Paul Edward Stephenson Interviews Andrew Joyce

Andrew Joyce was interviewed recently on Odyssey. I can’t figure out how to get it to play here, but here’s a link.

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    • Pilot
      Pilot says:

      Over analyzation of what’s wrong. We know what’s wrong, and why it’s going on.
      No one seems to want to have ideas on how to thwart their agendas.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The White Christian sheeple herds normally flee to the psychological refuge provided by this NT holy revelation in the Book of Ephesians / 6:12

        “” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood ,
        but against principalities , against powers ,
        against the rulers of the darkness of this world ,
        against spiritual wickedness in high places .””

        and persistently reject what must be done ,
        “to thwart their agendas”,
        which is to engage in asymmetric warfare against an enemy whom cannot be reasoned with nor persuaded into relinguishing their dominion over White Christian cultures which the jewmasterss have purposely fragmented along at least a dozen major categories that are severely antagonistic with each other and thus maintaining Whites in a perpetual state of political or ideological conflict .

        Nonsheeple Whites such as the Proud Boys against inordinate LGBT activism in Idaho did what needed to be done ; and many White Christian sheeple applauded their arrests for violating Christian theology by wrestling
        “”against flesh and blood””.

  1. londonstone
    londonstone says:

    3.31 GB [per an online downloader’s report] for an hour of audio is the absurdity of Odysee. I strongly recommend TOO explore other means of publishing audio content – e.g. a simple mp3 at 24kHz / 32kbps posted on for instance? NB: if you must go with a video platform for audio then bitchute is a much better bet since its .mp4 files are *much* smaller and can more readily be downloaded for offline listening and/or porting to other devices. How many people really listen to audio on a computer? And a large file such as this appears to be will not get downloaded on to many devices.

      • londonstone
        londonstone says:

        No, simply that in order to hear the content one has to stream i.e. basically download a ridiculously and disproportionately large file for which e.g. cell phone networks will charge (if by phone) and/or that one is downloading data for needless and unwanted visual content, when the essential content (speech) could be accommodated in say 15-20MB as an mp3 if encoded (more than enough for voice) at 24kHz / 32 kbps / mono. (Think of K.A. Strom’s American Dissident Voices podcasts). My suggestion is just that the use of monster file sizes (endemic at Odysee it appears) may disincentivise potential listeners.

  2. katana17
    katana17 says:

    Here’s a transcript of that interview: “Revision Media – Andrew Joyce – Infiltrators of Western Civilization – Mar 14, 2021 — Transcript”

    [The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, has a wide-ranging discussion with Revision Media’s Paul Stevenson, including the recent US elections; Joyce’s upcoming two books; Nick Griffin; Christianity – all within the context of jews and jewish power and influence.

    — KATANA]

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