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Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: “Miracle of Stupidity”

News outlets have recently come out with an interview that Jordan Peterson had with Camilia Tomney in which he described multiculturalism as “so puerile and moralising and unsophisticated that it’s kind of a miracle of stupidity” (Ben Chapman, GB News, 11/5/2023). Jordan further stated that “multiculturalism is unlikely to succeed due to differing characteristics of […]

A 2000-Year-Old Rabbinical Psyop: Did Jews Invent Christianity to Deceive Gentiles?

Anyone reading White Nationalist literature is bound to come across articles hostile to Christianity. The foremost claim appears to be that Christianity itself was invented by Jews (whether by Saint Paul or some unknown rabbinical cabal) for the purpose of deceiving gentiles. Christianity was devised by Jews, then, as a way of conditioning gentiles to […]

Amy Biehl, Forgiveness, And the Nature of ‘Hate’

Amy Elizabeth Biehl (1967–1993) In 1993, an idealistic American graduate student of Stanford University, Amy Biehl, was brutally murdered by four Black males in the township of Gugulethu, near Cape Town South Africa during her visit whose purpose was to end Apartheid. Amy, the only White occupant in a car with South African Blacks, was […]

The Way of the Red-Pilled

Today we often hear of persons becoming “red-pilled” while others remain “blue pilled.” The expressions originally sprang from the widely popular science fiction action film “The Matrix” (1999) starring Keanu Reeves as “Neo” and Laurence Fishburne as “Morpheus.” The movie, according to Wikipedia, “depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside the […]