Comrade Krieger and the Kiev Campaign

I’d like to introduce “Comrade Krieger,” a soldier who was deployed into Ukraine in the early days of the special operation. Comrade Krieger is, quite obviously, a nom de guerre of this young man. I spoke to him to get his account of what went down during the push to Kiev. He is currently not deployed and filling up on shashlik and Vitamin D at his dacha. Like many of the young men who actually serve Russia, he does not hail from a big city and his attitudes and beliefs are fairly consistent with what you would expect from young patriotic Russians in the hinterland. I’ve broken up his story into parts, and I’ve tweaked it here and there to make the story flow, while trying to translate the Russian tone as much as the actual Russian words used. Comrade Krieger is an unapologetic Russian nationalist patriot.

My name is Comrade Krieger, and I serve in the National Guard, the internal army as it were, and my story begins on the 12th February in Russia, when I was called up to take part in a military training exercise. These are fairly standard practice, and most of the time we get together to brush up on old skills and learn a few new tricks as well.

This time around, we spent our days learning how to set up field camps, doing routine ammo checks, cleaning our kits, “yes sir, no sir.” go over there and fetch that and come back — just getting into the rhythm of regular army life and that sort of thing.

But then, suddenly, we were told to load up the vehicles and to move out. Where to? We didn’t know, but we took it all in stride.

As we were driving along, we couldn’t help but notice that we’d crossed the border into Belarus. There was no checkpoint or anything, it was as smooth and easy as pulling into a parking lot, really. It was my first time in Belarus, and even if we hadn’t seen the sign, we certainly noticed that the weather was warmer, and everything was generally better maintained and cleaner.

At this point, no one had told us where we were going, but we had started to suspect that this wouldn’t be a routine drill when they started handing out real ammo. We stopped in a field somewhere in Belarus, near a large forest and set up camp. The OMON guys and the Chechens had already started fires and we followed suit, getting as comfy as we could. Our commander dropped a hint that things were about to get very interesting.

Night came and we finally got confirmation that at 5am the next day we were heading into Ukraine and that at 8pm we’d be in Kiev. We tried to sleep as best we could, but you know how that goes. Anyways, morning came and we got into our vehicles and rolled out.

We were supposed to cross some pontoon bridge along the border with Belarus and Ukraine, but it turned out that it was blown up before we got there, so we returned to camp and spent the day there. The next day, another attempt was made to cross a river, possibly the same one. We got into our vehicles as usual, but turned back halfway — the bridge had been blown up again. When we returned to camp, we were amused more than we were disgruntled or anything like that. Finally, the decision was made that we would simply cross at another point, across the land border. We re-entered our vehicles and set out and got about 100 kilometers behind us before we had a blowout.

We fixed the wheel soon enough and, finally, after many false starts, started our adventure in Ukraine.

I sat in the back and watched from the back window, where I saw a shot-up and abandoned car — one of ours — come into view. It turns out that the advance column had gotten hit by sniper fire and the driver of the vehicle had been killed. Shortly after, our commander decided to play it safe and told us to close up the windows. The car started getting incredibly hot and we started sweating and cooking in our seats. To make matters worse, because of all the false starts, we were now running low on water.

It was an armored car, by the way. I had trained in the Urals before, but this was a newer version – an Ural VV, 2019 model.

Soon after, our commander relented and the windows reopened just in time for us to see the first villages and towns, some which were on fire and a smattering of corpses along the road.

“How are you feeling?” I asked my friend sitting next to me.

“I’m a bit shook,” he replied. “And you?”

“Me, I’m not. I’m excited,” I replied and gave him a grin.

We pulled over to let some columns pass ahead of us because, technically, we weren’t supposed to be on the front lines. After all, we were just the National Guard. The rules of this special operation were a bit unclear, and no one seemed to understand how exactly this whole thing was supposed to work out. But that didn’t bother us much.

We ended up camping in the field for a few days where we had pulled over to let the column pass.

We found some water at a well, which was a relief and shared rumors that had passed up from the front from the people who had gone on ahead. The column that we had just seen had gotten shot up by 40mm guns (АГС) and those were the first losses from our side that I personally heard about.

We weren’t far from a village and as we began to dig in, we were given more equipment. I was given a sniper rifle and told to do my best with it.

I should probably say a few words about my kit at this point. I had a ВСС Винторез (VSS Vintorez):

And a СВД (Dragunov sniper rifle):

Also, I had a standard Ярыгина (MP-443 Grach):

I decided to get my sleeping bag and put it on the BTR as a cushion so that I could be comfy while also perched at a higher vantage point. But just as I finished setting up, the commander told us that we have to move out, and that people in black were seen nearby. The problem with this information was that we didn’t know what to make of it. See, our OMON guys also wear black. So no one knew who it was and the commander, after some deliberation, ordered a few of us to go out and to ask them, “hello, who are you?”

Our lads jogged off in the direction that the commander had indicated and then came hurrying back.

It wasn’t OMON. And it turns out that the Ukrainians had been sitting on the other side of the same village where we had made camp since we arrived — we simply hadn’t noticed one another. Both sides began firing at each other soon after. I ran to the BTR and got up on the side to get a view of the forest and the clearing. I couldn’t see anything, but the shooting continued. Eventually, I had to hop off as the BTR rolled out to take some shots at the men in black from the other side of the village.

I quickly realized that I had a slight problem to deal with. See, we had these regular, standard-issue helmets and I had a sniper rifle. That meant I couldn’t use the optics while wearing it because the visor got in the way. So, naturally, I took my helmet off and lowered my eye to the scope. My sergeant, who was running by my position saw this and ordered me to put my helmet back on immediately. I told him, “yes, sir,” but as soon as he had finished dressing me down I took it off again, and propped my gun on it.

Almost as soon as the shooting started, it came to a stop though. It was unclear what had happened, but new orders came through. We were told to move on to a new village, so we packed up and rolled out again. This time around, as soon as we reached the village, we began knocking on doors and asking the locals if they saw any soldiers in their village or nearby. They said no, and we left it at that. We didn’t bully or harass them in any way. Soon after, we left again.

Next, we rolled into a small town still further south. We were running low on supplies and so we went looking in the stores, but found that they were already thoroughly looted. There were no products left except frozen mush in the freezers that had spoiled. The town had lost its electricity and gas and the people were suffering from this worse than we were. Luckily, we found some potatoes and pickles and ate our fill.

We didn’t stay in the town and moved back into the fields. While we were setting up a camp, news filtered in that the forward columns had moved away to a different sector and that we were the only ones left in the area. To make matters worse, we were told that a counterattack was coming. We asked many questions, but got even fewer answers. One thing we did learn was that the counterattack was expected that night. So we dug in as fast as we could, and did the best we could with our defenses. Evening came and we sat in our foxholes and near our vehicles with our weapons ready, stressed out, sure that the fighting would start soon. Every second felt like the moment when the war would finally begin for us.

But we heard only silence and the regular noises of the field as the night dragged on.

Finally, the order was given to go check out what was going on in the forest near our position from which we expected the counter-attack to come and we rose to make our patrol. Just as we did so, the locals in the village about 300 meters away from us decided to launch some fireworks. We thought it was a signal to commence an attack and we rushed back to our positions and gripped our weapons tightly.

But nothing came.

We started to relax ever so slightly until we noticed a red glow coming from the village. “This is it,” I thought to myself and sweated some more. But it turned out that a fire had started in someone’s house. Possibly from the fireworks.

Another false start.

Some of the soldiers began to nod off, but then an explosion ripped through the night and we jolted back to readiness. “This time for sure,” I thought. But we got word that a boiler in that same village had exploded.

So again, nothing.

Night passed into morning and no counter-attack came. We sat in our positions, blinking and yawning and waited impatiently for new orders.

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  1. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 For what’s it worth: Krieg is the German noun for war; Krieger for warrior. At times a surname, sometimes jewish.

    02 This Krieger, by his own accounts, was doing very little warring.

    03 No mention of pontoon bridges, though the river was not new on their maps. No Wehrmacht-like Pioneers [ Engineers ], to build bridges in hours, with giant, two men served chainsaws, as the last time ’round.

    04 What’s the difference between National Guard and Regular Army, with one and the same objective ?

    • ComradeKrieger
      ComradeKrieger says:

      In first at all sorry for my bad English. Regular army includes ministry of defense (MoD) and national Guard. In this operation MoD going first and fights with Ukr regular army but NG doing a block posts, corridor for MoD, search for a partisans and guns with ammo in abandoned houses

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Dear Kamerad or camerade Krieger, but never Comrade or tovarishch:

        01 Your English is just fine, better than my now rusty Russian.

        02 Given your choice for your nom de guerre, I strongly recommend, that you listen to the timeless German Forces lament: ICH HATT’ EINEN KAMERADEN. [ I {once} had a Kamerad ].

        03 Sadly universal, timeless but also inevitable; often warranted. It’s simple lyrics connote deepest commitment to friend and nation, perseverance and the finally trouble free eternal afterlife.

        04 The best rendition, with texted translation, is found at : Der gute Kamerad.

        Stay safe !

  2. JRM
    JRM says:

    Unexpectedly, Occidental Observer has become my favorite source for legitimate news about the Ukraine situation, and the complexities of Russian demographics and attitudes. And I just enjoy reading this author’s work.

    • JM
      JM says:


      “Unexpectedly, Occidental Observer has become my favorite source for legitimate news about the Ukraine situation, and the complexities of Russian demographics and attitudes. And I just enjoy reading this author’s work.”

      Agree. Hang around it’s pretty good on all it covers. Then there’s also The Duran by two Greeks.

  3. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    The essays that TOO presents are very fine wine and perfectly cooked filllet mignon.

    Your essays Rolo, are great pizza and beer while watching the game.

    I always enjoy reading your stuff.

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        Testing, testing. Hmmm. I posted something several times, but am not getting the preview and the “post awaiting moderation” message.

  4. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    Great work and a much needed first-person perspective. For my taste, I would prefer fewer American idioms in the translation and more Russian, even if it has to be explained a bit and sounds more foreign. That may make the reading more difficult at first but would make it more realistic to me. (E.g., I find it hard to imagine a Russian from the hinterlands, as you say, using expressions like “stressed out” and “comfy”). But again, great work. Keep it up!

  5. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    I concur with laudatory comments about your posts, Rolo. Here I would like to repeat a request, viz., that, when the press of journalistic tasks concerning Ukraine lessens, you give us your views of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and, if you can and would, your assessment of the impact and continued influence of Two Hundred Years Together. A review of a recently published book — Quinn, Spencer J., “Solzhenitsyn and the Right,” Antelope Hill Publishing, Quakertown, PA, (2021) — reminded me to renew my entreaty.
    (, review by K.J. Schmidt).

    Translated to German and, I think, to French from Russian, for many years no “formal, authorized” English translation the book emerged. Nonetheless, translated chapters, including what some referred to as “banned chapters”, did get published and became available. I have compiled most if not all that material. Better that than nothing, I thought, though those doing the translations apparently skipped — or had to omit — data and possibly commentary in footnotes and end notes.

    At a minimum, tour take on Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together would bring this important work to the attention of many through TOO and, by extension, to the networks linked to faithful readers of this site.

  6. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    If this is too off-topic, I will completely understand if not approved. Mr. Ron Unz was just interviewed by Edward Dutton, where he talks about issues including those involving Russia, and this is the area where Mr. Rolo Slavski specializes in:

    My review of Edward Dutton’s interview of Mr. Ron Unz at

    Within the limits of my personal General Intelligence, Mr. Unz’s documentation of the circumstantial evidence on the matter of the origins of the virus seems sufficient to me to accept a high probability that this virus originated in the way as hypothesized by him. However, there is one issue that I find to strongly serve as counter-evidence to Mr. Unz’s hypothesis, and this is the fact that neither Russia or China has publicly acknowledged that the virus was an Ashkenazi bio-weapon attack on China; both nations publicly claim that it was a natural occurrence. In fact, Russia has passed a law making it a crime for anyone to publicly state that this was anything but a natural pandemic.

    Now, I can suggest one possible hypothesis regarding Russia’s and China’s public dismissal of Mr. Unz’s hypothesis, and this is that both nations actually have agreed with Mr. Unz, but wanted the Ashkenazim to let their guard down engendered by a belief that neither China or Russia was aware of their intentional attack. With their guard down, Russia and China could covertly prepare a counter attack that the Ashkenazim would thus not be prepared for. Perhaps Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was one of these unanticipated attacks, and from what I have read from various sources, the Ashkenazim was completely unprepared for the attack and for the economic ramifications that have ensued. As Mr. Unz has explained, Ukraine was a place where substantial bio-weapons research was being conducted by the Ashkenazim, and it may be the case that research from these Ukrainian facilities was used in the preparation of the bio-weapon attack on China. Thus, Russia may have seen an invasion of Ukraine as one legitimate counter-attack for them to take. If my hypothesis is correct, then one may wonder what other actions is Russia planning to take? And, what counter-attacks will China carry out? A surprise invasion of Taiwan? Their own bio-weapon attack?

    On the other hand, it could be the case that China’s government agrees with Mr. Unz, but Emperor Jinping does not want the public to know about it because he feels the public could revolt against him for not protecting China from the bio-weapon attack. Plus, I wrote the following regarding China on another forum:

    “With Russia defeated, the question arises as to whether China possesses the collective genetics to defeat the Ashkenazim. I hypothesize that they don’t. Taiwan broke away from China 72 years ago, and since then, China has constantly claimed that they will recapture the island, but they have yet to make a military attempt. If China does not have the genetics to go to war against the very small and militarily weak nation of Taiwan, then surely they don’t have the genetics to defend themselves from the extremely powerful international Ashkenazi military. On top of that, China is dying from the inside, since they have a dysgenic birthrate of one offspring per female. Feminism has become so extreme in China that the females neither marry or reproduce; Emperor Jinping, due to being genetically defective, has fully embraced extremist Ashkenazi feminism and has been encouraging all females to give up traditional female family roles and to instead embrace full masculinity by getting full time careers. Evolution has, with respect to Homo Sapiens specifically, created two sexes where each sex must carry out their specific sex roles for the species/races to survive. Thus, for China to survive, females must take on the traditional role of marriage-seeking/nurturer/child-bearer/house-wife, and the males must take on the role of marriage-seeking/resource acquisition/family-nation protector. The Ashkenazim don’t have this problem, since they have the Haredi/Hasidic population following traditional family life and mass-producing millions of eugenically advanced offspring that will conquer the world. ”

    By the way, in the interview, Dutton mentions the publication of his new book “Spiteful Mutant.” In a previous video, Dutton stated that while Dr. Woodley of Menie created the theory of the Spiteful Mutant, he personally developed the theory further. Dr. Woodley formulated the theory of the Spiteful Mutant using a complex mathematical model, as is always done in science. Thus for Dutton to have developed the model further, he would have had to reformulate Woodley’s mathematics to create a better mathematical model which was more accurate and had greater predictive value. Is this indeed what Dutton did?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Hey Mr Sanjay,
      From what I’ve read, the Chinese have been fully aware that they’ve been attacked ith bio-weapons countless times by America starting from the Korean War onwards.
      But what would be the point in announcing it to a world media that belongs to the very people attacking you? Plus it would make the Chinese elite look impotent in front of their own people.
      The recent Chinese lockdowns, plus the Wuhan one in 2020, look exactly like the Chinese regime presumed they were again under biological attack from America.
      What else explains how they reacted?
      The virus appeared naturally only in China and at the seat of Iran’s government?
      I’ve no doubt I’ll live long enough to see China and Russia knock these evil Jews off their perch as the world’s foremost power. I reckon there are all sorts of things Chinese and Russian intelligence know about Jewish/American crimes going at least back the 1913 and the industrial robbery of the Fed, up through the lies told to get plunge the world into two great wars, unspeakabke crimes they committed during & after it that even alternative history lovers know nothing about, through the Kennedy coup, his brother’s assassination by the same criminals, the joke ‘moon landing’, right up to and beyond the neo-cons(neo-Lukudnicks) slaughter of American civilians on 9/11. We are going to hear about crimes that dwarf even nightmares like MK Ultra.
      I reckon when the USA becomes a balkenised basket-case warring among themselves, all these truths will be presented to a world no longer kept in ridiculous ignorance of reality by a mithanthropic Jewish mafia.
      The best part will be all the crimes they’ve committed that we can’t even guess at.
      They will make the CIA programing lost souls to shoot up schools to take people’s guns look pase.
      Yes China has been deeply damaged by Ashkenazim meddling in their nation, sadistically pumping them full of opium and mercilessly destroying their ancient history in the 19th century, withholding food to produce famines and using their control of finance to force population manipulation on them in the 20th, but the Chinese have learned, don’t worry about that.
      They, just like Russia until recently, will go along in public with any WEF globalist gibberish for now, why on earth would they intervene when the Jews are in the process of utterly ruining their American/European power base?
      If the Jews were logical they wouldn’t destroy Western civilization until they used it to destroy China/Russia/India/Iran. But they can’t help themselves. Their hubris actually comes close to matching their cruelty.
      And there is no going back, they can’t pause until these new contenders for world power are dealt with, because that would entail some sort of rebuilding and the Jew only knows how to destroy.
      They can’t actually create anything, that’s why a people who have had all sorts of unimaginable power over so many centuries don’t actually have any sort of civilization to speak of.
      Where’s their art, culture, architecture, music? What’s all the money they’ve leached off of all these peoples left to posterity?
      They just leave behind them nothing but hatred. Can you imagine how deppressing, how soul destroying, to be a member of this acursed race?
      This isn’t the first time they’ve latched on like a tick to a successful civilisation and bled them dry for their own insane ambition, and they didn’t end up ruling the world then. They won’t this time either.

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        “From what I’ve read, the Chinese have been fully aware that they’ve been attacked ith bio-weapons countless times by America starting from the Korean War onwards.”


        “But what would be the point in announcing it to a world media that belongs to the very people attacking you?”

        Yes, that seems true to me. If China/Russia announces it, it would be in their own media sources such as the Russian TASS and RIA (sources I really like, though you have to use Yandex or Google website translator for RIA), and the Chinese Global Times website. And I’m guessing that no more than 5% or so of the West even read these websites. And, if the Western Gentiles even knew the possible truth about bio-weapon attacks, they probably would not even be interested since they are now mostly Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths with relatively low ‘g.’

        “Plus it would make the Chinese elite look impotent in front of their own people.”

        So the question is, has dysgenics and mutational load relegated China to a state of impotence? China is not a Religious/Spiritual nation, which is a characteristic of a Group Selected state, but rather a “consumer nation,” one where the citizens just live to consume products and services to achieve instant hedonistic gratification, a characteristic of an Individual Selected state. Forgive me for sounding like a “broken record” for repeating this issue over and over in all my posts. Perhaps Prof. MacDonald can recommend to all his followers that they read just one recent book by Dr. Woodley of Menie: “Modernity and Cultural Decline: A Biobehavioral Perspective:”
        Unfortunately, Dr. Woodley has resigned from research in human differential and evolutionary psychology. Perhaps he or his family members were threatened, or perhaps he was bribed with employment opportunities, or perhaps he became depressed due to the current human genetic state.

        “I’ve no doubt I’ll live long enough to see China and Russia knock these evil Jews off their perch as the world’s foremost power.”

        That’s a tall order, indeed. My understanding is that the Ashkenazim defeated Russia twice already, first during the Bolshevik Revolution, and then during the Cold War. And they defeated China by funding and organizing the Mao Marxist revolution where all of China’s Religious, Spiritual, and traditional beliefs were eliminated and replaced with Cultural Marxism. And both nations have below-replacement birthrates and are experiencing dysgenics. Now, compare this to the Haredi/Hasidic Ashkenazim who are mass-producing millions of eugenically enhanced offspring to conquer the world. I very well could be wrong, and usually am given my very low intelligence, but I conjecture that we are witnessing a major leap in hominid evolution where the Ashkenazim will replace the Gentiles in the same manner that the Homo Sapiens replaced the Neanderthals.

        “I reckon there are all sorts of things Chinese and Russian intelligence know about Jewish/American crimes going at least back the 1913 and the industrial robbery of the Fed, up through the lies told to get plunge the world into two great wars, unspeakabke crimes they committed during & after it that even alternative history lovers know nothing about, through the Kennedy coup, his brother’s assassination by the same criminals,”

        True, yet keep in mind that it was Genetically Sociopathic Gentile elites that knowingly facilitated all these Ashkenazi actions in exchange for bribes. These Gentile elites are Dr. Woodley’s so-called “Spiteful Mutants,”or as I prefer to describe them, the Individually Selected Sociopaths engendered by years of dygenics and mutational load. It was their duty to protect the Europeans, but they chose the bribes instead. Just ask yourself, why were any Ashkenazi people allowed to live in European nations to begin with? Europeans have been at war with the Ashkenazim since the Romans destroyed Israel and scattered the original Israelis throughout Europe. Yet even after acquiring the historical knowledge of the Ashkenazim being a hostile race for almost two thousand years, the Europeans once again let them into their nations. Do you ever ask why the Europeans allowed the Ashkenazim to enter America in the first place? To live in Europe since 1700 A.D., or even before that? Was not two thousand years of historical knowledge enough evidence for them? If anything, in purely Darwinian terms, the Ashkenazim were highly admirable, following the text-book example of quintessential Group Selection. It’s the Europeans that failed.

        “the joke ‘moon landing’,”

        Both Mr. Unz and Dr. Woodley of Menie argue that the moon landing did indeed occur. Given my very low intelligence, I can’t accurately come to a mathematical conclusion, so I take a “Leap of Faith” that we did indeed land on the moon.

        “I reckon when the USA becomes a balkenised basket-case warring among themselves”

        Will it even come to this? Once the factories and supply chains go down due to dysgenics making us too stupid and sociopathic to maintain the technological gains since the Industrial Revolution, everyone will just die off in mass. Everything modern man uses to survive is now made in factories: food, potable water, sanitation tools, clothing, shelter, medical supplies, etc. How many of us can survive the way people did before the Industrial Revolution?

        “If the Jews were logical they wouldn’t destroy Western civilization until they used it to destroy China/Russia/India/Iran. But they can’t help themselves. Their hubris actually comes close to matching their cruelty.”

        Same with India: I argue that if the Ashkenazim destroy them, it’s only because India allowed it. Actually, India is already destroyed: median IQ of 80 and being R-Selected Genetic Sociopaths. You see, India has been refusing to practice eugenics/transhumanism to push themselves up the evolutionary ladder to the level of the Ashkenazim, and then beyond them. If any nation refuses to practice eugenics/transhumanism, then they bring a successful Ashkenazi attack upon themselves. Subjectively speaking, I morally believe that any nation that refuses to implement eugenics/transhumanism deserves to be conquered or destroyed by the Ashkenazim.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Appreciate the intelligent reply Mr Sanjay, this site is notorious for cowards unwilling to defend their points, and just replying with feminine snark. There’s a perfect example of this from our own residential scatological Marxist above.
          1. I don’t think China is a “consumer nation” I reckon they just need to go through this economical step to create a home consumer base for their products. They are an ethno-nationalist state in my eyes.
          2. I disagree Jews ‘won’ the Cold War, more like the USSR decided to dissolve itself because they could see the system was going no-where, but after a brief lull, the war continued anyway, as we see in the Ukraine today.
          The Jews conquered Russia twice, correct, though in 1917 and again when they raped it in the 1990’s. But both times Russian patriots kicked them out. This is promising.
          They didn’t conquer China, unless you consider their 19th century exploitation & crimes against the Chinese as this. But they didn’t control it. The closest they came was their backing of Mao, but again the Chinese learnt, painfully, to eventually rid themselves of them. Their attempted coup in 1989 was the closest they against came.
          I don’t believe the stats on Russian birth rates but both, especially China, has time to put this right.
          3. As for Jews taking a step ahead of anyone in evolution, I’ll believe this when I see them produce culture comparible to what the Arabs produced in Grenada, never mind the ancient Greeks or medieval Italians.
          4. “why were any Ashkenazi people allowed to live in European nations to begin with?” – You’ve already answered this, they bribed our elites. The best that can be said about this, is as a small population of non-warriors, they’d seem u threatening, so we can perhaps forgive our forefathers. Less forgivable is their not taking the advice of men like Luther who predicted danger.
          5. “It’s the Europeans that failed.” – Only in the last 130 odd years. Out of 2000+ it’s not a catastrophic record.
          6. The moon landing. You are far too intelligent to believe this garbage. No-one who looks into it believes it actually happened. We won’t get into it here, but ‘astronauts gone wild’ isn’t the worst place to start if you’re interested. It’s embarrassing how bad these guys are at lying.
          7. Mr Unz is certainly controlled opposition. His site is a perfect place to coral truth-seekers. His American Pravda series is fantastic. But these guys all follow the same formula. They gain your confidence, all the better to trick you later.
          8. I agree a mass die off is coming, but North America will be ungovernable from D.C. in such a time. People will survive, those able to live off the fat of the land.
          9. I don’t believe any human beings deserve to be conquered by Jews, no matter what they’ve done, it’s just too sadistic, but you’re entitled to your view.
          I don’t really know much about the transhumanism you speak of, but having a rough idea of human nation, I’d bet the farm they’ll f*×k it up somehow.
          I also haven’t studied IQs like you, but I still hold the higher the IQ the less virtues you often possess in other aspects of human nature for survival. Sub-Saharan African I believe are lowest(after Aboriginals) in this regard, but according to UN projections, they are going to dwarf every other race by 2100.
          Not that they will have an agreeable life, but look at high IQ Sweden, who have just wrecked their nation with immigration in basically one generation.
          Jews are high too, but are the worst people on earth. Africans are lowest, but can be exceptionally charming, athletic and gifted musically. They also often have style, and could teach Europeans a thing or two about masculinity and the proper relations to woman.
          Not trying to disprove your opinion on the matter, just highlighting some things for balance.

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    My sympathies are with Russia as well as the Ukrainian people, and not with the homosexual porn star Zelenskyy and his cabal.

    Having said that, I do not like seeing White people warring against White people.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Tim, if you haven’t done so already, google the video, ZELENSKYY PLAYS PIANO WITH HIS PENIS.

      No typo !

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Yes, I am aware of this evil. Small wonder the Christian Ukrainians are flying Russian flags!

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Tim, after you have viewed the Zelenskyy video with its jewish cultural contribution to their society, watch VIRSKY NATIONAL UKRAINIAN FOLK ENSEMBLE, with an eye on their racial features [ and the girls’ legs ].

    • Joe
      Joe says:

      Amen, Tim. The (((usual suspects))) are, once again, the tumor which must be extracted from Ukraine. That beautiful, yet cursed land is merely the latest cur upon which the eternal parasites have leapt. Once it dies, after having undergone illicit bio-labs, death-porn, money laundering and every other depraved activity… it may re-emerge as a viable nation with its indigenous inhabitants as its governing body.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Jews aren’t just the “latest cur(se?) upon Ukraine” but have been numerous there for centuries — as in all Russia, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, etc. That was the formidable problem facing Germany. Too many Jews.
        Since Hitler (who was trying to solve it) was defeated, now it is OUR problem.

        Please get the facts straight, Joe.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Of course, Carolyn, (((They))) would not be a problem if the Germanic Peoples had responded appropriately to the Chewish threat over centuries , instead of allowing them to amass power and influence. Where was that German superior thought and resolve. The Chews first established their financial and influential beachhead in Tchermany and Österreich. Viele Dank for your nourishment of the poisonous weed.

          How is it that a man named Goldberg was able to finance J.S. Bach to write some music with his name on it? He was allowed to amass that kind of wealth? How did they come to own and control so much property in Deutschland Uber Allem? Huh? Don’t know? Well, because the Tschermans allowed them and colluded with them over their own people.

          Maybe your Frog, I mean French side, is a bit better on self preservation and ingroup priorities toward survival and vitality. Oh wait, that might be not be true. Either way, I put a lot of original sin on your people for fertilizing this form of Deadly Nightshade.

        • FLODA
          FLODA says:

          Carolyn, If you removed all the Embassy staff and NGO’s in Ukraine I doubt if you’d find ANY Jews in the entire country. It’s too poor to support Jews, there aren’t any ‘rich pickings’ for them in the country. I suspect Putin knows this very well and is seizing on this opportunity to ‘de-Jew’ the entire country. If ever there was a country which needs to have the Jids taken out it surely must be Ukraine. My late Mom was 12 in 1932 when her father made the decision to remove her from the family home in which she lived with her four sisters. He did so, we suspect, due to her contentious personality which may have gotten her Father shot as she would most certainly have given the Grain collecters a bit of lip when they came around.

  8. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Russia’s national median IQ is 96, while Ukraine’s is 90. Russia is currently transferring millions of Ukrainians to Russia. How will this affect Russia’s national IQ average? From my understanding, Russia already grants 100,000 new citizenships each year to Central-Asians from nations that are former USSR members. Russia’s elites don’t seem that interested in maintaining domestic DNA standards. Of course, they do have a limit, in that they don’t import Africans, South-Asians, Mestizos, American Indians, Aborigines, and so forth

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Too much store is put in IQs. Some of the greatest fools known to man have had high IQs, and it’s ten thousand x easier to brainwash a nation’s high IQ intellectuals with the most absurd leftist drivel than it would be to do the same thing to an average stadium full of football fans.
      Wisdom, the only true intelligence, comes with experience, and high IQ folks are most often insulated from real life experiences by cushy jobs, thereby filling their heads full of crap, but learning nothing.
      Plus high IQ types have a tendancy to look down on all but their own kind, thereby existing in a group think bubble, so the longer they live the less real intelligence they have, the opposite from normal folks in a normal way of life who are forced to learn either from their harsh conditions or their own human mistakes.
      If we must have a democracy the candidates should be chosen from the population by lottery, and stand every couple of years for a ten year stretch.
      They will be paid the medium income during this time so they understand the troubles of the people, and must agree to have their wealth and circumstances of they and their children checked for the rest of their days so they cannot be bribed in any way.
      Whoever was chosen would always produce a majority of patriots because most people are. And if there are some real dummies chosen, so much the better, legislation should be written in the most clear and concise way imaginable.
      What an improvement this would be to the farce we operate under now!

    ATBOTL says:

    You get a strong sense of the fatalistic and careless eastern slavic mentality from this piece.

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