The Military Analysts and the Negative Coverage of the War

I’ve written about the military people in Russia before, but it’s worth bringing up again.

There are, or rather, there were nationalist political groups in Russian politics, but they were either assimilated, like Dmitri Rogozin’s “Rodina” party, which basically faded into irrelevance once Rogozin himself was offered a position in the government, or they folded like the internet journal Sputnik & Pogrom.

You’ve probably heard of Rogozin — he got into a spat with Elon Musk recently:

Leading to this cryptic tweet:

I really don’t think Rogozin is going to assassinate Musk — but hey, it’s topical to mention it.

Anyway, there’s no real point in talking about nationalist groups in Russia unless it is to mention various weirdo Neo-Nazi groups who seem to only exist so that the FSB can roll up on them periodically, send them to penal colonies, and thereby justify their budget.

The only serious bloc of patriotic voices with right-wing views, organizations and any form of political activism in Russia are basically military organizations like veterans’ groups and the various other support communities built up around them like “Mothers of Soldiers” and the military people who run journals, host get-togethers, summer camps, choirs, rock concerts, parades or special remembrance days.

The people running the various military journals and blogs are serious and they are respected by civil society because the military as an institution is generally well-liked in any country by the masses. There was a poll floating around about two years ago that showed that in terms of respect, Putin came in second place in Russia when compared to the respect accorded to the military as an institution.

As a result, the FSB and the oligarchs and parts of the government are quite leery of them. This is a major fault-line running through Russian civil society that few people analyze or talk about. If it wasn’t clear before, then I’m going to spell it out now — I am unabashedly on team military/team patriot and hope that they gain a greater foothold in Russian politics as a result of the war.

That being said, it’s worth realizing that these people have a dog in the political fight and since they are the only ones providing serious in-depth analysis of the war from the Russian side, it’s going to factor into their coverage. You’ve probably seen a machine-translated article of theirs or two floating in the blogosphere by now.

Their official line is basically this: “the corrupt elements running many of the institutions in Russia now are fighting the war poorly and have proven that they need to be replaced.”

I largely agree with them, but I also generally take their analysis of the situation with a grain of salt. See, it’s in their interests to play up the mistakes of the Russian government in Ukraine (of which there are indeed many) because it fits with their political narrative. Again, I like their political narrative and am sympathetic to it. But, again, let’s acknowledge that they do have an incentive to take a pessimistic stance on the war and the way things are being run at home. So, that means that they spend a lot less time focusing on the victories and the successes on the military front and a lot more time talking about the mistakes. Like the Moskva sinking. Boy, oh boy did they have a field day with that.

Me, personally, I don’t really think it reflects poorly on the current war effort in Ukraine seeing as the Moskva was plagued with problems for years. It was supposed to be refitted in 2016 after its deployment to Syria, but it was clear that this wasn’t a priority as Russia was shifting to subs and lighter ships as part of its modernization efforts.

Bloggers like the Saker, were, at the time, praising the Moskva with its goofy ramp and rusted out hull and denouncing anyone who disagreed as being victims of Anglo-ZOG propaganda as I recall. But the boat was objectively old and clearly near obsolete. Sailors didn’t like serving on it and some military journals at the time had no problem calling it a “white elephant” that seemed to be kept around for its symbolic value instead of any real strategic importance.

The loss of the sailors was tragic, of course, but the loss of the boat itself? People who were calling for it to be sold to China or the North Koreans all of a sudden began using the Moskva debacle as a cudgel against the Kremlin.

Overall, I don’t really see any harm in their critical posturing as the situation stands now. Although, it has to be said, that people like Igor Strelkov, the hero rebel of Donbass, are routinely posted by Ukrainian propaganda channels because of his constant criticism of the Russian government and the war effort.

Doomer Strelkov

To be fair, the Russian government did Strelkov dirty. He wanted to take all of Novorussia back in 2016 and he was right to call for a fast blitzkrieg. The Ukrainian Army was not ready, the cities weren’t fortified and the speed and success of the Crimean operation had them demoralized. Instead, the Russian government, the political class and people like Lavrov decided to go the Minsk I and II route. They seemed to believe that they could keep all of Ukraine by participating in the electoral process and negotiating with their “most-esteemed Western partners.”

Well, they were dead wrong and they never apologized for losing the entirety of Ukraine through their unprofessionalism and stupidity. Say it with me: Igor was right and did nothing wrong.

Anyway, the army fighting in the Ukraine is basically Putin’s private army. It is a professional, paid force, which is only a fraction of Russia’s actual full militarized might and it is mixed with ethnic auxiliaries called up by local tribal chieftains of the various periphery republics. It is not a Russian draftee army and so, does not necessarily need to be motivated by an ideal or patriotic propaganda to do its fighting. They’re fighting because they’re getting paid to fight and because they’re good at it. Sure, they’re generally pro-Russia and there are volunteers there who are clearly Russian revanchists who believe in the ‘Greater Russia’ ideal for sure, but these people would be down for a good scrap in any case. After all, they fought in the Donbass in the early days when the situation was far more dire for the pro-Russia side simply because of their commitment to Russian nationalism restorationism.

Believe me, if a general or even partial mobilization is announced, the military people will change their tune quick. At that point, the nature of the war changes and it becomes one’s patriotic duty to rah-rah-rah and not demoralize the war effort. We’re not there yet though, and it’s worth understanding that these people are engaging in political point-scoring and also in making the case that they would do a better job protecting Russia’s interests than the mystery-meat politicians running the show now.

They want the Russian government to call them in to fix the problem. They want general mobilization and total war against NATO. They see an opportunity for themselves and for Russia as a whole to move in the right direction.

Ukraine, in contrast, does not allow a single peep of criticism of their war effort. Videos of units complaining about being abandoned by their officers, sent to fight without equipment, not being paid and so on are suppressed and the soldiers who record them are charged with sedition and desertion by the secret police.

That, plus the power of Western propaganda creates a highly skewed perception of the war. One side appears to be uniformly positive and never admits to making mistakes or even losing a single battle, while the other is analyzing, debating and talking openly about what’s happening on the front.

But the squeaky wheel often gets the grease, and you have to give them credit where credit is due — the military people and their talking points are starting to take hold in Russia. People are starting to ask questions about the war effort and demand that the government do more. ‘Mobilization’ is a buzz word that’s gaining ground in the public arena.

Again, I’m biased, but if I were the Russian government, I’d just deal these people in, if only to get them to stop criticizing the “special operation.” But, you see, because these people are so popular, they represent a potential threat. The way I see it, the real story isn’t to be found in the trenches of Donbass, but in the politicking happening behind the scenes on the home front in Russia.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Why have so many Russian generals been killed in this war? Because they find it necessary to go to the front to micromanage combat operations, thus making themselves vulnerable. Western NATO militaries do not do this, instead trusting NCOs to make effective decisions, using their own judgement.

    Why do Russians generals feel the need to micromanage their troops instead of delegating authority to more junior officers? Why not Westernize their command structure? It is because Russian generals realize they simple do not have the human material war to work with even if they wished to. Russians are not Nordics. You will not find as many capable men amongst Slavs as you will Nordics.

    That is why the White race as a whole will live or die by what Nordics do, not Russians. Everyone really does know that, even if they will not publicly admit it. This is nothing but a “muh Russia” sideshow.

    Let’s start talking about Red State secession on the American side of things.

    • FreezingMoon
      FreezingMoon says:

      I don’t think the tales of Russian generals being killed turned out to be true. I think one was killed early on in the war but the others were all Ukrainian propaganda just like “Ghost of Kiev” and “thousands of Russian vehicles destroyed.”

      Anyway, there is absolutely no hope for Nordics on the European continent without the possibility of Russian political/military support. They have made it clear that they will not be removing their new refugee populations and will soon mix into oblivion. Only foreign intervention from a greater power will be able to help the Nordic countries in the future. So I think it’s more like the white race as a whole will live and die by what the Russians do. Let’s pray they choose to help.

    • Victor
      Victor says:

      Captainchaos, We the Russians have been defeating the West and the East for hundreds and thousands of years. And Nordics if you want. Turks, Swedes, Napoleon, Hitler. This war in Ukraine has been going on for so long because the deceived Ukrainians are the same Russians and know how to fight. Unfortunately, in the interests of the pernicious Zionized West.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Someone somewhere stated that the Russians are hunkering down for the long hall, and are now in the mood to properly finish what began in WWII.
        That was the most exciting piece of gossip I’d heard in months(k, I am easily excited).
        Lot’s of people including myself didn’t really understand Putin when he said the collapse of the USSR was the greatest political calamity of the 20th century. The 20th century? Eh? Worse than WWI? The fire-bombing of old Europe in WWII? Who is this unhinged cossack revanchist?
        But from his point of view it did make sense. At least after WWI & II there was a balance of frienemies to refrain the winners.
        It was extremly dangerous to have only one dominant power in 1990. If they weren’t so retarded in DC, if they weren’t such pathetic bitches for Isreal, willing to bleed themselves out in the desert, if they weren’t so corrupted they put MIC profits before American interests, with a bit of wit & foresight they could simply have stymied Russia and China when there was still time, not destroyed their own base and people, and ruled the world right through the entire 21st century.
        So the Soviet collapse could rightly be called the greatest geo-political tragedy of 20th C. Especially when you add the misery Russia endured in the 90’s, Yugoslavia and the ME too, proving what a catastrophe for the world an unipowerful ZOG is.
        But even worse for Russians, I think, was their own belief they had lost what 20-30 million heroic dead had won for them. This would certainly weigh heavy on them.
        Right now I feel like Hitler did on the eve of invading Poland, the absolute worst nighmare in this exciting new war would be some smart-ass delivering a peace proposal that couldn’t be refused.
        If the Russians are down to ride, as I believe they are with ZOG, then it’s to the death. It will only stop when ZOG bitches out. Russia cannot because ZOG is the aggressor.
        Sadly this will probably be pretty soon, as they are cowards and mostly homosexuals. Because so many of them are women too? No, women equal Jews and guys in merciless sadism, but they are our friends here, they will keep on keeping on no matter how much damage they do to their own side. The homos and Jews at least have the sense of males.
        Russia cannot then carry the thing on indefinitely, as I doubt their allies would let them. China, India and the rest are cool with Russia wrecking the entire crooked international financial and security order as a just response to Russia being bullied. But I doubt they’ve got the bottle to push it through if ZOG is bitching out & begging for an ending.
        Someone said why doesn’t Putin encourage patriots to ‘rise up’ or whatever in the West and attack ZOG in the rear? Probably because Russia isn’t in the habit of making wild crazy statements. To do what? Have them slaughtered by ZOG? Then give ZOG a moral win, and Russia a moral loss on the world stage? Russia also has no ability to help these wld-be partisans, and their allies wouldn’t like such a plan.
        It’s also not the Christian thing to encourage death & mahem for no reason.
        And no country except America is armed. If there is to be a behind the lines fight with ZOG in our nations, we in Europe need weapons and organisations, and we both need contact, support and money from Russia, we currently have nothing. I can’t think off the top of my head of an insurgency that’s worked without a foreign backer.
        Speaking of our chaotic captain, I’d have thought most people here were already up for succession. There can’t be too many ZOG loyalists on this site.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “Red State Succession”. I expounded on that many times, starting years ago. With detail.

      I wait with bated breath, to hear of your plan involving concrete steps to take. Here, I’ll start, in order to give you a base: “First, put gas in your car”. Take it away, Maestro in your inimitable commodious way.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        To write “The Red State Manifesto” would be a self-defeating act. Red State secession will require the collaboration off many types of people, each manning their own duty stations. These duty stations will need to kept tightly compartmentalized, especially is a psychological sense.

        To tell the whole truth and nothing but would be to preach such a hardline that only psychopaths could be expected to consistently walk it. Yet the especial talents of psychopaths will need to be employed.

        The Gospel of Nordic Protestant Supremacy shall be preached with a Bible in one hand and a Balaclava in the other. And anyone who doesn’t like that may be referred to the Apostolic Ministry of Kneecapping. There are certain things that middle-class pearl-clutchers do not really wish to know about; even though – self-entitled, self-deceived cowards that they are – they expect to reap the benefits of.

        Red State secession will be the “legitimate” democratic front for paramilitary political gangsterism. Yes, it really is that simple.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          A Bible and a balaclava sounds very much like the old Armalites and ballot boxes. As the Apostolic Ministry of Knee-capping rhymns with the infamous Nutting Squad.
          The IRA did eventually force the British into a humiliating surrender, but again, it had a funder and heavy political backer in the USA. The same USA that declared war on terrorism after supporting it against us for 100 years. You’d almost think these folks are dishonest hypocrites.

    • Pat Kittle
      Pat Kittle says:

      “…Why have so many Russian generals been killed in this war? Because they find it necessary to go to the front…”

      Imagine that!

      Generals risking their lives on the front.

      Why don’t they fight from their fancy desks, thousands of miles from danger, like ours do?

  2. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The Saker is either a cowardly fraud or a psyop. If he were really a serious man – he isn’t – concerned with saving Christianity and the Russian people he would encourage Christian racial nationalism in other White countries, particularly America. Why not encourage Whites to fight ZOG in the West so that Russia does not have to fight ZOG in the East? For that matter why doesn’t Putin do the same? Because Putin does not actually care about preserving the Russian people, or the White race. Putin just wants his own ZOG, with Jews as his junior partners. If Putin were to undermine ZOG he would be killing his own brand in the process.

    And what becomes of Christianity if the White race goes extinct? It will die too because it will have no capable human vessels to carry its creed forward; nothing but dusky untermenschen from the global south.

    If the Nordic race dies, then Christianity and the rest of the White race will die too, simple as that. For the whole of the White race and Christianity to survive the Nordic race must defeat ZOG in America.

    How do we do that? The process begins with promoting Red State secession, but at this point I’m repeating myself. Are any of you guys really serious about any of this, or is this all just a hobby and a grift for you? I want answers, and I suspect others do as well.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Quite chaotic understanding indeed of Russia’s and Putin’s dilemma of ready-to-ponce military encirclement. Unfortunately Captain chaos is not the only benighted know-it-all.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Christianity : The Saviour of Aryans

      It was somewhat remiss of the Jewish – influenced dupes who constituted the early ” Fathers of the Church” to include the childhood miracles of old Jesus .

      As was pointed out on other forums , mainly perused by rational Whites , if a Bible – believer is amenable to the tall tale of talking donkeys ( Balaam’s Ass being one interlocutor ) then , to borrow a Jew – book reference , those engaged in Gullible’s Travels should not strain at a gnat.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        The inclusion of cradle – borne miracles was , of course , redacted from the ” official Bible ” .

        After all , vending tribal Jewish nonsense to Aryans requires a Hebrew confidence in a stupid proletariat.

        Please consider the pre – Christian wisdom of Delphi’s Oracle.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      My probability estimation is that you are a sayanim, who deliberately writes below the norm and median here at TOO. Your grammar and syntax are too exacting for the silly, vacuous, and-frankly-useless yammer. And your response to Carolyn Yeager of your deceptive and misleading nature is sufficient to make the case.

      My belief is that you are generating nonsense to see if the goyim here will accept and respond to froth and foam. Evidently, some have fallen for the con. It seems that any mention of Nordic or Aryan suspends normal cognitive discrimination and careful analysis. P.T. Barnum said it best.

  3. peter mcloughlin
    peter mcloughlin says:

    In war propaganda obscures truth. Those engaged in war seek to control the narrative – that they are the narrator; or even greater – the creator. Having power gives the illusion of control: but power is an illusion; control is very limited. That is why every empire in history has eventually faced the war it sought to avoid: its own destruction.

  4. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine I suggested in various comment columns of the Western media that the best course for Ukraine was to see if their surrender on reasonable terms was possible. The reason I did this was simple, it was clear the invasion would result on in massive loss of life and injury and catastrophic damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine.

    The armchair generals came out in force to propose this and that battle plan and celebrate any setback for Russia whilst ignoring any progress made by Russia. Shamefully, this attitude was reflected in Western media which acted as a cheer leader for Ukraine. This was hideously irresponsible because what is needed at such a time and place is honest and accurate reporting Anything less and the media misleads the situation.

    Most dangerous was the supply of considerable weaponry and other military supplies by Western states to the Ukraine . This had the effects of pouring oil onto the fire and consequentially of prolonging the war and of creating a very dangerous situation whereby Putin would have been justified in naming the supplying nations as participants in the war. Putin has not done so but he might just do so if the s supply of military material and intelligence aid continues.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      Ukrainians don’t wish to be annexed to Russia, having their culture and language extinguished, and their genetic uniqueness imperiled. They are willing to fight to the last man to prevent it.

      Yet you council them to just lie down and take it. As I’m sure you are aware (sarcasm) that same argument could be applied to the White race in its entirety. The fight is too hard, it will cost too much, so just lie down and accept your genocide!

      When they were passing out brains you must have been off taking a leak somewhere.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Will the Ukrainian “culture and language” be safer in the loving hands of ZOG? It already seems to be polluted beyond a joke with neo-nazism and Satanism. What’s it going to look like after repeated injections of miscegenation, tranny-ism and all the other fruits of Western equality and diversity?

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Qui bono? This is what I would expect a Sanhedrin to say. Misdirection and deception. I have been to the Ukraine. I have worked with Ukraines. Their languages are so similar that each understands the others. The two countries were on for over 200 years.

        Had it no been for the Nazi invasion and WWII. The two countries would be like Russia and Belarus.

        Your exhortations are half baked and ejaculative, at best. At worst, they are incoherent and misdirecting, a test to see if the ever gullible Goy will swallow the worm.

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    I can not believe this tunnel bubble of fictional accounts that the USA MSM reports about Ucraine. According to MSM American media Ucranians are WINNING the war and Putin is about to be topple from power. They use fake news outlets, pictures, witnesses, etc. Russia controls more tna 80% of the Ucranian territory, including Crimea, Dombass, etc. Zelensky had already asconded with about $20billiosn of the Ucranian treasury, then he recieved $30Billions from America with another $50Billions down the $400Millions in royalties from the sales of Russian gas..America are being played like fools$$$…But the Neocons dont give they are targetting Taiwan to start WW III..

    • FreezingMoon
      FreezingMoon says:

      They don’t control more than 80% of their territory, that is a huge exaggeration. They are definitely beating the Ukrainians pretty bad though.

  6. Victor
    Victor says:

    Forgive my mistake, dear Mr. Slavski, But why is Igor Strelkov depicted in such a caricature. Although Strelkov is blacklisted by the official media of the Russian Federation, there are many photos of him on the Internet. And very attractive. He is highly respected by Russian patriots – nationalists, monarchists, etc. and even communists. Although the latter are endangered species in the public life of the Russian Federation

  7. jett rucker
    jett rucker says:

    The Russian and Ukrainian militaries, like all militaries, are corrupt and dysfunctional.

    The Russian and Ukrainian governments, like all governments, are dysfunctional.

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