The Generational Divide in Eastern Europe — The Bariga Generation 

We left off talking about the Soviet Generation last time. By the by, some commenters over on Unz got mad and accused me of promoting pro-Western talking points and being anti-Russian for being a bit harsh, admittedly, about the old-timers. Well, putting aside that some people seem incapable of seeing the world with any nuance and fall back on good vs. evil, black and white narratives, its also an amusing reaction when you consider that the Soviet Generation doesn’t really even see itself as Russian or Ukrainian or Belorussian for that matter. They see themselves as Soviets first and foremost and their allegiance and true love is for a dead political ideology and project, not for the country that they ended up in when the whole thing collapsed. There is even an entire movement of pro-Soviets that refuses to acknowledge that they are Russian and wave their Soviet passports around, saying that the USSR was never formally dissolved, therefore, they remain Soviets and not Russians. And just because these people are anti-Western because the West is supposedly an imperialist, capitalist, bourgeois project, doesn’t mean that they are Russian patriots. But whatever. Consider me what you will if you must, but I think my positions and worldview will become clearer as the blogging continues.

Some more qualifications and equivocating first though: generations are generally remembered and evaluated based on the culture and attitudes that they produce. That being said, there are always members of the generational cohort who do not participate in the defining culture of their time. Sometimes, they form a distinct sub-culture that is in opposition to the dominant culture of their time. Exceptions to the general rule, however, are just that. I realize that I am talking to dissident right-wingers for the most part, so please remember that we allow ourselves to generalize on other topics for good reason, and the same rules should apply to my generalizations here.

So, after the Soviets, we had the first “free” generation coming into mature adulthood while living in the ruins of the Soviet Union or spending their teenage years enjoying the free-for-all that was the 90s. These people are generally in their very late 30s and early 50s now. And if we were to compare the values and behavior of this post-Soviet generation with similar generations in the West, we’d have to look at Generation X as a useful template to compare and contrast to. On the one hand, both Gen X’er groups loved their angsty rock music and plunged headfirst into nihilistic self-harm, drug experimentation and a “burn it all down, man” sort of political platform. On the other, Eastern Gen X’ers were very pro-Capitalism and free markets and hustlin’ in a way that their drop-out Western counterparts were not, and this became the key defining driver of this generation and its values. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was this general idea in the heads of the youth that now was a golden opportunity to finally make some money. See, in the Soviet Union, there was no real path to making any money that didn’t include a party membership and a knack for embezzlement. Now though, there was a feeling that the looting was going to be democratized and the Eastern Gen X eagerly rubbed its hands and plunged in headfirst to eke out its share.

This is also why I, personally, refer to them as the Bariga Generation, which is a term worth a short explanation as well.

The term “bariga” is most often used to refer to dealers, but it’s also used for fast-talkers and scam artists. In contrast to the muscled, tattooed thug who simply beats money out of people, the bariga sweet-talks them out of it and generally does less physical forms of crime. Being a criminal, acting like a gangster, and getting rich or dying trying were the literal rallying cry of a large swath of this generation, helped along by Western ideals that they were so eager to adopt and mindlessly follow. Many died along the way, but a few succeeded in stealing a little something for themselves and their loved ones. To be fair, the whole FSU at that point was basically a carcass being looted by vultures and scavengers, and the social order largely collapsed once a faction of the ruling Party decided to chip in and help the West detonate what they had spent the better part of the century building up. So the Bariga generation was literally just monkey-seeing and monkey-doing and I’m not saying that they were metaphysically evil by dint of being born when they were or anything like that. But take racketeering, for example, which became a legitimate profession because, well, everyone from the KGB to the Georgian mafia to the Party Nomenklatura was doing it. Can we blame a significant part of the youth for trying to get in on the action as well?

Personally, I think it’s sort of understandable behavior in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was the FSU.

But as part of their rebellion against the Soviet Union, they also went to war against their socially conservative Soviet family and their values. Dealing drugs, burning and reselling punk rock and gangster rap CDs, tricking a granny out of her apartment, sitting around all day in the staircase and eating sunflower seeds, smoking cheap cigarettes and throwing up on the walls, sneaking into a factory and stealing the copper wiring in the walls — all favorite pastimes of the rebellious youth that were then immortalized in song and verse by their punk rock and gangster rap bards.

Ever hear of “Gopniks” and the infamous “gop stop”?

The “GOP” part is an acronym that refers to government-subsidized housing quarters. Their residents began to be referred to as Gopniks and their favorite pastimes were accosting random pedestrians and demanding cigarettes or sunflower seeds from them. Handing over a cigarette or two was no guarantee of being left unmolested though. Usually, as urban legend holds, one had to reply in a certain coded way and one “correct” answer that you could give was that you didn’t smoke because you were a sportsman. I never tried this password myself and either way, it seems like one’s mileage could vary.

Context, context, context, though, I know.

It is hard to put into words just how demoralized the entire FSU was at the time. The Soviet Union had been locked in an ideological war with the Capitalist West that they had suddenly and unexpectedly lost without even putting up a fight. That meant that literally everything that was promoted yesterday became discredited today. The Soviet Generation, in particular, had a very hard time accepting that the Western bourgeois propaganda about the gulags and the actual, uncensored story of the Bolsheviks’ bloody rise to power had more than a kernel of truth to it. The youth, however, accepted it with zeal and became ardent anti-Sovoks to an extreme. This meant that they also eagerly lapped up everything else that the West had to share with the East simply because they were so thoroughly disenchanted with the ideals of their parents’ generation. They developed a mania for everything Western and that meant that no one critically assessed what was flowing into the country at the time — so long as it was Western, it was considered good. The lying, discredited Western news was accepted uncritically by them — after all, they were right about the crimes of the Soviet Union, weren’t they? That clearly meant they were the good guys and should be trusted about, say, the crimes of the Serbs against … well, whoever it was that they were being accused of being mean towards at the time. And this applied to all the pressing social, political and economic issues of the day. To this day, the Bariga generation harbors a fondness for America and the West, whom they see as liberators who freed them from the clutches of the USSR (and their parents’ stifling conservative values). While this has been changing (slightly) because of the events surrounding Crimea and now the war in Ukraine, many still remain hopelessly demoralized and supportive of whatever the West does and endlessly critical of “Rashka” — an insulting epithet hurled at their own country.

But you would be mistaken if you assumed that these people were entirely “liberal” in the same sense that we understand liberals in the West. While the Bariga generation generally wants to cargo-cult and import the West wholesale into the FSU, if not simply outright move there forever, that doesn’t mean that they are like modern SJWs who hate White people and Western culture. See, that’s the funny part — the Bariga generation, to their credit, are generally racists (or race-realists if you prefer) partly because of their rejection of the Soviet “Friendship Between Peoples” official propaganda platform and because of their lived experience with hostile, feral migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus that were unleashed on an unsuspecting and prostrate Soviet population after the collapse of the USSR.

The film is a cult classic in Russia that depicts the bandit culture of the 90s well. 

What’s worse, the prisoners from the Soviet Union’s massive archipelago of camps were also suddenly released/let loose on an unsuspecting, law-abiding population as well. There were, to be fair, undoubtedly, “Zeks” (prisoners) who did not deserve to be incarcerated in the first place, but there were, also, undoubtedly hardcore criminals who either deserved their hard labor sentence or who had turned feral during their time in the prison system. These prisoners were already being let loose during Gorbachev’s short reign, but the trickle became a flood under Yeltsin, who, like all good revolutionaries, made sure to empty the prisons to inflict as much terror on the people as possible. This influx of Zeks into society significantly contributed to the rise of gangster culture in Russia and the poor behavior of Generation Bariga.

Many former Zeks drive “marche-routka” minivan public transportation in the FSU today. You can usually spot them because of the tell-tale tattoos on their hands and fingers. 

On the slightly less bleak side, compared to the younger generations, the Soviet generation is far less likely to be woke on the race/ethnicity question, because, thanks to the Soviet Union’s internal passport system, the non-White populations of the Soviet empire were kept segregated in their own republics. The only real contact that the average Soviet citizen had with swarth was with the exotic and quaint watermelon salesman at the bazaar or from the Soviet movies, where they were depicted as eccentric, but amicable enough fellows who took pride in providing hospitality for any Soviet guest that might visit them. As a result, Soviets prefer to remember race relations this way and stubbornly refuse to be “red-pilled by reality,” thinking that the crime and the predation will end as soon as Communism is re-instated and the various ethnicities forced to become race-less Soviets again.

A famous Soviet comedy called “The Caucasian Prisoner(ess)”

An interesting point worth mentioning: if you point out what the West actually stands for nowadays and highlight just how bleak the situation is for Western men who are basically openly hated on by their own companies, media, government, wives, and so on, you come up across a wall of denial that I have yet to ever break through with the generic West-obsessed Gen X’er. Any criticism of the West, even coming from a young man who lived there, comes off as yet another Sovok lie, which they, enlightened as they are, refuse to even consider for a moment.

See, the West is a utopia and Rashka is Mordor. End of discussion.


It’s funny to consider how, in the West, nationalists rally behind LOTR. But in Russia, it’s the Liberals who use LOTR in their propaganda. Bizarre.

The Bariga generation, however, is archetypically liberal in the sense that they believe that holding the right political views makes them morally superior to all other people and generations. Even though their parents’ generation (with all its faults, admittedly) generally possesses the traits that we associate with morally upright people, the Gen X’ers believe that hating Stalin and Brezhnev gives them a carte blanche to behave however they see fit and still claim the moral high ground.

A typical conversation with a Gen X’er goes something like this.

  • See these sneakers? Got ‘em from Poland. Can’t get them here. I know a buddy who got it for cheap there. Not like here in Rashka.

At that point, their parents overhear the conversation and butt in.

  • In the Soviet Union, we had wonderful shoes. We used to make everything in the Soviet Union. Now … everything is just foreign junk. What a bardak. I saw someone littering the other day in the park. People wouldn’t litter in the Soviet Union. They’d be sent to jail for littering! Or not paying their fare on the bus! A strong hand — that’s how you deal with crime!

This riles up the Gen X’er, who enjoys littering.

  • All you ever talk about is sending someone to prison. You Sovoks want to send us back into the dark ages. Shoes? Are you kidding me? We had to stand in line to get shoes. I remember you pulled some strings with your KGB friend back in the day to get some imported Italian shoes. What’s wrong? Was the Soviet shoe factory not good enough for you then?

This angers the Sovok, who denies the existence of lines as a rule.

  • The agricultural output of our region alone was 77 thousand tons of wheat and barley. We had a 17% increase in urazhai (harvest) in 1982 alone! How many hectares are even being plowed now? We import everything. Everything!

Now that food has been mentioned, the friendly debate is about to devolve into a full-blown argument. We’re in the danger zone, folks.

  • You remember Misha? He worked his whole life on a kolkhoz (collective farm) and you saw how he ended his life. Destitute. Drunk. At least they pay wages now. What you had before was slave labor. And you moved to the city and lived there your whole life which is why you can afford to romanticize the kolkhoz. You just filled your head with Soviet propaganda films and think this reflects reality. Wake up.

A hand slams on the table.

  • And is this any way to live life now? Have you seen the way that the girls dress? The youth on the buses and the metro go around with those devices glued to their ears. They don’t talk to anyone! No respect for their elders!

Now he’s done it.

  • Why don’t you just turn on the TV and fall asleep to Kremlin propaganda lullabies like you usually do. Me, I prefer living in the real world. Hold on, my ex-wife is calling. “Hello, yes? Stop yelling, Katya!” Ok gramps, gotta go. I’ll see you next New Year’s.

Touching, isn’t it?

But I suppose we’ve come to the part of the essay where, after having spent hundreds of words trashing an entire generation, I throw them a bone out of pity and to assuage the vengeful commenters who hound me so.

It is easy to just say that these people sold out their own inheritance to the West for a bowl of porridge in the form of blue jeans, Walkmans and sexual promiscuity, but…


Sorry, I lost my train of thought there. Where was I?

Oh yes, the Bariga generation sold out themselves and future generations for Western products and hide their greed and vanity with a narrative in which they are freedom-fighters and persecuted dissidents. They had few kids if they had any at all. The climbing divorce and abortion rate absolutely exploded as a result of their drunken end-of-the-world-party attitude. Times were tough, but no one held a gun to their heads and forced them to be degenerate. They could have borne their bad hand stoically. They could have found a compromise with their parents instead of violently lashing out. They can sober up at any time even now and realize that the dream of the 90s has died and that we now face a new reality.

What’s worse, to this day, many in this generation refuse to consider the fact that they might have gotten duped or trapped like a mouse in a trap going for the easy cheese. It’s much easier to consider themselves liberators and ardent anti-Communist political rebels fighting against the Stalin in their very own family who spends his days on the couch watching channel 1 and collecting his pension.

Much like their demographic counterpart in the West, there aren’t that many of these guys around and they have generally under-achieved as a generation, leaving their mark mostly in music and underground culture. Mentally, many of them remain trapped in the 90s, which they remember as a golden era of freedom, rebellion and financial opportunity that Putin, the Soviet scoundrel, snatched away from them.

After all, once upon a time, one could take a trip to Poland, buy some foreign sneakers and bring them back to Rashka where the other youths would nod with approval…

The Gen X’er lights up a cigarette and leans back with a drag and a sigh. “Ah, the good old days. Kids these days simply can’t understand. Don’t know how good they have it. If it weren’t for us, they’d still be living in the Soviet Union. We gave them punk rock and freedom.”

I have no problem admitting that many of their criticisms of the Soviet Union ring true. And an eccentric free-thinker like myself would no doubt have been thrown in the Gulag too. But how does blindly hating on one’s country and acting in a destructive manner benefit anyone other than the people who want you dead? They never seem to have an answer.

So, all I have to say to them at this point is: keep on fighting the good fight against mom and dad, Putin and the state, Soviet shoes, and the kolkhoz. History will no doubt look kindly on you and your generation.

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  1. Poupon Marxq
    Poupon Marxq says:

    But as part of their rebellion against the Soviet Union, they also went to war against their socially conservative Soviet family and their values. Dealing drugs, burning and reselling punk rock and gangster rap CDs, tricking a granny out of her apartment, sitting around all day in the staircase and eating sunflower seeds, smoking cheap cigarettes and throwing up on the walls, sneaking into a factory and stealing the copper wiring in the walls — all favorite pastimes of the rebellious youth that were then immortalized in song and verse by their punk rock and gangster rap bards.

    This is nothing that a good public beating will rectify. When criminals are afraid of the police and law there is peace in the valley; when the reverse is true, there is chaos and decline and innocent lives damaged. Where did we come into such ineffective, fluffy puffy idealism? From what and where did it derive? From empty idealism. Never Reality tested.

    • SS
      SS says:

      All the behavior you describe is either “punk” by my grandfather’s standards or third world by my standards. Are we sure the slavs didn’t get squatting from the Hindu culture? Brown people in National Geo. were the only people I ever saw doing that, last century. Everyone should force themselves, if necessary, to watch Adam Green’s very recent video about kabbala because well into he plays some clips of rabbis talking about how their mission is to destroy “the West” and all nations of the world bar Israel. z

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      Poupon Marx has the cornel of a great idea, it is only his citation-obsessed, spergy manner of presenting it that trips him up. Present day Eastern Slavs may be regarded as “a tightrope over an abyss.” It matters not what they are, only what they might become. Nordic Supermen must conquer the East, taking possession of the best pussy for themselves, so that the blonde Nordish Master Race can be bred into existence.

      Those of you that have criticized Poupon Marx should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. He is indeed a Niechzschean Superman hiding behind the humble facade of a gamma sperg. “Whatever is profound loves masks.”

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      @ Poupon Marx

      Empty Idealism?

      I came across a testimony of a man from Romania named Dumitru Duduman who was tortured for his Christian faith under the Ceacescu regime. He became a pastor after military service and was imprisoned for his faith due to letting an American missionary go after being caught smuggling Bibles into Romania. He suffered terribly and to meet a man and speak and pray with him was a blessing! Indeed its not everyday one meets an almost martyr for Christ. It changes you and Romania was a horror story under Ceausescu.. To make a long story short as I sat listening to him give his testimony he relayed this. Upon learning of some Christian faithful who had been taken and abandoned in a box canyon left there to starve and die, Dumitru and some friends gathered some supplies and traveled there to rescue these persecuted people. The authorities however, who had been keeping a watchful eye on his activities learned of the rescue plan and sent their soldiers in hot pursuit and to kill everyone involved. As they traveled and neared the place in the distance they could hear and see the approaching soldiers in their jeeps. Dumitru knew they would all be killed and as they got closer to their brothers and sisters in the canyon a light rain started to fall over them. The rain though started to fall heavier upon the soldiers and then to the amazement of those in the canyon Dumitru relayed that the rain turned into hail over the soldiers and the closer they got the more intense the hail became until the soldiers couldn’t take it anymore and immediately retreated from the area. Dumitru said no hail fell over them or those inside the canyon only over the soldiers as they were scrambling to get out from underneath the torrent descending upon them.

      Sitting there listening to this testimony of a man who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith, bones broken, etc etc was an experience one will never forget. Further and most importantly for me i said to myself yes, this is what I have been waiting to hear. I spent some quality time with this man and we prayed together and you know all he asked from me was for Bibles for his people back home. They had nothing he told us all except mere scraps of paper with the scriptures on them. Further to this Dumitru was appalled by America the country to which he was exiled to. He was especially appalled at the Church and all of its leather bound Bibles which are treated well if you understand what i understand about climate change being the work of God, few if any are actually reading His book. I’d imagine Dumitru would be quite pleased to read:

      “The Lord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.” (Isaiah 30:30}

      “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?” (Job 38:22–23)

      Now isn’t this interesting especially the one from the book of Job?

      God is a military commander with his own weapons?

      Imagine that and as I have studied climate change I see a pattern to it all. For example it wasn’t a surprise for me to hear on the news about a terrifying thunder storm hitting Boston resulting in spectators scrambling from their seats ducking for cover in the stadium during some sporting event which actually ended the event. i knew something was up. That God was very angry about something? Three days later I watched the morning news as the twin towers came down and was rendered speechless and in awe wondering too myself about Boston? More can be found here as well for any interested.

      Yes, there is far more going on than meets the eye and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with industrial pollution now does it? But O how we prefer the lies to the truth don’t we?

      The world I fear is on a collision course with a very dangerous being and Dumitru was given a message from Him entitled America Will Burn. He was also a man who had similar encounters with God’s messengers as the Prophet Daniel did and me as well so our meeting was actually an intervention of the Divine!!! As usual God is the teacher.

      God is not mocked – whatsoever a man sows so shall he reap and of course,

      “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a Living God!!!!”

      No empty idealism here sir.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Thank you, Gerry. I remain thoroughly convinced that ShallShredYou was evil, as well as his partner. Though people are what they are, such sociopaths are allowed to rise to power through inadequate and wrong ideas and thoughts. Certain sets of ideas, collectively usually, allow for negative outcomes-if not outright promote them.

        Bad people, as in hard wired socio-psychopaths have to be taken out of action. Period. Full stop. Do not pass Go.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      What is it with slavs and sunflower seeds?
      The early war cringe propaganda of the Ukrainian babooshka handing the Russian soldier sunflower seeds so that a pretty flower would grow from his buried corpse, was typical Globohomo rip-off from the charming old Irish tale about barley seeds.
      That story is romantic and tragic, there’s even a melancholy Sting song that plays in your head when you think of it.
      Ukraine may be tragic, but there’s no romance. It’s just dumb and retarded like all the rest of ZOG’s stupid schemes.
      They just have to ruin everything.

  2. Robert Henry
    Robert Henry says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable essay. My kids are Gen-X and I liked learning how they compare to others.

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    Ah, Russia! How I loved her people. I also remember the long lines in Leningrad, Pskov, Lwow, Kiev… Sitting in an old aircraft built during the Soviet era and flying from one city to another, made one ponder about those who even contemplated comparing the West to Mother Russia. It’s true what he writes about jeans. They were a symbol in the old days.

    There’s so much hate and dezinformacja about our Euro cousins east of the Baltic states. Today Western TelAvivza (my spelling is atrocious) refers to Russians as nogoodniks and gives her people an untermensch label. However, her gals are just as pretty as any portrayed as Hollywood beauties.

    Further, there’s so much dishonesty about the Ruskis and Russia that it’s mind-boggling for those who have mingled among that people. Take today, for example. Russia has only 140 mln folks and would have a hard time ground fighting the West. As for extended conflict, Russia has only 10% of what’s NATO’s budget. She left Afghanistan because of our sting missiles.

    Today the massive Western weaponry has been halting much of the vaulted Moscow endeavors near Kiev. The only thing Mother Russia has that’s an equalizer is nuclear tools. Even those are quite questionable. That’s not to say that she’s weak. After all, out of her 16,000 nukes only 10 have to reach the USA/W. Europe to cause havoc and/or send cities like Berlin, Bulletmore, Pistolvanyia, Paris, Shitcago, Killadelphia and London back to the stone age.

  4. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    I see no utility in presenting the image a Potemkin Village for Boomers. We’re already balls deep in Nietzsche’s Last Man territory anyway, boomers just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

    On that theme, and speaking on behalf of My Fellow Crackers, I want an article written by Rolo Slavski to be titled “Russia: The Last Bastion of Unspoiled Nordish Pussy.”

  5. John
    John says:

    The existence of European Peoples & our homelands are not negotiable.
    The different colors is what makes a rainbow. Color-mixing destroys that.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Good comment IF you mean each European homeland as a separate color. The trouble is, most Americans are proud of their mixed European blood and think it makes them ‘better’ or ‘improved’ over a pure-blooded German, French, Italian or Englishman. They don’t understand that ‘European’ is not one thing or another (just like the European Union), thus is a mixed-bag weakening in itself.

      Grafts joining tree and plant species have to be carefully matched in order to have a successful result. Willy-nilly mating is not that.

      • SS
        SS says:

        C.Y. – I have hung out with the politically incorrect for 20+ years online and my sister has sung Kumbaya all her life, we are both over 65 and neither of us has ever heard anybody say they were proud to be of mixed European blood because it makes them “better” than someone of pure German or any other European blood. I have seen writers, gushing about celebrities, say something like “Elvis got his sense of show biz from his Jewish ancestor and his blah blah blah from his Cherokee ancestor…” But those are propaganda artists. Do you have a source for this claim?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You mix two colours together and you get an entirely new colour. This is very lovely.
      But it doesn’t follow that you’d mix ALL your two colours together to then be left with only one.
      Nor would you mix every colour in your box and produce nothing but a horrible brown mess.
      It’s breathtaking how basic this all is. We learn this sort of thing at what? Four years? Five? Maybe that’s why so many have forgotten something so obvious.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Who are, specifically, “European Peoples”? Where are our Homelands? Which do we exert any control over-or even influence?.

  6. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Russian prisons? Here is the other side of the coin Rolo by way of a confession by a truly great lady who along with her crew was the first to enter Russia with the gospel of Christ. Some great testimonies and confessions.

    Prison Mission was begun at Mozhast, 50 miles from Moscow, where hundreds of “first offenders” were incarcerated. I never shall forget the day it fell my lot to bring the message. Concluding the teaching, I asked each inmate to stand that had understood who Jesus is and would be willing to ask Him into his heart – an act which would change his behavior on earth and secure for him a home in heaven. EVERY YOUNG MAN AROSE, and some with uplifted hands as though standing was inadequate. League of Prayer prison ministry expanded until 400 prisons were reached in Russia, some in Ukraine and others in Siberia.

    She and her team had some great people in the Russian government who looked favorably upon their work.

    League of Prayer – Russia was the first Christian Charity registered under Russia’s amended constitution requiring 1/2 of the Board of Directors to be Russian citizens. Moscow Central Regional Hospital provided us an office and huge warehouse in exchange for medicines, equipment and supplies. We are now one of a few whose registration has not been revoked. Our initial meetings with the Moscow City Council, Human Resource Agencies, and Valentina Petlina, prominent attorney and Director of League of Prayer – Russia, gave us influence with City Officials and opened doors for multiple ministries.

    After taking chemo on a plane for a stricken Moscow State University Professor, (for none was in the country), we purchased a supply of chemotherapy for Moscow Cancer Institute. Each single box shown in the hand of L) Bernard Stewart cost $5,000. Head cancer specialist, Mary S. Relfe, our Co-Director, Boris Petlin and Translator – Liaison, Lucy Mandroussova are shown.

    What the youth of Russia need is what they never had under Stalin and Yeltsin a revival of the Christian Religion. Exposure to the love and compassion that only Christ Jesus can give. That happened but alas it didn’t go on long enough. Perhaps if the entire Christian Church in America with all its resources had stepped up we would have a blessed glorious testimony that would last for an eternity. Happiness true happiness arrives when we truly love one another.

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      There seem to be quite a few people pushing the idea that Jesus will save. Nick Griffin is one, A C Hitchcock another. It’s amusing to see the persistence of Jewish influence. Isn’t it?

      • Default
        Default says:

        It’s amusing to see random spergs pushing the idea that Christianity is some kind of 8th-dimensional Jewish hyperspace chess, certainly. Kind of sad, admittedly, but still amusing

  7. Tom
    Tom says:

    Our genes still make it that we are wired to struggle and compete for survival. This is what gives us order, mental stability, proper family life and social life. Regardless of the instigators of the 1960s youth revolutions in the West, the human “mouse utopias” of that era unleashed upon society millions of irresponsible, know-nothing, violent, and often murderous punks who had nothing better to do except to cause chaos everywhere. This is what children do when left to their own devices. In prior times, the hooligans would have been culled by the harshness of objective reality. What saved them however was their adolescent instigation for an ever-growing welfare state, a child nursery essentially, to save them from their own stupidities, given that their parents wouldn’t or couldn’t save them. They were all accidents waiting to happen but for the ridiculous social programs put in place to rescue their sorry asses. Idle hands do indeed do the devil’s work. And year by year, the number of hands increases.

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      Genetics explains everything from eating and drinking, walking and sleeping, digestion and biochemistry, talking, child-rearing, … a vast range of things. “Wired to struggle and compete…”? Do you spend all you time struggling and competing? Of course not. Why not try to sharpen up your ideas?

  8. Default
    Default says:

    “By the by, some commenters over on Unz got mad and accused me of promoting pro-Western talking points and being anti-Russian for being a bit harsh, admittedly, about the old-timers.”

    To be fair, as laudable a site as is, its commentariat appears to largely consist of people laboring under the delusion that China’s Orwellian technocracy is a light unto the nations. You can’t expect very much from such minds.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “. . China’s Orwellian technocracy is a light unto the nations. .”
      But how can you blame them/us? The Chinese people appear to like enforcing social conformity, they’ve lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, they are proud, their cities are clean, homogeneous and crime free. The Chinese aren’t really interested in abstract notions of liberty, it’s not in their history. It’s never been of benefit to them. The Chi-coms are giving their own people a kind of utopia.
      Then you have us, with a hostile elite at war with us and our history, step by step empoverishing, humiliating and enslaving us.
      Plus the further embarrassment that the Chinese are actually more free than we are, they can criticise their elite, they just aren’t allowed to question the Chi-coms legitimacy to rule.
      Imagine we were *only* not allowed to criticise the Jews right to rule over us, but in every other respect we were as free to say what we liked? We’d all take this in a heartbeat.

  9. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    You postulate or represent that China is either X or Y. In fact, the world is analog, with mixed and amalgamations of spectral extremes. Certainly elements of Chinese heritage and culture are high quality components and practical. Pure democracy is just as destructive or an absolute dictator, with no accountability.

  10. Ronald D.
    Ronald D. says:

    Well well wasn’t punk rock sponsored by the Soviet union? I mean I do seem to remember the first record of the Ramones was named the USSSR or similar.

    Was the singer of the Ramones jewish? Was it soviet with an agenda, hidden such, that sponsored this kinda thing and also black music projects to get dunno RACEMIXING (with blacks then…)….

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      All of pop music is a phy-op on the masses. Why did the entire youth of the Western World all go collectively mad in the 1960’s, did someone put something in the water? No, they put it in the air, it was called pop music.
      George Martin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, the Tavistock Institute, all funded by Rockerfeller.
      Not one damn thing organic about any of it. Just a bunch of mad scientists decoupled from the Christian morality that stopped this sort of wickedness in the past, now free to indulge themselves, using the peasants as guinea-pigs.

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