Cutting Off the Oxygen: Kaitlyn Younger and the Vanishing High-IQ White

As if on cue, only a couple of weeks after my article wondering whether – given its bizarre admissions formulae – Harvard was any longer fit for purpose comes the astounding story of Kaitlyn Younger (see Douglas Belkin, “To Get into the Ivy League, Extraordinary Isn’t Always Enough These Days,”  Wall Street Journal [April 21, 2022]).

Kaitlyn Younger is a high school senior in a public school in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  In addition to an uncountable number of after school activities and a 3.95 grade average, she just happened to score 1550 on her combined SAT’s.  These reflect on – math and English – an average of 775 each.  Or perhaps 800 on her English, 750 on her math.  OK, so maybe she is as dumb with numbers as in the bottom quartile (which starts at 780) of MIT students.   In any case, this score places her in the top one half of one percent of US applicants.  In comparison, the loose and easy National Merit Scholarships require only that you be in the top 1% to be a coveted National Merit Finalist.  Given that approximately 1.5 million students took the SAT in 2021, 2021 SAT Suite of Assessments Program Results – The College Board , this means she is in the top 7,500 SAT test-takers in the country.  Combined with the 1.2 million who took the ACT instead, How Many People Get a 34, 35, 36 on the ACT? Score Breakdown (,with the combined total being 2.7 million, and assuming no overlap, she would still be in the top 13,500 students in the U.S.  Although that might not entitle her to an automatic admit to the Ivys, which in aggregate admit 11,700 (approximately) undergraduates annually, it is worth noting that her combined SAT scores exceed the average combined SAT scores of every school in the country, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, University of Chicago, and, incredibly, even Cal Tech.  See summary list below.

The McComb business school at the University of Texas, where she was rejected, has an abysmal average SAT of 1350 (625 average math/english), plus a lot of black faces on their website.  USC, the ultimate richy, rich, rich party school, good for contacts if not for education, has an asserted – though not quite believable – average SAT of 1440 – 110 points below Miss Younger’s.  Cornell’s average appears to be 1480, 70 points below Miss Younger’s, although it may be somewhat higher for the schools to which she presumably applied, either the College of Arts and Sciences or Dyson.*

Well, now for the punch line.  She applied to 12 schools, including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Berkeley, Northwestern, all of which rejected her, Rice (waitlist), University of Texas (Austin) (accepted but not at her preferred school, McComb), and the University of Arizona (accepted) plus one other, not named in the article.

Nitpickers could argue that she made a strategic mistake in not applying to the rest of the Ivys and the University of Chicago (probably superior in a lot of respects to the Ivys).  Perhaps she would have gotten into one of those.  But then again, perhaps – even probably – not.  Each of the other Ivys and the U of C, for example, are more selective than Cornell, Northwestern, USC, and the University of Texas, all of which rejected her.  Nitpickers could also argue that a middle class girl from Texas had no more chance getting into a “lunch club” school like USC (read:  the Beverly Hills crowd on the dumb end) than she would have of getting into the Knickerbocker or Brooke Clubs in New York based on a blind application and SAT scores.

That notwithstanding,

To put this in perspective, the total students admitted to the Ivys to which she did apply along with their “lower than Kaitlyn” SAT averages are as follows:

Here is the “dumber than Kaitlyn” crowd:


Harvard                                               1,600   (Average SAT 1520)

Yale                                                     1,600   (Average SAT 1515)

Brown                                                 2,500  (Average SAT 1485)

Cornell*                                              2,000   (Average SAT Arts: 1480 – not clear if A&S higher)

(1,000 if Arts and Sciences only; 2,000 incl eng.)

Total Ivy applied to:                            7,700

Plus, Ivies not applied to:

Columbia                                             1,500   (Average SAT: 1505)

Princeton:                                            1,345   (Average SAT:  1505)

Dartmouth                                           1,200   (Average SAT:  1500)

Grand Total Ivies:                              11,745

Plus:  (Non-Ivies she applied to)

Stanford                                                 2,000   (Average SAT 1505)

Northwestern                                         1,900  (Average SAT 1495)

USC                                                      3,700   (Average SAT 1440)

Berkeley                                                6,400  (970 if count only out of state attending/admits)

Grand Total All Applied to

by which rejected less USC:          12,600 (rounded, counting only 970 out-of-state at Berkeley)

Total including USC:                          18,300 (rounded)

Plus others she applied to, to which not accepted:

Rice                                                        2,000 (approx)  (1505 SATs)

University of Texas (McCombs)            1,200 (estimate) (Average SAT 1350 – 625 each !!)

Grand Total Applied to

and not Accepted:                             15,800 (not counting USC)

Grand Total Counting USC:                 19,500 (counting USC)


MIT                                                                    (Average SAT 1535)

Cal Tech:                                                            (Average SAT 1545)

University of Chicago                1,100   (Average SAT 1520)

Total ideal application list:

Ivies, plus Stanford,

University of Chicago and

Northwestern and Berkeley                17,715 (Berkeley: counting 970 out of state only)

One would think that if she had applied to all the Ivies, plus Stanford, University of Chicago, and Northwestern, a total matriculant pool of approximately 17,700  she would have been accepted in at least one.

However, not so fast.  Far more disturbing than the fact Kaitlyn applied to an inadequate number of top schools – and failed to get in any she did apply to — is the sub-text of the above-linked article by Douglas Belkin for the Wall Street Journal.

The sub text is that even if she had applied to the whole top-tier group she probably would have gotten in nowhere.

Namely, that the intake pool of Whites is now about half the total intake pool of 17,700 for the top Ivy and Ivy-equivalents computed above.  That gets you down to 8,350.  And of that, half are legacies and athletes.

So the remaining pool for high IQ, non-connected, Whites is a tiny 4,175essentially the intake pool of two lesser Ivies.  In other words, not only are whites being shoved aside for minorities, but the admissions process purposefully shoves aside the smart Whites in favor of not-so-smart Whites.

Although all these numbers are approximate and inexact, the message to any recruiter at these top schools is that, if the applicant is a White, he is probably dumb.  The high-IQ Whites are purposefully being squeezed out of the most prominent schools, so that they will have fewer opportunities to get the truly good and high paying jobs that allow the elite to accumulate capital and dominate society:  The message?  Whites no longer wanted in the elite.

They are being squeezed out.  Their oxygen is being cut off.

As Belkin reports “Nearly half of white students admitted to Harvard between 2009 and 2014 were recruited athletes, legacy students, children of faculty and staff, or on the dean’s interest list—applicants whose parents or relatives have donated to Harvard, according to a 2019 study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“At Harvard, low-income students with top academic scores had an admit rate of 24% compared to 15% for all other applicants, according to a 2013 study by the school. Harvard has said it believes enrolling a diverse student body is important because the school wants students to learn to work with people from different backgrounds.

“The middle class tends to get a little bit neglected,” said Hafeez Lakhani, a private college counselor in New York who charges $1,200 an hour.” .

No kidding.

How much better for society that a brilliant White like Kaitlyn be buried at the University of Arizona (her choice after her passel of rejections), from which she can launch into a middle-level job in an auto dealership.  How much better this than having her be a superstar stand-out at Harvard, Penn, or Cornell (which, given her massive IQ she undoubtedly would be), taking one of those coveted jobs at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley which can make you several times a millionaire before you hit age 35.  How much better to grind her hard working all-too-White, all too admirable family down into the dust of the soon-to-be destroyed lower-middle class than to allow her any chance at wielding power, accumulating capital, or getting anything else she might want in our society.  How much better that she had never even been born.

Ok, honkey:  so much for the oxygen.  Its gone.

As they say in the outer boroughs:

Whacchya gonna do now, big boy?


  • Note, the Dyson school of undergraduate business has the lowest admissions rate – 2.9% – of any at Cornell, followed by the 7% admissions rate of the College of Arts and Sciences – 7.9% –so the school to which she applied may – in part- explain her rejection at Cornell. Likewise, the Penn admissions rate was 9%; the Wharton undergraduate business school (at Penn) admit rate was lower, approximately 7.9%.


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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    One wonders if it would be better for gifted young Whites to emigrate to Russia or Hungary where – all else being held equal – eugenics is preferred to dysgenics.

    When I was in Mensa it was mostly White, with a smattering of Japanese and a couple of Ashkenazim. Perhaps Mensa will need to revise either its tests or method of scoring. Say like 2 + 2 = 22.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I believe that Russia offers a better life for the White aka Indo-European. They are recruiting; especially enticing and positive for those with family of minor children.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Well, you be the first to go! Set an example and then invite all other “Indo-Europeans” to join you.
        Oh, you don’t have minor children? But you can enjoy watching other’s white children flourish in the great Russian Federation, serving the great President for Life!

        Do you give a thought to the people’s actual living conditions in Russia — the deeply pot-holed and cracked roads everywhere; the shitty living quarters that look inside like the poorest tenements of NYC around 1920, with peeling walls; the rampant corruption; the inability to complain. To whom? All we ever see are images of the Kremlin in Moscow, which is meticulously kept up … for show.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Carolyn, I don’t know where you get a lot of your information. Comic section of the NY Slimes? Reichstag Travel Service with a forward by Mr. Hilter? Comparison with Deutschland (über allem) circa 1939?

          Where have you been in your life, Carolyn? Beside the pilgrimage to Germany? I have actually been to Russia and the Ukraine. I have lived in 5 different countries and visited the major of them on every continent. I’m in. a unique position to compare quality of life as opposed to doctrinaire iconoclasm, phony ethnic superiority claims, and general balderdash loose talk. I have lived in Latin America in a “primitive” country called Panama and spent extensive time in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Bolivia. If you think you know about the relative merits of quality of life in different countries, well, you just let us know. Panama, for the average White family, is a significantly better place for overall quality of life and education of children.

          Truly, Carolyn, sometimes you exude the “Rip Van Winkle Syndrome”, asleep since 1939 and recently awakened a year ago. A friend of mine once asked, “Aren’t there mainly dirt roads in Panama?

          Here is some information for you education and edification.

          Living in Russia: 17 Things to Know Before Moving
          ByMatt Shannon-April 8, 2021
          Are you thinking about living in Russia and considering a move to Moscow or one of the other best cities to live in Russia? Living in Russia remains incredibly underrated in 2021 and it is a country full of opportunity for expats. The recent economic issues in 2014 that devalued the ruble have caused a mass exodus of expats from Moscow and other major Russian cities. The result is a market that used to be very popular with expats but is now underserved. (The value of the Ruble has been restored to pre-Ukraine levels)

          The biggest bonus is that Moscow has gone from one of the most expensive cities in the world to one of the cheapest megacities in the world. Living in Russia has its difficulties, but expats who spend time there usually find their time well spent and exciting.

          Here are 17 things that you probably didn’t know about living in Russia!

          1. Russia is the number one country to start a career according to US News

          Most people don’t know this, but US News & World Report ranked Russia the number one country to start a career in the world in 2020 and 2021. Living and working in Russia has always been relatively popular, but in 2014 when the ruble crashed many expats left because it was no longer as financially advantageous to live there. Fortunately, salaries have gone up significantly since then and Russia is again one of the best countries for expats in terms of finances.

          Because so many expats left Russia, the competition has decreased significantly and there are a lot of opportunities for younger expats. Even better, it isn’t nearly as hard as you think to get a job in Russia.

          2. Russia is a great base if you love to travel

          Russia is located between Europe and Asia. Moscow specifically is one of the most connected cities in the world with direct flights to almost every country. If you consider flights with one layover there are very few major cities you can’t get to from Moscow.

          Central Asia is an incredibly beautiful part of the world and very accessible from any major city in Russia.

          Russia is also full of its own natural beauty. Most of the largest country on earth is uninhabited and there are amazing vistas in Siberia, Altai, and Kamchatka. You also have incredible mountains in the south and center of Russia. It is an incredible country with vast unexplored terrain.

          If you love adventure, travel in and around Russia will NOT disappoint.

          3. Russia has a very low cost of living compared to most Western countries

          We have talked about the low cost of living in Russia on many occasions and it is true. Even Moscow, a massive city with a reputation for being very expensive is still quite affordable by Western standards.

          When you take into account the salaries in Moscow, you can see that it is easy to live in Russia comfortably as an expat. You will have no trouble affording a decent apartment, having money to go out, and saving some money.

          Read more about the cost of living in Moscow here.

          4. Working in Russia means you will get significantly more vacation time

          Working in Russia entitles you to 28 vacation days per year. Far more than most Western countries. Most employment contracts stipulate that you must work a flexible workday meaning that you may have to work later than 5 pm or on the weekend. Under Russian law, if you do have to work outside of 9-5 in your employment contract, you are entitled to 3 more vacation days for a total of 31 vacation days.

          31 vacation days is the most of any country in the world by law. In addition to many vacation days, you also get 14 paid holidays, which is also among the most in the world. In total, most expats have around 45 paid days off in Russia.

          5. If you want to live in Russia, learn Russian

          Living in Russia is 10x easier if you speak Russian. It is definitely possible to get by in Moscow or St. Petersburg speaking only English, but you will really miss out on the Russian experience.

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          Russian is a hard language for sure, but it isn’t impossible to learn. Here is some of our best advice on learning:

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          Ultimate Guide to Learning Russian in Moscow
          6. Russia has made it easier to work legally as an expat

          The Russian government has made it increasingly easy for expats to come to live and work in Russia. They have a highly qualified specialist work visa, which allows expats who make 167,000 rubles ($2,200 USD) per month to get a work visa quickly. There are no bureaucratic obstacles if you have a job offer.

          In addition, if you are an English teacher there are also exceptions that make getting a work visa a breeze. If you are looking to teach English in Russia, not only is it easy to get a work visa, but it is also easy to get a job in general. Russia is one of few countries where you can get a job from abroad. Honestly, these aren’t the best jobs, so it is still always better to show up and start your job search.

          7. Russian culture is incredible to experience (and near impossible to understand) as an expat

          Anyone who has been to Russia will tell you that the Russian people are incredibly hospitable. Russian culture also has a very rich history and everyone is eager to share this with foreigners who are living in Russia.

          The Russian language is incredibly important to Russian identity and culture. If you can speak some Russian, you will have a much deeper insight into what it means to be Russian and Russian culture. As you start meeting Russians, you will quickly learn that the “Russian soul” is one of the underpinnings of Russian culture, but it is near impossible to describe or define.

          Winston Churchill, 1939 defined Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” This is exactly the reason that Russia is so fascinating to Westerners. It is incredibly hard to explain Russia and Russian culture.

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          If you know just a little about Russia’s rich history in the arts, it will always impress.

          9. Public transportation in Russia is incredibly cheap and well developed

          Public transportation in Russia is much more developed than in the United States. You can get to just about any point in Russia using public transportation, it may just take a while!

          Moscow has one of the largest metro systems in the world and it is very cheap by Western standards. A trip on the Moscow metro costs just 42 rubles ($0.55 USD) when you use the reloadable card. Compared to any Western country, this is incredibly cheap.

          In other Russian cities, it is even cheaper!

          When you are in Russia, it is very easy to get around without a car. Taxis are also incredibly cheap. You can get from the airport to the center of Moscow for less than $15 USD. Currently, there are a couple of different taxi apps available throughout Russia.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            You are such a scam. And you keep wrongly assuming you know everything about my life. You originally claimed:

            “Russia offers a better life for the White aka Indo-European. They are recruiting; especially enticing and positive for THOSE WITH FAMILY OF MINOR CHILDREN.”
            A family man with minor chlldren has to work — means he has to have a job! — what would it be? He’s not going to be living in one of those exclusive places for millionaires and oligarchs (and assorted criminals).
            What KMac showed us is typical of what an average white FAMILY would be reduced to.

            FYI, I’ve traveled a lot, in Europe and lived as an “expat” in Mexico for 10 years. Yes, bc of the dollar-peso exchange rate, I lived well enough to suit myself (not luxuriously), even bought a nice house and sold it for double my money as real estate prices were rising fast. But I could not work bc I did not have a permanent visa. I didn’t want to work, but again, you’re speaking of ‘raising families.’ There’s also the language problem, maybe not so much for other Slavic speaking Whites.

            Similarly in Russia, if you have sufficient American money as a retired person, you can probably live alright and enjoy a few things. But not ‘raise a family’. You’re promotional talk about good jobs, high-paying, etc. is just that – sales talk. It even admits they are not very good jobs. I’ve been there, done that. Have you?

            And the obvious question: If it’s so great in Russia, why aren’t you there? You’re footloose and fancy-free. You have nothing good to say for the USA; everything good to say for non-European nations & people. Why would that be?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Thanks very much. It’s really amazing to Westerners, hardly believable. I’m sure what Mexico offers is much better than what Russia does. Where I lived they catered to retired Americans & Canadians, so it was sort of an industry there. And the weather is so great, and all the flowers, friendly, cheerful people and a lake! Sunshine makes everything look better, too. That is not what people experience in Moscow. Or in Poland, etc.

            I imagine that apt. was recently vacated and that’s the way it was left.

          • CandyCane
            CandyCane says:

            Whites do need to stop the White Flight cowardice and laziness, and stay put and fight for our right to exist!

        • Jennifer Hollinger
          Jennifer Hollinger says:

          You sound like a typical American ignoramus who has never been out of your county, far less your country. You’ve just described how millions of Americans live, if they’re lucky enough to live in an apartment. I’ll just add one thing, there are no people living on the street in Russia unless they choose to live that way, millions in the US live on the street because they have no other options. Tell that to your brain-dead president and see if he cares. He’ll tell you to pound sand.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          When were you there the last time ?

          Take a trip through the most enjoyable, deeply cultural RUSSIA GOT TALENT on You tube. As well as their ice skating and a multitude of traditionl and modern dance groups.

          Observe the faces among the audiences. Some performers are interviewed at home: living in more than acceptable circumstances.

          Far from stuffy, the interaction between the judges, the audiences and the performers are jovial and bursting with energy and encouragement.

          The same goes for UKRAINE GOT TALENT and most of the remainder of the former constituent parts of the SU.

          I can’t help but smile wrily when one of the young performers sings CALIFORNIA DREAMING. [Indeed] .

          THE PUSSY RIOTS were evicted from the Moscow Cathedral but would go unnoticed in Houston’s dozen, advertised public sex clubs, where they engage in group sex, enjoyed by the likes of former regular, pornstar George Floyd.

          • Poupon Marx
            Poupon Marx says:

            Fair enough, Dr. Mac. That “really awful” apartment is better than the vast majority of public housing, aka “projects”, and in UK “council flats”. This is the kind of place that Kate Middleton grew up in!

            The places are maintained with pride, all clean, and certainly not least, the neighbors are not of “The Dark Persuasion.”

        • Sanjay
          Sanjay says:

          Every nation has to start at some evolutionary point. What’s most important is whether the nation has the collective genetic will to implement aggressive national eugenics/transhumanism. Russia apparently does not; but if it did, then even if it was currently poor, just the opportunity to be part of something bigger than the self, to be able to be part of a highly Group Selected nation that is in the process of implementing such a eugenics/transhumanism program could be motivation enough for Group Selected Western ethno-nationalist Europeans to move to Russia and contribute in some way. Again, such a Russia as described would not be a desired place of habitation for Individually Selected Western Europeans who are only interested in what their personal socio-economic status would be. If Russia was indeed such a place as described above, and I were ethnically European, and if I had something positive to offer instead of being just an annoying internet poster of intellectually mediocre content, then I would be willing to move to Russia to just be able to be part of a eugenic/transhuman nation, even if I would have a low socio-economic status.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        POUPON MARX–
        If I thought that the recruiting had “racialist” underpinnings, I’d almost certainly go for moving to Russia. Racial balkanization may be, I think, among the best ways to preserve the Indo-Europeans. It amounts to separatism, doesn’t it. Whites gravitating toward Whites—and away from places where ethnic/genetic aliens teem.

        Wouldn’t it be great if HUGE Russia, largest country on Earth and rich in resources, could be an Indo-European Lebensraum! (I seem to recall that other people before me had a similar idea, or are alleged to have had.) Well, I gather that Putin and Orban are anything but adversaries. Orban has in effect created a “reservation” for Europeans. Could, WOULD Putin do likewise, or similarly? I applaud Orban and Hungary, of course, but that land is relatively small and can’t accommodate very much population. Russia, on the other hand—extending to the Pacific!—has room for very much more population than it has now.

        That the digs might not be optimal or the climate clement, couldn’t counterbalance the happiness and fulfillment of contributing to the development of an Indo-European bastion. Well, it wouldn’t require much sacrifice on my part: I have little taste for luxury and my favorite places for living have been rainy, windy West Ireland and Norway.

        Like you, P.M, I’ve been around. Literally. Thrice around the globe, going to 59 countries, living in several. After residing in several lands including the USA, I think the latter is about the dumbest society there is. Even the Right, for the most part, hasn’t a clue—teeming as it does with hopelessly simple civnat babble-thumpers. My Italian passport allows me to settle anywhere in in the EU, including Hungary; but I’ve stayed in America primarily because I care about Euroamerica, thinking that the next two elections may well decide its fate. Also, people talk of a second civil war, and there are indeed signs that massive civil conflict may be on the way. I’d want to be in it, and if it meant dying, so be it.

        But it looks like the Euroamerican sheeple are so used to being disrespected and assailed that nothing can shock them out of their stupor. The Rightists are armed to the teeth, many of them in militias; and their own national founding document tells them it’s their duty to take arms against oppressive government. But they remain scattered, disunited, immobile, docile. And, until they achieve appreciable cohesion, they’ll remain thus paralyzed, because they know that a small uprising can easily be put down, redounding only to more demonization of Whiteness and more power grabs by the neo-Marxists.

        If I had to bet, I’d bet that Euroamerica is on its way out. But who knows. In 2025, I think, we’ll have a better idea of where it’s headed.

        I know, from some prior experience, that many Russians speak English. Good thing, because that labyrinthinely multisyllabic Slavic would be a challenge to speak, notwithstanding the many cognates it shares with Indo-European languages I know better.

        In any case, I appreciate your providing some source material for moving to Russia.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Lunius V- I think of you as a kindred spirit. Please check my comments on the topic after this one. I refute some vacuous evaluation of Russia’s future, and list some resources, including apartments and homes in and just outside Moscow. They are amazingly charming and very reasonable. And these are the most expensive in Russia.

          I know Russians. They are outgoing, warm hearted, very traditional, love children, their country, and their culture. Everything positive you and I have commented on is prime and foremost there.

          I had a Russian girlfriend in Kherson many years ago. She was a gem. Like so many Slavic women they are vivacious, bright, affectionate, and feminine. Like also Japanese women they are tough, ferociously loyal, and family centric. Anybody who has lived a life like mine and can say, “I have no regrets”, is a liar or a lame brained imbecile.

          My wife and I are settled where we are by necessity, health reasons, etc. We are up in our seventies. If I were younger, I would give Russia very close consideration. While the Belle Arts are dying in the West, they will always flourish in Russia.
          The West is a disgrace, a pimped out whore. Draghi will have completed his destruction of Italy by next year. I see NO LIMITS in residing in Russia. And getting a job with a polyglot, polymath like you is so easy.
          Nota Bene: the national transportation facilities are very complete and extensive. All you would need if you live outside the main city is a short ride to the train.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      So it’s a choice between Harvard or Hungary? Let’s be serious for a minute. How about neither. The Nordic race would be better served if Kaitlyn Younger never attended college, indeed never worked a day in her life, and instead produced ten Nordic children.

      But what about Harvard? What about voting for Trump? What about watching Tucker Carlson and remembering to purchase your very own My Pillow? Why can’t we just seal the southern border and then get on with the business of race-mixing like good color-blind conservatives ought to? Because embracing these things will result in the destruction of the Nordic race, that’s why. Accelerationism is preferable to a managed decline.

      • canadianer
        canadianer says:

        “excellerationist” retards forget that they are advocating destroying the very civilization that they live in. As much as we may hate ZOG I have a hard time understanding how “accelerating” towards our demise is anything other than pure retardation.

  2. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Meanwhile, “Merde in France” takes on new meaning. President of Frogzce, Emmasculed Macron declares ,b>nobody has the right of self defense. That’s right, Evidently the intruder has the RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE TO MUDER, MAIM, RAPE, OR WHATEVER anybody he wants. Call the police? Don’t make me laugh.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the use of deadly force by a farmer who defended himself and his three-year-old daughter with a rifle against four burglars who broke into his home. One of the intruders was killed and the farmer has been indicted for murder, Central Europe’s Remix News reports.

    Macron was quick to lay down the law:

    “Everyone must be safe, and the public authorities have to ensure it. But I am opposed to self-defense. It’s very clear and undisputable because otherwise the country becomes the Wild West. And I don’t want a country where weapons proliferate and where we consider that it’s up to the citizens to defend themselves.”

    In other words, police should be “Les Seules” armed and authorized to use force to stop criminal attacks, even in the home. That and all that matters is what Macron wants. Never mind that “when seconds count” applies everywhere, that France itself is awash in “millions of illegal weapons” and has seen dramatic increases in violent crime.

    No worries—in keeping with the “Only Ones” tradition, the police have special exemptions. For themselves. Back le Bleu, n’est-ce pas?

    And, of course, the one thing the political left and the media don’t want to talk about is the contributions of “migrants” to the problem, even though it was more than amply illustrated back in 2015 with the Charlie Hebdo slaughter by Islamist terrorists taking full advantage of restrictive French gun laws. At the time, hand-wringers who offered no solutions instead expressed “solidarity” with the victims with the inane “Je suis Charlie” slogan, which I repurposed to suggest an appropriate gun owner sentiment:

    “Je ne suis pas Charlie. Je suis armé.”

    Macron doesn’t have to be Charlie, either. Unlike his subjects, he’s got a detail of tax-funded professional armed bodyguards. Speaking of which, there was a bit of a scandal when one of his “security aides” with a penchant for beating protestors posed for a picture “flaunting” his gun with a waitress, a gun, incidentally, he “was authorized to carry only inside campaign headquarters.”

    la poup de la raison.

  3. Margaret Bartley
    Margaret Bartley says:

    The purpose of having smart kids at the Ivies is so those well-connected party-kids will be able to hire competent people to work for them in the future.

    The purpose of the Ivy League schools is not to make society a better place, nor to improve the productive economy.

    The wealhty elite wrote the US off decades ago. The average person is just now figuring it out.

    If you are going to inherit a gazillion dollars, and going to have to hire someone to manage it in the future, who are you looking for? Some white kid from Texas with no connections, or some brilliant kid with recommendations from a bunch of Soros-funded SJW groups? Or some kid from Asia who speaks the language as a native, with family connections?

    The world has changed, and moved on. Get over it.

    • Whitney Trollope
      Whitney Trollope says:

      It may be so that the world has become nothing more than a motley crew of “elites” who want a “brilliant” connected jew to run their gazillion dollar businesses. This is Slouching to Brazil or Calcutta or Weimar Berlin perhaps where middle class nobodies from Texas can aspire to be serfs or sex slaves. This seems dysfunctional to me, but who knows? I would argue the elites preferred model of them rolling in top cream with millions mewling in the slops can only continue while there is somewhere (once, the White first world) that kept things functioning ie it takes a whole civilisation not just some jew whispering in the Pharaohs’ ear or running the granaries. This is my cope perhaps, that the value of Whites matters more than the jealousy it invokes.

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Dear Margaret,
      Please, enjoy this place that you would have us believe is the place where you exist. If it is a question of whether to fully abandon concern for these particular institutions or not, I am ambivalent to indifferent. Institutions have a structure which, if corrupted beyond a threshold, they must be allowed to die.

      Beyond this, I do not get what the takeaway of your comment is. The phrase, “get over it,” is so nipple-ringed, purple-haired and tatted up chick stuff, that I get no useful information from it.

      I believe that many folks here are not so much concerned about these particular institutions other than they were places for White Europeans, especially males, to excel in their own nation. Throw those institutions overboard if they have become an obstacle, but White males–and increasingly White females–need to rebuild a culture where we are no longer oppressed for being who we are and the full range of talents that we possess, including those of the very intelligent, can be expressed.

      Forgive me if I misread your comment, but snark–no matter how clever–is neither useful for full diagnosis nor corrective.

      I do appreciate your valuable insight about the Ivy-league schools being, in my words and hopefully faithful to your intention, “cattle auctions” for the wealthy and powerful dumb get to locate the disconnected and dispossessed smarties to hire at suppressed “wages.”

      What, then, is your recommendation for Whites rebuilding their places and cultures where their men and women can excel and flourish?

    • JM
      JM says:

      “The world has changed, and moved on. Get over it.”

      That sounds like a demand to conform rather than challenge.

  4. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    The Ivy League is doing the world a favor by rejecting young women like this.

    By outbidding the family for the fertile years of young women, the economy (at least) decimates most economically valuable characteristics in the very next generation. Is that bad? Well, from an economic perspective certainly it is. But even from more general value systems, there is good reason to believe economically valuable characteristics serve as a proxy. Yet people, even on the “right”, still seem to think it is of net benefit that young women “achieve their potential” in ways that even _plausibly_ could conflict with childbearing and rearing.

    If we had anything remotely resembling a genuinely moral zeitgeist, this might not be a problem since everyone would view as the height of immorality any exploitation of a young woman’s “potential” that would, in effect, “eat the seed corn”. But then, that would take a society that hadn’t destroyed its own agrarian culture in favor of mammon.

    I’ve seen some evidence that as a household’s risk adjusted net assets exceed some threshold, that total fertility rate increases, but this is limited to Jewish-dominated environments like New York City — that Special Place for Special People where the pseudomoral zeitgeist can be dispensed with in favor of being, shall we say, morally nimble.

    There is a solution to this I call “Property Money” that would, in essence, replace rent seeking in both the public and private sectors and it may turn out to be the best way to devolve civilization down to the local level in the face of the collapse of the US dollar as world reserve currency. Basically, military aged men would be the source of all money, rather than a central banking system, and be paid an equal retainer out of property taxes — replacing government, including standing military, with private institutions.

    Since the military aged men would represent to the young women “The Alpha of State”, the ancient Everyman An Alpha culture of European individualism would restore instinctive respect between the sexes.

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Nature does have its corrective feedback mechanisms, doesn’t it? And these mechanisms are much more subtle and overdetermined than those of the “perturbators.”

  5. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    An ironic and unfortunate fact about greater mental aptitude, indeed an Achilles’ heel of the more intellectual, is this tendency of the latter to reproduce less. And it’s universal. We usually associate it with Europeans and Euroamericans, because we focus mostly on perceived menaces to ourselves; but the peoples at the top of the IQ charts, East Asians, reproduce less than we do. Japan and South Korea, at the very top, have the lowest birth rates anywhere; and the Chinese, not far behind in IQ, are right on their heels in terms of low rates of reproduction.

    High birthrates rigorously correspond with low IQ, low birthrates with high IQ. Sub-Sahara has the lowest average IQ and the highest birthrates; and again East Asia has the highest IQ and the lowest birthrates. I guess that when one has less imagination and less of a “mind-life,” one fills the void with basic biological functions.

    If nothing else this suggests that the THEORY of “democracy” is problematic, because eventually the less intelligent will outvote the more intelligent; and I suppose the process must continue till moronocracy lol is reached.

    I say THEORY because I don’t think democracy has ever really existed. I don’t believe that rule by “the people,” the great majority, has ever occurred, or can occur. Some faction or other, relatively astute and resourceful, always is foremost in influence, always dominates and leads. Even in small groups there’s always the individual, couple, clique or family who get their way, with everyone else a follower.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Pure democracy has been practiced in Swiss Cantons since the 1300s. Some of them. Many tribal groups practice pure democracy. It is overall worthless unless constrained, modified, customized, and nurtured. The Ancient Greeks and Founding Fathers had preconditioned for voter eligibility, i.e., filters in place.

  6. James Dunderdon III
    James Dunderdon III says:

    Some excellent if not genious people have entered universities due to being great at sports. So I am certainly not against some people being accepted in his way. Especially if white.

    But regardless, yes, white people being pushed out of education due to high achieveing non-partying all work asians and the like is an issue as also it is with certain minorities being peushed in by often, yes I assume so, jews, (that would be subsaharian africans) and then also south americans and the like.

    Yes this and crime is a huge issue for whites.

    And the underlying issue is also RACE MIXING. This can’t be reversed. Once the white race is gone it is gone forever.

    And I am not even that sure race biology is ALL right. Certainlky the low IQ of subsaharians are alarming aswell as their mixture with pre-neanderthals. Arabs, yes too much cousin marriages I suppose and also issues such as lower IQ, no Nobel prizes, geniouses and the like.

    Certainly if we compare southern Italy to the northern parts we see a difference in achievements I suppose, but what is race and what is culture?

    Is a bit of mixing fine, will it work out despise it.

    Will an elite be fine even though a bit mixed due to having higher IQ being more creative, innovative and the like from the start.

    Hitler was certainly about racial purity bu was probably not pure enough for his own ideas (the Berb thing):

    But I guess the race laws of the third reich as he called Germany at the time were not that strict but I have not read them I must admit due to not having a larger interest in nazism or national socialism.

    People such as Mr. David Lane, connected to the order (he has webpage: I think), certainly had a more open mind and was not as picky as Hitler was. see his text on: “who is white”.

    I certainly see people mixed with gypsies as much more often being thieves, liars and criminals and murderers.

    This may also be due to inbreeding, sexaul abuse and the like of course aswell as evolution.

    Are people with racial mixture with gypsies now 16 % of Europeans. There is a gene that is present in 16 % of Europeans and also in east Indians this may indicate that atleast 16 % of Europens are mixed with them. This could be a racial disaster a ticking bomb against the white race.

    As for jews they seem to have an averege high IQ even a majority of them has some mixture with lower IQ populations such as arabs and subsaharian africans. This could indicate an even higher IQ with before the mixture appeared, but could also be evolution I suppose but who knows. Are whiter jews smarter or the few 100 % jews really smart, interesting questions. I certainly see such a distinction as plausable.

    Mr. William Pierce had an article in the magazine Attack published where he argues against racial mixture based on Portugal. But are all Portugise people mixed? I have no clue. The article can be read here:

    And at other places.

    WHat should be an appropriate and good way forward when it comes to who should be considered white is seldom discussed by the racialist white movement at all. This seems to be a central question that is at large avoided even by nazis.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I am. Universities are for intellectual development of the personal and Consciousness. The really should be more specialized in various disciplines. Affiliations with other other places, such as temples, e.g., Buddhist, Shinto, Tao, could be arranged.

      I’ll straighten out this mess if I’m king. Crime will practically disappear, and many fortunes will be confiscated.

    • carolyn yeager
      carolyn yeager says:

      You are well-named (screen name?) bc you are a dunderhead for sure. You ramble on with no purpose, and give links from 2010 about Adolf Hitler’s DNA that are clearly not correct bc no more has been said about it since.
      DNA has to be taken from the individual him/herself or a full sibling — otherwise there is input of other sources of inheritance that is not in the targeted individual. That’s obvious! Although perhaps not to you. Also, there were certainly opportunities to get some DNA from Hitler himself in the form of his personal effects, but for some reason no one in the mainstream wants to report on that!
      A napkin from a purported great-nephew in Britain, or even assorted relatives in Austria would include DNA from others not connected in the least to Hitler.
      One REALLY has to question your purpose for this entire comment.

      • Howard J.
        Howard J. says:

        Regarding the DNA test on Hitler’s relative it is atated in some article regarding that that they found many of Hitlers relatives in Austria with names such as Hiller, Sittler and the like probably name changes due to being ashamed.

        So this makes it likely the DNA test is correct.

        Plenty of Europeans are racially mixed, many with gypsies there was a prime minister of Sweden that was mixed with a mulatto in his family tree going back like hundreds of years or so.

        So this mixture does exist, which makes it very much Hitler was a result of this kind of thing also.

        Does this explain his thievery (see Stangl book, where Stangl states gold was moved directly from the holocaust prisons to his bunker against the rules and hence theft from the state and stopped by Stangl)?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          What an obvious fake (jew) you are! Ridiculous nonsense with not even the slightest attempt at proof of any of it. This website is being overtaken by jewish scammers, with apparently no attempt to prevent them. The old regulars seem to be staying away. Where have they gone?

          • Howard J.
            Howard J. says:

            I hate to break the news to you but most white christians do not like Hitler.

            As for me I am not jewish.

            Do I understand many reasons to why many Germans voted for Hitler I certainly do but I also disslike Hitler and many of his policies and political ideas.

            You are certainly allowed to have a different opinion and I will certainly refrain from calling you a dirty arab or berb for supporting someone who did according to the scientific tests mentioned have this particualr background.

            Now, I supplied proofs you supplied… nothing but false accusations. I certainly feel a better tone could be relevant.

            But I don’t really mind jews or original white Israelites, I do think the problem is RACEMIXING which is against Christianity and the first testament. So they aint really Israelites in a biblical sence, most likely 90 % of them.

            But you are certainly allowed to disslike, or shall we say hate all “Israelites”.

            But racemixed people tend to be obsessed with promoting racial mixture for others being jewish race-mixed or not.

            I do notice you have a anti Russian sentiment.

            They ain’t got many africans atleast.

            The USA lost 90 % of it’s urban territory in warfare by this terrible ethnical group.

            You aint got any territory to speak of in a biblical or religious sence but Russia still has this and so has many Eastern European countries.

            Regarding Mr. Joseph Stangl, you may read about this war criminal here:




            There has been an intervirew book published regarding him, that is certainly worth reading.

            It is a fact Mr. Reinfeld, primeminister of Sweden, prior was mixed with subsaharian africans.

            It is also not totally uncommon in the USA, look here:


            Apparently 7 % of people considering themselves white in some states are mixed with africans to a fegree where it can be seen on a gene test and it seems to be most common in the deep south.


            Regarding gypsies and mixture with them it seems that 16 % of Europeans have a gene common in east India and I do think this is due to mixture with Gypsies and similar populations. This is certainly not proven yet from a scientific standpoint.

            In Sweden there were a few africans indeed one worked at the royal castle after being freed from slavery. So there are people who look white even in Sweden who are part african. You may also see some africans in classic paintings. Beethoven had a friend who was subsaharian african and a musician that he later ditched as a friend so to speak.

            Most rich people in Sweden are thieves and have Gypsy heritage / DNA. They steal lie and murder. Yes what a horrible race indeed. My hatred for this RACE goes deep and I wish they would all move to India where they belong very fast or they might be in serious trouble.

            They are very much etno centric and obsessed with having many kids and kids with white Swedes. They constatntly promote racial mixture between whites and gypsies. Most whiteish looking people shown in the media are part gyspsies.





            Why this obsession with Hitler being racially pure if I may ask. Him being racially mixed does this mean that he, if you are a “hitlerist” not worthy so to speak or a piece of shit racemixed lowlife.

            Now, it is a fact many people who think they are around 100 % white are actually racially mixed.




            I certainly think this was the case with Hitler…

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            HOWARD J–
            “….most white christians don’t like Hitler.” Sounds to me like you’re including yourself.

            You talk as though “most White christians” know much about Hitler, or don’t think of him only as foes of Whites want them to think—which is mistakenly in all crucial respects. For one thing, ever hear that victors write the history? For another thing, the 20th-Century European Fascists were incomparably better for Europe-descended people than are today’s Western leaders; and the last thing the haters of our people want is our thinking well of those far-Right leaders, especially Hitler since he was the best. Otherwise we might wish to have such leaders, and that would mean big trouble to those who hate us.

            “Most White christians” have been conditioned not to know what’s good for them. They’ve been taught that things they really need, such as self-preference, are evil. They’ve been persuaded that even to want what’s advantageous to themselves alone, is wrong. Actually, how can they think they’re deserving—convinced as they are, by the sinister doctrine of original sin, that they’re congenitally guilty?

            Yeah, guilt. Jews have made prestigious careers of instilling guilt in Europeans—from the guilt of being descended from Adam to the guilt of being White. Indeed: that ancient Jews accustomed Europe to feeling guilty, making the propensity a cultural norm, made it easy for modern Jews to sell White guilt to Judeo-Christians and post-Judeo-Christians.

            Friend, your pronouncements regarding race are non-starters.You can “certainly think” that Hitler was of mixed race, but there’s not the slightest evidence that he was. You’ve just been sold a bill of goods about Hitler, almost certainly in connection with his Y-DNA having been E1b1b. If he’d had any racial admixture that meant anything, he’d have shown it in his physical character.

            As I like to say, we are everyone our ancestors slept with, and everyone THEIR ancestors slept with, so there could be traces of another race in any of us; but small amounts aren’t enough to make a difference, let alone to make us of another race! Elizabeth Warren may have as much as 1.5% Amerindian ancestry, but it’s absurd to say she’s a mestiza: she’s a White woman, and would be so even if she had 10% Amerindian ancestry but the physical character she now has.

            In races or ethnic/genetic clusters there’s relative and not absolute homogeneity. Members have approximating genetic and physical components. They’re not identical—not even non-twin siblings are identical in physical or mental terms. But like siblings who despite their variation are more related to each other than to any other individuals, people are part of a racial family without being absolutely homogeneous.

            Whether Hitler lacked or bore some small trace of non-Caucasoid lineage—and there’s no conclusive evidence either way—he was clearly a White man. To consider him as anything other than a Germanic White man is absurd.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          HOWARD J–
          As I had occasion to say the other day, Y-DNA E1b1b is the haplogroup which Hitler is said to have borne; and there’s no reason to think he couldn’t have had it, because, as genetic research compiled by Eupedia states, it occurs in 8% of Austrian men and in 8% of German men in every part of Germany except the North.

          That Hitler did bear E1b1b is supposedly based on genetic tests of his male relatives. And that can certainly be valid, because, Y-DNA being patrilineal, Hitler would’ve borne the same Y-DNA as any of his male relatives who had the same paternal grandfather as he. Ditto any sons of those male relatives.

          Where the silliness comes in is when people say Hitler therefore had Jewish DNA. E1b1b isn’t a Jewish haplogroup. It’s one which some Jewish men share, that’s all. Some Jewish men also share R1b!

          Nor is there reason to think Hitler inherited it from a Jew. Many European non-Jews bear it—indeed in percentages greater than the 18-20% attributed to Jews. In Europe it’s commonest in the Balkans and relatively near lands: 22% of Macedonians, 24% of Bulgarians, 25% of Greek Cypriots, 28% of Albanians, 30% in Central Greece, 48% in Kosovo. So it’s funny that people would say that Hitler bore “Jewish DNA” when that DNA is commoner in Southeastern-European non-Jews.

          Obviously, such people are either ignoramuses or just trying to mortify White Nationalists and anyone who admires Hitler while disliking the Jews.

          Other famous E1b1b men include Napoleon (usually considered simply French, but lineally Italo-Corsican); Englishmen William Harvey and David Attenborough; Anglo-Americans Pres. Lyndon Johnson, Vice-Pres. John C. Calhoun, the Wright Brothers; the Italian painter Caravaggio.

          Then there’s the man who, in the 19th C., led the liberation of modern Italy from Austrian occupation—Giuseppe Garibaldi. Now, Garibaldi had a very Nordic phenotype. His surname must be an Italian variation of the Germanic GARIBALD—and he looked very much like he could’ve been descended from King Garibald of the ancient Bavarians (Sixth C. CE). So c’mon Hitler-haters—lol—Hitler may well have borne E1b1b, but that doesn’t evince Jewish lineage any more than his dark hair did.

          • Howard J.
            Howard J. says:

            Thank you for the clarifiation.

            I am in no way an expert on DNA tests or how ac curate they are.

            I just read the articles and from my understanding the gene was common with a certain percentages of jews around 18 % to 20 % if I remember correctly and that the gene was standard with berbs, the north african often white skinned group that certainly for the most part has mixture with other groups in the region I suppose arabs and subsaharian Africans.

            So from the articles, it seems that it may be either jewish heritage or berb heritage but your explanation certainly broadens the perspective.

            Where did you find the information on this? Is DNA technology an interest of yours? Are you a biologist or the like?

            The regions you mentioned for the most part are more mixed than say Northern Europe could this be to slaves from different parts of the world and mixture this gene is more common in the countries you mentioned?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Hitler didn’t really have dark hair. It just usually photographed as dark-ish. He may possibly have used a “brilliantine” hair dressing to keep it all neatly in place. He had medium brown hair. Joseph Goebbels had dark hair.

            My hair usually photographs darker than it is, such as the image on my website.

          • Howard J.
            Howard J. says:

            @Lucius Vanini

            this with your regards to your comment on RACE and who is white.

            This is seldom discussed among the racialist political movements not even among nazis.

            For example Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf about the purity of the blood, hence I would assume he preffered 100 % whiteness not like 1 % berb or the like. Part arab or subsaharian african like many Spaniards are I would think he would consider them racially mixed. What do you think?

            Would he be cnsidered racially mixed given the standard provided in mein kampf, yes quite likely.

            You talk about someone being 10 % of another race as white.

            Do you consider someone 10 % subsaharian african, or arab white? Or 10 % gypsy?

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        HOWARD J–
        I think Hitler was a very great leader. That doesn’t mean I think he was good at anthropology. Ditto the Third Reich. Had they talked of a rough approximation of “racial purity” (barring e.g. quadroons and octoroons, who are physically distinguishable from “pure” Whites and blacks), they would’ve made sufficient sense. If indeed they all insisted on absolute homogeneity as the stuff of race, I believe they were mistaken.

        If we insist on absolute homogeneity, absolute “purity,” the concept of race becomes extremely problematic. At most, a race is then a very small group—maybe constituted only by the siblings of a nuclear family. The alternative to race-realism is to assert that large racial groups or families don’t exist. That’s been tried, but no one actually accepts it. The very people who insist that races don’t exist favor lol “diversity” (how could there be ethnic/racial diversity if all people are alike?); they blame Whites for historical ills; they say black lives matter; they prate about racial justice, integration, etc., etc.

        Despite the efforts of “anti-racists” (the other sense of the term—meaning those who deny the reality of race), people continue to talk of White, black, Australoid, Hispanic, East Asian, etc. The reason is that they retain their ability to distinguish—even with a split-second glance—Europeans from black Africans or Chinese or Australoids. The perception that the human species comes in divergent varieties can’t be gotten rid of, no matter how much “anti-racists” would love to see it banished from our and THEIR minds.

        You write: “Would [Hitler] be considered racially mixed given the standard he provided in mein kampf, yes quite likely.”

        You’re back to assuming that his E1b1b means non-Whiteness. You’re assuming that he inherited it from a non-White. This must be because you desire that conclusion. Or maybe you’ve already forgotten the facts about that Y-DNA haplogroup? You replied to my comment of April 28, 10:37 p.m. with “Thank you for the clarifi[c]ation.” Were you sincere or ironic?

        OR have you been hiding evidence of Hitler’s actual descent from a non-White or—since the Third Reich classified Jews as of another race–from a Jew? If you have it, let it be known here.

        “You talk about someone being 10% of another race as white.”

        Certainly, when the other 90% makes him physically indistinguishable from Whites without that 10%! If you saw a duck that walked like a duck, quacked like a duck and looked like a duck, would you say it wasn’t a duck because someone told you it was 10% goose?

        You sound pretty young, but do you remember when some years ago White Nationalist Chris Cobb had his DNA tested and the results were revealed on a TV show? His test showed 86% from European/Caucasoid sources and 14% sub-Saharan (that’s how it’s spelled, not “sub-Saharian”) black. In any case, Cobb looked 100% Caucasoid, Nordic more than anything.

        I debated in YouTube on race issues then, and I saw a post by a rather intelligent black, who said that the DNA test didn’t mean Cobb stopped being a White man. I think that black was right. Cobb remains a DE FACTO White man. DE FACTO, from the ancient Roman language, means “in fact” or “in effect.” Take a look at Cobb in that very TV show, and then say otherwise.

        Note that despite their stupid displays on that show, those blacks no doubt believed that they were black, that blacks ARE black, though Americans identifying as black have MUCH more European admixture than Euroamericans have black admixture. Bryc et al, 2015 found an average of 24% European admixture in American blacks. Oh, they certainly do CLUSTER with Sub-Saharans, and that places them in the negroid family or grouping. But if they applied the same criteria to blacks as they did to Cobb, scads of black nationalists might be ridiculed upon the revelation of their DNA-test results. Hell, Malcolm X had a White grandfather, but I don’t think any of the black fools who laughed at Cobb would’ve thought X anything other than a black, let alone laughed at his black nationalism.

        P.S. About Hitler again, apparently he too found it unreasonable to insist on absolute homogeneity as the basis of strong affinity. His National-Socialist comrade Emil Maurice had some non-dominant Jewish ancestry. I tend to recall being told it was a small fraction of his ancestry; but at any rate Hitler wouldn’t yield to demands that Maurice be expelled from the SS. Look at Maurice and tell me that, if someone had told you he was simply a German, you’d have said “No way—he’s a Hebrew!”

        • Howard J.
          Howard J. says:

          As for people looking jewish, I know half jews who look not jewish at all.

          As a matter of fact I have met half arabs and half iranians that look nothren european.

          From my point of view it is clear that looks has got little to do with race.

          Now your persepective seems more like that of Mussolinin who stated something like: “there is no pure race, it is a myth”.

          In the USA there was the one drop rule which meant from my understanding that people who were known to be mixed with sub-saharan africans were considered black and this was probably an effect of kkk involvement in politics.

          But it certainly did not include Europeans with a small part admixture from hundreds of years back.

          And these policies were probably aimed is soemthing at keeping the white race in the USA pure or as pure as possible or similar.

          From my perspective looks has got little to do with race, to me it is more about how the brain works, the Christian religios view on race from the bible and the like.

          But certainly looks can be somewhat an indication when it comes to race to some degree I suppose.

          I must thank you for taking the time to expand on your views on race.

          So you think apparently someone 16 % sub-saharan should be considered white. What about 30 % or 50 %.

          I am sceptical to marrying someone mixed with subsaharians, but then again I didn’t do a gene test so maybe I have some background like that myself but I do doubt it.

          I am very happy with myself and if I am 100 % white why should I have kids with a person that is mixed even to a small degree?

          How do you think this would play out in a more racialist possible future.

          Would racially “pure” whites do dna tests on their partners to see if they match?

          Or is there a possibility of a fallout between racially pure or purer whites and those who are mixed.

          Seems to be not discussed whatsoever by racial people so to speak.

          • Lucius V
            Lucius V says:

            HOWARD J–
            You’ve seen HALF-Jews who don’t “look Jewish”? I’ve seen WHOLE Jews who don’t “look Jewish.” Unlike a lot of other people on the Right, I perceive that there are plenty of strongly Caucasoid Jews, the Ashkenazim most of all. In point of fact, Ashkenazi Jews are quite closely related to White non-Jews in genetic terms, especially matrilineally. Cf. Richards et al., 2013, which found 81% of Ashknenazi mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA, which mothers impart to their children but only their daughters pass it on) is traceable to ancient indigenous European women.

            But your notion that race has nothing to do with appearance is lol shocking. Appearance is what counts for most people, and, if you read my posts again, you’ll see I say that Elizabeth Warren is with her 1.5% Amerindian admixture a White woman, while Chris Cobb with his 14% Sub-SahaRAN-related DNA is a White man, because both are perfectly Caucasoid in physically anthropological terms.

            For me and just about everyone else (ah, and you too, I fear) blacks are recognizable as black based on black or dark brown complexion, kinky hair, a flatish wider nose with larger roundish nostrils, a low nasal ridge, thick lips, relatively small ears, and prognathism (look it up). Those physical traits distinguish them from Caucasians who typically have lighter complexions, straight or wavy hair, a thinner nose with narrow nostrils, thinner lips, deeper-set eyes, larger ears, and lack of prognathism. Also, blacks and Whites have different dentition—teeth. Blacks’ teeth are bigger and sometimes called “megadont.”

            As anthropologist George Gill says, race isn’t skin deep. He studies bones and has been able to distinguish the race of dead people in 97% of cases.I believe he does forensic investigation for Wyoming law enforcement. The bones of Whites and blacks typically differ in things like length and density; and then there are the cranial differences.

            Anyway, without the physical divergences, how can you have any notion of race? If people had totally different DNA but were physically identical, how would they meaningfully be different types? Ah, but maybe that’s what you’re driving at—that actually there are no races? Tell that to the race-deniers who also believe in racial justice and diversity. Nobody actually believes there are no objective differences between branches of the human species. Not even you.

            If I filled a room with 10 Europeans and two Nigerians and I asked you to pick out the two Nigerians, you’d do it in a second; and the reason is that Nigerians are negroid, quite different physically. You couldn’t fail to mistake them for the Europeans, unless you’re blind. I think you’re just trying to upset the White-advocate apple cart in any way you can, because you’ve been acculturated to dislike it. The same as you do with Hitler, without really knowing much about Hitler.

            Moreover, you talk of people NOT looking Jewish or Iranian or Arab. That seems to suggest you think there’s a typical look that such human groups tend to have.On top of that you say these Jewish and Iranian and Arabian individuals were 50% something else. Well, the other parents’ genes might’ve been dominant. Anyhow, ya got my head in a whirl lol!

            Did Mussolini say that? Well, I agree. I don’t see any monolithic islands of humanity. (The only people who share total homogeneity, whom I know of, are siblings in a nuclear family.) I see ethnic/genetic CLUSTERS—groups more related and similar to each other than to other groups. Approximating ethnicities, analogous to a number of individuals standing near one another and forming an assemblage. Extended ethnic/genetic FAMILIES.

            Why, you ask, should you have children with “a person that is mixed even to a small degree?” Well you shouldn’t if you don’t want to! Sure, do those DNA tests with a woman you love, and if she has no discernible traces of Amerindian or Sub-SahaRAN, go for it. But in America it might take some time, because, as Bryc et al. 2015 found, White Americans aren’t on average 100% Caucasian in lineage: only 98.6% Not that 1.4% can really mean anything. Bryc herself calls these people “European Americans,” not thinking that the non-dominant admixture makes them anything else. But if in your mind a bird that’s in every respect a duck is not a duck because it might have a little other ancestry, well then suit yourself by all means.

  7. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    These schools are over-rated, and I wonder if top line business management realizes it. Even allowing for the “Ole Boy Network” of alumni, as long as you get hired, that should put you on the field, where you can demonstrate your adroitness, and superior contribution. Many dirt poor immigrants started at Wall Street Banks and brokerages at the very bottom and blasted their way to the top.

    I have seen supposedly superior people, who were sent out from the Office because of connections and masters degrees in engineering or advanced education. In all cases they dropped out, and were sent packing. I personally put one off in Indonesia, en route to Australia. “He’s a genius”, etc. Another Marine Superintend who had a phD *phud from MIT was fired because he could not perform in the field of reality with its constantly changing dynamic and random occurrences.

    It’s what you CAN DO, MAKE HAPPEN, IOW that results in the company making money that counts, in the final determination. I have had engineers with no degree, starting from unlicensed who were SELF EDUCATED AND SELF TUTORED that were high quality and quantity performers. The “highly educated” bunch had one trait in common: they were not intellectually flexible when presented with new data, evidence that was outside their educational knowledge base. I think of these people as retrospectively looking for solutions on page 145 of someone’s book, or paper, or something like that.

    To be successful in many fields requires sometimes heresy, originality, novelty of approach and appraisal, and creativity. These aforementioned fresh water fish were not fit for oceans.

    Doubtless the esteemed Professor Doctor McDonald can “relate” to my points.

    To Miss Younger, I would say, perhaps this is a blessing. Once you are under-rated, and then over-perform, is a real attention getter. At that point you have reframed the reference and perimeters of your superiors. What could be the new perception of your boss? “This IS someone who REALLY belongs here.

    To illustrate this, consider the following Formula 1 race. Sergio Perez’ car spun out off the track. He got back on and found himself in LAST PLACE. From there the Mexican drove brilliant race passing everybody eventually to take First Place and won the race. Amazing. Talent obviously. But guts and determination
    focus, concentration were the biggest factors.

    Here’s another example:

    >>US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle has been serving as a federal judge in Florida for more than a year. Notably, the Senate vote confirming her to the lifetime appointment came in mid-November 2020, after the presidential election. She had been given a “not qualified” rating by the American Bar Association, based on her limited amount of experience post-law school.

    Born in Lakeland, Florida, in 1987, Mizelle graduated in 2012 with a law degree from University of Florida Levin College of Law, after earning her undergraduate degree at Covenant College, a Christian liberal arts college in Georgia.<<

    Rated as "Not Qualified" by the American Bar Association. This one is worth a hundred Elena Kagans, XXX Sotomayers, Aimless Combo Barretts, and the odious Ketanji Jackson, from the Poison Ivy League.

  8. grendelslayer
    grendelslayer says:

    Two thoughts. First, I would rather see her marry young and bear children. Women who go into high powered careers are lucky if they bear a single child, and even in the latter case, it is usually at delayed ages, which contributes to the decline in intelligence and work ethic even more than do differences in lifetime fertility.

    And second, when it became crystal clear in the 1960s that the Boasian left had successfully marched through the institutions and outmaneuvered us at every turn, why did the various defenders of Old America not work to build an elite white college of their own? Of course, they could not take federal money, and “mainstream” donors would not help them either, but they could have raised funds for facilities, faculties and endowments from among their own ranks. Likewise, they could have established a chain of for profit bookstores to provide outlets for their books and periodicals. They could have established a parallel private school system for K through 12. They could have pooled investment funds and built their own private intentional communities from scratch which would pay back the investors from land rents in lieu of property taxes. Basically, they could have spent the last half century building a parallel society with its own institutions. Instead, they put all their resources into futile political struggles against opponents who held total control over all non electoral institutions. This is why Jews think white people are dumb. Or perhaps we simply don’t work well together. “Every man for himself” or “May the best man win” is not a successful strategy for competition between groups.

    • Captainchaos, PhD, MD, Esquire
      Captainchaos, PhD, MD, Esquire says:

      So instead of focusing on conquering wide swaths of racially-exclusive Lebensraum Nordics should open up a bookstore.

      Are you a fan of Tucker Carlson’s My Pillow Nationalism?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I addressed this disaster of demographic dimensions. In a new White/Indo-European autonomous community, no woman will be allowed to work outside the home unless she produces 3 children. “God has given women the privilege and gift of bring children into this world” – Hindu popularism.

      The Western (Whites) are beset with rot and sickness of the mind, body, and spirit.

  9. Eric Novak
    Eric Novak says:

    University of AZ grads work at auto dealerships? This author is as delusional and obsessed with non-productive fields such as finance as the admissions boards of the schools he decries. Ultimately, hard sciences and technology are the only disciplines that matter, and Ivy League schools do not compete.

  10. Marcion
    Marcion says:

    I wonder about articles like this. What I see in White Nationalists is really just crying that they are losing America. What I see is just resentment about America not being what is use to be. So What? My position is that America was always garbage and will always be garbage. If you want to do anything, give up on America and start something totally new. This sound like too much too handle?

    Ask yourself if you are a Patriotic Boy Scout crying over America or if you are something more. Too many dissidents are really just disgruntled conservatives, not really dissident at all. I see too many white guys just mad that America is doing what is was designed to do: liberal destruction of peoples and histories. Ask yourself whether you want to fight for America, or fight for something better.

      • Marcion
        Marcion says:

        It was founded on liberal ideas bound to fail. All this mess comes from the idea you can found a nation or state on personal freedom and business. No one really believes in these things. You can believe in them for a time, but this will fade. People need more than freedom. They will try to make a religion out of freedom or civil rights, but this also is not enough. The Lockean principles are not something anyone can really believe in and commit heart and mind to. I believe humans in general, especially whites, need a moral community and something to believe in. We can blame jews all day long, and we will be mostly right. But the fact is that what hurts white people most of all is the loss of belief in themselves and their place in history. The WASPs prove this more than anything. They all stopped caring and believing. White people don’t care. They don’t believe in themselves. Much of this is because jewish propaganda, yes. But not all. That jewish propaganda and subversion would not work if white people had strong belief and institutions reflecting strong belief, in themselves as participating in a larger life.

        Muslim fanatics will fight until the end. They have a belief, even if wrong. Whites simply lost their identity and belief. I am all for white people advocating for themselves as white. But at the same time, this is only a defense. It is not a positive identity to assert. It is like NAAWP. I would be fine with an NAAWP. But once this happens, it shows that you are weak and have no power or belief in anything positive. You only have this defensive sort of grievance mechanism saying “Don’t hate me because I am white!” I just don’t think America produces something to believe in or something to satisfy the psychological and social needs of a great soul or great people. America incentivizes merchant values and money. It has fromt he start. The founding fathers were all judaizers. They, as protestants and capitalists, just weren’t as good at being jews at being morally degenerate. They tried. And in that sense, America provides the perfect grounds for a degenerate people. America incentivizes merchant values and hustling. Freedom, Money, Hustling, Property, Appropriation, etc. Personal Freedom becomes goy isolation and division. This is a paradise for jews. It has been since columbus (jew) discovered and the judaizing protestants who called it “New Canaan” came. Though I like aspects of the constitution. And trust me, Jews actually hate the Constitution now that it prevents them from having absolute power.

        America is structurally flawed. It was conceived as a big grab from the start. A massive resource grab? While it is good to have resources, no one with a soul or modicum of human nature really believes in that kind of thing as a way of life. Which is why jews, again, love it. They exist in the bare life and survival mode all the time. Their religion is the materialistic, global grab up.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        They really are, Dr. Mac. Also, the dog pooping on the floor. They do something about the latter, however, taking correction ACTION.

        This has been a humorous comment exchange. Manifest is the absence of comprehension skills by some of the posters. Especially regarding Russia and its particulars. Even in the face and exposition of the concrete and evidence, the same refrain is repeated, that was refuted and nullified!

        We can infer from this sampling of higher than average IQ cohorts (co-chortles) that Whites are conditioned and have been for centuries to accept their lot, and only ask for more lubrication.

        How did Russia survive tow centuries of occupation by the Tatars, loose 27 million people, have their country taken over by “They were not Russians” – Solzhenitsyn, rebound with the West seeking their destruction and sabotaging destitution and pillaging by International and Wall Street Jews, and build their country to its stature today. Their debt to GDP is 17%, I believe, while Western countries have over 100% of yearly GDP. Add up all the Woke, PC, 1984ish and Brave New World presence, and then just THINK:


        Sorry all you Nordic Beauty Contest supporters, “Aryan” upside down cake lovers, Northern Europe as the epicenter of civilization past, present, and future.

        Historically, Europe had a short run of prosperity, advancement, and enlightenment. It was preceded by a longitudinal advancement of previous civilizations, upon whole shoulders they stood. The Hittites, the Eqyptions, The
        Greeks, The Chinese, The Japanese had only themselves, and created something out of far less.

        Amateurs in the engineering power plant business, with its complexity of construction, operation, maintenance, etc., are likely to look at a small time window and generalize and decide, opining on a condition. It is a shortcoming of the neophyte, who is a superficial conceptualizer and analyst.

        Europe will fade into nothingness, that is THE WEST. It has exceeded its barcode expiration sell date. The future belongs to the EAST. The compass has shifted, the poles have moved. That’s it.

        Plan and act accordingly.

    • gordon blur
      gordon blur says:

      The problem isn’t so much America being lost to its ridiculous ideologies, jew and money worship and lack of identity beyond the former… but more the pernicious effect this is having on its vassals in the rest of the ‘formerly’ white world… and its aggressive forcing of compliance with what seems quite frankly.. the diktats of insane people..

      By all means destroy yourselves,or if you want to fight your destruction do so equally….

      Just keep it to yourselves…

    • Don H. Edwards
      Don H. Edwards says:

      Dude like DUDE you know what the states did for innovation? The things invented by WHITES in the USA?

      For the world?

      The USA is a magnificent culture.

      And the capitalist focus is interesting, the get go, the attitude of the pioneer spirit, the agressivenes! Yes the agression the segregate the subsaharian thing brilliant.

      But yes to a large part the USA and the western world has been formed by a type of capitalism invented by most likely racially mixed & hostile jews. And the culture and now focus on racial mixture has certainly at large been formed by the mendtioned group due to ownership in entertainment, media, art and the like…

      But the USA as all countries was allways an experiment.

      As fo the discussion earlier here on living in Russia, apartments and the like.

      I wouldn’t mind. Anything to get away from the primitive murderous idiocracy of the subsaharian africans.

      The absolute horror of having this species around is a threat to white survival and the failiure of whites to address this and other racialist matters are catastrofic and a threat to our survival.

      The bible orders the Israelites to throw out the non whites from Israel.

      Now what does this mean for white people in the USA and Europe, yes THROW out the subsaharian african. Or they will be a thorn in your side…

      Like the bible states follow the order of GOD or loose your country and be met with disaster after disaster…

      Yes Russian seems like a hard language to learn. But I do think their music scenes aswell as art scenes, their science and innovation is way behind the west. But hey one could move there and change that I suppose…

      Russia is certanly interesting. Many years ago Mr. David Duke talked about Russia being a possible future land for white people.

  11. John
    John says:

    Try university in Mexico. There is less affirmative action and Marxism than the USA. They push STEM including engineering. If the kid is as bright as in the article they can learn Spanish in a year or so. Expenses including tuition could be $10,000 to $15,000 a year. The student might also be closer to home than Boston. Dangerous? yes, and the drugs and sex at US universities are safe? Cant get a job in the USA? No, lots of US employers respect foreign degrees: Mexico, China, India and Nigeria.

  12. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I once taught the children of rich people because, although disowned for being communists, most of my family are members of the London banking club which is part of the international club.
    A Pakistani friend of the late Gen. Zia told me that his youngest son was a friend of a well known financier whose son married the daughter of a well known banker ( after 3 children and the inevitable divorce her picture was in the paper showing her walking through London at 2 am on a Sunday, with a negro, with a cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth. Classy!) Her family were friends of another family who were friends of my family.
    I suggested that Pakistan should invest in computers and electricity and use the computers to give people a basic education. I believe that education will defeat Islam,which is bad for many nations, although I did not tell them, of course.
    The Americans, of course, cause trouble in the World which benefits Judaism, Islam and the rich.
    American stooges formed NATO which is behind the trouble in Ukraine.
    The Cold War was caused by America, according my late brother’s friend who was a member of the French Government who resigned over the “Vive Le Quebec Libre” nonsense in Canada.
    Governments should use the internet for education and not pornography.
    A computer based education system would be better and cheaper for all countries.

  13. Jack Brody
    Jack Brody says:

    “[I]f you factor in all the measures of merit … the Jewish students were only 14 times as likely to get into Harvard or other elite schools as their White counterparts with the same merit.” —

    “Before this [about 1904], the aliens seem to have been content to exploit the Aryans and, in biological terms, feed on them; the present objective is obviously extermination of our species through mongrelization and massacres….” — Revilo P. Oliver; The Jewish Strategy; chap. IX

    “Newspaper control … by the Jews is not a matter of money. It is a matter of keeping certain things out of the public mind and putting certain things into it.” — Henry Ford’s The International Jew; vol. 1, chapter 17

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” — the Jew Edward Bernays

    “Jews totally run Hollywood…. But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street, or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” — Joel Stein

    “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. … Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” — the Jew Noel Ignatiev

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