Payton Gendron’s Manifesto

Since Payton Gendron’s manifesto is virtually banned from the internet, I thought I should post it. Can’t agree with all of it by any means, but this guy is no dummy. It’s a huge file, so takes time to upload.


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    KAREN BERGER says:
    Jim Stone has a post that says that the shooter is Jewish.
    Amazing how fast that “manifesto” went online.
    And, why does there always seem to be a manifesto with White shooters and not blacks?
    Why do Gendron’s shoes look several sizes too large?
    I get a brain cramp trying to sort it all out.

  2. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Quite a document.Some points are very well taken.Quite a bit of research.

    Not sure why he went after blacks to kill as the current illegal immigrants are mostly indigenous Central Americans(who also have lower IQs.)

    Blacks came here as kidnapped workers.They arrived on ships largely operated by Portuguese Jews – then purchased at auctions to whites. They are not the same as current illegal immigrants.The author does not seem to make this distinction.

    Modern American blacks are typically 30% white @ 85 IQ vs racially pure blacks @ 65 IQ vs whites @ 100.

    A nice selection of Talmud teachings.The American public should be aware of them in order to correctly perceive what is unfolding.(Euro-Jewish hybrids have IQs much higher than the indigenous Jews and Arabs of Palestine.)

    Nothing justifies cold blooded killing ,

    • FlyGuyMack
      FlyGuyMack says:

      If your IQ so high and you white supremacist are so intelligence, how come the your birth rates are hella low to a point of extinction? Smart and Strong people multiple, not go extinct naturally. Keep taking that IQ smart guy 🤣🤣🤣

      • Doubtom!
        Doubtom! says:

        You need help,,,desperately! Intelligent people know that the earth is already overpopulated and so are cutting back on their reproduction; the millions of starving humans are proof of that.

  3. Eric Brown
    Eric Brown says:

    Should not be banned we should get to the root of the problem and deal with in a healthy manner then if we are of sound mind it will have no influence sweeping whatever caused this under the rug guarantees it will happen again

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      The root of the problem guarantees this will happen again. It’s another fake inflicted by the usual suspects, for multiple purposes. “Assault weapons ban” is as always one purpose. Blame “white supremacy” is another. Direct attention to a number of selected websites, groups and people for persecution/censorship/arrest is still another. Allocate funds. The usual objectives.

      Let’s not fall for this hoax and grift. Like so many, this “mass shooting” has all the signs and symptoms of another staged, play-acted, scripted hoax.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Real evidence must also be provided that it is genuine. We haven’t seen that yet.

        • Thad Noble
          Thad Noble says:

          Kevin, I respect you highly let there be no doubt.

          This newest JEWISH scam shooting reeks of False Flag from start to finish.

          JEWS will sacrifice Blacks by the boatload to further their agendas. Dylan Roof in Charleston SC was ample proof of that.

          When the JEWSMEDIA goes into hyperdrive with any story you know immediately that it is FAKE !

          Ten innocent people may have lost their lives but it’s the JEW that is trying to gain by those losses.

          If Blacks would just catch on here !

    • $ Dot
      $ Dot says:

      Oh like whites/America be doing the entire time when it comes to racial discrimination against blacks, when proof after proof shows racism has always been going on in this country

  4. Eric Brown
    Eric Brown says:

    If he was so smart- why was he dumb enough to believe slaughtering a few innocent people would solve his problems?

    • Zog
      Zog says:

      Beyond the obvious copy+paste of non-peer-reviewed racist conspiracy 4chan garbage, this really stood out.

      He said starting a family would amount to nothing. But the random killing of neutral black folks, who have probably been rooted in the US longer than his own Euro immigrant ancestors, would accomplish something?

      Guy was absolutely NUTS, and clearly low IQ. Smart people don’t easily get wrapped up in poor internet ideologies or fall into their own emotional miasmas.

    • Rachmani
      Rachmani says:

      He was trying to intimidate people and create a situation like in South Africa where the majority is black but the minority is white but they still control everything using fear but that wont work in america because black americans are built different. we fight.

      • africaunite
        africaunite says:

        What do you mean with “we fight”? South Africans actually fought against their oppressors, organizing their armed resistance, getting support from other african nations that freed themselves from their colonists too.
        Protesting for handouts is not what i would call “fighting”. Why didn’t black Us-Americans every really stand up to their oppressors? Why did they never really try to create an own state/administration, i mean something fundamentally independent from what they like to describe as racist suppression? Maybe because they know they won’t have it as good when mean ol’ whitey doesn’t look out for them? Keep crying for gibs while larping as a resistance fighter, for me you are living a parasite life with no intention to change that.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Blacks had it far better under colonial administration by Europeans than either under their own tribal system (especially women and children, but most men too), or the post-colonial Communists systems installed after WW2. The conversion of prosperous Rhodesia into the hell-hole nation of Zimbabwe is only one example.

    DOC HODGES says:


  6. Mark Gobell
    Mark Gobell says:

    Thank you for posting this Kevin.

    Initially, browsers are throwing up “security errors” to prevent download …

    From a quick scan of the 2 PDFs so far, there is a good deal of verbatim copying and pasting from the alleged NZ, Christchurch Mosque shooter, Brenton Harrison Tarrant’s reported “manifesto”, “The Great Replacement” into Payton Gendron’s reported “manifesto” …

    • Elmer
      Elmer says:

      Is that pdf link Payton Gendron’s full manifesto? If not where can his full manifesto be downloaded?

  7. milahu
    milahu says:

    > this guy is no dummy


    that “manifesto” is just a copypasta of clichees, trying to make “the whites” look stupid (of course its a false flag operation)

    he claims to be INTJ, but has endomorph bodytype = EFxx types (he is trying to smear the real INTJ types)

    INTJ is said to be the “smartest” (and rarest) of all mbti types (as an INTJ myself, i dont see anything “smart” here. nothing original. pure copypasta of clichees. takes one to know one. hes not INTJ)

    just look at his photos, this guy is 100% endomorph (roundface, cartman)

    > I am the sole perpetrator of the recent attempted mass shooting

    lol. calling 5 people a “mass” is just plain stupid (clichees). maybe if you kill a thousand people, you deserve the title “mass murder” (but with currently 7000 million people* 1000 kills is still little. bill gates would deserve the title “mass murder”)

    * # world population growth over 12000 years by bryan long 2009

    > excuse any mistakes I make during my attack

    dude. you kvetch about white genocide, and kill 5 white guys? why not kill 5 black guys? are you color blind?

    > I believe to be perfectly sane

    thats what ALL people think of themselves. dumbass.

    > And my most recent self pictures are below

    only fags dye their hair from brown to blond. clichee of the “blond arian”? also your eyes need glasses. please dont reproduce, we dont need blind people in our genepool

    > I am the sole perpetrator of this attack. I’ve had many influences from others but it was only me who decided to continue this.

    so you say the establishment should censor all your “influences”?

    > Where did you get your current beliefs? – Mostly from the internet.

    aah, so the establishment should censor “the internet” (even more than now)

    > It would have eased me if I knew all the blacks I would be killing were criminals or future criminals, but then I realized all black people are replacers just by existing in White countries.

    ok, you ARE color blind.

    > Do you feel any remorse for the attack? – I don’t know I haven’t done it yet stupid. But if I were to guess it would be yes.

    haha, pussy. no place for you in valhalla.

    this guy is trying to start a race war by virtue signalling. (charles manson, helter skelter)

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      The two pictures provided of the alleged shooter in his “manifesto” are not of him. They are of Sam Hyde. This emerged as an alt-right meme in recent years, where every time a mass shooting emerged, alt-right folks would put up pictures of Sam Hyde as the shooter. Sam Hyde is a kind of self-avowed “white supremacist” comedian and actor. You can find real pictures of Gendron (real name?) in an internet images search. You will see the complete difference.

      Technically according to law enforcement, a mass shooting is defined as 4 or more people being shot. They do not have to be killed. Other organizations have other definitions, but this is the standard.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      If you look up Sam Hyde on Wilipedia, you will see this under “shooting and terrorism hoaxes”:
      “Since 2015, Hyde has been frequently misreported as the perpetrator of numerous mass shootings and terrorist attacks by internet trolls on websites such as 4chan and Twitter.[9][13] The hoaxes, which typically included photos of Hyde brandishing a semi-automatic weapon, reappeared so often on social media that The New York Times characterized “Sam Hyde is the shooter” as “an identifiable meme.”
      It’s a young man’s alt-right joke, you see.

      It can be embarrassing how emotional we can get over these stories, and start pontificating and holding forth, only to find out what a fake sham it all was. I remember going to a synagogue event years ago over the alleged deaths of children at Sandy Hook Elementary, lighting candles and staring at the pictures displayed, and crying and hugging my friends and handing out tissues to grieving people who never knew the poor dead children…
      Only to find out years later that Sandy Hook was a psy-op fake and false flag. How pathetic. How ridiculous. I still feel embarrassed I believed the holocaust. Never again!

  8. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Very interesting–but stupid. I’ve only read the beginning section, but when he gets to the part where Brenton Tarrant is his model and inspiration, I cringed. He even says the “livestream”.
    The alleged “livestream” from Brenton Tarrant’s helmet cam of the Christchurch mosque massacres is an obvious shopped hoax. Kyle Hunt did an excellent analysis of this with careful review of the video, titled something like “Why I Now Believe the Christchurch Shooting is a Hoax with Zero Dead”, which I can no longer find. Here is a Hunt analysis with pictures at least.

    The sad thing for this young man who idolized Tarrant is that Tarrant was most likely an agent of Zionist Jews and the Israel Mossad, whose fingerprints were all over the Tarrant case. Gendron expresses real and understandable hatred for Jews, but then is influenced and motivated by Tarrant who was a psy-ops agent of the Jews themselves.

    I find it sad and pathetic.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        What about the fact that he says in his “manifesto”:

        “And my most recent self pictures are below:”
        Then displays 2 pictures of Sam Hyde holding a rifle.

        The NY Post, for instance, admits: “The manifesto includes photos of sketch comedian Sam Hyde holding a gun.” What the Post fails to admit is that in the “manifesto”, Gendron says the pictures are of himself!

        Sam Hyde,however, has become a meme among the alt-right, 4chan and elsewhere. According to Hyde’s Wikipedia entry: “Since 2015, Hyde has been frequently misreported as the perpetrator of numerous mass shootings and terrorist attacks by internet trolls on websites such as 4chan and Twitter.[9][13] The hoaxes, which typically included photos of Hyde brandishing a semi-automatic weapon, reappeared so often on social media that The New York Times characterized “Sam Hyde is the shooter” as “an identifiable meme.”

        An internet search of Gendron’s image reveals plenty of pics of the young man, and of course he looks quite different than Sam Hyde. So why did he post pics in his “manifesto” claiming they are images of himself, but joined the alt-right joke presenting himself as Sam Hyde? If everything else in his “manifesto” is legit, why not post his true pictures?

        Then we have the claim that Gendron’s “manifesto” is too similar and possibly even verbatim the same as some of Brenton Tarrant’s “manifesto”. The ever-diligent Vanity Fair gives a fair analysis:
        We must ask the question, did the two alleged “shooters” write their respective “manifestos”, or did some else, perhaps the same person or persons, write them? Who?

        The suspicion that many mass shootings are hoaxes is shared by Kentucky state university Wilfred Riley (who famously debated Jared Taylor in 2016). Riley wrote the book Hate Crime Hoaxes and spoke on Tucker Carlson about the book, asserting that most mass shootings featured in main media are hoaxes, and gives a short list. Riley claims to be black, though he is half Irish.

        So yeah, we would gullible to accept this latest “mass shooting” at face value. We should consider it’s gun control value, white defamation value, and fear value, however.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I believe what my research behind the lying main media revealed. And yes, even a casual analysis of the Tarrant alleged ‘helmetcam livestream’ video clearly shows a variety of utterly obvious pixel manipulation, staged props, shooting blanks, dummies or manikins, irrational scenarios, and impossibilities.

        Did you review the link I provided? There isn’t the slightest doubt that the Christchurch “mass shootings” were fakes and hoaxes. Much of the analysis and especially the original 15 minute Tarrant video has been scrubbed, but I have some downloads of analysis of the video if you dare to look at them. I don’t know how to post them here, but I may post them on my Bitchute channel now.

        Not incidentally, the alleged shooting of Ashley Babbit at the Capital “insurrection” is shown through extensive and careful analysis to have been a hoax as well. Expect it.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Yes, in my research, I came to the conclusion that the Christchurch incidents (2 alleged mosque shootings) were hoaxes. Whether the Mossad was involved is examined by Adam Green in his video, presenting evidence that Mossad operations were active in Christchurch during the earthquake prior to the Tarrant incidents. Tarrant also spent 9 days in Israel prior to going to Christchurch, but he spent time elsewhere as well, so that in inconclusive.
        I have a portion of the Green video on download, but cannot find it now on the internet.

  9. Paul Coon
    Paul Coon says:

    Thanks for posting the Payton Gendron manifesto. It’s too leftist for the mainstream to want it to be available online. This way they can cherry pick the parts of the story that they want to publicize and hide the inconvenient parts. Misinformation by omission.

  10. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    The points that Gendron made are valid even if he shouldn’t have done what he did. We can fully expect more violence and even civil war if we don’t end diversity and open borders that are literally destroying the west and white people. That is the case we need to make legally. We have all the evidence we need that diversity is bad for us and that we need to deport all non whites from the west including and especially the Jew.

    The solemn responsibility of the white man is to future generations of white people. Until that future is as secure as we can possibly make it then we have no responsibility to other races. We simply need a non violent way to make this case and move forward to take action and make it happen. The international court?

    I do believe that blacks should be treated differently than other races because they are here legally. We need to make special arrangements for them in that case. But given how whites are victims of their violence and that they are pretty much permanent dependents we can make the case that we need to create a place for them in Liberia or somewhere.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Barbara, there are trolls, agents provocateur, what-have you, and often signs for the experienced as to their identity. I don’t believe you are one of them but simply seem a woman to me who constitutionally– temperamentally if you prefer, doesn’t want to face that war has always been with us and forums like the so-called United Nations haven’t worked so well.

      That this young man has piqued the interest of the intelligent– the curious– by his choice of strategy especially by guaranteeing suppression by what he mentioned in his manifesto, he states, also guaranteed consideration of his points. He has been remarkably effective including various aspects including the perceived value of his manifesto, whether it violated common law copyright or not, for an eighteen-year-old. The usual suspects include professional investment advisors who are currently smearing Elon Musk envy such men’s apparently instinctive use of the mass media and hate powers of discrimination.

      He will probably do better on prison food if he has his basic health, strength trains & jumps rope, concentrates on getting enough protein & minerals and practices intermittent fasting. Youth are natural left-liberals and are typically brainwashed-for-life into the dominant superstition in their circle.

      For a few years, I effectively evangelized for police service dogs with a couple of German shepherds. And currently in my 70s, I’m having a hard time adjusting to a rescued, abused-as-a-puppy, small but incredibly powerful Doberman bitch. I’m having difficulty because she’s all business, more specialized for protection work genetically. Part of her abuse was not being fed, sheltered, or directed. What I like is an alarm that doesn’t miss anything, loyalty, and being concerned-enough that I’m too trusting that some consider hard-headedness. Like my toy rat terrier that ran-off a pair of bear including treeing one of them, she would sacrifice herself for me and that’s better than what passes for love these days.

      Watch what happens to this young Man before you evaluate him particularly on his appearance. The photo of the man being taken into custody speaks volumes. The obligatory disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with all that he has done but that doesn’t mean that he or I am correct. Read what Robert Griffin wrote that William Pierce told him of Timothy McVeigh.

      • Brian S. Rockford
        Brian S. Rockford says:

        By accident OR design, the end-result is to fix in the minds of people, especially white people endangered by uninvited, undeserved and unwanted demographic and socio-cultural transformation, the idea of white “supremacy” with murder, palingenesis with holocaust. The “replacement” case is no myth, whoever drives the change. To dip the survival manifesto in innocent blood is one of the worst developments possible, given the control of the media. As for “far right” organisations, as distinct from “lone gunmen”, deadly danger has always come from (1) infiltrated agents provocateurs and/or (2) spies and lying “defectors”.

        • James Clayton
          James Clayton says:

          An interesting film is, They Live, by John Carpenter, a DVD I found at the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY “Discovery Shop”– a 501(c)(3) where the savings for “dead men’s clothes” are double for those with “income”. The film is now free online: and full of memes like the amount of energy– I’m told the longest professionally-fake fight scene in film– on the energy it takes to convince a black man to look at what was researched and taught in the suppressed story available here, Jews and Slavery: Three Books by the Nation of Islam, by Andrew Hamilton.

          Watch They Live all the way to the end and, believe me, that scene of a lovely naken “shiksa” waking-up will remind you of tragedies you’ve known and leave you feeling hopeful.

          • Barbara
            Barbara says:

            Thank you for posting a link to this amazing, unbelievable movie. I wish everyone could see it and that they could wear the glasses and see the Jew for the devils that they are.

    • Mark Gobell
      Mark Gobell says:

      From “the manifesto” PDF page 3:

      “And my most recent self pictures are below:”

      These are photos of Sam Hyde.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I’ll be damned. It’s that blatant.
        The alleged Gendron allegedly claims in his alleged “manifesto” that one of his idols and models is Patrick Crusius, the alleged shooter at the El Paso WalMart. That incident itself was another hoax similar to this one, where people were really shot and killed, but not by the alleged ‘white supremacist’ shooter. Multiple witnesses stated they saw 4 men dress in head-to-toe body armor, helmets and face shields, using long-barrel weapons to fire into the indoor crowd and out into the parking lot. Then the incident was blamed on patsy and most likely government mind control slave Patrick Crusius. That is no mere speculation, since Crusius’s father worked in a medical institution devoted to mental health under self-proclaimed mind control program victim advocate and recovery specialist Collin Ross. This facility was charged with multiple violations including detaining patients/victims longer than necessary and extracting more money from them than necessary, among other violations such as sexual assault and abuse. And just as in this case, the pictures of Patrick Crusius had an almost exact resemblance to another alleged “mass shooter” who allegedly shot up a festival in Virginia (?).
        They repurpose the identities and pictures as part of their Satanic hoodwink (hidden wink). Here we have another fake “mass shooting” that smells Jewy.

  11. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Let us not be too quick to believe in this “mass shooting” at face value. Too many in recent years have been hoaxes, set-ups, psy-ops and grifts to believe this one either.
    Some interesting analysis is appearing on Telegram:

    “For people saying the shooting is fake, I don’t think it is, people were shot. You can disagree obviously but that is my opinion. However looking at it, having had more time to process, I think it’s likely the feds were involved from beginning to end and unlike other instances where they come in and save the day after manufacturing the event, they allowed it to happen to generate a response they wouldn’t get otherwise. What I mean by that is, new laws, passing of HR 350 specifically, restrictions on guns, increased surveillance, etc. It’s too perfect for it to be organic. He was probably talking to feds pretending to be white supremacists and was most likely encouraged every step of the way and told he would be a hero of sorts. Most likely that is the case but they won’t admit to it obviously. We should all remember this though,”

  12. Rupert B
    Rupert B says:

    Obviously Peyton – especially given his age – has never been to Argentina, or he wouldn’t classify it as a “white country”. It may have been at one time, but that time was at least 50 years ago if not longer. Nowadays it is being infiltrated with indios and half-castes from Bolivia, Paraguay, etc., attracted by socialist government policies and generous (by Latin American standards) welfare benefits, etc. So if Argentina has an above-average birth rate it is almost certainly not due to the majority (allegedly “white”) population.

  13. Omit
    Omit says:

    On page 6, he redacts the location he is targeting and asks that it be put in “after” the attack. On page 58, he gives the exact location. Why is that?

    • Mark Gobell
      Mark Gobell says:

      Good question. Why indeed.

      Perhaps the author was not that bright, was not able to recall his earlier reluctance and explanation for his page 6 redaction.

      The series of “Why” questions asked such as : “Why did you choose (REDACTED) for the place of attack?”

      are a direct copy from the reported NZ mosque shooter’s reported “manifesto” I linked to above:

      Also, why would the author of this Buffalo manifesto, on page 3, state that :

      “And my most recent self pictures are below:”

      then post photos of Sam Hyde holding a weapon?

      Most odd …

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        You understand now, right? Posting pictures of Sam Hyde the comedian and actor had become a meme among alt-right, 4chan and other sub-groups as a joke when identifying the latest mass shooter. The question now is, would a real Gendron do this, to show he was in on the joke and identify himself as from among these groups? Or would someone else do this to identify the shooter as from these groups, in order to justify persecuting and neutralizing them? I suspect the later.

        • Mark Gobell
          Mark Gobell says:

          Hello Karl

          Thank you for your contributions here.

          Please be aware that I take the same position as you on these events and have done since I first began studying them, post 9/11.

          The elephant in the mind control room and the common factor in many of the shooting events is medications and / or counseling for mental illness. These along with fakery, stage props and crisis actors, all combine to enable the requisite media reportage.

          Apologies if my post misled you, but you are, in this instance, preaching to the converted …



  14. Carol Bentley
    Carol Bentley says:

    Thanks very much for posting this. I appreciate reading original material, not material that is picked over and turned into sound bites. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s only 18. Although I disagree with his manifesto, it is very well written.

    • Mark Gobell
      Mark Gobell says:

      The seemingly mandatory “manifesto” is not original.

      It is a cut and paste of “the manifesto” reported to have been produced by the reported NZ mosque shooter.

        • Mark Gobell
          Mark Gobell says:

          MG : “It is a cut and paste of “the manifesto” reported to have been produced by the reported NZ mosque shooter.”

          KM : “Reported where? Is it a believable site?”

          The reported NZ mosque shooter’s “manifesto” has been used as a template for the “manifesto” that you posted.

          Whole phrases & sentences have been copied & pasted.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            I must agree, most likely the alleged shooter did not write this “manifesto”. In fact, I always approach these “mass shooter” stories with full skepticism, especially when the alleged shooter is depicted as a “white supremacist”.

            Eye witnesses in El Paso Texas reported seeing up to 4 men in black gear and face shields, firing long barrel weapons. Yet the “mass shooting” was blamed on Patrick Crusius, a young white man.

            An eye witness in Parkland Florida, Alexa Miednik, reported walking beside the alleged “mass shooter” and talking to him while gunshots were heard in another part of the building. Much about the Parkland shooting was suspect, including the police chief named Israel allowing the replacement of the school’s security camera system, the arrest of Nicholas Cruse on police bodycam, where he moans “demons, voices”, and then “holy s-, what happened? What the f-, where am I?” The arresting officers tells him to shut up.

            Much can be said about the 15:00 alleged “helmetcam livestream video” allegedly taken by Tarrant at Christchurch. I have reviewed it closely, as have others, and it contains many anomalies and distortions, making it highly unlikely it was a “livestream”, since it appears to be extensively edited, stage-directed, scripted and acted out. Clearly some of the bodies in the mosque #1 are dummies.

            We must be highly skeptical of these “mass shooting” incidents as depicted in main media. They are most likely false flags.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          What are the standards for assessing believability of a website? I find this difficult to navigate. Certainly anything “main stream” is highly suspect and not believable. Then what of the “independent” and “alternative” media sites? How to parse them for believability?

          Let’s start a list of criteria:
          -Cites peer reviewed scientific and historic materials (except that the peer review system itself is corrupt)
          -Expresses a consistent opinion or view on ongoing issues, and explains why if it changes.
          -Is the target for defamation and dismissal by “fact checking” organizations.
          -Denounced by the ADL, SPLC, and CNN
          -Labeled “white supremacist”, “Nazi” and “domestic terrorist” by various organizations, including the FBI.
          -Identified as “anti-semitic” by ADL and many other Jewish and Goy organizations, including the US Dept of Justice
          -Presents truth on otherwise taboo topics.

          These are likely to be the most believable websites. Hey, the Occidental Observer qualifies on every criteria.

          • Mark Gobell
            Mark Gobell says:

            I’d like to clarify my use of the word, “reported” :

            I use “reported” simply because that is how the narratives are disseminated and how we as consumers of those narratives, believe we become informed about them.

            Unless we are all to passively accept the narratives delivered by the legacy media, then these narratives should be precisely referred to as “reported”, for that is what they are – media reports.

            For events and narratives like mass shootings for example, I have long suspected to be the work of forces whose ideals and goals are diametrically opposed to those attributed to the so-called perps, as depicted in their so-called manifestos.

            The obvious synthesis of that dialectic is designed to marginalise the legitimate complaint, in this case, of white genocide by replacement, by staging acts of mass murder, so that the entire landscape of white advocacy can be reported as “murderous white supremacy”.

            This “false flag” type method of implicating your enemy for crimes you have committed, is as old as time and serves the real perps’ agenda, extremely well.

  15. Brian S. Rockford
    Brian S. Rockford says:

    It is morally wrong and politically counter-productive to kill people who have committed no crime themselves but “look black”. Their birth-rate may be a problem, but this is not solved by a sporadic massacre that plays into the hands of more powerful enemies who not only escape retribution or even challenge, but can and do use such incidents in effect to help along rather than hinder race replacement.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Agreed, such incidents end up being very helpful to “powerful enemies” as you say, and not just for race replacement, but also gun confiscation, further erosions of liberties in the name of “safety and security”, and other objectives. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and if they don’t have one, create it.

  16. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    I just read it. It took a while. It is hard for me to belive an 18 year old wrote this manifesto.

  17. L. A. Lazarus
    L. A. Lazarus says:

    He learned all this crap, not from conservatives but from democrats. The same way democrats brainwash young children in government run schools to think they might be the wrong gender or that boys and girls are the same, is exactly the identical b.s. this psychopath learned from the Main Stream Media and not 4Chan. All we hear is racism, racism, racism from the democrats. If anyone things that doesn’t affect weak minds like this guy, they are mistaken. If a low I.Q. person listens and watches only CNN and all the FAKE NEWS, that is exactly what they believe is true. And yet once again, there was no “good guy with a gun” on scene to stop this maniac dead in his tracks as per the Houston, Texas Church Shooting several years ago.

    • Mark Gobell
      Mark Gobell says:

      I suspect that it’s just a little in-joke crafted by the real authors and architects of this event.

  18. Jeffey Sutherland
    Jeffey Sutherland says:


    I find it strange that someone went to this much trouble to create a “manifesto,” including detailed advice on what are appropriate targets (in his mind); and then pulls off a relatively lame stunt. It is so odd. He probably spent weeks, maybe months, working on his thesis, and then fails to follow his own advice, essentially.

    It almost makes me wonder if the people who do these sort of things are “in their right minds.” The fellows seemed to understand some rudimentary concepts about terrorism. He also brings up “IQ”, a lot. However, his terror attack was a very “low IQ” affair, wasn’t it? Compare it to 911, for example, since that’s where the “high bar” is stands. I realize that the fellow was a lone gunman, but he’s the dogmatic individual setting the high standards for action. It’s so weird that he authors a terrorist theory manual, and proceeds to lead by example by shooting a few old Blacks at a shopping center. I cannot make the connection. The manifesto and the execution of it are not a match.

    Some quick takes on the “manifesto:” It does seem to be the work of a young loner. It lacks sophistication and nuance. The perspective is not particularly broad or enlightened. Could it be written by the progressive, affirmative action hires of the entrenched Deep State? I doubt it, although it does seem to be on par with their intellectual level. I don’t know why anyone would think that the anti-White government wrote this, when the boy is taking credit for it. (And he is a boy, by liberal states’ definition. Liberal states are saying that people that commit murder his age don’t have fully developed brains, and they are releasing incarcerated murderers based upon this.)

    Sadly, loners are almost exclusively what abounds, because of the circumstances. If White people could form political and support groups, you would have less people going insane; acting out of frustration. However, the anti-White dictatorship in power allows everyone but White people the basic civil rights by which White people founded America and the United States government.

    A mystery: Why is it that these modern-day berserkers never select targets of consequence? Reading his manual, he thinks the way to fight the active racial holocaust (genocide by racial replacement, among other methods in violation of international law) is for individuals to confront the invaders, head-on. That would be Dearborn or some immigration detention center; not Black Town. True, Blacks living among Whites currently represent terror and genocide, but that’s not how his manual read. But why is it always random, unsuspecting pedestrians? I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but why don’t they target individuals directly involved in deliberately promoting, funding, and facilitating White genocide? Ok, you are sacrificing your life. You are headed for Valhalla. Don’t you want to get the most bang for your buck? Can’t you think of somebody particularly guilty and evil? Don’t they ever think that they might be thought of as more of a hero for targeting someone obviously guilty of crimes against humanity, than some random child whose parents took her to a synagogue, or some random old Black that might turn out to be a retired policeman?

    Again, if White people had self-determination as a people, none of these things will be an issue. However, those commiting genocide cannot tolerate opposition to the extermination process. For example, the 2020 general elections were dubious at best, but any attempt to settle the issue by due process was systemically shut down. The dictatorship tries to destroy anyone who attempts to form a “JDL, NAACP, or BLM,” to protect White rights and lives.

    Other takes:

    In real life, among Whites, not only is there no sympathy for the Black deaths in Buffalo; I’ve witnessed widespread sympathy for Payton Gendron. White people know full well what White males are suffering through during our holocaust.  Not only that, the Great Replacement Theory is finally gaining widespread acknowledgment and acceptance. Only White people have ever felt sympathy for other races (their fatal flaw), but White people can no longer feel sympathy for Blacks after the BLM riots during the illegal pandemic shutdowns.

    And finally, speaking of the great and powerful Jewish people (mentioned in the manifesto), here are some helpful thoughts perhaps influenced by Shoah disinformation:

    Racial replacement is genocide.  There is nothing too extreme in defense against genocide.

    In closing:

    Let us pray for this troubled young man, one of many millions suffering under active genocide and oppression. Pray in a different way and do not pray to the Semitic god of genocide. Pray with others. Have sympathy for Payton, for he is your son, and we must acknowledge him as such. If we stand together, we can overcome the ultimate tyranny and injustice that motivated Payton’s radical choices. We are experiencing the greatest evil in recorded history and we are suffering together as a whole. Never forget!

  19. Mark Gobell
    Mark Gobell says:

    The “Buffalo shooting event” reportedly on May 14, 2022 :

    – on Israel’s 74 th birthday

    Reportedly, pre-planned, announced, publicised, invited & live streamed at Payton Gendron’s Discord servers ( IM chat rooms ) …

    – on the same day as Discord’s Preview release 128333 on May 14, 2022

    As with many of these potential honey-trap apps, there is much speculation that Discord and Gab for example are also data-mining apps.

    No coincidence then that these are the preferred platforms for all that so-called, “white supremacy” and the like …

    Anti-Whites Ready for Action After Latest “White Supremacist” Shooting PsyOp

    Comment by :
    16 hours ago

    Read the latest Washington Post article about Gendron and Discord. I don’t want to link to it here.

    They’re trying to make it legal to haul someone in to a psych gulag and c9nfiscate their guns just for being invited into a chat room with anyone who expresses ‘hate.’

    Be very, very careful about private chats, or websites that allow any expressions of violence. Feds will be out there looking to set people up.

    Luckily as the jews increasingly target whites explicitly, the more mainstream dissidents become less gullible. They wake up so ewhat and demand defense of their Constitutional rights. So all is not lost but people need to be careful nonetheless.

    It was designed purposely that Gendron hid his true plans and online opinions from the people around him in person. That way when someone’s friends and family defend them from accusations by the psych system (which has no due process much less presumption of innocence), the gulag apparatus can claim ‘they have real insider knowledge.’

    Wash Po article mentioned :

    Just before Buffalo shooting, 15 users signed into suspect’s chatroom, says person familiar with review



  20. Mark Gobell
    Mark Gobell says:

    Well, well, well …

    As per, the Dylann Storm Roof event on 17 June 2015, the day after Trump announced his Presidential candidacy, when Hillary the she-devil, just happened to be in Charleston, SC, just at the right time for another, reported, mass shooting of black folk, which, according to the seemingly mandatory “manifesto” in that production, was designed to start a race war …

    That good day to bury bad news also followed the revelation on 16 June, that Clinton confidant, Sidney Blumenthal under scrutiny on Capitol Hill about Benghazi, Libya memos he sent to HRC, was being paid $200k a year from Clinton ally, David Brock’s media operation …

    Daily Mail : ( see below )

    “Among the dead is 41-year-old Reverend Clementa Pinckney, pastor of the church and a South Carolina state senator who leaves behind a wife and two young daughters”

    “One of the dead has been confirmed as Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a pastor who recently led rallies after unarmed black man Walter Scott was shot dead by police two months ago.”

    “It has been suggested that the shooting was timed to coincide with two large political rallies in the city, as just hours before Rev Pinckney met with Hillary Clinton as part of her presidential campaign and Jeb Bush was also due to visit Charleston today but his appearance has now been canceled.”

    Guess who opened the Tops Friendly Supermarket in Buffalo back in 2001?

    Then Senator Hillary Clinton …

    Sources :

    CAPTURED: Race-hate massacre suspect who ‘shot nine people dead’ at historic South Carolina black church after telling them ‘you’re taking over our country’ is arrested during traffic stop

    Blumenthal supplies Hillary’s enemies with new ammunition

    The Buffalo Shooter Targeted a City Haunted by Segregation

  21. Mark Gobell
    Mark Gobell says:

    This is illustrative of the kabbalistic method behind the madness.

    The temporal event relationships used as kabbalistic signatures which define links within the narrative, bonding the event to the motivation.

    This is how we can separate the wheat from the chaff and who the real authors are.

    This is evidence of design …

    The “Dylann Storm Roof” narrative : Wanted to start a race war …


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