepresented in the porn industry. He replied: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture.” (Wikipedia).

It’s important to note that many Jews do not separate European Whites from Christianity in the way we might think. The two are part and parcel. Oh sure, they may intellectually concede that not every White person is a Christian, but deep down great numbers of them view us all as followers of the Crucified One in some way. It is particularly so among the more religious Jews.

(3) Jews also oppose all forms of nationalism (except than their own) expressed by Whites as a threat to their ethnic survival. They imagine there is an inner-Nazi in all White people that can’t wait to come out and toss every Jew into a burning oven. Jews, then, are constantly on guard to make sure White nationalism and Christianity are always mocked and rejected by any society they control. It’s a constant concern to them. They think of it often. It’s a reflection of how strongly paranoid they are.

Recognizing this, it should not be a surprise to discover that Jews create intellectual and political movements in order to weaken and ultimately subvert the gentile-dominated nations they are a part of. It’s difficult for Whites to understand this degree of ethnocentrism because they have been so badly deracinated and demoralized for the past 70 years. They have problems identifying with any form of White racial identity. It is foreign to them and how they see the world around them. Yet as our society becomes even more hostile to Whites, they will be forced to embrace a racialist and White identity way of thinking. The cultural mood of the nation and circumstances will make it so.

Obviously, there are going to be exceptions to this way of thinking among Jews that I have described, but this is in large part how the mainstream Jewish community and Jewish activist organizations react to the thought of White racial solidarity and any resurgence of Christianity.

In my journey to the Jewish Question, I was amazed at the mountainous amount of information available on the subject. Recognizing Jews as a problem for White societies is not a recent phenomenon, but one that has been discussed and debated for thousands of years. Thomas Dalton’s book, Eternal Strangers: A Critical History of Jews and Judaism (2020), is but one of many books published that have documented the troubling role that Jews play in any society foolish enough to allow them a foothold inside.

I also learned how the Jewish Question can divide people and stir up emotional reactions the minute it’s brought up. This is because Whites have been conditioned to react negatively to even the slightest hint that Jews might be a problem and not so innocent after all. One would think that even racially aware Whites would be open to the Jewish Question, but this is not always the case. They too have been propagandized to believe that any negative assessment of Jews stems solely from anti-Semitism.

This is somewhat understandable because there is always a price to pay for publicly criticizing Jews. Yet isn’t this strongly suggestive of Jewish control? The proof of disproportionate Jewish power in the U.S. is found in the fact that we are not allowed to criticize Jewish power. To do so in any public way inevitably leads to being ostracized, de-platformed from social media, lambasted as a ‘Nazi’, and the real possibility of losing one’s job.

More proof of disproportionate Jewish influence and control can be seen in that it is illegal throughout much of Europe to criticize or disagree with the Holocaust. To do so in any public way can lead to being fined or even imprisoned.

Whatever one may of think of the Holocaust narrative, why should it be illegal to disagree with it? What is so harmful about questioning it? Why is it perfectly legal to challenge or deny the Armenian genocide or the genocide committed in the Cambodian “killing fields,” yet unlawful to do so with regard to the Jewish Holocaust? Why is it acceptable to deny the existence of God, to mock Christ and Christians, and to make fun of the Bible in any public forum, and yet if someone were to publicly declare that only 5 million Jews died in the gas chambers rather than 6 million, they would soon be apprehended and jailed by the authorities?

This is because Jews largely control what can and cannot be said in most Western societies. This is especially so when it comes to any public statements critical of them. Even certain terms or expressions that are not as explicit and merely descriptive of Jews are forbidden (rootless cosmopolitans, international bankers, globalists, George Soros, etc.). These subtle ‘anti-Semitic dog whistles’ are condemned just as vociferously as those that are more explicit.

Also, were enough people allowed to publicly challenge the Holocaust narrative, enormous and detrimental consequences to Jews would result. The “Holocaust Industry,” as Norman Finkelstein describes it, would lose an enormous amount of revenue. Reparations paid to Holocaust survivors and their families might possibly be threatened. Jews might no longer be viewed as the perpetual victims they have portrayed themselves to be. The entire image that most Westerners have of Jews could be shattered. This is not a risk Jews wish to take. So they come down hard on even the slightest hint of criticism among anyone who dares to voice their disbelief.

In my journey to the Jewish Question, I learned that Jews are not the sole cause nor the sole perpetrators of the problems Whites face in the West. There are plenty of traitorous Whites who have betrayed their own people (for the right amount of shekels, of course). Our own people have enabled Jews to accomplish their subversive goals, and it does us no good to deny it. Racially discerning Whites ought not be like Blacks or even Jews themselves who are quick to blame others for their woes. Their lack of introspection and dishonesty should not be the mark of our people. No, we must face the reality that Jews could do nothing against us as Whites had we not first allowed it.

And yet with that said, there can be no denial that Jews are the principal creators, strategists, organizers, funders, and agitators against all forms of White racial identity. Of all their concerns, it is this they find the most threatening to their existence. They see “white supremacy” as the greatest danger facing America even though there is not a shred of evidence for it. But it serves to demonstrate just how fanciful their paranoid minds work.

Even politically conservative Jews will not declare publicly that Whites have a right to be the sole or dominant demographic in their own countries. This is too much even for them. The comparably few Jews who might possibly do so are outliers. They are the exception and not the norm. They are in no way representative of the majority of Jews in America or Europe. If they even hinted at such a notion, they would be instantly condemned by their own people. It would be better for them to declare something akin to pedophilia than to declare the right of Whites to advocate on behalf of their own racial and cultural interests.

As I see it, understanding the Jewish Question does not justify being obsessive about Jews and their ways. It is easy to become focused on Jews in ways that are not healthy. Yes, there is the need to inform and warn our people about them. But we need to guard ourselves from any notion that simply educating Whites about the problems that Jews create in our societies is sufficient in and of itself to reform our people. We must also face the much deeper questions of why we have allowed ourselves to succumb so disastrously to Jewish influence? What is it within us that makes susceptible to such lies and self-hatred? Such questions must also include practical strategies that will help Whites to break free from the Globo-Homo matrix and to return to a more positive image of ourselves and our history.

Finally, Whites will likely be forced to confront the Jewish Question (which is really the Jewish Problem) whether they want to or not. This is because Jews have a persistent habit of overreaching. They seem unable to restrain themselves, to calm their hysteria, and to see things as they really are. To villainize Whites as Jews do will only backfire on them, causing history to once again repeat itself.

I wish it were not so, but after 109 times of committing the same stubborn habits, there can be little hope that Jews will reform their ways.

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  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Interesting personal account. Perhaps we should all write up how we came to see the Jewish Problem.
    One disagreement I have, though I’m gentle because this writer seems to be still relatively new to the JP:
    “…understanding the Jewish Question does not justify being obsessive about Jews and their ways.” Why not? Understanding the Jewish Problem can hardly evoke any other necessary response than obsessive alarm. It may be necessary to apply a solution to the JP.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        For me it was the Talmud? Once I heard and learned it was their own interpretation of scripture that was it. Further to this are the words
        My people will accept all of the good things that exist in my word while neglecting and even rejecting the hard and difficult things it must say!
        Applicable to both Christianity and Judaism but especially Judaism!

        Cheers and Thanks

        • Non Importa
          Non Importa says:

          What you mean are Jews & Protestants by definition. For any Catholics … the remnants … that adhere to the traditional teachings of the past 2000 years, this isn’t true.

          The Talmud was written by the Jews that rejected the Divine Messiah (that practically everyone In Jerusalem accepted after the resurrection), and were hell bent on getting their human messiah … in their image.

      • Shedney
        Shedney says:

        I was not raised in an antisemitic environment. When i thought of Jews at all it was pretty positive “oh those Jews are so funny & smart! And hard working! Good for them!” I thought, i also liked their sense of strong identity. I would unironically say (and i cringe to remember this) “Israel is our best ally in the middle east!”
        As i gradually came to realize our predicament i began to notice Jews, not in any hostile way, i just noticed them ‘doing things’. . . Pattern recognition did the rest.
        But i didn’t immediately begin to question all Jews, it was like the stages of grief.
        First i was in denial, then i just minimized the ‘bad ones’ (#notalljews, lol) then i blamed the “Zionist elites!” but when i looked for the Jews who held their own to the same standards they hold us too i found very, very few.
        The MSM was & still is the most blatant example of the Jews true motives. Its apparent double standards with regard to Israel vs the rest of us (open borders for Israel?) in particular. I say apparent double standard because in fact its completely consistent, the Jews are completely consistent like HIV is consistent. I didn’t realize this until i read Revolutionary Yiddishland & saw the complete lack of self awareness as these Jews went from militant revolutionaries ‘fighting for humanity’ to indifferent overlord the moment they went to Israel after WWII, all while congratulating themselves on how righteous they were.
        This is normal for Jews everywhere.
        The Jews are either masochists or sadists.
        If they believe the values they hysterically insist we follow then they are masochists to not follow it themselves.
        If they don’t believe the values they spoon-feed us with their money, media & ‘education’ then they are sadists deliberately attempting to induce in us behavior they wold be horrified to even consider for themselves.
        Its pretty obvious which they are.
        It has taken years but now i know:
        The holocaust never happened but it should have & it will.

        • John D. Alder
          John D. Alder says:

          I too wish the holocaust had happened because it could not have happened to a more deserving bunch.

        • RegretLeft
          RegretLeft says:

          “not raised in an antisemitic environment” – that’s where I started as well. My mom was good Irish Catholic girl who, on her own, developed a love of classical music; from there it was a natural step to a lifelong crush on Leonard Bernstein (a few years older than she). Sounds funny, but that sort of framing experience has an enormous influence on one’s life and intellectual formation. And now, here I am, all these years later on the verge of taking Prof MacDonald’s suggestion and “writing up” how I have “re-framed” Lenny and the Jews.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          There is a holocaustic going on right up to the present: the disappearance of standards, morality, consciousness, and goodness.

          In the meantime, yuk it up with this video of President Zelensky performing during his comedy days (in theaters).

          And his son copain de cul

          I can just see little voloylodomor Z. as a little boy forming his alter ego having watched this movie. The entire Western Establishment deifies this scata, including the entire US Senate and Congress, especially the “Christian Conservatives”, who somehow rate him above the Christian Putin, endorsed by the Patriarch of Russia, who lost popularity with the Russian people because of his numerous attempts at negotiation and diplomacy with the West.

          le nom de son pote pénis

      • Karlfried
        Karlfried says:

        My way to develop a world view, short form, only some remarks.
        I am German, born in 1956, in the youth I watched many American films, Western and others.
        Having seen dozens, maybe hundreds of films, I recognized that very often the negative figure had a German name. I thought: That is not right! Why do they do this? It is unjust und unfair to do this, over decades of film-making, as a “running gag”. So the sense for justice of a German boy of the 1960s was offended and later, looking American films, I screened them for anti-German things. I exspected those things to happen und they did happen.
        From then on seeing the American films with some caution it was easy to see they are anti-American and anti-white also, not only anti-German.

        That is, in short form, a part of the development of my world-view.
        The film reviews here in on the Occidental Observer show these same things en detail, which I saw and recognized (at first as a feeling only, later as clear thoughts) being a boy some decades ago. These things did not change.

      • Anne C
        Anne C says:

        What lifted the veil on the JQ/JP for me was the reaction to a (somewhat libtard) letter to the editor I wrote in early 2009.

        The Israelis were going at the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip yet again, but this time with unusual vengeance – bombing UN girls’ schools, flocks of chickens, and generally destroying the infrastructure that supported daily life in Gaza. All while Israelis sat in lawn chairs picnicking on yonder hilltops, enjoying the show.

        In my letter, I criticized the Israeli actions, as well as the lack of protest being raised by the Canadian government of the day.

        This was nothing unusual for me. For years I had written such letters, on everything from women’s rights, the rights of the disabled, nuclear disarmament… a veritable laundry list of left-wing causes. I wrote this latest letter mainly from a sense of frustration that so little was being said or done about what was happening to the Palestinians – I didn’t think anyone would pay any real attention to it.

        I was wrong.

        While I had never experienced a single serious repercussion for any of my previous “protest” letters, this one was different. Some time after it was published, I received a cryptic message on my (government) work email from someone associated with “Loeb Western Squad,” saying that “the ADL is in a unique position of being able to cause substantial harm to individuals when it lends its backing to allegations of anti-Semitism.”

        Next, I got an email from inside the Public Service, stating that I was required to update my security clearance. I knew the request was completely uncalled for and outside of normal procedures, so I refused to comply and demanded to know why the request had been made. I never got an answer, and there was no follow-up on my refusal to complete the security clearance.

        The whole thing completely blew over, but it helped to open my eyes. As I said, I’d been writing “protest letters” for years with absolutely no repercussions… but the moment I murmured a peep about the Jews, I was made aware that I had crossed some kind of invisible line – one that I didn’t even know existed.

        I eventually got out of the government job, and I started paying a lot more attention to the Jews and everything they have been up to. I discovered TOO in about 2012 and have continued my “education” ever since.

      • J. W.
        J. W. says:

        Amren has a regular series of first hand accounts from readers on how they personally became race conscious. It would be interesting to have a series on people’s experience with the Jewish question as well. Enjoyed the article

        • John D. Alder
          John D. Alder says:

          One sees how outraged the jews become wben somebody posts leaflets that say:It’s Ok To Be White. The jews and their stooges screech about hate. I wonder how they would react to a leaflet that says :IT’S THE JEWS ! Nothing more on the leaflet and no organizational affiliation listed. My money says the distributor would find the reaction most entertaining .

    • Seen it all before.
      Seen it all before. says:

      Careful making too much sense- you wouldnt want to be called crazy/stupid/obsessive/low class/deranged/idiot!

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thank you, Karl, for the kind words. By way of clarification, I’m not new to the JQ. I have had an intense interest in this subject for almost a decade. I have also read widely and written about it as well.

      When I wrote about being careful to guard oneself from being “obsessive” about the JQ in ways that are not healthy, I’m referring to those who attribute every social and political problem, including anything and everything they don’t like, to Jews. These kind of people leave little blame to basic human error, mistakes, poor choices, and the weakness of human nature.

      They see all that is bad as having its source in Jews, and either negate or downplay their own personal depravity and ignorance.

      I am in no way excusing subversive Jews, and the problems they bring to our societies. I’m just saying we ought to be careful to not fall into the trap of thinking that if Jews were absent from our nations, all our problems would instantly disappear. They won’t. Yes, they will be reduced, but we as Whites must still face our own problems, weaknesses and failings.

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        Yes but they would be out problems, not Jewish instituted one. There is a reason “Every Single Time” is a meme.. because even looking back through history you always see a jew, one of their minions, or someone married to one of them. We would not be facing extinction either.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I know what you mean. It’s confusing because in a way Jews *are* ‘human weakness and evil’.
          If Jesus was the Truth made flesh, Jews are Lies made flesh.
          Jesus Himself stated “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

          • RockaBoatus
            RockaBoatus says:

            Thanks Emicho, I appreciate the feedback. The words that you quoted from Jesus are from John Chapter 8:13-59. His words are directed at the Pharisees, the religious ruling class at that time among Jews. Jesus specifically condemned them because they were supposed to be the ones who were to lead the people out of darkness and, instead, they only managed to lead people deeper into darkness and lies.

            The context in John 8 is very important – in fact, vital – to understanding His condemnation. This is not to say that average, everyday Jews don’t also stand condemned under Christ’s judgment, but only that the Pharisees and Rabbinical leaders stand especially condemned because they ought to recognize the Truth and the very Messiah who stood in front of them.

            Likewise, today among Jews it is those Jews who are most influential and hold the greatest sway among average Jews who will receive the greater condemnation.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            Emicho says “Jews are Lies made flesh” and spawn of the devil; and Rockaboatus essentially has no problem with that. Yes, for our Apostles to the White-race fetishists, Jews ARE mendacity and iniquity incarnate—oh with the exception, of course, of

            John the Baptist
            John the disciple
            Saul of Tarsus
            Simon Peter
            Jesus of Nazareth

            Yes, Jews are lies made flesh—but the Jews listed here are not only as truthful as most people: they are THE most truthful of the truthful!

            Yes, Jews are the spawn of Satan, but the Jews listed here aren’t just nice people—they are Righteousness incarnate—the very best of humanity!

            Hilarious, how anti-Jewish Judeo-Christians saw at the ideological branch they sit on, condemning the demographic from whom they derive their holy INFALLIBLE creed….

            Whenever I hear Judeo-Christians expatiate on their infantile mythology, I feel I’m wading up to my chin in absurdity. And I hear again those clever words—

            “How odd of God
            To choose the Jews,
            But not so odd
            As those who choose
            A Jewish god
            But spurn the Jews.”

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      I have often expressed the idea, in the context of revisionist history on National Socialism, the Jews, and WW2, that everyone who has come to see the truth of these issues should write their own story, these stories could be combined in a possible book. Your idea for people to write on the subject of how they came to learn about the Jewish Question is something that might have a wider appeal.

      Again, compiled these personal articles into a book, and e book, will help others to see that regular people have come to these conclusions about the Jews.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      It would be illuminating to contrast the difference between the Iron Dream and the American Dream. The Iron Dream is a call to racial struggle and mass heroism. The American Dream is a call to muh freedumb and muh shekels; oh, and of course muh constitution, we can’t forget that. The American Dream appeals to boomers and bourgeois conservatives.

      • HamburgerToday
        HamburgerToday says:

        The Iron Dream is the political equivalent of the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk…only they don’t grow anything but weeds.

        The ‘American Dream’ was a post-WWII branding operation by Madison Avenue. It has nothing to do with what makes native Americans – especially native White Americans – different from Europeans.

        The Europeans who came to North America to take their chances were not the same as the people who stayed.

        The North American created a culture and civilization different from Europe.

        If White America has to live the Iron Dream in order to survive, 60% of them will be dead.

        Which sounds more like a nightmare than a dream.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “If White America has to live the Iron Dream in order to survive, 60% of them will be dead.”
          Perhaps. If it failed, which isn’t guaranteed.
          But how many whites is the American/Jewish dream killing every year? What’s it doing to the rest of us?
          What’s better, a day as a lion or ten years as a sheep?
          What’s a worse punishment, obliterated on the Eastern Front, burned alive, asphyxiated in your own home in an allied ‘de-housing’ raid in a German town.
          Or OD-ing from fentanoyl in an American gutter. Having your grandkids gender-bended. Your daughter pimped by Muslim gangs?
          When I see the horror around me in Western societies, the soul-crushing misery and torture our fellow creatures endure under this system, I reckon WWII Germans were the lucky ones. At least their end was quick.

          • grendelslayer
            grendelslayer says:

            Federal agents provocateurs are sometimes called “glowies” because they would be no easier to recognize even if they glowed in the dark. The tell tale sign is that they constantly urge white people to launch some form of suicidal violent attack on the world’s most powerful government, which not only gets them utterly quashed but brings all of their compatriots and sympathizers into disrepute even among white people themselves, and sometimes becomes a pretext for more authoritarian government legislation. Calling out one’s fellow whites as cowardly, declaring it is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep for a lifetime, in a juvenile effort to provoke some kind of brash, self defeating action to prove our manhoods is the hallmark of these glowies. They themselves have no fear because they are on the FBI’s payroll, but those who heed their impetuous advice will take the fall. Have we not seen this scenario play out far too many times by now?

        • A. Nonymous
          A. Nonymous says:

          The American Dream of post WWII suburbia is basically Hitler’s National Socialist dream with the Stars and Stripes wrapped around it.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          Why does the thought of racial-warriors rising up as Aryan Supermen to crush the Jewish parasite under the iron heel of a jackboot make boomers and bourgeois conservatives go weak in the knees? Because they are pussies is of course the obvious answer, but it goes deeper than that. Boomers and bourgeois conservatives are addicted to the ZOG-swill the Jews feed them. Instead of going through a period of withdrawal and getting clean boomers and bourgeois conservatives want to keep getting their fix from Jews.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            The vast majority of “Boomers and bourgeois conservatives” never knew anything about a JQ/JP until recently with the advent of this www internet .

            Most “Boomers and bourgeois conservatives” to this day do not use a Pc for much even though they are the ones whom built and established the Pc industry , computer technologies , and the global internet ; and most of them are still ignorant of any JQ/JP .

            The vast majority of humanity could no longer survive without the computer technologies established by “Boomers and bourgeois conservatives” since billions of people worldwide depend on critical municipal water supplies and food distributions that are linked to computerized technologies that would result in mortal scarcities if those technologies became dysfunctional . You and your progeny if any would have at best a very bleak future worse than the current global calamity portends and most likely would not have much more than a snowflake’s chance in hell of survival without the existence of those established computer technologies .

  2. CS Michael
    CS Michael says:

    Very good write-up. I appreciate when points are made in testimony form as being walked through how the understanding was developed.

    How I see it. “They” are merely the result of what takes hold when we walk away from Jesus. Knowing that they aren’t the true Israelites also helps it all makes sense too.

    “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry” —Jewish Encyclopedia 1925

    “But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”
    —Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    • Sandra Mannelli
      Sandra Mannelli says:

      If you are referring to them being descendants of Khazars, that is only one reason they are not the true Israelites. When God kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden, were they ever allowed back? No. In Joshua, there are warnings from God that if the Israelites do not follow God’s commandments then they would be punished and they would lose their land, experience famine, pestilence, and their seed will be scattered to the wind. That is exactly what happened. After Christ died and the Jewish age ended, there was no longer a true Israelite from the past prior to Christ. They were no longer the chosen at the end of the Jewish age due to their rejection of Jesus and their killing of the saints among other transgressions. So whether they are Khazars or not, no true Israelite exists unless they believe in Jesus. So even if they are not Khazars, they are not the chosen people. All who accept Christ as their savior are chosen. So whomever they are, they are not entitled to get back the land God kicked them off of. I have heard Jews or Jew worshipping Christians say that the jewish seed being dispersed to the winds, the diaspora, is a good thing God did for them so they would populate the planet. I don’t think so. It is as if Christians cannot read the Bible and hear anything other than what Hagee or some other zionist tells them to believe. Hope this makes sense.

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        What you speak of is the doctrine of supersessionism. Catholics, Orthodox, and prote we’re in unity on this until the Jews published the Schofield Bible.. we are Israel. He who struggles with God.

        Israel was never a place.. it has always been a people.. today it is the mystical body of Christ.

  3. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    Thank you for one of the best articles I have ever read here, I will be emailing a link to this article to as many people as I can, and I advise others here to do likewise. Our main problem is introducing people to the issue of the Jews, and to do so in a way that will not turn them away. If we cannot awaken enough people we are finished.

    I will add, that whilst we must wake up our own European descended people as a priority, there is no problem in waking up any non-Jew to the Jews. Two quick reasons for this.
    1) as a means of taking some pressure off ourselves, and then placing it onto the Jews.
    2) Ultimately the Jews want too dominant all peoples and nations, and no one deserves to be slaves of the Jews.

    Thanks again for a wonderful article.

  4. John Nevin
    John Nevin says:

    Brilliant dissertation of what most of us “goy” experience when coming of age in modern America. Almost every non-jew I know, and, incredibly, the most religious Christians, not only are ignorant of this, they are willingly so. It is quite discouraging.

  5. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    Here was an interesting headline sent to my inbox by the very skewed World Net Daily:

    “‘Seriously’: Top news agency calls Jewish event by Catholic name ‘It is cultural appropriation and incredibly poor journalism’,” by Joe Kovacs
    Published April 19, 2022 at 5:57pm.

    ‘Really’ Mr. Kovacs, and ‘really’ dear editors at WND? As far as I knew, ‘priestly’ always had one possible definition as a general term for not only Catholic priests, but Protestant ministers and Jewish Rabbis and even tribal shamans for that matter. Furthermore, I am unaware, as well, that ‘blessing’ was reserved only to Catholic contexts and actors. In fact, I am not sure that I think of it only in spiritual terms.

    I suggest that the hypersensitive author, Mr. Kovacs–whether this “outrageous offense” truly bothered him, or whether this was another manipulative ploy for the goy–might consider how annoying his actions are and how counter productive for neighborly relations. I am quite willing to believe that the reporter for MSM news agency chose their words innocently.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I get the impression that you don’t see what this absurd story is really about or what it reveals about Jewish power and Jewish grandiosity. Here is the link that you didn’t include.

      As a good servant of the (((Narrative))), WND is reporting Jewish and especially Israeli outrage that the “news” agency Reuters, in reporting on one of the many Israeli gatherings at their “wailing wall” where they complain endlessly of their innumerable sufferings, referred to the “sacred” event using words that have exclusively Christian meaning and connotation. Here is how the WND toady, Joe Kovacs, presents the affront:
      Reuters wrote on Monday: “Thousands of Jewish worshippers prayed at the Western Wall at a special mass called ‘Priestly Blessing,’ which takes place during the holiday of Passover, under heavy Israeli security.”
      A Jewish flak moaned that “Referring to Jewish prayer as a Catholic Mass can be understood in terms of replacement theology in which the Church replaced Judaism in the covenant with the God of Israel.” We can’t permit that, now, can we?

      Both Kovacs and every Jew for miles around also heaped abuse on Reuters. Since Reuters has been a 100 percent Jewish racket since the day it was founded in 1851 by Israel Beer Josaphat (alias Paul Reuter), one should assume that the abuse centers, not on whether the agency should still be allowed to exist, but on how the Reuters management could allow someone who hasn’t yet learned all the kosher terminology write copy about “sacred” matters.

      One word curiously overlooked in the complaints about sacrilegious abuse toward Jews is “priestly.” As there have been no priests in the Jewish tribal cult since ca. 70 AD, when present-day rabbinic Judaism was concocted at a committee meeting, applying the term “priestly” to any Jewish cultic activity ought to be seen by the Jews as part of the attempt at replacement theology. That “priestly” isn’t also being derogated suggests that the Jews enjoy bathing, however unjustifiably, in the word’s still widely acknowledged connotation of “dedication to the service of God.”

      Of course, the people who ought to be expressing vociferous offense at the Reuters story are Christians, especially Catholics. For Catholics the Mass is the central act of divine worship, the service wherein the Sacrifice of the Cross is sacramentally (yet effectually) reenacted in an unbloody way. Since Jews literally and cultically spit on Christ, His Cross, and the consecrated priests who reenact the Sacrifice, the condemnations of this Jewish blasphemy should be shaking the very earth to its core.

      To no one’s surprise, no such accusation of blasphemy has been made. Even if such an unlikely thing were to happen, however, the (((media))) would doubtless attribute any perceived shaking of the earth to a Putin-ordered launch of nukes against the peace-loving Jews of Ukraine.

      Such is life for us humans who live in the state of serfdom to Jews.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        The third paragraph above, the excerpt from the WND article, was meant to be set as a block quote, but I miscoded it. Mea culpa. It should read thus:

        Reuters wrote on Monday: “Thousands of Jewish worshippers prayed at the Western Wall at a special mass called ‘Priestly Blessing,’ which takes place during the holiday of Passover, under heavy Israeli security.”

      • Anne C
        Anne C says:

        Pierre, I’ve been missing your commentary. Great to see you are still firing on all 8 cylinders.

  6. Evangelos Aragiannis
    Evangelos Aragiannis says:

    Any idea on how to get Dalton’s book “Eternal Strangers”?
    It seems it’s been wiped off from the market.


  7. Doug Stillborn
    Doug Stillborn says:

    I lived in LA for 16 years. Most Jews nowadays are lost generations and just like any rulling class in the past, they too degenerated due to wealth and abundance. There are stereotypical jewish traits but let’s not forget, they are individuals and as such different from one another. I’m a Serb. I hardly have anyt in common with fellow Serbs. I was raised differently. But that’s just me. I know Jews I timately, with all their hangups and and their virtues. What’s creepy is this covert alliance. They are secretly connected like underground mushroom networks and suddenly out of nowhere they rear their heads. When needed. Russia is putting an end to all this.

    • Floda
      Floda says:

      I hope you’re right about Putin putting an end to Jews in Ukraine because, I believe that’s what all the fuss is really all about. It irks me when I look around at the Australian media (and elsewhere) and see the sympathy is for that maggot Zelensky and his tribe. Not a peep about how the Russians in those eastern provinces have been shelled for 8 years since the last Jewish coup in that country. In Ukraine, unless the sky falls there is an end to Jewish rule and with luck every last Jew leaves forever. Two things worry me about that: One is that I remember reading German intellectuals of the 19th century thought Jews were unbeatable and Germans might as well sit back and let it all come about. If such a capable and intelligent members of the white racial family believed this so long ago what hope for the rest of us? The other is, how do Americans rid themselves of these pests? They have sunken their grappling hooks so far into America it seems to me, short of every armed White in the country rising as one and evicting them, there is no chance. Let us see how the very able Mr Putin and his crew handle their upcoming victory. The devil as always will be in the details of future agreements.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” short of every armed White in the country rising as one and evicting them, there is no chance.”

        Agreed . There is no chance under the current established status quo . Perhaps a new religion would be needed to “save” Whites .

        • Sandra M
          Sandra M says:

          They are international, own the military, and will be the first ones in the DUMBS if they are ever attacked. Not to mention Rothschild Island. It will take more than just the US to rout them out.

  8. Caltrop
    Caltrop says:

    Latet anguis in herba

    The so called Jews in Jesus time admit that they are not descendants of the Israelites that came out of slavery in Egypt. Their Passover of today is a deception.

    John 8:33-59
    New King James Version

    33 They answered Him (Jesus), “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?”

    • Sandra M
      Sandra M says:

      Even if they were the direct descendants of Abraham, they are still no longer the chosen ones as discussed in the New Testament.

  9. L Schanz
    L Schanz says:

    As a former Christian Zionist though still a Christian maybe I can give some insight from the Christian point of view. Christians read the Old Testament believe the Hebrew people were chosen by God to eventually bring forth the Messiah. They know about and love many of the characters in the OT.

    However, they erroneously apply the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 to all “Jews”
    (I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”)
    because they do not even know the etymology and meaning of the word ‘Jew.’

    In short, Christians are virtue-signaling God for His approval.

  10. Dnr
    Dnr says:

    It’s discouraging to see how many whites don’t see the way of the Jew. Many of them think Jews are white. When the opportunity arises i bring up that oh no they are not! Definitely sharing this article with goys who are beginning to see that Jews are not the same and are only have their tribes interest at heart Wake up white people

  11. Desert Flower
    Desert Flower says:

    “we must face the reality that Jews could do nothing against us as Whites had we not first allowed it.”

    I think this is a very important point.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      Who are the Whites who have allowed the Jews to become a problem? Are we talking about a minority of White people who betray for money? Is it about White people who “allow themselves” to be duped or manipulated by the Jews? Is it about a lack of morality among Whites in general?

      A practical approach is needed. Improving the character of the White population as a whole is an impossible task. Even if you think White people are partly to blame, blaming them will not help. On the other hand, putting a stop to anti-White Jewish shenanigans is within our reach. We must point to the Jews as the cause of our problems because that’s the only way to save our collective existence. We must tell the truth. This doesn’t mean that we want to harm them or judge them. We are the ones being harmed, harshly condemned and genocided. We are not trying to be mean to the Jews when we point out their moral flaws and their terrible behavior. Protecting our existence is more important than protecting their reputation.

      The Jews will complain that exposing their misdeeds may encourage hostility towards them. But the proper way to end the hostility is to stop the misdeeds.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        It is largely those Whites who are our elected officials, those Whites who are most prominent and influential in the media, Hollywood, academia, and government. In a real sense, it is every White person who has succumbed to Jewish lies and perpetuated these same lies in different ways. It’s the White person who rails against the Nazis and pities ‘the six million in the gas chambers.’ It’s the White person who virtue signals before Jews and their ‘historical sufferings’ and ‘innocence.’ It’s the Whites who fund the many Holocaust centers throughout the U.S. and Europe. Some Whites did more, and some did less. I include myself in this, so I am not pointing fingers at other Whites and neglecting my own part.

        Most Whites perpetuate the lies with little or no knowledge of what they are doing. Other Whites clearly know what they are doing and couldn’t care in the least so long as the shekels keep coming in. I hold those with greater knowledge more responsible and accountable than those with less. Regardless, we have all played our hand in condoning Jewish cultural subversion to varying degrees. It’s something we ought to acknowledge and vow to never do again.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Most Whites perpetuate the lies with little or no knowledge of what they are doing.”

          Exactly . Moreover , too many Whites perpetuate the lies in support of Jewry ; and Whites do not have any technologies that are powerful enough to break the Jewish mind control grip on the White Christian sheeple herd majority .
          A new religion is the only chance Whites would have to preserve their race .

  12. hotrod31
    hotrod31 says:

    Thank you for sharing … I do hope that your perspective is not going to cost you the inevitable persecution that is generally wrought on anyone brave enough, and/or honest enough to discuss ‘the issue’.
    It has always troubled me that a people, ever willing to protest against persecution, real or imagined, have had no trouble in persecuting others – and in most cases, profiting handsomely from the prosecution of others.

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:


      And another, good alternative is learning how to thrive under persecution. We can challenge each other–and accept the challenge when prudent–to change our personal and our social habits. We can work on fostering a love for our own identities. For example, I am proud German. I am learning to point this out frequently. I have had it with the easy “dump-on-the-krauts” humor. The Germans have done wonderful and amazing things.

      Development of specific ethnic, as well as a general European, identity need not be conflicting at all—but rather nested. (I think that argument that once occurred in the alternative right is over by now.) In fact, one can be a humanitarian (with due proportionality, of course) and enjoy other nationalities and cultures when traveling, but still affectively and effectively love one’s own first and most directly.

      We can work on continually improving our organizing powers, inclinations and our organizations—locally, nationally and internationally.

      And I sympathize, too, with your observation regarding the typical ill-effects of persecution on the morals of the persecuted. We can, and I think we will, do better than that as we emerge from this crisis. Europeans have already demonstrated throughout history a magnanimity in success and victory.

  13. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Since most people detest having a guilt trip laid on them we could ask them since you resent somebody trying to guilt trip you why do you allow the jews to make you feel guilty for being born White? Why should you feel guilty anout mental pygmies inability to excel in a White society? Let’s not forget that many churches do their part to reinforce the jews efforts to undermine us.

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      I have to admit I’m lucky. I’ve got a traditionalist priest at my parish. When I went through RCIA, he laid it all out.. that they aren’t the Israel, we are.. that they have been at war with us since Christ was born.. he even uses words like Judaizers in his homilies detesting this new Christian obsession of the Jews..

      Is long had the realization of it.. but my church was what convinced me to just let go and accept it as the truth.

  14. Oracle
    Oracle says:

    Unless, we come to some sort of coherence and solidarity—which others will necessarily call racism—we will eventually not have the privilege of existing.

    Maybe everyone will realize that we can’t exist without any goodness, decency or integrity at all? Surely most people must recognize that there is too much wrong with the current state of affairs?

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      I redpilled the fuck out of a group of friends when we were drinking a few weeks back.. I went on a rant about racism and then I pointed out how the left loves to invert the meanings of things.. I pointed out that racism isn’t about hatred of others but instead love of your own. Races and ethnicities are extended families.. what they are trying to do is pathologize the notion of showing preference to your family before others… Well I think if one doesn’t show preference for one’s family they are a sick and wretched person.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I’ve always summed it up as proffering the neighbour’s children to your own.
        I’ve never seen a non-fanatic not instantly accept this point.
        They might have all the money and every institution, but we have truth and human nature.
        It’s going to be a mess, but the end result isn’t in doubt.

      • DICARLO
        DICARLO says:

        LOVE your people! A ‘racist’ is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. To deny your blood is to deny yourself. Certainly, all Whites, as all persons of other races do, should embrace racial consciousness, as opposed to wilfull blindness, delusion, and a rejection of human nature and the Natural Order. Racism, a term coined by jewish communists, is a political doctrine that rejects the liberal dogma of racial equality. Racism by definition, embraces racial inequality, WHICH IS REALITY! — which necessarily calls for racial consciousness, for example, the conviction that mankind falls into identified races that are readily distinguishable, by their appearance, their behavior, and their differences.

        Racism isn’t learned. It’s not a social or cultural construct. Racism is instinctive and genetically imprinted into the DNA of all races. It has nothing to do with hatred, at least, as far as I can see, for Whites. The notion “we are all the same”, is patently ABSURD! I am racially conscious, so I must be a racist. It’s common sense. Races are not equal! They are plainly different, and by that I am not speaking merely about skin shade, but about the countless differences defined by appearance, intelligence, attitude, aptitude, and so many other qualities and disparities between each race.

        Ethnocentrism in all peoples is absolutely natural and normal. Ethnic groups throughout the world exhibit a preference for their own culture and a disposition to judge other cultures by their own standards. This preference is a healthy and practical evaluation of one’s ethnic identity and interests consistent with evolutionary theory and cultural sophistication.

  15. Bo Anderson
    Bo Anderson says:

    Most mid-wit Evangelicals begin their counter-argument with, “The Bible says God will bless those who bless Israel…”

    I usually reply, with little effect, “That’s the Old Testament. What did Jesus say about Jews?”

    Fingers-in-ears…la-la-la… can’t hear you!!

    Scoville’s bible has achieved what it was shekeled to do…

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      Indeed.. remind them that one of the corner stones of Christianity is the doctrine of supersessionism. The Christian people are the new Israel. To not believe this is to not be a Christian. Most protestants have never seen heard of it.. I didn’t until I converted to catholicism as an adult.

      Israel means he who struggles with God.

      That would be Christians.

      Jews struggle AGAINST God.

  16. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Interesting personal account. Perhaps we should all write up how we came to see the Jewish Problem.
    One disagreement I have, though I’m gentle because this writer seems to be still relatively new to the JP:
    “…understanding the Jewish Question does not justify being obsessive about Jews and their ways.” Why not? Understanding the Jewish Problem can hardly evoke any other necessary response than obsessive alarm. Obsession may be necessary to apply a solution to the JP.

  17. Blowtorch Mason
    Blowtorch Mason says:

    As Kevin McDonald suggested – let’s have more of these types of personal revelation articles on the JQ.. Specifically, I think it would be great if Kevin followed Jared Taylor’s lead . Amren has a series of articles- almost 1 or more per week, on the topic of “How I became a Race Realist” Occidental Observer could do nothing better to increase JQ awareness than by following suit and having a series of first hand testimonials about
    How I became a realist about the JQ,or Jewish Power and Influence.

  18. Fred Penner
    Fred Penner says:

    I think the housing bubble and crash of 08 started my redpill because I finally saw the financial shenanigans of the Wall St. jews.
    The stuff they did was absolutely criminal but nothing was ever done about it. I began to understand that jews are above the law.
    At the same time, living in California, I was having problems at work with mexicans and blacks, and I kept asking myself how they could get away with mistreating me in my own country. Then I joined NUMBERSUSA and started going to protests against massive immigration.
    Then I read “The Culture of Critique” and it was like an intellectual nuclear bomb because I could suddenly see how jewish influence was the cause of nearly all of our problems in the economy, with housing, with non-whites, with women, etc.
    Understanding the JQ has not made me a happier person, and in fact it has made me very despondent because I don’t
    see much pushback against the jewish subversion. I keep hoping that people will wake up, but I don’t know if it will happen.
    I fear that it takes a fairly high IQ to understand the JQ….not sure if the bulk of our people can figure it out.

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      That made me depressed too.. one must have a wide historical perspective to really understand what is happening. I spent years reading and studying history for pleasure.. I had to have that mental prep before I could actually see that the JQ was real.. to see the patterns..

      I realize that for others to see it would also required the same years of study and no one has time for that… And when you try to explain it you come off like a madman.

      Dispondent indeed.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Hi Fred,
      “I fear that it takes a fairly high IQ to understand the JQ….not sure if the bulk of our people can figure it out.”
      You hit the bullseye there.
      In recent times, that has appeared more and more as the greatest block to overcome. Our people are just not smart enough. You can really see it in some of the Christian believers — I should say Bible believers. I’m very sorry to have to say that; I wish it weren’t so.

      What we should be MOST concerned for, and frightened of, is the dumbing down process that is ACTUALLY occurring; our overall IQ is lower than it used to be. I’m in favor of Eugenics for this very reason. May I add that Adolf Hitler was in favor for the same reason — in the interests of the German people, and state, to be able to continue as a viable nation that could hold its own in the world — NOT to become a MASTER RACE. That’s ignorant, but that’s another subject.

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        I’ve never see Hitler say master race.. I think that’s Jewish projection, like so much else.

      • poupon marx
        poupon marx says:

        Carolyn, do you mean selective breeding only, an if not, what limits are there for post embryo termination?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Yes, I do. Why would I recommend post-embryo termination ?? That is Euthanasia, not Eugenics.

          By ‘Selective Breeding’ is meant incentives and decentives – the first to encourage higher IQ and well-matched couples to raise families, the second to discourage persons of lower than normal range IQ and those with chronic, heritable disease mutations and addictive or criminal personalities.

          Current genetic science (DNA coding) confirms what the National Socialists had found or suspected – that some diseases and personality defects (mental diseases) are passed down from parent to child. It becomes a growing time bomb for society. The only solution is to prevent pregnancy by such people. I do not recognize any worthwhile arguments against that. It DOES put the value of society as a whole above the single individual, but is not greatly punitive of the individual.

      • DICARLO
        DICARLO says:

        Unfortunately today, due to the massive dumbing down of White Europeans across the West, Most racially unaware Whites, I call them “normies”, favor race-mixing, and dumb down their offspring, undoing what thousands of years of evolution attained. Most normies are passive and weak. Normie White Americans are dumb and pathetic beyond belief. Their jewish overlords and their woke progressive white race traitors push CRT, globo-homo, pedophilia, and praise BLM. They put up BLM signs, wave ‘gay’ flags, and chant ‘muh Israel’, and do the bidding of Jewish supremacists. Their favored political party on the mainstream right doesn’t want to defeat the left because it is, itself, the left. That is, it’s financed and controlled by jews who also support the left and its anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-American. Very sad.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        It really does not. When I was growing up in Texas and out for my cadet engineer training, many of the “working class”, non-college educated, specifically ethnic lineage (direct line of Scots Irish, Irish, English, Welsh told me of the Real Jew. These were family remembrances from their Motherland. As tax collectors, usury abusers, special privileges for exclusivity in commerce, these descendants of yeomen, farmers, and peasants had it pegged.

        Meanwhile in my more or less college prep high school, I heard NOTHING. Oh, they are middle men, don’t like to work with their hands, and other such baby and shallow disapprobations. My whole like I observed but found no reinforcement or concordance until relatively late, starting about the 21st century.

        I will tell you positively, that the Christian denominations are the the great silencers, censors, and excuse makers – more than any other entity or organizations of the Real Jew.

        Like most people, I was busy making a living, working hard and did not set aside any time for further examination. The same cannot be said for those in and of academia.

        People in jobs that think in the concrete non-abstract cognition are better of assimilating direct observation, rather than ameliorating the concept or proportion with intellectual chaff, rationalizations, and even envy at the Jew’s (maybe some of that will rub off on me) attainments and material status.

        Like several authors of chronicles and journals of sea going life, I found a lot of wisdom and practical knowledge among my ship mates. Example: “Two Years Before The Mast”, by Richard Henry Dana.

        • Swaytonious
          Swaytonious says:

          I just want to say that I’m in a traditionalist Catholic parish.. ever time I’ve been drawn into a political discussion, Jewish red pills were dropped and not by me. Even my priest gently clued me in on the Jews during my Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults as I learned catholicism on contrast to my southern Baptist upbringing.

          My priest has even used the word Judaizers with contempt towards the modernists openly in his homilys. Honestly, the decision to deepeny Christianity is what allowed me to just let go and except the truth of the JQ.

          We do exist. Yes, we are a minority.. but we believe this is the true path of our ancestors when we would rally in the holy unity of crusade against the enemies of our people. We stuggle to keep the ember of this pathway alive among the, frankly, reasonable arguments against our religion for the Jewish involvement.

          “…The reason why Christianity has been so revolutionary is because it is unnatural to the Aryan Spirit…”
          This is certainly true, but only partially so. Christianity started as a heretical Messianic movement within Judaism, but after being rejected by the Jews themselves, it spread into the Hellenistic world and thus had to adapt itself to a different cultural environment. In that process it changed of character.
          From the Greeks it adopted Greek philosophical thinking to construct an elaborate theology. From the Romans it adopted the Roman genius for organization to construct its ecclesiastical structures. Finally from the Germans it adopted their heroic spirit (crusades!).
          Thus Christianity is “Semitic” in only a limited sense. Whether we would be better off if we had remained pagans is doubtful. Like it or not, but monotheism is a higher form of religion than polytheism, even if Christianity with its doctrine of the Trinity is not a pure form of monotheism, such as is Islam.
          Christianity with its high morality, charity and family values, raised the moral level both of the civilized Greeks and Romans, and the barbarian Celts, Germans, Slavs and Balts. Without Christianity a civilized Europe is hardly conceivable.
          We cannot “return” to a belief in Zeus, Juppiter or Odin/Wotan, so unless we find something better, let us not reject what is valuable.

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            In Deerfield Beach Florida there is a bishop from the Old Roman Catholic Church. Pre Vatican 2 Catholicism . The church is Our Lady Of The Rosary. No Novus Ordo nonsense there.

          • Poupon Marx
            Poupon Marx says:

            Christianity with its high morality, charity and family values, raised the moral level both of the civilized Greeks and Romans, and the barbarian Celts, Germans, Slavs and Balts. Without Christianity a civilized Europe is hardly conceivable.
            We cannot “return” to a belief in Zeus, Jupiter or Odin/Wotan, so unless we find something better, let us not reject what is valuable.

            Respectfully, these abstract statements are so contrary to evidence, facts, sensorial feedback, experience and evidence that I would scarcely know where to begin to nullify the above. I and others have written copiously on the contrary.

            Inductively (raw data, evidence, examples, observations) reveals in just modern times that Christianity composite and in summation has dealt the West and Whites the now terminal actions on our civilization. That a SLIGHT improvement over animistic and Lucius Vanini’s pagan gods is possible, this is slight and minuscule to the benefits and Truths of Buddhism-of which I have written extensively here and other places. Christianity, like the US Interstate Highway System constructed in the 1950s, made the destruction of the West more easy, faster, and expeditious, just like the old two lane highways through small towns it replaced.

            Your thoughts come from the abstract, many times removed from evidence, contemporary observations and analysis. They are deductive, retrospective, nostalgic, whimsical, and manifest weakness and distortion and irrational noise.

          • Anne C
            Anne C says:

            Swaytonious, I’ve really been enjoying your contributions to this discussion. This comment in particular was very thought-provoking for me. (I was raised Catholic and have what could superficially be described as a “love-hate” relationship with the church as an adult.)

            I’m curious – why did you convert to Catholicism?

          • Swaytonious
            Swaytonious says:

            It is a long long story. To try and sum it up, I grew up southern baptist and ended up an idealistic young man who enlisted as a combat medic in the zionist American Army. What I saw during my first deployment to Iraq fundamentally shattered my understanding of reality and my faith. I spent a decade in the long dark night of the soul. While I was being med retired for the resulting PTSD a decade later, I met some people and was offered a chance to go to Lourdes, France as a Malade.

            I thought, “Hey.. go see France. Why not?” I wasn’t looking for a religious experience, but I found one. Then as I learned the theology and metaphysics of it, it was actually corrective to some of the issues I had with some of the more, forgive me, childish aspects of my protestant faith.

            It solved issues I had on the nature of time, eternity, and notions of immortality. Catholicism is a thinking man’s religion. There is a saying that the faith is shallow enough in which to bathe a baby, yet deep enough to drown an elephant.

            Most Christians have never had the interest to ponder on the more estoeric aspects of the faith. I had already had many of these debates with my self in my youth and had come to the same conclusions as the Church decades before I ever pondered joining it. I was so ignorant of the Catholic faith as a youth I thought it was just another flavor of protestantism.

            I do still struggle though, as the strength of my faith lies in my intellectual mind being congruent to my observations of reality as opposted to my emotional mind. I believe most Americans have the opposite relationship with their faith.

            There is much more to the story but I do not wish to deposit a novel here. 🙂

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” monotheism is a higher form of religion than polytheism,”…

            That assertion is definitely at loggerheads with empirical science . In other words , that is at best a faith statement and not a fact statement .

            Monotheism is the fundamental historical justification for the monopolization of any and all worldly life sustaining resources .

            Attaining a worldwide dominion of monopolized existential resources is the primary agenda of the The ILLuminati globalist oligarchy’s cabalistic cartel of the three topmost incarnate satanic agencies — The RCC Vatican , The Brits Queen Liz monarchy , and the Rothschildean Ashkenazi financial tribe .

            God’s Law of Distributions


            known by mathematicians and scientists as
            The Gaussian Distributions ;

            known by Catholics and other religious people as The Universal Law of Distributions ;

            known by the sheeple herd masses worldwide as
            The Bell Curve Distributions


            clearly indicates the existence of
            a mode/average/mean accumulation of resources and equally clearly indicates the nonexistence of a monopolization of life sustaining resources which would be represented only as a single point
            if it in fact did exist .

            Hence ,
            the worldly monopoly activities of
            those globalist oligarchy agencies are
            against God’s Law .

            Furthermore , the Holy Bible God told
            the chosenhite jewss to worship only him and
            God never said that other gods did not exist
            and in particular , God never said
            those other gods could not own/control resources .

            According to Jews , Christians , and Muslims , this command by God was given about 2500 years ago and it remains in force to this day ___ 

            And God said ,

            Let us make man in our image ,
            after our likeness :
and let them have dominion over
            all the earth ,

            and over every creeping thing
            that creepeth upon the earth .


            ( verbatim [ except elipses ] quote from :

            The Jewish Holy Torah / KJV /
            Book of Genesis / chapter 1 : verse 26 )


            “us” = God [ and his wife ? ]

”them” = “the jews” in fact , and
            mankind hypotheticly including
            any deified man or woman
            whom may have become an
            incarnate god
            after being created by God

”dominion” = ownership/control

            “earth” = planetary matter , flora . fauna ,
            and worldly manmade things

            “creeping thing” = animals , insects , worms ,
            birds , some flora and

          • Anne C
            Anne C says:

            Thanks for sharing your story of how you came to join the Catholic Church. It sounds like you went to Hell and back in Iraq… glad to hear that you are in a better place now.

            “There is a saying that the faith is shallow enough in which to bathe a baby, yet deep enough to drown an elephant.”

            Lots to think about in that line. Again, thank you for sharing your story. God Bless.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          POUPON MARX–
          “….Lucius Vanini’s pagan gods”?!

          Is there another Lucius Vanini here? Kindly refer the reader to any comment in TOO, or in any other site, wherein I have expressed belief in gods.

          The only religions I’ve discussed here in somewhat commendatory fashion, because they’re clearly more consonant with White interests than either Judeo-Christianity or Buddhism, are the pantheistic “White-Racialist” creeds Cosmotheism and Creativity.

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            Cosmotheism is a most excellent alternative as a spirituality more in tune with our own nature as opposed to a religion whose followers can barely live by their own doctrine. Ambrose Bearce wrote in the Devils Dictionary a definition of a Christian: One who believes the teachings of the New Testament are ideally suited to the needs of his neighbors. Also one who believes in those teachings in so far as they are not incompatible with a life of sin.

  19. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I wish TOO would not refer the European converts to Judaism as Jews. They are not the Children of Israel. Some of my ancestors were rabbis and they saw these Europeans take over Jewry when they visited Jerusalem every 7 years, representing the Jews in England at the Council meetings.Most Jews were not expelled. Because of this take over, my ancestors ceased to be rabbis. They detested the Eastern Jews, who were descended from converts, which is what I call them.
    The last real Jew in my family was a maternal great grand father, married to a descendant of converts from Odessa. At 3 in the afternoon the maid heard a scream and ran into the room. Granny was naked and running across the room to grab her dressing gown. Her husband was dead. He had said he was not feeling well, so she undressed and climbed into bed to comfort him as any wife would, instead of calling the doctor.
    Another maid heard a scream, ran into the room where another of my Odessa ancestors was standing, covered in blood holding a carving knife dripping with blood, with his wife covered in blood, dead. The maid ran out of the front door. A policeman was walking past the front gate.
    On such flimsy evidence my ancestor was tried at the Old Bailey and hanged. A clear case of British racism.
    We did not suffer pogroms in Russia. We were lucky enough to live in the one postal district of the Russian Empire where pogroms did not occur. We enriched the UK by buying a pub in Regent St. and living from renting property.
    My mother told me that when I was a few days old, sitting on the convert rabbi’s lap, surrounded by 200 Polish converts, my eyes moved continuously. I told her that I was looking for the exit. I must have been aware of the Jewish problem at a very young age.

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:

        @Prof MacDonald

        What I was told and believe is the truth:
        My maternal grandfather was descended from what was the leading Jewish family in France. The family were in the French court. His eldest daughter was made pregnant by the Dauphin.
        Her father wrote to Jerusalem. The real Jews have always remained in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Jews went ballistic.
        They told him she was to marry an old jew teaching in the University of Parizfranz. Her eldest son would be a member of the Sanhedrin.
        After these two sentences there were two pages of loathing, contempt and hatred for Christ, the Church and the Gentiles.
        They said they would make the gentiles suffer.
        The family laughed but I don’t.
        The family was ordered to England to set up Oxford University with the other Jews to humiliate tiny France, I suppose. The English promised the King of France to protect us.
        In 1940 King George 6 sent a Major of the Household Division to introduce himself because Winston Churchill ( aka Winston Smith) would not allow communists to leave for Canada. The Major would have looked after us when the invasion occurred, although Churchill/Smith knew there would be no invasion.
        I was invited to tea with the Duke of Windsor in Parizfranz.
        Would you like more information about my family?
        I am sorry that there is no written evidence.

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:


        Thank you for the correction. They polluted my family in Queen Victoria’s glorious days.
        I had always assumed they were Polish shopkeepers.
        I was kicked out of the OTC for calling the general commanding Southern England a Polish Shopkeeper. I did not know he was a Turkic Shopkeeper.
        Thank you again.

  20. Sussex man
    Sussex man says:

    Thanks for the article, it was an interesting summary of your views and how you have reached them. I will forward this to others.
    It has inspired me (and hopefully others) to at least think about writing an account of how I came to see the JP and how I became racially aware, here in England.
    There are close similarities between how you and I came to understand these things, but also large differences- for example in contrast to your experience, when I became racially conscious around 2012/13 it was the JP that triggered this, whilst I was still ready to defend any and all other ethnic groups from any criticism. I now understand that this was primarily a result of the conditioning that I had received.

  21. bruno
    bruno says:

    I love the author’s nom de plume. It’s ingenious. About 80% of everything I’ve ever written behind the iron curtain and to a great extent here has been to utilize a nom de guerre. Hats of to Rock-a-boat-us. He has given others a raison d’etre for engaging in the verboten realm of open communique.

  22. Dr ExCathedra
    Dr ExCathedra says:

    Ironically, I learned my own form of “the reasons why Jews engage in the cultural subversion of western societies” from none other than Dennis Prager, whom I used to follow when I was a mere conservative. I recall my astonishment that such unpleasant truths about Jews would come from one of them. It was part of his theme that post-emancipation, Jews had abandoned their religiously shaped messianic hope for all forms of leftist utopianism.

    Paraphrasing Prager, there are two things Jew hate and fear most of all: the Christian religion and ethnic nationalism. Suddenly it all made sense. And reading Macdonald was a big step. As was “Reflections on Hilaire Belloc’s “The Jews” (1922)” by Andrew Joyce here on The Occidental Observer, as well as Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents.

    Seeing the reality of the Jews as a group was the hardest step in my migration from conservatism to race reality and embracing Whiteness, and as they say, once you see it, you can’t unsee it anymore.

  23. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Rock. And congratulations, looks like this piece might become a TOO classic. Very fine writing.

    You and I have a lot in common Rock. You’re west coast, I’m east coast. No matter. The Jews, are the Jews.

    I could write pages, and pages on this subject and – I am. I have just about finished a novella on what happened to me when I was a kid and it leads into how I learned about the Jewish problem. I want to run it by one more editor before sending it to the publisher but since I’ve lost my job since I have refused to get vaccinated, it’s very slow going due to the stress and trying to bring in income. But I will get it done and out there.

    Thanks for pointing out Rock and to Karl Haemers also; I’ve never really understood ‘JQ’. If the Jews aren’t a problem, I don’t know what is. The Jews control everything not only in our country, but in most European countries also. And even more evil than the material, Jews control how most of the masses think.

    I made the horrible mistake of going to a predominantly Jewish college right out of high school. I was from the sticks of upstate NY, and 17 years of age when I entered the school, so, what did I know? To say the least, they saw me coming. I’ve said this before here, as time goes on, the one thing that is consistent about the Jews, as you mentioned Rock, is that they are an hysterical, neurotic people. Edward Allsworth Ross has written about this back in 1919, Kevin has written about it, Martin Luther, Solzhenitsyn, and the list goes on. I can assure you, I’ve lived in NYC, and Boston for most of my life. They are a fiercely, ethnocentric race. No other race is like the Jews. They are Satan’s children, no doubt about it. Ugly, stinking rotten to the core most of them.

    And I think what hurts so much, when we get older, is that it’s a betrayal. And that the playing field was not fair. If someone would have told me about the Jews when I was a kid, well then my God, I would have ran out of that college as fast as I could, as fast as I could have, believe me.

    The piece that Kevin posted here right before this one, “Pepper’s Ghost, Looking for the British Far Right”, talked about the complete lack of any real far right in Britain. Even any hint of dissent, is immediately shut down by the Left. We have hope here. There are a ton of sites out there, TOO being the best imho, who speak the truth, and Gab is loaded with dissenters, many of whom have facts just like we do. Even the founder, Andrew Torba, posts about the Jewish problem. Many other social media sites, and mainstream pundits and intellectuals, come right up against the wall and cross it into JP territory. Coulter, Buchanan, who are now here at TOO. Molly Ringwald, Heather Mac Donald over at the Manhattan Institute. Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly constantly talks about the evils and history of communism. He refers to communism as a ‘religion of death’.

    So yes. Get your stories out there everybody. Now is the perfect time to do it with the country going to hell at the hands of the Jewish Biden administration that’s in charge. Get it out there with facts, and in a gentle manner. People will listen. “Why don’t we ever hear about the 50 million plus Christian Russian’s who were killed under communist rule in Russia? Did you know that the communist Bolsheviks at the time were predominantly Jewish…?” Then give them their names. “Did you know that the Biden administration is over 50% Jewish but Jews only make up 2% of the US population? Did you know that Alejandro Myorkas is a Sephardic, Orthodox Jew? Does that have anything to do with our open border policy? You know, as head of Homeland Security, he’s in charge of the border. Do you know what the Sephardic Jews did in Spain that helped cause the Inquisition?” And on it goes. We must keep getting the message out there. We must. No action is too small.

  24. CVarick
    CVarick says:

    Great article, allowing for nuance on a topic that is often discussed without any.

    I would add one of the causes for the destruction of the West’s culture was its inability to properly codify cultural subversion into law. The Industrial Revolution and entry of women into the workplace and subsequent developments saw the continuation of the fragmentation of the individual – from a wholesome part of family/society with multiple responsibilities, to a specialized worker whose all other attributions could be outsourced to specialists. The safeguarding of cultural values and the family was never taken up by specialists, other than perhaps some religious groups, and so society in such fragmented state became relatively easy prey to those wishing to manipulate it for its own ends.

    Codifying subversion into law is not easy, perhaps a cause for so many expulsions of jews over the centuries.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yes, me too, though it’s quite a read. Jewish History Jewish Religion is probably a better recommendation because it’s more concise.
      JHJRTWO3000Ys, the effect is similar to a brick in the face.

  25. Stritchplatte
    Stritchplatte says:

    Here’s part of my jew fairy tale. Enjoyed everyone else’s. In public school during second grade some “displaced persons” appeared, this was early 1960’s. Three studens in my class, a Heinz a Finn and a Gould arrived all a few weeks after school year began. Nancy Finn explained to me that their family had come from Germany and moved right into the biggest Mansion in the neighborhood. I asked her if they were renting the house, nope, they bought it, a huge brick house on a big lot. Fresh from the concentration camp with pockets filled with reparations to a huge house. Another jewish success story. She had two brothers who were older. Steve Heinz also came from Germany. I remember him explaining he was jewish and the family owed the house they lived in. Gould I cannot remember much about only him explaining he was a jew and being annoyed at my questions. The second grade teacher was a Lesbian by the name of Abbott. She was a member of the American Socialist Party and a nurotic bitch. She drove a Ford with three headlights. Abbott was fired from her position after she had taken time off during the school year to attend a meeting in Tennesee, must have been the Frankfurt School. She caused quite an uproar. As I think back to that period of time I think most of the female teachers were lesbians as they were a bit depraved, mean and nasty, Abbott would never let me play the water glasses since I was a boy, only the girls could play them. Didn’t stop me from making secret adjustments of the water levels. These jews were in the same public school I attended but not for long, they all disappeared before the school year was up, moving on I’m sure to exclusive centers of jewish exceptionalism. I delivered a newspaper for awhile, the Manchester Union Leader. Owners William and Nacky Lobe were supposed to be a converso’s but the ” conservative” paper was jew rag from the headlines to the editorial page and comics. Today it is the usual leftist dimshevik trash. Since I delivered the paper I soon realized the jew conflicts and obfuscation it represented. The jews playing both sides fof the coin. The Union Leader was a war mongering rag. The Boston Globe antiwar and pro Bolshevik. It was while I delivered that paper and read it I began to see a pattern with these poor persecuted jews. The editorial page read like the Talumd and rabbies were all over the pages giving awards or reciving bundles of cash for the Synagog Emannuel. While in High School I took a job in a local hosery Mill. The old Mill had been part of the world famous Textile factories along the Merrimack River. Most of the glass windows were still painted with blackout paint from stupid WW2. No way were the jews going to replace them unless broken, besides the wage SLAVES working the mills could not see out, so no distractions for the workers of the world. Of course all the big bosses were jews. The owner jew, a Mr. Fine was another “displaced Person”. He arrived from the horrors of the Koncentration camps with $250,000.00 and set himself up with his other jew percecuted cohorts in business. I remember him bragging about scamming on the reparations, how he had nothing before he was sent to summer camp but got a bundle on the way out. I had to pass the offices of the dozen or so jews who managed the place when I arrived for work. Seeing me arrive the bastards would alway check their watches as they ran around with paper work and always were condesending in their attitude. Mr Lombardo showed up one day and became my new boss. He was an “efficiency expert” from Columbia who drove a brand new silver Volkswagen from Boston everyday. I’m thinking, it was Hitlers idea to create the VW and all the jews I know own one, WTF? Lombardo was an asshole who just had me move boxes around and set up new shelving. He was a fraud scamming on his fellow jews and finally got fired. The Vietnam war raged on. All the jews in high school and the jew “teachers” were anti-war. The Economics class I attended was ruled by Ms Sugarman a big breasted horny socialist communist imbicel. I used to stare at her breasts the entire class because it was useless listening to her economic drivel. Henry Kissinger manipulated stupid Nixon and in the early 1970’s after the United States was humiliated by running away from Saigon ( jew war tactics) and opening up China things really headed down hill for the USA. After I graduated high school in 1971 there were no more jobs. The jews began clearing out the machinery in all the mills, selling it to themselves in China all at a great loss to the USA end of the deal. The Chinese and central American operations set up by the double crossing kikes was the begining of the great deception over the “High Tech”fake future promised by these criminals. Only work I could find was scrapping things out by the truck load. All the machinery from the mills was used to get the economic power built up by the jews in countries where the wages were lower than stupid WHITE MEN would labor for. All the underwear, socks, shoes, forges, and manufacturing was removed and all done by the doublecrossing poor persecuted jews. Now the bastards are empting out the Arsenals of the war equipment and lamenting how America’s industrial power is non-existent and it is the design of the jews themselves! The abused faggot armed forces are in a state of confusion. Borders wide open, no recipes are given for all the war supplies sent to Jewkraine. Bunny rabbits dressed in royal purple are directing the criminal acting as president at White House Easter egg hunts. Jewkraine headed by a jew ACTOR , the compromised criminals in congress give the drug addled faggot clown a standing ovation. Here in Jew Hamshire all five women ( confused homo Papass don’t count as a man) representatives are insane. Hassan was the only humanoid wearing a mask at the Portmouth Naval yard meeting with Briben and lobbyists this week. How can these jews be tricked into destroying each other? Knowing your being destroyed every woken moment is making me lose sleep!

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How can these jews be tricked into destroying each other? ”

      They can’t .

      The average White person is a Christian whom does not have the religion to support that treacherous trickery as the Jews do , nor do they have as high an IQ as the average Ashkenazi financial Jews , nor do they have the political intelligence as do the Jews , nor do they own the premium warmongering technologies as do the Jews , nor do they have the money for all of it as do the Jews , and nor do they have the historical background for it as do the Jews .

      In other words , Whites should give serious consideration to asymmetric warfare for gaining more freedom to avoid extinction by their masters .

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        My goal is to wake up the non white goyem.. the only hope I can see is to turn the golem back upon them.. that’s usually how it’s worked out in the past after all.

  26. John Gerrymore
    John Gerrymore says:

    The thing with a majority with jews is that they are in part mixed with arabs and africans.

    In the bible: The bastard (hebrew word for bastard means racially mixed), so the racially mixed may not enter the house of worship (synagogue / Chruch) not even for 10 generations.

    The dude who killed a racie mixing jew (married an arab woman) and his wife in the tent the sword/spear, was made a super whole priest for the jews.

    Also the jews were ordered by God to throw out non jews atleast non whites from Israel and did not follow orders in full.

    So jews, many of them went against God’s order and had mixed kids and hence were not considered real Israelites or jews or part of God’s choosen people as a result.

    Many racially mixed people saw race-mixing as good thing that gives them more security elsewise they are affraid to be thrown out seen as non desirable, see the scriptures of AFA, which has been published by the “Wester Chauvinist” blog on telegram for example.

    Also politicians that are a small percentage african tend to be pro immigration and racial mixture.

    I am sure the official jewish position decided by their annual meetings and the like has been to promote the multicultural society paint it in a certain light, promote immigration partially to benefit jews who wanna move partially to not be the only visible minority with a different religion and so on. And to work against racism, because like they see the racism of the nazis as one cause of the holocust.

    But on an indiviual level I do think many jews are obsessed with promotinh with obsessive propaganda racial mixtire between whites and non whites. There is a flood of jews with this agenda.

    Why? Take out the enemy? Revenge? Because they are themselves partially mixed? Security because racially mixed persons may be less likely to turn on jews from a racial perspective? Because they are themselves mixed, many of them?

    The discussion has been is this a top down decision or jews on an individual level guided by their personal perspective. Probably a mixture of both these angles or directions within a community.

    And why does it matter.

    The punishment for promoting with propaganda in an often sneaky, subversive manner racial mixture, what should that be?

    We see this certainly with also many jews unproportionally and through their propaganda channels / media promotion of racial integration for subsaharian africans and their support of the bussing of this group to formerly white schools also ending segregation of toilets, drinking fountains and the like and so on.

    This was the case even before the nazis. The subsaharian was pushed by Hollywood jews allreadu in the 1920’s in movies. It may go back to Rome since it is often said that jews controlled tha laws of Rome, if so did they change laws to have non whites moved to taly, certainly possible but not proven, which their key role in massimmigration, bussing, pushing of race-mixing and the like has been.

    And many jews are probably totally unavare of this. And I suspect it is mainly the more racially mixed jews who are the driving force.

    Do many organized jews also subvert Christian whites with things like porn, focus on sport, eraly sex, homosexuality, drugs and the like. Certainly could be tha case and it does take away some competition for them in places at universities and the like. And it confuses the enemy.

    So here a focus on humans most lowest things may be used certainly if one does think they do this at large.

    Certainly alot of these actions could have been taken from a war manual. And certainly the fit in with the description of a holocaust. For example not allowing a group or people or ethnic group to have acess to their own culture is considered part of a genocide. Which they do, they for the most part promote the cultures of non whites and supressing white culture ans since they controll at large information flow both in traditional media and online this is what has been pointed to.

    The gene change vaccine could be considered genocide.

    Regardless it has been a disaster for white people.

    Do these more racially mixed jews also hate white jews i.e. Israelites that are not mixed with arabs or subsaharian africans but from a genetic point of view, like the original God’s choosen people.

    Regardless I have yet to see any good ideas on how to stop this the main ideas I have seen so far have been.

    1. Give jews higher taxes to stop them from gaining too much power and spreading wealth.

    2. Nazism, forbid them to own media, put them in camps…

    3. An etno state without jews.

    I certainly disslike nazism and fashism at large and certainly disslike Hitler for many reasons (part te things I think regarding his “sexuality” and his drugusage aswell as many fashist policies).

    An etno state, where is the massmovement for this I have yet to see one. And how would that be done in Europe?

    Higher taxes because they have the high IQ and business sence? It would not stop the anti white agenda if something they would become even more anti white.

    So does all this read like a ware manual, albeit a subversive one? Many would certainly argue so.

    I would certainly like to see more suggestions regarding what could be done regarding this matter.

      DICARLO says:

      @john gerrymore

      You claim you do not like National Socialism but evidently, like most others, you don’t know what it’s about other than the lies jews have told you. I don’t know what smears you are inferring against Adolf Hitler, but I would suggest to you, that whatever they are, they are lies and falsehoods presented to you by jews. Adolf Hitler was not a drug user. That is a contemptible jewish lie! Adolf Hitler was a visionary who loved his people, elected democratically by the German people of all classes. He was against homosexuality and race-mixing. Homosexuality goes against nature, and National Socialism is based on the rules of nature – the Natural Order.

      Adolf Hitler was a romantic, a visionary and a genius, and there was nothing even remotely “evil” about him. He was the opposite of evil. He was an idealist and a pure soul. His sense of goodness and fairplay and respect for all Europeans was presumably a relevant part of the problem of why we Whites lost this war and are losing our homelands today.

    DICARLO says:

    And the jews laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility of their White victims.

    Let’s just talk rank and file everyday jews for a moment. Within this circle of jews, it’s a private circle that White Gentiles may never enter. There is a real derision, a real despising, a real contemptuous, condescending attitude towards gentiles. Now, understand, if you do have the misfortune to be around jews, you may not notice. They laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility and unawareness of their White victims. It is only for the jews to understand while winking and smirking amongst themselves, these secretive, extremely ethnocentric, clannish, parasites who understand completely, that they are nothing like us. Jewish identity is, disguise, secrecy, subversion – and the confusion their nature creates for us is a very important aspect of that identity. Race or not, race or religion, White or not, are examples of their dual nature.

    Most see them as people just like us. Most see them as just another ethnic group. We don’t dare discuss their jewishness. Why would we? They’re so touchy about their jewishness. We must afford them special considerations and total respect, because they’re “jew-ish”. Weren’t they “holocausted”? Oy vey! We must be careful. We must be sensitive. We wouldn’t want to offend them, now would we?

    You see — jews are not like White Europeans. They are not White Europeans. They are not “Whites”. They are jews, not Whites. Not like you. You can be assured that whatever is being “learned”, whatever is being watched, whatever you think you know about jews, is misdirection and disinformation. Hiding the truth is a jewish cultural trait. Jews seldom, if ever, tell us the truth about themselves, their history their culture or their families.

    Jews are a distinct tribe whose ancestors converted to a religion that taught them it was permissible to exploit, to rob, to deceive, to betray and ultimately, to even kill non-Jews, and they have deliberately caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of non-jews, mostly White Europeans, through the revolutions and wars they have deliberately instigated and incited.

    Most Gentiles receive their conception of what’s right and what’s wrong, from the Bible. Jews don’t know the Bible. Jews know the Talmud, a racist elitist book that portrays gentiles as subhuman. The Talmud is the jews’ most sacred book. Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in judaism. The talmud teaches jews it is all well and fine to lie to non-jews. It’s just fine and dandy to steal from non-jews. It tells them that gentiles and their children are animals — goyim. Jews call Gentile women, Shiksas. You may have heard the term spoken in normal discourse by jews, even with gentiles in their presence. It means “unclean animal”. But when speaking of jews, they hide behind this so called, “religion”. They tell us they are God’s chosen, and yet, 80% of jews are atheists. The jewish religion doesn’t demand adherence to belief in God even among their rabbis. A great percentage of jews who are members of synagogues, don’t believe in God and are not required to. Yet, they call themselves “God’s chosen people”.

    So, not ALL the jews? Rank and file jews act as a political bloc. In politics, when a candidate is running for office, the jews ask among themselves the most important thing: “is he/she good for the jews?” Hence, “Is it good for the jews”? Jews never consider whether that candidate is good for their host nation, nor do they care. All they care is: IS HE GOOD FOR JEWS? When you call them out for corruption in politics, for their Israel first conspiracy, for debasing American, European, or Christian culture and corrupting White European traditional values, their response is never to explain these subversive activities. Instead, it is you who are accused of hatred and anti-semitism.– or being delusional, paranoid, or stupid?

    Jews are actively anti-Christian and they view all Whites as Christian regardless of whether they consider themselves Christians or not. They hate Christ, and Christians, and most White Europeans hold Christian beliefs and values. Jews worship themselves, not God. It’s about their hyper-ethnocentrism, racial supremacism, elitism, and utter contempt for non-jews, especially Whites or Christians. It wouldn’t matter to me, their contempt for non-jews, except they have wrested control of our White governments for the purposes of destroying our society and culture. And they are doing it right before our eyes. They are responsible for third world, nonwhite invasions into our White homelands and the perverse decadence, feminism, and antiwhite racism we are experiencing today. So, for these reasons, they deserve none of our White compassion, only our hatred because of their actions against us. Any hatred we have for jews is more than justified. The honest question that most Whites need to understand is not why any White would hate jews, but to understand and admit to themselves that jews are working to destroy us.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “Let’s just talk rank and file everyday jews for a moment. Within this circle of jews, it’s a private circle that White Gentiles may never enter.”
      This statement really struck a chord with me. Being relatively new to the J.Q. I now look back on interactions with them in a whole different light. I worked for many years for a Jewish man in real estate in Los Angeles. His father and his brother owned many apartment buildings and I had cause to interact with both of them and their wives over the years. I could never understand why they would never even address me by my name or really bother saying hello. It was always strictly business with them. I am a blonde, blue- eyed Eurpoean woman and perhaps that was the reason for their blatant hositlity towards me. Even more surpring was that the women were even worse and always treated me with such suspicion. I literally cannot recall one occasion when they were actuallly friendly towards me. Having read many articles on this site things suddenly have started making sense to me.

  28. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    I’m happy you found your way to the truth. It can be very difficult for our people to break that lifelong conditioning of, “Jews are special victims, never question the jewish narrative.” It takes a lot of courage to strike out into unknown territory where you may be viewed as a pariah for doing so. The best thing we who are versed in the JQ can do for our fellow whites is give them a soft landing out here in the ideological “desert”. Let them know that they’re not alone out here, and that walking away from the mainstream narrative doesn’t have to mean the end of your social and professional life. A lot of people are scared of having to back up an unpopular opinion on their own. We need to be there in every format possible to support our people in their great walking away and to let them know we have their backs. They don’t have to argue this position alone.

  29. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    It seems like most of us have to go through a certain amount of struggle before we come to terms with the JP. A little over a 100 years ago, Adolf Hitler went through a process surprisingly similar to some of the accounts here. From chapter 2 of “Mein Kampf” (“My Struggle”):

    “To-day it is hard, and almost impossible, for me to say when the word ‘Jew’ first began to have any particular significance for me… There were very few Jews in Linz [Hitler’s hometown]. In the course of centuries, the Jews who lived there had become Europeanized and so civilized in appearance that I even looked upon them as Germans. … As I thought that they were persecuted on account of their faith my aversion to hearing remarks against them grew almost into a feeling of horror.”

    After the untimely death of his parents, an 18 year old Hitler was forced to move to Vienna to find work in 1908. He writes that when he first arrived there, he “considered that the tone adopted by the anti-Semitic press in Vienna was unworthy of the cultural traditions of a great people … I regarded them as the products of jealousy and envy rather than as the expression of a sincere, though wrong-headed, feeling.”

    He first started to question the integrity of the Jews when he witnessed the character of the Zionists in Vienna. But there was more to follow.

    “What soon gave me food for serious thought was the insight which I gradually gained into the activities of the Jews in certain walks of life. Was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which at least one Jew did not participate? … In my eyes the charge against Judaism became a grave one the moment I discovered the scope of Jewish activities in the press, in art, in literature and in the theatre. … The fact that nine-tenths of all the ‘smutty’ literature, artistic ‘tripe’ and theatrical banalities, had to be charged to the account of a people who formed scarcely one per cent of the nation could not be gainsaid.”

    Then Hitler started to turn his attention to the “world press” of his new city: “The deeper I probed, the more did the object of my former admiration lose its glory. …Its impartial attitude in the presentation of facts and views seemed to me to contain more falsehood than truth. The writers were ‐ Jews. Thousands of details that I had scarcely noticed before seemed to me now to deserve attention. I began to grasp and understand things which had formerly puzzled me… [The] dignified tone [of the liberal press] in replying to the attacks of its adversaries and its dead silence in other cases now became clear to me as part of a cunning and despicable way of deceiving the readers. Its brilliant theatrical criticisms always praised the Jewish authors and its adverse criticism was reserved exclusively for the Germans.”

    Hitler also noticed the Jews’ involvement in the seamier underside of Vienna: “The part which the Jews played in the evil of prostitution, and more especially in the white slave traffic, could be studied here better than in any other Western European city…”

    The nail in the coffin was when he discovered that the press and leadership of the Social Democrats and Marxists were almost entirely Jewish. In his own struggles with poverty when he first arrived in Vienna, he had realized that the Social Democrats and Marxists had usurped the trade unions (and betrayed the working man) in order to advance their own political ends. “In the face of that revelation the scales fell from my eyes. My long inner struggle was at an end.

    “Moved by my own daily experiences, I now began to investigate more thoroughly the sources of the Marxist teaching itself. … I now understood the language of the Jew. I realized that the Jew uses language for the purpose of dissimulating his thoughts or at least veiling them, so that his real aim cannot be discovered in his words, but rather by reading between the lines.

    “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principle of Nature and substitutes for the eternal right of might and strength, the dead weight of sheer numbers. Thus it denies the individual worth of the human personality, disputes the teaching that nationality and race are of primary significance, and by doing this deprives Man of the very foundations of his existence and civilization. … Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the peoples of this world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind … Therefore, I believe to‐day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In resisting the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I had not heard of Sabrosky until you mentioned him. I checked and learned a little more about him. Why do you ask?

      • Pika Chu
        Pika Chu says:

        Sorry for responding so late. I saw videos of Alan Sabrosky where he says Israel is responsible for 9/11. I first heard of Sabrosky from E. Michael Jones

  30. jerry hoekstra
    jerry hoekstra says:

    None of my ideas are original.

    Disraeli once said (among other things) he was a Christian who remained a proud member of the Jewish race.

    Everyone wants to live in a white man’s world, but no body wants the white man around.

    Clarence Thomas wrote that when his grandfather was trying to turn him into a Catholic priest he and his brother would hope that his real dad would soon come and rescue him from the work on grandpa’s farm.


  31. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Me? I INHERITED a good grasp of the Jewish Question. Both parents and one grandmother knew what’s what. So at a very tender age I was aware that Jews tend to remain an alien element within larger societies, that they too often conceive their interests as being different if not flatly opposed to those of the “host” society. I was aware that these tendencies were abiding factors in the trouble between Jews and White non-Jews.

    Happily untouched by sectarian mythology, I’ve never conceived Jews as congenitally guilty. But by the same token I’ve been freer than most non-Jews from Jews’ ideological influence. I’ve not been an heretical Jew thinking that the Messiah has already come and that, unlike the orthodoxy’s Messiah, he came for everybody’s sake and not just for ethnic Jews’ sake. I haven’t been, in Nietzsche’s words, “the ultimate consequence of the Jews.”

    So, unlike many a fellow Westerner who makes a big show of disliking Jews (maybe they doth protest too much?), I’m about as remote from Jewish modes and mindset as anyone gets….indeed I’m about as NON-Jewish as people can possibly be. My rejection of things Jewish extends all the way to forenames derived from Jews and their appalling superstition. No child of mine is to be called “David” or “Michael” or “Sarah” or “Rebecca”! No way! To give my people such names is to grant unwarranted cultural influence to an alien mentality–one which, among other things, ridiculously holds that my people and I are second-class Cosmic citizens, lol the unChosen and unclean! No, my people and I have our own names, indigenous European names.

    My inspiration and my heritage are indigenously and quintessentially European, and INDO-European.

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      Indeed. My parents had an agreement where mom named the girls and dad named the boys. She had all boys. He named us all after Irish saints. A blessing indeed and also one that helped ground me in the traditions of my people.

  32. Robert
    Robert says:

    A fascinating personal account. But Jews aren’t really over-represented in porn just because there was an Al Goldstein. And immigration can also turn against Jews: in Europe, Arab/Muslim mass immigration has greatly increased hostility against Jews in France, Germany, or Nordic countries. Of course, the logic then goes, well, Jews foster mass immigration to destroy White Europe while they themselves emigrate to Israel… An interesting collection of some articles on this question:

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      My proof of Jews playing a disproportionate role in the porn industry is not “just because there was Al Goldstein.” Jewish dominance in the porn industry has been well-known for many decades. Jews have always played a major role in the vice industry. Few of them deny it, and many Jews are actually quite proud of it.

      A book written by Benjamin Garland, ‘Merchants of Sin’ (2020), would be an especially helpful resource in showing just how dominant Jews have been in producing porn for the moral ruin of the U.S.

      Garland’s review of their history in this field and all the main Jewish players who contributed in producing smut cannot be so easily dismissed.

    • Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople
      Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople says:

      Robert, I have seen multiple videos of rabbis saying that according to their beliefs, there will be a “huge battle” between Esau (Europeans) and Ishmael (Middle Eastern Muslims) in Europe, and that the Muslims would win. After this battle, they believe the jewish messiah will come.

      I don’t think many people have explored this point. That some elite jews/rabbis intentionally push for replacement level non-White (and especially Muslim immigration) to Europe because they believe it will bring their “messiah back”.

      Of course, as usual, these jewish rabbis and jewish elites that believe this stuff will never tell the jewish masses the truth. They will simply tell the jewish masses “hey, we need to support the “Other”, the refugees coming to Europe as we were once refugees ourselves. Any European natives that are against this are hateful racists and must be stopped. They are just like the Europeans that poisecuted jews during the holycost.”

      Then the jewish masses blindly push for massive Muslim immigration to Europe because they think it’s the “moral thing to do”. Even though the real reason many of these important rabbis are pushing for it is because of their desire to bring armageddon to Europe so their so called messiah will come.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” I have seen multiple videos of rabbis saying that according to their beliefs, there will be a “huge battle” between Esau (Europeans) and Ishmael (Middle Eastern Muslims) in Europe, and that the Muslims would win.”

        Rabbis collectively have it in their power to schedule wars and pre-determine the winners . I hope and pray that what you say is not true .

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      That is, after all, what they did in South Africa. I just wonder who they intend to take up the mantle as the military slave goy once we Europeans are gone.. it has to be someone.. because the Arabs would swarm and obliterate them without ole uncle sam to cock block.

      I know Israel depends on the Samson option in which they would nuke western capitals if it ever seemed that Israel might fall..

      Don’t threaten me with a good time.. lol.. that mode of thinking is outdated.. sure, the loss to our heritage and history would be incalculable.. that said, cities are the centers of Jewish power in the west.. if there were a limited bombardment of the biggest Western cities, the brunt of this attack would be beared by people who wish our destruction. It would have, shall we say, an instantaneous and rather dramatic demographic effect on the population.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        If I am not mistaken I recall reading that Israel is literally the porn capital of the world. With jews running Disney we can see clearly the jewish rot setting in.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Jews aren’t really over-represented in porn just because there was an Al Goldstein.

      No, there was an Al Goldstein—and thousands like him—because Jews are overrepresented in taking a hyperactive interest in pornography and all other forms and aspects of perversion, not the least of their interest being in making money from them. It is hardly a coincidence that Tel Aviv has for decades been the world’s porn-production capital.

  33. Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople
    Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople says:

    Part 1
    My jq/JP discovery started actually because of illegal immigration to the United States. I have lived in Southern California my entire life. Growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I knew what Southern California was like before large scale replacement level nonWhite immigration to the southwest. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Southern California was a very nice place….a utopia of sorts….probably similar to the few parts of the US that are still overwhelmingly White. However, starting in the late 1980’s, things changed drastically. Over the next 20 years or so, city after city in Southern California would go from majority White to majority non White (typically it was Mexicans that were flooding into Southern California and becoming the majority). Neighborhoods that were once beautiful were now like slums. Whole areas of Orange and LA Counties started to look Tijuana, rather than the lovely Southern California I had grown up in. In addition, the balkanization that occurs when you put different ethnic groups and races together began to become more and more obvious. I have countless horror stories of interactions with friends and family with the newcomers from Mexico.

    I graduated with a degree in Economics in the early 1990’s and realized that all this massive immigration might be good for businesses that just wanted cheap labor, but I could see if was bad for workers that were already here (by lowering their wages because Mexicans were willing to take much lower pay), it was certainly bad for the White people here, and it was terrible for social cohesion, tax rates, scholastic competency, and public safety. Being so focused on economics, I believed that the main culprit for this massive influx was greedy corporations. They are still part of the problem, but over the years, I started hearing more and more voices from what I “thought” were White people, rationalizing this replacement level immigration. Then at some point, I started to realize that these so called White people rationalizing all this immigration were overwhelmingly Jewish. I found that virtually every mainstream Jewish group (the ADL, HIAS, etc) supported what is called a “comprehensive reform of US immigration policy”. Anyone in the know, means that is simply code for giving complete amnesty to all the illegals in the US. Once you give amnesty to illegals, people in Mexico and other countries then think “well hey, if I sneak in to the US and wait a while, I bet they will later do another amnesty… I will try to go to the US illegally.” And they are correct, as history shows. If I recall correctly, Ronald Reagan gave the first amnesty. Then Bill Clinton gave the next amnesty…and so on. So this jewish and corporate supported amnesty inevitably and always leads to more and more illegal immigration. As they say, if you reward bad behavior, you simply get more bad behavior.

    When I started to try to understand why jews were so gung ho on massive third world immigration to the US, Europe, and the Anglosphere, I just listened to what they said. I think this is one of the best ways to red pill our people on the jq/JP is to use the jews own words. Jews see White gentiles as a threat. Jews have been brainwashed to believe (because of brainwashing by jewish rabbis and jewish elites) that jews were always persecuted and oppressed by White gentiles in Europe (they include Russia and the Ukraine in this). They conveniently ignore the fact that jews have never risen to the kind of levels of wealth, prominence, and influence in non White nations as they have in White gentile nations (see Warburgs, Rothschilds, Soros, Blankfein, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Larry Fink, Ellison, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and countless, countless other jews). So, they believe the only way jews will be safe is if White people are replaced and bred out of existence. Keep in mind however, that the brainwashing among jews (via their rabbis and jewish elites) is based on massive exaggerations, one-sided reporting, and often, downright lies….but it doesn’t matter. As with the goyim, whoever controls the msm and the narrative controls the minds of the masses. The jews are not immune to this, just as we aren’t. Most jews probably don’t know for instance that per judaism, genocide is a good thing…as long as it is directed against non jews. In the torah, the jewish God helped the jews exterminate/genocide every last Amalek…men, women, and children. So I frankly don’t see how jews could complain about a so called holocaust in ww2, when their own holy book says genocide is a good and just thing. Similarly, most jews likely don’t know that the story of passover is a complete fraud….jews were never slaves in Egypt. Most jews likely have no idea about Yagoda, Kaganovich, and other jews that helped take over Russia in 1917 and proceeded to murder millions upon millions of Russian Christians out of ethnic hatred. Most jews also don’t probably know that later, those same jews in Russia robbed the Russian people blind by stealing their natural resources…..the overwhelming number of so called “Russian” oligarchs are ethnic jews. When the soviet union collapsed, these jewish swindlers robbed Russians of their natural resources…many of them moving to places like Tel Aviv, and London, and taking their loot with them. But the jewish elites and jewish rabbis will hasbara (explain away) all of this stuff, and the majority of jews that are susceptible to believing propaganda (in my belief, upwards of 90% of people will believe propaganda if they don’t hear other points of view) will believe in rabbi wordsmithery. Rabbis and jewish elites always explain away jewish bad behavior and say that if anyone points out or notices bad jewish behavior, they are just evil, jealous anti semites. So, in my humble opinion, one of our battle fronts also has to be showing regular jews that their rabbis and their elites have been lying to them….about almost everything. For example, jewish rabbis and jewish elites said in 1913, 1915, 1918, the 1930’s, and again before ww2 was even over that precisely 6 million jews were being wiped out or “exterminated” in a “holocaust”. These were all clearly lies. Until we are able to do that, and show jews that their rabbis and elites have been incessantly lying to them, most jews will believe that White gentiles are a boogeyman out to get poor, hapless jews for no reason except jealously and blind hate. They will continue to believe we are motivated not by our interests and the interests of our people, but by some weird kind of White people “disease” that makes White gentiles hate jews for no real rational reasons.

  34. Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople
    Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople says:

    Part 2
    Sorry all for being so wordy, but I have a lot on my mind. This is a great thread. In this second part, I would like to share just a few of the examples of what red pilled me on the jq/JP. Just listen to what jews say, and they reveal over an over again, a fear, paranoia, and hatred of White gentiles…all White gentiles. This is why they are always in hysterics over phantom “White supremacy”. That is why they always support open, massive non White immigration to Europe and the Anglosphere. That is why they constantly allow so called “hate speech” against White gentiles on twitter, youtube, fb, and elsewhere, but they lose their minds if any White person makes the slightest critique or criticism of jews, or non Whites or their behaviors. It is why jews absolutely adore identity politics for jews, blacks, hispanics, asians, but they scream “wayciiiism” and “hate” and “naziism” the minute White gentiles even dare to participate in identity politics. WE are the enemy. WE are Amaleks. God exterminates Amaleks. Here are some of the things that helped red pill me on jews. I suggest sharing this information with friends and family:

    1. In this englightening video, jewish paleoconservative Paul Gottfried explains that the overwhelming majority of jews believe that White gentiles are a “poison” that need to be “diluted” via miscegenation with large numbers of third world immigrants.

    2. Charles Silberman: “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief – one firmly rooted in history – that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.” (hence the Jewish push for open borders in Europe and the Anglosphere).

    3. Jonathan Weisman, Author and New York Times writer wrote “The Jew flourishes when borders come down, when boundaries blur, when walls are destroyed, not erect­ed.”

    4. American Jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev: “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue in U.S. society, whether domestic or foreign”….”Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed. Not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

    5. Jewess Susan Sontag: “The white race is the cancer of human history” (note, she doesn’t mean Jews here).

    6. Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement. He said,
    “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there. We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly…not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…”

    7. Speaking at a Jewish Community Center’s world conference in Jerusalem last week, Pinto, a Senior Fellow and a board member of the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, described how “European Jewry, remembering its own postwar refugee status, is on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees—one of the greatest wagers of the coming decade.”

    8. Zoltan Radnoti, the newly elected chairman of the rabbinical board of the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Hungarian Jewish communities, was then quoted as saying, “I help the refugees with fear that I am helping send danger to other Jews in Europe. I know some of the refugees may have fired on our [Israeli] soldiers. Others would have done so in a heartbeat. I know. But I am duty bound to help.” (notice zoltan the “altruist” wouldn’t support these migrants moving to israel).

    9. The JTA quoted Ron van der Wieken, chairman of the Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, as saying that while he was “aware that some Middle Eastern refugees harbor very negative feelings toward Jews … Jews cannot withdraw support from those in need and fleeing serious violence,” and urged Holland to devise a “charitable” refugee policy.

    10. Jew Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Co-president of the European Greens–European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament: “We, the Greens [Green Party] have to make sure to get as many immigrants as possible into Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. When we reach that, we will have a share of the vote, we need to change this republic.”

    11. Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, said the incident is “outrageous and concerning. We cannot help but remember how Jews were burnt in effigy in the 1930s and today by Hamas.”
    “This is just one more example showing how the hatred for migrants comes from the same place as the classic hatred for Jews,” Schudrich said.

    12. Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, Israel’s ambassador to Germany, voiced the same fear. “Their actions — racially, religiously, socially, economically or otherwise justified,” he told the Forward, “are directed today against one group, and tomorrow against another.”
    “Since the Second World War, Germany has been a place of democracy, pluralism and freedom,” Hadas-Handelsman noted. “These values should be treasured…. Those who incite racism and anti-Semitism use the democratic rules of the game to hurt democracy.” (in other words, germans better support open borders, otherwise, they are xenophobes, and nazis).

    13. Jew Earl Raab: “The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.”

    14. “We, as Jews, our voices are being heard,” said Adi Liraz, who immigrated to Germany from Israel in 2003, and has been participating in protests against Pegida in Berlin. “We are in a privileged place in which we can practice our religion and it is accepted by the German society. That is not the case for Muslims living here. So we want to use our privilege — and the fact that we are heard — to improve the situation for the Muslims.”
    Liraz said Pegida is using German Jews for its own racist purposes. She is part of Salaam-Schalom, a Berlin-based inter-cultural dialogue group whose members include Jews, Muslims, Christians and atheists. Salaam-Schalom is one of the groups that have helped organize anti-Pegida protests in Berlin.
    “As someone who lives in Germany, I don’t want to live in a racist society. I want to live in a society which accepts different people from different cultural backgrounds,” Liraz said. “I don’t think any person has the right to say you belong here or you don’t belong here.” (yeah, but this ethnocentric, hypocritical jewish witch has no problem with israel only taking in jewish migrants. Jewish ethnocentric double standards are literally jaw dropping in their chutzpa).

  35. Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople
    Noel_IgnatievHatesWhitePeople says:

    Part 3
    More jews in their own words, pushing anti White hatred, multiculti, open immigration, etc.

    Herald Sun

    September 27, 2000

    Multiculturalism not for Israel – Leibler

    By John Masanauskas

    Melbourne – Jewish leader Isi Leibler, a staunch defender of Australian multiculturalism, says the policy has no place in Israel.

    “This is a country which was set up and created as a Jewish country for the Jews,” he told a Jerusalem newspaper.

    Mr. Leibler has previously said that multiculturalism in Australia was something that “we are all proud being part and parcel of.”

    The founder of Jetset Travel moved to Israel two years ago as chairman of the World Jewish Congress. He recently published an essay arguing that Zionism, or Jewish nationalism, was under threat in Israel by “post-Zionists”.

    “A post-Zionist is someone who actually looks positively towards the end of the Jewish people in ethnocentric terms, as a national group, and no longer sees the Jewish people as one united people,” he told the Jerusalem Post.

    Mr. Leibler said post-Zionists were pushing a universalist agenda in schools aimed at eliminating Jewish nationalism and creating a multicultural state.

    But Mr. Leibler, 65, has the opposite view of multiculturalism in Australia.

    During the Pauline Hanson debate in 1993, he warned that multiculturalism was under threat by extremists.

    “There is a need to sit together and establish a way in which Australians can recapture that spirit of multiculturalism which I think we are all proud being part and parcel of, and which is really under threat,” Mr. Leibler said.”


    Jew hoping that all of Europe is turned into one vast graveyard of genocide. Seriously, how can these people whine about ww2 and Hitler, when their own torah promotes genocide (see Amaleks), and they would relish the idea of all of the White gentiles in Europe being exterminated/wiped out? He says the world would be better off if it was completely rid of the Europeans (aka genocide White gentiles).

    By Emanuel A. Winston
    It would appear that the European nations have once again surfaced as operational anti-Semites with the whip in hand. Since 1945, when World War II ended and with the exposure of their participation of anti-Jewish horrors, the Europeans have kept their profile low but no longer. Although they worked in secret concert with the Arabs against the new born Jewish State, they could not (until now) attack the Jews boldly, as they wished to. In recent years all of the European nations were exposed to having criminally conspired to financially benefit from their theft of Jewish possessions during Hitler’s war years.

    Switzerland is furious over being discovered stealing money from the dead Jews even as they laundered gold for the Germans.(1) European insurance companies are being forced to face up to paying the Holocaust victims’ heirs for the deaths of the 6 million.(2) Volkswagen is creating a modest $12 million fund for Nazi-era slave laborers, most of whom were worked to death.(3) Austria moves toward returning art works confiscated by the Nazis and held by the Austrians.(4) The Red Cross was a silent witness to the Holocaust, and failed in modern history’s worst humanitarian crisis, in effect, collaborating with the Nazis. (5) The Vatican reportedly hid at least 200 million Swiss francs (now worth $170 million) for the deadly Utashas of Croatia, plus gold ingots shipped by the fascist Romanian government to Swiss Banks – according to a declassified US Treasury memo of 10/21/46. (6)

    France has been exposed as having expropriated all Jewish wealth after they rounded up their Jews for transfer to the incoming Germans. It was reported that Francois Mitterand seized Jewish apartments while he was Mayor of Paris – distributing them to friends, relations and important business men. Yes, they (the Europeans) were all involved in massive theft and they hate the Jews even more now as their venality is exposed to the world.

    Now the Europeans are openly attacking the Jewish State both in the mode of Jews hatred and the approval (read: contracts) they hope to receive from the Arabs through the abortive Oslo Accords. They hide behind that high level of approval for Arafat and his Palestinian terrorists. Suddenly, a terrible murderer and a violent people are the darlings of the Europeans as their present instrument of hatred.

    I think, if oil was not underfoot and money to be made in selling weapons, those sensitive, noble Europeans would view Arabs as the English do…wogs or ragheads. As any prostitute can tell you, for a fee they will agree to do anything you want. The Europeans are really a low, immoral people who would sell their mother…and then deliver.

    At the moment, regardless of which agreement they break with Israel, the Europeans are firmly behind Arafat and the radical Arab nations. While it could be enough to get the lucrative contracts to sell weapons, including conventional and non-conventional weapons of mass destruction, the deep dark reason is they simply hate Jews.

    How easily any sense of humanity of civilization slips away from their face, leaving only the beast. This beast has many faces and names. Sometimes they are called Germans, Poles, Croatians, Ukrainians… While at other times they became the Church, the Red Cross, or Prime Ministers, Kings, Fuhrer. Then, in a quick change, we see some Americans, French, English and, finally, there is the contaminated Jew called the Leftist. It doesn’t really matter, this name or that. Underneath there is strand, a bond that society teaches children to hate the “other” – the different ones. These are people of ultimate evil as the beast stays just below the surface, ready to savage, ready to kill the Jew. The planet would be well rid of the European predator. Perhaps we will be fortunate to live in such interesting times (an old Chinese curse), to see the decline and disappearance of the graveyard called Europe.

    Never mind, that Jesus was a Jew, for many “Christians”, they only regret that Hitler didn’t finish the job. Even without their Jews, there is anti-Semitism in Europe. At least the Muslims are honest when they openly express this vile thought. Europeans are really an ugly bunch who have, through the centuries, killed each other with certain glee when they were not killing the Jews.

    Perhaps, having failed the test of humanity and decency, retribution will come in the form of incurable plagues, vast storms followed by crop-killing drought. Although it is merely an expression of wishful thinking, has anyone noted the surge of unusually destructive weather, coupled with the growing crisis in world financial centers – both of which often precede chaos?! The scientists will proclaim that it is all explainable within the acts of Nature while others will conclude that there is a greater force propelling Mother Nature. Whatever. If Europe suffers the ravages coming to them, then justice may have been served, in part. The Europeans, the English and the American Arabists once again come together and crack the whip over the Jews. All that is missing are the Germans, the dogs and the liquidation camps.


    1.”Swiss Government won’t Apologize for “Blackmail” Remark” CHICAGO TRIBUNE 1/11/97″Swiss Helped Nazis Ship Looted Gold” (Reuters) WASHINGTON TIMES 1/13/97 “Swiss Envoy…Urged ‘War’ Over Holocaust Fund Dispute” by David Sanger NEW YORK TIMES 1/27/97

    2.”Open Letter to Families of Holocaust Victims” by Generali Assicurazioni Generali NEW YORK TIMES 7/25/97

    3.”Volkswagen Creates $12 Million Fund for Nazi-Era Laborers” by Edmund Andrews NEW YORK TIMES 9/11/98

    4.”Austria Moves Toward Returning Art Works Confiscated by Nazis” by Jane Perlez NEW YORK TIMES 9/11/98

    5.”Red Cross was Silent Witness to Holocaust” USA TODAY 5/2/97

    6.”Vatican Reportedly Hid WWII Plunder” Associated Press CHICAGO TRIBUNE 7/23/97

    Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies. Email:


    This video has our esteemed Mr. MacDonald and shows how the anti White zeitgeist began in western academia and the mainstream (((culture))). This is also a good start to red pill families and friends:

    This next video shows that the so called “communist revolution” in Russia in 1917 was just an ethnic takeover of Russia by selfish/hateful jews. Lots of old quotes from diplomats and politicians from the time explaining that Jews were massively over-represented in this destruction of the Romanov’s and Russia. In fact it was a hateful jew that murdered the entire Russian royal family in cold blood.


    After sharing all this information with family and friends, then explain “THESE ARE THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE THAT RUN HOLLYWOOD AND THE MSM. So now can you understand why hollywood and the msm seems so anti White?” See if they can connect the dots…….

  36. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    I regarded Jews with deep sense of respect, admiration I was awe stroke with their intelligence, their accomplishments and their incredible financial acumen . On the other hand I hated Palestinians for being such coward terrorists and stealing the Promised land of the Jews. My doubts began in early teens, I remember Watching a Hitlerian documentary that ran for 4hrs straight on TV for about 5nights. I could not understand how this monster dictator seemed so loved, cherished and obey by MILLIONS of his people..why? And how to explain his ‘hatred” for the jews..was it just about race? I asked my History professor those very same questions and he couldn’t answer me. When I was a freshman in college in the San Ferando Valley University I had my firts interactions with jews. Once in the parking lot I saw a young jew with his yamulka struggling to change a punched tire, I offered him my help eagerly to please a “chosen” of God. He looked at me with maddog like eyes, and he ordered me angrily to “keep” away from him. The second time I was strolling trough Campus I noticed a jewish club announcing a conference..I approached their table..and again those looks of raw hatred for me. They expressly told me that trying to explain their events to me was wasteful…after that they completely ignored me. Then I became a Sub teacher and I began my journey of unwrapping my box/tunnel/bubble thinking about jews. Eventhough 90% of the student population in the district were Christian Catholics Good Friday during Easter was a working day..BUT Yom Kippur was a Holiday..why?…Most of the School principals were “steins” goldsteins, silversteins and so were the Union officials again why? Then came the yearly Holocaust teach in, which run for about a week at all grade levels. The first person to open my eyes was the school librarian, he validated my suspiciousness: most school principals were jews, UNION officials jews, the ACLU that blocked Christian prayers/Holidays/ sabotaged every attempt to reform the curriculum and strict standards in the schools…all jewish lawyers. One day while having a conversation about the Palestinian issue he tells me that Palestinians had been in their lands long before the jews…as coorborated by all archeological. scholarly History, antropological EVIDENCES. This was the FIRST time I ever heard about the Roman campaigns of Titus, Pompei that expelled the jews out of PALESTINE for more than 3K yrs. It was a bullet into my brain..this was unknown History to me.. The librarian dared me to find a map of the NATION/Country/ called Israel before 1948..In fact there was none…The land called Israel today was divided into jewish Kingdoms, and palestinian provinces…which often times fought among themselves. Then I began reading about Thomas Edisons complains about the jews/Hollywood stealing his patents. Then I read abridge versions of Henry Fords t
    The International jew..Benjamin Friedmans accounts of the jewish involvement in WW I, II,..I used to hate Spain for expelling the jews…until I read about their collaboration with the muslims to destroy the Spanish Monarchy and its Christian population. According to the Russina writer Dostoyevsky the progrmos were NOT about hatred for the fact jews deliberatly attempted to kill the Zar, they refused to liberate tons of wheat even when the govt offered them 5xs higher prices just to starve the christian peasants. Then I stumbled upon Alexander Soltzynitzen books, David Irving master works about Nazism and the Holocaust. The books by Erns Zundel, Fred Leughberg forensic scientific reports about the Concetration Camps..and the alleged Gas Chambers. Then I read about the USS Liberty, The King David Hotel Killings. Lately I kept researching about the FAKE passages inserted in the bible by jewish publishers. I wordshiped the jews then I read about their involvement in 911, the creation of the FED, the origins of the ADL, NAACP, Soviet Communism,.The Talmud.. now I am confused, I was played upon like a brainless goyim..I read the Hollywood Moguls bios…and no they did not go from the mail room to be they were CHOSEN by their tribe to start from the mailroom to the CEO…jews demand set Quotas of admittances into Harvard, Princeton, Yale in detriment of much better qualify Whites, Asians goys…NO they are not the smartest, most intelligent people…why is America economically financially militarily morally Bankrupt…who???

  37. Bold Inq.
    Bold Inq. says:

    It was a perfect confluence of things for me. I was in a temporary living situation due to COVID where I was forced to watch mainstream nightly news shortly after George Floyd’s self-inflicted death. I couldn’t believe the cherry-picking of stories that followed that summer. I asked everyone around me the same question: Why do they keep focusing on this non-event? Why are they are stirring up so much unrest over these racism myths when it’s so obvious the reason is commonplace black criminality? I will never forget seeing David Muir’s dopey face on the nightly news, dutifully delivering over and over these slanderous targets to my peoples’ backs. When I realized a hostile agenda was being pushed that wasn’t simply left vs. right, I began to search for answers.

    Everything clicked for me one evening when I was watching Devon Stack’s “Blackpilled” channel, and it was his movie review of Norma Rae (1979) that jolted me. That clarified so much in such a short and entertaining film review. (I hope it’s still out there.) Next, I’d heard Nick Fuentes reference Dr. MacDonald and the “Culture of Critique,” so I bought a copy and educated myself on the critical movements of the 20th century. Finally—thanks to TOO’s advocacy—Tanstaafl’s podcast series on the defunct White Network gave me a vernacular that has helped cut through the BS and deception. I now try to speak more honestly and openly about these matters, despite it costing me a once-cherished friendship. I enjoy Tan’s straight style and his extreme prejudice against the use of sarcasm and snark.

    During my awakening in the summer of 2020, I had a Jewish friend over and she said that mixed-race babies are the most beautiful babies. My new worldview had officially been christened.

  38. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    Having lived in New York and Los Angeles, I have had many interactions with Ashkenazi Jews and
    I had very similar views to Rokaboatus and believed that it was envy from non-Jews that was the problem. My eyes are wide open now and I find it hard to believe how naive I was to the JQ. I had worked for a delivery company in Los Angeles and we would deliver the likes of soda, chips, and water to offices. We had one company in Van Nuys that we delivered to and it was an Adult Enternatimnet company of which many were run by Ashkenazi Jews.. This was when VHS was very popular. The owner of the company was Harold Freeman. The videos they produced were extremely hardcore. What I found particularly disturbing was the fact that he ran the business with his wife, 2 young daughters, and a son-in-law. I used to see their baby grandchild sitting on a mat surrounded by toys. I was very young and thought it very bizarre. Looking back now as my older self I find it shocking that this man would have his wife and daughters part of this putrid business and think nothing of having his granddaughter surrounded by these thousands of hard core videos. The US government indicted Harolld Freeman for “pandering”.””.He was found not guilty and continued to produce movies. The very young women who participated would no doubt have been gentile girls from dysfunctional homes. I wonder if it affected his daughters knowing their father brought them into this kind of business and knowing their mother had condoned it.

  39. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    The article says that Jews assail Western Civ because “….they hate Christ and Christianity. They view all their suffering throughout the centuries since 70 [CE] as having been done by Christ’s followers.”

    That Jews perceive us as perennial enemies, or at any rate assail us with tremendous assiduity and effect, is clear enough. But I don’t think it’s because “they hate Christ” or Christianity per se. Particularly because I was once active in two causes generally conceived as liberal (though I’ve never been liberal vis-a-vis any social issue, least of all race), I’ve known more than my fair share of Jews. And I’ve never known any who believed “Christ” was an historical figure. Certainly none of them believed in the Christ the article’s author believes in—a virgin-born avatar who did all sorts of incredible things before atoning for the world’s sins.

    Nor have I observed that Jews hate Judeo-Christianity. What I’ve mostly detected, in their view of the creed, is a mixture of contempt and conceit. A smiling contempt for the unlikelihood of the narrative, and pride in the knowledge that Jews founded the creed. The conceit doesn’t arise from their feeling that Jews thus did a magnanimous thing, but rather from knowing that Jews have been so important to White goyim, and, less frequently in my experience, from believing that Jews did something which deviously weakened their enemies.

    Back in ’19 I encountered a Jewish judge on an ocean liner, and over a couple of weeks he and I conversed at great length. When I maintained that Jews owed very much to White non-Jews, he said, “No, Lucius: YOU owe US. We gave Europe its religion.” And at another time he asserted, with visible satisfaction, that Judeo-Christianity undermined the Roman Empire.

    But, getting back to the above article, the part about Jews imputing their troubles to Judeo-Christians does have much truth.

    So let me theorize here why Jews assail us with such zeal. I say the real reasons are (I.) Jews do think us their main and perennial enemy—yes, because of abuse they suffered at Judeo-Christian hands; and (II.) we’re supremely vulnerable to their machinations, in essential part because of the ideological opiate administered by ancient Jews.

    I. Excessive Judeo-Christian hostility in Europe has, I think, made Jews resent and fear us more than any other people. No other people, including the Pagan Romans who smashed them in two wars, condemned the Jews for being Jews like Judeo-Christian Europeans did for ages. Borrowing from them the notion of congenital guilt, Europeans marked Jews as the enemies of God, as congenital and collective Christ-killers. They did deal with Jews with more rigor than was necessary.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. From time immemorial the Jews were themselves bigots. I’m not suggesting they were virtuous victims. I’m only saying what I think has made them especially resentful and fearful of us. Even “bad” men become indignant and vengeful if they feel they’ve been ill-used. And if you compare how Jews were treated in Judeo-Christian as opposed to Islamic societies—the two main civilizations in which they spent their Diaspora—you notice a difference which can account for their disliking the West more than Islam.

    Spain is a case in point. When the Judeo-Christian Visigoths ruled Spain, Jews were subjected to ongoing persecution. To remedy they conspired against these German masters of theirs, inviting Muslims to invade and overthrow the Visigothic kingdom. As a result they had a Golden Age under Islamic rule. Their Muslim masters treated them with tolerance, even respect as “People of the Book.” In seven centuries the closest they came to persecution was in the 12th Century CE, when Muslim fanatics from Mediterranean Africa came and tried to get all non-Muslims, Judeo-Christians included, to convert; and even this threat subsided. But toleration was no longer the norm when Ferdinand and Isabel, “los reyes catolicos,” completed the Reconquest in 1492. The Jews of Spain were forced to convert or be expelled, subjected to the tortures and burnings of the Inquisition, and despoiled of their wealth if they retained Judaism and had to leave.

    Jews know such things. They have a long memory, and they’re most vengeful. What creed is so concerned with vengeance as Judaism? In any case, try as I may, I find no instance of organized Jewish skulduggery in Islamic Spain, or in any historical Islamic society wherein there were large Jewish communities. I’m still looking. I don’t know that no examples exist. But I’m not so sure that the reason I haven’t found any isn’t that Jews, xenophobic though they’ve been, haven’t had cause to feel quite so xenophobic among Muslims. Now, I’m talking about past ages: Muslims certainly have had trouble with Jews due to Zionism and the establishment of Israel, but it’s essentially from a dispute over territory. Nor do the Jews seem to want to destroy the Muslims, as they do want to destroy us—partly for revenge, partly to remove us as a threat.

    II. Given the kind of morality adopted by Europeans, Jews find Western Civ easy to plunder and ravage. How could they resist, even if revenge and fear weren’t strong motives? The ancient Jewish opiate-peddlers, Saul and Simon Peter & Co., planted the seeds which eventually yielded the harvests that the sowers almost certainly intended. When finally Judeo-Christian altruism had seeped into European psyches and secular ethics, so that modern Europeans became much more Judeo-Christian in an ethical way than their rough ancestors ever could, White goyim could be talked out of existing and even feel virtuous for it!

    Jews say it’s “right” and “moral” to welcome alien groups into Euro Civ, to put their interests over those of the natives. If the natives say “Hey, wait a second,” the Jews and/or their shills can checkmate them by declaring that it’s “immoral” or “sinful” to be selfish, to not be charitable when people need, etc. The Jews and/or their shills can say it’s righteous to not resist, to give rather than get, to yield one’s place. And White goyim are now usually disarmed by such psychological warfare. Had Jews tried that lol with the Pagan Romans, they’d have been in the slave market or Colosseum that afternoon. But Judeo-Christian and post-Judeo-Christian Euros feel the harmony between such exhortation and what they’ve read in the bible, or heard the priest or preacher say. Or, if acculturated via the secular morality influenced by
    Judeo-Christian altruism, they tend to think it’s “right.” For sectarian and secular Europeans alike, selfishness has become bad and unselfishness good.

    Directly or indirectly, notions like the following have formed their values:
    “Blessed are the merciful….” Matthew 5:7
    “….for those who are self-seeking….there will be wrath and anger.” Romans 2:8-9
    “No one should seek his own good, but the good of others.” I Corinthians 5:15
    “Do nothing out of selfish ambition….Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” Philippians 2:3-4
    “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

    Shall we say that, ahead of the Talmudic ground forces, the Judeo-Christian founders softened up European defenses, like bombardment from sky and sea softened Japanese defenses on Iwo Jima to make things easier for the Marines?

    Now, the above article’s author will likely do what’s he’s done before—say that I don’t understand his religion. He’s implied that the biblical passages enjoining radical “unselfing” don’t actually enjoin unselfing. He’s even suggested that, though his creed says “Blessed are the merciful” and “Give to to him who asks,” it doesn’t oblige him to help feed starving Africans. Twice I’ve asked him to adduce passages overruling such seemingly unequivocal teaching, and neither time has he done so. I’m getting to think that his “You don’t understand the teaching but I do” is an empty bluff.

    When I’ve quoted the pope and Angela Merkel, who justify the alien invasion of my continent by appealing to Judeo-Christian dictates, he writes them off as pseudo-Christians. Well, they, I’m sure, would say that HE doesn’t have it right. And as far as I can make out, they are right, not he.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      I detect in all your comments a tendency to cherry-pick from what you are arguing AGAINST. Therefore I think it’s important to point out the full verse(s) from the bible that you are using to denounce the bible as harmful to Europeans in our struggle with Jews. (You however don’t struggle with Jews; you admire them. So how do you “resist” them at the same time?)

      In your paragraph 12 are some verses you have quoted — but only partially so as to exercise some control over their meaning. The full verses I give below are from The New American Bible, sponsored by the Bishops Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, copyright 1971.
      1) Blessed are the merciful … Matthew 5:7
      “Blest are they who show mercy; mercy shall be theirs.

      2) “….for those who are self-seeking….there will be wrath and anger.” Romans 2:8-9
      7 “Eternal life to those who strive for glory, honor and immortality by patiently doing right, 8 wrath and fury to those who selfishly disobey the truth and obey wickedness. 9 Yes, affliction and anguish shall come upon every one who has done evil, the Jew first and then the Greek.”

      3) “No one should seek his own good, but the good of others.” I Corinthians 5:15
      There is no 1 Corinthians 5:15 in my 2 bibles; chapt. 5 ends at 13. And contains nothing equivalent to what you’ve written.

      4) “Do nothing out of selfish ambition….Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” Philippians 2:3-4
      3 “Never act out of rivalry or conceit; rather, let all parties think humbly of others as superior to themselves, 4 each of you looking to others’ interests rather than to his own.” Paul was CLEARLY addressing the church membership as a small community, not behavior for the Christian vis a vis the rest of the world. This was the case in all his letters. There was a lot of bickering and disagreement going on in these groups, as is still true today.
      This is one reason I so dislike people going around quoting this or that sentence from the bible as if it settles any argument.

      4) “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35
      33 “Never did I set my heart on anyone’s silver or gold, or envy the way he dressed. 34 You yourselves know that these hands of mine have served both my needs and those of my companions. 35 I have always pointed out to you that it is by such hard work that you must help the weak. You need to recall the words of the Lord Jesus himself who said, “There is more happiness in giving than receiving.”

      Your suggestion that there’s a direct link between Christian teaching and our subservience to Jews carries no weight of evidence. Today’s churches are infiltrated with Jewish influence, more openly all the time, as a result of this infiltration throughout our communities & organized society. This is everyone’s fault. Closing down our churches would further weaken us, not strengthen us. You have no answers.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      When I’ve quoted the pope and Angela Merkel, who justify the alien invasion of my continent by appealing to Judeo-Christian dictates, he writes them off as pseudo-Christians.

      Surely we can agree, Lucius, that anyone who appeals to “Judeo-Christian dictates” is appealing to a manipulatively self-serving falsehood concocted by Jews in the 1930s. Hence, he or she is a Jew, a fraud, an ignoramus, or perhaps all three.

      As it happens, given all that is known about Merkel and Pope Bergoglio, it’s hardly surprising that an interlocutor would call them pseudo-Christians and dismiss their appeals to Christianity, even diluted Christianity, as hypocrisy. To start with Bergoglio, there hasn’t been so openly heretical and traitorous a pope in Rome for literally 1,500 years. Within the church, his scandalous conduct isn’t more widely noted largely because the complete rolling-boil corruption of the papacy that Bergoglio embodies has progressed smoothly from a simmer sixty years ago, starting with John XXIII and the summoning of Vatican II. Of course, Catholics especially and all Christians generally have been encouraged by the Deep State and (((world media))) to regard the transformative betrayal of their religion as doctrinal “improvement.” It would not suit their purposes if Catholics began to notice that Jews instigated the subversion fully a century ago and have remained its principal enablers and beneficiaries.

      As for Merkel, she is arguably even more anti-Christian than the pope. Why did her father, by official accounts a Lutheran pastor in West Germany, seek a posting in Communist East Germany when Angela was still an infant? Her subsequent grooming at the hands of (((Markus Wolf))), the notorious East German spymaster, is a matter of record. See, for example, here.

  40. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “And I’ve never known any who believed “Christ” was an historical figure” – Whether they believed Christ to be a historical figure or not, they hate Him nonetheless. There are all sorts of people who claim that there is no evidence of Jesus’ historical existence, and yet they strangely become very emotional and defensive when His words are quoted. Often there is more going inside of them than they are willing to admit. Their intellectual claims about Jesus are smokescreens and barriers to avoid the real discussion of their sins and disobedience to God’s Law.

    The rabbis who wrote the Talmud speak of Christ burning in Hell in His own excrement. They might intellectually assert that Jesus never existed too, but their burning anger towards Him proves otherwise. This is very personal to them, and it shows in the degree of their hostility toward Him. People don’t normally engage in this level of rage against someone who never existed in the first place. There are also many Jews who do believe Jesus existed, but they suppose that the real Jesus is somehow different than the Jesus portrayed in the Gospels.

    For a good book on the historical Jesus, I recommend professor Gary Habermas, ‘The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ’ which refutes the objections of critics that Jesus never existed and does so in fair and objective manner.

    “Nor have I observed that Jews hate Judeo-Christianity. What I’ve mostly detected, in their view of the creed, is a mixture of contempt and conceit” – No. As usual, you are reading strange notions into the words of others. Yes, Jews DO hate “Judeo Christianity,” and this is especially evident among the more devout Jews who take seriously their religious traditions. Jews particularly despise Messianic Judaism (Jews who convert to Christianity) which they see as a betrayal of their ethnic and religious customs. Listen to what some of the Lubavitcher rabbis say, including the polemics they write against Christianity, and you’ll get a sense of what they really think. They are not afraid in the least to spew their hatred for Jesus. Many Jews today will openly declare that Jesus was a blasphemer and false prophet. This is precisely what ‘conservative’ Jew Ben Shapiro has said publicly. There is an especially deep-rooted hatred for Jesus among a great number of Jews, and they attribute all their sufferings to Him and His followers. Jews are simply hoping that Jesus never existed, but there is a day coming when they will be surprised to find quite the opposite of what they bitterly spewed.

    “When I maintained that Jews owed very much to White non-Jews, he said, “No, Lucius: YOU owe US. We gave Europe its religion” – This is just plain nonsensical, but I suppose it feeds into your pet theory that Paul created Christianity in order to dupe the Goyim and thereby make Jews the inevitable rulers of the world. Since the day Jesus announced His ministry, the Jewish religious hierarchy has sought to mock, nullify, and destroy Him. Christianity spread throughout Europe not because religious Jews “gave Europe its religion,” but because Christianity aflame by the Spirit of God could not be stopped.

    “Blessed are the merciful….” Matthew 5:7
    “….for those who are self-seeking….there will be wrath and anger.” Romans 2:8-9
    “No one should seek his own good, but the good of others.” I Corinthians 5:15
    “Do nothing out of selfish ambition….Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” Philippians 2:3-4
    “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

    All of these passages must be taken in their context. It’s also important to compare Scripture with Scripture because in many instances another passage will elucidate other texts that may not be as clear. In Matthew 5, Jesus is talking about the qualities of those who are kingdom citizens – namely being merciful. The same with the other passages which addresses the general attitude Christians are to manifest in dealing with others. How that is to be worked out may differ depending on the circumstances. While Christians are commanded to feed others who are in need, there are other texts such as 2 Thessalonians 3:10 which states that if a man shall not work, neither shall he eat. These sorts of general commandments, then, need to be tempered in light of other passages. This is why I repeatedly stress the important of applying sound, hermeneutical principles to the text of Scripture when reading them rather than taking a scattergun approach as you do. These are the same contextual nuances that you miss time and time again. As for the feeding the poor in Africa, I’ve already answered you in previous comment threads. You’re not content with my answer, and that’s fine by me. Get over it now.

    “When I’ve quoted the pope and Angela Merkel, who justify the alien invasion of my continent by appealing to Judeo-Christian dictates, he writes them off as pseudo-Christians” – Yeah, Angela Merkel is quite the good example of Christianity and its theology! And as for the Pope, he is more enamored by Marxism than Christianity so I don’t seem him as a particularly good source. While you might find Christians who believe it’s imperative to travel land and sea to feed starving Africans, Mexicans, Asians, and Hondurans. But they will not be able to prove it from Scripture itself, and the passages you think prove no such thing.

    I urge you again along with the readers of TOO to check out Linda Polman’s book, ‘The Crisis Caravan’ (2011), for a good overview of the many problems involved in feeding starving Africans and why this may not be a good idea.

    As a Christian I have no guilt NOT traveling to the Dark Continent to feed and clothe them. Perhaps others Christians do, but I do not. Interestingly, while the New Testament provides examples of feeding the poor as in the ministry of Jesus and among the early Christians in providing for other starving Christians, there is not a single passage that urges Christians to travel to distant lands for the express purpose of feeding foreigners. There’s also not a single passage that urges Christians to engage in political pursuits and ideologies in order to transform different nations into Capitalistic or Marxist societies. None of this is found in the New Testament, though some well-meaning Christians sure try to make it so.

    Jesus fed the poor during his itinerant ministry. He did so periodically and not every time He encountered a large crowd. His ministry was not preoccupied with feeding people food, but instead with providing them with the food from heaven (His message of salvation). The same may be said of His apostles. As opportunity and need arose, they would try to feed the poor. But they did not concentrate on this sort of thing. It did not replace their primary mission to spread the Gospel and plant churches.

    There is good website that deals with many of the questions you’ve raised: ‘Faith and Heritage.’ I would recommend that you work through some the articles on that site. You may or may not agree with them, but you’ll probably be given a fuller answer than the ones I have provided in these brief comments.

  41. hi folks
    hi folks says:

    How can it be that after 80 (actually 100) years the Jews still do not
    succeed in making mankind associate something good with the Zio
    “Star of David” and something evil with the Swastika? This damned
    stupid humanity has really taken leave of its senses and needs at least
    another 100 years of “enlightenment”, brainwashing and re-education.
    At least the Hammer and Sickle have finally lost their deterrent effect.

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